i like this ending

it’s as if he is afraid of obtaining happiness.

We’ve been blessed by Taegi tonight 😭👌

Eliza: take a break Alexander

Hamilton: I don’t take 😤💯 breaks ❌sleep 👀👀 is for the weak 💯👊 always 👀 on that GRIND😤😤 dream hard ❗️💰 sweat hard 💦 work hard ❌💯 Laurens 8.15.82🔒💟 Eliza 12.14.80🔐💞Maria 12.15.91🙏✝️🔝RIP Philip 🙏❤️


GRIMM | 5.03

Isn’t it the baby that’s supposed to keep the parents awake?

Kelly’s got a lot less to worry about.

For now at least.

Fate or Destiny or Whatever

I don’t know why I’m even bothering to post this this weekend, but it’s been sitting on my computer–finished, apparently–since last year so…it’s waited long enough. I started this back after 6x05–but ended up rewriting the whole thing once 6x06 aired (for the obvious reason that my original fic involved Killian & Henry deciding to hold onto the shears). Anyways, 6x05 raised the question–what could possibly make Emma change her mind about using the shears. And this happened. As always, this has been added to “The Lost Get Found” over on ff.net if that’s you preference. And also, as always, you know I love getting yelled at. (Though this maybe doesn’t qualify as angst???)

Word count: 3.3k

Normally, Emma loved that her kitchen could fit her whole family comfortably.

Tonight, though, all those people just made her head throb worse as they talked back and forth about the object she held in her hand. All of them so caught up in the excitement of finally having the shears back in their possession that none of them had noticed her silence.

“We could put them in the vault.” Regina paused her pacing. “No one can get in there unless I let them.”

“That spell has been broken too many times,” her dad shoots back. “We need something better. Somewhere no one will think to look.”

“Maybe it’s not a somewhere that we need,” her mom said, her finger tracing the rim of her mug. “Maybe it’s someone. Namely, all of us.”

“What are you getting at?”

“The Evil Queen didn’t make her move until the shears were no longer in anyone’s possession,” Snow said, sitting forward. “Maybe if someone’s holding onto them, no one can steal them.”

David nodded. “So we all share the burden of holding onto them and she has no way to know which of us has them.”

“Or she could just knock all of us out at once and search our bodies at her leisure.” Killian’s hand on Emma’s shoulder tightened a little, tension radiating down his arm even as his thumb rubbed circles on the back of neck.

“Do you have a better idea?” Regina snapped.

Emma closed her eyes, her grip around the shears tightening. Before anyone could say anything else, she stood, her chair screeching against the tile floor.

“Guys, that’s enough.”

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I really didnt like how breath of the wild never properly explained the significance of all that blue. It just made me miss the iconic green tunic even more and it felt like they had gotten rid of it for nothing???

I think I said "I love you" 4-5 times
Dys nagged me to do it and my weak heart gave in
I think I said "I love you" 4-5 times

Swan’s wonderful contribution to the FFXV Accent Challenge @new-recipe created!

  • What is your (nick)name and your URL
  • Where are you from?
  • What Nationality are you?
  • PRONOUNCE THE FOLLOWING WORDS: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Stupeo Scientia, Prompto Argentum, The Regalia, Eos, Chocobos, Daemons, and Ardyn Izunia
  • Who are your favorite characters:
  • Who are your least favorite characters:
  • What was your favorite dish:
  • CHOOSE A CHARACTER AND ANSWER: What would they do if they found a lost child?

I hope we get at least one scene prior to Friday’s which we’ve seen in the preview which shows a thawing between Chas and Robert. Because yes she has to pretend that everything is still hunky dory, and I do think that she saw something different when they went to visit Aaron, something which made her understand Robert’s actions. But for her to go from saying how much she hates him, to this?

And I know it’s difficult because plot reasons for Lucy leaving, and also because we’re in this weird limbo state where things are just up in the air whilst they wait for someone to hit that ‘gravity on’ button, but a bit of piecing together the picture for the sake of story and continuity would be nice.

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The one thing that kills me the most about Kishimoto is that if he didn't make Sasuke leave on that stupid mission he and Sakura would probs have more kids than just Sarada. Especially with how much the Uchiha's loved, Sasuke finally letting himself fully fall in love/accept Sakura's feelings. I like to imagine we'd get to see Sakura working at her orphan clinic and Sasuke maybe resurrecting the Uchiha Police Force in a diff way. I just want them to have some normalcy after 16-ish years of hell.

that’s a lovely thought anon

i keep trying to convince myself that it’s okay that nothing about sasuke & sakura’s relationship was ever normal/vanilla because that’s what makes it interesting but after 16 years it’s just exhausting when you think about what could’ve been

i would be lying if i said i didn’t lowkey ship ginny and neville but what don’t i ship i think that’s the real question

but anyway there needs to be more ginny x neville content so if someone could please request that *cough* that’d be great 

so I volunteer at a charity thrift shop and let me tell you……… I see some weirdass shirts

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im really glad you described pitch and jack's relationship in TGATNW as vaguely Beauty and the Beast like a little bit back because I had def been getting those vibes! mostly because of pitch. gdi pitch.

Haha yeah there’s definitely elements of it. I was thinking of it way, way back, before Seraphina even said that Pitch’s heart was locked up in a tower. Jack is definitely the Belle in that relationship, pfft.

alex, after (unknowingly) called wrong number for crush: ……………

confused (not crush) recipient:

the thing that baffles me about the Reaction™ to me:a is that like. bioware games have literally always been like this. I understand people who actually care about their product getting frustrated that bioware has not improved or grown and tbh I am one of them but I don’t understand why the rest of you suddenly give a huge violent shit