i like this part of the choreo a lot

how to make a gif (for beginners)

this is a really long tutorial showing you how to:

  • make a gif
  • basic coloring
  • how to load an action
  • how to sharpen/use and action

you will need:

  • photoshop (i use cs6, but if you can make a gif in the version you have you can do this)
  • timeline (for applying actions)
  • and having basic knowledge of ps will help you though this is really detailed so you should be fine no matter your familiarity

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Jimin Scenario: Earned It.

Request: I’M SO HAPPY REQUESTS ARE OPEN! I have a Jimin scenario request when y/n is an idol and she does a a special dance stage with J-Hope(like slow dancing) and Jimin gets very jealous and y/n tries to calm him down because there is nothing going on between J-Hope and her. Btw, Jimin and y/n are dating! Thank you! ♥

Genre: Romance / Drama.

-So… have you told Jimin?- Hoseok asked when you two were taking a break from the dance practice which you did at your company’s facility and not in Big Hit.

-Ugh, stop making it sound like we are having an affair- you laughed after making a disgusted face at Hoseok who looked offended for a few seconds and then laughed as well. -You are like my brother or something-

-You are the gross one thinking about affairs, I’m just being a good friend, and believe me, I know Jimin, he’d would…-

You sighed. -I know what Jimin would do, but this time he’d have to calm down and just accept that I’m dancing with another guy, it’s just work-

Hoseok sighed. -You want me to tell him?-

-What? No! Oh god, he’d be here all the time, he’d try to find a way to stop the performance all together and that can’t happen, I need this, ok? It’s the first time they offered me doing a special stage like this, so I want to do it-

Hoseok stared at you and then exhaled in resignation. -I think we should just tell him, this choreo is after all a bit…- 

You bit your lip thinking about it, the choreography was really sexy, there were parts of the song where you danced alone but for most of it you two had to do it together and the physical contact would be a lot to say the least. 

Being idols Jimin and you knew that things like this could happen, on both sides you were conscious that maybe one day you would be doing something not that innocent with another person for the performance’s sake, but you also knew your boyfriend and how he hated guys touching you too much, so you could guess how he was going to react when he saw you with one of his best friends.

Hoseok was picked for this by the producer, you two had tried to change so it was Jimin instead of the rapper, but the staff told you that it was impossible since they wanted specifically Hoseok on the stage.

-I know you don’t want to create trouble between you, but this dance is important to me-

-And you don’t think he’d understand if you explain it? He’s a nice guy our Jiminie, if explained nicely he’d understand-

-Well, I will just tell him that we are doing a special stage and nothing else, so even if he insists you can’t tell him what we are dancing-

Hoseok scratched the back of his head looking uncomfortable. -I feel like a bad friend-

You arched a brow. -Have you forgotten about the song we are going to perform? Besides you are a great friend, don’t say that-

-Oh fuck it, he’d set a scandal before he let us dance that- Hoseok said sighing yet again. -This performance better end up good, and I hope this ends in BTS and you twice popular than before and not in me being punched in the face by my dongsaeng-

You bumped fists as you laughed at that. -He wouldn’t do that, I think-

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BTS reaction: their s/o trying to lose weight

Request: please write a bts reaction to their s/o trying to lose weight not because they think they look fat but because they think they’re too heavy

Thank you for the request :) Anyone who does want to lose weight should do it in the healthiest way, also make sure you’re doing it for yourself, not for anyone else’s satisfaction. ♥

Also, I’m pretty sure all the members would be supportive as long as you aren’t trying to lose weight in an unhealthy way, but all of their reactions would still vary a bit.



Seokjin: Jin would kind of be sad when he finds out you’re trying to lose weight because 1. He loves feeding you and 2. He thinks you look cute on the chubbier side. He’d support it as long as you were still eating well and would still feed you all the time, just with healthier food 

“I made something really healthy and I feel like you’ll love it… You wanna try some?”

Originally posted by kawaiimoonlight

*you’re Yoongi*

Yoongi: I think Yoongi would always make sure you ate well if you were in a relationship as he couldn’t eat much as a trainee and he doesn’t want you to go through the same struggle as he did but he’s also all for you being confident in yourself so he’d make sure you weren’t losing too much weight but also making progress.

“Stay healthy for me, ok?

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Hoseok: Wouldn’t monitor over you as much as Jin would but but all this sunshine wants is for you to be happy with yourself. He might ask you if you want to dance with him (even if you can’t dance) as a way for you to get exercise, plus you’d drink lots of water if you did it which is crucial while trying to lose weight.

“I made a choreo to your favourite song and I wanna teach you it!! C’mon, it’ll be fun!!” soft

Originally posted by jhope-shi

Namjoon: For the most part, he also wouldn’t be too strict on everything just like Hoseok, but he’d try and help you with a dieting plan by looking into the nutritional values of everything, he’d try making you nutritious stuff but lets be honest he’d probably accidentally drop it all on the floor because this is Kim Namjoon we’re talking about here.

“Hey jagiya I made you something that’ll be really good for you!!” *sound of shattering glass* “……nevermind!!!!”

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

Jimin: His body confidence issues are something that are talked about a lot and everyone knows how Jimin lost weight predebut :-( so he’d be really cautious at first and make sure you were eating properly and lowkey would never leave you alone so he knew you weren’t doing anything in a way to try to lose weight that is actually just bad for your health.

“I’m fine with it as long as you promise that you don’t follow in my footsteps by trying to lose weight the way I did.”

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Taehyung: Would find it suckish that you probably wouldn’t be eating as much as you were prior to your weightloss journey because I feel like Tae is the type of the person who just loves laying in bed while stuffing his face with some takeout with his s/o on a Saturday night, however he’d support you all the way and let you know how proud of you he is.

“I’m so happy you’re doing this to improve your self confidence but I’m so lonely when I order takeout!! More for me I guess”

Originally posted by bwisou

Jungkook: Would be confused as to why you wanted to lose weight at first, when he realized it was because you wanted to be at a weight that made you more comfortable he didn’t have much of a reaction, he was just glad that you weren’t developing some type of disorder and would always buy you healthy food.

“I don’t care how much you weigh but if this makes you happier, I’m here to support you.”

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BTS Reaction: You post a video/photo of your skills

u post a video or photo on instagram showing off a skill that is similar to his.

gifs are not mine & I know i’m bad at this so don’t expect much.


‘‘I didn’t even know you could rap like that! Why didn’t you tell me.’‘

He was shocked when he saw the video of you rapping along with one of your favourite songs. He replayed the video a few times while trying to show you even though you’re the one who made the video. ‘’No no wait come look.’’ You always rapped along with that song but apparently this is the first time he actually noticed. Maybe because he’s usually rapped along with you.

He’ll look at you with full interest when he hears you rapping. A small smile forming on his face knowing that you’re all his.

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SVT Radio #15 - Jun's Favorite Choreo
  • Jun: In the beginning when we were all lying on the floor, the part where it's like a blooming flower, I really like it a lot.
  • Hoshi: Yes, I've seen a dance like that before, and I thought incorporating something like that seems nice, so I tried doing it while lying down with the rest of Performance Unit.
  • The8: That's right.
  • Dino: It turned out well.
  • Jun: When you're the one at the very bottom, it gets very tiresome when you practice.
  • Hoshi: Because Junnie's the one at the very bottom.
  • Dino: Yes.
Long Distance with Hoseok

And now it is time for the third member of the hyung line, half of Vhope, our angel, our hope who’s looking super cute in Hawaii, as always, he always looks really cute I wanna know how they all manage to look A+ with or without makeup, whether they’ve got bed head or had their hair styled, they’re always really nicE, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys
  • So the link for this post is dance teacher!Hobi (here) which is the prequel to CEO!hobi (here) I’m still in the process of editing all the links on the blog so I’ll get all of those intertwined posts linked up soon but you could also use youtuber!hobi (here) bc in that post, he’s a choreographer at One Million Dance Studio so either one would work
  • So hobi works his way up to being a really well known choreographer, he even choreographs for some popular artists and he works really really hard to get to where he is bc hobi is such a hard worker
  • The more popular he gets, the more people want to collab of course and people want him to perform or judge dance competitions
  • He’s so friendly and outgoing AND he’s really talented so a lot of people wanna work with him and it starts branching out from artists in Seoul to artists in Japan to artists in the US and Europe and all over the place
  • So pretty soon he’s jetting all around the world which is something super new to him bc he’s gone from being a TA and working the graveyard shift at a local store to be able to pay rent to being flown around the world
  • He teaches classes all over the world, he helps artists with their choreo, he does a lot with dancing and it makes him so so happy
  • The hardest part is that you don’t come with him
  • You have your own career/studies and you can’t really be flying to a new country and spending a couple weeks there then going back home and doing it all over again in a few more months
  • Saying goodbye is s o hard on both of you bc hobi is a really loving, doting person and I feel like when he’s in a relationship, he gives it his all
  • The two of you are so used to being around each other, you’re used to waking up to hobi’s beautiful smile, he’s used to waking up to you in his arms or him in yours
  • You’re used to movie nights every two weeks, to casual dates, to small ways he shows you how much he loves you, like packing a lunch for you or leaving lil sticky notes around the apartment
  • He always gives really amazing hugs, they’re always so warm and cozy and he holds you really close but goodbye hugs last s o long and they’re always accompanied by him kissing your head, your forehead, your nose, cheeks, anything and everything he can without having to pull away from the hug
  • He makes sure you’re gonna be good to go before he leave, you have all of the emergency numbers, his parents, his sister, the boys, everyone you could possibly need bc you are gonna be in two different time zones so he won’t always be able to answer the call
  • Speaking of calls, he calls you every single day while he’s gone
  • It doesn’t matter if he’s leaving for two weeks or if it’s a week or if it’s a month, he’s calling you everyday
  • He likes to leave the phone on speaker while he figures out what he wants for dinner or having you on Facetime while he shops so you can give your opinions
  • Even if you can’t Facetime, he’s still gonna text you pictures of the outfits bc he wants you to think your boyfriend is looking cute too even though we all know he could wear a garbage bag and look adorable and cuddly
  • He rarely travels alone so he always has Jimin and/or Jungkook with him, sometimes Yoongi, sometimes Tae but he’s never alone so they’re always there to tease him about missing you
  • “‘I just wanna hold my bbY IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK’“
  • “Well it’s true, I get cold at night”
  • “I’ll cuddle you bro, don’t worry about it” 
  • But they’re also there to comfort him for you bc hobi is a sensitive lil bub and they’ve said that when he’s mad/upset/sad it’s easy to tell and he doesn’t like being away from you so often so they’re always there to give him hugs or tell him jokes or just keep him happy bc hobi deserves all the happiness he’s so pure and giving
  • He sends plenty of selfies but he also sends clips of his day, getting ice cream with Jikook, walking along the beach, his view from his hotel room
  • Okay so there’s this one Twitter video (I think?? either twitter or fancafe) where hobi is just sitting there and he pans the camera over to him and makes this adorable pouty face and he looks so cute close up, he sends those types of clips all the time
  • He sends clips of dogs he meets along the way, a solid two minutes of nothing but him cooing at them behind the camera
  • The boys also sends clips of him to you and they’re always goofing around with him and it makes you so happy seeing him so happy bc he has that contagious laugh and his smile is so big and bright and he’s just a ray of sunshine
  • Tells you he misses you about 80 times a day bc he just wants to hug you and squeeze you and kiss your cheek lots and he can’t wait until he can home and do all of the above
  • The entire night before he’s flying back, he’s so happy and excited and he’s basically bouncing in place whenever he has to stay still bc he’s so ready to hug you again
  • He always spins you around when he hugs you in the airport and he buries his lil nose into your hair and he lets out this really happy sigh bc “I’m home”
  • “Did you miss me? I missed you”
  • “Maybe next time, I can come”
  • “No no, I’ll take you out on a real vacation, somewhere I don’t have to work, you don’t have to work, where we can just relax”
  • “That sounds amazing”
[INFO] K.A.R.D Interview with Genie Music

Q: Do you recall any difficulties or fun episodes when you were preparing for “Don’t Recall”?

BM: The choreo was really hard to learn and also preparing the hidden track this album was difficult. 
J.Seph: One of my outfits for the shoot was all red, red shirt, red pants, red socks and red shoes. The kids were making fun of me, calling me a ddeokbukki…(laughs) 
Somin: The harmony part was too high for this song so I remember we laughed a lot during the recording saying it is like Archaeopteryx. 
Jiwoo: My first attempt at following the demo just to get the feel of the song was chosen to put in the final production haha

Q: Do you have any moments in your life that you don’t want to recall?

BM: I don’t. Because of all the moments of my life, I am able to sit here!
J.Seph: In middle school, I was the athletic leader of my school~~During a ceremony, I thought I would be called as a representative but I didn’t realize they were calling a different name and was standing on stage waiting. Haha.
Somin: It was just a while ago. I approached a person who was talking on a phone thinking it was my friend but it wasn’t…It was really embarrassingㅠㅠ
Jiwoo: Um…since it is something I don’t want to recall, I don’t want to talk about it hahaha Don’t recall~

Q: Many fans want to see you on music shows. What’s your promotion plan for this release?

BM: We’ll drop another single after this and then maybe able to come out with an album.
J.Seph: We’ll perform at many offline concerts~~and fans will be able to see us on YouTube a lot! We’ll have to wait a bit for music show appearances.
Somin: Like “Oh NaNa”, we’ll do lots of radio, and offline concerts for this promotion again.
Jiwoo: We are concentrating on learning and preparing by performing on small stages until the end of our 3rd single.

translation via kardofficial_


“And in the middle of the chaos, there was you.”

“Okay, so we have practice tonight. Wednesday we have interviews in the morning, practice in the afternoon. Rehearsal for the opening number and blocking as well. Then we have package interviews. A costume meeting. And then basically that repeats for the rest of the week.” Jenna said going over their schedule together with Kiki.

“Oh my god, I’m exhausted already.” He said flopping back onto the hardwood of the dance floor, draping his arm over his face.

“We were exhausted to begin with. I swear when it hits this point, it’s just adrenaline and delirium at this point. Like I don’t even know how I look like a human in some of the stuff they show of us. And I have DWTS this week too.”

“Noted. You do like pretty un-human right now.” He said letting his arm cover the smirk on his face.

“HEY!” She said swatting him hard. He laughed and pretended to be wounded.

“I’m hurt! I don’t think I can dance.” He said rolling and holding his arm to his body.

“You better be able to! We’ve got lots of work to do.” Mandy’s voice filled the room.

“Oh my god, we got you!” Jenna shrieked in happiness.

“Yes you did love. However mister hurt on the floor there needs to get his stuff together or else, we’re in lots of trouble.”

“Kiki, up! Wait, that means we have…contemporary?” Jenna said with more excitement.

“Yup~ Mandy said with a twinkle in her eye. Jenna had worked with her frequently in the past and just loved Mandy’s style and interpretation. No matter the ending of the finale she was thrilled Kiki would go out dancing to one of her pieces. He’d dance to other choreographers but Mandy was special specifically to Jenna’s heart so her ending this part of their journey was special to her.

“Ahhh! Kiki!” Jenna said jumping on him and hugging him in excitement. Kiki and Mandy laughed at her excitement.

“Alright you two, let’s start.” Mandy said after they talked for a little bit more about the song and concept. It ended up being a beautiful piece as always and Jenna & Kiki couldn’t have been more excited.

The following days were jam packed with interviews, rehearsals, and meetings. And that was just for SYTYCD. On top of that Jenna was also starting in the troupe this week for DWTS. She’d only be on Tuesday night’s show but at that point, it was almost more than she could handle. She wrapped her camera blocking with Kiki and headed over to the DWTS soundstage. She thanked her lucky stars that the two shows were side by side. It at least made this part easier. As she headed onto the lot, she felt exhaustion hit her like a ton of bricks.

“Hey Jen, you okay?” Peta’s voice echoed from across the lot.

“Yeah, just tired. I’m okay. It just set in. I’m sure you know the feeling.” Jenna said.

“I do but I have Shai here, wanna see him for a few minutes? I just left stage, they were working on a couple of the bumpers. I didn’t see your name on the list for at least 5 more. Val has your choreo for the opening. It’s only about 10 8 counts. Super simple.” Peta said.

“Ohh, yes, Shai Shai time before I go into that mess.” Jenna said with a grin as Peta led her to her trailer. Shai shrieked in excitement when he saw the two making Cherryl laugh. She passed the baby over to Peta before giving them some space. She was such a great nanny and worked perfectly for the family. Jenna spent the next 15 minutes unwinding from the SYTYCD experience and enjoying her Shai time before she headed into the chaos round two.

Once she was in she was immediately swept into learning her bumpers and other things she’d need. She got her blocking schedule and her show schedule. She was going to be in 3 bumpers as well as the opening. She was working with Haley & Arturo when she realized that she had to have been there for at least 2 hours and hadn’t seen her boyfriend yet. They wrapped up at least teaching Jenna the bumpers however there was still fine tuning to deal with yet.

“Let’s take a break. This one looks like she’s going to drop.” Haley said looking at Jenna’s face. She grinned weakly.

“Sorry guys, I’ll have it together next week.” She said as they waved her off. She found a corner to sit in and let herself breath for a minute. She thought about all the things that had been going on lately and just felt so overwhelmed. She continued to sit there with her eyes closed letting herself be immersed in the chaos of camera blocking as well as the chaos of her current life.

“Hey you. I’ve been looking for you.” Jenna had sensed him right before she heard him. He sunk down next to her and she immediately tucked into his body.

“I’ve been here for almost three hours.” She murmured.

“Girl, did you take a break?”

“I saw Shai & P for a bit and then just now.”

“Babe. You’re gonna drop.” He said pressing a kiss to her head.

“You have to teach me the opening.” She said back to him.

“You need to rest.” He said as he went to move. He intended on scooping her up and taking her to his trailer for a bit.

“No, we have opening number in 20. I don’t know the moves and I need to.” She groaned.

“I can teach you in 10 minutes. It’s simple and you’re with me. You need to rest.” He said again.

“Fine, only because I don’t have the energy to argue with you but I’m fine right here.”

“You need some quiet.” He argued.

“You’re all the quiet I need. Just stay here with me please?” She whispered. She realized just how chaotic everything had been lately but the moment he was around her, things seemed to calm. The settled and it was less crazy which was exactly what she needed.

“Always sweetheart.” He said relenting. He shifted and tucked her into him better as he felt her relax. His hand rubbed her back gently, softly massaging the muscles he knew typically bothered her the most.

“I love you.” She murmured as she pressed further into him. Her arm slipped under his flannel button up as she felt herself start to doze.

“I love you too.” He smiled as he felt her begin to drift off. He knew the rest she got wouldn’t be significant but it would help some and that’s all that mattered.

***Whoop! I actually kinda think I like this. Don’t judge me if that’s not really how the Mandy/Kiki/Jenna deal went down, I kinda stopped watching at the end of the season. I was only invested in Jenna and life was too hectic to keep up. Hope you guys liked this! Don’t forget to like it up and let me know what you thought! Love you alllll. Muwah!


Like after today’s PD101 rankings were released (Kim Jonghyun is the king of this week😄) , I feel somewhat irritated towards the current top 11. And like its mostly towards 1 contestant, Joo Hakyneon.

Like I don’t seem to concieve what is so great about him (seems like a pretty average joe), in the practices for their team he was always getting it wrong and wasn’t dedicated to practicing harder. And before you guys start bitching over how he was blah blah, dude was complaining about his rank dropping when he’s been in the top 11 this entire time.

He was saying that the reason why he was worried was because of his always in top 11 ranking supposedly dropping to someone who actually needed to rise in ranks, he complained to Eunki about him getting few parts -well I don’t know Haknyeon, maybe you didn’t get lots of parts because you weren’t doing your own parts with dedication and he says this when the choreo was already done- and the fact that he wasn’t center. Just because you’re handsome or high ranking doesn’t make you the center, the fact that how you capture the audience makes you a center.

And I’ve seen people comment on how they would like to replace Guanlin with Jinyoung or Samuel or pretty much a visual or a dancer. Granted, Guanlin might not be ready yet but he can improve like everyone. Guys, I don’t know about you but like the main reason I.O.I had such good songs was because they had 2 amazing main vocals and 2 lead vocals. But the current ranking gives us only 1 main vocal (Jaehwan) and 2 lead vocals (Dongho and Minhyun) and you guys want to put in more dancers and visuals instead of people whose voices potentially go well with Jaehwan’s such as Gunhee, Yongguk, Sewoon and Woodam.

A group needs to be well balanced and up till now, the current ranking shows itself to be quite disproportioned when it comes to the categories. It has more dancers than rappers and singers when in an idol group you need a so so proportioned balance of these 3 categories and people are only choosing because they’re handsome or they’re great dancers.

i am obnoxiously only posting about dancerpalooza rn but here’s my recap of the day and maybe i’ll be done
-brian friedmans class was the most challenging thing i’ve ever done in my life
-i almost cried during irenas ballet because there weren’t a lot of us so i knew she could see me and i don’t have great technique
-ANDREW WINGHART IS GOD and so funny and his choreo is like feel good choreo even though it’s intense it’s so fun and i danced so hard i puked but that’s ok and he took selfies on my phone
-will loftis choreo is so fun!!! i haven’t paid much attention to him but it’s more feel good choreo and he gets everyone really hyped
-oh and (best part) they give u cheez it’s when u check in
i am excited for day 2

New Encounters: Part 1

ahhh I really hope you guys like this so far! I’m still debating where to go in the story, so I hope it’s making sense so far lmao

Idol: Byun Baekhyun (Exo)

Genre: Fluff (soon coming: angst and smut)

Word Count: 1,730

Parts: Prologue , Part Two

Originally posted by blondejongin

“Lost by BTS. You guys have heard it right? The beat is nice and gives us a lot of opportunity to mess around with choreo. What do you guys think?” You said, watching the eyes of those around you. Sitting at the dance studio, you wrote down a list of songs to cover, only a few actually not being crossed out. You have easily spent the past hour simply trying to pick a song.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! could you do a scenario with Ten where you got into a fight and you got so mad that you didn't eat for like a day and fainted infront of him...Thank you!

Hi there! Sorry for the wait & hope you like the scenario. It’s a bit angsty, I hope that’s alright haha. 

Listen: x


“Well, it’s not my fault! It’s part of my line of work. You should know better than anyone else Ten.”

Ten licked his lips and readjusted the cap he was wearing. You could tell that he was still upset but there wasn’t much more you could do to convince him.

“It’s because I’m in the same line of work that I know the way your other dance partner looks at you is different. I mean, you and Yunho don’t dance like that with each other even though you’re close.”

Yunho was your dance partner in SM for Ten’s new choreography. Ten would be competing on the show ‘Hit the Stage’ and you were on his dance crew. You were a freelance dancer and were often contracted at different entertainment companies for certain dance choreographies. Ten and you had met when he was still a trainee when you taught the rookies a specific dance choreography. The two of you got along well and started meeting outside of lessons before you eventually started dating. Although you were together for over a year, it was difficult to meet up often and many times you saw each other over the TV screen unless you were participating in one of the choreographies for SM.

Currently, Ten and you were fighting because of your recent back dancer position for another company. Because the song had a seductive vibe, naturally the choreography for the back dancers would be more suggestive and provocative as well. He felt really uncomfortable with the fact that your partner, Jiseob, and you were overly close and touchy. However, there was nothing you could do except assure Ten that there was nothing between Jiseob and you.

“Ten! Obviously it depends on the type of dance. Yours is hip hop so Yunho and I hardly even have any physical contact. On the other hand Jiseob and I have a lot and it’s part of the choreo. It doesn’t mean anything though, just like if you were dancing a more suggestive choreo with another dancer, I wouldn’t see a problem either.”

You tried to remain calm, but truthfully you didn’t understand why you were having this conversation with him.

Ten stood up to face you, anger evident on his face.

“So you’re saying that you wouldn’t care if I was dancing provocatively with a back dancer? I guess I misunderstood something… I’m the only one who put you first…I’m nothing to you.”

He grabbed his sweater and headed towards the door.

Tears started to fall from your eyes as you walked over to Ten angrily giving him a shove, preventing him from leaving.  

“How could you doubt me like that? Do I seem like a cheap back dancer to you? If anyone is walking out on this relationship right now it should be me…my genuine feelings for you don’t deserve to be trampled on like this.”

By now, your face was heated but you didn’t care. You didn’t care if Ten showed his jealousy but you hated it when someone, especially your boyfriend doubts you. You turned to leave and shut the door loudly without turning back.

You wiped your angry tears and walked to the end of the hallway, trying to control your emotions before entering the practice room. You had used your lunch break to have that stupid conversation with Ten and now it was time for practice again.

You walked over to the monitor and began playing the familiar upbeat song immediately as you made your way to the centre of the room and began practicing. The other back dancers could sense that your mood was bad but didn’t say anything. They had their own theories about the relationship between you and Ten but nothing was confirmed so they kept quiet.

After dancing for two hours it was time for the next break. Yunho walked over to ask if you wanted to grab some food but you shook your head and didn’t stop dancing. He wanted to convince you to grab some food but he knew that you had a stubborn personality and proceeded to leave the practice room for the short break.

Half an hour passed and the back dancers entered the room to prepare for the next practice. You were stretching at the side when you realized that Ten would be joining in for this one. You grumbled as he entered the room. You focused on stretching and didn’t look up at him but felt him glance at you as the others greeted him.

At this time, Yunho came over to you with a sandwich.

“At least eat this first, I don’t think I saw you eat all day.”

You knew Yunho was right but practice was starting and you didn’t want to look weak in front of Ten although you really did feel a little faint from not eating all day. You took a sip of water and smiled at Yunho.

“Thanks, I’ll have it after.”

You got up and headed to your position where the other back dancers had already took their places.

Ten headed to the centre of the practice room as he started to warm up.

You could feel him glance at you every now and then but you weren’t planning on making up with him that easily.

A couple minutes later, practice started.

At first everything was fine, although not your best, you danced well. But with so many people in the room you could feel the room getting stuffy and you felt light-headed.

It wasn’t long before you could feel your body slow down and your eyesight go blurry before you fainted onto the floor.

You were half-conscious as you heard voices and shouts as you fell and a group of back dancers made a circle around you. Although your vision was blurry, you saw his familiar face rush over and bend down next to you as the back dancers retreated.

You felt his warm arms wrap around you as he lifted you up off the floor, gasps escaping from the rest of the dance crew.

You glanced up at his sharp jaw line as you saw him stare at you with furrowed brows.

He proceeded to carry you out of the dance room, careful not to bump into anything as he glanced down at you with a worried expression every few seconds, mumbling the following phrase over and over again.

“I promise to never doubt you again…from now on I’ll only take better care of you.”

gif cr: neotechs

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what do You think sets j hope's dancing apart from the others? i can't seem to see a big difference..

YOOO what a great question!! i answered something similar here, but i’ve always wanted to break down other parts of his style that aren’t necessarily technique based (as i’m Not based in street or hip hop lol)

  1. his use of hands. this is a really small thing that non dancers don’t often notice (and depending on what u study, some dancers don’t pay attention to it either lmao), but they’re very fluid and it makes choreo look better.

    and y’all know that i h a t e comparing members, but a prime example is if u look at jin, his hands are generally pretty stiff and it shows, even if people don’t realize why

  2. footwork. he’s able to add steps that aren’t in the choreo to up the difficulty, and i admire that a lot. HOWEVER, being said, i will point out that in spring day, the move @ the chorus that everyone’s on about (the arm moving down in front of the torso with the legs goin in and out) he’s consistently been losing his standing side bc he doesn’t pull it around to keep square fpasfd

  3. his diversity/adaptability. to be able to pull of a slower dance w someone who’s classically trained like jimin AND manage to stand out technique-wise, is very impressive. i know he’s originally a street dancer, but there are some parts where he’s strongest in the choreo during spring day and i ……………….. rip me

  4. FLEXIBILITY ?????????????? his back is really fucking bendy. like really, really bendy. i’m a ballet dancer from the world of rhythmic gymnastics and i’m telling u his back is so fucnk flexible it makes no sense ?? he doesn’t train for it (as much as i know) so im always like “????????”

    for example, when he rolls up from the floor in the spring day choreo, it showcases not only 1) back strength but 2) core strength bc he’s the only one who maintains his upper body long enough that his head is the last thing to leave the floor

    also yes his legs seem to defy the laws of physics i must get around to figuring out how he managed to get his one behind his head during BME

  5. lots n lots of turnout . it doesn’t seem that way bc his hamstrings aren’t loose like jimin’s (boy can do the splits ok fam), but bc of his hips he can sit all the way down in pigeon etc -__________-  if only…….he’d……………………..polish it up…….w some ballet………………….

  6. growth.

    sure, u can be born talented, with the right body, the right feet, the right flexibility, the charisma and stage presence, but you’re never going to get ahead if you don’t push urself. hoseok is talented as fuck, don’t get me wrong, but he’s always learning from others & trying new things & never bullshitting himself with “oh i’m good enough, i’ll just stop learning” just bc he can do things others can’t.

    pushing onself past limits and comfort zones for continual improvement is what sets a good dancer & a great dancer apart,,, stagnant dancers are not always lazy dancers, but lazy dancers are always stagnant dancers 😬😬

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honestly i love love love your analysis type of posts so much, the way you describe each member just feels so on point (esp your desc of jihoon). could you please talk more about your view on soonyoung and the way he interacts with other members? i feel that he kind of balances out many of the members

Have you considered sainthood as a viable future career, anon? You have the patience for it. This ask has been sitting unanswered in my inbox for… two weeks? But I live once more, and I rise to talk about Hosh.

First, let me say a few things about performance unit. Anyone who even glances through my blog can tell you what a fan of performance unit I am. Just the combination of my China line preciouslings, my little giant maknae child, and my soul-twin makes the personality department a home run. But I guess, before, I never really understood why there was a performance unit. It’s not like they need dancing aces. None of them are particularly bad at dancing. So why have an entire unit just for performing? 

But now, thinking on it, I feel like Performance unit is really underrated. They’re not the charismatic rappers, and they aren’t the amazing talent of the vocal team. Most of them aren’t even really the livelihood of the group, with Seungkwan and DK having such vibrant personalities. It’s easy to overlook them. But I think performance serves such a big part of the group, especially doing just that. Performing. If you look at it, you have someone in the group who grew up in a background of performing in Minghao, you have someone who spent their entire life acting and studying the use of expressions and control of attention in Jun, you have someone who has the crazy passion and works hard in Dino, and you have the raw talent for choreography and creativity in Hoshi. What other unit could you place them in? Watching the stages, even, Performance unit contributes so much to the atmosphere without ever having to have a part singing or coming to the front. Dino adds an energy to the stage, Jun adds almost an intensity, Minghao may seem lost and innocent but he really knows a lot about keeping audience’s attention, and then Hoshi is out front doing the actual control of the performance. And the fact that they do all this with Jun, Minghao and Dino hardly ever even being out in front is amazing.

But, anyway, taking him as an individual, Hoshi is extremely important. In my mind, almost all of what Hoshi is to the group can be summed up in a single word: Sacrifice.

I know it seems like a strange choice of word at first, because he’s such a creative and charismatic person. But Hoshi has sacrificed quite a fair bit for the group. For instance, you can really tell Hoshi has a passion for singing. In a lot of predebut, you see him singing and absolutely grinning ear to ear. But he had to sacrifice that by becoming leader of the performance unit. Not that I think he in any way dislikes choreographing or being seen as the leader of performance unit, but the majority of line splitting will of course be given to the vocal team. That’s what they’re there for, right? Because of his title as “Performance Leader”, he’s less and less likely to be seen as a singer, and that’s something he has a lot of interest and passion in.

Another thing I think he sacrifices a lot of is his time. And this seems obvious, but it’s so much more than what is expected. He sacrifices his time to make the dances, always carrying around his sketchbook for ideas. He sacrifices his time to teach the dances, over and over, and then individually help anyone who isn’t doing well. Among thirteen people with choreo that has everyone doing a different thing to work together in harmony… That’s a lot of time spent. He also then has to show the company and if they don’t like parts of it, he rearranges it and teaches THAT. Plus rearranging dances that already exist. Look at the way he did Bang!. It’s hard to create a new dance. It’s even harder to have to recreate something that’s new enough to be interesting but enough like the old to be recognized.

He also sacrifices time in this, what stands out to me most about Hoshi. He sacrifices time in his caring for others. When you think about it, Hosh is the leader of a group of what could be viewed the most likely to be outcasts in the group. Minghao, who hasn’t been a part of the group for very long, Jun, who is shy and reserved sometimes, and Dino, the maknae who seems to have strange ideas and is slightly 4D. Even his best friend DK is a bit of an outcast too because of his awkward nature. But Hoshi is the type of person who won’t accept that and will try his hardest to include them and make them comfortable. What does that do for him? Nothing. It doesn’t benefit him at all to have to make sure the ones with less Korean are tracking along. It doesn’t benefit him at all to have to listen to Dino explain the weird new idea he has about wearing some weird outfit to have a bigger stage presence. It doesn’t benefit him at all to befriend the one who used to make everyone else slightly uncomfortable. He just does it. He sees DK unsure how to interact well and uses his influence as an easily liked person to take DK in and joke around with him. He sees Dino’s weird ideas as potential and helps him refine and hone that. He sees Minghao and Jun’s experience and wants to use that to it’s full potential, and wants to be the best leader he can, even if it means having to find different ways to explain things to them.

Tl;dr, basically, as a person, Hoshi is amazing. I think he does so much for the atmosphere and the members, and even if some people don’t realize at first, he really gives up a lot for Seventeen. Please appreciate my soul-twin and his amazing creativity and wit.


-Why is Wrong Number my favorite Korean ‘pop’ dance song? there are some DB5K songs I don’t consider Korean 'pop’ dance songs

First off the choreography. It’s really only moderately difficult compared to some other songs but there is a lot of attention to the detail flow of the movements that take place in this dance.

The slower speed of the song allows everyone to dance it in their own style and allows the camera to get a good look at DB5Ks amazing performance expressions that a lot of other bands lack.

This song is a very good example of how DB5K make it look easy to keep the choreo and the vocals very smooth and stable while adding their own twists to their vocals during live performances that show their control and professionalism over their whole performance.  

Another reason I love this song is because the difficulty standards of the vocals. 

Compared to Mirotic in Wrong Number the vocals are more difficult for other artists to cover.  Mirotic has Changmins difficult scream and parts that are sort of like solo free-style but they are all separate and so one person (a groups best singer) can take on all the difficult parts when they do a cover.  all Kpop bands should have at least one good singer that can do it not as good as DB5K can but with Wrong Number you can see that all the DB5K boys can sing their individual parts with the correct attitude and infliction but also all five of them have more difficult singing parts that mediocre singers could not handle:

Changmin has 1:45, 3:05

Yunho and Junsu have 1:56

Changmin Junsu and Jaejoong simultaneously scream at 2:45 (meaning even if another group wanted to sing this song they should have at least 3 people who can sing high notes well and not just 1 good singer)

Yoochun also has a good part around 3:01 and during the end but he does it all while dancing.

and to duplicate DB5Ks version of the song there must be at least 2 rappers in the group.

So what i’m saying is to cover this song with only 5 people in your group would be very difficult for other boybands to handle.  The vocal load and the dancing combined is difficult.  Even if you’re just singing it and not dancing it a lot of groups don’t have the capabilities while DB5K make it look so easy to perform.

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Hello! I have been an avid shipper of ChanBaek since time immemorial, but disengaged when the BaekYeon scandal came because it literally broke my shipper heart. I just came back recently because of the hugging video from their concert in Manila, and since then, my shipper heart is again aflame! I just came across your page and I share most of your sentiments and I just love your analyses about them and their relationship. My question is in the next part (1/3).

SMent and BaekYeol

Hello there darling~ <3 Before moving on to answer your question, I’ll first paste your entire question here so that I can answer you in just one post :)

Anon’s Question:

My first ship ever in kpop was EunHae (EunHyuk/DongHae) and I swear I was very convinced there was something happening. Then It died because of how it was managed - how SM capitalized on the popularity of the couple that it became a sub-group/duo and it lost its magic because you’re just convinced that what they are doing is purely fanservice: to feed the fangirls/boys. What I want to ask if you share any of the same sentiment I have of them?

There are some things that are now becoming more and more programmed like parts of their choreo where they are paired to do something, their shirts in CMB, etc. I feel that, aside from what shippers see beneath their performances and consider as authentic, some things/actions just seem to be part of a plan to make them into becoming more marketable and I am very afraid of that. I would very much like to believe that there is something between them.

But a part of me would like to remain skeptic about the whole thing. Maybe I would just like to find some reassurance from someone who analyzes ChanBaek and would still like to believe, but this niggling part of me thinks that sooner or later, SM’s mismanagement would be the very thing that’ll squander the precious thing they have; kind of reminiscent of DBSK’s YoounJae and SJ’s EunHae. I’m so sorry this was super long. I hope the best for all of us ChanBaek believers. Love the blog.

Side note from me: you can just submit long questions so you don’t have to separate them. You can even add links/photos/vids etc. ;)))

My Answer (is you. nvm that was lame):

I honestly love you. Like, you’re one of those ppl who think like me. Come here bae, hug me, hold me tight! I can relate to the part where u kind of cooled down when BaekYeon came out, I kind of did the same after all. And basically, I share the same opinions as you do.

Seriously, these are things that I have noticed but chose not to talk about because I didn’t find the need to. It’s a nagging thought at the back of my mind that I intentionally chose to ignore because I haven’t seen enough “staged moments”. But I have seen some moments.

Reminder: I AM IN NO WAY SAYING THAT BAEKYEOL IS SCRIPTED. They’re obviously very close friends in real life (Bh and Cy said so themselves) and they show lots of interactions backstage. I ship these two hardcore (romantically). I’m just saying that these are the moments that I thought, SM chose to use BaekYeol’s popularity. The times when SMent influenced Bh and Cy into doing this or that.

These are the moments that I think SM is involved in:

They’ve done the high five more than once I just couldn’t find the other photos. I think SM actually told BaekYeol to interact a certain way on stage tbh. And although I did fangirl over these moments (quite a lot, especially on the rose giving one) after awhile, I realized how it seems…idk kind of like it’s a part of the program or choreography (if we could call that choreo).

I’m not sure but I think it is. Bc they did the high five repeatedly and I’m already convinced that it’s become a part of their choreography. Now the only question is whether SM told BaekYeol to do that, or if Bh and Cy were the ones who decided to do the high five themselves.

It seems like the giving of the rose is part of the choreo as well tbh. Bc Bh and Cy did this whole “pop pop” thing with their chests afterwards. And plus, if it wasn’t scripted, Bh would’ve been more surprised. I’m not saying all of BaekYeol’s interactions on stage are scripted though, majority of it is not scripted.

^I personally do not think that these are scripted, this is just BaekYeol being BaekYeol on stage <3

Next on the “SM is def involved in this”:

The guestings. Ah yes. Obviously, SM was involved here.

I think Bh and Cy’s interactions during the actual show is no longer influenced by SM. The management probably told them to do what they want to bc they are labeled as EXO’s variety-dols.

Meaning, the moments in the actual show was initiated by Bh and Cy. But the point here is SM chose Bh and Cy to guest in said shows instead of the other members.

The question is, did SM pick Bh and Cy simply bc they’re the variety-dols, or did SM pick Bh and Cy bc they know that they’re gonna gain more audience bc they’re a highly shipped pairing?

I think it’s the latter bc SM is knows a lot when it comes to shipping (perfect example is EunHae).

I believe that SMent knows about the BaekYeol shipdom and how it’s very well shipped (just like KaiSoo, but they damaged that ship so bad). And I’m pretty sure that they won’t pass up the opportunity to use it to their advantage.

They have done it already tbh. Why do you think SM chose Bh and Cy to do MCing together on music/music awarding shows, guest in variety shows together, let them do vapp together, etc so much? Most probably bc they saw that they can gain more audience/viewers by doing so.

That’s probably it…for now. We don’t know what SM’s plans are. If they do decide to use BaekYeol like the way they used EunHae, then we can’t stop it. But I hope they don’t do that. Because:

Not only will they make BaekYeol less believable, I honestly believe that it will affect Bh and Cy’s relationship. Whether their relationship is platonic or romantic, it will affect them. Bc if you’re forced to act in a romantic way towards a friend (in public) for the sake of business but not to make it personal, then won’t that naturally change your relationship?

It can either make you guys closer, or awkward af. If Bh and Cy are dating then they’re gonna have to be much more careful. The media’s eyes are gonna be on them a hella lot, more shippers will be added to the shipdom, and the more observers, the more risk of getting caught.

They have to pretend that everything they’re doing is nothing but fanservice. They need to go far in terms of intimacy, but not too far.

Now if Bh and Cy are just friends? Oh well, I’m guessing they’re gonna be a bit awkward backstage. Unless, they’re completely cool about everything and decides to not think too much abt it.

But in the end, I just want SMent to let BaekYeol sail naturally. They don’t need to meddle, just let Bh and Cy live in peace plssss. (as peaceful as an idol’s life can get haha).

Thank you so much for sending a message darling~ I reaaaally liked it <3 <3 <3 I actually like reading long questions bc I want to know what you sweethearts think abt BaekYeol, let’s all share our opinions w/ each other :))) I hope you were satisfied with my answer and don’t hesitate to message me again if you have more things you want to discuss about :DD Have a good day! ^^

fan account - trb in usa!

HELLO DEAREST CUTIES! this is carboxyls and nikkumeul’s joint fanaccount for trb. now that their america leg of the tour has ended, we can tell you all about it!!! wooohoo! o(≧∇≦o) itll be marked off by person (but you guys can probably tell by now anyways) so you can skip down to carboxyls if you want. (~‾⌣‾)~ theyll overlap obviously because we went to the same concert. without further ado:

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I was thinking about how Rocky choreographed Morning Call and Fireworks which got me thinking he probably choreoed other things. 

Here’s a self choreo for the winter fantagio audiotions. (rocky left, moonbin right) That’s one of Rocky’s classic moves. 

Here’s the dance ASTRO did for SHINee’s View. The dance had to be modified because ASTRO has to hold mics in one hand. It’s got that same move that Rocky and Moonbin do in the above audition.

Here’s the actual choreo SHINee does at that part. (doesn’t have the hand flick that Rocky does)

You can see that the move ASTRO does is a combination of the arm motion from Rocky’s choreo for the winter audtion and the leg motion in SHINee’s choreo. Basically I think Rocky has been doing choreo for a long time and everytime he watches a senior group dance he picks out the moves that he likes and incorporates them into his own style and is constantly learning and improving. 

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i saw a bunch of comments on instagram that basically said there are no upbeat concert songs and they where expecting el dorado part 2. exodus was great but it wasn't cohesive and every song seemed like a stand alone song whereas with ex'act you see the connection and it makes sense when you listen through. in other words everyone needs to grow up and ex'act is better

Yeah, I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews and comments about the album, and making notes for my own album review and I agree 100%.

Not to say that I don’t like exodus anymore because we all do….but that album was made for concerts. When I listen to exodus, I think about choreo, about what the stage would look like, all those elements (not to say that I don’t love them because that’s what makes an exo concert so fun, and I enjoy those things a LOT) 

And the LMR repackage and SFY teased to more of r&b, soul, and funk genre and I was hoping that exo would capitalize on those types of songs because they do them so WELL. Like sure, any kpop group can sing songs in that genre, but there’s just something about exo doing it that just GETS me

However, if I got an exodus part 2, I would have been bored and disappointed, (of course I still would have loved it bc it’s exo) because I’ve been wanting exo to put out an album like this since I first got into them because they always dip in r&b and pop and all those things, that’s what I love most. And sure, exodus had those things but it wasn’t….enough for me personally. Plus, change is GOOD, and this was the perfect one.

But ex’act??? This album reminds me so much of the music I grew up on, it’s so nostalgic to me and I’ve been discussing this with other people as well and we all feel the same. There’s just something about this album that’s just so personal. And I’m not thinking about what or how they’ll perform these songs at concerts because honestly? It’s nice to just LISTEN to an exo album for once, not everything has to be for a full blown performance, and it’s just so refreshing???? 

ALSO??? THEY WERE IN THEY FEELINGS THE WHOLE ALBUM LIKE???? Plus, everyone’s vocals….all of them…this is the best that they’ve ever sounded. 

Plus have y’all seen the producers who worked on this album? They really turned this shit out man, shoutout to them ✊🏾