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Sooooo I learned at exactly midnight that it’s @musta–krakish ‘s birthday. So I drew you a really fast Nyanthan and Tabbygail while I was in class. 


Drake’s Deception // A Thief’s End

GTKM Meme - [5/?] favorite relationships - Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher Drake

Elena: Doing the dishes? We take turns. Don’t even think about not coming back.

Nate: I love you.

Elena: Same to you, cowboy.



Apparently people in the Half Life Trilogy fandom actually hate the ending but like ??? This entire book has been a wild, depressing ride. It was never really that happy. The fact you expected any sort of happy ending would just be ridiculous. By the end of the first book I had an exact idea of how it was going to end and, guess what? It was for the most part correct. The ending was well done and not surprising at all. It wasn’t like the deaths and whatnot sprung up out of nowhere it’s been implied in the other two books. 

I personally feel like people are mad because they wanted a happy ending for Nathan and, honestly? That doesn’t always happen in books. Sure, I wanted one for him too but I knew it wasn’t going to be happy. That’s not the way this trilogy was gonna work. You can’t really expect a happy ending out of an entire book series where I can count the “happy moments” with my fingers. It wasn’t meant to be happy and it wasn’t meant to have a happy ending.

And this is coming from someone who is LGBT+, and I do understand why people are upset but honestly? As someone who is writing novels himself, I would honestly be disappointed if it had a happy ending because it would diminish the feeling of the rest of the books. It would’ve been awkward, in my opinion. It hurts, a lot. I’m still broken up about it. But no, that’s how it was supposed to end. I genuinely couldn’t see it any other way.


It’s not a walk in the park
To love each other
But when our fingers interlock,
Can’t deny, can’t deny you’re worth it
‘Cause after all this time I’m still into you


MET @thenathanzed & HE SAID ‘DOODLESBYADZIE’!!! we were like old internet buds reuniting!! I’m so happy to have met him!


Happy birthday Nathan!
Let’s celebrate with tiny party hats and cake

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For the art challenge: 30. Nathan from Life Is Strange. Pretty please. <3

“Nailed it!”

I generally don’t draw too many guys haha so i was hesitant. I hope you like it! Happy Nathan! -Muii

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