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i just saw the tweet matt liked and??? i'm so disappointed he doesn't get what we mean at all doesn't he

Looks like it, Anon. I mean I get that it is maybe hard to apologize and admit that you fucked up/made a huge mistake in public, especially since they all can’t change 2A now. We all get that. But is it really so hard to actually assure the Malec fans and more importantly the lgbt+ community that they’ve listen to their concerns and doing their best to make up for it/make it better in 2B? I don’t think so.

This all wouldn’t have happened if that would have been the case from the start. I am telling you. Siiiigh.

i love how much eleanor still trusts flint and how much flint still respects eleanor. the whole time that he was her ‘prisoner’ she asked him for advice and he gave genuine help, never trying to trick or manipulate her.

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I'm an asexual female in my mid 20s, and I love romance... I also find that most of my friends are gay males. With the two closest of these friends, I end up cuddling, holding hands, sharing a bed with them to just sleep, and doing other stuff classified as romantic with them... Everyone understands each other's sexualities, boundaries, and is consenting adults. I guess my question is... is this normal for aces? I guess it's sort of like a weird fwb situation where the benefits are romantic-ish?

yes, that’s completely normal. many people– not just aces– do things considered “romantic” with their friends, and among aces, it’s especially common.

Why couldn’t he just feel the same?
Why did the universe have to be so cruel to let me fall for someone who can never feel the same?
The torture of having such strong feelings for someone who you barely mean anything to.
And to think that I was so careful as to who I fell for cause I thought that what they felt would actually last.
I wish all my feelings towards him ended on the very first good bye.
Then I wouldn’t have spent years feeling so stupid and hating myself because I can’t control how much this means to me.
I wish I had moved on then, like they did.
At least the situation would’ve been fair.
The fact that this has been one-sided from that day aches my soul just thinking about it.
When will this feeling of unrequitedness end?
—  I’m so tired

I have a lot of abuse victims coming to me for help at the moment and I just wanted to make this post for u guys….. As much as I really want to help u if I can I just want u to know that I have absolutely no first hand experience with sexual or physical abuse and only minor emotional abuse experience, so I dont feel completely comfortable telling u what I think u should do as I have no idea what it’s like to be in ur situation. If, knowing this, u still want to come to me for an outsider’s view on ur situation or just to vent/talk my private messages are always open 

Much love

I feel like he would be prepared for this precise situation. You spoke to him about this in the beginning of your relationship. He would be observant of your actions. Analyze and listen to you after the call from her father. He would then take you in his arms and hold you. He would agree that the verbal insults and the emotional damage your father had done in the past were wrong. “Baby, try giving him a chance, maybe he’s actually sorry? I’ll go with you”. He knew how much you have longed to have your father back into your life. “We’ll be careful about meeting him and if anything goes wrong we can leave.” You would definitely feel conflicted but family was a big thing to you and Namjoon.
He would support you no matter what but also try to push you into the right direction.

You would be chatting away like always enjoying each other’s company until you got an unexpected call from your estranged father. He would beg and plead for your forgiveness for all those years of emotional abuse. The tears would fall from your cheeks and right away Hoseok would be at your side, hugging you and stroking your face lovingly. “Baby, it’s okay…but maybe he means it?” His embrace would be gentle and he’d whisper encouraging words to you. Although he didn’t know the pain you felt, it felt as if he was in pain too. He didn’t know your father besides the words you’ve spoke about him but he had hope that maybe you could reconcile. When you first told him about your father he felt anger, he was livid on the inside but he saw how much pain you were in and knew you still wanted your father. He would suggest taking the chance on him. “Let’s try, together okay?”

It would be the middle of the day, you and Yoongi would be laying in bed enjoying one another’s company. He was tired and you knew that so you guys decided on a nap. Until your phone rang surprising the both of you, checking to see who it was your expression becomes grim. Yoongi could already feel your discomfort and sits up to look at your phone. “(Y/N) I know it’s been complicated for you and I know how much he hurt you” He would look at your with a serious but loving glance “But if you decide to let him back in I’ll be here for you”. He would understand your feelings and not push you. 

Upon hearing the news of your father wanting to meet with you and reconciling after all these years he wouldn’t be sure how he should react. He didn’t want to upset you but he also didn’t want you to just not try. “Do you want to see him?” he would ask you and take your hand in his. He would then look at you lovingly and try to search for the answer in your eyes. “Jagi, I know you wanted his love when you were younger and I know you still want his love now”. He would want you to fix what you felt was broken all these years. Then he would grasp onto your shoulders and give you loving words. Smiling his innocent smile. “We can do this Jagi”

You guys would be out shopping for groceries and things you needed until you got a call from your father. Upon seeing who it was he would immediately pull you into a secluded area and look you straight in the eyes. Biting his lip nervously, he knew it would be a matter of seconds before you broke down. “Baby, it’s okay, I know you want this.” You would look into his eyes and see nothing but his sincerity. The loss of your father at a young age affected you and having him come back out of nowhere shocked you and made you nervous. Jimin would see you internal struggle and would give you the tightest hug, “Baby I love you, I don’t think you should let this pass you”. 


In the midst of you and Jins binge watching marathon you would receive a call from your father. Begging and pleading you to come back and join the family once again. Telling you he was sorry for the way he treated you during his drunken days. The look of sadness and hurt would be obvious in your face that Jin wouldn’t even have to ask who it was. He would sigh slightly, this had happened before and you had denied your father and family once before due to the pain you felt. While your father spoke to you, you would feel Jins hand over yours, stroking it to let you know he was here. He would give you a knowing look, a look that said “please do this (Y/N) or you’ll regret it when it’s too late”… You would decide to give it a go because this was something important to you and because Jin would be there to support you. 

Tae wouldn’t be aware of your running away from your parents. It takes a lot for you to fully trust someone to tell about it and you felt it was time to tell him. The moment you were about to do so your phone started to ring with the words “Father” blinking on it. Tae looked at you expecting you to answer your call until he realized you were going to. “Its your dad (Y/N), why aren’t you answering him?” the pained look in your eyes would make him hesitate and question. You would bite your lip in frustration and tell him then and there about the emotional abuse you dealt from your father and how you left home. He would listen, nodding his head every now and again to let you know he was listening and that he understood. “I’m glad you told me Jagi, take the time you need and then talk to him” he would reassuringly say and take you in his arms. “He’s still your father (Y/N) maybe this…can be fixed?” He would have hope for a better future and relationship between you and your father.

like i can feasibly only think of ONE situation better than moonlight winning best picture and that’s la la land physically handing moonlight best picture and thats…..EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED?????? I LOVE LIFE AND GOD 

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Would you say that sags hide their pain and hurt by finding the humor in a situation and optimism? I'm a sag and I do this pretty frequently, it helps in moving on from situations but I also feel like I don't process my emotions in a situation. I guess as a sag I can say I am scared to feel the weight of heavy emotions

Yes yes yes
I also always pretend to be super nonchalant and optimistic in serious and emotional situations i am such a sag

I voted for Barack Obama twice. I supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries. I’m someone who surveys the situation, and I don’t like putting people into camps. I don’t like getting into conservative or liberal, because if you take a label and run with it, what if that label changes? I think I’m just somebody who tries to make the best decision every time.

wow I can’t believe jontron came out and said he’s literally a nazi who hates black people and wants to put muslims in camps

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do you even wear anything that isn't a super pretty dress, like do you even own just a plain skirt and t-shirt bc at this point I just assume you go everywhere looking like a candy princess

well like,,, tbh in my current living situation I can’t wear ANY of the clothes i take interest in cause I’m stealth around here ;w; trying to move out as soon as possible so I can change that (and many other things) but things are moving really slowly right now
if i could I would though,

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Do you have any other couple friends or pals that are in an age gap relationship? Do you ever find yourself wanting to meet other couples in similar situations?

I have friends in smaller age gaps like 10-15 years. Ours is larger than most of my pals. My last relationship was with a woman 20 years older than me.

So here’s the deal. I like Gunsmoke, The Carol Burnett Show, Arlene Francis, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Grabo, Amanda Blake, The Golden Girls, etc etc etc

Quite often women who share these interests are of a different generation than me. So besides finding older women much more attractive, they also share my interests much more frequently than someone my age does.

To me it’s more about that. I don’t really care how old someone is. If their values, interests, morals, etc are similar to mine then I’m probably going to be friends with them. If I’m attracted to them on top of that I’d pursue them romantically.

My wife swept me off my feet with her personality and slayed me with her being the sexiest woman alive. So like… that’s why we’re together.

But swerving back to the initial question, I don’t care in the slightest if our age difference is reflected in couples around us. It’s not even something we think about all that much. Everyone tells us we act the same age in a way, my own parents don’t even notice our age difference anymore and my mother is younger than Glo.

It just makes sense for us.

I’ve been toying around with calling myself autistic for like 2 years now and the attachment’s been getting stronger and stronger
Like the longer I think about it, the more traits and situations keep popping up that I’m like “yeah that fits”

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Hi! Is it possible to purchase the Yatamomo scans online? Like... a kindle version of it? If it's possible, I might be able to help provide you the scans for Yatamomo!

Hello!! umm how can I say it? I feel super happy right now!!  (≧▽≦) thanks for your kind offer!! oAo I contacted a person yesterday on facebook who seems to have Yatamomo’s raws and I’m still waiting for them to send them to me (I feel like I should say it just so you know what the current situation is).  I really appreciate your offer!! I’ll update in case I receive Yatamomo’s scans, and in case I don’t.. could I use your help?? ♥

but yes, there’s a way to do it!! Yatamomo is published in a magazine called Qpa and you can buy it as an e-book at websites like ebookjapan for example (I put a link in this post with the Qpa issues). This month’s the 63rd volume.

(on a side note, I encourage anyone who wants to buy it to help Harada too >w< as for myself I prefer buying physical copies, however they take really long to arrive)

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I'm not very good at grasping political terms but I guess I'm somewhat of an anarchist and am all for tearing down those who deserve it and helping those who need it. I'm definitely more of a sub but I do like being dominant in certain kinky situations (like ones that involve piss, body worship, etc.)

So like a good anarchist you hate yourself but you also want to piss all over everything

So this is my boyfriend. I stopped posting pics of him here because awhile back some petty bitch took one of my photos, sent it to my mom, and tried to tell her I was dating a pedophile? (We’re both adults???)

Anyway, I told my mom the other day and she hates it, but at least I don’t have to worry about weird situations like that anymore. Nothing to hide and that feels good.

I hate myself a lot, but at the end of the day, I take care of a family of 4, one of which is a high school honors student who stays out of trouble, the other is a former abusive drug addict who I help keep on the straight and narrow, and the other is a deaf toddler who i constantly work with to make his quality of life better and more accessible and then I work a job where I help people out of really terrible situations so like maybe im not doing that horribly for a single 24 year old college drop out.

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Did you ever like Tara at all? Like even in the beginning or was she always just not it for you?

Nope. Like I said earlier, once I know someone is including themselves in situations they don’t belong when they aren’t riding for the group, I don’t trust them. It was obvious from the beginning that she didn’t like the club, ahe didn’t like who Jax was, she didn’t like Gemma and she didn’t like Charming. It was obvious at that point that she couldn’t be trusted and would turn whenever things got hard for her and she did. From the get I had an eye on her. I’ve seen bitches like her before, that come in pretending to care and say they’ll ride for you then destroy everything and try to dip out without consequences. Not how that works girl 😂

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Upcoming lake house episode (based on promo stills) seems like a Q intervention. What do you think it means when Showtime promotes it as "Quinn accepts his situation?" I feel like this is the episode when we get a Q breakthrough and, for the sake of TV, we establish that Q is finally "recovered" and he can go back to his bad ass Quinning self. I am curious, though, as to what it might mean for CQ. Not asking for spoilers, just your thoughts.

By now you probably also saw the Astrid and Quinn promo clip about the deal Dar Adal has apparently made to keep him out of lock-up? Seems to me like the situation he will (seemingly?) accept is that he has to stay out of the city and the public eye for a while. However, so far Quinn has been right, and not paranoid even though it looks like he is, so I am not yet convinced he really needs to “accept” anything. If he feels he needs to go back to the city and figure things out, he is probably right. So I don’t really know what “breakthrough” he needs other than to articulate his suspicions in a logical way, and to not react quite so aggressively.

My hope is that when Quinn gets back on his feet, he and Carrie will work together again. After all, they fell in love in a professional setting, and partly because they were such a good team. It should be really good for them and it’s also really entertaining to watch.

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My boyfriend admitted to loving his ex girlfriend before they broke up. And I keep trying to casually admit to him that I think I love him. But whenever I do I feel like he avoids the situation. Like I've drunk texted him saying I love you. And I tell him I love spending time with him and I like him a lot. And he just never responds the way I want him to. I want him to love me too. I'm scared to keep pushing it, though. But it makes me sad because I feel like everyone is lovable but me.

i think he’s just taking a longer time than you maybe. give it some time im sure he’ll say it