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interview | cole sprouse x reader

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written by: yours truly

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

anonymous said: I loved guest star!! 😍 I was wondering if you could make a fic about cole how youve been keeping your relationship for months now and fans are suspecting that youre dating because of all the bts and photos of you and his ig and in one interview that youre having together someone questions you guys about it. sorry if this was long 😂 i love your fics 😘❤

a/n: basically this is another guest star part but an interview!

“god i’m so nervous”. you mutter pulling on your fingers as you wait in the green room with your boyfriend cole and co-star kj. we were about to endure a joint interview and it was your first lot of press you’ve done for riverdale.

but it wasn’t that factor that made you nervous, it was that people were becoming more and more aware of your romantic relationship with cole.

you’d been able to keep it under wraps for the whole two years you’ve been dating but now that you were both sharing the small screen people had caught on.

so you had to control yourselves whenever you were out. refraining yourselves from snap chatting each other or posting photos all over your instagrams.

you had to be strictly platonic. you didn’t need any sort of bad press if you two were to break up. so for now you weren’t a couple, you were just a couple of besties.

or atleast that’s what you thought. you thought were pulling it off. but more and more accounts for your ‘ship name’ with cole had popped up on both twitter and instagram and not to mention the constant questions when meeting fans in the flesh.

especially when they caught you out mid-date. when you two had to coyly pretend that you were waiting on other friends to excuse the fact that you were out together without the rest of the cast.

and to be quite frank you were getting sick of all the pretending and running around. sometimes you just wanted kiss your boyfriend or hold his hand whilst you walked down the streets.

not that you really had the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll down the road, being famous disney stars and all.

“you’ll be fine”, cole whispers walking toward you making sure no one was staring at the two of you. he placed a soft hand on your shoulder, instantly filling you with comfort.

“just breathe okay? if they ask don’t say yes but don’t say no, yeah? that way we aren’t lying or avoiding the question” you nod smiling to the boy as a young women calls you over to the interview room.

the three of you file in, sitting down on a huge plush couch, each boy on either side of you as the interviewer sits in her own seperate lounge chair.

the interviewer starts her intro off strong turning toward the three of you. “kj apa as archie andrews, y/n l/n as c/n c/l/n and cole sprouse as jughead jones on the cw’s riverdale!”

the three of you all smile greeting the interviewer, and the camera crew, as you settle into the interview, talking about the upcoming season and possible plot.

you were too busy worrying to even pay attention to half the stuff that was spewing from the ladies mouth, that you barely noticed her turn to you and begin to engage in conversation until kj smoothly nudged you.

patting down your dress you push your hair off your shoulder as she addressed you directly.

“so how is it for you to go from disney to the darker side of the cw?”

“i mean it’s a lot different to disney i’ll tell you that”. you pause the group laughing to themselves “i didn’t even really think i’d be coming back to acting but i couldn’t resist the role”.

she nods playing with the cards in her palms. “so anything in particular that’s vastly different?”

“well - it’s still directed for the younger generation but i feel like in disney it was more so for the children than the preteens for example…and the content we’re filming is a lot heavier than the stuff we dealt with on y/d/s but it’s also just as fun and exciting as i remember”.

“so you and cole -” you freeze at the mention of him, “both disney kids coming back to acting. kj what was it like to know that you were working with some of the greatest names in disney?”

you breathe a sigh of relief taking a sip from the glass of water on the table as you listen to kj rattle on about how much he adored cole and dylan.

“both of their shows i watched religiously. me and my mates used to love it aye. especially y/d/s with uh y/n we loved her a lot - im pretty sure one of my mates had a poster of her”.

you blush giggling to yourself. “so you had a crush on y/n?” the interviewer laughs, kj turning red at the words. you continue laughing placing a hand around his arm.

“aw kj!!!” you swoon embarrassing him further. cole joined in on the fun, “yeah he was a big fan we kinda had to push him a bit and be like ’hey buddy“.

kj shakes his head furiously to the camera his words rushing out in defence “nah nah nah”. sending you and cole into a laughing fit as the kiwi struggled to cover up his words.

“i mean i was a fan. like who wasn’t aye, but nah it’s a lot of fun filming with them and we all are good friends with the others too. but ugh yeah- it’s hard to go out anywhere because fans notice them from a mile away”

the interviewer laughs “wait people still notice you as your disney characters?” we both nod cole taking the lead.

“i mean it’s very flattering but as you can see im not the same kid with the blonde shaggy bowl cut so sometimes i question how they’d recognise me- especially from friends”.

you smile the interviewer looking to you for input “what about you?”

you nod leaning back slightly into the couch feeling coles arm against the top of the couch.

“they do yes, i go anywhere and they all yell ”c/n“ and sometimes i just forget and then they’re running and i’m running and then they’re screaming and i’m screaming”.

the room started to laugh.

“it’s a very weird situation” you giggle the interviewer cutting in.

“and you looking nothin like that girl anymore- you look amazing!”

you place a hand over your heart in awe “thank god for that” you joke poking fun at yourself. “i grew up and hit puberty and sometimes when i hear someone say ’hey you look like that girl off y/d/s? i’m like damn i must be having a rough day”.

the interviewer giggles “oh don’t be so hard on yourself- doesn’t she look hot now boys?” she slaps kj’s leg and they both nod.

“god yeah she’s come along way from disney-even though i still had a crush on c/n”, cole comments a smile growing on your face at the compliment.

“so are you all single?”

your heart plummets at the question. the dreaded question for anyone in the industry is asked whenever they are in one or aren’t. no one wants to be asked this question ever.

cole answers first surprising you “i’m not no”.

“i am” kj chirps taking a long drink from his water.

“i’m not either” you clear your throat smiling, refusing to make eye contact with cole.

the interviewer smirks knowing she got the answer you wanted “oh so you two are off the market”. she pretends to act surprised “well who are they”.

cole replies cutely “for us to know and you to never find out- all you need to know is she’s beautiful and one of a kind”.

you fight off the blush tinting on your cheeks as the interviewer wraps up the interview.

“one last question before you guys leave- serpent jughead? yes or no?”

“yes yes yes” you stammer feeling confident. “have you seen jughead in a leather jacket? serpent jughead is the best thing to come out of riverdale”.

cole blushes and the interview is officially over. cole’s manager walking over to escort us back to our green room.

“i think you might have just outed us” he teases walking dangerously close to you, his hot breathe on your neck.

“what can i say- serpent juggie just does some indescribable things to me”.

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Pink Skies

PINK SKIES — you are my favorite everything. been telling girls that since i was 16. shut up, i love you. you’re my best friend. ( pink skies, lany )

REQUEST — archie comforts his best friend.


NOTES — a late v-day gift from me in the form of head-over-heels archie and his aloof best friend, the reader. this was originally going to be a quick little piece about y/n spraining her ankle and archie being her overprotective boyfriend; somewhere along the line, it ended up becoming archie trying to keep y/n’s mind off jason on her first valentine’s day without him. ( requests: open )

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Make Her A Stark~Part 3 - Robb Stark x Reader

As part of a request from a friend I am making this a longer series - I do hope you guys are still enjoying this :) 

Part 1     Part 2

“Never, my darling. Never.”

He remained by your side that whole night and then every night after that, holding you against him to keep you warm and safe and there was nowhere else in the world he would rather be. You had been in and out of consciousness for the next few days and yet Robb would still talk to you and stay with you no matter how often he was told to leave you by his parents and Jon. Robb still wasn’t quite sure whether you had heard what he said all them nights ago when he made his biggest confession and he couldn’t decide whether he had wanted you to or not.

If you had you may not feel the same, you would run back to your home leaving him alone again heading slowly towards an arranged marriage with no love and a heart longing for you.

You had been sat alone longing to go outside and stop proving to be an inconvenience or the Stark family for a long while when your door opened at lat with Robb on the other side, “Lady (y/n), I’m sorry I didn’t realise you were up.” He blushed a little but still smiled at you, closing your door while carrying a large fur,

“Why, would you prefer to see me asleep, Lord Stark?” you joked making him blush more,

“I, I just did not want to disturb you.” His little stutter was cute and made you smile, “I had these made for you, the furs are thicker and warmer than any other. I thought you should need them as the nurses say you may leave soon.” You bushed as he played the furs on your bed’s edge allowing you to run your hand through it,

“You had these made?” you looked up at him in awe yet he was already looking at you almost adoringly,

“Of course, I cannot have you getting so sick again, I could not risk that.” The two of you had never discussed the way Robb had woken up next to you so many times recently, or how often he would sit with you when he thought you were sleeping, “I shall leave you to get some rest, my lady.” Robb seemed to panic for a moment on the first address of the way he had looked after you so intently. Robb turned to leave, almost stepping through the door when you interrupted his movements,

“I heard you, Robb.” He looked at you quickly, stoping completely but didn’t say anything, “I heard your confession. You asked me not to let go, to stay for you and I did but only for you.” Robb closed he door again and finally turned to look at you fully, “I felt your hand running through my hair and that one tear.” As you spoke Robb came back to your bed sitting on the far side and looking away, “Why did you cry, my lord?”

He finally looked you in the eyes, “because I was scared”

“You? Lord Stark, the young wolf was scared?” you mocked but in a joking tone and your voice was sweet and quiet,

“I was terrified.”

“Of what, Robb” your first use of his first name so tenderly made him scoot closer to you taking your hand in his larger one,

“Of losing the only woman I adore with all my heart.” With them words and him looking into your (e/c) eyes with so much love you leant forward to him and closed the too big of a gap. His lips were soft and gentle yet contrasted the tickle caused by his beard and moustache - not that you cared. Ever since that night, all you could think about was his words and his promise to make you a Stark.

“Did you mean it?” you asked timidly, “about me joining your family?”

“Of course I did, my love. You have never been treated well by your family and it is wrong.” His hand left yours and rested on your cheek, his thumb brushing over your slightly red lips, “As much as I dislike your father I would be willing to walk across Westeros to him just to ask him for your hand and take you as my own. To take you away from his and your brother’s overbearing arrogance.” You smiled again at his words, this time a tear falling from your eye with the sheer joy of feeling truly loved for the first time since your mother died.

“Thank you. Thank you so, so much.” You buried your head into his shoulder as he pulled you close, wrapping his arms around your waist properly for the first time since your illness and burying his face in your hair before moving you to wipe the few tears away from your cheeks.

“There is no need to thank me, (y/n). I love you and that is simple, any man as madly intoxicated by love as I am would do that for a woman as beautiful as yourself.” Once again you connected your lips to his this time running your hand through his curls and leaving your fingers entwined in them as you  pulled away only slightly,

“The moment I met you my life became extraordinary. You’re the last person I want to see when I close my eyes at night and to be the first thing I see when I wake up every day. The past days where that became a reality were the happiest days I have ever had and I do believe that I love you” Your bold statement left Robb grinning from ear to ear,

“I must tell my father at once, how would you feel about one day ruling the North?”

“I think I may just get used to it,” you smirked pressing your forehead to Robb’s and resting your hand on his cheek sharing his breaths before he finally pulled away giving you one final look before leaving to find his father.

“Father, I would,”

“You would like to ask for Lady (y/n)’s hand in marriage.” Ned smirked up from his paperwork at his son’s confusion, “servants talk, son” he laughed moving around to Robb and patting his shoulder firmly, “So our eldest is in love.”

“Indeed father, I couldn’t imagine anyone else but her. I do not believe mother approves, however.”

“Aye, but that’s just her worry for you. She will come around to the idea.” The pair walked across the courtyard and Robb could not resist looking up to your window, that had now been opened a little, just to see you glancing out over the views of the North, “You must be careful for now, Robb.”

“What do you mean?”

“People talk. I am sure your intentions were good and honest but seeking into an unconscious girls room and staying by her side makes people talk, and the rumours are that lady (y/n)’s father has heard news of this.” Robb looked at his father questioningly, “He plans to ride here, soon.”

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Drunk and Disorderly - Imagine

*Y/N’s POV*

It was well after 2am by the time I gave up waiting, shuffling to the bedroom with a defeated sigh, leaving a couple of hall lights on behind me should he arrive home after I’d fallen asleep.

Harry had been out with his friends since 6.30pm, dinner and a few drinks he told me, “Nothing major sweetheart, I’ll be home by 12”.

“12 my arse” I grumbled as I crawled in to bed, shuffling under the duvet and into the cool sheets. I had waited up for him like he asked, but as 12 came and went, and my phone remained void of messages, I gave up. It was unusual of Harry to stay out later than intended and not let me know, and to say his lack of contact had me worried was an understatement.

I settled in to bed, lying flat on my back with my hands resting on my chest and my eyes gazing up at the ceiling, the exhaustion threatening to pull them closed but my concern repeatedly pulling them back open. As 3am drifted past, I finally slipped into an uneasy sleep.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed before I was ripped from my dreams by a loud banging on the front door, but I was faintly aware of a thin band of pale light creeping in between the curtains. A second series of aggressive knocks rattled the front door. I quickly flung myself from the bed and pulled a jumper over my body, dashing down the stairs in my pyjama trousers and socks. As I unlatched the front door, I assumed I would pull it back to find Harry, having lost his keys or too drunk to get them in the lock I wasn’t sure, but I knew it would be him. I was prepared to be relieved to have him in front of me, I was also prepared for the anger that would inevitably follow as he slurred out an excuse for returning during the early hours of the morning. But as I opened the door, everything I expected was replaced with one thing:


Stood before me, silhouetted by the crisp light of the early morning, were two police officers. The two men took no notice of my appearance as one offered me a soft smile.

“Miss Y/L/N?” he asked. By this point, I was too stunned to answer. Every possible reason as to why I was being faced with two police officers at 5 o’clock in the morning flashed through my brain in what must have been no longer than a second, and all of them ended with Harry, arrested, injured or worse. I’ve seen the programmes, the cop dramas and movies, and no good ever comes from having a policeman stood on your doorstep without good reason.

My inner turmoil must have been present on my face as the taller officer, a slender man with a thin beard and moustache, spoke again without waiting for my reply to his earlier question.

“No need to panic love, I can tell what you’re thinking and it’s not that” he said, his words lifting a weight off my heart. But still my brows furrowed in confusion.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“Well we are here on behalf of your boyfriend, Mr Styles, yes?” he asked and I nodded.

“Got ‘imself into a bit of trouble last night” the other officer said. He was shorter than his colleague and rounder, his hand stuffed into the front of his vest to brace him against the chill of the morning air.

“What happened? Is he ok?” I rushed.

“He’s fine. He was arrested last night for being drunk and disorderly. Kept him in the cells over night to sober him up. We’ve been sent to request that you come and collect him, there are a few forms that need to be filled out on his behalf” he explained. I was stunned silent. Harry, drunk and disorderly? It didn’t make sense, and it didn’t sit well in my stomach. I was well aware of the fact that Harry, like perhaps anyone else, was more than susceptible to the effects of alcohol, and on more than one occasion I had to pull him away from a fight on a night out, but for Harry to follow through on what I had always assumed were idle threats surprised me.

“Oh, oh right. Um, ok, just let me get dressed and I’ll follow you there in my car?” I suggested.

“Sounds good. We’ll just wait for you in our car, head out when you’re ready” the shorter officer spoke once again before they both turned away and returned to their car which was parked on the road just outside. I shut the door quickly and rushed upstairs, not bothering to change the jumper I had thrown on, but instead opting to switch my flannel pyjama bottoms for a pair of jeans. I stuffed my feet in to a pair of trainers as I grabbed my phone and keys before dashing out the front door again, locking it firmly behind me.

The officers drove slower than was probably necessary as I followed them across town to the local station, making a point to hold back after each junction to make sure that I was behind them. I pulled my car up beside them as we reached the station car park and followed them inside like they said.

“We’ve got Miss Y/L/N ‘ere Sir” the tall officer said, who I learned was called Tom as we hurried across the frozen ground of the car park and in to the welcome head of the station reception.

“Ah yes, thank you Sargent, I’ll deal with it from here”. Both officers gave me a small tip of the hat as they disappeared down one of the many corridors that branched off from the desk I was stood before.

“Not what you were expecting this morning ay Miss?” the man behind the desk said as he collected some papers from beside him and placing them in front of me along with a pen.

“Em no, not exactly” I said with by best attempt at a chuckle.

“No need to worry, just need you to fill out a couple of things and then your boyfriend will be released without charge, no harm done. Well maybe not for him, I imagine he’ll be getting a bit of an ear bashing from you on the way home, am I right?” he said with a smile.

“You got that right” I snorted as I began filling in the required details on the papers in front of me.

“I’d say he’s got the worst yet to come” he continued and once again I nodded, he had no idea. The paperwork was long and extensive, giving me more than enough time to decide whether I was angry, or relieved that nothing serious had happened to him. It didn’t take me long to decide that I was angry, furious in fact. For Harry, things like these become global news ‘Harry Styles arrested for being drunk and disorderly’, ‘Harry Styles spends night in a cell following arrest’, ‘Harry Styles: global superstar or drunken thug?’. His worldwide influence was growing day by day, his album was number 1 across the world, he himself is number 1 on 2 Billboard charts, and he was marking that achievement, by getting himself arrested. Way to go Harry.

“Done” the man behind the desk said as I signed the last page. “I’ll just head along and get ‘im” he said, before removing himself from his chair and disappearing, the large bunch of keys strapped to his waist jingling as he went. It was only moments before he returned, a tired and rather apprehensive Harry in his wake.

“Good luck Son” the man called as I turned to leave the building, Harry shuffling along behind me. It was silent, neither of us spoke as we hurried across the car park to escape the chill of the morning air. The smell of stale alcohol drifted from him as he slipped into the passenger seat beside me, his hands fidgeting nervously in his lap as I pulled out of the station and began the journey home.

“Sorry” Harry mumbled after several more minutes of thick, tense silence. I snapped.

“What the hell were you thinking?! Drunk and disorderly Harry are you kidding me?! What happened?!” I shouted, the anger in my voice resonating throughout the small confines of my car. Part of me wanted to calm down, to let him explain and to listen to what reasonable excuse he had for behaving in such an uncharacteristic way. But the anger at his carelessness was consuming me, so I pushed the reasonable thoughts aside and continued speaking before he had the chance to reply.

“Do you have any idea what the media are going to make of this?! How could you be so stupid Harry?!”

“Y/N please, let me explain” he signed gently, looking at me with wide, bloodshot eyes. I waved my hand in the air to encourage him to continue.

“I don’t even know what happened, I wasn’t that drunk,” I snorted but he pushed on, “I wasn’t I promise! We were having a couple of drinks after dinner, just like I said and then this guy recognised me, said I was ‘That guy who was in that band’. He knew you though, kept going on about how I had such a ‘pretty girl’ and all this shit. He was off his face Y/N, literally blind drunk, I was surprised he was still on his feet. But he kept going on and on about you, said he’d seen you picture in the papers or something, and he was saying some disgusting things. Kept saying I should share you out, give him and turn for the night, said I could watch if it made me feel better” Harry cringed and I supressed a shudder, the anger dissolving from my body with each word he spoke.

“I lost it after that, I don’t even remember what happened. I must have followed him in to the street or something and attacked him cause the next thing I knew I was pinned to the ground by two police officers and the guy was being lifted into an ambulance. Someone said that they’d seen me follow the guy out of the bar so they arrested me for being drunk and disorderly and took me to the station. I’m sure you know the rest” Harry said with another gentle sigh. I pulled the car up outside the house and killed the engine.

“But they released you without charge, no assault conviction, nothing” I frowned.

“Yeah, a couple of people in the bar heard what was being said, told the police everything and they let me go”.

“I was so worried Harry” I whispered, turning in my seat to face him as he did the same. He sighed and reached over to brush his hand against my cheek, running his thumb along the puffy skin beneath my eyes which had developed from lack of sleep.

“I know baby, I’m sorry. I asked if I could call you but they wouldn’t let me until everything had got sorted out” he said gently, his fingertips brushing down my neck and pushing my hair back behind my shoulder.

“You don’t ever have to do that because some creep is saying something about me you know?” I said and he nods his head gently.

“You didn’t hear what he was saying Y/N, it was so,” I hushed him.

“Harry what people say doesn’t matter, what he was saying would never have happened, you and I both know that. Don’t get yourself into trouble just to protect me” I said gently.

“I’d do anything to protect you, sweetheart” he said, his voice holding the most conviction it had since I picked him up.

“I know” I said, leaning across the centre console to press my lips lightly against his. Neither of us tried to deepen the kiss, simply let the comforting warmth of his lips against mine sooth the stress of the night.

“Come on curly,” I said, pulling away just far enough to speak, my lips brushing gently against his, “let’s get you inside and in the shower, you stink of alcohol” I said with a giggle, pulling away completely and reaching for the door handle.

“Fine,” he sighed as I opened the door and stepped out, “but you’re getting in with me” he added as I shut the car door, a small smile spreading across my lips as his words ignited a warmth in my stomach.  

Request: Mine

Request: Well, i was thinking about an imagine in which get drunk at a party an Juice drives you back home and you confess that you love him and you are jealous of the crow eaters?

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My father was a mechanic at Teller-Morrow Automotive and I had grown up around Samcro; I knew all the bikers and they were my friends. Their queen, Gemma Teller, was an important person in my life. She taught me a lot about that life, among other things that helped me to become a strong woman. However, crow eaters and sweetbutts still underestimated me, thinking I was just an innocent little girl.

“You don’t curse. You don’t get into fights. You don’t get drunk”, Chibs liked to remind me whenever I complained about it, “You’re a sweet girl”

Yeah, I got that often. I could be an old lady, I just had to prove to them and, more important, have an old man. That’s the hardest part. Do you know why? Because the man I wanted wouldn’t look at me like that. 

Juice was the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. He was nice to me and always respectful, but I wanted him to want me, look me like he looked at the other girls. Chibs knew I liked him and was constantly telling me I was better than the crows, but I couldn’t stop comparing me to them. Like the one who was touching Juice when I walked in the clubhouse that night.

He saw me but I quickly turned my look to the bar, walking toward there to get a drink. Chucky raised an eyebrow at me but put a glass in front of me. I glanced over my shoulder and Juice was still there, across the room, talking to Kozik while the crow stroked his arm. I was so angry that get drunk seemed to be a good idea, so I grabbed the bottle from Chucky’s hand.

“Aye lass”, I bumped into Chibs on my way out, “Where are you going?”

“Bite me”, I barked, though he didn’t deserve it. I walked to the swing Gemma had bought for the kids and sat there, drinking alone.

Chibs’ POV

He had finished his first beer of the night and was going to get another one when Y/N bumped into him. She was storming out the clubhouse and snapped when Chibs talked to her. That wasn’t like her at all and it took just one look around the clubhouse for him to understand why she was acting like that. A crow eater was all over Juice and he was letting her. Stupid boy.

Chibs shook his head and sat by the bar. Soon Tig joined him, “Did you see Y/N?”, his brother asked, “She just passed by me and is in the swing, drinking all alone”

“Aye, I saw her”, Chibs nodded and motioned at Juice’s direction. Tig turned around and followed his gaze.

“Idiot”, his brother mumbled.They had noticed, a while ago, Y/N’s interest on Juice and couldn’t understand why they weren’t together already. The young Son liked her too, always following her with his puppy eyes when Y/N wasn’t looking. “Should we do something?”, the blue eyed man asked.

“I don’t know Tig”, Chibs sighed, “I don’t know”


They were playing pool and Chibs didn’t know how much time had passed until Y/N come back. She was drunk, carrying the empty bottle as she tried to get to the bar to asked for another one.

“Lass”, he walked to Y/N, to hold and stop her.

“Let me go Scottie”, she mumbled as he made her sit down. Chibs asked the prospect to bring her water and when he looked at Y/N again she was glaring at Juice, “Bitch! What is that crow doing?”

She got rid of him and crossed the room, faster than Chibs thought she could walk. Y/N grabbed the crow’s hair before Chibs could stop her.

Juice’s POV

He was talking to Kozik when Y/N arrived, but Juice saw her. Actually, he seemed to know whenever she was around, not being able to look away. Well, at least when she wasn’t looking because he couldn’t get caught. Why she had to be Gemma’s favorite? The Samcro queen would kill him if Juice tried to date Y/N, he wasn’t enough for Gemma’s favorite girl. 

She was beautiful, as always, but didn’t even look at him, going straight to the bar. The crow eater stroked his arm again, she had been doing it since the party had begun, trying to get his attention. Juice wasn’t into her at all and told her to get lost, the girl pouted and walked way. He looked at the bar but Y/N was gone. He wondered where she was and thought about looking for her, but Jax called him before Juice could even get up.


Juice got Jax a phone number he wanted and got back to the party. His brothers were playing pool and Y/N wasn’t nowhere to be seen. He found a empty spot at the couch and sat there with a beer on his hand, thinking that Y/N must have gone home. The crow eater came back and sat on his lap.

“Get lost”, Juice sighed and was ready to push her away when someone grabbed the crow eater’s hair.

“Your bitch!”, he heard Y/N yell. Chibs was fast, holding Y/N before she could hurt the crow eater who was squirming on Kozik’s arms as he held her.

“Her keys!”, Chibs hissed at Juice. He ran to the bar and Chucky handed him Y/N’s car keys. His brother carried Y/N to her car and put her inside, “Take her home and come back. We need to talk lad”

“What?”, Juice looked at his sponsor and creased his brow. He couldn’t take Y/N home, she wouldn’t want him to do it.

“Now!”, Chibs barked and Juice rushed to get in the car. He watched Y/N through the rear view mirror as he drove to her house. She was laying on the backseat, mumbling on her drunk sleep. He found the house keys inside her car and carefully carried Y/N inside. He gently laid her on the bed and admired her for a moment, thinking she was the prettiest girl he had ever met.

“Juice?”, he jumped when she called his name.

“Yes”, he whispered, “Sleep now Y/N, you had quite a night”

“Ugh I’m drunk”, she mumbled, covering her eyes with her arm.

“Yes, you are”, Juice chuckled. He couldn’t help it, she was adorable, “Luckily you didn’t hurt that crow, Chibs stopped you”

“Yeah”, Y/N smiled, already falling asleep again, “Nobody touches my man”

“What?”, he asked but she was already soundly sleeping. Her man? The crow was touching him. Juice closed the bedroom door behind him, thinking about what Y/N had said. He texted Chibs to say he wasn’t going back to the clubhouse, but got no answer from his brother. Juice stretched on the couch, pulled the blanket up and tried to relax, but he couldn’t stop thinking about what Y/N had said.


I opened my eyes and immediately closed them again. The blinds were open and the sun was hurting my eyes. I grunted as I tried to get up, feeling my head spin. Ugh, I had a terrible hangover. I slowly walked to the kitchen, desperate for some water. How did I get home? I had a vague memorie of someone putting me inside my car, probably Chibs, I wasn’t sure. Poor Scottie, he must have drove me home; he always took care of me. I had to call Chibs and thank him.

I was looking for my phone, when I walked in the living room and saw someone on my couch. I had a natural reaction, I screamed and the person jumped.

“Juice?”, I whispered when I saw him.

“What the hell?”, he cursed, rubbing his face.

“Sorry”, I grimaced, “I just saw someone on the couch and you were under the blanket, I didn’t know you were there”

“I drove you home”, Juice explained. He yawned and blinked a few times.

“I don’t remember it, I thought Chibs did it”, I said and Juice shook his head. Suddenly, I realized what he had to do. He had to carry me inside and put me in my bed. Oh my God! I had dreamed about him carrying me so many times, but none of them involved an unconscious me because I had drunk too much. I turned around and walked back to the kitchen before he could see me blushing.

“No”, Juice followed me and I started to make coffee, keeping me busy and buying me time to calm down, “You got into a fight with a crow, Chibs put you inside your car and told me to bring you home”

“Yeah, I… I remember that”, I mumbled. Damn it, why my hands were shaking?, “I mean, the car, not the fight. Did I really get into a fight?”. That was a first!

“Yes”, his tone made me stop what I was doing, “And that reminds me… Shit, you probably don’t remember it”

“What?”, I breathed as I turned to face him, panicking a little bit. What have I done?, “What is it?”

“I put you in bed and… You mumbled you were drunk and I said yes, you got into a fight with a crow and…”, I held my breath as he looked at me, “You said nobody touches your man”

“What?”, my heart was beating fast inside my chest and I was pretty sure he could hear it, “My man?”

“You punched the crow who was on my lap”, Juice bit his lip as I turned pale. I was so stupid! He wasn’t supposed to know like this, in a drunk confession. To be honest, I wasn’t planning to confess my feeling at all, not sober and certainly not drunk, “She was touching me Y/N”

“S-Sorry”, I stuttered, holding the counter behind me, “I was drunk”

“You’re blushing”, Juice raised an eyebrow as he got closer to me.

“No, I… I’m not…”, I couldn’t find the words. He was so close and he was looking at me differently, there was something new on his eyes.

“Tell me”, he asked in a whisper, “Tell me the truth”

“She was all over you and I got jealous”, I admitted before I even knew what I was doing, “It was supposed to be me, the girl who fell for you the first time I saw you”. I looked up at Juice, waiting. He gently grabbed my arms and put them around his neck, “What are you doing?”

“No one touches your man but you”, Juice pulled me closer, making me gasp. Then he kissed me, gentle but dominant. I melted on his arms. I knew we had to talk about this, about us, but that was the last thing I wanted to do as Juice, my man, kissed me. My man. Mine.

Dear Evan Hanson summarized

Anybody have a map?:shy tree boy and drug smoker are aNGST Y, and moms are good

Waving through a window: life is hard and shy tree boy is sad™

For forever:you had one job e v a n.

Sincerely, me: but like they were re a l l y g Ay t h o???, (ft.smoking drugs™)

Requiem: Connor was an angelic ass™

If I could tell her: use fake information about peoples brothers to get with girls nOTASCAMATALL

Disappear: this is giving me strange heathers vibes™

You will be found: tree boy made the internet cool again,

To Break in a glove: daddy issues™

Only us: sorry Zoe but I still ship tree boy with your dead brother cOUGH.

Good for you: you done fucked up tree boy.

Words fail: no I’m not even going to t R Y I’m crYING thiS hIT M E sO B A D.

So big/ so small: ok like Evans mom is b e s t m o m™ she’s too good for t h i s, best mom deserves better.

Finale:tree boy sees sky’s forever.

The end

This lowkey took me 20 minutes to write cOUGH COUGH

Supernatural Preference- Who first realises they like you

Lucifer and Gabriel were starting to get along and since Gabriel had so much experience with ‘romance’ he could tell straight away.
Gabriel saw how his brother was looking at her.
“Go talk to her.” Gabriel tells his brother giving him a whack in the head.
“Ay caramba mi cabeza.” Lucifer said and then gave his brother a stone cold look as he flew away.

Samandriel didn’t really have anyone to talk to about these things and he was still trying to work them out himself, but the person who found out was Crowley and he didn’t like that one bit.
“Or maybe I could ask that angel y/n she knows just as much as that one and she’s much more submissive.” Crowley told a highly trusted demon of his.
“You stay away from her!” Samandriel screamed to Crowley with th little energy he had left.
“Ooooh, looks like Sammi boy over here has a crush.” Crowley says taunting the angel.

Dean and Sam were the closest brothers in the world so of course Sam was gonna find out first.
“Why don’t you just admit you like y/n?” Sam asked his brother with a smile.
“Get in the car.” Was Deans only response. 

Kevin and Dean had become kind of close and Dean being the ladies man he is could tell.
“So Kevin, you gonna ask y/n out?” Dean asks
“Maybe.” Kevin winks at Dean as he walks away


Request- So pretty much the reader is kips sister and he never dies but she is also in the army and she heard news of him being shot and she was some how able to go and see him and someone picks a fight with her and she goes all badass on her and can she somehow end up with chibs :p

Reader’s POV

Charming, California was a unique little town. It was different then most and everyone who came into contact with it knew that. My brother and I were Charming natives. We were born here, raised here, and we both left here at 18.

As twins we did everything together which was why we both decided to join the army. We had both been placed over seas but into different divisions. We kept in touch and sent letters back and forth when we could. I was told when Kip had been in his accident and sent home. Not long after him moving back home, our father died. I was able to return for his funeral and see Kip for a little bit before having to go back.

I was back home again and this time it was for good. A couple of days ago I had been notified that my brother had been stabbed. I filed for a honorable discharge so I can go back home and take care of him. I was granted it and had just arrived back into Charming.

I pulled up to my dad’s house which was now Kips and mine. I took my stuff out of the car and took it into the house. Once everything was in my old room I took a look around the house. It was messy but not as messy as I was expecting. Kip never was one for cleaning. I decided to come back and do it after I went to see Kip. I locked up the house and made my way to the hospital.

Once I was at the hospital I asked the lady at the front counter which room Kip was located in and then headed to it. As I was walking into his room, his doctor was  walking out. He told me that he was stable and that he was resting. The knife didn’t hit any internal organs but he had lost a lot of blood. I thanked the doctor and walked into his room.

Besides for Kip the room was empty. He was paler then normal but that was probably from the blood loss. I moved his off his forehead gently and smiled softly.

“What have you gotten yourself into Kippy?” I asked before sighing and sitting down. I took off my jacket and made myself comfortable in the chair. I pulled out a book from my bag and began to read. About a hundred pages later I heard commotion in the hallway but didn’t pay much attention to it.

“Aye! Lass this is for family only.” A voice startled me. I glared at the towards the door to find three men. One a handsome man with scars on his face, Another slightly smaller with two tattoos on his head and a mohawk, and the third was bigger and meaner looking with tattoos on his head.

“I’m his sister jackass and who the fuck are you?” I put a bookmark in my place and put my book down. I crossed my arms and glared at them.

“Sorry miss, we didn’t know Half Sack had a sister.” The man with the mohawk said.

“That’s not what I asked.” I told him. The one with the scars chuckled.

“Sorry lass, we’re Half Sack’s brothers.” He told me. I raised my eyebrows at that.

“Unless I’m seriously missing a link in our family tree, I’ve only got one brother.” I said. This time they all chuckled it was then that I finally took in their kutte’s. “Fucking god Kippy became a Son?”

“Aye lass, he is. Especially after what he did for our VP’s boy.” The scottish one said. I shook my head and giggled slightly.

“What’s so funny?” The mean looking one in the back asked.

“I was the one that was always dragging Kip into trouble and I come back home and find out he’s an outlaw. It’s just funny to me.” I shook my head and looked at my brother then back at them. “Anyone want to tell me why my brother was stabbed?”

“He did some real hero shit.” The one with the mohawk said.

“Someone was trying to kidnap our VP’s boy and he tried to stop him. The man stabbed him.” The scottish one finished.

“Is the boy safe?” I asked.

“No, but we’re working on getting him back.” He told me.

“I hope you do, I’m Y/N.” I said while standing up and holding out my hand to him.

“Chibs.” He smiled at me. I smiled back to him and held my hand out to the one with the mohawk.

“Juice.” He smiled and shook my hand.

“Happy.” The one in the back said.

“The doctor said he’d be sleeping for a while. You sound like you boys are busy dealing with that. I can call when he wakes up.” I told them.

“You boys go back to the clubhouse, I’ll wait here with the lass.” Chibs told the other two.

“You sure Chibs?” Juice asked.

“Aye, just call if ya need me.” He told them. They nodded and left. I looked at him curiously.

“You didn’t have to stay.” I told him.

“I know but I’m the one that sponsored the lad. I owe him this much.” He replied as he sat down on the seat on the other side of the bed.

“How long has my brother been a Son?” I asked.

“He just became one but he’s been prospecting about a year now. He’s a good lad.” He told me.

“Yeah he is.” I nodded and looked at Chibs. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Aye.” He looked at me.

“Is he happy? With the club?” I asked.

“I think so, the lad never seems sad.” Chibs told me. I smiled.

“He can be sometimes but I’m glad he’s not.” I said. “But I don’t care how happy he is, if he gets hurt like this again. I will tear someone’s balls off and make them eat em.” Chibs chuckled at that statement.

“Aye, I’ll keep that in mind, love.” He winked at me. I rolled my eyes and giggled slightly. “Oh the club’s gonna love ya.”

“I’m going to meet the club?” I asked.

“Of course! You’re family, sweetheart.” He smiled. “Can’t believe Half Sack never told us about ya.”

“He probably didn’t want to mention me incase I came home in a bodybag.” I said softly.

“We’re you in the army too?” He asked and I nodded.

“Yep and ever since his accident he had been begging me to come back home. He didn’t want anything to happen to me. I told him I’d be home as soon as I could get an honorable discharge.” I told him.

“And did you get one?” He asked.

“Yes, I got a honorable discharge so I could come back and take care of him since I’m the only blood he has left.” I said.

“We’ll help with whatever you two need. All ya have to do is ask, love.” He told me.

“Thank you, I appreciate that.” I told him. I ran my fingers through my hair and smiled at Chibs. We settled into comfortable conversation with me telling embarrassing stories of Kip from when we were little and him telling me a little about Kip and the club. He told me about Cherry and how much Kip loved her. I told him about how our mom died when we were little and our dad died not long after Kip came back home.

Three hours had passed and Chibs offered to go grab us food that wasn’t from the hospital cafeteria of death as Chibs put it. I gladly accepted since I didn’t feel like eating that shit anyways. I went back to reading when Chibs left.

“Ain’t you supposed to be over seas?” A groggy voice brought me out of my reading daze. I smiled and looked at Kip.

“Some jackass got himself stabbed and now I’m stuck taking care of his ass.” I answered.

“I feel bad for the poor moron.” He chuckled slightly. I put my book down and pressed the button for the nurse.

“Me too, Kippy.” I leaned over and kissed his forehead. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, Y/N.” He sat up slightly and winced at the pain. I put my hand on his shoulder to keep him from moving. He looked around the room and frowned slightly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing… I was just expecting… Nothing.” He shook his head and the nurse came in to check on him. Once she got him some water and left I looked at him.

“Were you expecting someone else to be here?” I asked.

“No… not really… Maybe just a little.” He admitted.

“Your new brothers have been here. Chibs has been with me all day long and is supposed to alert the others as soon as you wake up.” I smiled.

“Really?” He smiled back.

“Yes really. How the hell could I tell you Chibs name if it wasn’t true.” I playfully flicked his forehead.

“Hey be nice! I’ve lost a lot of blood.” He pouted.

“Boohoo poor you. You’ve already lost half of your nuts. You don’t get any other sympathy cards.” I told him.

“You’re so sweet.” He stuck his tongue out at me and I giggled. Just then Chibs came into the room with the food. He smiled when he saw Kip was awake.

“Sack!” He exclaimed.

“Hey Chibs.” Kip smiled at him. “Heard you been keeping my sister company.”

“Aye and the wee minx has been telling me all your dirty little secrets.” Chibs smiled and handed the food to me. I took out what I ordered and handed the bag back to him.

“Ugh! Sis can you try not to embarrass me? I’m a big bad biker!” Kip whined.

“Oh yeah sure you are. I still remember the time you cried for an hour because you stepped on a butterfly accidentally.” I said and Chibs started laughing.

“I was 5!” Kip said defensively.

“Try 9.” I gave him the are you seriously trying to lie to me look. He grumbled but didn’t argue the fact. Chibs was doubled over with laughter. Once he calmed down he pulled out his phone and sent a text. Probably to one of the guys that Kip was awake. Chibs and I started eating.

“Can I have some?” Kip looked at me pleadingly.

“You aren’t allowed to have solid food yet.” I told him.

“But please!” Kip said.

“Nope, sorry bro.” I said and ate a fry. He sighed and the looked at Chibs.

“How is Jax doing?” He asked Chibs.

“He’s doing as alright as can be expected.” Chibs told him.

“Do you want me to leave so you can discuss club business?” I asked.

“Do you mind?” Kip asked. I set my food down and got up.

“Nah, I’ll just take a ten minute walk around the hospital.” I told them and then headed out of the room. I set a timer on my phone for ten minutes and then started to wander around the hospital. As I was walking around I bumped into the guy Chibs was with earlier, Juice. He was with a different man than before. This one had bright blue eyes and curly hair.

“Hey! You’re Y/N, right? Half Sack’s twin?” Juice asked.

“Wait! His what?” The other man asked and I smiled.

“Yeah I’m Kip’s twin and you’re Juice right?” He nodded and I looked at the other man. “And you are?”

“Tig and there’s no fucking way that you are Sack’s twin. You’re too goddamn beautiful.” Tig said and I blushed slightly.

“Well thank you, I guess.” I laughed and he smiled and looked me over. I had to admit I didn’t hate him looking at me like that. “Are you guys here to see Kip?”

“Yeah doll, Chibs said he was awake.” Tig told me.

“He is. I was actually just about to head back up. I’ll walk with you.” I told them and they nodded and smiled. We all headed upstairs together and my timer went off as we hit the elevator. Chibs and Kip seemed to be done discussing whatever when we came into the room. Tig and Juice greeted Kip warmly as they entered the room.

“Bro one, why did you not tell us that you had a sister and two, how in the actual fuck is that stunning woman YOUR twin?” Tig asked Kip. Kip laughed at that.

“Don’t hit on my sister you perv.” Kip told him with a shove.

“I’m not hitting on your sister.” Kip gave him a look. “Alright alright maybe just a little but I mean can you blame me.” Tig gave me a wink and I giggled and shook my head.

“Aye don’t hit on the lad’s sister ya shit.” Chibs huffed out annoyed. I looked at him and he didn’t look upset unless you noticed his clenched fists. I furrowed my eyebrows at him but I didn’t think that it meant anything. We all sat down and Juice pulled a kutte out of his bag and laid it over Kip’s lap. Kip smiled and held it up.

“You ain’t a prospect anymore brother.” Tig clapped him on the shoulder.

“Thank you brother.” Kip smiled at them.

“You earned it.” Juice told him.

“I was just doing what was right.” Kip said and I smiled at him proudly.

“Yeah but it still took a lot of balls.” Tig said and Kip rolled his eyes at his lame joke.

“You know you aren’t funny.” Kip told Tig.

“That wounds me.” Tig pouted and held a hand over his heart and we all laughed at him. “So did the doctors say when they are setting you free?”

“It won’t be for a while. They want to keep me and make sure everything keeps going well and that I heal okay.” Kip told them.

“I’ll be here with you until you get out.” I told him.

“Sis you don’t have to be here 24/7 until I leave.” Kip told me.

“Yeah he’s right. We’ll have someone here with him at all times.” Tig said.

“Will you guys take care of her until I’m out? Maybe take her to TM and introduce her to everyone too?” Kip asked.

“Hello! I’m right here don’t talk about me like I’m not.” I huffed. Everyone chuckled at my pout.

“Everyone will love ya and I’ll make sure you have fun, babydoll.” Tig said to me with a suggestive look. Chibs elbowed him in the stomach at that and grumbled something under his breath.

“Besides keeping five feet away from Tig.” Kip gave Tig a pointed look. “Go and have fun. Meet the guys, get to know them, I want you to get along with them.”

“Fine, but when I’m gone, you need to text or call if anything happens. Any updates from your doctors, good or bad. Promise?” I asked and he nodded.

“Yeah I promise.” He told me.

“Good.” I smiled.

“How about tomorrow you come and meet us at the club house?” Tig suggested.

“Um yeah okay.” I nodded. “What time would be good?”

“Whatever time ya want sweetheart.” Chibs smiled at me.

“How about 2? I’m going to go job hunting before then.”

“Why don’t you work at TM? Gemma could use some help in the office.” Juice said.

“Yeah that’s a great idea Juicey!” Chibs smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

“Are you sure Gemma would be okay with this?” I asked.

“We’ll talk to her tonight and I’m sure she’ll tell you tomorrow.” Tig said.

“Okay.” I nodded. “Thank you guys.”

“No problem.” Juice said.

“Aye, you’re family now sweetheart.” Chibs said.

“Now go home and rest sis.” Kip said.

“I can stay the night here Kippy.” I told him

“No that’s okay. My brothers and I need to discuss things. Just come by tomorrow or even the next day if you are having fun at TM.” Kip told me.

“Fine just call me if you need me.” I said to Kip and then I looked at the others. “Anything happens to him, you’re all dead.”

“Aye got it love.” Chibs smiled at me. I picked up my stuff and said goodbye to everyone then I went home. Once I was there I cleaned for a while and then went to sleep.

As soon as I woke up the next morning I called Kip. He sleepily told me to fuck off and I chuckled and hung up. After that I started my morning routine. Once I was finished with that, I headed to the diner for breakfast.

At about 11, I decided to start job hunting. There wasn’t very many places hiring but I managed to get a couple applications. After that I headed to T-M. Once there I parked across from the bikes.

There was some people working in the garage but I didn’t recognize any of them. A very tall and broad man with a beard and a beanie approached me.

“Can I help you?” He asked.

“Um yeah, I’m looking for either Chibs, Tig, or Juice.” I told him.

“They’re in the clubhouse. If they aren’t out in the bar area, you can sit on the couch and wait if you’d like.” He said.

“Thanks.” I told him. He nodded and went back to work. I made my way inside the clubhouse. No one was in the main part of it so I took a seat on the couch like the bearded man told me I could. After a while Tig came out of the back. He smiled when he saw me.

“Hey doll. You been waiting long?” He asked.

“No about 10 minutes. Some guy with a beard and a beanie told me I could wait here.” I told him. He chuckled.

“That’s Opie.” He told me.

“He seems nice.” I said. He nodded and sat down next to me.

“Yeah he’s a good dude.” He told me. “I talked to Gemma last night.”

“What did she say?” I asked.

“She said that she’s fine with it. She can always use an extra pair of hands.”  He told me. “She wanted to know if you could start in the next two, three days.”

“Yeah I can do that. When will I meet her?” I asked.

“Today, probably.” He said. “Some brothers from Tacoma are coming down to help us with something. We’re having a party tonight, wanna come doll?”

“I want to see Kip first but as long as someone is with him.” I told him.

“Juice was with him last night but I think that Gemma said she’d stay with him tonight because of the party.” He told me.

“That would be nice of her. Thank you for everything.” I hugged him. He hugged back.

“Aye Tiggy didn’t the lad say not to hit on his sister.” Chibs voiced sounded from the entryway to the hallway. I pulled back from Tig and found Chibs glaring at Tig.

“It was a friendly hug brother. Completely harmless.” Tig smiled at Chibs.

“Aye I bet ya slimey bastard.” Chibs said. Tig chuckled and Chibs went behind the bar and grabbed a bar. “Ya want one love?”

“No, I’m going to see Kip soon and then I’ll be back for the party tonight. What time does it start?” I asked them.

“It will probably get going about 10 or 11. Gemma will probably be there at about 9. Stop by anytime you want doll.” Tig told me.

“Thank you guys. I’ll see you later.” I told them bye and then headed to back to the hospital to spend time with Kip. I told Juice he could go home when I showed up and then I stayed with Kip until Gemma showed up. After that I went home and got changed for the party. Kip told me that there was going to be a lot of croweaters there and how everything normally went.

I put on a blue dress, the top part plunged down between my boobs and the back part was just straps until it got to my ass. I put on blue strappy heels and makeup. After that I curled my hair. Once I was finished I headed to TM. By the time I got there the party was already in full motion.

People were everywhere, some in the parking lot, some in coming or going from the clubhouse, hell some were even in cars from the way one was rocking. I looked around for a familiar face. When I didn’t see anyone that I knew outside, I decided to head in.

“Haven’t seen you around before. You a Tacoma bitch?” Some blonde wearing way too short and too tight of clothing with a fake fur coat on asked me.

“No I’m not a “Tacoma bitch” as you so eloquently put it.” I said to her.

“Sweetie this is for invited guests only. So if you ain’t here to suck someone’s cock then you better leave.” She said and gave me a sneer. I bit my lip and stepped closer to her.

“I am an invited guest and unlike you,” I gave her a once over. “I didn’t need to fuck my way to a pity invite.”

“What the fuck did you just say to me? Do you know who I am?” She asked and stood up from her spot on the bench.

“Hmmm let me guess, you are the child your mother wishes she would have aborted.” I said and flashed her a sweet smile. Some people in the crowd around us Oohed. This must of pissed her off because her face turned a bright shade of red and she glared at me and put her hands on her hips.

“I’m Imma, bitch.” She told me.

“Great! I don’t care. And is bitch really the best comeback you have? Anyways, I have something better to do with my time then spend it talking to a white trash cum dump.” I said and turned around to walk into the clubhouse.

“Don’t fucking walk away from me!” Imma screeched and then grabbed my hair. She yanked it back hard and I nearly lost my balance. Fuck! That hurt. I elbowed her in the ribs hard and she let go of my hair as she groaned loudly. I turned around and faced her just as she was straightening back up.

“That the best you got?” I asked her.

“Not even close bitch!” She yelled and then went to punch me in the face. I easily grabbed her wrist and brought her arm around to her back. I took a fistful of her hair and slammed her face into the picnic table. I slammed it down again and her nose was gushing blood. She shoved her heel into my ankle and I let go of her hair and arm. Once I had let go of her, she turned around quickly and clawed my face with her other hand.

“Fuck!” I touched my forehead right above my eye and brought my hand down. Blood covered it and I growled and tackled Imma to the ground. I started punching her hard in the face over and over again. I let out a yell of anger as someone wrapped their arm around my waist and lifted me up and off her. I struggled in the person’s arms and took pleasure in the sight of the bitch’s face bloody and banged up.

The person didn’t let go of me as they walked into the clubhouse and down the hallway. They stopped at a door and opened it to lead into a bedroom. I heard the door shut and lock behind me and finally they let me go. I spun on the person to find Chibs standing there with his hands up.

“Oh! Easy lass.” He told me with a smile. I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Why the hell did you take me away?” I asked.

“Because you were going to kill that nasty gash.” He told me. “Now sit, I need to patch ya up.” I grumbled but sat on the bed. He went to the bathroom and came back with a first aid kit. He pushed my hair back and started patching me up.

“Thank you.” I said softly.

“Aye no problem, love.” He smiled at me. “None of these are that deep but some may scar.”

“Guess we’ll match then huh?” I smiled at him. He chuckled.

“Aye, guess we will.” He finished after a couple minutes. When he was down he lightly brushed my hair back again. “Still beautiful love.” I blushed and smiled at him. He smiled back and I stared at him for a moment before lightly cupping his cheek. I ran my thumb over his scar softly. I looked up and saw him staring at me. I blushed and went to pull my hand away until he put his hand over mine and intertwined our fingers.

He leaned forward and kissed me softly. I kissed back and his arm wrapped around my waist to pull me closer to him. I moaned softly and kissed him harder. He moved us so that way my back was laying on the bed and he was ontop of me. His hand went from my back to my thigh. I pushed him up a little bit and he looked down at me in concern.

“You alright, love? Ya want me to stop?” He pulled up more. I giggled at his concern and shook my head no.

“God don’t stop, please. I just need to know something.” I wrapped my legs around his waist and he smirked.

“Aye and what’s that love?” He asked.

“Were you jealous of Tig?” I asked. His smirk fell and he scowled slightly.

“Aye I didn’t like Tiggy touching you or flirting with you. You’re mine now love.” He told me with a slight growl in his voice before kissing me so hard I thought my lips would bruise. Kip was not going to be happy with us.

~Sorry about being so late. I started a job so writing time has been cut back. I should be able to work it out soon though. Hope you enjoy! @amazingmackenzieisnotonfire~

I Think We Have a Connection (C.H.)

College sucks. Everyone says that but like, college really fucking sucks. The university you’re at is great, no really, it is, but it only guarantees housing for freshmen and sophomores. So you’ve been forced to move into an overpriced apartment that’s overcrowded with college kids, way too many of whom like to party when you’re trying to write because, like the idiot you are, you decided to major in English. Yes, you love to write, and read, and study the English language, but trying to go through the creative process is really hard when all you can focus on is trying to figure out whether the pounding in your skull is the bass from the floor above you or your headache.

One upside of living around college students, though, is that everyone in your building is in your age range, meaning cute people aren’t always so hard to come by. And there was this one guy… Calum.

Maybe two weeks after you moved in, your next door neighbor moved out, which was a relief. The guy was a creep and an ass. He would come over early in the morning and ask for the randomest crap, just to see you in your pajamas. The other reason his departure was so nice was that the newest denizen was Calum. And well, Calum was something else. By something else, you mean a god. (And he’s a music major. How hot is that?) If only could get your head out of your ass long enough to form a coherent sentence around him.


It’s around seven in the evening and you’re working on your latest Creative Writing assignment. A song. You’re not exactly a rhyming genius. To be honest, you hated creative writing until someone told you not every poem has to rhyme. But songs, songs do. Songs rhyme. You sit at your computer, staring at the word document in front of you. So far you’ve got six lines:

‘I once saw a cat
Eating its scat
It was nast
-Y and blast
Nasty cat’

Not your best work. At all. Ever. If you could burn your computer without being out nearly a thousand dollars, you would be poking a burning log with a stick.

You’re having trouble with rhyming, right? Okay, what’s a word that has a lot of rhymes. Blue. Pew. Ew. New. Glue. Shoe. Cue. Queue. ‘Queue’ is such a dumb word. Why are there so many ‘ue’s. You only need one. You don’t even need one. Just the letter works. Both are pronounced “Q”. It’s like the ‘ay’ in ‘okay’. Useless.

Like your brain, apparently.

You just, you need a nap. A long nap. Or a break. You could go for a 3 month nap. That’s why summer vacation exists, though. Oh, vacation. How you love vacation. No frustrations, just rest. Hey, wait. Vacation, frustration. Um, motivation. Elation. Imitation. Corporation. Migration. Collectivization. Oh hell yeah, this is it.

In our nation
Isn’t good for
Future generation

No corporations
Just calculations
One advantage
Is no inflation

Were the same
‘Cos of Stalin’s regulations

In other nations
The reason for the
USSR’s creation’

That is simultaneously the worst and best thing you have ever written. You also have literally no tune for it, but the cadence didn’t suck and it rhymed, so you were going to print it out. If you didn’t come up with anything better, you were going to turn it in too. You print the document, but, as per usual, it doesn’t fucking print. Why does your printer never work? You think it might be the connection between the printer and the computer. You knew you shouldn’t have gotten a wireless one but the stupid salesman convinced you it would ‘work better in the long run’ and ‘all the biggest corporations use them’. You sigh and try printing again, to no avail. You figure you’ll just go to bed and try again in the morning.

The next morning you wake, feeling much better. Until you remember your Creative Writing assignment. Well, those thirty seconds were quite possibly the best thirty seconds of your life. You rummage around your kitchen, looking for some eggs or something to cook up. You quickly come across some old boxed pancake mix, and figure, why the hell not? As you finish cooking and realize that goddamit you’re out of paper plates again, you hear strumming from next door. You sigh quietly, listening to Calum hum a tune.

After a couple of minutes, he strums the guitar again. He pauses, and then begins to strum in earnest.

In our nation”

Your eyes widen and you nearly drop your pancakes as you sprint across the room, faster than someone in slippery socks ought to on a tile floor. Your hands grapple with the lock for a second before you’re standing in the hall pounding a nervous beat into Calum’s door.

He opens the door, and for just a second you’re taken aback by the fact that he looks absolutely gorgeous in a t-shirt and basketball shorts.

“Um, Y/N? Did you need something?” He prompts, eyeing your pancakes suspiciously.

“What? Oh, er, yea.” Blood makes its way to your cheeks in an embarrassing beet-red blush. “Yea, about that. Where did you get that?”

“Get what?”

“That, well, song, for lack of a better word.”

“Oh! The one about Stalin. Can you hear my music through the wall? I’m sorry about that. I didn’t disturb you, did I?”

“No, no. I was cooking.” You hold up the four pancakes your’re holding. Without a plate. Buddha, Mary, and Allah, you look like a fool. Oh well. “But, uh, the song.”

“Right. Is it yours? My printer printed it.”

“Oh my god.” You groan. “I’m so sorry you had to read that.”

“It’s really not that bad.”

“You don’t have to say that. It really is.”

He bites his lip before conceding, “Yea, it’s not the greatest. So, wait, is all that random shit that’s been printing to my printer been yours?”

“Like what?”

“Lots of short stories.”

“You haven’t been reading those, have you?”

“Maybe just a few?”


“They’re good!”

“You said that about my, er, song.”

“But those are actually good!” You just sigh deeply. “Do you want to come in?” He asks.

“Yea. Yea, sure.”

“So why are you even writing songs?”

“Creative Writing class.”

“Right. Do you want a plate?”

“Yea, that would be nice. I’m out.” You follow him to the kitchen.

He rummages through the cabinet before pulling out a (not paper! wow, classy) plate and handing it to you. “So… Stalin.”

“Always a conversation starter.” Calum laughs at your comment, and you look down, hiding your blush under the ruse of putting your pancakes on your plate. Your heart flutters, knowing you made this adorable boy laugh like that. “But yea. I can’t really, like, rhyme? And then I started thinking about how I just want to go on like, a fucking vacation, you know? Sorry, don’t mind my language. But, yea, I was just rhyming with the word vacation, and uh, collectivization popped into my head, and apparently I don’t actually care about my Creative Writing grade.”

“It’s unique, undoubtedly.”

“I’m just going to pretend that’s a compliment.”

“No, I’m not insulting you, I swear. Do you want me to help you, maybe? I’m a music major.” (which you definitely didn’t already know that from stalking all of his social media)

“I think I could use the help.”

The two of you spend the morning hunched over various notebooks, music sheets, and his guitar trying to find something that doesn’t suck.

“Okay, are you ready?” He looks up at you from one of the many lyric sheets sprawled about his table.

“Frustration, desperation
They say I need some sort of medication
Situation, no motivation
Destination, permanent vacation”

“Holy shit, I think I love you.” You stare at him in awe, before your mind catches up with your mouth. “In a totally platonic, neighbor kind of way.” You mumble to your chest.

“Hey, they were your ideas, I just put them to music.” He’s not wrong, per se, the pair of you had spent the majority of the morning discussing where the idea had stemmed from - how you wanted a vacation. Still…

“No, my idea was talking about Stalin and the creation of the USSR.”

“Hey! Don’t discount educational music.” You just kind of raise your eyebrows at him and he concedes, “Okay, so it wasn’t great. But this is as much your work as mine!”

“Thanks Calum. I appreciate it. I was thinking though - not that I don’t love it as it is - but what if we changed a couple of the lyrics, just for fluidity.”

“Please.” Calum hands you the lyric sheet he’s been reading off of, and you shouldn’t care half as much as you do when your hands brush.

“Um, what about ‘They say I need some kind of medication’?” You bring your upper lip into your mouth, thinking. “Er- this is an idea.” You look up at him. “If I’ve learned nothing in my Creative Writing class, I’ve learned that people are more engaged when you address them directly. ‘You say I need some kind of medication / Situation, no motivation / Destination, permanent vacation.” You smile up at him.

“I like that, yea. It gives it a rebellious edge, sort of. What if we, like, almost counter-argued that for the next bit?”

“What do you mean?” You ask.

“Keep the rebellion but sort of go with the classic, ‘I feel like I’m dying, but I’m fine.’”

“Alright, hit me.” You nod. Calum cocks his head, thinking.

“What if we just… go for it.

Hey, I’m doin’ fine”

“Okay, and the rebellion, a sort of ‘I-know-I’m-pissing-you-off-and-I-couldn’t-care-less.” You prompt.

“And, I’m out of line?” He says it more like a question than a statement.

“That has a bit of an awkward cadence…” You trail off.

“Hey, I’m doin’ fine
And I know I’m out of line”

“Yes, perfect!” He exclaims.

“And, okay, a call to action is good in like an essay so, why not?

Let’s sing this one more time”

“It goes
Destination, permanent vacation”

“Yes, oh my god, I could kiss you.” You grin.

He pauses a second, and then, “Why don’t you?”


“Kiss me. Why don’t you?”

“Um… I guess…” You look down, fiddling with your hands, “I could?” When you look back up, he’s feet closer than he was a moment ago.

“Would you?”

“Yea. Yea, I would.” And you press your lips to his, but you can’t get a proper kiss in because the both of you are grinning like fools.

“You’re really cute, you know?” He smiles at you. 

You hum in response, and then, before you can stop it, “I’ve wanted to do this since I saw you move in.” And you put a hand on his cheek and lock your lips with his.

(Oh, and you got an A.)


Pocket-Sized to Perfect-Sized {1/?}

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Member: Kim Jongdae/Chen

Genre: Uhhh….That is yet to be determined 

A/N: Okay, so. I saw this EXO pocket-sized fanart on pinterest and got inspired to write this. So please enjoy this pocket-sized fic with our lovely Kim Jongdae. ((Have no clue how long this will be. Oh well))

-Part 2-


When you came home from work that day, you didn’t expect to find your apartment a complete mess.

“What in the world?”

You walked to the small kitchen, it in a mess as well, and placed your keys and purse on the counter. You heard yelling coming from down the hall that lead to your bedroom, followed by the sound of little feet running on the wooden floors.

“(Y/N)! You’re home!”

You looked to see Jongdae, or Chen as he wished to be called, running up to you. You sighed softly and gently picked him up, placing his small figure on the counter, crossing your arms with a stern look.

“Jongdae”, you said, using his real name. Chen let out a nervous laugh. You rarely called him by his actual name, and when you did, Chen knew he was in trouble.

“Uh…How was work?” Chen asked, trying to seem as innocent as possible.

“You were riding the cat again, weren’t you?” You said, already knowing the answer. Your cat, Smoothie, hopped on the counter as soon as that left your mouth, her fur all in a mess.  Chen smiled widely at you.

“We made 3 laps in 45 seconds. It’s a new record!”

“Chen, we’ve talked about this. No riding the cat! What if you got hurt?” You sighed. Chen only shrugged innocently. He smiled widely.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). But, come on. It was fun!” he chuckled. Chen watched as you rose a brow at him, giving him a look that said ‘I-still-said-no-riding-the-cat’. You saw a familiar glint in Chen’s eyes. “Chen, don’t you do it.” You watched as a cute pout graced his face.

“But, (Y/N), I said I was sorry…Won’t you forgive me?” he said. You began to feel guilty. Boy, did he have you wrapped around his finger when he did that. One pout like that, and he could get away with anything. The longer you stared at him, the more precious looking he got.

“Damnit, Chen. Okay, I forgive you” you groaned. You laughed lightly as he jumped up, a cheer leaving his lips.

“But!” You said catching his attention. “You’re going to help me clean this place up.” Chen held his hand to salute, a serious expression his face. “Aye aye, captain!”

A giggle left you as you gently picked him up and placed him on the floor.

“Will you get the things you can pick up while I change?” You asked. Chen sent you a smile and nodded before running off. You headed to your room and sighed in relief that it wasn’t a disaster like the rest of the place. You quickly changed into comfortable clothing and went to clean with Chen. After about 3 hours, you finally managed to clean the entire apartment.

You slumped on the couch with a tired sigh. You jumped slightly in surprise when Chen began to climb up your leg. Once he was on the couch, he moved to rest on your lap. You gently ruffled his hair with your finger, earning a laugh from him. You smiled as Chen hugged your finger.

“You’re my favorite giant”, he said smiling up at you. A giggle escaped you.

“Wanna have a movie marathon? You can choose” You said. Chen’s face lit up and you laughed as he quickly climbed off your lap. “Help me down, please?” he said shyly as he stood at the edge of the couch, remembering he was too small to jump down or he’ll get hurt. You nodded and set him on the ground, watching amused as he sprinted to the movie cabinet.

“Want popcorn?” You said standing. You heard a loud ‘yes’ from the movie cabinet and laughed, walking into the kitchen to get some popcorn.

Once the popcorn was finished and in a bowl, you walked in to see Chen dragging a movie case on the ground. You lightly shook your head and set the bowl on the small table in the living room and walked over to help.

“The Mummy?”

Chen nodded excitedly and you smiled. You quickly put in the first movie and got comfortable on the couch with Chen resting on your shoulder. You handed him a piece of popcorn, giggling as he struggled to hold it with his little hands. He pouted at you and you took it from him and split it in half so he could hold it better. He gave you a large smile and nibbled the popcorn.

A little longer than halfway, you noticed Chen had fallen asleep, that one piece of popcorn still in his hand. You lightly chuckled, seeing as it was still his first piece and he’d only managed to eat half.

You set the half-empty bowl of popcorn on the table and slowly stood. You managed to get Chen in the palm of your hand without waking him up. You silently awe’d as he little figure curled up in your palm. You quietly walked to your room and laid him on the pillow of your bed. You covered him with a blanket you made yourself and quietly walked back to the living room to finish the movie.

By the middle of the second movie, you fell asleep on the couch. 


Hope you enjoyed, my children. 

~Admin Athena

Jon Snow- Finally Home.

Word count: 3084

“Winter is Coming”. The Stark words resonated with you more so than ever as you ran through the snow, hoping to the Gods that you were running north and not wandering aimlessly through the woods. You would have stayed on the Kings Road but that would have made hunting you far too easy for the monsters that had taken over Winterfell, you couldn’t tell if it was the Bolton’s or the small amount of Iron Born still remaining on the main land, but either way, it was not safe for you to remain in Winterfell.

Actually now that you think about it, you weren’t even sure that you would be welcomed at your destination either. It had been a long while since you had set eyes on Jon Snow, now the high and mighty Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, protector of the Seven Kingdoms from the Wildlings and other mysterious monsters that hide behind the Wall. The last time you had seen Jon Snow, it was the night before he left Winterfell to travel to the Wall and begin his training…

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I’ve gotten increasingly interested in Henry’s past since you mentioned he’s a WWII veteran and that he quit before getting drafted into WWII. What happened to make Henry quit? I’m pretty sure (unless I’ve got it wrong, which is a possibility) that the weird stuff with the ink machine and insanity and evil magic started after he left. Was Joey just a really bad boss, even then (this actually parallels Walt a bit, because I’ve heard he was hard to work with)? Or did they have a falling out? Or was it something else entirely? 

When he was working with Joey, what was his position? The fact that Joey remembers him at all after all these years suggests that Henry was of some significance, but this could be for a number of different reasons. It could be he was actually higher up in the studio, like one of the original animators that Joey brought with him when starting the company or even one of the ones that helped come up with the idea of Bendy. It could also be that he was just one of the run of the mill animators in the studio, and Joey just remembers him because they never had a very large staff. 

This also begs the question of how Bendy knew about Henry. The vibe I got from Breaking the Spell was that Bendy recognized/knew about Henry. Which is odd considering Henry (1) quit 30 years ago, and (2) wasn’t around at all for the few years Bendy has physically existed. If he does know about Henry, then what would he even make of Henry coming back after all these years? If I’m wrong and he doesn’t actually know about Henry, how does he make the leap from “this is a random stranger” to “it’s one of the animators”?

That aside, do you have any concrete dates for Henry’s time in the airforce? When was he drafted? When did he crash and get sent to that POW camp? I know at least that he would have been released around April 29, 1945 because I looked it up. Did his family think he was dead after he crashed, at least for a little while (since the wiki also said items were sent to the prisoners from their family)? If not then, did they think he died during that long march that started the January before his release? 

Henry thankfully got out of being drafted for the Vietnam war, but do you know (as the omnipotent authors) what would have happened to him if he had been sent to Vietnam? Would he have died? 

What does Bendy think about all this when he finds out about it? I’m sure he’s found out that Susan’s dad died in the Vietnam war. And besides the terrifying idea that Henry might have died in either conflict, there’s the fact that if Henry had died, Bendy would probably still be with Joey. 

Lastly, where exactly did Henry get a job at after WWII? Does he still work there? Do any of the animation studios we know (like Walt Disney) exist in this world? If Walt Disney doesn’t exist, who took his place on chancing industry changing innovations (like the first cartoon with sound timed to it and the first full length animated film)? 

Sorry this ask is so long. I understand if any of this is in spoiler territory, but is there any of it you can answer? 


Okay well, I asked for this, so I’ll try to answer these in order.

Joey was not a great boss before he went crazy, simply because he was a micromanaging prideful prick. Like some creepy 50s B Movie scientist but with cartoons. But he payed his workers well, he did some pretty wicked things with their contracts, and the show was popular, so he got away with being an overcontrolling douchebag for quite some time even BEFORE things got…


. Henry wasn’t the only one to quit, but it was surprisingly rare, simply because of said murderous contracts and well, he signed the checks quite well.

All of the animators were only Animators– Joey was the sole supervisor and head of the department and the main storyboarder, which is why everything started grinding to a halt when he did. Henry was one of the very first animators, from before the Hays Code, and had a lot of ideas that helped bolster the early show, but Joey refused to acknowledge that they were


’s ideas and this combined with his over-controlling nature meant Henry was willing to take the punch that came with breaking his work contract and left.

The reason Bendy knows Henry is a spoiler, sorry!

I do not have any super concrete dates regarding that, mostly since I prefer to keep the dates vague and my options open. The family did think he was dead briefly, until the letter came in. Darlene definitely cried and tackled him once he finally got home.

He probably would’ve died, yeah. Vietnam was



Oooh, there’s a thought. Bendy cartoons did have some War Propoganda going on, but it all seemed so distant, so that’d be one heck of a nauseating moment for Bendy, all things considered. As for Vietnam, Bendy doesn’t like talking about death in general, so it’s possible he doesn’t know how John died, and both girls do their best to avoid news on the war.

Henry is an animation supervisor now! Bendy thinks this is awesome.

That’s all I can think of.



Badass Princess

 Anonymous said:

Can you write an imagine where the reader is a princess who lands on the island but like she’s all tough and Peter finds out and is surprised?

Warning/s: nothing?


Summary: you’re a badass princess

Princess Y/N wasn’t allowed to leave the castle because of safety purposes but she was never the one to follow the rules so she left anyways. She leaves the castle most of the time to play with the other teens in the village. When her father found out about it, he freaked out. It’s a good thing that Y/N’s mom is a nice woman because she convinced Y/N’s father to just get her a teacher to teach her how to fight for herself and so he did.

Y/N’s father got her a good teacher named Mulan. Mulan taught her how to use a sword, a dagger and a bow and arrow. Y/N was a fast learner so she mastered everything in just a few weeks. Though, Y/N regretted breaking her father’s rules when a bunch of pirates surrounded her when she was currently out the castle.

“Looks like we got the princess” the captain motioned for them to get Y/N. Though Y/N tried to fight, the pirates overpowered her. One of the pirates hit her head, making her go unconscious.

Y/N woke up and realized that her hands were tied and there’s a cloth around her mouth, preventing her from speaking. “Oh look. The princess has awaken” a pirate mocked as he removed the cloth from her mouth.

“There will be no pirates left on this ship when my father found out about this” Y/N growled. The ship erupted in laughter as Y/N said that. “Oh princess, you’re quite the joker aye? Look around you. Does it look like we’re still in your kingdom?” the captain smirked. Y/N looked around and gulped when she saw that they were in the middle of the sea. The captain laughed when he saw Y/N’s nervous face. “I don’t think your father’s little minions can come all the way to Neverland.” He boasted. Y/N made a confused face. “Neverland?” she asked.

Before the pirate could even answer, the ship was raided by a bunch of teenage boys. When one lost boy walked towards Y/N, she smiled. She was about to talk when a bag was placed over her head.

‘Great’ she thought. ‘Kidnapped again’

“I swear when I get out of this, you all will be lifeless corpses” Y/N spat through the bag on her head. She only got chuckles in response.

After a while, the bag was taken off of Y/N’s head as her sweaty face became visible again. The one who looks like the leader grinned. “She’s got the looks”

Y/N gritted her teeth as she muttered ‘pig’. 

“Oh. Feisty too. I’m Peter Pan by the way.” the guy slyly smiled. Y/N responded with a bitter smile. Pan walked over to her and held her hands.

“Now I’m gonna untie you. Don’t try anything, alright?” Pan looked at Y/N as she nodded. As Pan untied her hands, Y/N kicked Pan where it hurts and attacked the other lost boys one by one. Slamming her elbows on some faces and kicking them on the stomach.

When everyone was laying on the ground, she turned around to run but was met by a chest. Y/N looked up to see a smirking Pan.

“Well that was new. Who knew a princess could fight like that?” Pan chuckled. Y/N glared at Pan. “I just want to go home alright? Let me go and no harm will be done.” Y/N stood proud, showing off her royal blood.

“Was that a threat?” Pan chuckled.

Y/N took out a dagger that was hidden in her dress and pointed it at Pan making him chuckle.

“You know, you quite amuse me.” Pan started.

“I think I’ll keep you”

note: writer’s block. sorry this was short but I’m really dumb rn xD. For those ‘Part 2′ requests… I might post them .. not so soon. lol so sorry

Brave (Movie! Jake Portman x reader)

Anonymous said: Could you write an imagine where I got in a fight with a wight but I don’t want anyone to know so I cover up the busies and scratches but one day Emma notices and she, Jake, and Enoch all try to get me to tell the what happened but I cry and it’s really emotional because I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t handle it. (This is SO long sorry!!!)

Here you go! I hope you like it! x

Originally posted by xsecretsfrostx

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Could you maybe write a very dirty imagine where Roman is an incredible flirt and tease and once he gets you in bed and y'all are loud and in the moment Seth and Dean walk in ‘unaware’ and tease you so you and Roman get even louder and nastier - ANONYMOUS


I don’t how know it’d happened. One minute I was the new girl, trying to find my own two feet in the business. I made friends on the roster, some of them becoming so close so instantly it was like we’d known each other for long. And then there was Roman, whom I had a major crush on, myself and about 85% of the other women on the roster. Even the ones in relationships spoke highly of him and how good looking he was. Those that didn’t ‘see it’, were just in denial; I was so sure of it.

I remember the first time I met him, it was in passing as we crossed paths backstage. I was starstruck, and he eyed me up and down, checking me out surreptitiously and greeting me with a smile.

“How you doin’?” he said casually, and carried on walking, not even waiting for my response. It kept me curious…

I fell for him instantly. We started talking a lot more the more we saw each other; talking turned into blatant flirting.

He’d walk past me in the gym and say things like, “Nice shorts,” or “your hair looks cute today,” or just blatantly (when we went out on nights together with the others) “you look really sexy tonight.” But the blatant flirting never went any further than that, much to my dismay.

I became a target for my friends and his; they knew how I felt, it’d been a secret but somehow it leaked and everyone suddenly knew and liked to tease me about it. Apparently the feeling was mutual but at the same time I’d heard he was fooling around with Alicia, so I backed away. And she confirmed it one night when we went out for dinner and she wouldn’t stop talking about him and the size of his empire. I felt sick with jealousy, I resented her because she knew how I felt but at the same time she wasn’t my close friend or anything so really, she didn’t owe me anything.

“Aye, Y/L/N,” Roman called out to me one afternoon and approached me. “You coming over tonight?”

“Where?” I frowned.

“My place,” he said as if it was obvious. I gave him a hard look, he kissed his teeth and started laughing, placing his hand gently on my shoulder. “Not like that, I mean everyone’s coming, we gon order some food, drinks, chill, get wild, whatever rocks your boat,”

Then I remembered he’d mentioned this in a group chat a few days ago and everyone in the chat had been enthusiastic about going. I never replied to confirm.

“Oh,” I played it cool looking down at the floor. “I don’t know,”

“Why? All your girls are coming, don’t be left out,”

“Peer pressure,” I joked then finally looked up at him into those grey eyes.

He stole my breath away no matter how many times I looked at him, sometimes I really forgot how good looking he was. And just by that, I felt the pressure to say yes so I could see more of him. But then a part of me thought why waste my time? He wasn’t interested.

“I can’t, I have a few things to do tonight,”

He pouted, his enthusiasm deflating, “Why tonight? Can’t you do it tomorrow?”

I shook my head no apologetically. He sighed and pushed the strands of stray hairs back with a puff.

“That’s a shame, I wish you were coming,”

Me too to be honest, but I wasn’t going to bring myself to watch him and Alicia flirting or getting cosy. Luckily, somehow I’d managed to not see it since the rumours.

“I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you,”

“You better, you sure there’s no way to convince you to come?” he lowered his voice and stepped closer, closing the gap between us.

I suddenly felt short of breath and disorientated, he was clouding my thoughts and judgment, probably his intention to corner me to say ‘yes’. His musk did not exactly helping either. I pursed my lips and swallowed the lump in my throat, looking up to see a flirtatious smirk tugging at his lips.

“Uhh, no,” I stuttered. “I can’t, what about Alicia?”

Shit, big mouth.

“She’s coming,” he said casually, not even blinking an eye.

“Yeah,” I shrugged. “So you don’t need me, you’ll have her company,”

He scrunched up his face and tilted his head in confusion, “Why would you say that?”

“Oh come on Roman, don’t play dumb, you and her are hooking up, you don’t need me to be her stand-in if she’s already coming,”

He started laughing, his eyes squinting as the realisation really hit him hard. I wish it was that funny.

“What?! And who said that? Me and Alicia are not anything,” he stated. “That’s some bull, we did it once, I mean but that was once, before you joined us, who told you?”

I bit my lip, tempted to expose her for going around and claiming him but I bit my tongue and shook my head, shrugging.

“It’s going around, that’s all,”

“Well don’t worry about it because there’s nothing there, I’m not attracted to her,” he confirmed and started playing with the lace string on my jumper as if it was innocent. “So…you weren’t coming tonight because of Alicia? Were you jealous?”

I stared at him blankly.

“Oh shit for real? Don’t even give me that look, it’s fucking sexy alright?” he glanced up then down. “I think it’s cute you were jealous, you like me more than you let on,”

“Okay you’re going overboard flattering yourself,”

He shrugged, “Just saying, so, will you come over tonight? You can stay the night,”

“Don’t push it,”

“I’m not asking you,” he looked right into my eyes and I thought fuck; how the hell do I even deny that? I felt my stomach tingle and my panties soak instantly. “I’m telling you,”

I made a mental note to wear my sexy lingerie that I preserved for my eyes only a lot lately. My sex life had been non-existent for a while.


“You okay?” he mumbled, nudging me with his elbow that evening as we huddled in his living room socialising over copious amounts of pizza.

“Mhhh-hmm,” I smiled at him. “Just tired,”

“Want me to kick them out?” he said referring to his guests.

I happened to look up, and around, catching Alicia staring at us whilst in a conversation with Paige. I looked away immediately, intimidated by her fierce gaze. She’d been doing that a lot lately towards me, I got it, I knew why, but still.

“No, don’t do that, I think I’m gonna go to bed,”

He pouted, “Nooo, stay, thirty more minutes?”

I chuckled, keeping my voice low in shielding the conversation from the others, even though they were busy engrossed in their debate.

“I’ll literally just fall asleep on you, I’m that tired,” I sat up. “Let me go wash my face and I’ll wait up for you in bed? Thirty minutes,”

I didn’t give him a chance to reply to ask what I really meant by that. I could see how perplexed he was. He watched me stand up to leave, eyes trained on me as he thought about my statement.

“Where are you going?” Paige called out.

“That’s very intrusive, I could be going to the bathroom,”

“'Could be,’ but you’re not,”

“I’m going to bed,” I said, my body heating up in embarassment as suspicious smiles appeared on my onlookers’ face.

“That’s a hint for you bro,” Dean wiggled his brows suggestively at Roman.

Ignoring the remark, albeit true, I ran up the stairs and stripped in his bedroom; helping myself to his shirt at the foot of the bed. I climbed in and flipped through his sport magazine briefly, expecting him to come in soon behind me. I heard voices and laughter downstairs and assumed he wasn’t going to come anytime soon, especially with his friends and mine pushing him, he liked to be stubborn. It’d have been awkward. Ten minutes passed and he wasn’t there still, I wasn’t going to stay up past the 30 minutes I gave him. I was straining myself already; I could feel my body being enticed by sleep.

Right when I turned off the bedside lamp and got comfortable, I heard footsteps ascending the stairs and get louder with each step. There was a brief knock at the door, and he walked in, switching on the main light.

“You said half an hour,”

“I thought you weren’t gonna come, you have ten minutes left,”

“By that, do you mean I have ten minutes to get the job done or…?”

“I mean join me or I’m going to sleep for real,” I said opening the sheets out to welcome him.

“Turn on that light for a second,” he said as he turned off the main one.

He took his shirt and jeans off, left
in boxers - he came towards the bed. I admired the view as he took a long walk towards me, flaunting his rock hard body. My mouth watered at the dirty thoughts flooding my mind. Down girl.

“I came to tuck my favourite girl in,” he smiled. “Tell you a bedtime story and sing you a lullaby,”

“Whoa I get a show too?” I pointed to his nude torso.

“You get anything you want sweetheart,” he said climbing in and went to reach over to switch off the lamp and paused, looking at me weirdly. “Hold up, is that my shirt?”


“Why’re you stealing my shit?”

“Mhhh…because I can?”

“Take it off,” he demanded. I could sense his playfulness but I got so turned on and I think he noticed when I instinctively bit my lip in response. He played up to it. “Take. It. Off.”

“Make me,” I said without thinking.

And then I did think seconds later, no regrets because he straddled me and pushed the shirt up and I didn’t even put up a fight. I wanted to see how far he’d go. He stopped when it bunched up underneath my boobs and looked down at me.

“Nice panties,” he complimented my lime green thin bit of fabric covering my sex.


Then we just looked at each other before he lowered himself and he kissed me, for the first time ever. I kissed him back, desperately so, like I’ve wanted to do for a while. We moaned in each other’s mouthes and before I knew it I was rolling my hips against his groin and he buried his hands inside the shirt, massaging my breasts as he kissed me. My nipples hardened within seconds and he pinched them delicately, I felt myself get so aroused that I wanted him immediately.

He pulled away and licked his lips, I mimicked his action.

“So ummm, I need to take my shirt back,” he said ever so politely like a decent human being.

I nodded and sat up, pulling it over my head and offered it to him, but he wasn’t paying attention to that anymore. He was looking at my boobs with my erect nipples ready for his attention. I dropped the shirt next to the bed and the next thing I knew his plump lips were wrapped around one bud and I threw my head back in satisfaction. I slowly lay back down with him suckling at me, I tried to be quiet with my moans but it felt too good to contain.

“I’m so wet for you,” I told him, taking his hand and dipping it inside my panties to prove it.

He grunted when he felt it for himself, rubbing me as he paid attention to my twin peaks.

“I want your fingers inside me,” I instructed him and he was stubborn for a minute or two by continuing to massaging and thumbing my clit gently before I felt one finger sliding in, instantly followed by another.

I gasped in ecstasy and held onto him tighter as I felt my walls being stretched. It’d been a while and I knew I needed that to prime me.

“You feel so tight,” he commented with a restrained grunt.

“I want you to fuck me until I’m all stretched out Roman,”

“Fuck,” he hissed and pulled his fingers out, tasting every drop of my juices before reaching for his drawer and pulled out a gold wrapper.

I sat up on my elbows and watched him pull his tented boxers down, revealing his hard erection, long, thick glistening and ready. My mind went into overdrive as I thought about what he could to me with that. I watched him roll on the condom and stroked himself a couple of times before he played at my entrance, soaking his shaft with my juices.

“Mhhhhh,” I moaned, laying back down.

Even that, the simplest thing felt so good. It’d really been a while.

“You ready?” he asked.

I opened my legs wider as he found a better position and he pushed himself inside me slowly. My breath came out jagged and caught, he was so big, it felt so tight like he was doing me for the first time. I gripped the bedsheets as he pushed all the way in slowly, hissing with every inch that he drove into me.

“Fuck Y/N, how long’s it been?”

“A little too long,”


He held himself there as we got accustomed to each others bodies; moulding into each other’s sex. Then he started drawing back and pushing back into me again in repeated motions until it started to feel really good. I didn’t realise it then how loud we’d gotten but why did it matter when we were having such a good time.

We were a chorus of curses, breathy moans, sloppy kisses and harmonious rhythms. And it was going so well until there was a gentle knock at the door. Roman ignored it, determined as he fucked me harder, our eyes trained on each other.

There was another knock.

“Room service,” Dean’s unmistakable voice called out followed by a set of giggles.

“Hello?” Seth called out this time with a put on accent. “Anyone in there or we’ll barge in?”

“Roman,” I whimpered trying to get him to stop as he fucked me so good that sweet sensation brewed inside me, because I knew there was no way I could come like this.

“They’ll go away,” he grunted, punctuating the statement with an aggressive thrust that rendered me speechless, but elicited the loudest moan yet.

Immediately after, the door barged open, Seth and Dean stumbled in.

“Oh shit,” Seth said clutching onto the door handle as if he hadn’t expected it to actually open.

Our bodies ceased all motion, I instinctively cried out, pulling the sheets over our bodies and tried to hide underneath.

“Fuck, really?” Roman growled, glaring at our intruders. “What the fuck?!” he growled.

“Oh,” Seth said feigning a look of sympathy at us and then innocence at Dean. “Silly us, we thought no one was in here,”

“Yeah, we came to make out,” Dean said plainly. “We can see you guys beat us to it,”

“Get out,”

“Is this the hook-up room?” Dean asked innocently.

“For real Dean, Seth, get the fuck out,”

“Oh jheeze,” I hid in embarrassment.

“Oh, wait, are we in the way?” Seth questioned. “Oh hey Y/N, was wondering -”

I covered my face with my hands, if this wasn’t embarrassing enough already, being acknowledged by name made it worse.

“Can you…just go please?” I voiced awkwardly, feeling uncomfortable despite being covered up.

“Dean let’s go find another room,” Seth suggested, backing out. “The lady’s spoken, enjoy your…umm okay, bye,”

“Wait, I wanna-” Dean said but Seth dragged him and I think that was more to do with Roman’s unfaltering glare.

“Fuck- ouch, don’t touch me,” I heard Dean yell on the other side of the door.

“I’m sorry,” Roman looked down at me, a cross between sympathy and annoyance.

“It’s okay,” I said, thinking what the fuck just happened. Then we both started laughing, coming to halt when we heard the two laughing as well on the other side of the door.

“'Oh Roman, you’re so big,” Seth imitated loudly.

“Oh yeah? You like that baby-girl?” Dean replied.

“Yes…oh…harder Roman, you’re best,”

“I know I am, how hard do you want it?”

“So, they’re drunk,” Roman narrated, looking down at me, pinching the bridge of his nose in distress.

“You thrown off?” I asked, playing with his baby hair.

“No, you?”



“Do me a favour?”


“Give it to me hard, I wanna drown out their noises,”

“I can do that,” he smirked. “You sure?”

“Yes,” I said rolling my hips to get him started. “I can handle it,”

He grabbed a hold of my legs and pushed them against my thighs, as he entered me again. I moaned aloud at how good he felt in me again. He drew in and out of me, slowly but with a firm thrust, gradually picking up speed. He persevered like so, increasing the speed and force so much that our skin slapped against each other and the bed hit the wall. I loved it. I bellowed. He repeated, cursing, at the way I responded.

“Harder,” I whimpered.

“Roll over,” he commanded when he paused to pull out of me.

Too slow in action, he rolled me in a swift move and I was now lying on my stomach.

I felt the tip at my soaking wet entrance, then after that the room was filled with our loud grunts and hiccuped sentences. He filled me up deliciously, slamming into me fully with every stroke and then I felt my walls contract.

“I’m coming, shit shit shit!” I squealed as it built up fiercely. “Roman…”

If I thought he was gonna slow down then, I was wrong. He incresead the speed and vigor, pushing for his own orgasm too. Before I knew it we both rode the rollercoaster and came down from the high, in a series of hard and jagged breaths.

“Whoa, if I knew what you were working with I swear I’d have taken you right then and there the first day I saw you,” he sighed, hand on my waist.

“Well, jheeze thanks,” I rolled my eyes. “But the feeling’s mutual, I don’t think I can move,”

“I’ve never been so turned on in my life,” I heard Seth say.

“They’re still there?” Roman asked me, that annoyance returning.

“Maybe we weren’t loud enough,” I laughed.

“Oh I think the whole house heard us, especially Alicia,”

I gasped and looked at him wide-eyed, “I’ve officially made an enemy because of you!” I hit him on the chest.

He clasped his hands behind his head and lifted his shoulders in an attempted shrug, “Yeah but you have me now, good compromise isn’t it?”

seventeen’s reaction to you dancing to their song flawlessly

thank you so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me really happy to hear that you like my writing~ you’re too sweet :) I hope you like this reaction [p.s i wrote it as if the reader is their s/o, is that okay??] and my sincere apologies for how long this took… i mean it’s literally almost been a year. i feel really badly …. I’ll do better in the future.


seungcheol ~

Seungcheol would be totally ecstatic. He sees you dancing to their music jokingly all the time so he hadn’t expected you to actually follow their choreography for once. “Oh my~ jagi, have you always danced this well? Why were you hiding this from me?” After saying that, he’d sit in front of you and smile with his mouth slightly agape. He wouldn’t want to interrupt again, he was too afraid you’d stop. Once you finished he’d jump up and lift you off your feet into an embrace. “That was amazing, Y/N!”

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jeonghan ~

Jeonghan would sit back and smile widely as soon as you began to do their choreography. He would be a happy kind of surprised, his wide eyes not leaving you for a second. Jeonghan would clap for you once you finished, stopping so he could grab your hand and pull you to him. “When did you have the time to learn that, Y/N? If you have that much free time you should be spending it with me.” He’d laugh and place you on his lap. “Just kidding, jagi. That was unbelievable! I never knew you could dance like that.”

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joshua ~

Joshua’s would smile brightly when he realized what you were doing, his eyes widening in admiration. He would yell out ad-libs throughout the whole ordeal to show his approval. “Wow! ….. Yeah man!…. Ay yo Y/N!” When you finally finished, he’d release one closing ‘wow’ and give you a loud round of applause. As you came up from a bow, Josh would take the chance to grab your wrist and pull you towards him. “I can’t believe you learned the whole dance! That was really amazing, jagi.” 

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junhui ~

Jun would merely raise his eyebrows at you as you passionately went through their choreography. He’d be hesitant to show how impressed he was, but couldn’t help his mouth forming a little ‘o’. When the song came to an end he’d break into a tiny smile and walk up to your side. “You did this move wrong.. your leg should’ve been like this, not like this.” He’d place a hand on your thigh and show the correct position. You pouted at his critique, Jun’s smirk splitting into a grin. “-but that was fantastic, Y/N. Really, it was. If I knew you were this good at dancing I would’ve had you practice with me a long time ago!”

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soonyoung ~

Hoshi is the type of boyfriend to give constant, genuine, and loud praise- he sees you as nothing less than perfect. So, when you began to recite the 아주 NICE choreography flawlessly, he wouldn’t hesitate to show his amazement. “That’s my jagi! WOW~ Y/N, you’re so talented!” He’d be smiling so hard by the end of your performance that you were afraid his face would split in two. He’d giggle excitedly and scoop you into his arms. “Do you know how long it took the boys to learn that? You should be so proud of yourself!”

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wonwoo ~

Wonwoo is such soft, shy, sweetheart~ I think that no matter how long you were dating, he’d get flustered by all the little things you do. Seeing you dance would put a bashful smile on his face. He’d watch quietly, his smile along with the pink tint on his cheeks growing each second. When you finished he’d clap his sweater paws together slowly, “That was really..cute, Y/N… you’re really cute….”

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jihoon ~

Woozi’s eye smile would be evident the moment he realized what you were doing. He’d watch you in pride and admiration, not being able to think of anything other than how lucky he is to have someone like you all to himself. 
“Is this what you’ve been doing while I’m working late?” He’d laugh lightly when the song finally ended. “I can’t believe it~ that was so cool.” He’d rub his neck shyly, his eyes fixated on the floor.

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seokmin ~

We all know how extra Dokyeom is. There’s no doubt that he’d be up in an instant, reciting the choreography at your side with a cheesy grin on his face. Though, he’d be laughing to hard to do it properly, collapsing on the ground to enjoy watching instead. “You’re a better dancer than me!” He’d exclaim when the song ended, dragging you down beside him. Seokmin would lace his fingers with yours and place a kiss on your cheek. “You should be promoting with the boys and I- seriously. You’re full of surprises, Y/N!”

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mingyu ~

Mingyu’s initial reaction would be a look of pure awe, his jaw hanging open at the slightest. It would take him a minute to compose himself, but soon he’d break into a beaming smile. He’d love the thought of you practicing one of his group’s dances, his cheeks beginning to hurt from smiling so much. “Oh my god! I can’t believe that just happened..” He’d yell as soon as you were done. “How long did that take you? That was insane! I love you, jagi, you’re so talented!”

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minghao ~

When Minghao turned on their title track BOOM BOOM, the last thing he expected was to see you start dancing along out of the corner of his eye. He seems like the kind of boyfriend who would mostly just tease you all the time, but internally would find everything you do to be insanely cute. So, the fact that you took the time to learn the complex choreography and practice it, would 10/10 make his heart palpitate. “Y/N, I love you so much. You know that right?”- is about all he could muster up as your performance came to an end.

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seungkwan ~

I can just see Seungkwan’s dopey, surprised face as he watches you perform Seventeen’s choreography with precision. “Is this really happening right now?!” He’d think aloud. And when I say he’s excited, I mean like… bouncing in his seat, flailing his arms around like a crazy person kind of excited. He would just look at you with more admiration then he ever did before, thinking about how lucky he is to have someone as dedicated and talented as you. “Y/N, YOU’RE INCREDIBLE!”

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hansol ~

Naturally, Vernon’s go-to reaction would be a meme-sol expression. He’d stare at you with his eyebrows raised and bottom lip sucked in, looking more meme-sol than ever. I feel like he’d stay quiet until the very end, just marveling at you as you execute each dance move flawlessly. When the song ends and you bow in his direction, he’d break into a beaming smile and laugh heartily. “I can’t believe you, Jagi. Only you would do something like this. You’re too cute!” Be prepared to be pulled into a tight hug- once he finishes his guffawing, of course.

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chan ~

Dino, most definitely being the type of boyfriend to put you on a pedestal, never stops being amazed by you. Like, the way you eat your cereal is some kind of miracle to him. So seeing you doing something as complicated as the 아주 NICE choreo would just about break his mind. Instinctively, he’d join you, dancing at your side a bit sloppily as he tries to watch your dancing at the same time as concentrate on his own. When the music finally fades off, he’d take your hands in his and praise you endlessly. “My Jagi is so gifted! Is there anything you can’t do?”

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A Raven Among Crows: Pt 4

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part Two  Part Three  Part Five 

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name

(Y/N)= Your Name

You are tired of hearing the stupid fucking wind howling all the damn time. Your feet ach and you’re starving. Hearing Jon complain wasn’t the worst thing in the world, the enjoyment you did find was looking at the beautiful landscape beyond the Wall.

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Requested By Anon

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Bucky has created a chatroom.

Bucky has invited Sam.

Bucky: I need your help!

Sam: Is Y/N okay? Were you two attacked? Was it Hydra? I’ll get Steve!

Bucky: No! Y/N’s fine. We’re fine. Kind of. I’m not fine.

Sam: … Bucky Barnes. Are you nervous about your first date with Y/N?


Sam: First of all, calm down before I fly over there and steal your date.

Sam: What are you two doing?

Bucky: We’re watching a movie. Gods, Y/N looks so beautiful! Even while stuffing their face with popcorn.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: This is my area of expertise. Why didn’t you come to me?

Sam: Sit your metal ass down. He came to me because I’m clearly the best one for this.

Tony: Who’s deemed a playboy here? Oh right, me!

Sam: And who’s single here? Oh right, you!

Tony: Um

Sam: Wait

Sam: Shit

Sam: I am too

Bucky: Oh my god Y/N’s laughing at the movie and

Bucky: I’m sweating guys

Bucky: Who looks this cute

Bucky: WHO




Bucky: it beats for Y/N…

Sam has added Steve, Clint.


Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: My fathers beard?



Thor: Do you require a hug?


Thor: He is now a tree?

Steve: Buck? Are you feeling okay? It’s only your first date with Y/N…

Clint: Imagine what he’ll be like on the second date…

Thor: Fear not, Barnes. We shall guide you on this joyous occasion!

Bucky: Thanks, Thor. I’m unfriending the rest of you. Jerks.

Steve: Even ME?!

Steve: bucky

Steve: I didn’t do anything

Steve: BUCKY

Steve: Rethink this

Natasha has joined the chat.

Natasha: Which one of you idiots upset Steve?


Natasha: Really, Bucky!? You’re texting us while you’re with Y/N?

Sam: He needs our help.

Natasha: I can see that…

Tony: Drape an arm around Y/N.

Sam: Ask Y/N if they’d like more snacks.

Thor: If Y/N is cold, offer your cape!

Bucky: I can do that

Bucky: Sure

Bucky: Easy

Bucky: Simple

Bucky: I got this

Clint: Are you 6?

Clint: You’re not going to get “cooties” if you touch Y/N.


Clint: I know everything.

Thor: Everything?

Clint: Everything.

Tony: What kind of things?

Clint: Everything.

Steve: You got lucky on ONE guess.

Natasha: Remember the time we all went on that one mission where Clint had no idea what was going on?

Thor: Aye! He thought it was a simple rescue mission. Fool!

Steve: It’s hard to believe he survived it.

Tony: So much for knowing everything.

Clint: don’t out me like this

Bucky: So I put my arm around Y/N and Y/N leaned in and oh


Wade has joined the chat.

Wade: And you managed to get a date with Y/N how? I’ve been trying for years!

Thor: Greetings, Wade!

Sam: Thor don’t engage him.

Wade: I know something about you.

Sam: What?

Wade: You went to Cranbrook, that’s a private school.

Sam: No, I did not.

Wade: What’s the matter dawg? You embarrassed? 

Sam: No?

Wade: This guy’s an Avenger? His real name’s Clarence.

Sam has left the chat.

Wade: He’s shook.

Thor: Sam’s real name is Clarence?

Clint: Oh boy.


Tony: Just watch the movie! I don’t see how you can mess it up.

Wade: Oh you can mess it up.

Wade: You’d be surprised at the number of ways to ruin that.

Natasha: Talking from experience?

Wade: No, I’m perfect.

Thor: Of course you are, Wade!

Wade: I love you.

Thor: That is nice…

Thor has left the chat.




Steve: Kids, please. Now is not the time.

Bucky: What is wrong with you two?

Bucky: No wonder Y/N never went out with you, Wade.


Wade: Clint.

Wade: I’m going to make you some hot chocolate. Tuck you in. Sing you a lullaby. Read you a story. Gently stroke your hair. AND THEN STRANGLE YOU!


Tony: Must be stressful being a superdad to so many superkids.

Steve: You’d never know since YOU DON’T HELP


Wade: Can you buy me a new Katana? I’m going to need a new one when I’m done with Clint. 

Tony: No.

Wade: Don’t you dare fucking say it, Clint.

Clint: REJECTIOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clint has been disconnected.

Wade has left the chat.

Bucky: Is he dead? He’s dead.

Y/N has joined the chat.

Bucky has been disconnected.


Tony has left the chat.

Y/N: Hi! So which one of you is responsible for getting Bucky and I kicked out from the movie?

Natasha: Wait, what?

Y/N: He was on his phone the whole time! It was distracting the people next to us.

Steve: Why did he get disconnected? Is he…?

Y/N: He didn’t want us to get kicked out. He got upset and crushed his phone.

Steve: Are they… you know… dead?

Y/N: No, Steve. Bucky did not murder anyone over this.

Natasha: Did you at least have a good time?




Steve: Probably not as excited as Bucky.

Y/N: Wanna join us for some ice cream?

Natasha: Yeah!

Steve: See you in 10 minutes! 

Y/N: I didn’t tell you where we are though…

Natasha: Steve’s overprotective of you and Bucky. I’m one of the best spy’s in the world.

Steve: Nat.

Natasha: …. and also very overprotective of you.

Y/N: … Please don’t follow Bucky and I on our honeymoon if we get married.

Natasha: No promises!

Y/N has left the chat.

Natasha has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

A Raven Among Crows: Pt 5

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part Three  Part Four  Part Six 

(Y/N)= Your Name

Warning: The truth is about to be revealed. 

You never thought you would be walking back towards the Wall with a bunch of Wildlings by your side. But you did find comfort in talking with Tormund, he was always by your side and Jon Snow right behind you. 

“You cleaned up well, you looked like an ugly little boy when I first saw you,” Tormund says.

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