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ACOWAR Told Through GIFs! (Part 1)

I worked very hard on this! Thank you so much for looking at it! If you want a Part 2, please let me know! Please reblog or comment if you like! Should I do ones for ACOTAR & ACOMAF?

Everyone trusts the priestess who sold them out:

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Feyre hijacks Ianthe’s ceremony:

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The Hybern Twins are annoying:

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Feyre V.S. Ianthe (Pt. 1):                                                       

Lucien & Feyre:                                                                     Ianthe:

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The Hybern twins don’t know what hit them:

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Enter Eris:

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Cassian & Az to the rescue:


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Lucien’s brothers when they finds out Feyre is High Lady:

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Feysand Reunion:

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Lucien in Velaris:

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The Inner Circle when Feyre snaps at Rhys over Nesta:

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Family Dinner:

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Feyre after Nesta & her fight at dinner:

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Feyre learning to fly:

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The Bone Carver:

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Nesta when Lucien speaks to Elain:

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The Court Of Nightmares when Feyre sits on the throne:

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Eris returns:

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Mor & Rhys fight:


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Amren learns about Feyre’s meeting with the Bone Carver:

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Lucien & Elain being babysat by the girls:

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The Nephelle Philosophy:

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The Ravens:

Feyre & Nesta:

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Enter Library Creature:

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Rhysand after the Ravens attack:

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The Inner Circle finally figures out Elain’s a seer:

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Summer Court Siege:

Mor & Feyre:

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Tarquin to Rhys and Feyre:

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Tamlin arrives at the meeting with the High Lords:

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Tamlin talks smack about Feyre and Rhys:

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Rhysand mutes Tamlin:


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Eris V.S. Azriel:

Azriel be like:

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Feyre attacks Beron:


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The Wall comes down:

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Elain wants to beg Graysen for sanctuary:

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Jurian enters the meeting with Graysen and the Inner Circle:

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If you want a Part 2 please let me know! I really had fun making this! Be sure to follow my blog TheeReadQueen. Have a great day! ~ Alix (TheeReadQueen)

*Note-Find Part 2 here.

Studyblrs older then 20 please reblog this

I always feel like I’m the only one, don’t get me wrong I love that younger studyblrs are here to work hard and love what they do. I’m proud of you.

But I want to meet more studyblrs who are a little older.


A FFXV / Fabula Nova Crystallis AU where Eos is a world with nations torn apart by political strife and war. Tired of watching his family line and home fall to ruin, crown prince of Insomnia, Noctis Lucis Caelum, pleads with his kingdom’s deity Etro to arise as a champion. Hearing his plea, the goddess sends a Fal’cie to answer his the call…

Here is Part 3 and the final set of panels I had drafted out for this little comic AU. There was a lot of hard work put into this, and I hope that you all have enjoyed the ride! It’s been one learning experience after another, and while I feel there’s still a lot for me to learn I hope to find the time and inspiration to make more comic shorts, be they fan art or original creations.  Huge thanks to everyone kind enough to like, reblog or leave encouraging/funny messages and tags; they simply make my day. Please enjoy~!

Part I, Part II

Modern Greek mythology fanzine! ✨

Hey! So I’ve been seeing a lot of cool art fanzines with wonderful concepts and fandoms, but I noticed I haven’t seen a modern mythology one yet! And so that brought me to the idea of possibly creating/starting an art and writing zine of younger, modern takes on the Greek gods, i.e. girl gang leader Aphrodite, surfer dude Poseidon, and so on! I can’t draw/write all these ideas myself, nor do I want to when there are so many great writers and artists out there, so it would be an open call for submissions zine!

But I can’t make this happen alone! I’ve never run a zine before, so while I’m more than willing to give this my 120% effort, there are certain things I’m iffy about, such as selling, ordering, formatting, etc. So I’m looking for one or two people to run this project with me, with past experience please! If you’d be interested in participating or buying, please like/reblog! (And if you’re up for possibly helping me run this thing, message me!) I haven’t decided on details yet, but if possible I want to give contributors a copy of their hard work and for the zine proceeds to go to charity with bundles and stickers and charms and all that fun stuff!

So please, if you’re interested, signal boost this! I’m so excited for this and I really hope it happens. ^~^

xo, Ashley (@momokkoi)

EDIT: Just to clarify, I am currently not accepting submissions! There will be open submissions, yes, as well as invited artists, but I gotta do my research first to make this happen! Bear with me :)
Cause and Effect [Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne]

Because I have been thinking about Tim coming ‘back to life’ for six months and after this post I had to finally write out what I have been thinking. I worked on this for a pretty long time and am very happy so. Please enjoy.

Tim’s lungs burn. He’s not sure if it’s from the fight or the feel of breathing in real air for the first time in…he doesn’t know. There was never a way to keep count of time beyond the growth of his hair. It is longer now, enough to be in his eyes, enough so when the wind picks up on the skyscrapers of Gotham it whips along with it.

He is trying hard to breathe. He is panting. His body aches, limbs heavy from gravity alone with bruises swelling under his too-hot uniform, with cuts slashed out making his skin sing with pain. Much of the fabric is stained dark with blood, his gloves are slick with it. His entire body is shaking.

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Birmingham (Prinxiety)

Title: Birmingham

Pairing: Roman x Virgil

Warnings: father leaving

Based on: Birmingham by Mikey Wax

A/N: Human AU


Virgil cringed when he hit the cold, slush-covered ground after being thrown out from the train. The slush rubbed against his cheek and he quickly wiped it off. He looked back at the man who had threw him off. He was about to turn around when Virgil called out.

“Wait! Please! I don’t even know where I am!” he cried.

“You’re in Birmingham,” the man said. “Oh, and here’s your book.” He threw the book Virgil had been reading on the train next to where Virgil was lying. The slush dampened the pages. The sound of the train door shutting harshly directed Virgil’s attention back to the train. He watched helplessly as it left him behind.

Virgil grabbed his book and shoved it back into his bag, then stood up. He headed towards what seemed to be a bunch of shops. He didn’t know why, but he felt like he was being pulled there by an invisible force.

He walked along the different shops, pulling his hood over his head as it began to rain. Suddenly, he felt someone grab his wrist. He turned around to see the most handsome boy he’d ever seen with tears streaming down his face and his eyes closed.

“Please, don’t leave! I need you. I’m sorry for all that I’ve done but–” he began, but Virgil cut him off.

“I don’t think I’m who you’re looking for,” he said. The boy opened his eyes and turned red.

“I-I’m so sorry,” he said. “I thought you were– it was too good to be true. Sorry for bothering you.” He turned to leave.

“Wait!” Virgil called out. The boy turned to him again. “I really need help right now. I’m lost and alone and home is in a different state and I have no way to get there.” The boy smiled warmly.

“Come with me,” he said grabbing Virgil’s hand once again and leading him away from the shops. “I’m Roman by the way.” They came upon a small house. It wasn’t in the best condition. The shutters were broken. The steps looked like they would collapse under a feather, and the roof probably had quite few leaks. Nevertheless, Virgil gladly stepped inside. Anything was better than staying outside in the freezing cold.

The porch creaked loudly when Roman stepped on it, alarming Virgil, but Roman assured him that it was sturdy despite how it looked. Virgil stepped on, silently praying that Roman was right in his claim.

Stepping inside was like stepping into a whole other world. The inside of the house didn’t look even remotely as bad as the outside. It was warm and welcoming with a slight smell of old books filling the air.

“You can put your shoes over here and your jacket up there,” Roman said pointing to a shoe rack and a coat hanger. “I’ll be right back.” Virgil took off his shoes and coat and set down his bag. Roman came back with two towels in his hands. He handed one to Virgil, who used it to dry off.

Roman led him to a room that took Virgil’s breath away and also explained the book smell. It was a rather large room with two large bookshelves, a fireplace across from the bookshelves, and two very comfotable looking chairs facing the fireplace.

“I’ll go heat up some hot chocolate,” Roman said. “Feel free to make yourself comfortable.”

Virgil wandered over to the bookshelves. He carefully pulled out a book and ran my fingers over the cover and down the spine. I could see a path where my finger was as the dust on the book was brushed off. I opened the book and flipped through the pages. The book was in excellent condition. He closed it and put it back.

Next, he walked over to the fireplace, which had quite a few pictures on it. Virgil reached up and took one down. It was of a boy posing with what he assumed were his mother and father. The boy looked young, no older than ten years old. He stared at it curiously.

“That’s the last photograph of my father before he left,” Roman said suddenly from behind him. Virgil jumped, almost dropping the picture. He quickly put it back and turned to Roman.

“S-sorry!” he said nervously. Roman laughed.

“It’s fine,” he assured him, walking over and handing him a mug of hot chocolate. “Please, take a seat.” Virgil carefully walked over to a chair and sat down, trying his best not to spill his hot chocolate.

“So, where are you trying to get to?” Roman asked, taking a sip of his drink.

“I don’t know actually,” Virgil admitted. “I’ve been running from my life. I really don’t want to go back but it looks like I don’t have much of a choice. I have no where else to go. It’ll be tough but it’ll be better than living in the streets. And this is assuming I can actually get home.”

“I can get you home,” Roman said. “I can just sell this ring and it’ll be enough.” He pulled out an engagement box and opened it, revealing a ring. “I worked so hard for this, but it looks like I have no one to give it to anymore.”

“Oh, no, I can’t let you do that,” Virgil said.

“Then stay with me,” Roman said suddenly. He seemed surprised by his own words, but didn’t take it back.


“Stay with me,” he repeated. “I know it sounds crazy, but there’s just something about you that’s telling me to not let you go.”

Virgil smirked and said, “It’s not that crazy. Especially considering that there’s something about you that’s telling me not to leave.”


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Recommendations and Reviews

A/N Right guys before I get onto the stories I’ve picked for this week id like to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read these, reblog them and like them, it means a lot to me to know that they are being helpful to some people, I would also like to thank all the amazing authors of the story’s I recommend they put all there hard work and emotions into the story and for me everyone of then blows me away they are all beyond brilliant. One more think if you read these story’s in this post please leave feed back for the author, they really do appreciate it, and it shows there hard work, both mentally and physically has been all worth it, so please just a quick ask or message will make there day, they do really deserve it.

Now ill stop babbling and get on with it I’ve done 9 story’s for this week, I’m still working on the one shot list, there are many amazing ones around and I want to make sure I’ve got them all.

The first fic on my list is called THE BOSS written by @lancefuckrr, its 12 parts long with 3 epilogues. This fic is set in the 70s and is nail biting drama and action, it had me hooked from the first chapter, its all about Bucky being your boss and owner of a strip club, we follow the characters on their journey of discovering and trusting each other, with a lot o heartbreak, fluff and smut, it is beyond brilliantly written and I highly recommend reading it.

The next one is called HE’S NOT THE ONE by @buckybarnesstar, this is a 4 part fic, but don’t let the size fool you this fic is big in everyway possible, the emotions, suspense and fluff, its extremely well written and one I have read over and over again. It is base on the reader joining the avengers, coming from hydra and her journey she goes on to getting people to trust her ad falling for the wrong guy. I feel in love with this story and it will be one I go back and read over and over.

Right the third one is called MY FAKE BOYFRIEND by @supersoldierslover and has 11 parts and an epilogue. I absolutely adore this fic, the way Bucky is portrayed made my heart flutter. It is based on Bucky being the readers fake boyfriend hence the title, but the journey they go on and trails they go through, is full of fluff, angst and Bucky being a general sweetheart, this fic actually made me swoon, I would really recommend reading this.

Number four is called TEACH ME by @seargantbcky, it has 7 parts to it. This is one of those fics that makes you swoon after every chapter, its based on Bucky wanting to learn to draw and asking the reader to help we read about how they become close, but of course its never easy for Bucky but will there be a happy ending. I love this fic the description and use of words is amazing, defiantly give it a read.

Number 5 is called BARTER by @buckyslocalfarmer its 12 chapters long. This story is based on a demon Bucky, its the first story I read that had Bucky and other characters in and was not based on the marvel films. I was a little unsure at first, but once I read the first chapter I was completely hooked. The description and detail in the fic draws you right into the story. Bucky as a demon is totally hot, this fic is full with twists and turns, heartache, fluff and some amazing smut, it will leave you wanting more right till the end.

The next one is called SOMEONE FROM THE PAST, by @nikky-the-writer, its 8 chapters long, this story is extremely creatively written, based on Bucky receiving an order from fury to retrieve intel, not expecting it to be someone from his past. I loved the detail in this story and how it give us background information on the characters, the description of the characters emotions is so powerful, you feel it yourself. It is nail biting action and will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end.

Number 7 is called SAUDADE by @lomlbarnes  and is 11 parts long. This fic is one of my favourites, I remember when she did the teaser for it after reading that I was so excited and I was brought to the edge of my seat constantly wowed after every chapter was released. It is based on someone going though hydra with back, it is so magically written, it had me crying, laughing and screaming over this fic it is beyond brilliant and everyone should read it.

This one is called ELECTRICITY by @buckyismyaesthetic and is 6 parts long and one of the most beautiful story’s I have ever read, it touches on real life issues and has portrayed them throughout the story amazingly. We journey with the reader and how she deals with her self hatred and growing love for Bucky, the detail in this story bring the emotions to life and you feel everything the characters are feeling, part of it is done from Bucky’s POV and it was very refreshing and insightful to read. This fic is full to the brim with heartache, fluff, angst and Bucky being a sweetheart, I cant recommend this fic enough its just amazing.

The last one is called PROMISE by @mrsbarnesomg and is 4 chapters long. This story is so emotionally and beautifully written you actually feel there with the characters, this fic brought me to tears on every chapter both sad and happy, its about Bucky making you a promise but will he come through with it. I really enjoyed reading this fic it was so creative and had me on th edge of my seat throughout it I highly recommend it

Ok so that’s it for this week, if you ever have  any trouble finding the story’s let me know and I can send you a ling. Please don’t forget to leave feedback for the authors they may have written these fics a long time ago but they will be pleased to know there still being read.

In honor of Dom’s amazing work on the show, especially in season 2, I have decided to host(?) a Dominic Sherwood Appreciation Week. He doesn’t get enough credit for the hard work he puts in every episode, so hopefully we can have a week where we give him some extra love. 

Some Guidelines:

  • I will reblog anything that I am tagged in (grayacejace) or you can @ me in the caption
  • I might be more likely to see the @’s 
  • I’ve never done one of these before, so I’m not sure how successful this will be. If you’re thinking about participating please reblog this post to spread the word
  • (I’m also going to do an Alberto Appreciation Week later in the hiatus so if you have any ideas for new categories shoot me an ask)
If you want to use my artwork...

Please. Please ask first beforehand. I’m totally okay when people reposting my fan arts on other social medias, but don’t crop / blur the watermark.

Secondly, regarding the usage of my oc pictures for RP or repost or personal use, i’m sorry, i do not allow it. Repost with permission, please. Unless if you want to rp as one of my oc, please keep them in character and do not alter their profiles. And of course, please ask first or at least give proper credit. Different case for tumblr, reblog is perfectly fine since they are coming from single source. So it’s not considered as reposting.

Third, commissioned pictures are strictly not allowed to be used. They are exclusively for my clients and a part of my portfolio. Please keep in mind, that some people worked so hard to pay artists to make their characters alive.

I know i may seem like very insecure about it. Some people kept telling me “if you don’t want people to steal it, don’t fucking post it” and whatsoever. But i have rights to speak up my mind. I put a lot of effort on every piece of my ocs, and for people to take and use it for their own ocs, i just can’t //sigh. Well sorry for the rant. I have no grudge against anyone. I just can’t keep it for myself..

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I really loved the "spice up those coffee shop AUs" you reblogged, I could just see every single situation with mckirk. I couldn't choose a favourite so could you please pick one that you like the most and do your magic? Also, I just wanted to say that you're very beautiful inside and out.

Based on this. Kind of? It went a different direction fairly quickly.

  • Owning a coffee shop is hard work, okay? Harder than Bones thought. His shop runs fine, he has enough customers on a daily base to run a decent profit each month, but it’s not all grinding coffee beans, making fancy cappuccinos, and smiling gently at guests. The latter is not Bones’ thing to begin with, but he has employees for that. And co-owner Uhura, who spends more time in front of the shop than in the little office for their paperwork. But then Uhura leaves on a honeymoon with Spock, and Bones suddenly has to stand behind that counter, pretending to know what he’s doing.
  • And Bones can make a good coffee, maybe among the best coffees, but his cappuccinos don’t look so great, and the professional foam machine has been broken since forever. The other employees don’t have any problems making fancy foam and cute little art with chocolate powder or whatever. “Dude,” Jim says, a hand on Bones’ shoulder, “I’m sorry, but those cappuccinos look like shit.” “Excuse me?” Bones asks, and Jim raises an eyebrow. “You heard me,” he replies. Who does this Jim even think he is? Obviously he has no idea Bones is actually the owner of this place, but somehow, Bones doesn’t mind that as much. “Oh, really?” Bones asks, “taste it.” “I’m not tasting that, it looks like the saddest cappuccino I’ve ever seen.” “Try it,” Bones persists, and Jim glances at him suspiciously, but then reaches out and takes a sip. “Okay,” he says, “that tastes pretty good-” “I told you.” “- but look at it! These hipsters demand not just great coffee, but also aesthetics.” Bones groans at that, and Jim laughs. “I agree, but they buy most of our coffee.” “Fine,” Bones says, “if you can spare a minute or two after your shift’s over, show me how to do it.”
  • Bones knows how to work the espresso machine, but for some reason, he’s happy to pretend he doesn’t just to have Jim explain it to him. "How long have you worked here?“ Jim asks, and Bones shrugs as an answer. “How long have you?” He counters. “A year, almost,” Jim says. “And you have no aspirations to look for something more… challenging?” Bones asks. “I’m trying to teach you how to make beautiful coffee,” Jim replies, “and for some reason, that proves to be rather challenging.” “Screw you,” Bones says, though with a small grin, and Jim laughs. “Maybe after you make me a beautiful coffee.”
  • Turns out, Jim actually has an astrophysics degree. It’s something he casually mentions one afternoon when it’s quiet, and he’s overseeing Bones making a coffee. “You have a- and you work here? Jesus, Jim.” “What?” Jim asks, “I like working here.” “But you could work for NASA!” “I can also make great coffees,” Jim replies, “and, you know, fail horribly at teaching you to make ones that look half decent. How can yours taste so great but look awful?” “That’s just who I am,” Bones says, and Jim laughs. “No, you look pretty great.”
  • “Bones, seriously, I’m worried that Uhura’s gonna get you fired if you keep making coffees looking as sorry as these,” Jim says, and Bones laughs. “I’m not gonna get fired,” he says. “I hope not,” Jim replies, “that would be a waste.” Truthfully, Bones practiced at home. He knows how to make those coffees the way Jim wants to see them. But there is something so nice about pretending to be clueless and maybe a little clumsy. To watch Jim sigh and smile and teach him again. Perhaps Bones is also purposely trying out Jim’s patience, because there’s gotta be something underneath that everlasting patience. Jim shouldn’t be patient. Had Bones not been the owner of this place, surely he’d be fired already.
  • The flirting is great, though. Jim isn’t shy at all, casually flirts along when Bones suggests Jim teaches him after office hours. He sees Jim’s lips curl into a smile when Bones’ hand briefly rests on Jim’s lower back as he passes him while helping a customer. He feels Jim’s hand on his arm to stop him from making “a mistake”, and his hand lingers even after Bones has corrected himself. And Bones tells himself nothing could ever happen between the two of them, because surely Jim’s more interested in the younger girls and guys who come in and ask for coffees. He must have someone at home waiting for him; being the bright, generous, and ridiculously good looking guy he is. So flirting is safe, and it’s fun, because nothing’s ever going to come of it.
  • The two of them are cleaning up after hours when Uhura returns. “Nyota,” Bones says, smiling at her as she walks in and pulls him into a quick hug, “how was your trip?” “Great. How was working in the shop, instead of running it in the background?” She asks, and Bones shrugs. “Manageable. Barely, but still.” “I don’t doubt Jim’s been a good help,” she says, nodding towards the other, who looks at Bones in disbelief. Bones throws him a small smile, and offers a simple shrug. Well, there goes that bit of fun. “Can you make me a coffee?” Uhura asks, and Bones nods. Doesn’t even think twice about it, and just makes Uhura a decent cappuccino.
  • “You lied to me,” Jim says, catching Bones when the other walks home. “What- have you been following me?” “Yes,” Jim says, “why didn’t you tell me?” “Okay, I’m co-owner,” Bones says. “Not that,” Jim replies, “I mean that you can actually make good looking coffees instead of that shit you produce around me.” “I was… testing your patience.” “Bullshit,” Jim replies, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “Okay,” Bones says, “I liked the way you taught me. And I enjoyed our… banter.” “Banter?” Jim repeats, “you mean the flirting?” “If you want to call it that,” Bones replies. “I do,” Jim says, “were you ever going to follow up on that flirting, or what?” “Were you?” Bones counters, and Jim frowns. “I was. I don’t know if we can do that, considering you’re my boss, but… I was going to ask you out, once you got your coffee right.” Bones laughs at that, and Jim narrows his eyes. “I don’t know if we can go through with that, though. Our relationship is build on a lie,” he says dramatically, and this time, they both laugh.
  • "I still want to go on a date with you,” Jim says eventually, when they cross the park that leads towards Bones’ home. Why Jim’s still walking with him is beyond him, but Bones isn’t quite stopping Jim either. “I never realized you were so serious about the flirting,” Bones says. “Of course I was,” Jim replies, “you weren’t?” “I mean, I never thought anything was going to happen,” Bones says, “not that I mind if it would, but you’re allround amazing, and I’m… I mean, I’m a divorced father who owns a coffee shop. You’re an astrophysicist. How does that even-” Jim leans in, kissing him to shut him up, and it’s something Bones readily accepts. Jim’s arms around his shoulders, his own arms find their way around Jim’s waist, keeping the other close. “Go out on a date with me,” Jim says when he pulls away. “Okay,” Bones says, out of breath, “I know a great coffee place.”

COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!! 3 slots available! (1 has already been taken) – more slots will open in March!

This is my first time doing online commissions ;3;/ ayy– Looking to save money for animation school in the fall, for conventions, and other expenses like groceries!

please send an email to alicenpai@gmail.com if you’re interested! commission messages through tumblr asks and fanmail will not be accepted, tumblr eats messages T_T email only!

thank you so much for reading! any and all reblogs are appreciated <3


So, I’ve been a part of this fb group for a while now. It’s all good, theories, fun, blabla. However, since the very begging, this has been bothering me an awful lot.

Crediting the artist.

On the rules of the group, it leaves clear that you must credit the artist unless you’ve made the piece. Easy, right? Well, apparently not for them.

I wanted to ignore it, to avoid stressing myself, but I just received I reply on a comment I made. It was on the first screenshot

Me: “Oh wow, absolutely adore the quality AND the credits”

Their response?

“Ikr, lol (: ”

Really. Really?
The excuses they a l w a y s use is
“Idk the source, found it on Google lol”
“Credits to whoever made this”
“Credits in the image” -In this case, the image has such a poor quality you can barely even see the drawing

Now, these posts do not usually reach more than 60 likes or so, there has been cases where it has reached around 400 likes and a ton of comments. However, even if it got popular or not, this is not fair for the artist at all. They worked hard on it, they spent time on it, their effort.. Just so someone crops it and shares it somewhere whitout crediting them?

“That’s no big deal”

Would YOU like this to happen to your work?? Not only drawings, but concepts and texts? Please, no matter how little followers you have, REBLOG this. I want to remind those artists to put noticeably watermark/s on your work, even if its just a silly doodle.

Edit: Forgot to mention, apparently admins give no fucks and do not attend the issue, in fact it looks like one of them (I do not know how many there are) thinks its okay to simply say one of the excuses above. God.

i feel i should clarify something–

usually, by default, i don’t put “no kin/me tags or associations” on artworks, because those are done free and put out for relatable content, for people to find themselves in and vent through. i only offer that addition for people who commission me, as they have paid for a personal artwork, and so should be respected in it having personal meaning to them.

however, there is a big difference between going “hard same” to something, and saying “this is me” in a kin/etc way. i have no problem with the former, because hey, we all have “hard same” reactions to vent artworks and such. it’s when things are tagged with the intention of going “this is me in a kin/etc way and i’m feeling this”, when they weren’t the ones to commission me.

further, i see people circumventing this by taglessly reblogging the work to their kin/etc blog, which is why i add the “associations” part. please, don’t associate yourself as the character if i, and the commissioner, have requested you not. it’s disrespectful. feel free to go “hard same on that buddy, i’m going through something the same”, because that’s the sense of community i try to build through this account, but do respect that money was given to produce something most likely deeply personal.

thank you!

❝ ▒ A TUTORIAL TO: making personalized gifs ✨⟡

okay so, upon request over @musepirations, i made a little tutorial on how i make my personalized gifs. this is actually very easy if you already master the art of editing gifs, but even if you don’t, this tutorial should explain how it’s done in a couple simple steps. all you need is photoshop ( i use cc 2015 ) and a tad bit of patience !! if you thought this was useful, please like or reblog !! thank you so much for checking this out, and good luck making your own, personalized gifs !! xoxo

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Mo! Omg I miss your writing alot but I hope you're doing well. I've been looking for some other writing blogs to keep myself busy until your triumphant return lol. Any recs? :)

Anon! Hello. I am truly grateful for your patience, you have no idea lol. I am deeply sorry life has gotten in the way and I haven’t been posting as much. I will make a return soon (I hope). Anyway, you want recs? I’ve got a few lol.

@kpopfanfictrash ~ Okay. You know my obsession with Shan. And if you don’t, I must not be promoting enough lol. This brilliance of a human being has posted her writing time after time and I am so in love, it’s ridiculous. She’s also insanely stunning and incredibly witty and has made me mad for her Jimin smut ‘No Strings’ so. There’s that. You can find her masterlist here and I hope you can find something to your liking. 

@seoulscapes Em’s masterlist can be found here and she writes not only GOT7 but BTS, Seventeen, Monsta X, and some Blackpink as well. She’s a lovely human being and quite talented at that so please do peruse the masterlist because there’s alot on there I’m sure you’ll be drawn to! ALSO. She loves Nam Joo Hyuk has much as I do so really, what more do you need?

@yeol-stole-my-soul now I don’t read very much EXO (idk why I’m a bit ashamed lol) but when I’m looking for it, Maria is definitely my stop. Her masterlist is here and I’m sure you will become as obsessed with ‘The Sound of Music’ as I was when I read it because yanno…Sehun’s not my bias or anything. Idk what you’re talking about. And I patiently await an update for ‘Never Ever’ because that shit has me squealing so…yeah. And I’m not going to get into Park Chanyeol. I try my hardest to stay away from him and remain faithful to my wrecker, the perfect Byun Baekhyun, but it’s cool. Really. (And though we’ve never actually spoken, she seems absolutely lovely.)

@the-porcelain-doll-xo so Fal is a new follow, I’ve been reading her work for a few weeks now, and I guarantee her masterlist is gonna drive you insane. It’s too much I tell you, IT’S TOO MUCH. A warning: do not read while on the subway, the train, in a classroom, out in the hall by your classroom, waiting in the car, the grocery store, a friend’s place…look. Just read in a space where you can yell freely and maybe cry a little. That’s what she does to me. Does…does she not do that to anyone else? Just me then. Because I freak out when I get notifications from her lol. Like ‘Beautiful Stranger’? Kill me. I don’t bias Park Jinyoung I DON’T OKAY? And I have not read everything Mark Tuan on there. I haven’t. I promise. Maybe. 

And as always, I have to mention @parkjinyoungology and @engraved-in-the-moonlight and @yves-saintlaurtuan and @venjaeance because they’re one of the first writers I discovered when I made my way back onto tumblr a few months back. While I was slaving over my own work, theirs kept me motivated and fangirly as I threw out idea after idea and re-wrote chapters of my own. So please do check them out because they’re talented (everyone I mentioned are insanely so) and they deserve your likes and comments and reblogs and love. 

Hope this helped anon. Happy reading~

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Hello friends! Because Taylor has not been doing anything lately, I noticed my icons page was looking very outdated. While there are still no new pictures to use, I decided to update my page by making some icons featuring all sorts of different photos of Taylor. They include fetus Swift, candids, photoshoots, concerts, and some more random things thrown in there. There are over thirty new icons with many different colors and backgrounds and sorts, so I hope you are able to find something you like. :)


I worked hard on these, so I would appreciate it if you could check them out and reblog this post, regardless of whether you use an icon or not. If you do choose to use one, thank you in advance and please like this post!


O.D.D. - Michael Clifford

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Word Count: 2,2k

Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up Audiences, mentions of bullying.

Request: “An imagine where one of the boys is the new kid and he takes interest in the “weird girl” (if you could base it on the song O.D.D By Hey Violet)”

Summary: You were never the popular girl, always ignored and tossed aside, until one specific red haired boy walked into your life.

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