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DA:I Companions and advisers react to an Inquisitor who has a pet parrot? One that likes to perch on the Inky's shoulder and repeats swearwords that it hears from other people.

Cassandra: She was irritated by the bird because all it did for the days while the Herald was unconscious was squawk incessantly at anyone who it didn’t recognize and perch on the Herald, trying in vain to wake their beloved. Still, she doesn’t comment, because when the Herald is finally out and about, so is the bird, who brings them comfort. The parrot ends up growing on her, slowly but surely, though the first few times it perches on her, she freezes and is unsure of what to do.

Iron Bull: The parrot loves his horns as perches. “Alright, you little shit factory,” he says, amused, “you can sit up there all you like, long as you don’t mistake my head for a latrine.” The bird often bluntly asks for food if he’s eating nuts, and he argues with them before grumbling and giving in, much to the bird’s delight.

Blackwall: He’s never gotten up close to one before, and he’s not sure how to react. He just stares until the parrot starts talking to him, and he blinks in surprise. He enjoys talking to the parrot, especially after his secret is revealed, because it’s not in the least concerned about it and will still talk to him readily, even if it seems nonsensical at times.

Sera: She loves the parrot. She loves playing with it and talking to it and trying to teach it words. The parrot decides they like her, and if the bird isn’t perched on the Herald and cuddling, the parrot’s perched on her or Bull or a few of the other party members. She spoils it.

Varric: He tries telling the parrot stories to see what will happen, and finds that the bird likes it, sometimes repeating phrases back at him– or just over and over again at random times, sometimes annoying Cassandra. Varric greatly approves.

Cole: “They know the words and what words mean more than people think. Side-stepping, dancing, the humans will call me pretty and ooh and ahh and give me treats, it’s all as easy as talking. They are happy because you love them and care for them and give them attention.” He smiles. “It is good.” The bird likes him because of how calm he can be, and he always seems to know where they want scritches.

Dorian: He’s seen a few magisters with them, often neglected and sad once the owners tire of the novelty, so it pleases him to see the happy, well-kept and stimulated bird, who he enjoys having conversations with. He’ll bounce his theories and theorems off of the bird, who’s just happy to talk with him. “You are quite beautiful,” he says wryly one day, “but not as much as me.” This offends the bird, and it shocks him when it says ‘fuck you.’ “Did you learn that, by chance, from Sera?” he asks dryly. “No matter. There’s no need to ruffle your feathers over the matter. We can both be pretty.”

Solas: Parrots fascinate him, he discovers. He tries holding conversations with the bird to see how far its intelligence goes, and is pleased. He almost considers talking with the bird about his internal problems, but quickly decides against it, despite how nice it would be to have an outlet– don’t need a bird outing a wolf.

Vivienne: Like Dorian, she’s seen nobles who get the birds, get bored of them, and neglect them. While she’s not all that into keeping pets, she can at least admire how well the bird is kept– a parrot is a living creature, and deserves respect. Her nose wrinkles when she sees anyone in the party trying to teach it swear words, and she hopes it never repeats these words at any nobles. “Don’t repeat that, Darling.” she says dryly to the parrot as Sera tries to teach it new words.

Josephine: She thinks it’s adorable, up until it starts cursing at Roderick and Marquis DuRellion. Then she spends time looking for the best animal trainer to somehow get the bird to stop saying those inappropriate words. Sometimes the bird hums a tune, though, and it makes her calm down a little.

Leliana: If no one’s looking or in earshot, she’ll consider busting out the lute and singing a song to the bird, just to watch it dance and revel in the sound of music. Birds listen and enjoy music much like humans do, and she finds a little solace in interacting with the parrot. She compliments the Herald on their companion and their care of the parrot.

Cullen: He’s honestly surprised it survived all of this nonsense, and while he initially voices a bit of concern about the bird’s safety, the bird pitches such a fit when separated from their owner for extended periods of time that he lets it go. At one point, when he’s having a particularly bad headache from lyrium withdrawal, the parrot finds him and sits on his shoulder, puffing up and cuddling against his head, gently trying to kiss his head and groom his hair. The company is welcome.


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Hello, I just wished to say that I love you and this blog and however long it takes for you to answer asks or reply or anything, I will always stay!! Cause I know its always worth the weight!! And your art is absolute beautiful, digital art may take some getting used to, but I'm sure you'll do fine!! I hope you're happy Succ Mod!^^ (Also may I give Komaeda a hand hug? jk, a high five is fine aH sorry confusing words--)

;;_;; thank you anon

My sister’s been counting down until her birthday. Guess what day her birthday is. Anyway, when we got her that balloon I had this awful idea so here’s Nagito in my sister’s usual home get up with her balloon -Mod Komaru

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I saw your family Lance head cannon and oh my god. I have been blessed. Could you do a headcannon/Senario where lances S/O meets his family? :3


  • Lance warns you that his family is a tad bit crazy, but you wave it off. You’ve seen crazier than what he’s described and you were anxious to go to the dinner feast his mother invited you both to.
  • She didn’t say the whole family was coming, too.
  • As soon as you walk in, his aunts bombard you. Hugs, kisses, and pinching cheeks. You’re not sure what they’re saying, but it sounds pleasing. They’re squealing to each other in rapid Spanish about your hair and height and everything.
  • They inspect you from head to toe. They measure your waist, feel the thickness of your hair, check your temperature, and feel your calves.
  • Lance stop laughing in the background come here you lil shit
  • The aunts finally give you some space and Lance sees your face. It’s filled with red lipstick marks, pinch marks, and smudged hair sticking to your face it’s as if his aunts made out with you haha
  • They grab his arm and tell him to marry you NOW
  • You’re really good with his younger siblings. They love you and your games. They even claim you’re more fun than Lance oops. They squeal when you play tag with them and the boys want to be the prince to your prince/ss.
  • Lance watching from the bushes, with binoculars: tHIS IS BULLSHIT
  • He has his share of nephews and nieces and cousins. You thought the Kardashians never stop growing? Ha, bitch please, his family is almost a separate city of its own, with all different ethnicity/races.
  • His mother acts like your own, claiming you as her own child. You are very helpful around the kitchen and she doesn’t let you wash the dishes, you’re a guest for God’s sake, but you do it anyways. She loves you so much, it hurts her.
  • Lance’s dad adores you and respects you in every way possible. You are a polite guest and talk respectfully to his family. He threatens to break Lance’s bones if he ever breaks your heart. If you don’t marry him, his mother will practically disown him, they only want you as an in-law.
  • His mother shoves the entire meal she prepared for your arrival down your throat. Don’t you dare say no to her offering food to you. Lance doesn’t know whether to comfort your bloated stomach or laugh his ass off because he went through this before.
  • His sisters really like you. From moment #1, they are your bitches and best friends. You exchange phone numbers quickly and gossip the latest news. They are so easy to talk to and you mostly discuss Lance with them. They warn you of the stupid shit he does in private, and sadly, you have had the blessing to experience 90% of them.
  • His oldest sister has a newborn and she lets you hold him first, instead of Lance. He’s kinda sobbing in the corner so let him hold the baby (with the mother’s permission ofc). You’re both holding the baby together and the baby only smiles and laughs at your advances.
  • Poor Lance is being threatened, rejected, and overlooked, once again.
  • At the end of the visit, everyone congratulates Lance on finding you. He jokes that he had to search the universe, top to bottom, to find you. They take it seriously.
  • They all walk you to the door and kiss you goodbye and call you their in-law. They’re begging you to come again, maybe for a sleepover, but they won’t let Lance touch or sleep with you that night. His dad will literally cook him in tacos and snack on his grave.
One Year at FAM

Hey, hey! So today officially marks me being a mod here at feminismandmedia for one year. 

Being a mod here has been such a wonderful experience. Life changing and illuminating honestly. If you look at that post you’ll see I said I was straight - well being part of this blog helped me realize I was queer.

In addition to this when I started helping out here I was actually pro-life. I’m most certainly not now! There’s been so many wonderful things I’ve learned while here and it’s awesome. 

Being a mod has given me a wonderful amazing community here, which has been absolutely fantastic and comforting. You guys really make this blog so amazing and fun to be a part of. So thanks. <3

You all are great. :)

Mod Bethany

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your mobility aids aren’t ugly and they don’t make your appearance any less attractive.