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@quakebeats​‘ Life Is Strange 12 Day Challenge:

Day 9 - Hardest Choice: Euthanasia

  • Stiles: Fuck, it’s as hot as satan’s sauna in here.
  • Derek: So turn the fan on.
  • Stiles, whining: Can you do it for me? I don’t feel like moving, plus you’re better at turning things on.
  • Derek: *Lasciviously smirks*
  • Stiles, sighing: I mean physically get up and do it. Your charm isn’t that powerful.
  • Derek, eyes rolling: *flips the switch*
  • Derek: Better?
  • Stiles: Oh god, yessssss
  • Derek: *huffs & glares at his book*
  • Stiles, weakly kicks at Derek’s thigh: Don’t be jealous, you’ll always be my number one blower, Der.
Grand Blues 822 Mysterious Maiden Pholia

[On the trip to exterminate the Primal Beast in the forest near the village at the request of the Sovereign of Idelva]
Pholia: “I am the representative of the village, Pholia.”
Ph: “I shall lead you to where the primal beast lives.”

Vyrn: “…doesn’t she kind of resemble the Sovereign of Idelva…?”
Leona: “I… it’s just your imagination!”
Lyria: “We’re in your care! Pholia-chan!”
Ph: “Ha-wha!?”

Ph: “Kuku… Pholia-chan… Pholia… chan… is that so…”
Ph: “That’s nice… that’s very nice indeed…” /shiver shiver
Vy: “Why is she so happy?”
Le: “…she’s the representative of everyone so she interacts with a lot of people but this might be the first time she’s ever had ‘-chan’ used for her…”

Vy: “All right! Then for now, as far as dealing with Pholia goes…”
Vy: “Let’s leave it to Narmaya who calls everyone ‘-chan’!”

Narmaya: “Haa…haa… Pholia-chan, come play with Onee-san!!
Ph: “Fuoo…. that’s good! Being called Pholia-chan is soooooo good!!
Vy: Pairing Narmaya who loves kids with Pholia who’s happy to be treated like one…
Vy: It’s an infinite feedback loop!

“My poor, steadfast tin soldier…”

My brain keeps feeding me sad Click theories so like what if he was a kid once

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Hello, Ally!! I've been wanting to dye my hair for a while now but it's my first time and I'm worried because I know it damages hair a lot, and also because my natural colour is black and I don't think I'd really like how it'd look when my roots start growing again if I go for pastel colours or something similar. So I wanted to know your opinion and if you have a few tips since you're brunette too!! Thanks a lot💙💙

uhhhh there’s no way you can stop your roots from growing..!  my hair is dyed brown on the top layer and peach on the bottom so i can’t really see how my black roots stand out since it gradients well with brown. i have friends who’ve dyed their entire head white/pastel and they look great to me even when the roots grow out! they look better the longer they are!

once again it’s best if you google for pictures like “black hair roots” to get a rough idea. if you don’t really like it but still want pastel colours, try to opt for an ombre dye instead, to warm up?

listen, y’all can fight me on this but i firmly believe Johzenji would demolish everyone if there was a beach volleyball game between the teams

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Not a request, but... Imagine in modern AU, MC's father still somehow dies(IDK, car accident, something, anything!) I feel like Inuchiyo would have to play the role of the father in the wedding and walk her down the aisle, and, yeah, just, think about the poor dude.

Hm… I don’t… really know how to feel about this… LMAO LIKE

I feel like we kind of get enough of Toshiie’s unrequited love in canon already? Like he already has to watch her marry someone in every Oda route outside of his own, and he meets Saizo and Kojuro in events stories where he learns they’re together like totally out of the blue. So like personally I think I’m genuinely pretty tired of this kind of scenario I just… want Toshiie to be happy… LOL

Plus if we’re talking about giving her away, though, I feel like her family would come first? It’s not totally unheard of for a brother or a mother to walk their daughter down the aisle, and Yahiko and MC’s mom would still be totally available to do that. I don’t feel like Toshiie should be obligated to take that role. Not to mention that circumstances are also pretty different in modern day? Part of the reason Toshiie can’t really say anything to MC also has to do with factors like the lord he serves who could possibly decide his marriage, and the fact that he can’t give MC the type of life she wants–plus there’s really no such thing as casual dating back then, so Toshiie’s kind of beside himself in a weird place where he can’t just tell her.

Aside from that, well… Unrequited love doesn’t last forever. And especially considering in a modern AU that Toshiie would be free to explore different types of romantic relationships as he pleases as opposed to having to marry for politics and heirs, like… he has time to get over it. And yeah, it’s gonna suck, but Toshiie should have a nice network of friends to help him out–he’s an adult, and he can’t wallow in that misery forever. Because another thing is like… He does have other things to do in his life. His job or school or his friends and family shouldn’t get overshadowed by a love he just couldn’t have, y’know? Or that’s what I’d like to believe, anyway.

tl;dr I can’t really be here for this scenario because I’m tired of Toshiie always getting left in the dust I’m sorry LMAO

i’ve just got home from watching wonder woman an while watching it i had like 83 religious experiences and in no man’s land i died and rose as a new and better person

thank you @ dc and @ patty jenkins for this movie