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please give me your thoughts on andromeda so far (unbiased please)?? should i spend my money on it or save it? i love ME but im kinda nervous about this one considering it's kind of a lot of money for me rn

honestly if you love mass effect i would totally recommend it! yes it has its flaws and it’s definitely not a perfect game by any means, but it feels like mass effect to me and mass effect has always felt like home and that’s what’s important to me. that being said i wish bioware would’ve handled lgbt romances better of course and regarding facial animations i’ve definitely noticed that ryder’s expressions can look wonky in some scenes but honestly it doesn’t bother me i’ve never played these games and expected top quality facial animations like i’m here for the story and the characters. so far i’m really enjoying exploring andromeda and getting to know my squadmates, and the combat is so much fun like i get to a point where i’m actively looking for enemies to fight just to get into the combat aspect lmao. not once have i been bored when i’m engaged in a fight sequence and i think that says a lot. probably one of the most significant drawbacks of this game is that it will inevitably be compared to the original trilogy and realistically it won’t be able to stack up, but overall i’m having a lot of fun i don’t regret shelling out $70 on it at all and i can’t wait to see where the story goes. i hope this helped!


@criticaldrive ask and ye shall receive.

Here’s Kingsglaive!Gladio.

Prompto | Luna

Mr. & Mrs. Dun

Josh Dun x reader

Summary: Josh has a very important question that he needs to ask you and what better time to ask, than during a concert?

Words: 816

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A/N: I’m really hoping that the order of this makes sense. But if it doesn’t, let me just explain quickly. The first time the bridge is sung, is by the audience and then the bridge is sung twice more by Tyler. And then Tyler yells out ‘scream’ like he does in a lot of their performances of Tear in My Heart.

“We’d like to dedicate this one to two very incredible women. Jenna, Y/N, this one’s for you” Tyler said into the microphone, in his performance voice.


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  • What I Say: Are you familiar with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?
  • What I mean: Do you want to hear me scream about Caejose?

Ok I maybe should express my point a bit better:

The thing that bothers me so much, is that when the teasers came out literally everyone was drooling over Ravi, who was, as we all know half naked. 
And let me tell you I read the worst things, to just quote one: ‘’If there was one person I desperatly wanna fuck it’s Kim Wonsik (…).’’ and that’s how a lot of comments looked liked. 
And people, do you know what that is? It is, indeed sexualization (a male gets sexualized, yes, that does exists!). Ravi basically gets reduced on his body, his abs, looks and turns into an object. 
Now, thing is, when that happened to Ravi, no one was complaining how he was viewed, hell even in his MV when he only wore underwear (just like the girls btw, just sayin) no one even bothers to complain. Sexualization is problem regardless of gender, no one should get turned into an object purely because of nudity.
Don’t get me wrong: I like looking at hot men and women as well, but I don’t reduce them on their bodies.
Now, this might be because I come from a country were nudity isn’t really viewed as sexual (we got nude sections on every beach yay!) but I do not think that the problem here are the girls in a bikini. 
The problem is that they are in a bikini around Ravi and people are so obsessed with him that they feel jealous. So jealous that they find any reason to hate on the women, and in the end on Ravi, because how could oOOppPPAArr hurt us like that right???????? Dancing in underwear around naked women so hurtful towards my feelings I hate him!!!

And that gives me a wonderful bridge to the next thing I want to address: Did you see what I just did there? I took the role of an obsessed fan and exaggerated it to show how ridiculous and problematic it is.
And this, my people, is considered as Satire, mockingly exaggerate things to show something is problematic. And I do think this is what Ravi did. 
If you look closely, and put your attitude aside for a second, there is a lot of imagery and actions showing that this is, indeed, a form of satire. 

To sum it up: 
- The hypocrisy is real
- Sexualization can happen to anybody
- Nudity =/= Sexualization
- Learn the meaning of satire 

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Tumblr mom, I have a question. Are Jews in the US persecuted?? My boyfriends dad said this last night over dinner and I thought like: "Really??" I mean for sure as hell there is a lot of antisemitism and Steve Bannon being Trumps Chief Advisor doesn't make the situation any better, to be honest I think it opposed a big threat to the Jewish community I'd say, but persecution??

The short answer is:


The longer answer is: 

Yes, absolutely. One of the first things my rabbi said to me when I first spoke with him about converting is “are you sure that you want to become part of one of the most hated people in the world? Being a Jew can be dangerous.”

Let me ask you a question in response: how many armed guards does your church have? Do they have a bomb threat plan? Have you sat down and discussed with your family and discussed what you should do if there’s an active shooter situation at your church?

Because all of those things are not just the case but matter of fact for synagogues, JCCs, and Jewish families. 

But if multiple waves of bomb threats, thankfully-foiled mass-shooting plots, desecration of houses of worship and graves in multiple states, white supremacists engaging in doxxing of Jewish families (including schoolchildren) in multiple instances over supposed slights, the mess in Whitefish, and … everything else, up to and including the fact that a lot of Jewish women I know don’t post selfies on social media including Tumblr to avoid being harassed and doxxed by neo-Nazis won’t convince you, then I don’t really know what to say. 

And if I sound incredulous, it’s because I’m a little stunned at the question. I mean, it’s all out there in the news. The answer is yes. 

(As always, I welcome others to chime in who have longer and better experience than I do.)


Am i late for Valentine’s day? Ahaa..   So yeah, angsty and happy-lovey-dovey (?-  Flirtyrobot!!!  (because i couldn’t choose wich expression i like the most) 

I’m so proud of this one! It looks better than i expected. I’ve been practicing a lot these past few days, so i’m happy with this. Yes, i still have trouble coloring but hey… The lineart looks nice? And the Klance one looks cute too (still haven’t finished that one tho)~

  • Anomalisa: Gorgeous and mature movie. Will change you. Has shocking scenes but they aren't too bad and make sense for the story. Seriously. This one will change you. The animation is also gorgeous and very fluid
  • Felidae: It's about a cat solving a murder mystery, with cats. It looks very friendly at first but the minute you see the first dead cat you know it's all down hill. There is a lot of shock scenes in this one, including some gory dead cats and a small sex scene.
  • When The Wind Blows: This movie messed up my goddamn emotions. Also looks innocent, till you hear David Bowie. Yes, there is a David Bowie song in this movie. It makes it so much better. Very sad and will probably ruin your mood.
  • 9: it's not adult but it's pg-13 so it like counts I guess yay. it's not the best thing but the animation is really good and the overall plot is interesting and engaging
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: not an adult movie but j e su s christ it should be one. Beautiful, stunning, and talks about subjects like sexual desires and religion
  • Watership Down/Plague Dogs: Do you like animals??? WELL DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE CAUSE THEY WILL FUCK YOU UP and make you want to donate to every single animal organization. They are very gorgeous though.

I love the Aron line a lot it’s like




Symmetra being Autistic has been confirmed and I am SO HAPPY. I’ve talked a lot about her, here on my Tumblr, including a post or two down. SYMMETRA. IS. AUTISTIC. IT. IS. CANON. There is no denying this. There is no being confused about this. She is an amazing character, with a rich story (that I SO want more of) and.. The character most like me, for better and for worse. Being Autistic is one part of her, yes. There is SO much more to her. But it’s part of her and important.. and CANON. Yessss.

Dear future me,
Are you reading this whilst you are happy?
God, I hope you’re happy.
You’ve been through so much, are you even still around to read this?
God, I hope you are.
Pain is never easy, is it? Relationship breakdowns, heartache, emotional and mental trauma. Yes, they’re the features of life.
But god, I hope you’re leading a better life.
Is that constant pain still there? That one that hasn’t seemed to have left your chest for so long?
God, I hope it’s not.
Do you look in the mirror everyday, and like the person staring back? Are you confident?
God, I hope you are.
Do you cry a lot? Better yet, do you cry as much as you used to? And when you do cry, are they happy tears?
God, I hope they are.
Have you found someone to love you just as you love them? Do they treat you right?
God, I hope they’re great.
Do you still write? If so, do you ever write about positivity?
God, I hope you do.
Are you still kind? Do you smile always?
God, I hope it’s genuine.
Are you reading this whilst you’re happy?
God, I hope you’re happy.
—  Maddison Loader
Certain - Part One

Thank you!! And yes to all of the above!! So much so that this became WAY TOO LONG! Part two will go up tomorrow (o^ ^o)

(Also, there are still a lot of prompts I’d like to get to, so if I haven’t written yours yet it doesn’t mean I’m not hoping to…it’s just going to take some time.)

Noya is pretty good at reading Asahi. Granted, it’s probably not really hard for anyone on the team to tell when their ace is feeling up or down, but Noya can do better than that. He knows the difference between Asahi being quiet because he’s worried about something that hasn’t happened yet (this usually involves a lot of finger-tapping on the side of his leg that he thinks no one notices), and when he’s afraid that he’s done something wrong (he gets smaller when he feels like this, his shoulders curling in towards each other), and when he’s just having a hard time with all the noise and activity around him and needs to close himself off.

That’s the hardest one for Noya, because when he sees Asahi closing his eyes, clenching his hands in his lap, it makes him want to get closer to him and fix things somehow, even though he knows Asahi is fine, that he can handle his feelings on his own. It’s just that Noya wants to be on the inside with Asahi, not the outside, because the thing is…he likes Asahi. A lot. He watches him and pays attention to him—way, way more than he probably should—and that’s how he knows him better than Asahi probably even realizes.

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“I had this dream where you kissed me, and I kind of want to try it now.” - I hope you feel better honey! *Lots of Hugs!*

(Thank you *hugs*. Today’s been drama free but I’m still kinda sad and hurt.)

- “I had this dream where you kissed me, and I kind of want to try it now.” Tyler says casually when it’s just you two in the office one morning
- You start choking on your drink
- “Or not, if that’s how you’re going to react.”
- “You can’t just say something like that when I’m drinking something.” You say, trying to compose yourself. “Are you serious?”
- “Yes?”
- And that’s the story of how Mark busted you guys making out on the couch

That’s legit one of the things that has always sort of bothered me about a lot of zimbits fics like… just meeting someone and starting a relationship with them doesn’t fix all of one’s problems?? And like I see this in both more canon fics and also aus where Jack meets Bitty and he becomes a completely different person and is practically cured of all of his issues like yes Jack is happier with bitty in his life!! He seems to be in a much better place than he was at the beginning of year 1 and part of that is likely because of bitty! But like jack was friends with the squad before Bitty came along?? He’s shown being affectionate with lardo v early in the series and to mess around with shitty and holster in the tweets?? He’s gone to therapy and rehab and there’s just? A lot of factors leading jack to where he is now?

And Bitty is his own person with his own issues?? Which isn’t cured by him dating jack either?? He’s petty af and has a lot of self esteem issues and struggles with confronting his emotions and honestly has ptsd and probably ADHD as well?? The team has done a lot in helping him grow into himself!! Jack especially has had a huge role in this both before and after they were dating!

Idk like relationships are equal, both my sons are mentally ill and flawed people, and honestly this shit is why this fandom frustrates me

"How do you spot a Psychopath?"

How do I spot a psychopath is a question I get asked a lot. Can I spot one easier because I am one? Can I pick out a fake smile or falsified emotions?
The answer is not so easy. It’s a yes and no.

I can’t look at a smile and tell that it’s fake. And even if I could, that doesn’t not at all indicate psychopathy. Sociopaths and psychopaths are better at displaying emotions than other people since they practice all day every day, so pin pointing someone like me based on this is very difficult, near impossible.

The way I can, is through their eyes. This is not always fool proof, but when I speak to people I look into their eyes so that I can match and mirror what they feel so I can respond with the correct emotional response. When I’m meet with nothing but cold, dead eyes, of course it makes my uncomfortable.

I’m relying on signs to respond emotionally with, yet I’m only met with a mirror. Like I’m staring at my own eyes. That’s how I notice when someone is like me.

Their eyes. The predatory stare, hypnotic gaze. It’s a mirror of my own eyes.

You'll Be Better Soon

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Hi! Can you write an imagine were Liam is sick and the reader looks after him, just lots of fluff? Xx

so the reader and Liam are not a thing, they have crushes on each other. This one isn’t my best, but I still wanted to put something out there before the weekend started. Maybe I’ll retype it later on, idk. But thank you, anon, who requested it. Hope you like it! xx

credit for the title is @beaconhills17, thankyou love xx

              For some reason, you thought werewolves couldn’t get sick because of the healing powers. They can’t get drunk and they can’t get high, but for some reason, they can get sick.

                Liam had been coughing for a week now. At first, it started off as a tickle in his throat, nothing too major, right? But then came the sneezing… then the running nose and fever. His body ached and all he wanted to do was sleep.

                “You look terrible,” You said as you came up behind Liam, your hands on his shoulders, who was busy grabbing his books out of his locker. He turned to look at you and you caught sight of his red nose and tired eyes. “Are you sick?” You asked with your brows furrowed. You place a hand on his forehead and he was burning up.

                Liam coughed and looked at you, “Thanks, (Y/N), I know.”

                “You need to go home,” You said sternly, “C’mon, I’ll take you home.” Your arms wrapped around him and he let you lead him out of the school without hesitation.

                You pulled up to Liam’s house and he turned to you and said, “My parents aren’t home, but I’ll be fine.” He gave you a small smile.

                “Oh no,” You chuckled, “I’m going to take care of you, Liam.” You beamed at him, grabbing your bag from the backseat.

                “But you’ll get sick too, (Y/N)!” He protested, “And plus, you don’t have to!”

                You rolled your eyes at the sick boy, “My mom is a nurse, I know what I’m doing.” You stated, getting out of your car and going to the other side to help Liam out.

                “Your mom is a nurse, not you!”

                “Calm down, colds are easy to take care of.”


                After a few minutes of bickering, Liam decided to let you take care of him. You were so excited when he said okay. You sent him up to his room to get out of his school clothes and into comfy ones.

                He came down when you had started some water for homemade chicken noodle soup. You smiled at him in his sweat pants and old lacrosse t-shirt. The thing between you and Liam wasn’t really complicated. You liked him and he liked you, although both of you mentally refused to date, in fear that it would ruin your friendship in case it didn’t work out.

                “See,” You said, “Don’t you feel better now that you’re in comfy clothes?”

                Liam chuckled a bit, “But I’m still sick.” He walked over to stand next to you and slung an arm around your shoulders. “What are you making?”

                You blushed, but turned your head so he wouldn’t see, “Oh you know, chicken noodle soup. But you should rest, you have a fever.”

                The boy playfully rolled his eyes and started walking to the living room, “Fiiiine.”

                You giggled and went on with making the soup.

                The soup was almost done and you decided to look for some Tylenol for Liam’s fever. With great luck, you found some in the medicine cabinet and took two pills out of it. You grabbed a cup of water and made your way into the living room.

                Liam was asleep when you walked in. You kneeled in front of him, nudging his shoulder and whispered, “Hey Lee, wake up.”

                Reluctantly, he opened his eyes and pulled the throw blanket up. “What?”

                “Here, take this.” You offered, “It’ll lower your fever.” You handed him the pills and then the water. Liam drank all of it before handing it back to you.

                “Thank you,” He mumbled, his voice thick with sleep.

                You smiled and rubbed his cheek with your thumb. “You’re welcome. The soup should be done in a bit, okay?” He nodded and went back to sleep.

                Within ten minutes, the soup was done and ready to be eaten. You grabbed two bowls from the cabinets and fixed you and Liam’s lunch. Both bowls were set on a tray and two glasses of water to go with it.

                You set the tray on the coffee table and began to wake Liam up, apologizing. “Sorry, but you need to eat, okay? Eat some soup and I’ll leave you alone.” Liam sat up and took the bowl of soup you had offered him. You took your bowl and sat down next to him.

                The both of you ate your lunch and watched TV. “How are you feeling?” You asked as he handed you the empty soup bowl. You set your empty one on top of it and put them on the tray.

                Liam rubbed his face, wanting to lay down again. “A little better. Ugh, I just want to sleep.”

                You smiled and pulled Liam over to you so his head rested on your shoulder, slowly but surely, Liam had fell asleep once again while you pulled the blanket over the two of you and watched TV.

                You weren’t sure when you fell asleep, but when you woke up, it was dark out. You also woke to find Liam’s arms loosely holding you around your waist, your back against his torso. You were in heaven, how many girls would kill to wake up from a nap with their crush?

                After a few minutes, Liam stirred, his arms moving from your waist so he could rub his eyes. By then, you were playing on your phone, a small smile on Liam’s face appeared. “Hey.”

                “Hey sleepy head, feeling better?” You asked, putting your phone away and turning your body towards him.

                Liam seemed to contemplate the answer, he finally settled, “Yeah. I think it was because you took care of me.” He ran a hand down your face, a blush appearing on your cheeks. “Thank you.”

                You smiled and giggled, “You’re welcome, I’m always glad to he-“ before you could finish your sentence, you sneezed.

                Liam laughed, “I think I got you sick!”

                You sat up on your elbow, shaking your head, “No, no. It’s just allergies.” You denied and sneezed again.

                He stared up at you, his hand finding a way to your forehead, which was burning up. “(Y/N), you’re burning up.”

                Before you denied any more of it, Liam interjected, “I guess it’s my turn to take care of you, (Y/N).” He sat up and got off the couch, pulling the blanket up so it covered you. “I don’t know how to cook, but I’ll open a can of chicken noodle soup!” Before you could say anything, he took off into the kitchen.

                You rested your head on the arm rest of the couch, a groan left your lips. Your throat was sore, nose was running and your body ached. The nap was nice while it lasted, but you were beginning to think it wasn’t such a good idea.


Word count: 1786
Summary: You’re bored and procrastinate and decide to chat with Philip Hamilton. Stuff happens. (I’m really getting better at Summary, right?)

Pairing: Philip x Reader

Au: High School

Warnings: Lot of cussing. I guess. Thats it

Note: It’s verry fluffy. Also, yes, i still haven’t posted Maybe that’S the problem, but I didn’t want to shit something out. So yeah. tomorrow. It will be worth it, I swear. Also i really like this one and i hope you enjoy it too? (Why do i always write Philip?)

A sigh escaped your lips.

You didn’t even bother to look at your alarm clock, because you knew it was almost midnight and yet you were still awake. Running your hand through your dishevelled hair, you attempted to think of another sentence you could add to the powerpoint you were working on, but your mind had other ideas. There was just no way in hell you could form grammatically correct texts that also made sense after downing the fourth coffee on that day. Or Night. Of course, you could’ve noticed that sooner, but well, no need to worry.  You were way too motivated on the topic of procrastination that you could care about your project. Besides, it was only missing a few finishing touches, or at least you thought so. So without further thinking, you slammed your laptop shut and grabbed your phone. Who could you write and who would possibly be online?

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yes!! i’m finally making one of these things…..i’m kinda late tho bc everyone else got theirs out already…all well! anyways holy shit 800+ followers??? i can’t believe i have 800 people following me like that’s really weird to think about but regardless i am so so soooo thankful! i love every single one of you guys, and even though this year has been extremely tough, i’ve met a lot of friends on here and you guys really made this year better for me :) thank you all so much for putting up with me and i hope everyone has a good end to the year, and i hope you all have a wonderful 2017! exo saranghaja….

anyways now time for the listing! bolded = we’re mutuals, ♥ = i consider you a friend of mine/i love your blog a lot/i wanna b friends w u but i’m shy…!!

but as always, i love you all….also just a heads up there are a ton of mistakes in here so sorry if i missed u!

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I like the idea of Shinichi and heiji being aware of their crazy shipping fandom and so they actually have fun with them. They take selfies together a lot and even would swap clothes for fun. Shinichi is a bit shy, Hattori is all for it. One time at a panel a fan asked who was the better kisser, And Hattori just tackled Shinichi to the ground. The fans screamed. Hattori emerged from behind the table and says, "Kudo is-"


One time Heiji was asked during a solo panel with whom he wanted to share more scenes with and he immediatly answered “Kudo” without even thinking about it. People cheered. After Heiji’s solo panel it was Shinichi’s turn, and they asked him the same question. His answer was actually “Everyone! Sadly I don’t get to appear much, so I miss everybody to be honest”