i like this format it looks cool idk

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Are there any bands that are kind of obscure that I should listen too?

i have like a skewed understanding of what counts as “obscure” or not because the vast majority of bands i like that are really well-known online are like totally unfamiliar to ppl irl so??? idk?? but i shall do my best

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Hey idk if this is like a really really weird idea but you really seem to enjoy and be good at calming people down about bugs and giving them cool info about them.. Just a wild thought, but you could write a little book about it? Like 'how to stop being scared of bugs' or smthn idk you're good at it and a 'look how cool bugs are' book is always good.... Like your 'we' ll start with palatable spiders, look at this cute face' tactics and stuff like that

gghgh not a bad idea actually, or at least some kind of project based in that. 

it would have to be moreso for like the culturally learned fear and repulsion of bugs tho rather than personal phobias id be wading into “shouldnt be doing this since im not a damn therapist and have no qualifications” territory otherwise

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((First Impression: Oh my gosh, they're so cool! Look at their formatting and their OP's amazing relationship! I don't know how to talk to them!! *stressed noises* Now: Still all of that. But I don't find the mun as intimidating as I once did. I love your OP and I thoroughly enjoy reading all of his adventures.))


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Do you ever get tired of writing "you know the one"?

A lot of people have been asking this and I even see it frequently asked in the oc/tag your oc/imagine your oc tag, so I thought it would be time to explain it. That’s a weird way to put it because I don’t really know how to explain it. Honestly I just put it in the first few posts and then got popular so I wasn’t just gonna stop, it would seem weird and inconsistent to me. It just kinda became my thing. I had noticed with a lot of oc prompt posts from blogs I followed that it was easy just to pass by their posts because they just looked like another random textpost sometimes without any format. It is kinda my format..I guess? I warned you that this would be a horrible explanation I am so sorry, this is so bad. Also it kind of became a trend (sorta kinda idk) and I’ve seen a lot of other people add it to their posts which is cool in a way to think my little blog has stretched that far. In the simplest way I can put it, the original intent was for it to sound like a friend was talking to you or it was a way of telling you “don’t lie to yourself, you thought of one immediately. You know, yooouuu knoww.”

so carlos week right? today’s science day? okay. i’m a half hour too late. but i was working on this a bit later oh well.

and idk, i just like the idea of carlos spending a lot of time looking at the sky. ‘cause night vale’s sky is totally different what with the void and the arrows and dotted lines…yeah…idk. i mean, during the day he’d defs be more of a geologist and the rock formations in night vale would be p cool plus i mean deserts have some really pretty rocks if you go by like…sedona and stuffs. so. yeah.