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Andrew Minyard is gay and would not be with Neil if Neil was a trans girl, for all of you who are writing a trans!Neil or fem!Neil fic. I get it. Andreil is wonderful. But Andrew’s attraction just wouldn’t translate into that alternate universe. It’s not something that would happen.

Just Before Dawn {a shallura fic}

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Set the morning after Closer to Midnight, Shiro and Allura wake up to find their minds still linked together. Shiro needs to get back to his room; Allura doesn’t want him to leave. Fortunately, she’s very persuasive.

Notes: I honestly have lost all control of my life at this point, so I wrote this. I had a cute idea for how to extend Closer to Midnight, and this is the result. It’s 3am no one judge me.

{Read it on AO3}

They really did that. All of it.

A very pleasing mental image of Shiro naked on top of her blossoms into her mind, and she blushes so hard the markings under her eyes glow pink.

So you’re awake then

The thought arrives from Shiro, accompanied by a burst of amused affection. He’s enjoying the mental image too, and another one arrives in her head: a very clear picture of herself, naked in front of him, her head thrown back and her hands clutching the bedsheets.

She bites her lip.

You just enjoy making me blush


if u wanna listen to a good song, here’s one of my faves xx
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You guys legit make me cry btw with your compliments and sweet and supportive words I hope you all have amazing lives and are loved and I just really care for all of you don’t hesitate to ask me for anything even tho I take forever to reply!

It makes me cry how you treat me like I’m super special and I feel so happy, I always thought of myself as a basic simblr, not even a good one- I guess I have low self esteem- haha. So thank you so much- for making me feel important and loved and special and like I have all these friends! You guys are like my second family! You have no idea how cherished you all are