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Ah, someone posted a full official reference for Gladio's tattoo including his back. I feel like he loves it when his s/o stares at it. Because that's a lot of ink. I wonder what made him decide to get it? It says in one of the guides that he got his first scar because he was protecting Noctis from a drunken attacker and just took the hit instead of injuring that person.

Truuu, I think Gladio would love to be admired by his s/o in general. I think he’d probably put his tattoos on display more often when he’s dating someone just because he wants them to take it all in. 

For all we know Gladio got it purely for the aesthetic value. Nothing makes a big guy look more terrifying than a tattoo.

Yeah, I read about that. I find that info very interesting tbh. Shows that there’s more to Gladio than just being Noctis’ dad Shield

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Was I the only one who didn't think the episode was that bad ...? I mean, lots of parts weren't realistic and the whole thing kind of felt /off/ but tbh its been that way (imo) since season 3. I was still emotionally invested up until the last ten minutes or so. Although there should have been more sherlock /john interaction wtf they barely spoke ://

i don’t know, i think a lot of the more casual fans loved it. 

but it’s your last line that does it all for me. it’s a show about sherlock and john. and they had very little direct interaction in one of the first episodes where they’re together the entire time, especially when they’re the point of the show, not mycroft and not euros and not moriarty or redbeard or the baby

i don’t know, i feel like i’d need to rewatch to catch everything but it’s more than just things feeling ~off, it’s that entire plot points were forgotten or discarded just so they could do this sister (and secret victor trevor??) arc

  • terrible resolution to the whole john being shot by euros thing, how anticlimactic 
    • seriously like did she shoot him then leave? 
  • what did the clown have to do with…. anything??? 
  • molly and mrs hudson watch the baby for john, right? yet baker street is blown up and molly’s house is threatened with blowing up and john never once mentions “oh no my daughter is (insert wherever the hell this kid is)” 
  • john is chained at the bottom of the well, but then all he needs is a rope to get out? 
  • they RUINED GARRIDEBS. i’m like fucking whatsherface with the WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU gif 
  • mary turns out to not only not be a secret villain but she had a redemption arc better than sherlock’s own sister 
    • “my baker street boys” yeah no no thanks 
  • the part with molly was hard to watch, tbh. 
  • “it doesn’t matter who you really are” that makes no sense, the entire show is a retelling of the legends of the sherlock holmes stories
  • sherlock takes his mom, dad, and brother to prison island to play a violin duet with his sister who tried to murder his best friend because she also murdered his childhood best friend 
  • what did moriarty have to do with any of that, like, at all. what did he and euros talk about. why did he shoot videos of him talking about trains. why any of that. 
  • dr. john watson, medical doctor, not being able to recognize human bones so there could be a big dramatic reveal of victor trevor of all people
  • so many loose ends i can’t even count them all. john’s note that molly gave to sherlock, the scenes that were obviously shot more than once and had all those mistakes, benedict apparently had a 20-page monologue that i saw nowhere, what was with all the hints about john’s blog?, how did euros get faith’s note about her dad, mentioning the drug that makes people hallucinate then that never coming up again, the 13th on mycroft’s fridge

there’s more that i’m forgetting this is literally off the top of my head but like

no. it was bad. 

things to SToP thinking, spreading, writing & saying, about our fav boys:

  • jin is NOT useless or boring. he is an essential part of bts. he is NOT boring, he is a charming, funny, caring person who loves to laugh, play games and all of the members of bangtan love him with all of their hearts. he is NOT useless either, without him there is no bangtan. also, while we’re at it, he is NOT a bad dancer, just because he doesn’t dance like the dance line does not mean he’s a bad dancer, he’s improved so much and he can hold his own with their dancing these days.
  • yoongi is NOT lazy, cold, careless or apathetic. yoongi is probably the least lazy person on the planet tbh. he works VERY hard, he’s passionate. keeping up with their schedule takes a lot of work, he finds time to update daum forum, tweet, practice dance, practice singing, write new music and lyrics, as well as just live his life. it takes a lot out of him, he doesn’t get much sleep, this is why he falls asleep a lot, it is not because he is lazy. he is NOT careless or apathetic either. he cares VERY much about everything he does, he’s kind and deep and passionate.
  • hoseok is NOT useless, i cringe to even write this, but he is not ugly, he is not annoying. hoseok is an essential part of bts. he is the choreo leader, he personally helps each member, leads practices and they all count on him so much. he writes his own lyrics, has his hand in producing music, and they all adore him. if you even remotely try to call him ugly i have to question if you have eyeballs??????? also, he is NOT annoying. he is the aegyo machine of bangtan, he’s their hope and their charger. he goes out of his way to brighten up the mood and make everyone laugh because that is what he believes in the most. he pours his all into everything he does, including making people laugh and stay hopeful.
  • namjoon is NOT useless, anymore problematic than most other idols, or a bad/useless leader. he puts his ALL into everything he does. he cares literally SO much about everything he does. he studied psychology just to get to know people better. he produces, he learned to dance and even like dance even though he never wanted to or liked dance before bangtan. when asked if he wanted to go solo he said no with  no hesitation. he cares about bangtan and guides them very well. he makes mistakes but he learns from his mistakes and genuinely works to improve himself every single day of his life. he is constantly worried about how he will be perceived and he works very hard to make sure that he’s the kind of man that people can respect.
  • jimin is NOT (only) greasy, he’s not bulletproof, he is not selfish. jimin is the most caring, sweet, gentle person. he is very respectful towards his hyungs, sunbaes and dongsaengs, towards fans and strangers. he’s a gentle person, a little bit timid and self conscious. he’s self conscious about his weight, his height and his dancing sometimes as well. he worries that people will suddenly want to leave him, or won’t find him handsome. he worries what will happen if he doesn’t have abs, or gets chubby. he is not selfish and he is not made of confidence he is a man who worries about his flaws and deserves and seeks support.
  • taehyung is NOT stupid, airheaded, weird and do not call him ‘alien’. do NOT typecast him as the dumb kid. taehyung is clever, he’s artistic and thoughtful. he is NOT dumb or weird. he has a lot of hobbies and things he loves, including art and fashion, he especially loves high fashion, abstract and nude art. he is often met with backlash when he tries to share the things he loves, he doesn’t like when people call him weird or 'alien’ and he does not consider himself the most handsome member of bangtan.
  • jungkook is NOT a baby, obnoxious, awkward or shy. there was once a time when jungkook was shy, but he is not a little kid anymore. he’s a man and he has grown into himself. he can be a little awkward but not because he is shy or self conscious. he is much more confident and passionate these days. he is not obnoxious he is comfortable with himself, playful and supported well by his hyungs. he has a difficult time expressing his emotions and thoughts, but he struggles all of the time to share more and more of himself with army and fans so that he can become closer to us. opening up when you’re not good at it, or when it makes you uncomfortable, can be very difficult, but he tries so hard to do so for us. he is not a kid anymore.

okay so like i noticed that simons hair is a lot tamer and flat when he’s human but as soon as he’s turned into a vamp its like styled up?? and thats probably to make him look cooler and everything but i was thinking like why he’d do it and how cause he didnt before and then i got to thinking

like one day (or night tbh) raphael drags simon to his bathroom and locks the door and simon tries not to freak out until raphael sits him down and tells him not to move cause he’s talked about it with the rest of the clan and they’re all tired of him ruining their vampire aethstetic so it has to be fixed right away. so simon is just sitting there in raphael’s bathroom in front of the mirror, watching raphael take a more than generous amount of hair gel and starts styling simons hair so it sits taller and looks fluffier, running his fingers through it to style it just right. simon doesnt know how long they’re sitting there all he knows is that its a surprisingly nice feeling to have raphael’s fingers in his hair and his undivided attention on him. and then all of the sudden its over and raphael takes a step back to let simon look at himself. and damn. he looks good. surprisingly good

so he has to know “how do you know how to do this so well??”

and raphael is like “ive known magnus bane for decades. i did not come out of that not knowing a trick or two about these kinds of things.” 

and it becomes this kind of nightly ritual as soon as they wake up. simon heads to raphaels bathroom, just as raphael is finishing up his own hair, so raphael and do his hair. simon uses the excuse that he hasnt quite figured out how to get it just right and its so much easier when raphael does it and he wont have to worry about ruining their “vampire aethstetic” when he really just doesnt want to admit how much he enjoys it. raphael spends his fair share of time complaining about it, how its wasting his time he has important stuff to be doing, to hide how much he enjoys it too

Book collage on Fangirl by rainbowrowell - TAKE 2!

So, I made a Fangirl book collage way back when I first read the book (and fell completely and madly in love with it) and I’ve been wanting to redo the design for quite a while now because I really hate it I feel like maybe I’ve got a bit better at doing them?

Changed up the colours to reflect the AMAZING Collector’s Editions that came out earlier this year. I like it a lot more than the original, hope you guys do too!


You can see the crappy old version of the Fangirl print HERE

Attachments book collage (I’ll also be redoing this one pretty soonish, because I also hate it I originally made it in a huge rush to get Rainbow to sign it)

Eleanor & Park book collage 

Landline book collage



You can see the whole collection of my book collages HERE

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Fave oc character to draw?

Alright so I couldn’t think of a way to answer this without drawing anything so well done 

This is Shannon and the only thing she loves more than the sound of her own voice is her best friend.

I like drawing her because she changes her hair colour all the time and she has dark skin and freckles. Tbh i don’t draw my OC’s a lot. This is my first drawing of her in months. And the last one I drew looks like garbage

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What do you think of Elizabeth of York's relationship with Henry VII?

What an interesting question, anon!!

tbh, I have no idea. I mean I really don’t. There seems to be a lot of evidence that theirs was a loveless, at times cold, marriage made for convenience, that Henry had a number of paramours, that he purposely waited to crown Elizabeth until she had given him an heir, that he resented the rumors that Richard was going to marry Elizabeth.

And at the same time,  there’s a lot of evidence that they loved one another–not a great love, not like her parents, but that he showered her with gifts, that their son may have been conceived before they were married, and that he was greatly grieved when she died.

I think that it was first and foremost a political alliance, as marriages were supposed to be. This was during a time when love between spouses was more duty than actual affection–however, Elizabeth’s parents had married for love (the first time an English king had done so in hundreds of years), and she was almost certainly in love with Richard. So I can’t imagine she would have been happy to marry a Lancastrian who killed the man she loved.

But again, their son may have been conceived out of wedlock. Was it rape? Was it Henry practicing his rights as husband before the ceremony? Was it two people who had fallen in love?

And why did he wait so long to crown her? Was it to show the people that she was his queen, not a reigning queen? Was it because he didn’t love her?

What about his paramours? Did he seek affection from other women because he received none from Elizabeth? Did Henry VIII learn his womanizing ways from his father? Was Henry like Edward of York, in love with his wife but in love with women overall?

I don’t know and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever know. The best I can give you is that I think theirs was a marriage of duty and I think that any affection between them was borne out of necessity. 

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Harry Potter

ooooooh boy here we go.  there’s a lot more than this but these are the first 5 i could think of

  1. I’d pay JKR $8000 a month to stop tbh.  Shut that down as soon as we got the sorting quiz
  2. I’d make Remus/Sirius clear and canon.  Like maybe it’d still end tragically but YOU CAN GIVE US MORE THAN ONE (1) GAY JKR
  3. Harry’s abuse would be taken seriously at some point?? By literally any of the adults in his life?  It was always sort of swept under the rug and that’s frustrating as all hell.
  4. I’d get rid of the epilogue.  Let people fill in the blanks with what they think happened in the future.  It was too sweet/vanilla imo.
  5. more buildup to the hallows!  it felt like they came from literally fuckin nowhere.  the horcruxes had hints all the way from book 2!  all we got to foreshadow the hallows was the invisibility cloak, which was basically nothing
they are - (c.h)

In which Calum is back home from tour, but there seems to be more distance between them than ever before. 

a/n: this shit is twice as long as my previous work, and it’s a lot of angst and probably a lot of errors too since i didn’t proof read this lol. it’s 7am and i need sleep but also needed to post this so here it is!!!!! i was thinking to have a smutty part 2 to this, would you guys be up for that? tell me! requests are open for prompts! :-))))

word count: 4,000+
warnings: just swearing tbh 

Calum is disconnected.  At first, Y/N hadn’t thought much of it, though he’d just had a bad day at work and she knew better than to approach him during such a time. Calum likes his space,  and that was what Y/N gave him. But days turned into weeks, and weeks turned the inseparable couple into two strangers that barely spoke. On many occasions since the first encounter, Y/N had intended to talk to him, find out what’s bothering him but he keeps avoiding the subject, and her.

Y/N is clueless. Is it her? Is he not happy with the relationship? (Though she has a feeling that the answer is no.) But why won’t he tell her so? Didn’t they promise to be honest, and that their relationship should be built on trust and honest? There’s a never ending list of questions in her mind, and Calum has got the answer to all of them, yet she can’t seem to have him to answer at all.

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What would their kids be like: Graylu headcanons

Some of these are kinda specific cause I may or may not have put multiple hours of thought into them and possibly want to write a fic about it

  • They have 3 kids; two girls, one boy (born in that order)
  • Lucy wanted to have lots of kids bc she didn’t want them to be lonely like she was as a kid (she wanted more than three until she saw the look on Gray’s face when she said she was pregnant for the third time tbh)
  • Gray was really happy when their first daughter was born cause he just really wanted girls (of course, when his son was born, he loved him just as much)
  • All of their kids are named after their late grandparents (bc Lucy and Gray are just weirdly sentimental like that, idk)
  • Mika, their oldest daughter; Silver, their second daughter; and Jude, their son
  • They all grow up to be mages in Fairy Tail, but none of them follow in their parents magic type
  • Which is weird for Lucy and Gray cause like, they both followed after their parents?? 
  • Like, “What do you mean you don’t want to be a celestial wizard? One of you was supposed to inherit my keys, dammit! You’re breaking the generational streak!” 
  • And like Gray being secretly sad he couldn’t teach Mika and Silver how to make cute little ice flowers or have “battles” with Jude using ice swords and shields (yeah he literally came up with that what a dork)
  • They were confused when Mika chose light magic, but they thought for sure their other kids would take after them, but then Silver chose water magic and they were like WHAT DO YOU MEAN
  • Cue Lucy and Gray discretely trying to convince Jude to choose their magic and being very passive aggressive civil to each other about it
  • But then Jude chooses fire magic and
  • AAAAAA and Gray.exe has stopped working
  • But when it came down to it they were really supportive of their choices and even tried to learn along with them
  • “Uncle Natsu” is definitely a thing and let me tell you these kids absolutely adore him
  • Especially Jude
  • And guess who taught Jude fire magic (when Gray found out he was pissed)

I have more but this is way longer than I intended so you know I’m just gonna stop while I’m ahead

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This isn't a random question, one you're obviously more than welcome to ignore. But, I love hearing your opinions on characters! I was curious what your thoughts on Jean Grey were? She and Wanda are my faves: I've got a thing for immensely powerful woman, what can I say. But, was just curious as to what you thought of her? I absolutely adore your Wanda and I seriously get so happy when I see you drag the MCU tbh.

WARPED. hi omg i’m happy to talk abt jean!! my first experience with jean was in wolverine and the x men like a hella long time ago and she was my fav from the jump! and then i got Really into comics and i have so much respect for her and the immensity of Who She Is. i’m just a super slut for the o5 xmen tbh but !!! ahhhh i love jean to death. i have a lot of headcanons abt her and wanda’s relationship bc i’m eternally angry that it wasn’t more heavily explored in canon, but i find a lot of similarities between them. like i think had jean been alive and had she and wanda kept up a relationship, jean 100000% would have noticed wanda’s undoing before disassembled and even if she couldn’t have prevented it…she would have come to her defense when everyone was plotting to fucking kill her. they both have had power pushed onto them and have had trouble with control and mental illness and !!! i love wanda’s real first love jean grey? they were so gay? have you read any of wanda’s first appearances / jean’s reaction to her? have you read xmen first class? why does marvel hate me? they were girlfriends. also THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MY M//C//U SALT THIS MEANS THE WORLD TO ME.

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a few months back (before pewds started being a piece of shit publicly since we don't know him off camera) dan said he was his fave youtuber atm but ik they hung out quite a bit this year. idk i also know phil, dan, and pj are friends with marzia as well so even if it was fame at first i think they became friends and perhaps are close enough that it's like a good friend who you love even if they fuck up. they're def closer to pewds/marzia than they are to other youtubers besides maybe louise

yes, yet again this is another explanation 🤔 this one is a bit more unsettling to me because like,,,that’s a LOT of shit to excuse lmao. like maybe this is just me sitting up on my high horse but i don’t think i could ever be friends w someone who says that many vile things consistently. but tbh there is also the possibility that they have no idea half the things he says because a) i’m p confident they do not watch the majority of his videos and b) no one in the damn youtube community ever talks about it because he is so powerful. so they literally might be entirely ignorant as to half the stuff he says

(also u brought up dnp and pj being friends with them and louise more so than anyone else and i think that’s an interesting thing about how they dislike being parts of Groups. like they have individual friends and some of them are youtubers but they aren’t a part of any circle and that is v interesting and i think contributes to why they were drawn to felix & marzia in the first place. but, again, louise and marzia are so lovely and have v nice youtube personas so felix rly is the odd man out)

sunneinsplendor replied to your post “so i watched the 2004 punisher movie on netflix for the first time…”

ooh!!! Thoughts? I know it’s not Jon but what do you think about it as “Frank”?

tbh i actually liked it a lot more than i was expecting to. i didn’t want to watch it for a long time because jon is frank to me. but when i started to read punisher comics i realized that frank is important to me in any sort of media. yes jon’s portrayal of frank is my favorite but i wanted to give this movie a chance. just because i was curious. 

there were so many elements that i liked. the movie was a little corny in some parts but the root of it was very much classic frank castle. i thought thomas jane played him pretty well. he was dark and serious and said a couple sarcastic one liners that are very much frank. (side note: he was shirtless a LOT and i was like yooo netflix….you should do this too pls and thank you). and i mean some of the scenes were just really dramatic, like over the top. and the way frank’s family died was different, but it still broke my heart. because to me frank is frank no matter what universe you put him in. my heart still aches for him. there were some really sweet scenes of him and maria, and i cried when she died. also i really loved his little “family” in the apartment building. that was PERFECT for frank, they were so loyal to him so quickly and i loved that so much. the only thing that i really didn’t think seemed to fit frank was that he drank heavily and said he was “over his family.” now i’m not a frank expert, i’ve only read some comic series and know the netflix frank very well, but in the comics i’ve read frank doesn’t drink in excess, and he certainly isn’t over his family. and we all know netflix frank drinks coffee like air, and is most definitely not over his family. but really other than that i liked the film. it was a little cheesy in some places but because i love frank i just enjoyed seeing a different perspective on him. it really just made me excited for the punisher series. 

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It’s weird watching tumblr’s Colin obsession take off he was so HATED in the UK at one point it’s what helped torpedo his career the first timed round

see i totally missed all of that and all i remember is that he used to be in a lot of teen magazines and i miiight still have a poster folded somewhere but A LOT of the current fandom craze has more to do with his attitude rather than his looks, so it sounds like he’s had a bit of a personality transplant. 
tbh i’m glad he’s no longer a fuckboy but i’m also Frustrated because if that’d been the case then i’d have saved myself this whole thing and i’d be stanning mads mikkelsen or some other much more sensible celebrity crush

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13, 55, 97!!!

13: what’s something that made you smile today?




55: what’s the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to prove a point?

Oooof, okay. I literally took time off work and traveled to a different city to go visit a friend who was going through a rough time. Granted, another friend made the same visit, (we may have planned it \oU o / ). It was just one of those, no, we actually care A LOT about you, we will make questionable decisions for you (prob not the best idea tbh but it worked out well d: ).

97: myer briggs type, zodiac sign, and hogwarts house?

I have to look up the first one oops (shame on me)

Sagittarius and Slytherin (yeah, I took the test once a long time ago and got that… and the only thing that came to mind was “Fk yeah, I can talk to snakes…probably”

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I've been thinking of watching Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time, and I was wondering, should I watch the original or brotherhood?

If you want to watch and enjoy both then I’d say watch 2003 and when you more likely than not find a sense of disappointment in that anime and the movies following it, you can cleanse your soul with Brotherhood. 2003 is good but a lot of people feel copped out by the ending so Brotherhood will clean you up and treat you nice afterwards and it’ll be a better after that.

If you’re picking between the two and will only watch one then watch Brotherhood because it’s very true to the manga and the story is critically acclaimed and it’s just a great anime to watch!! The female characters are done right and there are cool fight scenes and it hurts in all the best ways tbh

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If you could change season 3 to make it just as or greater than season 2 what changes would you make?

Great Question. 

First, I would have Josh show up sooner, definitely before Maya goes into crisis mode, to illustrate how the more hopeful Maya handles him. Yup, she still likes him, but she’s no longer ga-ga over him. This would help to contrast how she behaves post crisis in Ski Lodge. 

I would make Ski Lodge one single episode, A lot of what went down in that episode was holding pattern and call backs. You don’t need half of it TBH. I would keep it lean and brutal that episode. 

Yes, Lucas had to pick Riley, but I wouldn’t drag their relationship for so long. I would cut that by Christmas Maya at the latest. 

Also, Riley would be more self aware of the divide between Lucas and Maya - especially post Real World - she doesn’t need to know what it means yet, but just be aware that it’s there. 

I would also put more Zay and Smackle cutting through their nonsense. Like not let them get comfortable with the new status quo, call it into question, even if they are ignored, they would plant the seed of question in both Riley and Lucas. 

Would give Riley chances to interact with other people - especially post Real World - and see how things are different. Maybe see what a real couple or kids her age actually act. 

I dunno. LOL 

I think the season 2 was best because it had room to breath to be honest. S3 went wrong in that they put too much focus on the triangle from hell. So reading over it seems like all my changes are in that regard and perhaps they are. I just think the whole thing was mishandled probably because they thought they would get more eps than they did. 

it really fucks me up that some of the most incredible, awe-inspiring bands/artists ive heard will never know how much theyve helped and inspired and even healed me. especially the more obscureish bands that dont have a whole lot of fans in the first place (namely autoheart; i am talking specifically abt autoheart, theyre not /obscure/ per se but certainly not well known) like. i found their music exactly when i needed it more than anything else in the world and theyve helped me through so many shitty nights when all i can think about is The Ex Friend™ (tbh they still do help me through those nights) and even though their music was obvs not written about me or maybe not even a similar situation but i cant help but percieve their entire first album as being sort of About Me and its. so comforting. their songs have literally helped me to move on from one of the worst times in my life and they will never know how incredibly grateful i am and it makes me sad

@me failing at digital painting ayy

So, my first intention was to line this and draw it like I normally would… but then I started messing with Tom’s tail and it kinda spiraled downwards from there… meh… still kinda proud of how this turned out tho, with this being my first time trying this kinda of style and all. But yeah, whatever. If y’all couldn’t tell already, this is some fan art of the AMAZING AND WONDERFUL wanglington‘s second Siren AU fic, A Seaborn Adventure, which I really enjoyed a lot more than the first Siren AU fic tbh. But yeah, have some of that… thinking about doing one for born-fromtheashes‘ Red Strings and Blue Hair next… idk