i like this one lol op

birds. birds. B I R D S 4/25/17

oh my GOD (literally lol),,,, i was talking about Satan to my coven bc someone had mentioned it to me and like a MILLISECOND after i talked abt it, TWO BIRDS (one was for sure a red cardinal, the other im not so sure) JUST COLLIDED like FULL FORCE out side my window. what the HECK lol rip 

rayedictator replied to your post: what’s your opinion on shipping in the fandom?…

i didnt think u were a big shipper either lol. like u should reblog or talk about whatever u want but i think the reason u are my favorite op blog is bc u dont talk about shipping and of course i have op ships but i dont like or hate most of the popular ones so i end up not following a lot of op blogs for very long bc they inevitably post about pairings i dont like

whaat i’m your fav op blog?? :’O i’m so touched!!!  and yeah haha that’s part of why i don’t like posting about them.  of course if i had a ship i felt super passionate about i wouldn’t hold back from posting about it a lot (like….obviously there are people who hate sabo but hell if that could stop me lol) but since there isn’t one it just doesn’t seem worth it.  i’d rather make my blog a chill place for people regardless of their shipping preferences or whether they like shipping at all.


Sanji wanted some revenge after the gang teased him about his breakup (viola left him at a mc donalds lol) so he put sleeping pills to their dinner.
And soooooo, when everyone fell asleep…this happened



I’ve been drawing some ghost ‘mons recently so here is one of my many children. His name is Lloyd and he has a Bashful nature. 


more Yuri!!! on Ice
   ↪  mobile wallpapers [540x960]


Small message from op:

Okay so I spent the last hour making 10 lgbt+ userboxes. Now, I’ve seen people blow up like “Notice how op didn’t add [insert sexuality/romantic orientation here] but added [insert one of above sexualities/romantic orientations, most likely asexual]” On posts like thisWell guess what, I didn’t search any of the sexuaities nor did I get a list. I just thought of an even number of userboxes to make and was like “Well, imma do this cause im bored lol”. So if I get any of your bullshit discourse on here, imma be pissed. So enjoy~ Everyone is free to use wherever I don’t really care.

Friends that will think this is cool/userbox blogs that might think its cool:

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I went to see B.A.P and was front row!

And that shit was lit!

Bang is my bias but he like avoided eye contact with me (mostly) until hitouch and photo op I’m gonna make a video about it bcuz literally I died.

But anyway during the concert Zelo gave MAD fan service to me and stared so hard. Zelo gave me the most attention and DAE stared so hard I think my friend got in on video I waved at him and he waved back and gave me a heart.

I got some of it on video:

The girls next to me were freaking out cuz Zelo kept giving me hearts, he literally did it right to me.

Here’s Zelo shooting me hearts a few times lol :

 And again!:

I literally died and he smiled so hard 😭😍ugh I was like you’re not even my bias but damnnnnnn. Also in the beginning of the video when he’s drinking water he’s totally laughing at me cuz I was telling him to take off his jacket 😂 🔥.Anyway so I’m salty af cuz I got nothing from bang until the hitouch.

But let me talk about photo op first, this is where I nearly went to be with the lord Okay anyways Yongguk legit like would avoid eye contact with me during the concert, Except for that one last minute moment  when he came to our section waving at the fans, he looked in my camera!:

And Daehyun was also looking:

Me and my friend got separated cuz I had hitouch and photo but I was with another black girl Devon who I made friends with SHE LITERALLY SAW EVERYTHING so I have a witness. lol hitouch was like so quick u blink it was over and I saw they were literally only hi fiving people so I was bummed.

Zelo was first I don’t even remember what happened, but bang was next and instead of hi fiving, girl he held my hand legit for like 5 seconds and I told him he was my type and he smiled so BIG and my friend next to me said he was so busy still staring at me while I walked away her time got cut short! 😂😂😂 the only other person I remember was dae I told him he was cute and he thanked me and held my hand. I was still with my black girlfriend Devon and luckily when they numbered us off we were 1 and 2. So Idk if you’ve seen the pics powerhouse has posted but the girls were legit standing in FRONT of the boys leaving space for Jesus… I did not. I bee lined right to bang I didn’t even look at anyone us so it was blatantly obvious I was there for him I got right on him like my body was on his leg and then I was like fuck I’m covering him so I turned around and asked him if I was too tall He looked at me and said no you’re fine then moved NEXT to me so we were side by side and put HIS ARM AROUND ME. I honestly think I mentally blacked out. Lol anyway they were taking forever to take our pic(luckily) so I look at him and go you are so cute and he smiles his gummy smile and thanks me and says you too or so are you tbh I ain’t gonna lie I don’t remember cuz I was BLACKED out. When we were done I held his hand and my friend said he stared after me as I walked away. So to conclude Bang Yongguk is my future husband he just don’t know yet 😂😂😂😂

They took 3 pictures of my group and they freaking put the picture up where u CANT SEE BANGS HAND AROUND ME! I’m gonna sue lol But here’s the group photo:




ALRIGHT, this is a new series I’ll be doing with lots of OP characters, it’s basically something like random parts of their daily routines and stuff, sorry for the shitty quality (If you guys like it I’ll make more AND with better quality, I promise ;^) )

Hope you like it! 

tbh one big reason i think it’d be cool if carrot joined the straw hats is that’d it’d do something to alleviate the dichotomy between the guys and the ladies on the crew??

like, nami and robin are completely different people from each other, and i appreciate and recognize that.  but it’s easy for ppl to lump them together as just ~the girls~ because of things like how they both almost never participate in crew gags, they’ll just be in the background eyerolling or looking bemused by most of the boys getting excited about things.  there’s this undercurrent of “oh you’re girls, you wouldn’t understand” when usopp, luffy, franky, brook etc get excited about robot stuff or whatever.

and that’s something you see from female characters so much: this misconception that the girls always have to be the voice of reason to the annoying, excitable boys who care about things “girls don’t care about” like NINJAS or ROBOTS.  

it doesn’t bother me thaaaat much because like i said, robin and nami are great characters and very unique from each other nonetheless, but still can you imagine how refreshing it would be to have a female crewmember who totally destroys that???

carrot participates in the gags.  she’s aggressive, she’s passionate, she’s reckless, she’s excitable.  she’d sure as hell start freaking out over a robot.  she’d be HAPPY to participate in something like pirates docking 6.

if she joined the crew, it’d force oda to stop separating the crew into “the boys who love cool stuff and are reckless!!!” and “the girls who just don’t get it” for gags, and idk, i think that’d be really nice.  the concept of girls being the rational ones and the voice of reason to the “”funny, stupid”” boys is a lot less grating and trope-y if one of the girls isn’t that way at all.  

[ Destination : W A N O ]

“I’ll round up the Samurai for ya.” - #822
When Zou arc began, I thought Robin simply wore white turtleneck and black short pants. I also thought that Zoro used plain white t-shirt just like he used to before time skip. I have no idea they will appear this colorful. Anyway. Inspired by post-Fishman Island arc, where Sanji asked if he could lay his head on Robin’s lap and Marimo be like, ‘Lay your stupid head somewhere else.’ The archeologist’s lap is only for the swordsman, LOL!
Anyway, that’s Robin’s rayban for ya.
OMG I spent a whole Sunday doing fanarts, 😂
Pose reference : autumn engagement photoshot, Pinterest,

SHINee World 2017 in Osaka Day One–170216

During “Your Number” after Minho acts like he is dropping the paper cup onto Onew’s lap, Taemin pulled at the neck of Onew’s sweater and acted like he was looking [down] at Onew’s chest. OP thanked Taemin for taking on the burden [of seeing Onew’s chest] that Onew fans feel every day.

Cr. herottjj Trans: Professorjjong

       As I’ve started this blog I never imagned to meet so many lovely people. or even thinking about having over 140 followers. So thank you !! My Magnus muse means the world to me and even thought I feel 99,9% of the time like I’m not giving him justice or feel insecure about my writing it’s so much fun to write and roleplay !! Even though I suck at coming towards someone… Way too shy ops. 8D…


You were the first to interact with me. I think? We clicked right away , had quiet great chemistry and I miss you !!

Well that pumpkin has my heart, seriously. not only is shea a talented writer , but she also is into so many ideas I am. We have so many threads going on , I can’t even count them all and I’m forever grateful to be allowed to write with her.

I have the cutest sweetheart here. she’s not only one of the first people I interacted with , but also a real sweetheart ooc !! She cares so much and yet I sometimes mess up with our threads and I am always looking forward to write with her.

Well , what should I say. we just clicked. Fox and Magnus are my weakness even though it’s quiet like malec lol . but everyhting’s my weakness , but at least that little bug copes with me. thank you for that !! 

even though we haven’t interacted much - but hopefully we will be soon because Magnus and Jace need to figure out how to slap Alec ops - I know how talented she is. I’d wait a hundred years to be able to play with her , though.


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I am grateful for all of you guys. SO THANK YOU. <§

Yuri on Ice Opening + History Maker Remix

For @fencer-x for putting up with my subpar Japanese and the anxiety I cause for myself because of it

Please allow a few minutes for it to load  (-m-)