i like this lighting situation

trump: does something dumb

someone: omg does this mean danger days is go-

me: [has already died, my soul ascending from this wretched plane]


Shining Blade Headquarters, Divinity’s Reach.

I want a scenario where Adrien finds out his scarf was actually from Marinette and not his dad, and for it not to go very well at first.

Because while I’m sure Adrien would understand it was a mix up and still, his friend went out of her way to make him a gift, I can’t imagine him really looking at the scarf for a while and being happy about it, not while knowing his dad didn’t actually get him anything at all. Adrien would have very mixed feelings about it IMO, and I wouldn’t really blame him either.

So, angst time. Adrien wants to confront his dad about it but he’s overseeing a fashion show and he couldn’t ask Nathalie because she went with him, so that leaves Marinette. He pulls her aside after school, and there’s so much anger and resentment for his dad building up, and he really doesn’t want to take it all out on Marinette, but Adrien’s afraid that if he opens his mouth he might say something he’ll come to regret, so instead he pulls his scarf out from his bag and smooths out a corner of it, displaying Marinette’s tiny signature for her to see. 

He can see the panic flash in her eyes while she stares at the scarf, but it doesn’t seem like she can find words, so he asks a question, “Why didn’t you you say something?”

Meanwhile, Marinette really IS panicking. True to what she told Alya all those months ago, Marinette tries to explain that she didn’t want him to be disappointed that the scarf wasn’t actually from his dad, just her, but even as she explains this she can see it’s not making Adrien feel better and honestly, it’s no wonder. 

(“I wish you said something earlier,” Adrien finally says, and he’s rubbing his neck and chuckling and trying to keep the situation light. “I feel like a bit of an idiot.)

Because Marinette let the secret go on for too long, and surely finding out a cherished present wasn’t actually from his dad after all this time believing that it was… it must have hurt. It must have hurt ten times worse than if Marinette would have just told him the truth, though surely that would make her look like an opportunist more than anything. She didn’t want to come off as selfishly wanting his attention. Marinette was stuck, honestly. She didn’t know if there was a right way to have gone about that situation. So she says the only thing she can.

“I’m sorry.”

And offers the only thing she can think of.

“I-I can take the scarf back, if you want.”

Now Adrien feels bad, because he really wants to keep it. He wants to look at the scarf and think, ‘my friend made this for me, she took time and care to knit this with me in mind.’ But instead, all he can see is Gabriel Agreste’s stern face, and all he can think when he sees the baby blue fabric is that his own dad didn’t even bother buying one of those lame pens for his birthday this time. 

Tentatively, he hands the scarf back to her.


how baekhyun reacted when the translator mistranslated his ment

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Hey do you know any good Friends-inspired sterek fics? I am so obsessed with the show and projecting Stiles and Derek into these situations... cause I always like me some light hearted, funny Sterek but still with the genuine and deep emotions

Always You by Peasantaries

Based on Friends S02E07: The One Where Ross Finds Out - Derek finally realises his feelings for Stiles, but is he too late?

dearly beloved by allhalethekings

It was like a painful itch under his skin.

For the weeks leading up to the wedding, Stiles could never figure out why his gut feeling was hell-bent on screaming against any action he took but he ignored them in favour of believing that it was just cold feet. After all, getting married is a huge step so it makes sense as to why it would be freaking him out.

The One with the Baby on the Bus by theconsultingburglar

In which Stiles and Derek take Scott’s and Allison’s son for a day out and accidentally leave him on the bus.

Maybe if I tell myself enough (I’ll get over you) by allyasavedtheday

“Derek?” he asks in astonishment.

Derek’s frozen in front of him, eyes boring into Stiles’ like he can’t believe it’s really him.

“I thought you were in Russia?” Stiles asks because it looks like Derek is having trouble forming words. Derek’s been in Russia for five years. Stiles met him two weeks before he left. Stiles fell in love with him two weeks before he left.

“I- I am,” Derek stutters. “I’m only here for the night,” he adds apologetically.

Imagine your OTP (based on real life situation)

Crush: I would really like to eat something light today. *nudges me* Got any ideas?

Me: Nah, I got nothing. But I do know something delicious and it’s actually free.

Crush: Really? What is it?

Me: *smirks* *whispers* me.

Crush: (Idk but I think she blushed) *smirks* Oh. *lipbites* *whispers* I would really love that. Call me if you’re ready. *winks* *walks away*



(I really like to flirt with my crush and she would unexpectedly strike back but I haven’t confessed to her yet. I don’t want to ruin our friendship ;-;)

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Do you think there'd ever be a situation where manga!L would use the notebook if he were the one to pick it up, not Light?

Yeah, I think so.

If he found it in a situation like Light did where he could clearly see it was just falling from the sky, I can definitely see him also testing it out. After all, L also lives primarily for the sake of being intellectually entertained, so he might at least be curious enough to. Not like it’s a huge time commitment to test.
He’d probably also test on criminals, because yeah, convenient.

Unlike Light, I don’t think L has that much of a freak-out over the fact that it works though, given that he has sent many people to execution and his methods are already not exactly the cleanest. He’d be more fascinated by the note itself - I can see him test its limits or maybe use it in case investigations where manipulating an involved criminal would be of use?

So basically, I think he’d keep it and chill with Ryuk, uhm.

Smiles in the Dark

Request: For the prompts, can I please request number 18 with Sehun? :)

18) Your bias is frightened by something in the night and they decide to sleep in your bed.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Exo’s Sehun x Y/N

Type: Fluff

Living in the middle of Seoul meant living by Seoul rules. When I moved into my small apartment in the middle of the city, I never expected that to mean that I would have to deal with construction next to my window. Yet here I was, tossing and turning in my bed as the sound of jackhammers and buzzing filled the night.

I rolled over again, realizing sleep probably wouldn’t come any time soon. I was a light sleeper and suffered for it in situations like this. I stared at the clock as the numbers turned, one by one, increasing in minutes. I heard a knock hit my door, which I ignored at first until I heard it again. I tried to adjust my eyes to the darkness around me and squinted at the clock again. 3:04 a.m.

I eased out of bed as the knocking continued and shuffled to the front door, putting my eye against the peep hole. My neighbor, Sehun, stared back anxiously at me.

Since the day Sehun had moved in across the hall from me, he had been nothing but a nuisance. Between the loud music being played constantly and the stomping of new dance routines, I hardly ever had a quiet moment. With such thin walls, that wasn’t the only thing we shared. I constantly heard the string of girls he had come in and out of that apartment on a daily basis. The worst part though, was that deep down, I was envious of the string…wishing I could be the end to it.

Although Sehun had a knack for driving me insane, I knew somewhere in him, he wasn’t that bad. Every once in awhile, when he let those walls down, I was met with a kind heart, sass for days, a talented musician, and an incredibly handsome young man. It was just a matter of getting to that real Sehun.

I cracked the door slowly, not bothering to unchain the lock. “What do you want Sehun?” I grumbled.

“I, uh, thought I heard something outside?” he questioned. I looked him up and down. He was only wearing a pair of house slippers, a tank top, and some extraordinarily short lounge shorts.

“And so?” I questioned, finally unlocking the chain and pulling the door open a bit farther.

“Annnd,” he strung out. “I was wondering if you could hear it from your apartment?”

I heaved a sigh, trying to bite my tongue from all of the smartass comments that wanted to come flooding out. “They are doing construction after all.”

“I have men speaking with each other by my window,” Sehun muttered. “And it’s casting all of these weird shadows over everything.”

“Mmm…” I hummed, nodding. “So you’ve come over because you’re scared? And you think I’m the one to comfort you?”

“Pfft, don’t think you’re that important Y/N,” Sehun muttered, shouldering past me. He slipped off his slippers and began to look around. “Wow, your apartment is so small.”

“Too small for two people,” I nodded, crossing my arms. “So leave.”

“Oh come on Y/N!” Sehun cooed, putting on his best aegyo pout. “I have a schedule in the morning, I need sleep.”

“Go over to one of your members houses!” I gasped. “I only have one bed!”

“It’ll do just fine,” Sehun nodded, walking over to my mattress and plopping down. He slithered beneath the blankets and looked at me happily from the Sehun burrito he had created. “But where will you sleep?”

I groaned, letting my head fall back on my shoulders. I walked the few steps over to my bed and sat down beside him. “I’ll be sleeping here.”

I grabbed a few of my pillows and began to build a small , fluffy wall between Sehun and I. He watched, seemingly interested as I continued my work. Finally, I got to where a comfortable distance was put between the two of us and cuddled down into my own side of the bed.

“You’re welcome, Sehun,” I hissed.

“But I didn’t say thank you,” Sehun chuckled.

“Goodnight, Sehun,” I sighed, shaking my head and rolling over.

“Hey Y/N,” he whispered, placing his hand on the pillow wall and glancing at me.

“Mmm?” I hummed.

“So…I was kind of scared,” he admitted.

“I know,” I breathed.

“So…I guess kind of, sort of, maybe thank you.” he continued quietly.

“Kind of, sort of, maybe welcome,” I grumbled. I looked to the clock again. 3:27 a.m.

After a few moments of silence, I heard Sehun’s light snoring begin. I dug in deeper to my pillows and tried to tune him out. That was until I felt his lanky leg drift over to lay across the lower half of my body. Not so long after, his arms reached for my waist and hugged me tightly.

“Sehun,” I spat. I felt my face become flush with a blush. I tapped nervously at his hands, but he wouldn’t budge. Admittedly though, this was sort of nice.

“Sehun,” I tried again more gently this time.

“Mmm?” he hummed.

“I think you’re cuddling me,” I whispered.

“I know,” he sighed, pulling me tighter to his chest. I couldn’t see it in the dark, but I was 98% sure he had a smile on his face.

But so did I.

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Xillia Favorites  |  [3/3] Protagonists

↳ Alvin


I was hoping maybe you could help me narrow my search.
We only have two data points.
Well, do the best you can…


These have been sitting in the drafts folder for a while now, it’s all webcomic stuff, kinda experimenting with the style I wanna go for the actual pages.
SO here are some character sketches and outfit designs, Mostly Alexa with short(lapis) hair aha, I’m not sure whether I’ll keep it tho, but it’s fun to draw.