i like this one about 10x better wow

Okay, so I know Yukine’s first birthday just passed, but think about his second birthday.

Think about Yukine getting excited like two weeks in advance because he knows his special day’s coming, and he’s thinking something along the lines of, ‘oh wow, I get to celebrate another birthday!!!’

Think about Yato painstakingly planning out every single detail of Yukine’s party because ‘this year will be even better than last, Yukine will love this year’s celebration 10x more than the last one!!!!’

Think about Yato putting together a traditional birthday party with fun hats and balloons, a cake with candles, and maybe even a pinata because why not. Also Yato is not sure if Yukine has had the chance to have a real birthday party, so by the gods, he’s gonna make sure that he gets to experience that.

Think about Yukine being even more vocal about how much he loves having everyone, especially Yato, in his life. Think about Yukine hugging Yato and Hiyori and crying wonderful tears of joy again, but this time with everyone around him.

Think about Yato tearing up because his hafuri is now two years old~

Think about Yato telling Yukine to blow out the candles on his cake and make a wish. Think about Yukine blowing out the candles and simply wishing for things to stay the same because he’s already got everything he could want being with Yato and Hiyori.

another-wannabe-author  asked:

Dude, I didn't get a prom night, or a homecoming dance, or a big event just for the students. I got a 3 and a half hour speech about nothing at all, and a paper diploma that didn't actually count as a diploma when I got it. So wear what you're comfortable in. If you want to wear a nerdy dress from Hot Topic, you do it. See one you like at a thrift shop? Revamp it. The key is confidence. Be Ned with his hat; don't let that dress wear you. You wear that dress, whatever dress that ends up being.

your are the best. Reading this made me feel 10x better like wow bless you  ❤️