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I know you have already done a lot of the ship posts (and they are all phenomenal and accurate af) but can you pretty please do Jesper and Wylan from six of crows/crooked kingdom? Xoxo <3 <3 I can't get enough of your writing tbh! Your such an inspiration, dude. <3 <3 <3 <3

I’m SO sorry this took so long, you’re such an absolute sweetheart and also christ I’ve never been called an inspiration before holy.. god

also heck i love wesper this is a treat


who is more likely to hurt the other?

don’t.. do this

they’re genuinely so good neither of them would ever TRY to hurt the other, and they’re both so tender and apologetic if they ever do. I think I’m gonna have to say jesper though just because. he’s still a little stirred by his addiction (to trouble! to bringing two guns to a gun fight! to gambling! to love!) and he’s got some jealousy and sensitivity baked into him, bless him. I feel like he’d run a risk and break Wy’s heart by accident, a little bit

who is emotionally stronger?

a genuine toughie bc they’ve both survived and persevered so MUCH. I think in terms of immediate reactionary instincts, Jes is better at letting bad vibes roll right off of him. He’s made of smiles. He’s trouble and a good time rolled into a waistcoat. If you insult him he only gets stronger. Wy was raised in silk and champagne but he was raised BY an absolute monster so. he’s a very bruised peach. criticism pierces him v easily. Though in a more fundamental way, wylan has fashioned his past trauma into a shield. by the end of ck he’s building himself new emotional strength with his bare hands

who is physically stronger?

ohhh man. They’re both noodle boys. Wylan is too smart for exercise. Jesper does his fighting at a 20 metre distance from his target. Jesper is bigger than wylan but most of his size is gangly and delightful and awkward. I think jes could probably still beat wylan in a pinch, but I’m more caught up in how funny it would be to see them try to fight it out

who is more likely to break a bone? 

man I’m tempted to say jesper just bc he seems like he would be…… brittle. I think he gets into scrapes a lot. I think wylan starts to get into p frequent scrapes by nature of being the sixth crow. I think the both of them are so busy worrying about each other’s fights that they neglect their own and trip off a building or smth

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

I think wylan can be a nasty piece of work when he’s pissed enough. like he may be a silk eared puppy but he’ll chew your shoes and track mud around if you forget to feed him. jesper doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body man, I think he’s a sarcasm queen and a joker but he’s definitely not mean

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

I think jesper’s constantly assuming he did something wrong and he sits down with wylan 100% serious like ‘babe.. im so, so sorry. I never wanted to be the sort of person who made you look sad like that, we’re past that, I truly made a promise–’ and wy would be like ‘what no I was sad bc a screw on my flute is loose and I couldn’t practice today’. but also yeah if it’s a serious fight they make up in a rush, and they laugh at themselves, and they use their energy for something better

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

here’s the thing about the crows man, they’re always sustaining minor injuries as a team and it’s a win if they live, right? All I can picture is the roar of activity when they pull off a job and they come back limping and bleeding and swearing and crowing w joy, and jes and wy take their seats opposite each other and clean wounds, kiss foreheads, smooth back sweaty curls, squeeze hands, make promises. the routine, u kno

who is in constant need of comfort? 

uhhh both of them (it’s always both my guy jot that down). Wylan has 16 years of shitty imposed self loathing to unlearn, and traumatic experiences all over him. jes has lost a lot (including his mom) and he struggles with addiction so like. yeah they both need comfort. they both wake up w the phantom feeling of a mother’s arms around their shoulders. they’ve both seen the very worst of humanity. They’re just two nervy, high stress kids trying to figure things out

who gets more jealous? 

lmao WYLAN VAN ECK did y’all read his scenes in crooked kingdom that boy is NOT SHARING. he glared real holes in kuwei’s head guys. jesper tbh is a terrible flirt and a HANDFUL and wylan is happy. to have his hands full. no one else.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

mmm nahhh

who will propose? 

u bet ur ASS it’ll be jesper. Imagine wylan’s blushing face…… he’d do it for that alone. tbh there’s probably a point in their relationship where jesper’s outrageous flirting isn’t enough to get that pretty blush from wylan like he’ll roll his eyes and shove jes in the shoulder and w/e but they have to have increasingly ridiculous conversations about kinks or w/e until that blush comes out. jesper’s like ‘dang. guess I gotta step up the romance. what’s the most romantic thing? marriage? marrying wylan? son absolutely where do i sign’

who has the most difficult parents?

lmao lm a o lmaooo Lmao LMAO lmao

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

I feel like depending on the social climate of Ketterdam, hand holding might not be on the table?? especially for two criminals associated w the bastard of the barrel like idk man I can’t picture it. they don’t want to draw attention to themselves (well i mean. jes wants to. but they can’t). I think they’re all about sly glances and the most obvious smirks you’ve ever seen, and brushing shoulders!! brushing shoulders are their makeouts

who comes up for the other all the time? 

they’re always together man bf’s that blow shit up together and live together stay together so like they rarely have the opportunity to talk about each other. howEVER jesper probably mentions his boyfriend in the middle of a hand of poker w an inappropriate smile or gushes to w/e prisoner he’s breaking out of jail or makes Kaz’s day weird by trying to confide in him

who hogs the blankets? 

wylan is exhausted w luxury and jesper is a child who wants to be held so he rolls over and then over again so that wy always wakes up to a lapful of boyfriend and a roll of blankets and he has to wait for jesper’s heavy sleeper ass to arise so he can get up to pee 

who gets more sad? 

booooth – jesper is understated sad with a side of unnerving frowns, wylan is a wobbling mouth and clenched fists. Sometimes they stay in the Wylan Van mansion and lock the doors so the maids can’t come in, and they bring the lavish decorative pillows into a heap on the carpet and feed each other sweets and rub each others backs and laugh and laugh the darkness away. wylan sketches. jesper poses. there’s scheming & kaz impressions. jesper is a storyteller and he imagines out loud what nina or inej are up to at that very minute, controlling gravity and hearts and the sea and their lives 

who is better at cheering the other up? 

see above ^^ they both go pro at the comfort olympics. Jesper is that little bit better though. He’s a sweetheart with all the right words in his pockets. He knows how to chop wylan’s dad down like the overgrown dead tree that he is. he knows how to flirt a smile onto wy’s face. he maybe lacks delicacy sometimes, but he’s so fun and wholehearted and warm that he can’t really go wrong

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

this is canon y’all, jesper is a lecherous bastard and wylan is equal parts disdain and delight. he absolutely will slap a boy

who is more streetwise?

god bless wylan but he knows a hell of a lot less about the streets than jes. He’s learning fast by the end of ck, but he’s still very sheltered in a lot of ways. Jesper has a few years under his belt, and he’s.. like tbh he’s a part of a gang so. He’s seen a lot. He’s participated in a lot. He has a pretty steep list of kills, same as every other survivor out there. He’s detached from the deaths but he’s been on the other side of a lot of bullets that have crumpled people up and thrown them in the trash. He knows his business, too. He knows Ketterdam. Well. Wy knows the half of it Kaz wants him to see.

who is more wise?

Wylan is utterly brilliant and Jesper is wholeheartedly here for it. What was that line again? ‘you’re cuter when you’re smart’? Wylan can think his way out of just about anything, the world belongs to him. jsyk

who’s the shyest? 

Wylan absolutely what a sweetie. I mean a lot of it stems from unfortunate self esteem issues and a history of being burnt but a lot of it is pure soul deep candy sweet embarrassment and not knowing what to do w his own cute face. He doesn’t know how to deal w people a lot of the time. he knows sheet music & formulas. he does not know how to look at a boy with beautiful lips all curled up at him and not pass out

who boasts about the other more? 

jesper is loudmouthed usually and he’s that much more loudmouthed when he’s in love, catch him talking to anyone who will listen about wy’s stupid face 

who sits on who’s lap? 

jesper would definitely try it, don’t even test him, he would fold all his crane limbs into wylan’s lap and say ‘hello peaches’ and wylan would have to slide both of them onto the floor to escape his embarrassment. on a good day, jes’ll scoop wylan into his lap and he’ll feel quiet, for a while

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hey so it looks like you're doing requests and I don't wanna bother you but I've been feeling really down lately and there's been no taegi to feed on so could you maybe please do some mafia au hcs w/ taegi and spoiled tae/babied tae idk I relate to him easily plz baby be thsi got wild ok I'm sorry

Taehyung is the type of boy who lives for being spoiled more so with attention over actual physical gifts, to be honest. Like sure, those pretty wide doll eyes light up when he’s given a new Gucci top or shoes or belt and he’s always so thankful. Sure, he happily giggles when he’s given the most expensive camera to take his pictures or when a new gold plated gun is placed in his lap along with the new knife set he’d seen and desperately wanted. But NOTHING compares to being spoiled in attention by his usually busy boss boyfriend. 

In his eyes, there is literally nothing better than waking up early in the morning to the sound of Yoongi quietly playing his favorite songs on the baby grand piano in their room. It’s like his own literal piece of heaven really. He gets to open his eyes and just barely make out the elder’s silhouette through the canopy that surrounds their bed.  Yoongi always looks so handsome too. The elder is in a bloody white button up shirt that has been left open to show off the gun holster at his side and the many tattoos covering his skin, with Taehyung’s name straight over his heart. His mint hair is messy, held out of his face by a red bandana Taehyung gifted him back before he was a boss, when he was only running drugs in the streets, for good luck. He’s not even looking at the keys as he plays. His eyes on 100 percent on Taehyung’s form on their bed and it’s everything. 

Taehyung literally buzzes right from the beginning because he loves the attention Yoongi has for him, even when he’s asleep and unaware the elder is watching. 

Of course, Yoongi’s gone overboard even in something simple like waking Taehyung up. 

The mafia boss has filled their white plush carpet in red rose petals and has laid out the most expensive looking breakfast on their bedside table for when his baby gets hungry.  He’s set out a new silk robe, gold in color because it’s the color prettiest on Taehyung, for the younger to put on and it honestly looks like it cost more than their entire house. 

Taehyung actually giggles as he takes it all in. 

“Welcome back home, how was the business in China?” 

Yoongi moves closer to Taehyung’s spot on their bed because he knows that while the gifts are pretty, what Taehyung really wants is skin to skin contact. He gets rewarded for it with a kiss on his cheek before the younger wipes some stray white powder from his pants. 

“It was the same.” Yoongi sighs and begins running his fingers through Taehyung’s hair. “Only three people died this time, I got a surprise for you too by the way.” 

It’s just one of the smaller but best ways he spoils his prince. He showers his love in affection the best he can and it’s just great. 

Sometimes he spoils Taehyung by showing him off. 

The younger doesn’t admit it, but then again he doesn’t really need to, the elder just knows Taehyung loves being shown off. Taehyung loves being the meat that is dangled over the swamp filled with hungry crocodiles just barely out of reach.  Taehyung loves dressing up in the most expensive, shortest, showy dresses and furs he can find while his neck and wrist is filled with Tiffany’s most expensive diamonds so everyone can want to fuck him or be him. 

Yoongi makes sure his boy gets his fill of being the flashy boy the world wants to be. 

He shows up to drug trades with Taehyung hanging on his arm, wearing nothing but short leather shorts and a too big Givenchy sweater that hasn’t even hit runways yet. Smirking while everyone stares. Taehyung’s freshly died lilac hair is perfectly done and the Rolex on his wrist cost more than the warehouse they are in but what really matters to him is that everyone stares at Yoongi with envy.

What really matters is that everyone wants Taehyung on their arm too. 

Everyone wants the boy that easily pulls out a knife from the inside of one of his knee-high boots before stabbing it into a bag of cocaine.  Everyone, bosses, and runners alike want Taehyung and it’s obvious as they watch with lust filled eyes while Taehyung takes some of the drugs and snorts it before pouting. 

“It’s not real Yoonie.” 

Yoongi sighs and kisses Taehyung sloppily, making sure everyone gets a good view, and one last minute of wanting the pretty boy, before putting a bullet into everyone’s head. 

Literally, anything Taehyung wants, Yoongi makes sure his prince gets it. 

Taehyung wants the cute dog he saw some lady at the park with? Guess what? Yoongi is using his best informants to find her home and is personally sticking a gun up in her face and stealing the canines. 

It’s how they welcome Min Holly and Kim Soonshim to their home. 

Taehyung wants to walk in Milan’s fashion week? 

Damn right Yoongi is sending out his best hitters to cut off a finger from the main fashion designer’s hand as a warning until his baby is added to the show. 

Anything to see his boy smile that box grin that makes his eyes scrunch up into cute half moons. Anything to hear the way Taehyung happily screams “YOONIE BABE THANK YOU!!!” before he’s showered in kisses by the younger. Anything for the boy that always rides for him and would 100 percent die for him. 

this was actually supposed to be part of a series w babs and cass but. hey.

have a batgirl

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weird ask but most to least body hair in bb?

not weird!!! i thought about this last night actually.

seungri bc ot5 has talked about how hairy he is
youngbae happy trail 👅
top i think is somewhere in the middle
daesung bc i dont ever think i’ve seen any of his body hair in my life
gd now, we’ve seen him w facial hair and know he CAN be hairy but… idk i see him as a shaved/waxed kinda guy???? like i picture him bein baby smooth 🤤

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On the brycemcdaily one post said that Ohm has a kid and doesn't know how to take care of them (But he tries his best dammit!) and I was wondering- Where's their mom? Like is Ohm divorced, widowed, or something else? What was/is she like, why is she gone? Most importantly- is the child like Ohm?- A monster of bunny? Inhuman?? Is that why the mother's not in the picture??? I Have To Know!

does the kid have a mom? not anymore lmao.

does the mother have any relation w Ryan? probably idk nobody knows :/

is Ryan in a fixed relationship? he had a fiancé that bailed after finding out he’s also a monster :0 so no.

is the kid anything like Ohm? yes.

sommore trans man fiddleford and genderfluid ford

some relative (like an aunt or something) is always sending fiddleford these dresses and insisting that “I just miss the sweet little girl I used to know maybe wearing these cute little dresses will change your life :)” and fiddleford HATES IT SO MUCH!!! but one day Ford has an idea

Next letter this aunt gets, it includes a picture of Ford wearing the most recently sent dress w a letter like “you sure improved the life of my roommate auntie he never seemed happier!!!” and fiddleford doesnt get any more letters like that

ford keeps wearing these drresses sometimes and fidds is like “you know you dont have to wear them anymore” and fords like “idk i kind of like them” and fidds is like “good shit my man”

alright here’s a rundown of the cast party

  • bridgette and frank i think we’re the first to show up they got there when i did at about 10 too frank was taking pic bridgette was mainly w her family at that point
  • it took forever for anyone else to show though justin hartley was wandering it was strange
  • corey got there next i’m guessing nicole was there too my everyone was crowding so i couldn’t see than meech and nat came but i didn’t see nat til later (bronte was there too i forgot about her oops)
  • my friend and i went to the downstairs bar to get a drink and paul came in w his posse ugh they were waiting in line to get in i snuck to the other stairway w no line he was already being douchey
  • paul and victor walked up to where the fans were and everyone started chanting friendship i have a blurry video of part of it but wow it was awful
  • once paul and vic went to their table pm everyone followed them and meech was out there so i got a picture poor girl hadn’t had a drink yet she was so nice though
  • paul and vic prob stayed an hour maybe less seemed too good to be there we made a friend who just wanted a paul pic but couldn’t even get to him idk they stayed the shortest by far
  • zakiyah paulie and james arrived last zakiyah and amber were together and ditched the boys to get drinks zakiyah is even prettier in person and real sweet
  • nicole was really nice to everyone i think she took the most pics w people i got one w her he was like not too close you’ll see my zits but it turned out blurry anyway
  • james was running around everywhere after my friends took a pic with him we were walking towards the bar and he came behind the kid we met and put his hand on his shoulders to follow him to the bar he found jackie there too that was cute mostly cus jackie >>>>>>
  • the best part though was when meech and zakiyah were dancing and hugging ZEECH IS ALIVE but ian seemed so uncomfortable i think he was just waiting for michelle to want to go
  • michelle bridget and natalie were all hanging outside of the bar area i think thats where nat and meech took their snaps and then we ran into nat in the bathroom in my other post
  • everyone seemed pretty down to earth except paul even paulie was weirdly chill but i’m guessing he knows everyone hates him so he was on his best behavior

hey!!! it’s allison here hoppin on the bandwagon (is that the correct way to say it idek) and making a really late holiday follow forever!!! i love all of yall so much like seein you on my dash can rly make my day okay yayayay

also thats my hand and my edit for the picture thing and that gif is not mine, idk whose it is but credit to them. i only put the words on it.

ima start out w/ the peeps i talk to the most:-)

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