i like this photo alot :(

jungkook: you still havent posted on twitter. its my birthday already :(

jimin: im still scanning through my gallery

jungkook: you cant find a nice photo of me?

jimin: i have like alot of photos of you but i wanna post something where there’s two of us

jungkook: okay lemme help you

jikook: *scans thru phone*

jikook: *sees a photo of them kissing* nope, cant post this

jikook: *sees a photo of them hugging* not this one too

jikook: *sees a photo of them having sex* definitely NOT THIS ONE

jimin: i give up


she did it folks. i’m done with college. ✨🙏🏻💖💫🎉

this is my senior project,a photo documentary series i started during the 2016 election. it’s been up in a gallery for a couple weeks and last night was our senior show reception! it’s been a time but here’s to new photo adventures

Joshua pre-debut photo<3

cr. Ccan0410


Hae said ‘I am sleepy’, then Hyuk said ‘oh then you sleep a while when I say my speech!’ Hae woke up, but Hyuk hasn’t finished, so he patted Hae’s shoulder and asked him to go back to sleep, and Hae did! (c)