i like this one and this fact is very strange


Now that I’ve succumbed to the charm of the Chinese web series Addicted and the two leads, I must admit that there’s something awfully hot about the way one actor likes to use the other as his personal jiujitsu exercise tool, even while rehearsing ‘bed scenes’. He can just manhandle him at will, carry him around, wrestle him down and sit on him. It shouldn’t be sexy, but it is. 

And I so love this ‘scene’, it’s a strange mixture of hilarious, genuine behind-the-scenes happenings and staged fan-service, but still so damn adorable. Warming the other’s feet on his stomach, it’s just very sweet.

And then I love the fact that while the character Bai Lou Yin is very grumpy and serious, the actor is the most adorably constantly smiling guy who seems to make everyone around him happy too. And for some reason, I find this silly little video awfully adorable since they being so flirty and happy (once you’ve opened this particular door, everything seems flirty, but hey, it’s fun) with each other.

Watching these two guys, (with like 3.5 millions followers between them on their social media accounts!), it’s apparent they’re in bit of a predicament. This ever-increasing censorship rules from the Chinese government are just getting worse, but even though Addicted was banned from Chinese media, the guys are seemingly getting a lot of attention. They’ve aquired legions of (hysterical) fans from being in a show on a theme forbidden in their own country. People love the show, are crazy about the two actors and most seem to think they should get married (or something *g*) and so many articles and whatnot are still about those two posing together, often suggestively, even after the ban. But since a possible season 2 won’t be shown in China, will they want to be in it? It’s what has given them exposure, but it’s still a banned show. Such a dilemma, I imagine. Hopefully, the market from other countries is big enough. The absurd dichotomy of the censorship and what a lot of people want, is so evident in this case. It’s angering and saddening. Makes me very intensely want to support this show. 

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Do you think Nick not knowing what went wrong is a good sign? Jess asks why they broke up and he couldn't give a straight answer which gave me hope. He seemed to think it was her idea, which in a way it was

Even though it was mutual on the surface, it did always seem strangely like Jess wanted to break up more which is why I’m happy a she’s the first one to realize she does actually want to be with him.

In terms of Nick and the way that conversation went, yes I think it was a very good sign. If they had a solid reason for breaking up and they stood by it they would have had no problem answering that question. That fact that they couldn’t answer in any concrete way and kind of made a joke out of it sort of suggested to me that they’re apart simply because neither of them has ever been brave enough to challenge they’re breakup for fear of losing the friendship they managed to claw back. Because they never discussed it, neither of them knows how the other truly feels and they sort of got locked in a stalemate. The more they pick at those threads though, the more they’re going to realise they should be together.


I have no idea who sends them. all the marking seems to be is a crude representation of my gem scraped onto the box or whatever they give as a way of addressing it. 

I started getting them almost a year after we settled in. its usually small toys and objects for the lapeeps to play with and chew up, but there is the occasional… surprise.

A lot of the things I got early on seemed to be essentials that I didn’t know were essential, like how the lapeeps really enjoying playing in and around the water. in fact, water seems to behave very strangely around them. it was one of the things I didn’t bother with researching when trying out different elements of basic bird care from the start since gems don’t require it like organic life.

Who knew gems like these would enjoy these toys so much? I mean, I guess this person does. the mental stimulation seems to have greatly improved their health with the bonus of keeping them occupied while I can work nearby.

Oh yeah, sometimes theres something in the gifts for me too.

I wish I could thank them.

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Omg, a ship that’s not from SU!  This is different :D

The ship is my: My Undertale OTP!

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion: I freaking love this ship!

I played Undertale for the very first time with very few spoilers, so I had no idea that Alphys and Undyne were going to become a couple.  When I started to sense that it might happen, though - I was really excited about it!!

I love the fact that they’re a testament to the expression “opposites attract”.  In many ways they’re such an unlikely pairing - the strong fearsome warrior and the small awkward scientist - but that’s what makes the ship so endearing.  They’re an adorable couple who clearly admire each other an awful lot for completely different reasons.

Amazing ship, 10/10.

Look, I know a lot happened last night, but:

Did no one else feel completely confused when Cassandra asked out Jenkins?

I mean: John Larroquette is very handsome. And I loved what Lindy Booth said about the idea of Cassandra, facing her mortality, throwing herself at an Immortal, in a kind of, Save-me-save-me-save-me sort of desperation. I also thought Jenkins was able to turn her down very gently, and snuck some good backstory of his own in there to boot. 


“I think we should go to a movie and dinner. At night. Tonight. Together.”

“Wow. Sounds strangely like a date.”

“Not strangely. Actually.”

No, yes, actually very strangely. Actually QUITE strangely. Jenkins wasn’t the only one to start flinging teacups all over the place. 

Aside from the fact that I think of Jenkins as the Library Dad, it just felt so out of nowhere. I mean, I always thought of Cassandra as maybe having a little crush on Jenkins, but, like: damn. DAMN.

It felt as out-of-place to me as it would if I was watching an episode of “Elementary” and a group of Vulcans showed up to take Sherlock Holmes to the Enterprise. Yes, I get the interesting theme you’re going for of souls relating to each other, but what is going on what is even happening.

It could have been worse. I was horrified that Cassandra was going to cure her tumor by becoming a vampire and that then she’d be like, “Yup, immortal now!  Let’s start the dating, Jenkins!!” And I would’ve come unmoored from reality forever. 

At least Cassandra and Estrella kissed; that made me happy. Estrella may be my favorite one-off character on the show (and maybe she won’t be one-off!).

Anyway. I am 99% positive who’s going to die, and 100% positive who Jenkins’s love is. Perhaps I shall post about this later. :D


Had a sudden inspiration the other day and had the urge to scribble down what the Bastekh’Met looked like before their mechanizing/mummification process, as well as a quick rework on the automaton’s leg structure.

I am well aware that their arms look very strange, and the digitrade-styled limb is intentional. The goal was to give them four identical limbs, despite the fact that quadruped anatomy doesn’t work that way.

Oh well, I’ve always been a rebel when it comes to anatomy, haha.

Included is the current placeholder model of the Bastekh’Met automaton. Expect a revamp for that one eventually.

Thoughts on the new design?

Life goal: someday achieving half the propensity for puns that Doc and Jackson have.

For instance, Dr. Orpheus is, of course, inspired by Dr. Strange.

So when they decided to give him an arch-enemy (however little he ends up appearing), it makes sense that Torrid bears a resemblance to Dormammu. A Dr. Strange villain for a Dr. Strange character, okay.

But then…

When he’s not on fire (and to a lesser extent in general), Torrid looks much more like DC’s Deadman.


They put Deadman against a necromancer (and then didn’t even keep the ghosty aspect of his powers; trying to dabble in otherworldly affairs worked out very bad in fact, and the whole back-and-forth with this is just increasingly hilarious to me).

And… Deadman started out in Strange Adventures, which is not to be confused with Dr. Strange or Strange Tales. So he’s.. still a “Strange” character who’s also not a Strange character and I just–

One day the sheer density of Venture Bros is going to suffocate me, mark my words.

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Rin, Yuya and Yugo each paired with happiness, Rue + Mytho

There are very few characters I don’t ship with happiness, and these three are no exception, they all deserve a happy ending and I will do anything to secure for them

Ruetho is a ship I enjoy, but more for the thematic nature of it strangely enough

Like first off I adore Rue, and the fact that an abused girl is shown to still be worthy of love (and her love saves the day quite literally) and  gets her own fairytale ending is very heartwarming for me, Mytho also gets to choose who to love as opposed as being obligated to love Tutu/Ahiru bc she helped saved them

There’s also that dark, tragic element I love, uniquely enough, because of the shifting power dynamics and the way Princess Tutu is written, it actually feels natural for their relationship to work out in the end, regardless of how realistic it would be in real life

Also narrative-wise the two of them are just fascinating, I’ve read a lot of meta on how it harkens back to fairytale tropes and stuff, and even without that background knowledge, that fact that she taints him and both hurts him and gives him the chance to be human, and then he turns out and hurts her too and by the end of it they still want to give this a try just really hits something, in the end they feel like a couple who had somethign that was definitely toxic, but they managed to work together and fix it into something that does work is engaging on both an emotional and intellectual level

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Random Fact: umm I have double jointed fingers/ knees/elbows so i can do party tricks in which i bend in very strange ways and drunk people tend to find that to be a hoot. 

Height: 5′10

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Go to SSBB character: im not sure what this is tbh

Fictional Character: I’m not sure if this is supposed to mean characters that I think represent me or if I’m supposed to pick a fav fictional character (like there could ever be just one). I’m gonna go with the second option though; Spencer Hastings, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Toby Cavanaugh, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryan, Tyrion Lannister, Beth Greene, Daryl Dixon, and of course; Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale. 

Favourite Band/ Artist: I listen to everything. I have to say Brand New/ The Weeknd

When Did I Make This Blog: I think it will be three years ago this June… I think?? Maybe only two

How Many Blogs Do I Follow: 173

What Do I Post About: Used to be strictly a Pretty Little Liars blog but now I post every fandom I’m in, really. Lots of Pitch Perfect. 

Do I Get Asks on a Regular Basis: No

Aesthetic: I’m not sure? 

I Tag: @omg-bechloe @fluffydreamzz @pinnaple-pizza

Okay, if any of y'all know me, you know that I’m not one to give out praises for everyone’s fave egg man all willy-nilly.

But I absolutely cannot help the little heart-eyes I get when you talk to him after his personal quest + having the highest approval rating and he so very gently says ‘my friend!’ as a greeting. Like, he’s just so happy and awed that someone would legitimately be his friend? He’s so used to being alone, to being the strange outcast even amongst the Inquisitor’s inner circle, that the fact they actually take the time to come talk to him, to ask him questions and genuinely care, to take the time from their incredibly busy schedule to help him help his friend (who’s a spirit, no less), that he can’t help but to be overjoyed at the thought of being wanted and liked by this incredible person.

I mean, to everyone else, he’s that strange loner apostate. To the Creators and the Forgotten Ones, he’s Fen'harel, the Dread Wolf, a traitor.

But to the Inquisitor? He’s just Solas. He’s a friend.

I was playing around with descriptions of Human!Bog, idk. This might grow into a fic.

Bog was, in the very kindest words, one ugly son of a bitch. His lofty height could have been an asset if not for the fact that it paired with this sharp, bony figure to make him resemble nothing so much as a knobby old broomstick that had been taught how to scowl. He had a gaunt face with a long chin and a large, beaky nose. His brow was heavy, his cheekbones like broken glass, and his round, beady eyes were a shade of blue that might have been attractive if not for the way it clashed with his ashy brown hair, which he kept shaved at the sides and and gelled into rock-hard spikes at the crown. His pale complexion did not make him look aristocratic so much as cadaverous, and was further handicapped by pockmarks and unmanaged stubble. His teeth were overlarge, crowded crookedly in his pinched, sour mouth, and he had only the most marginal interest in actually keeping them clean. 

His most favored item of clothing was a bulky, brown leather bomber jacket that he had once found in a state of progressed decay and draped over the lip of a dumpster. He had repaired it to the best of his ability with thick, twiney stitches, automotive glue, and in some places a staple gun. He wore it just about constantly, under the optimistic belief that it disguised his scrawniness. It did not.  

Bog did not concern himself much with matters of appearance, to the great vexation of his mother, who found his prickly attitude and lackadaisical approach to personal grooming an enduring hindrance to her misguided efforts to help him get over a bad breakup by fixing him up with various friends, friendly acquaintances, and the occasional mortified stranger. This suited Bog just fine.

Some thoughts about 4x14

Well, there wasn’t much CS for us in this episode. After we got really spoiled the last two episodes, this time we only got one scene and they didn’t even hold hands in it, which was very strange since I thought they already glued them together by now.

But anyway, I would like to talk a little bit about the scenes in which we saw Colin gives yet another acting masterpiece, although we didn’t really see Hook there. Because that all part of the episode really disturbed me and I just can’t seat quite and not express my thoughts.  

So besides the fact that it totally destroying the potential parallel gifsets of Will crashing CS date and now Hook doing the same to his (which we obviously can’t make, not when we know it was actually Rumple…) I actually looked at this all thing in a really tragic way.

I wasn’t that upset about Rumple taking his dagger back like as I was by the way he did it, deceiving Belle, once again. The woman he supposedly love. 

I have to say that I wasn’t a big fan of Belle in the past because she always found excuses for Rumple and refused to see the truth. But after the mid season finale I really started to respect her character and love her even. And to see Rumple do his same old manipulations on her all over again really made me feel sorry for her. And more than that, he even enjoyed it and didn’t show even a little remorse on what he did, no, he just stood there and smile at his success.

He didn’t understand anything of what she was saying to him on the town line 6 weeks earlier. She wanted to be chosen over the dagger and the power and once more he chose them over her in a very humiliating way for her. By doing what he always did with her, twisting his words to convince her, using manipulations on her.

I was also very disturbed when he said that Will took something from him. 

First of all, Belle is not “something” she is not an object that was once in his possession, she is a person with a free will and she chooses who to be with, yes, just like Milah did. And will didn’t take anything from him, he lost Belle all on his own, yes, just like Hook didn’t steal his wife.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not anti Rumbelle, but now that I have grown to love Belle I really believe she deserves a better treatment. If it’s gonna be Rumple that gives it to her one day that’s o.k. It’s just that right now I don’t see him looking  at himself, even for a second, to see what he did wrong in this relationship, if he did, he wouldn’t have done the same thing all over again.

I think maybe one positive thing that I can take out of this all thing is that it really showed how Belle and Hook (the real one) have bonded. She is not only calling him Killian, but she actually trusted him with the dagger. The most interesting thing about this all thing is that Rumple knew of this new bond when he chose to use it to his advantage. And maybe that’s the only sweet taste of this very tragic situation, even if Rumple got his precious dagger it was by using the wonderful friendship his worst enemy formed with the woman he claims to love.               

'Sherlock' Boss Reveals The Christmas Special Is About 'The Role Of Women'
Mark Gatiss reveals why "The Abominable Bride" is a feminist affair.

“The big challenge was the role of women. You can’t ignore how it was — in fact, it’s fundamental to the plot.”

Gatiss also teased a Victorian twist on the show’s now often-copied text message technique — something he says was “very challenging” to recreate in the past — and assured MTV News that, yes, the show has a long-term plan when it comes to what the heck is going on with Moriarty (Andrew Scott).

“There’s a master plan,” he said with a smile. “There’s a plan. There is a long-term plan. Very long term.”

Every day I keep on floating, sliding down the slippery slope
drifting further from the life.
The life? - you know
the hunting life
the way we do things, even more
the thoughts we think about things,
the way we think about things. 

Light is light and dark is dark and 
any softening of the dogma
brings you closer to the dark
uneasy correlation, there, of truth and codified tradition
(do we still believe in truth?)

Here’s how we do it boys
here’s how hunters do it
here’s how you measure men against gods
here’s how you label monsters
here’s how you label yourselves
(bad blunt tired pure).

Turns out the greatest win of our lives isn’t Lucifer falling 
or Leviathan crushed or 
the exorcism of ghosts
it’s indoctrination exorcised, becoming ourselves unfamiliar
difficult and undefined
hard-wrought but salvaged together
out of the rubble of the world as we were shown it.

It was never CeCe/Charlotte at the Amish B&B?

OK… So… 2 things struck me as odd about this episode, revolving the Amish bed and breakfast. Well, 3 actually, cause how could Ali not know that it was actually a bed and breakfast?

First: The little Amish girl tells us that her favorite doll is the Ali doll, because it “looks like Charlotte.”

That sent up a red flag for me.

Yes, of course CeCe looked like Ali, so it’s a pretty obvious connection to make that CeCe/Charlotte is the one who gave her the Ali doll.

But I thought it was strange that they needed to remind us again how similar Ali and CeCe look?


IF the Amish bed and breakfast is, in fact, the “Old Campbell Farm”, as some have suggested, then it has existed for less than five years. Would have to. Or five years at the very most. Because that barn was empty and abandoned as of the time of dollhouse, which would have been in the spring of their senior year.

Remember how Toby and the police raided the Campbell barn and found the dollhouse monitors? IF these are the same 2 places, then the B&B had to have been bought and built after that point. Though I’m not entirely sure that it’s the same farm. I mean 2 places having the same hex sign is really nothing to go off of… But in PLL land it probably is. In PLL there’s like 2 farms in the entire state, I guess.

So the little girl says that Charlotte and Elliot used to come to the farm all the time. But CeCe/Charlotte had been locked up for the last five years? So, IF this is actually the Campbell farm, then CeCe should not have been able to go visit “all the time” since the B&B opened.

There could always be a loophole like “Well he was checking her out as her doctor and taking her away”, and I suppose with as shitty as these doctors are that’s probably possible in the PLL universe.

And again, I’m not sold that this and the Campbell farm are the same place. BUT, Aria did say that they needed route 30 for the B&B, and we know that the Campbell farm was also along route 30. Though the Campbell barn looked much bigger to me than this one, and route 30 covers a massive stretch of this part of the state.

But I’m bearing all of this in mind, in case they decide to go with the “identical cousins” route, and tell us that the real Charlotte wasn’t CeCe but an Ali twin. Or that it was actually Ali all along or something.

It feels like there’s a reason that they wanted us to focus on the Charlotte who visited the farm looking like the Ali doll. And I’ve been suspecting that CeCe wasn’t actually Charles/Charlotte for a long time, but that’s probably wishful thinking on my part at this point.

i don’t think Bismuth is gonna be a Crystal Gem for long....

and here’s why:

1. tropes. her character fits a certain trope perfectly. the trope where a new but old teammate rejoins the group, and everything is hunky doory and they’re just great. know what always happens to this character? death or betrayal. and as much as i don’t want that to happen, it feels very possible

2. Lapis. Lapis was poofed by a Bismuth, and whether or not it’s THIS Bismuth, that can cause problems. big problems. like ‘who stays and who goes’ problems…

3. Jasper. a lot of us have been wanting a Jasper redemption arc for a while, i know i do. the issue is, when it comes to character line-ups, Jasper and Bismuth are sorta similar. not incredibly similar, but similar enough that it would look strange to have them both on the team. you don’t often find two Big/Strongs on one team. in fact, they would make perfect oppositions to each other…

i dunno guys, somethin ain’t right. i LOVE Bismuth, and i really, reeeeally want her to stay and be with the Gems, but it ain’t fitting too well. no matter what happens though, i hope Bismuth plays a huge role and sticks around for a while, friend or enemy. i wanna hear a lot from Miss Uzo <3

I Don’t Like Surprises (Tony x Reader)

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Fandom: Marvel

Character: Tony Stark

Word Count: 452

Drabble Friday: all the Avengers help Tony yo make a surprise for you, the surprise it’s that he want to marry you ? 

Sorry it’s late, enjoy <3

Tony had been acting strange lately, very strange. In fact all the Avengers had been acting different. When you would walk into the room the conversations would die down, no one wanted to be left alone with you for long, not even Steve who was the politest of them all.

You couldn’t understand why they were avoiding you especially Tony. You’d walked into his lab, moving very silently, it was a perk of being trained by Natasha herself. “Hey babe!” you laughed as you jumped onto Tony’s back. He was very startle, he quickly fumbled to cover up whatever it was he was messing with.

“What’s that?” you asked as you reached over his shoulder to grab the thing under paper. “Nothing!” Tony shouted swatting your hand away, then he quickly started to push you towards the exit of the lab. You planted your feet refusing to move, “What aren’t you telling me?” you suddenly questioned him. Tony frowned at you, but you knew it was fake, “What do you mean?” he responded sounding confused.

“Have I done something?” you sniffled, the sadness which had built up, was starting to show. “No sweetheart” Tony replied comfortingly, he started to pull you into a hug but you pushed on his chest, stopping him from hugging you properly. “Then why are you keeping secrets from me?” you whispered, tears threatened to spill. Tony’s mouth opened, but he couldn’t find the right words to say.

You shook your head gently and stormed back up the stairs. “(Y/N)!” Tony called out, you could hear his heavy footsteps. “Wait! Don’t go up there!” he shouted to you, ignoring him you carried on your journey to the main room. The door was closed, you threw it open, then stopped in your tracks.

All of your friends stood around, they smiled at you. There was a giant banner hanging from the ceiling, it read, ‘(Y/N), will you marry me?’. A hand went to your mouth, the tears spilled out of your eyes, the Avengers frowned slightly when they saw.

“It was supposed to be a surprise” Tony pouted from behind you. Turning around you jumped onto Tony again, he stumbled but was able to catch you. Tony heard your sobs and quickly became worried. “What’s wrong (Y/N)?”, he chewed nervously on the inside of his cheek.

“I don’t l-like surprises” you stuttered out, Tony’s chuckles filled the room, “Noted” he grinned. You pulled back and looked at him, “So what do you say then?” he asked you. “If you ever pull something like this again, I will divorce you” you joked, you pressed a kiss to his lips.

Tony smirked, “Again noted Mrs.(Y/N) Stark”.

What I find strange of the whole FIM phenomenon is not the fact that men like a show for girls, it’s the fact that adults like a show for very little kids.

I know that it’s okay to like animation and that there are cartoons for all ages to enjoy and such, but I find it weird how, out of all the cartoons that are out there, adults enjoy one for very little kids, instead of something for older kids/teens/etc.

It’s like if suddenly all the 40 year olds in the world started obsessing over Barney or Baby Einstein. It’s just weird.

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First off I'd just like to say that you're an amazing author. I don't know if this has been asked/answered before, but do you think you will be writing more books now that the Miss Peregrine trilogy is all done?

Well, thank you! *blushes* Yes, I’m definitely going to be writing more books. Working on one right now, in fact, though it’s too soon to say anything about it, other than that I’m very excited and it’s kind of strange to be writing about characters other than my peculiar kids after five years!