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I’m sick and don’t want to move, so you get Stan and Soos headcanons.

Did twelve year old Soos even know how to fix anything? I submit that he did not. I mean, it’s possible he’d helped Abulita with some simple home repair stuff before—but also, it’s just as likely that he didn’t? He was twelve and his qualifications for being hired were “he was holding a screwdriver at the time.” 

So imagine the day he first shows up for work. Stan’s like “okay, twelve year old that I hired in defiance of both common sense and child labor laws, here’s the golf cart. The problem’s pretty simple, I could fix it myself if I weren’t busy, so hop to it. Here’s a toolbox, I will provide no adult supervision.” 

Stan leaves and Soos is like “okay, I can do this. How hard can it be?” And proceeds to break it a whole ton more than it was broken to begin with, because he’s just a kid kind of taking things apart and trying to put them back together with no idea what he’s doing.

Stan comes back a few hours later and looks at the small child surrounded by engine parts like “welp, I should have seen this coming.” But Soos is close to tears, he’s frustrated and exhausted and probably with a handful of little cuts and such on his hands from rooting around inside a golf cart. He’d been so proud that he’d gotten a real grown-up job–at the coolest place in Gravity Falls, no less! But now he can’t do the one thing he’s supposed to and his fingers hurt and he’s tired and embarrassed.

He starts bawling and begs Stan not to fire him–which, of course, makes Stan incredibly uncomfortable and tugs at his soft little marshmallow of a heart.

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Callout for shy.draw friend.

Shy.draw.friend (without the periods) likes to make v unsettling and racist SU art they don’t seem to have much of a following (they only have 2 posts with 100+ notes) and is trying way too hard to be problematic

They draw romantic jasper/steven art:



They also have art of a gem OC with a swastika on their arm:


And art of Concrete the minstrel gem protecting the crew from those angry blacks:


Don’t interact they seem to like all types of attention even negative attention and will more than likely laugh or sea lion u into a long conversation (they have already done the sealioning on their concrete post by asking why is it racist)

They’re more than likely a troll but they are doing real damage so u can report this guy to tumblr or any other websites u happen to find them on

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I read Honenuki got in through recommendation like todoroki and yaoyorozu why do you think he ended up in class B instead of A?

Oh, I’m pretty sure the sorting is somewhat casual - I say somewhat because I think the classes are made trying to keep the overall strength balanced between the two groups, but that’s about it? It’s not like class A is inherently better than class B just because they’re called “A”, it’s mentioned more than once during the story that the potential should be overall the same and the only difference is the battle experience class A has

Anon said: holy shit I lose my shit bc of that text of yours. I mean I knew already how the case was between Baku and Kiri, but it still hit my heart to read that all in one text. I’m so blessed welp X’D

I nearly cried while writing it so guess what you’re not alone anon we can cry together ( ձ ̥̥̥ ヘ ձ ̥̥̥ )

Anon said:  I started watching BNHA because I love your art and I wanted to understand it (came for Haikyuu!! stayed for everything) and oh wow I’m only 7eps in so far but I really like it!!!! Thank you! Your art is incredible keep up the good work! : D

AHHHH THANK YOU!!!!!! I’m glad you’re liking it!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3

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Welp, I FINALLY listened to Great Comet, AND…

I liked it. Quite a bit. I mean, that music was freaking amazing, I wish I knew the choreography for it (I mean if they won a Tony for it, it must be incredible). My only nitpick is DID NATASHA APOLOGIZE TO SONYA FOR THAT WHOLE ‘I HATE YOU, YOU’RE MY ENEMY’ SHIT????

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I dislike being white!!! I have so much guilt for having white privilege!! I need to help in some way but idk how!!

Welp, you guys, sadly, have more tone in this than us.

DON’T GET ME WRONG, we have more VOICE, and we have more knowledge in what.. we live, ofc, but you guys are heard more… so you can use that to help! 

I personally don’t think any race should be something to dislike about yourself, like, you are you  and all, it’s ok to acknowledge the mistakes of your pasts and acknowledge your priviledge but i don’t think you should hammer yourself into that point… just don’t be a jerk and help the cause in the ways you can y’know?

ID #67370

Name: Ingrid
Age: 23
Country: Singapore

Hello! (: I’m Ingrid and giving this a try because it seems fun hehe. Let’s see.. I’m currently majoring in psychology in uni, and trying to learn Japanese, Norwegian & Swedish! Because I was born in Hong Kong, I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese (albeit very poorly LOL). I’m what you could call an extroverted introvert; I’m hella shy at the beginning & an awkward turtle, but that goes away after a while. I could talk for ages but once I hit a certain point, I gotta withdraw and recharge by seeking the company of myself/games for some time. Which is probably why I think snail mail would be better (although emailing is fine too).

I l o v e video games; my current favourite is Witcher 3. I also play Horizon: Zero Dawn, Persona, Dragon Age, Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy… Mostly RPGs! I also watch anime, like Saiyuki, Assassination Classroom (Korosensei !!!) and quite a few more. Tbh I think my heart and mind are stuck in these worlds way more than they should be haha oops. :>

I must be going through some quarter-life crisis because I’m trying to learn (way too many) things that I haven’t had a chance to, like martial arts, simple programming, tarot cards…. Yeah it’s a bit of a strange variety hahah. Also feeling a bit stuck in Singapore because I don’t have the means to be traveling - another reason I wanted to try this out!

Welp, I think I’ve gone on for too long. Hope you all are doing well and are happy, wherever you are! ^^

Preferences: Preferably age group 18-25 but really, I don’t think it matters~

welp just finished 17776 and i don’t think i have liked anything more than that in, like,,, forever. it spoke to me or something idk but it was funny and comforting and a bit sad. things i like allot. But still a very hopeful story for humanity and what it means to be human, one that i can get on board on. 

Y’all should go read it, if you have not its the best. 

That same frost covered the ground and every wall that was facing the explosion site, as far as the eye could see.  It covered us.  Icicles so tiny and fine they were like eyelashes radiated from the parts of my costume that had been exposed.  There were even twists and curls of ice where Grue’s smoke had frozen.

Welp. I guess Bakuda’s not letting them go that easily after all.

“Everyone okay?” Grue asked.  He was shielding Tattletale with his body, the ice sloughing off them in sheets as they stood.  When he saw me looking, he explained, “Tattletale’s costume exposes her skin, more than any of us.  If she’d been totally exposed-”

“No,” I answered, “No worries.  Smart.  But we should move.”

“No need to be jealous.”


We ran.  All around us, tiny crystals of ice were drifting down, sparkling in the light.

Tattletale continued dishing the info on Bakuda, “Lie number two?  She’s fibbing about how she’s detonating those bombs she has in her people’s heads.  She said she blows things up with a thought, but she’s not wearing any external hardware on her head, and she wouldn’t have someone else do surgery on her.  Too much of a control freak, too proud of her brain.”

So how does she detonate them? Device behind her back or something?

“But you don’t know how she’s blowing the bombs up?” I guessed.

“I know exactly how she’s setting them off.  Toe rings.”

“Toe rings,” Grue said, disbelief clear in his tone, even with his warped voice.

Ahaha, nice. It makes some degree of sense, but can you imagine walking around and making sure you’re not needlessly blowing up your subordinates by twitching your toe in the wrong direction?

Granted, she did needlessly blow up subordinates, but that was with a clear intent.

“She’s got a ring around her big toe and the toe next to it.  When she crosses one toe over the other, contacts on the outside of the rings meet and it sends the signal.  She chooses the target with a system built into her goggles.  It doesn’t look like she’s doing anything, which is probably the effect she’s going for.  Appearances.”


“Good to know,” Grue said, “But that doesn’t help us right now.  What are her weaknesses?”

Cutting off her foot, for one.

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What are your thoughts on Optimus Prime? I can not say i like him as I prefer darker hero leaders or characters.

Hello there, Lovely Anon! Since you didn’t specify, I’m going through some of the continuities I’ve watched/read, I’ll put it under the cut for length reasons. Yeah, we’re doing this. Alright, so.

Optimus Prime.

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i saw a post floating around suggesting godfrey gao as a fancast for felix so i wanted to see if i could draw it

and like

i get it yo

i could dig it

ps godfrey gao is gorgeous pfffft

also i tooled around a bit with scar and piercing placement for alternate versions of felix idek. i’m not changing my facecanon, i just felt like experimenting a little bit bc it’s always fun to see variations on felix

also do u ever like, draw a figure and then you go “man i should draw armour on that but fuck that look at that sweet anatomical sketch i ain’t hiding that” because i do that all the fucking time.

sorry I haven’t been around much.  I’ve actually been writing more than drawing bc i don’t have much time on the weekdays to whip out the tablet to draw more than some dumb doodles and it’s easier to just sit down and type out some scenes as opposed to setting up the whole ensemble to draw

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onkey, "Please come get me." (looking foreward to it!)

HAHAHA 2000 WORDS LATER GOD DAMN IT. I mean it’s not a bad thing, especially because I really liked this one.. but it seems like I’m back to only writing long things -_- welp, turns out I’m going to take forever writing these things too.. ugh, I’m sorry this took forever. Oh, and hariumi, I finished~

“Please come get me.”

“Key?” Kibum heard a shuffling in his ear as his roommate got out of bed, “I thought you went to that party?”

“Were you seriously sleeping Jinki?” Key leaned against the column outside of the sorority that happened to be hosting that night.

“Why do you need me to get you, are you drunk? did you forget the way back? It’s already been a month, wouldn’t you remember where your room is?”

A pair of scantily clad females passed Key. The taller one gave him a wink, and he just rolled his eyes. “Are you stupid,” Key scoffed, “It’s cold, and I forgot a jacket.” He lied, and he could almost hear Jinki rolling his eyes over the phone, “Okay fine, I’m still scared of drunk people.”

Jinki laughed, “Okay, okay fine, I’ll come get you. Where are you again?”

Key turned around and saw the big greek letters, “Um, the one that looks like a triangle and a pi sign.”

“You mean delta pi?”

“Sure, will you just come get me? I want to get back to the room.”

Jinki sighed, “Yeah, I’m just throwing on a jacket.” There was a pause, and Key heard the shuffling of some fabric, “Hey, I’m leaving now, I’m hanging up, okay?”

“Uh huh,” Key heard the other line go dead, and put his phone in his pocket.

Jinki walked to meet Key. The path wasn’t long, but it was lonely, and he found his mind wandering. Recently, Jinki found that he had developed feelings for his roommate, feelings that he really shouldn’t have, but they were getting hard to ignore. Key would stand and strip in front of his dresser with no shame, exposing his body and the soft muscles he had developed through dance, Key’s only hobby.

It was incredibly frustrating, he found himself needing to take a walk just to stop himself from thinking of what he would do if he had Key under him, if he could get his hands on those muscles. Just thinking about it now was a distraction enough for him. He tried to fill his mind with the book he had been reading for his African American literature class as he continued walking, now at a more brisk pace.

Another pair of girls walked up to Key, or maybe it was the same two, he couldn’t keep track.

The tall one poked Key in the chest, “What are you doing here?” She asked, her speech slurred.

“Yeah, shouldn’t you be in the party?” The other girl hung on the taller girl’s arm, “I always see you at these parties, but you never dance with anyone. You just hang around and sulk, you’re so weird!” The girl laughed, “Come on Minjung, we don’t need to hang around this killjoy.” The girls sauntered off into the party, stumbling all over each other, giggling.

Key rolled his eyes, this is why I like guys, he thought to himself. He didn’t really mean it, but he was sick of the girls at the party, and annoyed that Jinki opted out of coming, like usual.

Just then he felt a tap on his shoulder, “Kibum, I’m here to escort you.” Key turned to meet his grinning roommate.

He blushed slightly, but then remembered that he was supposed to be mad at Jinki, and he maintained an agitated expression as the two walked through the empty streets of their small college town.

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Um, based on the fic Chill or Be Chilled by @totalskeletontrash. (specifically the new chapter’s cliffy hangz that just killed me)

I probably spent way more time on this trash than I should have. ye

I’ll make it better

Bonus drabble for Come and get lost with us

Fandom: Haikyuu

Words: 2753

On their search for a new home, Daichi and Suga discover a miracle in the midst of a nightmare.

“I’m not sure, Daichi. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Suga stopped walking, and after two more steps, Daichi did the same, back still turned to him.

“We don’t have a choice. If we don’t get anything nutritious to eat soon, we’ll get in trouble. And it looks like it’s going to rain. We’re all exhausted already, we can’t afford to get sick.”

Suga looked back, to where both Nishinoya and Tanaka were uncharacteristically quiet, dragging their feet as they followed. Insisting on carrying the most heavy load seemed to finally weigh down on Asahi, whose shoulders were heaving as he breathed. There really was no other choice, even though Suga generally trusted his gut feeling.

The village up ahead meant trouble. Lots of trouble. He could smell it, taste it in the air and the atmosphere, even though he couldn’t quite place his finger on it.

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For all the haters that be hating on MarkJin’s Got2Day episode, I have a few words for you.

“This is boring…” Sweetie I have some news for you, this isn’t some ice breakers commercial. A blue sparkly unicorn isn’t going to bust through and make an appearance, to have Mark and Jinyoung hop on him and ride off into the fucking sunset. This isn’t Cirque Du Soleil. They aren’t going to make their fucking intro by coming down on ribbons. This isn’t a circus, no one is going to show up on a unicycle juggling pins that are on fire. This is GOT2Day, where two members get together and just chat. Be happy that they are even doing this because it gives us a chance to see how they all interact with each other one on one and to see the relationships that they all have, and I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty fucking nifty.

I honestly feel bad for them because Jinyoung said multiple times, that’s right not just once but multiple times, how they were boring and you could kind of tell he felt really bad about that. He shouldn’t feel that way. He shouldn’t be like ‘welp this is going to be the least liked one since we are boring’. He should be thinking ‘We aren’t boring, I am going to have a blast talking with Mark and it is going to be great!’ But no, he was thinking the opposite and you know whose fault that is? Ours. And that is pretty fucking sad.

I did not think this episode was boring at all. Nor did I think the last one was. Mark was such a sassy little savage in this episode, and a lot more fucking confident than he once was. (Can I just get a quick squee and amen for this fact?) “We’re super boring right?” “No.” YES MARK. YOU TELL THEM. YOU ARE NOT BORING. “Why are there so many themes in this room? Is it because they just don’t want us to talk on our own?” “Because when you and I get together, we need a lot of topics to talk about.” “We don’t need it.” YOU TELL THEM BOO BOO. SHUT DOWN THOSE PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU CAN’T HOLD A FUCKING CONVERSATION ON YOUR OWN.

What got me the most was that with this part you can hear how agitated Mark is with the fact that they put stuff up there for him to talk about. I am willing to bet that they put that shit up there because of people complaining so damn much on the last video that it was boring. And that is sad, and honestly I am glad they didn’t use any of those things because then the interaction wouldn’t have been genuine. (At least not to me.) I like how they talked about whatever came to mind because that is more realistic. That is how convos between friends works. That shows their dynamic.

There were so many great moments in this interview! From Mark completely ignoring Jinyoung and asking about the bread, to Mark telling Jinyoung he doesn’t take off his hat when he is with Jinyoung, to Jinyoung telling Mark he would rather talk to fans because he talks to him all the time, to Mark giving a critique on the food. It was a funny wholesome episode, and Mark played a big part in it and I was so proud to see him come out of his shell so much.

I get that not every video is going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you don’t like it I have a simple solution for you! Don’t fucking watch it. If you are sitting there going “Oh this is boring….” then stop watching it and click out. Don’t sit there and watch the entire thing all the while commenting “This is boring…” because it is pretty fucking obvious that they see this shit and it affects them in a negative way.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Pretty simple if you think about it. So please support our boys, don’t bring them down! And seriously, I don’t what you are all expecting, they are just talking. If you want a zombie apocalypse, or a sparkly unicorn I suggest you watch your local cable television.

y’know what really gets me, after all is said and done, in bleach fandom? Why people can’t just be like ‘hey, I was wrong about a thing, maybe I should look over the work again’ like sane people instead of doubling down and digging into a victim narrative and claiming an author did something out of spite. 

I mean, like. I’ve been proven wrong on theories and ships before in other series, and even in bleach itself. That doesn’t mean I dug deeper into my theories, I just went ‘huh. Welp, guess I just got jossed, sucks’ and then went ‘maybe there’s actually more to what happened than I originally thought! Maybe I missed something in my first go through!’ and it often turns out I did once I allowed myself to look at it from another angle.

Generally, I’m just tired as shit of the weird victim narrative in fandom, like Kubo does things to personally spite each and every one of the people who didn’t like the ending or the end ships. Guys, you DO know that’s self-centered as hell, right? The dude doesn’t even know you exist, leave him be. 

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