i like this screencaps psd

anonymous asked:

hi! I was wondering if you could post this psd, please? :) /post/160496065020/wynonna-earp-rewatch-1x06-constant-cravings

You’re in luck, I actually saved that PSD right away ;) I actually tried to add a couple of variations to the PSD itself so that you can work with different scene lightings, because my main PSD was basically just for really yellow scenes in WE.

Anyways, here goes:

You can Download the PSD here! Please give this a like or a reblog if you use it and don’t claim it as your own. 

You might need to adjust some of the layers according to the scene lighting like brightness, colors etc. 

Otherwise I hope it’s useful :D

you know when everyone talks about making a single psd for all icons, exporting icons in bulk, i’m like… manually saving every single icon because i need to crosscheck icons to make sure the batch is consistent in contrast and saturation