i like this one better



Hello Welcome Screen!

Actually, this is the first time I’m proud of myself. Even If I didn’t know how to show the ear on the mask. Even though the book gave me troubles. But I think the final result is not bad at all.

What do you think?

godlessadversary  asked:

I think the term is SWARM, like Karrigan's swarm. Anyway, those are hot witches, and I like your Halloween theme. Does Halloween in your AU has a paranormal effect a la Supernatural?

I’m not sure what happens in Supernatural, but halloween makes the demons stronger in this au. The barrier between the overworld and the underworld is p thin this time of year, so its not surprising that demons start leaking out of the woodwork too. The condesce in particular finds the overworld to be comfortable enough for her to hang out in on halloween, too. 

@tereziweek says it’s day 6: roleplaying, so have the most generic thing possible: tz in her flarp costume with her cerulean-decorated cane.