i like this outfit yes

Dorian: Daggers, amatus? Either you are here because you suspect an assassination attempt, or you are the assassin yourself.

Varlen: Well that depends… are you happy to see me?

Dorian: An interesting question. Or perhaps a threat. Either way… yes. Maker, yes.

Because this mod gave me immense emotions about Dorian and Varlen eventually reuniting in Tevinter, and now I can finally play pretend… 


I’d like to have a word with the stylist–

bleach model au in which ichigo and rukia lose a bet to orihime and uryuu and the loser had to do a ‘’’’’’serious’’’’’ photoshoot in clothes of the winner’s choice…… thus leading to those gree cards

anonymous asked:

Anti in a1 please ^-^ and thank you so much if you do!!

he would rock every outfit to be honest
also im sorry but i had to put eyeliner on him, just for shits and giggles
but here ya go nonnie~



look at the children grow. some things change and others just stay the same

(if i didnt draw them it just means they haven’t really changed! :( i still love them!! chloe is an exception tho)


So ever since CH 22 of Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady by @tyranttortoise where when Edge’s choice for the Landlady’s costume for the Halloween party is a female devil one and the Landlady says Edge should wear it instead and the image of him wearing it just couldn’t leave me so here we are <:

I somehow wish this will actually be his costume because damn look at him he is rocking that outfit hella good, but know it won’t but hey I can dream right? xD


AU where Rad and Enid are Lord Boxman’s robots and Shannon and Darrell are siblings that work at Gars n stuff.

+ really bad screenshot redraw

finished commission for the lovely @crownandantler-! any day i get to spend animating russ is a good one, plus a bonus super-sweet insert? hell yes. <3

@instishoot he’s ready for his date with mary :^)

I bought some glittery gold eye-liner the other day on a whim and lemme tell you as a mature, sophisticated, intelligent 21 year old it’s a real fucking challenge to not slather that stuff all over my face like some kinda sparkly fairy princess gladiator for the first day of classes tomorrow

like…i should probably feel out the atmosphere of my classes for at least a week before i start being fucking weird