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Taking ‘Dronies’ with Traveler and Drone Photographer @wrenees

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“The first time I ever saw a drone, I knew that I wanted to have one,” says Renee Lusano (@wrenees), who uses her drone to photograph vast landscapes. “Drones really appeal to me because they’re a fun toy, but also a photographic tool. And as I started to travel more, I thought a drone would be a great way to experience, capture and photograph more on each of my trips.”

A freelance designer based in Los Angeles, Renee takes advantage of her flexible schedule to travel the world, visiting far-flung places like Antarctica, Easter Island and Siberia with her friends (and sometimes with a hot dog costume). “I don’t enjoy having a routine,” she says. “The days and weeks are more memorable when I’m having new experiences.” Renee began creating @dronies — selfies with a drone — that “first show a somewhat mundane photo of myself, and then as the drone flies up, it reveals that I’m in some expansive and incredibly beautiful place. Soon, you don’t even see me — it becomes not about the selfie, but about the scale of the environment I’m in.”

I’m pretty sure Cutthroat Kitchen takes place in Alton’s basement. Think about it. No one ever enters except from down a flight of stairs and no one ever leaves the contest area except from a little hallway to the side. So he’s got one of those little houses on the hill where the basement becomes a garage and then spits the car out into the driveway. Okay so there’s reason to believe that it’s in his basement BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE.

Notice how Alton always says “My” or “My old” or any other variations of possessive when referring to the sabotages. Like “my old phone from the nineties.” He does this so much and he cares so much (and yet so little) about these things that he’s auctioning off are actually things he’s trying to get rid of somehow. So okay there’s a little bit more to me believing that Cutthroat Kitchen is really in Alton’s basement.

And notice all of the leftover bullshit they are forced to use in the show? He probably just like cooked stuff upstairs and it’s HIS ACTUAL FUCKING LEFTOVERS from the night before.



All of the judges are greeted by Alton like they’re a surprise, like he doesn’t actually know which one is going to show up. If it were an actual show, he would know who it was before they showed up, but this is more like he just sent out a group text to be like “hey whoever wants to judge tonight just show up lol.”

So basically I think Alton Brown has this huge basement with a camera crew and grips and each week he selects chefs to come into his basement and fucking slash each other’s throats over <$25,000, (so he will only ever spend a maximum of $25,000 each week on this) and he invites his celebrity chef friends over every week to shit on these poor chef’s attempts to cook with golf clubs and his leftovers and also sell off his old stuff because he is a sick sadistic fuck.

Andy will not let me live. WHY IS HE LIKE THIS? Why is he such a perfect captain? 

“The whole episode, really, is them both trying to hold on to this magic moment they’re sharing. ’Not now,’ let’s not allow the spell to be broken. ’I want to stay in this perfect state with you as long as I possibly can.‘”

“They’re much more engaged with each other than they have been with anything in a long, long time. It something you haven’t seen in Rick since probably Season 1 or 2, if ever.”

“They become more whole. I think that’s basically their relationship: They become more human, more whole, with each other.”

“It’s been a very rocky, and difficult, and emotional season, and just acting opposite of Danai is one of the great gifts I’ve had on the show.“

"The truth is I think he’s met his match with Michonne. I think this is the one. This is the greatest love story of his life.”

“She licks me clean.”

Like, it’s just been a week. A week that has left me a mess. 

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 12/?)

Part 11 (links for previous part are there too)

Here goes a little drama for you, just like you asked, more and more coming soon! x

For next two weeks me and Monty spoke to each other only about chemistry project.

His man’s pride probably didn’t let him act like a decent person, which is exactly what anyone would expect from him – what he thought was that I got bored with him, before he got a chance to get bored so it was obvious he had to show off that he didn’t care. Or it wasn’t just showing off. Maybe it was exactly how he felt, because if he couldn’t use me as a mattress anymore, he didn’t have a reason to talk to me.

Little, tiny part of me wanted to run to him and tell him the whole truth, but I would never do that, because the same part of me imagined that he would hug me, spin around, kiss me and tell me that he feels the same way. And that was never going to happen.

“Maybe if you tell him…”, Sheri said when we were going to cafeteria one day.

“No”, I interrupted her.

“I’m not saying to tell him everything, but maybe give some hints… Or at least start acting like an adults”.

“And maybe it’s better the way it is?”, I asked. “At least for now? We won’t talk to each other for some time, I’ll stop having a thing for him and everything will be the old, good way it was before I started hooking up with him”, I shrugged.

“But is that what you really want? Maybe for once you should listen to your heart, not brain?”, she gave me a little smile.

And that exact moment we saw Montgomery pushing Tyler Down on the locker.

“Oh come on”, I sighed and went up to them.

I stood next to them and didn’t say a word. Just stood there, crossed my arms against my chest and looked at Monty with waiting look. He snorted, shook his head and walked away without saying a word.

“You’re okay?”, I asked Tyler.

“Yeah, thank you”, he said checking his camera.

“Well, even if, as you think, he has no feelings for you, you still have some effect on him”, Sheri said when we continued our walk to the lunch.

“Shut up”.

Montgomery didn’t bother to sit with me and rest of his friends, he went outside with Tina.

“What is going on between you and de la Cruz?”, Justin asked. “If you say chemisty project, I’ll punch you”.

“You would never punch me”, I snorted.

“Soooo?”, he asked when I didn’t say anything else.

“You told me not to mention chemistry, so I have nothing else to say”, I shrugged.

“You don’t talk for two weeks because of chemistry?”

“Actually, we talk only about chemistry”.

“Justin, leave it”, Jess rolled her eyes.

“Wait, so first for three months you weirdly became basically besties and then suddenly you barely even talk?”

“Why don’t you go ask Monty?”, I sighed.

“I did”, he said with very pleased look on his face.

“And what did he said?”

“Why don’t you go ask Monty?”, he asked.

I look at Justin with squinted eyes.

“Why don’t you go fuck yourself?”.

“Okay, guys, let’s forget about”, Jessica calmed us.

When I went to the chemistry I saw Monty with Tina – as always. She was giggling and making puppy eyes at him – as always. He was having his typical cocky grin, glued to his face – as always. What also happened every time was Monty catching my eye as if he was making sure I was watching and immediately wrapping his arms around Tina. All I could think of watching that scene was “Dude, why do you even bother?” and “Okay, this may hurt a little”.

It was last week of school before Christmas break, my plan was to talk to Monty after the break and start to talk with again, just like we did before September.

After my first period I saw how some kid came into Monty and I was prepared to see him pushing the other guy on the locker or pinching him to the wall. But no, Montgomery patted his arm and walked. Just like this.

“Have you seen it?”, Sheri stood next to me.

“Yeah…”, I mumbled.

“He’s changed, I told you”.

“Sheri, don’t”, I snapped and walked away.

That day was the day on last basketball game before winter break so it was super important and if game is important – cheerleaders’ performance is important too. And what do I do on the day of important performance? I leave my overknee socks in car. Running late to the warm up with my car keys and socks in my hands I bumped into someone when I ran from behind the corner. And that someone was of course Montgomery.

“Uh… Hi”, I gave him a little smile.

“Hey… You’re in hurry, so…”, he took a step to the side.

Our warm up was almost done when Monty and Jeff walked in.  

I took a deep breath. I hated that negative tension between me and Montgomery. Of course, I wasn’t planning on getting back to hooking up with him, but I just wanted to talk with him like two civilized people.

Montgomery walked up to Tina, who was warming up few feet away from me.

“Hey, Monty”, she said with her cute, little voice. “So, are we…”

“Don’t listen to them, you’re not helping yourself”, Sheri said and I couldn’t hear what Montgomery and Tina were talking about.

“I don’t care”, I said and turned, so it wouldn’t tempt me to look at them.

“Why are you always looking somewhere behind me?”, Tina said louder so it was hard not to hear.

Me and her turned at the same time, she saw I was standing behind her and thought Monty was looking at me.

“You’re making up things, seriously”, Montgomery laugh nervously. “Good luck”, he smacked her ass and went to sit on the bleachers.

“It should’ve been my ass that was smacked”, I whispered to Sheri.

I quickly looked at Tina one last time, just to see her looking at me with anger in her eyes.

Whatever, I thought and shrugged.

I was very excited for the opening performance, it was hard and difficult but also super effective and at the end me and Sheri do double handsprings from the opposite ends of the field and both finish it being pulled up at the top of triple pyramid. (A/N: I really have to stop making up cheer routines lol)

Everything was going great, we were getting to the final part, me and Sheri stood at the opposite ends, waited for the right moment, started running, did the handsprings, still everything was great, but as soon as I was pulled up at the top of the pyramid and tried to catch my balance and fell down on the ground.

“Fuck”, I said, music stopped playing, everyone was quiet, everyone’s eyes were focused on me and I hated it.

“Y/N, are you okay?”, Mrs Montez came up to me.

“My wrist hurts”, I closed my eyes, trying not to cry, holding my left hand. “I fell on it”

“Oh my God, are you okay?”, Jessica kneeled next to me.

“You have to go to the nurse”, coach said.

“I’ll take her”, suddenly Montgomery showed up and to me and helped me get up from the ground. “It’s okay, I’ll go with you”, he said before I even opened my mouth to say that he doesn’t have to.

“My leg hurts”, Tina said, clearly unimpressed with the fact that Monty didn’t even asked her if she was okay.

“And what the hell could possibly happen to you?”, Jessica asked. “You were standing of your feet, on the floor”.

“Maybe something happened when you were falling down on me”, Tina took a step towards Jess.

“We fell down because of you, so don’t complain”.

“It’s not my fault you can’t stand steady on someone’s arms”.

“Tina!”, Monty shouted.

“Why aren’t you on my side?”, she asked shocked.

“Can you guys stop making a scene?”, I asked quietly, very embarrassed, because everyone were looking at the four of us.

“Cause not everything is about you”, Montgomery said through clenched teeth.

“Clearly nothing is about me”, she crossed her arms.

They were looking at each other for few seconds, both angry.

“Let’s go”, Monty said and walked  me out of the field.

We walked out, the game started. We didn’t say a word the whole way to the nurse, then we were sitting outside her room, because she had a break, still not talking.

“You don’t have to wait here with me”, I said after few good minutes.

“It’s okay”, he said with his arms crossed and he seemed like he would rather be anywhere else but here. “How is your wrist?”, he asked after another few minutes.

“It hurts”, I chuckled.

Then again we didn’t say a word for another few minutes.

“What do we have here?”, nurse stopped our silence and walked out of her room. She just finished eating, because she had some ketchup on her chin. “Come in”, she invited me inside.

I walked in, showed her my wrist.

“Yeah, it’s probable broken. I’ll stiffen it for you, give you some ice, but you have to go to the hospital”, she said.

“Okay”, I sighed. Fifteen minutes of waiting just to hear I have to go to the hospital.

I left nurse’s room with ice on my wrist.

“I have to go to the hospital…”, I said. “I’ll have to ask Jeff to drive me, because, well…”, I looked at my left hand.

“I can drive you”, Montgomery offered.

“No, it’s okay, really, you came here to see the game”.

“Actually, I came here to be Jeff’s support”.

“What?”, I asked surprised.

“There is that girl, Jen, she’s in his English class. He wants to ask her out”, he explained.

“Oh God, it’s sooo cute”, I smiled, but then I realized something. “Remember when I told about that girl in kindergarten that I slapped because she played with Jeff using my toys?”

“Yeah”, he nodded.

“It’s that girl”, I laughed.

“No way”, Monty stopped walking. “You’re kidding me right now”.

“No’, I couldn’t stop laughing. “Really, I don’t know if they don’t remember about that or what, but yeah, it was her”.

“They were destined to each other since they were four and you tried to break them, you’re bitch”, Monty laughed.

“Well, I got my karma for that”, I pointed at my left arm.

Random conversation surprised both of us so we suddenly stopped talking and walked in silence again. We were going to take my stuff from the game and we had to went through school yard. It was getting cold already, I was wearing only my cheer suit and I shook a little.

“You’re cold, here, take it”, Monty instantly took of his letterman and put it on my shoulders.

“What about you, you’re not cold?”.

“Don’t worry about me”, he said opening the doors for me.

When we got to the game, first quarter just finished and players were going off the field.

“Look who’s back!”, Justin shouted when she spotted me and everyone started wooing and cheering.

I looked down, blushing because of everyone’s attention being focused on me, again, and quickly walked to the place where my thing were dropped and started clumsily throwing everything to the bag using one hand.

“What did the nurse said?”, coach asked as all girls gathered around me.

“It’s probably broken, I have to go to the hospital”, I said. “Montgomery will drive me”.

“Okay, go”, Mrs Montez nodded her head. “I’ll call your parents”.

“Okay”, I nodded my head and took my bag but Monty quickly took it away from me.

That moment I remembered I was wearing his jacket. I gave Tina quick glance, she looked super angry, sucking in her cheeks, she looked like she wanted to kill me.

“She’s going to kill me, she’s crazy”, I said quietly to Monty.

“You’re paranoid”, he sighed.


I spent another hour in the hospital, wrist was indeed broken, they put it in cast and gave me some painkillers. Monty drove me back home.

“So, thank you for a ride”, I said when he stopped car in front of my house.

“It’s okay”, he said, not looking at me.

We both spotted my mum in window.

“I should get inside, they’re probably worried. See you at school”, I smiled, took my bag and left the car.

Montgomery waited until I got inside and then drove away.

“Honey, how did it happen?”, mum asked before I even closed the door.

“I fell from the top of the pyramid to the ground”, I said throwing my bag in the corner.

“What did doctor said?”, dad asked.

“My wrist is broken. At least a month in a cast”, I sighed. “Right before winter break”.

“I’m sorry, sweetie”, mum gave me comforting smile.

“I left my car at school, can you take it?”, I asked. “Oh and can one of you drive me to school tomorrow?”

“Yes, we’ll go to take your car in a moment and yes, I’ll drive you to school tomorrow”, dad said.

“Great. I’m tired, so I’ll go to my room”, I went towards stairs.

“One more thing”, mum said.


“Whose letterman are you wearing?”

“Oh, right. It’s Monty’s. He was with me at nurse and in hospital”.

“Monty, the one you’re not spending time with and don’t find him nice and cute?”

“Mum, I’m tired”, I rolled my eyes and went upstairs.

Next day Tyler came up to me as soon as I walked in the school. Which was weird because we had never really talked and the only thing we had in common was Montgomery – Monty was bullying Tyler, I was stopping him.

“Hey, Y/N, I have to show you something”, he said.

“What is it?”

“I was testing recording in my new camera, so I was recording a little bit yesterday including opening cheer dance…”

“So you recorded bunch of girls dancing in short skirts because you were testing camera?”, I interrupted. “Okay, let’s call it like that”.

“And I have something you have to see”, he ignored my comment, instead he played me short clip.

“It’s me falling”, I shrugged. “I was there, Tyler, I know it happened”.

“Pay more attention”, he played the clip again, this time zooming on Jessica and Tina.

“Oh my God”, I mumbled when I finally saw what he wanted me to see. “She pushed Jessica’s knee off her shoulder”.

“Yeah”, he nodded.

I was standing there numb, couldn’t really believe what I just saw. This crazy bitch did it on purpose.

“I have a copy, I can give it you so you can, I don’t know, show it to Mrs. Montez or whatever”, he offered.

“What’s going on?”, Montgomery and Justin walked up to us.

“Is he bothering you, Y/N?”, Monty asked, ready to push Tyler on the wall.

“Montgomery, stop. Tyler can you, please, play it for them?”, I asked politely.

He showed them the clip.

“Oh shit”, Justin said. “What are you gonna do?”

“I don’t know”, I shrugged.

“You have to go to the principal or the coach, or both of them”, Montgomery said.

“Well… I mean…”, I mumbled. “It can destroy her. She’ll get kicked out of the team and…”

“She deserve it!”, Monty shouted. “You and Jessica could get seriously injured, why do you even have any doubts about what to do?!”

“I don’t know, I’m not really revenge kind of person and don’t scream at me! You are dating her, you could’ve mention she’s crazy bitch”, I said and walked away, leaving the three of them together.

The fact that Monty started dating her right after we “break up”, even though it wasn’t even a break up cause we were never together, hurt me a little but I tried not to show it, probably failed.

Mrs. Montez ordered everyone in the team to meet during lunch break. Me, Jess and Sheri were the last one to come in.

“As we all know, we had an accident during last performance”, Mrs. Montez started. “Y/N had broken her wrist and Jessica hurt her knee”

“I’m okay, it’s only big bruise”, she assured.

“Does anyone want to say something about that situation?”, coach asked. “Confess something, maybe?”, no one said a word. I looked at Tina, she was looking at the floor. “Last chance”, still no answer. “Okay, Mr. Down, you can join us”.

Tyler walked in with his camera and laptop.

“Mr. Down was recording yesterday’s performance and he caught the moment of Y/N’s fall. Play it for us, please”, Mrs. Montez said, Tyler played us the clip, but just like me in the morning, no one spotted anything. “Maybe now, someone wants to say something?”

“Is it really necessary?”, I asked.

Why did I bother, why did I care that Tina will be kicked out of the team or maybe even suspended. I really should stop thinking about other people.

“Yes it is”, coach answered. “It’s about being honest and honorable. Play it again, please”.

This time Tyler zoomed video and everyone saw Tina gently pushing Jess’ knee off her shoulder.

“Are you kidding me?”, Jessica shouted.

“Tina do you want to say something?”

“I’m sorry”, she mumbled looking down.

“You’re sorry?!”, Jessica was furious. “You could hurt Y/N really bad. How can anyone be such an idiot?”

“Jess, stop”, I said.

I really didn’t want scene to happen.

“Cheerleading is based on trust. You girls have to trust each other and have faith that other person will do everything to make sure you don’t fall. Tina, I’m sure that right now not only Y/N and Jessica can’t trust you, but everyone in the team feel the same way. Beside, because of you two students got injured, so I’m sorry, but you’re not in team anymore. Principal and counselor will be informed about everything. You can go, girls”.

“Tyler!”, I stopped him from walking out. “Why did you do it? I didn’t ask you to show it to anyone”.

“I’m sorry, but…”

“It wasn’t your decision to show it to Mrs Montez”, I said.

“So what? You wouldn’t do anything? Act like nothing happened? Would you be sure nothing like that would ever happen again?”.

“It wasn’t your decision”, I repeated.

“I didn’t want to. I wanted to give you copy during lunch break. Montgomery made me”, he said.

“Excuse me?”, I asked not believing what I just heard.

“He made me. I don’t know what is going on between you two, but he got really mad when you kinda said you aren’t going to do anything”, Tyler explained.

“I’ll kill him”, I said and stormed out.

Dating in Detroit

I broke up with someone this evening.  I haven’t got anxiety like that since, well, for ages.  I wanted it to work so much. But it didn’t. We didn’t. And so I ended it. The bottom line, I suppose, was that our humour wasn’t aligned, at least that’s how I felt. And I think laughing through life together is important. Right? We never ever laughed.  

I second guessed myself through the whole seven weeks.  And I know seven weeks doesn’t sounds like much or anything; but dating in your 30s is different. You know more now.  You know more now so each relationship is more serious from the start.  We also spent quite a few nights together each week. It was nice. Someone to cook and eat and explore with. Someone to watch Survivior with (because apparently I still love that show, ha!). Someone to wake up next to. And now suddenly I’m alone in my apartment with a fresh taste of what a relationship feels like; before him I had almost forgotten what it was like.  It suddenly feels jarring to be alone; in this familiar feeling a mere seven weeks ago I didn’t think much about. 

He was in AA too. I knew absolutely nothing about AA before, except what I had seen on TV.  Two months ago had I listed out a list, my list, “AA” probably would have made it on. But then it’s different when you meet someone. Different when you find out later and already know them. It didn’t bother me at all except sometimes it did.  It made me think about my relationship with alcohol a lot. I never drink alone and am not a huge drinker, but I do enjoy warm patios and crafts beer and fancy bars and glasses of wine and I was shocked at how suddenly it seemed important to me. How I couldn’t imagine introducing him to friends or celebrating occasions… even though, I hardly ever even drink at them myself.  

He was nice too. Really nice. The type of nice you hope for; doors and bills and roses and chocolates.  But. But I learnt that kind isn’t enough. It came to the point where I preferred a night alone than a night of nice and kind and routine with him.  I asked so many questions. He didn’t. I talked a lot. He didn’t. I was curious. (I felt like he wasn’t).  

It’s weird, and this is a ramble.  But I am back to being single, back on the horrendous world of dating apps, back to hoping the next one, maybe, just maybe will work. 

After this episode it is clear to me that bughead is pure, real, and makes the most sense out of any other ship. Their personalities compliment each other in a unique way that is simply enjoyable to watch. The fact that they both suffer from family issues (looks like we’ll see more of that from Jughead next week) creates depth in their attraction and understanding of one another.

 I wish more people realize that this show is a separate entity from the comics and I hope they would simply look at their relationship as itself without comparing it to anything!! 

p.s. that kiss was perfect I’m still shook 

You’re It (Chapter Three)

Pairing: Peter Parker/Reader

Synopsis: After you and Peter start dating, you decide it’s time to break the news to Aunt May.

Word Count: 1,686

Tags: @thisisthelilith, @team-fiction, @flossorz, @booksyoutubelife, @143amberrose @avengers-earths-mightiest-heroes

Chapter One, Chapter Two

A/N: I feel like I haven’t posted anything in ten years, but anyways, here’s my next chapter for “You’re It!” This year has been rough but now that it’s summer I’m hoping I’ll have more time and motivation to finish all the writing I’ve been struggling to complete. I hope everyone enjoys (if anyone is even still interested in this fanfiction, that is)!

You and Peter had been dating for about a month now, but it hadn’t taken more than a week for you two to grow familiar with each other again. Easing into your relationship was like putting on your oldest, warmest, most favorite sweater that had been hiding in the back of your closet for far too long. But in spite of this, he was still shy about showing affection. He was always afraid that you didn’t really want him to touch you, so he just kind of let his hand hover at his side to let you know that he wanted you to hold it. You were always more than happy to do so. He walked you home from school every single day since the time you two shared your first kiss. You both lived pretty far apart, but he didn’t mind dropping you off at your house before taking the subway home. You insisted multiple times that this was unethical, but he just ignored you and continued to do it anyways. Usually he rambled happily about school or whatever superhero antics he had gotten into recently, but today he was unusually silent.

“What are you thinking about, Pete? You’re being uncharacteristically quiet today.”

“Nothing…just, something May and I were talking about yesterday.”

He rubbed the back of his neck, letting you know that he was uneasy about something.

“Was it about me?”

“Yeah. Nothing bad! It’s just that I, uh, told her that you and I reconnected.”

“And by ‘reconnected’ you mean…?”

“I told her we were just friends.”

You stopped walking and stood in front of him with a sour look on your face.

“I’m really sorry. You don’t get how she can be sometimes. I just didn’t want her to make a big deal out of it.”

“Are you afraid she won’t like us together or something? Does she not like me?”

“No! She just…she’s been kind of crazy lately with me being happy and social and I didn’t want her to obsess over it.”

You rolled your eyes and started to walk away from him.

“Okay, I get it. I’m a huge idiot. I’m sorry. Y/N, I’m sorry!”

He grabbed your arm gently and you spun around. You glared up at him, but he pulled you closer to him and smirked. You melted immediately. Damn that adorable crooked smile.

“You are an idiot. Promise me you’ll tell her?”

“That’s the thing. She asked me to invite you to dinner at our apartment on Friday. Maybe we could tell her then? Together?”

You instantly felt the churning feeling of anxiety in your stomach when he said this.

“I don’t know, Pete…”

“Come on. Please don’t make me do it alone. Please?” He said, flashing a cheesy smile at you.

You rolled your eyes.

“Damn you and your cute face, Peter Parker.”

You let your finger hover over the buzzer to Peter’s apartment. Why did he make you come here by yourself? You could practically feel the sweat soaking through your clothes. All you wanted was for May to like you as much as she had when you were young, but you had changed so much. You took a deep breath and pushed the button. You heard a buzz and Peter’s voice come through the speaker almost instantly.

“Come on up, Y/N!”

When you reached his door, you raised your hand to knock, but jumped back in shock as Peter opened the door before you could. He shut the door behind him and pulled you into his arms.

“What are you-” you started to ask before he cut you off with a kiss.

“I just wanted to do that before we went inside. Oh, by the way, how do you feel about spaghetti?”

Oh shit,’ you thought. You loved spaghetti, but you didn’t know how to eat it without looking like a pig. Getting those long noodles on your fork and into your mouth without making a mess was something you had yet to master. Not the best food for a good first impression.

“Yeah,” you swallowed nervously. “Spaghetti sounds fantastic.”

You smiled and squeezed his hand, then followed him into the apartment.

 May was in the kitchen cooking when you walked in. She immediately dropped what she was doing and rushed to hug you.

“Y/N! Look at you! You’re all grown up. It’s so good to see you again after all of this time.”

You were surprised as she wrapped her arms around you in a gigantic bear hug, but relieved that she was still as warm and kind as she had been when you were a child. You couldn’t believe that you expected anything besides complete and genuine kindness from her.

“It’s good to see you, too! Thank you so much for inviting me here.”

“Of course! When I heard that you and Peter had reconnected I was so happy. You know, he hasn’t had many friends as of late…”

“Okay, Aunt May. Thank you,” Peter interrupted with a red face.

“I’m sorry. I’m just trying to say I’m happy that you have Y/N in your life.”

You looked at Peter and smiled, his blush increasing.

“Anyways, dinner will be ready in a half hour,” May said as she rushed back to the stove to stir the sauce she was preparing.

“If you want some help I would be happy to do something,” you offered.

“Wow, thank you, Y/N,” May said with a huge smile on her face. “I like her,” she mouthed to Peter, making sure that you could see it, too.

 You and Peter both worked together, chopping vegetables and pushing them into the sauce pan. Peter did a horrible job. The pieces he cut were way too huge and you had to fix them for him, trying to show him how you did it. One thing was for certain: Peter would never be a chef.

“You should probably just stick to saving New York City,” you whispered to him when May left the kitchen to search for ingredients.

He laughed and gave you a little shove with his elbow. When you were done chopping the vegetables, May insisted that you two go have fun, but not too much fun. Peter rolled his eyes and guided you out of the kitchen and into the living room.

“So, uh, want to watch a movie? We can finish it after dinner. You can pick.”

You grinned and walked over to the shelf to pick a movie. His collection almost brought tears to your eyes. He had every classic you could think of. It took you a while, but you finally chose Star Wars. You held it up to him and he smirked at you.

“My favorite.”

You sat beside each other for the next fifteen minutes until dinner was ready. You should have been watching the movie, but you couldn’t stop watching Peter. It was adorable how into it he was. He groaned when May called you from the kitchen, not wanting to pause the movie. You both helped May set the table, then sat down to eat. You were beyond glad that Peter was there with you because his terrible table manners made you look good. He kept making loud slurping noises and getting pasta sauce all over his face. May must have kicked him under the table to get him to behave because he suddenly sat up straight and stared at her with a wild look of panic and confusion. You had to fight very hard to keep a straight face. After the meal was done, you and Peter shared a look with each other, both understanding that it was time to break the news to May.

“That was really great, May. Thank you again for having me over.”

“You’re welcome anytime, Y/N. I’m glad you could make it.”

You looked back at Peter, then at May, then him again. You were trying to tell him that you wanted him to be the one to break the news.

“So, um, May? There’s something I wanted to talk to you about. Well, actually, something Y/N and I wanted to talk to you about.”

“And what might that be?” May said, crossing her arms on the table.

“Well, uhm…actually, Y/N and I aren’t just friends. We’ve been dating for a while now. A month, to be exact.”

You held your breath, bracing yourself for her reaction.

All she did was snort and break out in laughter.

“Oh, thank god. I was afraid Y/N was pregnant or you eloped or something. Peter, honey, I know. I’m not stupid.”

Peter looked dumbfounded.

“But…I told you we were just friends.”

“You’re a horrible liar, Peter. I can always see right through you.”

You let out a sigh and started giggling. She was right, he was a terrible liar.

“Anyways, I’m very happy for you two. I always knew you guys would end up together.”

You and Peter made eye contact across the table, sharing a smile and a tomato red face.

After dinner, you two tried to finish watching Star Wars, but you fell asleep against Peter’s shoulder. He was so invested in the movie that he hadn’t noticed. He turned to you to comment on something happening on screen, but when he heard no reply, he looked down and saw you with your mouth wide open, drooling on his shirt. He covered his mouth to suppress a laugh, trying his best not to wake you. He let you sleep through the rest of the movie, though it was painful for him knowing that you were missing the best parts. When it was over, he nudged you gently with his finger.

“Y/N? Pst, Y/N,” He whispered.

You stirred and opened one eye, letting out an exaggerated groan.

“What do you want, Parker?”

He smiled down at your half-asleep face and poked you one more time.

“Tag, you’re it.”

You smiled sleepily and burrowed your face into his chest. You knew it was late and it was time for you to go home, but you wanted to make this moment last a little bit longer.

Only Us (Part Ten)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 2787

Warning(s): Swearing, domestic abuse

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk. Also, a lot of you have asked to be tagged and I do tag you and then you ask to be tagged again. So you should be tagged but check the tagging list I have at the bottom let me know if you aren’t getting a notification. (Sorry this is a long chapter)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9

It had been about a week since my life turned toward the worst. I had canceled most of my shifts and spent my time in my room. I hadn’t gone to the roof since last week, I hadn’t even opened the shades of my window. Peter had shown up every night knocking on the window begging for me to open it. He had come up to me at school as well, causing me to skip some days—not caring about what I missed. As it turned out—just like me, my father had turned into a miserable slob more drunk than he usually was. My mom had been gone a week. Granted she left a lot but she was usually back by now. Neither of them cared what was happening to me, which for once I was grateful for.

The worst part of the entire thing was Peter, by far. I was angry—more than angry…and I was hurt. But my heart ached for him more and more each day, and him showing up every second didn’t help.

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6.4.2017 10:25 AM: Good morning my darlings! 1500 posts, 360 followers… I’m so blessed. Here is my first completed week of bullet journaling, and next week’s already partially filled with a rough layout of what I have planned next week. Many more things will be added as things come up and I can inspect the time I have to complete my to do list in! I am very proud of the coming week’s spread so far. I officially have exactly 3 weeks until my flight leaves for Spain! So excited.

Jun 4. What’s your handwriting like? Do an A-Z if you’d like! What do you think your handwriting says about you?

You can see some of my handwriting here. It ranges from nice cursive to really messy print. I especially decided to go with my more natural, smaller handwriting to fit more to-do’s in each day and to be more comfortable and neat with my writing. It varies wildly depending on where I write and when, which I want to say shows my adaptability and tendency to alter myself to be more comfortable in unfamiliar situations?

Favorite Couples, Past & Present

By Charity / ENFP Mod

I told my co-mods to do their own thing. I intended to do a list of my favorite romantic movies but… truthfully, it’s the couples that interest me. I also noticed a distinct pattern when compiling my list of favorite couples: they improve one another in being together, or lead each other on a redemptive path!

Monroe & Rosalee, Grimm (ESFJ + NFP)

They’re adorable. They support one another. They stand beside each other. They overcome arguments, face their differences, and compliment each other. One of my favorite episodes is when they come under persecution for marrying someone of a different “kind” – a group takes Monroe, and Rosalee stops at nothing to get him back. They’re the only reason I still watch Grimm.

Damon & Elena, The Vampire Diaries (ENTP + ESTJ)

Stefan is the better man, but I like that Elena brings out Damon’s humanity. He tries to become a better individual for her, and in the process starts finding his true self. You can’t force someone to change, but sometimes they will change for you. I liked seeing the shift in their dynamic, as it slowly built up over a few seasons, from hatred to love.

Erik & Christine, The Phantom of the Opera (INTJ + ISFJ)

This one doesn’t have a happy ending, but that’s fine – I’m okay with sad endings. It’s also not a healthy relationship at all, with Erik manipulating and controlling Christine… but what I like about it is that Erik is redeemed through love; he finally lets go, and truly loves Christine, in giving her up – in recognizing through her kiss that true love is sacrificial.

Oscar & Lucinda, Oscar & Lucinda (NFPs?)

This film is a tragedy and I’d love to punch the author in the face for the ending, but Oscar and Lucinda are so adorable, so perfect for one another, so quirky, with all the same flaws, that 90% of the story is utter delight in watching two unique souls find one another and dream big together.

Lex & Lana, Smallville (INTJ + ISFJ)

Don’t get me started on the train wreck this ship turned into due to incompetent writers – what I loved most about Lexana was that they made one another stronger, better people. Lex never tried to protect her, he handed her the tools to protect herself and challenged her to grow up; Lana was a moral balance, a compassionate voice of reason in his darkest hours.

Adama & Roslin, Battlestar Galactica (ESTJ + INFJ)

What I loved about this show, other than the TOUGH QUESTIONS it asked week after week (like, would you sacrifice many to save more lives? is stealing an election to prevent a horrible person coming to power still immoral?) was this duo – the “father and mother” of the fleet. They started out distrusting and hating one another, even planning to assassinate each other (yes, that’s how epic it was) and by the end, as they guided one another toward greater faith in the unknown (on his part) and more stability and moral decisions (her part), somewhere along the way they fell in love. And the series gutted me with it. But that’s fine, it’s part of the beauty of this pairing.

Darcy & Lizzie, Pride & Prejudice (INTJ + ENFP)

I know, it’s a cliche to love this pairing, but there’s something emotionally fulfilling to me about the repressed, socially awkward, super-rude Darcy falling in love with the opinionated, witty, flippant Lizzie. This is my favorite adaptation because Lizzie’s personality is so marvelous (I know, I know, somewhere twelve former friends are getting ready to lynch me), but I love them all.

But… my favorite romantic film is…

Emma (1996)

Jeremy Northam’s Knightley is far more likable and charming to me than any other variation – elegant, with a hint of teasing beneath his criticisms, while Gwyneth Paltrow’s Emma is so catty I can’t help loving her. Everything about it from the picturesque shots to the wry humor (Knightley, standing in front of an enormous house, deadpans, “I just want to stay here, where it’s cozy”) and especially the proposal beneath an enormous, sprawling tree, is perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Tumblr!

No lie I’m a bit emo over BTS winning! Like I remember watching their debut video a couple weeks after they debuted and thinking “wow” before being a little sad cause small company groups tend to not get the love they deserve! But I watch them gain more popularity (both internationally and Korean) each comeback espiecally after Boy in luv and then really hitting the tracks with I NEED U then just gaining more speed after that to winning a award from a big international music show. Like… my heart, I’m in awe!

Accidents Happen *** Part 6/7

Summary: The reader and Bucky have been very close friends, best friends if you will, since they were young. Even now that they are finally in their last year of college, the two are still tied to the hip. When Bucky stops at her house after partying a little too much a secret is revealed. Will this secret bring them closer to tear their friendship apart?

Parings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, like major fluff

Word Count: 1370

A/N: Oh, my gosh. This was supposed to be ot three days ago. Forgive me!!! I think this was my favorite part to write. It’s so cute and I smiled while writing it. I hope you guys like it. There will be one more part after this and most likely an epilogue. Just because why not. Anyways… Happy reading!

Series Masterlist - Part 5 - Part 7

You hadn’t felt this miserable in so long. Bucky had texted, called, he had even showed up to your classes. Each and every time, you did the only thing you thought made sense. Oh, how wrong you were. The more you seen his name on your phone, the more you heart fluttered. You spent the past week missing him, wishing he was beside you, holding you in his large arms as he found a way to comfort you. Bucky was always the one who was there for you when you didn’t think you would ever be okay.

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Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x19

For once, lol.


Needless to say, LONG POST.

Overall Thoughts

I liked it? What?

It felt like an episode from a previous season. I checked, and it appears two of the “old” writers wrote it. One of whom also wrote Know It All and Great Expectations, namely some of the best least terrible (and more true to character) episodes of the season. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. When a writer knows the characters well, it shows.

Let me get one negative thought out of the way: just when I was enjoying the episode, what do you know, the rapist turned out to be sympathetic again! Good ol’ Season 18. I have to say, though, that in this particular instance, in this specific episode, this was probably done for the sake of the totally predictable twist. The message wasn’t “oh but he’s a nice guy,” it was “he’s a victim too,” and that’s a pretty classic SVU trope.

Still, I didn’t appreciate how the episode tried to equate the experience of the victim and the rapist, nor the fact the actual rape was practically glossed over (via that favorable-ish plea deal) in order to target the “real” bad guy. Again, SVU has done that before, many times, and the reverend sure was a bad guy, but I did not like that ending. The rapist was almost excused for his actions, and the reverend willingly sacrificed himself to keep all that money and continue to help the needy. Like, they are the criminals in this story. No need to make them so noble. At least they could have had the reverend weeping for his cash.

I did, however, like that the girl seemed okay in the end, she had accepted both what happened to her and who she was, and she seemed more free. Also, she didn’t totally renounce her faith, which I think was a nice touch.

Barba Thoughts

For once, the show managed to find the most interesting (legally) speaking aspect of a case, and stick with it. It was smart to use the first amendment to defend rape as an expression of religious beliefs. It was an (extreme but) interesting legal argument, even if the writing was a little bit murky on that. As mentioned, rape condoned by a religion is still rape by secular laws, but the real issue is consent. If the victim, even in retrospect (due to manipulation, in this case) were to say, “I consented,” that would be the end of this case. Fortunately, Liv was there to convince the victim to testify, as is her wont :D

But back to the law, and back to Barba. Barba cited actual cases! Multiple times! My word! And there was an entire scene of him and the defense attorney in the judge’s chambers, presenting intricate legal arguments! Like, there was an actual discussion of the law! What? I was pinching myself the entire time.


Okay I’m sorry for all the capslocking but Barba was actualLY DOING HIS JOB?????!!!!!1

Speaking of spectacular, let’s get to Sonny :D

Sonny and Continuity

The show remembered Sonny is Catholic, and wanted to become a priest, and grew up in the Church. I appreciated that reference to his teen years, when he seemingly idolized the priests in his life. That’s consistent with what we learned in Unholiest Alliance (which, according to imdb, was written by the same writer who wrote this episode, so that would explain it).

But it’s also consistent with Sonny’s (prior) characterization. It’s one thing to say “my priest saved my life” (as Sonny said in the somewhat similar Duggars episode, last season), but to say “if a priest told me to jump, I’d only ask ‘how high?’” is very different.

We know Sonny has a tendency to get attached to the authority figures in his life (Liv, Barba), and we know he has a desire to impress them, to earn their approval. If you take that quality of an adult Sonny, and try to apply it to a teenage Sonny, with the added element of faith and God? Yeah, I can imagine how badly a younger Sonny would want to get God’s approval. That was an almost throwaway reference, but it really told us a lot about Sonny.

As did that final interrogation, with the reverend. Sonny knows how to hit them where it hurts, and he really handled that masterfully. But one detail I’d like to focus on was the way he casually accepted the fact that guy’s church had done some “good things.” It reminded me of his treatment of Rudnik. Sonny is able to perceive and acknowledge goodness, if and when it exists, even in the darkest of people. That’s classic Sonny.

Sonny and Religion

I also appreciated the confirmation that, while Sonny is faithful, he is not blind to the faults of the Church. Or to the misinterpretations of God’s will. Regrettably, there was a deleted scene which went into Sonny’s beliefs in depth (here), but we didn’t get to see it. Still, the script alone is enough to confirm everything I’ve always suspected about him and his faith.

“I don’t pretend to understand what God wants for me. But my take has always been, “Do unto others.” And I wouldn’t want anybody telling me who I could or couldn’t love.”

That’s the perfect encapsulation of Sonny’s attitude. No judgment, no presumptions, but also a healthy reverence for God’s will and the mystery it truly is, for those who are faithful. ‘Do unto others’ is truly Sonny Carisi in a nutshell. It’s both empathetic (because Sonny can easily put himself in someone else’s place) and open-minded (because Sonny believes everyone should get to choose for themselves).

And the reference to love, that’s important as well. A lot of people who grew up in a more strict religious setting can’t help internalizing some of the more conservative teachings. Even if they disagree as they get older, it can be hard to shake the beliefs they grew up with. Sonny seems to have succeeded in doing that. His take is defiant, and confident, and meaningful.

“Don’t tell me who I can love.” End of story. I truly wish we had gotten to see Sonny saying that, because I think it’s important to see a young macho (as of late) white guy expressing such kind-hearted and progressive views, but at least we did see him saying this:

They’re kids. With normal sexual desires. But you made them feel they had the devil inside them.”

That needed to be said, and I’m happy Sonny was the one to say it.

The Barisi Corner



The Barisi Corner, Part 1

(yes there are 2 parts, one for each scene. don’t judge me, this was a long time coming)

I loved the first moment, at the precinct. The entire squad, plus Barba, were discussing the absurdity of using the first amendment as a justification for rape. Sonny had some thoughts on the subject, almost as a devil’s advocate (no pun intended), and he tried to express them, but of course Barba cut him off, because that entire theory is crazy. There’s no such thing as blanket consent. Even if the girl agreed in abstract that rape can be a “cure,” she would need to consent in the moment, and that consent could be withdrawn at all times, as Barba pointed out.


Sonny kept on. Respectfully. Without yelling or getting mad. Sonny agreed with Barba, of course, but that wasn’t the point he was trying to make. That’s why he didn’t let Barba’s interruption stop him. He was, again, respectful, all “of course, but I’m just saying, hear me out,” etc., but he stuck to his guns. He showed the appropriate degree of deference to an experienced ADA like Barba, but he kept talking.

And Barba kept listening.

Sonny’s point was that the case was tricky, and the victim was confused and easily manipulated, so a good defense attorney (btw I love this defense attorney, I had missed him!) would “lather that up” into consent. What a great phrase, and what a Sonny Carisi phrase, frankly. Punctuated by the classic Sonny Carisi gesturing :D

Barba’s reaction to Sonny’s totally accurate (and prophetic) remark?

“…I agree.”

Simple as that. No snark, no sass. Barba was smizing the entire time, of course, but this was about work.

I mean, the fact they even spoke to each other was progress, but the fact they had a cordial conversation about the legal aspects of the case, and they came to an agreement? WE ARE BLESSED :’)

I always love it when the show remembers Sonny is a lawyer, and he can actually argue the specifics of a case (here, the strategy of the defense) with Barba, in a way the other cops can’t. That hadn’t happened in a long time. When Liv suggests something (like playing that tape, last week), it’s more intuitive and less strategic. More “this is the right thing to do,” and less “this is the smartest move for us right now.” Sonny thinks like a lawyer. Like Barba. And Barba knows and appreciates that.

This season has done away with any and all personal plots and characterization and interpersonal dynamics, but this one scene allowed me to fanwank it as progress. To pretend we didn’t just watch a boring scene about the law. Instead, we witnessed Sonny and Barba being totally professional, and in sync, and working together as equals. Analyzing a case, listening to each other’s points, and coming to an easy agreement. We basically witnessed an ideal working relationship :’)

The Barisi Corner, Part 2

I also loved how Sonny sat in on that meeting with Barba and Liv, when they spoke to the rapist and his attorney. There was no reason for Sonny (or Liv, lol) to even be there, technically, but that was less of a meeting and more of an interrogation, so Barba relied on his two most trusted police officers :D

I think Sonny was there because he could relate to the guy, having been raised in the faith. Barba (again in Unholiest Alliance, by the same writer) was clearly aware Sonny is a “good Catholic,” so I think he may have suggested it. Or Liv could have. Cozying up to a perp is the old Sonny’s go-to move, and this case demonstrated that perfectly. Sonny was the only SVU cop able to display a genuine understanding of the boy’s faith, but also his blind adherence to the reverend’s commands. That’s why Sonny mentioned his own relationship with the priests in his youth.

Sonny was in that room for that explicit purpose. That’s why he was sitting there, all sprawled out and sexy, ready to get up and pounce. He practically took over the interrogation, with Liv and Barba chiming in here and there. I think all three of them (BARSONISI ALERT) agreed that would be their best play, and they possibly even practiced it. The best way to get the kid to crack. To understand that, just like Sonny said, it’s not right to quote the Bible to justify a crime. I loved Sonny’s confidence, in that scene.

Speaking of confidence and Barisi, I LOVED it when Sonny got all sassy, saying, “let’s hit this guy where it hurts the most,” and Barba was smiling like “that’s mah boyfriend, I’ve taught him well!” I just loved that. We hadn’t gotten a real, solid friendly look between them in so long. I’m glad Sonny got to deliver the cocky line, for once, and I’m even more glad we got to see Barba’s amused-slash-approving reaction. Sonny has gotten significantly more confident through the seasons, and it’s always great to see Barba acknowledging that with delight.

Stray Thoughts

lol at Barba being all “omg we blew it, we lost the jurors, we’re done,” even though their case was still pretty solid.

Double lol because last week Barba was all “d’oh, it’s hypnotism! Which is totally real! What a slam dunk! I’m totally winning this case!” :D

I see Fin is still a detective, glad we cleared that up. You know, because Liv introduced him as such. Even if he’s “practicing his Sergeant skills,” which, how rude were Sonny and Amanda, by the way? Crack a smile, you guys, Fin was making a joke! to remind us he is kind of a Sergeant but not really! I wish Peter and Kelli had given legit deadpan looks, though, to make it even funnier. As it was, the scene was kind of awkward. Except Ice, who was hilarious.

Also, hey, remember how Fin’s son is gay? lol me neither also, hey, remember fin is a grandfather? lol no one does

When the friend said, “YOU WERE RAPED,” Liv’s face was like, “excuse you, honey, I’m the only one who’s allowed to scream that in a victim’s face.”

The actor playing the rapist was very good! So creepy. Almost robotic, until he cracked in the end. Very nice performance, he really made the episode. All the actors were great, in fact.

Liv’s colorblock jacket? Flawless.

I’m going to need all the gifs of Sonny sitting behind Barba, all sprawled out, please and thank you :’)

anonymous asked:

If there was a SCP television show, would it just be a sitcom with many instances of SCP-012-J, or would it be something a little more serious? What are your thoughts?

I would think that it would be a more serious show, with a reoccurring cast of actors, but not necessarily characters (kinda like American Horror Story). Each episode could be about some story-heavy SCPs to get the viewers immersed in the universe. After a season or so of this, it could start to branch out into it’s own story lines.

That’s just my idea, I feel like the episodic “story of the week” formula would translate the feel of reading SCPs well into watching them.

- Sly  

Klaus Mikaelson Request

Klaus from Originals, being involved with human female that is a voice actress full Time

Klaus sat downstairs painting when something caught his ear. He listened as an unfamiliar deep voice came from your room. He dropped what he was doing and ran up the stairs towards you room. Before he could barg in a high pitched voice took its place. He quietly opened your room door and saw you talking to yourself in the mirror as you applied your makeup. He listened for a few more moments and heard five more of your peculiar voices before he cleared his throat.

You jumped and your eyes shot to him. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to hear several of your little voices. You know this is the first time in over a year that I’ve heard you do your voices.”

“Really? Huh,” you shrugged and got back to your makeup. “I guess usually when I do them I’m in the studio or practicing in my apartment.” You spent most of your time in your LA apartment since you worked over there but typically on weekends of long breaks you come down and stay with your boyfriend Klaus and his family.

He sat on your bed and kept looking at you bewildered, “Can I hear some more?”

“Really,” you were taken by surprise. “Um, sure.” Voice by voice you told Klaus what character you were playing and what show each character was in. After about twenty minutes of high voices, low voices, slow voices, and voices with different accents you ran out of ones to do. “I think that’s it,” you laughed.

“How do you do all of those?”

“It’s just a gift. It’s like you with drawing.” After more and more questions from your boyfriend you finally gave up on trying to answer them all. “Klaus, babe, how about you take time off torturing others and come to LA with me next week. I’ll take you into the studio and show you how I work.”

“I haven’t been to Los Angeles in a long while. I think I might take you up on that, Doll.”

Anyone else watching American Crime? I’d never even heard of it until I saw a commercial when I was watching Grey’s Anatomy and it had Sandra Oh saying something about human trafficking and I was like, ugh what is this sensationalist crap gonna be? But then I looked it up and found out it was gonna be focusing on agricultural and domestic labor trafficking in addition to a sex trafficking story line, and you know people rarely want to bother with those less titillating but more common types of human trafficking. I ended up watching the first two seasons on Netflix in about a week and it’s so much better and smarter and more complex than I ever would’ve expected for a show on ABC.

I just watched the first episode of the new season (each season is a completely different story, with a lot of the same actors playing different characters) and it’s too early to really tell how they’re gonna do with the prostitution/sex trafficking story line but I’m intrigued, and relieved that it seems like they’re going with a realistic-seeming story of a 17 year old with a pimp rather than the wild rape factories with hundreds of girls chained to beds or kept in cages and each raped by 45 men a day that SWERFs fantasize about.

Ravi Bodyguard AU Part 2

Note: This took forever because I was really struggling with how to write it. I hope you like it!

Part 1

Originally posted by chyogi

It’s been about two weeks since the last event, and neither Wonsik nor you have brought up the incident of him carrying you up to your hotel room. But every time you think about it your heart begins to flutter.

You’ve fallen for him and you know it. You know you shouldn’t like him the way you do, he’s your bodyguard for crying out loud, but you can’t help it. It’s just how you feel. You’ve convinced yourself he can’t possibly feel the same. You’re very close to him, as you two talk quite often and are very comfortable around each other, but that’s all it is. Simply a friendship. Nothing more.

Maybe not even that. As close as you are to him, sometimes he shuts you out. He’s closed off and you can’t figure out why. He locks himself away in his own mind, even though you’ve told him several times that he can talk to you, but he doesn’t always take that. Maybe he thinks of you strictly as a business relationship.

You’re not sure anymore.

You and Wonsik are walking back to your home after doing some shopping, well you’re doing some shopping. You just got home, and you couldn’t be happier, but with the weather changing you’ve realized you need to buy some more comfortable clothing for summer. Of course, Wonsik had to accompany you.

You two are having a good time, you think anyway. Cracking jokes and talking about everything, it’s nice. You unlock the door as he finishes up a funny story about him and his sister.

You laugh as you push open the door, “no way! And your parents didn’t care?”

“To this day they still don’t know.”

“I didn’t know you were such a bad boy Wonsik.” You tease, walking into your house and dropping your bags on the ground.

He ignores your comment as he follows you in. “Do you need help with your bags, Miss?”

“First of all, how many times have I told you that you don’t need to call me Miss? (Y/N) will do just fine. Second, just leave them. I’ll get them later. You sit down and I’ll get us something to drink. I did just drag you around all day, I’m sure you’re tired.”

“Really it was my pleasure M-I mean (Y/N).” You smile softly and feel your heart flutter a bit.

“Well umm…I’ll get us those drinks, yeah?” You hurry into the kitchen before you can do or say anything stupid. You fix two glasses of water and grab your laptop off the counter, then walk back into the living room. Wonsik is sitting on the couch, his back to you. You set the glass on the coffee table in front of him and sit beside him, setting your own glass and your laptop down as well.

You open up your laptop and type in your password, Wonsik watching you quietly.

“Work?” He asks and you nod.

“It never ends, as I’m sure you know.”

He shrugs,“I like my work.” You smile again at his comment and turn back to your laptop, pulling up the browser. The first thing that greets you is more backlash about your actions against the reporter two weeks previously, and even backlash against her for the horrible article she had written about you. You hadn’t payed attention to it, allowing none of it to bother you. Instead, rolling your eyes at the situation.

You ignore everything about it and go to your email, an unknown email being the first in your inbox. You click on it and see that it’s from the reporter, threatening you.

“She’s still at it?” He asks, watching you carefully from where he’s sitting. You nod and read through the email.

“She’s very angry. She’s resorted to threatening me.” Without saying anything, he takes your laptop and reads through it. He takes your safety very seriously. “I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“I don’t know, angry people are unpredictable. You know, we could take her to court for slander in her article about you.”

“Wonsik really, it has not affected my career in any way, just made some people on the internet mad. I really don’t care.”

“If you say so…but tell me if anything else happens.”

“You know I will.” You don’t give the email much thought. Sure it would be easy enough for her to find you considering you’re in the same country, not too far away from where you first saw her actually. But you really doubt it will come to anything like that.

Days go by, each day bringing a new threatening email from her. Each one making Wonsik more and more nervous. Until they stop a week later. You think she’s over it, finally  stopping this insane grudge. But that’s when the mail starts showing up. Threatening letters, pictures if you with your face x-ed out. This girl is insane. After one letter says that she’s going to come for you, Wonsik decides to take action.

“I’m going to be here, with you, at all times. You’re not to go out alone, you will not be alone at all until this ends.”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit unneeded?” You ask.

“This is a very real threat (Y/N), I have to take it seriously. And  as your personal bodyguard I’m going to do everything I can to keep you safe.”

“Alright Wonsik.” You relent, and so begins weeks of Wonsik being at your side for every little thing.

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Bad Boy With Feelings *request*

Teen Wolf - Theo Raeken

Request - could i please request Theo (who is trying to focus on his Scott’s pack manipulation plan ofc) developing a soft spot for his biology partner?

Note - hey hey! Ummm I procrastinated so much today, so sorry if this is bad😅 and thank you for your request! Let me know if anyone of you would like a part two


Triggers - um, swearing, Theo Raeken, um idk I think that’s it

Theo Raeken the school’s new bad boy, and as soon as Stiles saw him he knew something was off, and he would never not tell you to stay away from him. The semester was changing and you had done your best to not upset Stiles. Theo was just a nightmare dressed as daydream causing trouble, sending flirtatious smiles toward every super hot instagram model looking girl in the school. Not that Theo hasn’t paid any attention to you, but of course, trying to get to Lydia, Malia or Kira would be his top priority, why wouldn’t it be they’re gorgeous. Now was this you getting slightly jealous or was this you getting jealous? You mentally scolded yourself, you can’t even think about him, you reminded yourself.

You tiredly walked to your biology class, expecting the most boring class, because it’s a recap and introduction class. You looked up and scanned the classroom full of students, trying to locate an empty sit away from the annoying gossip girls, the lacrosse jerks (besides the pack) and anybody in between. You eyes suddenly fell on the most unexpected person, Theo freaking Raeken. Of course, just your luck. Stiles was going to be pissed, not at you but Theo. Theo locked eyes with you and smiled. Damn it his stupidly gorgeous face and his beautifully dumb smile you cursed in your head, you quickly averted your eyes and took a seat in the front of the class.

The class was taking forever to be over, you lazily scribbled your notes down and daydreamed most of the class. Your teacher had caught your attention when he announced a project that has to be done and a wave of unamused groans went through the room. He also said you can pick a partner or complete the project by yourself. Perfect you thought.

You had your earphones in, listening to your music very loud so you could block out everyone. You didn’t even hear the person standing beside you trying to talk to you, until they tapped your shoulder ever so lightly. You pulled your earphone out and looked up to see… Theo? What did he want, you thought.

“Y/n, right?” He said with that innocent smile again

You coughed awkwardly, you couldn’t think of anything to say, you were too busy staring into he’s terribly beautiful eyes. You shook your head lightly trying to pull yourself together.

“Uh, yeah. You’re Theo?” You said trying not to give away the fact that you already knew his name.

He nodded, and took a seat beside you. You almost rolled your eyes, you sat away from him for a reason and of course this was bound to happen, he would do anything to get to Scott.

“I was wondering if you’d like to work with me on this project?” He asked

“Um, I was uh actually planning on doing this on my own” you said, giving him a quick smile and returning to your work.

“Please, biology isn’t really my strong suit, I’m more of a chemistry kinda guy, if you know what I mean” he said with a wink. There was no stopping your eye roll now, not after what he just said.

“I’m sure” you sighed in annoyance

“Just FYI, you might want to take that offer to one of those girls” you said looking back the ‘popular’ girls, Theo looked back at them too and sent them a wink and smirk.

“I could, but I want an actual grade” Theo said

You were getting frustrated with his presence, either it was because you found him insanely attractive, or because you didn’t want to hear Stiles’ lecture.

“Will you leave me alone if I help you, this one time?” You said, turning to him

“I can’t promise anything, princess” he said

“don’t call me that” you said, turning away from him.

“So is that a yes?” Theo asked

“Yeah, whatever. After school in the library” you said “I don’t trust you enough to be at my house” you said under you breath.

Theo rolled his eyes at your whispered comment, but shot you a dangerous smirk. She’s so different, he thought. There’s probably a billion things he could discover about you, you always kept to yourself, you were just as mysterious as he could be, only difference is she was good, he thought. Theo noticing his soft thoughts about you, mentally cursed at himself. Pull yourself together.

“Alright” he said the gentleness from before was gone, just a harsh breath. Getting up he returned back to his original seat.

After class was over, you stalked your way over to your locker and started shoving textbooks into it. You sighed and thought about Theo, the stupid, relentless, reckless, ‘bad boy’ who asked you, you of all people.

“Stupid, idiot” you whispered to yourself.

“Whoa, who started the fire?” Scott asked as he and Stiles made there way over to you.

You better tell them that Theo has asked you to be his partner for a project, but you reconsidered, and then you re-reconsidered, better be safe than sorry. As you can tell you were the reasonable, always prepared, awkward, sassy, human alongside Stiles in the pack.

“Theo” you said turning to face them

“I’m stuck with him for a project” you said, leaving out the part that you agreed to be his partner.

“Y/n, you better stay away from him” Stiles immediately said, “you know, while doing your work, make sure he sits on the other side of the classroom or something” he continued rambling

“Clearly you have completely stopped doing your school work, and have dedicated your life to the supernatural world. Stiles! That’s not how a project works” you fired at him already annoyed that you made the dumb decision of being his partner, and now Stiles’ lecture had begun about not trusting Theo and how he’s the spawn of Satan.

“Stiles, I know. It’s just a project it’ll last like a week, I’ll suffer through it” you reassured him.

After school you headed to the library to start on the project. You had told Theo to meet you here after school, but what can you expect from someone like him, maybe a late comer, or even a no show. You decided waiting for him to show up before starting would be a waste of time, so you started on your own. With each passing minute you grew more and more annoyed towards him. Two hours in you had gotten 25% of the project done and decided to call it a day, you also decided you were taking credit for all the work. You started packing up, when Theo waltzed in.

“Hey” he said

You were seriously questioning your self control right now, because you wanted to explode with anger. ‘Hey’ was all he had to say, not even a sorry I’m late was uttered out his mouth. You raised a brow at him.

“You said you wanted an actual grade, Raeken” you said with no emotion. You weren’t going to show him that you felt anything.

“… I do” he said confused.

“Unbelievable, Theo, I’ve been here for two and a half hours, I got through all the research and started the introduction” you said, listing the things he did not help with.

“Okay, well I’ll do the other part tomorrow no big deal” he said without a care that he kept you waiting.

“You’re such a jerk, I seriously can’t believe you right now. Let me remind you that your dumbass asked me to be your partner for this shit project, okay? I don’t need you or your help” you said finally getting angry, and letting profanities leave your mouth. You pushed past him and exited the library, you heard Theo running behind you.

“Wait, Y/n I’m sorry, I promise I’ll be here on time tomorrow” Theo caught up to you, a gentle plead made you turn around to face him.

“I don’t need your douchery” you said

“Please?” He said, and got down on his knees in the middle of the empty hallway.

You cracked a smile and shook your head “you’re such an idiot” you laughed.

Theo smiled at you as he watched you laugh, your laugh echoing in the hallway, the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard. “Fine, but this is your last chance” you warned as you turned around and left.

You just hurt his ego, and he liked it, you are perfect in every way, your fiery passion, your heated anger, your attitude, your sass, your independence, your laugh. Everything that he currently knew about you, everything thing he’ll find out about you.

“You’re turning into a softie, Theo, get a hold of yourself” he said to himself.

(Part 2? Let me know if you want it!)