i like this pic on b&w sorry


(I honestly didn’t know what to do for her outfit, sooo Google Images bestowed it’s magic upon meee pffTTT–)

Her name is Ruya, which is Arabic for ‘vision’ or ‘sight’

She isn’t fully Arabic, though. She’s Persian, but she can understand some Arabic, which is why she can communicate with Tableau somewhat well. He helps her walk around because she is a blind babu ;w;

She doesn’t understand English very well though, so when other kids bully her for being blind, she cannot understand their insults (Well I mean, it’s a good thing but a bad thing too, because she gets overwhelmed with all the voices around her that she can’t see or understand ;;)

She’s 11 and her birthday is November 14th (Random selection haahhH)

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Can you please make some Rafael Casal icons? Your icons are so lovely!!

You know what’s the rarest thing to find? A PICTURE OF RAFA THAT IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE i wanna punch this man in the face i swear. I hope you like these, i’m sorry i only made 3 but as you see i’m pissed at Rafa for only posting b&w pics. 


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I’ve been looking and looking, and I’m pretty sure brown tabbies with white chests, paws, and blue eyes don’t exist; that, or they’re rare! Here are the tabbies I came up with…I Photoshopped a couple of their eyes blue because I’m a sore loser. 

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

a badly coloured zutara drawing for my bb dimoltiregni‘s birthday <3

sorry for terrible background and pic quality i have no excuses

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So who's your bias in suju I couldnt possibly know from your username I hope its not that l00ser Lee Hyukjae (*pics of hyuk spill from under trenchcoat*)

Who is my bias? Lee Hyukjae? Who said that? I don’t know him. Btw you talking about this guy?

Probably he is attractive too.. and a little just a little life ruiner?

Hmmm i don’t know him.. Maybe this less than perfect guy you are talking about?

Maybe he values his fans so much and reminds me why i love him this much, why he is so precious and there is no one like him like i feel my heart can explode… no i don’t know him..

Maybe when he smiles i feel he brightening some dark things to make my world happier..

And when he cries or when i see tears in his eyes, i feel like my heart wants to cry with him..

Or by any chance this dorky guy can make me laugh only by looking at the camera with his natural funny side…

I don’t know him.. just… the arrows he is shooting pierce my heart every day and more and more day by day. I really don’t know him.. Do you think i should?

happy 50th anniversary star trek!!

it looks kinda messy bc i had to rush it but i rlly wanted to make something for the anniversary! thank u star trek for all you’ve done for me i love u


Hey so this blog is at just over 1.4k followers, so I was thinking of doing a little giveaway! There will be 3 winners! 1st place will get a large coloured drawing by me, of anything non nsfw they choose! 2nd gets a small coloured sketch or a medium b&w sketch of anything non nsfw they choose. 3rd gets a small b&w sketch of anything non nsfw they choose. I will pick winners through a random name generator when I hit 2k followers. Reblog this post to enter! Likes don’t count, and one entrance per blog.
The pictures above were done by me! I don’t have any pics of my coloured drawings, only pen sketches sorry :(
I will send you a message if you win, and we can discuss what you want and how I can get it to you.