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okay something's been one my mind. At what point did shiro have a breakdown that the team would even give him his space. when he got out of the fighter plane? after he got out of the pod? because you know the team loves to crowd around the pods to make sure the person is okay. and now all I can think of is "shiro" having this huge panic attack the second he steps out because it's all too much for him, after which keith escorts him to his room.

You know I think stepping out of the pod and having a panic attack immediately is actually very likely?? Especially since one of the flashbacks that upset him so much involves being in a pod. I can see how waking up back inside one of those would trigger another flashback and cause him a lot of distress:

And I really think that you’re right about how being crowded would cause him to get easily overwhelmed. Even if this is his team, and even if they’re all happy to see him and very welcoming–it’s pretty apparent that interacting with everything after what he’s been through would be exhausting. 

We also know that Shiro is a very private person, and that he doesn’t like to let the others see him weak or vulnerable. Unless of course that person is Keith. Back in the desert he steps outside for a bit to get some distance, try and think things through and deal with them. Keith is the only one who actually approaches him to check in and see how he’s doing, and I think it’s likely something similar could’ve happened here. Maybe Kuron panicked and he left in a hurry to get some space, and Keith kind of followed after him. And Keith comforting Shiro back at the shack was literally Kuron’s first thought when he was dying. Of all of Shiro’s memories, I think this is the one he really holds dearly. So if anyone could calm him down and talk him through it’d have to be Keith. 

I thing it’s also notable that, when he sees Kuron with his new clothes and haircut, Lance goes, “You’re looking a lot better.” Kuron knows the others can tell he’s in bad shape, and he wants to hide that from them as much as possible. Being exposed to everyone when he isn’t completely put together is terrifying. And he probably thinks not letting them see him like this is just as much for their sakes as his. Keith’s already seen Shiro when he was on the verge of death though; Keith has seen Shiro at his lowest points and pulled him back from the brink. Kuron can bare himself to Keith without fear because they’re just so intimately familiar with each other. 

When they’re alone together, Kuron doesn’t hide how down and defeated he feels. Admitting he’s completely at a loss, questioning the loyalty of his lion, confessing he might not even be able to make it out of bed yet–he’s brutally honest with Keith. When he says, “Then, just nothing. I woke up, and I was back on a Galra ship,” you can really hear how broken his voice is. And the extreme closeup showing just how exhausted and drained he looks accentuates his vulnerability. 

And I mean, based on the fact that Keith is already out on missions again, we can assume Kuron’s been in recovery for a while. I can’t see Keith leaving his bedside if his condition was still critical. The fact that Keith mentions the others would really like to see him again also implies that a considerable time has passed. And actually, the interesting thing about Kuron’s isolated recovery–when he finally bounces back, I think it’s partially because Keith asks. But Keith says, “They need you,” to which Kuron can only manage a distant, “Yeah. I’ll try.” 

But who was it that needed Shiro really?

Who was it that insisted they’d get Shiro back no matter what?

Who was the one person on Team Voltron that kept grieving over Shiro, that just couldn’t move on?

So while Kuron may have been the one bedridden while Keith stayed by his side, while it was Kuron joking how Keith always had to rescue him–I’m certain Keith needed Shiro just as much. And yeah, I don’t think this is Shiro. But Kuron and Keith still care for each other just the same, and around each other they’re able to let their walls down and just be themselves. I feel like spending that time alone with “Shiro” was healing for Keith too. They really do anchor each other. 


what if keith can fucking d an c e?

like one day he finds lance alone in the training room and some pop-y kind of sing is playing, and keith looks in and nearly chokes

cause lance is fucking shaking his hips like a champ, and holy sh i t

so keith vows to himself that he’d learn how to dance and dance with lance even if it kills him

cue a few months later and team voltron is at some kind of ball

keith gathers up his courage and loudly asks lance to dance, and lance goes like. really red and stutters before saying yes

they get to the dance floor and lance blushes even more when he realizes keith is leading

the music comes on and both of them resemble tomatoes because it’s a freaking tango??? (pidge just smiles innocently in the background)

and lance is ready to say they can wait until later but then freaking keith just goes for it

like what the fucking shit that is so fucking h o t lance thinks as keith leads him through a really fast tango without breaking eye contact

and his steps are like. perfect

they end with a dip and it’s kinda weird cause lance is taller but you know what whatever cause lance yanks keith down and kisses him

all in all: give me dancing and pining keef

(big thanks to @allaroundartists for helping with this idea)

I have to say this but a HUGE pet peeve of mine, probably the biggest one I ever have is when I say “Hi” to someone and 1.) I am in very close proximity and the person clearly sees me 2.) that person can hear me very well and yet that person….. does not even say “Hi” back and does not even look my way

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Do people even know what ace/aro mean? Or do they just not care?

*He looks really unhappy.*

I want to say “don’t know”, but… considering the “Yandere anon” is back in my inbox after I told them to fucking leave, I’m starting to lean towards the second one…

There’s too many for it to be anything else, at this point. (Read the tags in that last one.)

((Mun did specify that Yander-Anon needs to leave me the fuck alone because your asks are a lot more creepy and invasive than the cutesy asks. Harold isn’t stupid. He can tell when people are trying to be cute. He doesn’t appreciate people disregarding his sexuality or romantic orientations. And for the record? I don’t like it either. It’s rude. >:/

This is,quite literally your last warning before I have to block you. I know your main blog’s URL, I’m not dense. I just don’t want to be FORCED to block you. Keep the Yander-Anon out of my inbox. Thank you.))

Droughtjoy 2017 Prompts

RULES: Okay obviously we are not going to be able to write all of these prompts for Droughtjoy 2017 in a week, but here are some ideas. You can do as many or as little as you want. It can be as long or as short as you want! It doesn’t even matter if we all do the same prompt- you can even do your own prompt! Anything goes! This is meant to be laid back and fun so do not stress! If you do one of the prompts below, tag the person who submitted it in your post and remember to tag all posts either #droughtjoy 2017 or #droughtjoy2017 so that I can reblog them! If you want to tag me at either @selkiewife or here @weirwoodsea feel free to do that too!

Prompts Under the Cut:

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sangwoo seems very conflicted. He hasn't attacked yoon bum for lying about suengbae at all so far, when he could have. He's only been protective (potentially/likely an act). I think an interesting outcome, though maybe unlikely, would be for sangwoo to attack yoonbum but stop out of an unexpected remorse, probably falling onto hysterics. His character has been developing into one that has mild empathy, and he doesn't seem to know what to do with it. He cares about yoonbum and it's weird for him.

I definitely agree that Sangwoo cares for Bum, but is also confused by that. With everything that’s happened now, idk if we’ll ultimately ever see Bum’s lie about Seungbae get addressed in full… I honestly think Sangwoo just might get too distracted at this point and by the time he has Bum alone, his anger will likely have fizzled out/been redirected towards Seungbae or something else, but who knows, I feel like Koogi keeps surprising us!

A Girl Is No One

Warnings: Alcohol, I think that’s about it

Word Count: About 2900

Request: “Can you please write a Simcoe x reader where the reader is working in Townsend’s bar and Simcoe has been watching her but barely knows anything because she keeps quiet and out of trouble and then one night he decides to start talking to her.”

A/N: Kinda dialogue heavy and a slow burner. Sorry about the name, it’s Game of Thrones season. Plus, I feel like the name sorta fits.

Tags: @im-way-too-many-fandoms @beautifulfound

Table of Contents

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Hey, hey, it's alright. My name wasn't always Race, ya know? We don't care about things like that. They hurt you for something like that? Christ, can't stand guys like that. You ain't the only one that way, alright? I am too. Yous safe here. -Race

… Ise ain’t alone? Ise safe… You promise? What… The other guys? Jack, Dave, all the rest of you.. They won’t care? Theys okay with me bein… Me?

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i'm genuinely so tired of living. i'm tired of pushing all my friends away and isolating. i'm so alone, and i can't make any new friends because i'm too anxious. i'm terrified of being too open with someone, regretting it, and then pushing them away. i wish i could take back everything i've ever said to anyone. i'm tired of falling in and out of love like its nothing, only to be called out for being fake. its not fake. everything is so intense for me and no one understands how bad it truly is.

It’s not fake, non of your feelings are. Making friends is scary, and not something you need to rush. Take your time, when meeting new people it’s okay to hold back, not get too invested, not open up fast.

Secret things your sign gets anxious about randomly (check your moon too):

psst: These are all things someone could get anxious about, but I’ve personally seen certain things in one sign the most which is why I have assigned it to them here. 

Aries: Although they can be quick to rebel, they secretly fear judgment from their peers but will always be too proud to admit this. 

Taurus: Awkward silences! They love being seen as charming and holding a conversation with someone new feels like a lot of work sometimes, as they’re worried they’ll run out of things to say

Gemini: Ending up alone. They adore being surrounded by friends and people they can laugh with, boredom and loneliness are a terrible thought. 

Cancer: If the person they care about cares about them as much too. They’re insecure about their abilities in friendships/relationships and always think they should be doing more. 

Leo: Their mental capabilities! They project loads of confidence and most of the time do really have it, but one small failure in for example school can lead them towards a downward spiral for an hour or two. 

Virgo: They really worry about timing. They get stressed about being on time, doing everything before the deadline is a must and this can lead to small breakdowns. 

Libra: Being invited places. They really can’t stand the thought of being left out! They also fear someone pointing out their flaws a lot. 

Scorpio: Having their secrets out in the open. They’re protective of what they know and feel the need to hold on to intimate details to stay safe. 

Sagittarius: Being the odd one out with nothing to say in a group of people. They’re social AF and need to be somewhat of a leading figure and on top of things. 

Capricorn: Being betrayed by their friends. They feel the need to be backed up in confronting situations, and although they can fight their own battles they also want people standing with them. 

Aquarius: Losing someone they love. Of course, everyone would hate this but Aquas have a vivid imagination and think too much, to the point where they can randomly find themselves in tears over someone who hasn’t even passed away yet. 

Pisces: Not being cool enough. Funny enough, I find that Pisces (at least in their teen years) try very hard to fit in with popular people. They need to talk like them, act like them, dress like them. That’s totally fine! But can be stressful to keep up with. 

Nothing More [ I ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 6.8k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world.

Part Two: Part Three: x   Part Four: x  Alternate Ending: x

Originally posted by progamerbyun

The rain fell just loud enough for you to hear, the skies a beautiful but somber grey and the world feeling otherwise silent. The birds weren’t chirping. The neighborhood seemed empty. It was just you. You and your empty apartment and your thoughts. The all consuming thoughts that made the silence seem so loud. His voice just kept replaying in your head, like the soundtrack to the otherwise quiet moment.

“I think she’s the one.”

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A Window View - Peter Parker

request -  Can you do a peter x stark!reader where when he first meets her, she’s sleeping on Tony’s couch in a weird way when Tony’s about to introduce peter to her. Peter just finds it absolutely adorable and when she wakes up and sees peter she gets all awkward while getting off the couch and trips a little. Btw love your blog its amazing. Everything on her is absolutely amazing

a/n - thank you so much for 3k!!! all of the love and support i’ve been getting has made me so grateful, thank you for everything :) hopefully this fic isn’t too trashy and a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

The alarm on my phone rang at an amazingly annoying tone for the third time during a 20 minute period. The sun was just peeking through the windows into the living room, having the awakened chatter of the city commence at this hour. The tower was beginning to wake up as the sun rose higher into the sky, while I was doing the complete opposite.

I groaned, lifting my head and scrambling for my phone that was on the coffee table. It was nearly 10 AM, but I didn’t know, and I also didn’t care. I was up until two o’clock in the morning the night before, studying for a test that I would be having later this evening. I seemed to have become so concentrated that my head was on top of my History textbook, having the page still open to the same one from last night.

Shut up.” I hissed at my phone, squinting at the screen as I turned the alarm off. I hummed in content as I turned my head back around, grabbing my pencil pouch and cuddling it close to my body as I fell back asleep. Considering my situation, and just how lazy I became, I just really didn’t give it a second thought these days. No one would be up here until noon most days, so I was content with it.

I was already too deep in my slumber to hear the doors slide open, only to have my father and someone else come in.

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parallels in the ones who walk away from omelas

after actually reading the story i am here to analyze the parallels we see so far. im gonna assume you guys have seen the summaries because they are EVERYWHERE but basically the story centers around a utopian town called Omelas, who’s perfection relies on a singular miserable child. every citizen of Omelas knows this and must make the choice whether to stay knowing the cost of their happiness, or to leave and face whatever is out there. 

in the description of the summer festival, it says the horses were adorned with “streamers of silver, gold, and green.” the concept photos must be from before they knew the truth, while they were happy at the festival.

in the teaser we see someone running out of a door (that kinda looks like a bus door to me), through the snow, and into the warm light of Omelas. “I incline to think that people from towns up and down the coast have been coming in to Omelas…on very fast little trains and double-decked trams.” i think the snow symbolizes the cold world outside the utopia of Omelas. 

the rest of the similarities all happen in the last paragraph, when the narrator is describing the people who know the truth and choose to leave. 

the first one is jungkook standing outside Omelas at nighttime, and all of them running between the buildings. “Night falls: the traveller must pass down village streets, between the houses with yellow-lit windows” and “…they walk ahead into the darkness”

next is jimin walking through the field, “They keep walking across the farmlands of Omelas.”

and lastly, all of them going out together. this is where the story and the video start to differ. in the story, it emphasizes that every traveller who leaves Omelas leaves alone. “Each alone, they go west or north, towards the mountains.” or “Each one goes alone, youth or girl man or woman.” clearly, this is not the case. 

they are all walking together, determination in their eyes. “But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.”

170815 The War Fansign: Kyungsoo fanaccounts

Me: When did you start to raise Meokmul and Huchu?
KS: Ah, because I’ve always liked dogs~
Me: Ah…. I meant the opportunity to!!
KS: The opportunity to! (eyes get big) My parents used to dislike dogs! But I was determined and kept pushing until they said yes.
Me: Ah~ so they’re at your parents’ home??
KS: Yes~~

@LOVELYRIM0408: I forgot everything as soon as I made eye contact with Kyungsoo… I told him my wedding was in December and his eyes got even bigger as he congratulated me extremely earnestly haha. [On my request] his suggested nuptial song was For Life and when I asked if he could come sing it personally for us, he said “I’d like to….” haha. Kyungsoo, thank you sincerely for your suggestion and blessing

Me: You know how Mr. Jo Jungseok calls you a s..son of a bitch in Brother?
KS: Ah, yes !
Me: I have these dog-bird figures.. [t/n: s.o.b. and dog-bird are both spelled ‘gaesae’]
KS: Ah? They’re really called gaesae?
Me: Yes!
KS: There’s really something called gaesae??
Me: Ah n..no there’s not actually something called gaesae, these are just figures !
KS: (looks at boxes laughing) Ah so I have a chance of getting one of these four?
Me: Yes ! Please open it later~
KS: (was already opening it) Pfthahahaha

The dog-bird Kyungsoo got was the pug-bird ! When he asked me if “there was really something called gaesae..???” he was really serious about the question…

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“Light and Daffodils”
(Please do not repost without permission and credits)

Well, Mystic Messenger is one of my recents obsessions (all this year xD) and it’s so SO sad that I don’t have any friends who likes this game too!! I’m all alone! :(

Anyway! this Wednesday Cheritz confirmed V route! OMG!!! I just want to save him! >___< I heard the song (kind of) "Light and Daffodils” in the video that they released, and it just broke my heart!! T___T violin and cello, omg T____T
Then I just saw this image of V in my mind while listening it and I had to draw it!! (it was midnight then, but who cares haha)

In the end in of the song, the lyrics says: You can take my all, representing V’s feelings… * cry again * 

I hope you like my illustration! It was made with many, many tears xD

Construction revenge ten years in making and why I will never have another business partner.

Long story. TL:DR at bottom.

A little over ten years ago, when I was a young carpenter, I met a guy who I’ll call “chad” because f*ck chad.

Chad was a new hire by the company I was working for, and became my helper. We got along famously even though he was 10 years older than me, he didn’t mind working under a 23 year old carpenter as an apprentice.

Chad and I had worked together for 6 months when he brought up the idea of starting a business together, he figured between the two of us, we could easily run a crew and build houses.

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Dead Serious

Request: hey could you do one with peter, where the reader is studying and, he just wants to hangout with her so he gets whiny and so the reader says “let me finish and we can make out for much long as you like” and then they do. Lots of fluff please :)

A/N: I think I have a problem where because my favourite thing is friends who eventually get together, I never write an “hey we’re already dating" type fic, and this would totally be a prefect one of those but LOL IMA NOT DO THAT STILL. Yikes, sorry if this wasn’t what you were looking for. Lol I’m also gonna do a smutty Part 2.

Word Count: 1338


Part 2 // Part 3


“And students, please remember that your midterm will be in exactly two days starting precisely when the bell rings, so do not be late,” your teacher said.

Peter leaned over next to you, “Are we studying tonight?”

“I can’t, but how about tomorrow night?” You whispered, trying to make sure the teacher doesn’t hear you.

“What? Got a hot date tonight or something? Too good to see me?” Peter joked.

“If you count a hot date as studying for my French midterm tomorrow, then yes,”

“Y/L/N, Mr Parker, do you have something to share with the class?” Your teacher called back at you.

“Actually, I was wondering if you could go over the different types of reactions one more time, I was struggling with memorizing them and I was just asking Peter for help, but it would be great if you could go over them,” you lied.

Your teacher eyed the two of you before turning around to the chalk board and began writing out different reactions.

“Nice save,” Peter whispered.

“Well one of us had to say something, and since you can’t lie for your life, that duty falls on me,“

“I can so lie,”

“Sure Peter, and I have a pet unicorn,”


“We go over this all the time, you can’t lie, and that’s exactly why you need me as a best friend,”

“What about Ned?” Peter asked.

“He needs me for the same reason too,”


Peter: Hey Y/N

Y/N: How may I be of service

Peter: Can you paint me like one of your French girls?

Y/N: Peter, why can’t you just let me study?

Peter: Because i’m bored

Y/N: Go bother Ned, i’m busy.

Peter: He has a midterm tomorrow too, he won’t answer my texts.

Y/N: Well how about this, you let me study now and I will entertain you tomorrow after we study ;)

Peter: ugh fine

Peter: But what’s with the winky face?

Y/N: Peter.

Peter: Sorry!


Peter: I’m still curious about the winky face

Y/N: How’s this Parker, you leave me alone tomorrow and I’ll go down on you when we finish studying

Peter didn’t respond for a while

Y/N: Peter did you die?

Peter: You aren’t serious

Y/N: Dead serious.

Y/N: I’ll see you tomorrow ;)


You were sitting in chemistry, barely listening to your teacher ramble on about the different formulas you will need to know for tomorrow when Peter elbowed you to get your attention.

“Are you ready for your French exam?” He whispered.

“No! I’m so nervous. I can read it really well and understand it when someone speaks to me, but I have to write the entire exam in French and I don’t know if i’ll actually do well,”

“Y/N, you doodle in French for gods sake, I think you’ll be fine,”

“I know, i’m just nervous,”

“Listen to me, you’re going to do extremely well, as always. You’ve been taking French for years, you’ve got this in the bag,”

“Mr Parker! Something you would like to share with the rest of us?” the teacher interrupted.

Peter froze, he began stammering out a few words in response to the teacher when you cut in, “Sorry Ms, I was quizzing Peter on elements and their correlating atomic number. We didn’t mean to speak that loud,”

“Studying is for your free time, M®(s) Y/L/N, not class time. Please pay attention and study some other time,”

“Of course Ms. Our apologizes,”

The teacher turned back to the board and continued talking about what she had previously written.

“You need to quit talking so loud. There are only so many lies I can tell,”


At lunch you ran into the car and joined Peter and Ned at your lunch table.

“So?” Peter said

“How did you do?” Peter added.

“Fabulously! I know I did well. I’m about 95% sure I got an A on the exam. I’m so proud of myself. I actually understood what I was reading and what I wrote. I’m feeling really confident about it,”

“That’s awesome Y/N! I told you you’d do great. I’m proud of you,” Peter said.

“Let’s just wait and see how well I do on the chemistry midterm, and then you can decide whether you’re proud of me or not,”

“We’re still on for our study date tonight, right?“ Peter asked.

Ned looked up from his notes where he was studying for his exam in the afternoon.

“Wait, you two are going on a date? Finally. Took you two long enough. You can cut the sexual tension In here with a knife,”

“What?” You choked out

“We-we’re not going on a date. We said study date, Ned,” Peter said.

“I’m going to Peter’s tonight so we can study for our chemistry exam tomorrow,”

“Ha, I get it, you guys are studying YOUR chemistry. Have fun kids, use a condom,” Ned said, standing up and beginning to collect his things, “Well i’m going to the library where there’s less tension floating through the air. Enjoy ‘studying’ tonight guys,”

You and Peter sat silently and waited Ned walk away.

Neither of you were really sure of what to say.

“So do you want to just walk to my place after school together then?” Peter said, eventually breaking the silence.

“Yep!” You agreed.


It was 4pm by the time you and Peter actually began studying, you were lying on his floor with your textbook and notes open around you while Peter was sitting at his desk.

You spent some time quizzing each other and going over notes before Peter began getting bored. This was once of his best subjects so he really didn’t need to study as hard as you did for this class.


You had been studying for three hours and Peter had started whining approximately two hours previous.

You were still on Peter’s floor surrounded by your study notes. Peter had moved to his bed and was lying down.

“Y/N,“ He whined.

“Yes, dear,” you said, not taking your attention away from what you were reading.

“How much longer do we have to study? i’m booooorrreeeddd. We already know all of this,”

“You already know all of this,” you corrected him.

“But Y/N, you know it toooooo,”

“Peter, hon, if you don’t shut up, or just help me study I might lose my mind,”

“You’ll have to make me stop talking,”

“Okay Peter, how’s this? Let me study now, and later we can make out for as long as you’d like, and maybe I’ll even go down on you,”

Peter sat up, “Wh-what?”

“I feel like at this point, my lips on yours is one sure way that you won’t be talking,”

“I-i- are you serious?” He questioned.

“Dead serious Parker, give me half an hour to review the rest of my notes and you can have your tongue down my throat for as long as you’d like,”

Peter’s eyes widened, and he shut up. You didn’t hear a peep out of him for the next half hour.


When you were finally done reviewing your notes, you put them back into your folder and stood up.

Peter sat on his bed, watching you.

“Were you really serious before, or were you just trying to get me to shut up?” Peter asked.

“I told you, Parker. I’m dead serious,”

i know you’re dying to meet me, but I can just tell you this
baby, as soon as you meet me, you’ll wish that you never did

We made a new snk punk/band au (our last one was four years old?!) and I’m super obsessed with this version of hitch as per usual ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Ymir, Annie, and Hitch are in a girl band called ‘Second Chance’ and there’s a lot of lesbian ust.