i like this pict

anon:answer - again

“what do you think about kaichen (?) lately the have been together those, kai and chen, i want lisent your opinion of chenkai .. They whisper and look as it does kaisoo (x)” - anon

[okay I don’t understand why everytime I edit my post, the gifs/picts wouldn’t load after that? like why? I don’t move the picts/gifs at all, theyre still located in same folder? and when I tried to fix it, shit wouldn’t be posted like why? can somebody explain the sciene behind this? /cry/ ]

eyy there~ okay i want to remind you that even though im biased trash, when i watched this fancam, i tried to separate my feels and be objective, but if you feel my answer is… um, biased, or unfair (?), sorry in advance.

 for me, they did do the close-whispering (well it’s a whisper after all), but not as close as kaisoo, when kaisoo whisper to each other, their nose tip/lips would touch the other’s ear, but it is different from this (IMHO)

i tried so hard not being biased but here i see jongin’s upper body/head slightly bounced back bc of the impact of soo leaned forward to him (to listen his whisper), meaning that their body collided to create such (small) impact

in the video i saw a small distance between jongin’s nose and chen’s ear, and it’s quite different with how he had whispered to soo a while ago in china concert

and we all know how soo “whispers” to jongin

(yes i have a dozen of different picts of this event in my folder, sue me)

he leaned on soo’s mouth

honestly, the way he turned his head, he didnt leaned back, just turned his head, he wasnt afraid if his lips could touch his hyung’s lips/nose tip, would you do this if you’re whispering to some regular hommie?

i am so sorry i tried not being biased but i end up answering your answer about another ship with gifs/picts of kaisoo, it’s very rude of me, but i just want to say my point here, dont murder me please /hide/