i like this cosplay

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[answering all of the stars in one ask - I got 22 overall]

1.     I am a girl

2.     I am an animator

3.     My nickname/alias is Adge

4.     Sloths are my favorite animal

5.     I am bi

6.     I have too many asks in my inbox

7.     I have 13 tumblr blogs

8.     I am Italian

9.     My favorite color is mint green

10. I’m cold all the time I even wear winter pajamas in the summer

11. My favorite TV show outside of cartoons is Switched at Birth

12. I prefer Marvel over DC

13. My favorite pony race is Pegasus

14. I like to cosplay sometimes, though I’m not very good at it

15. I have 3 dogs

16. My dream job is to work as an animator for DHX Studios

17. Until I started this blog, I really really hated drawing humans

18. I’m the tallest of my sisters

19. I’m really happy with SSD, like, really really happy with it

20. I like red wine, but hate white wine

21. I want to go to Italy one day

22. I wear glasses


I’ve been recently obsessed with this video game and I am making a new RP so here is original impromptu cosplay aka the vampire from Toreador clan 😏

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Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh being tied up and sex in cosplay for that kinksameshame bullshit

First I just wanna say that both are definitely better than vore. tied up im about. I’ve done that before and it can be fun. sex in cosplay depends on what the cosplay is. Like I can’t fuck someone if I’m cosplaying Naruto because the anxiety of not living up to the kage dong would consume me. If I’m Mista or something then for sure because that cosplays ready for dickin.



So i decided to cosplay Sniper!Lance instead of generic 100% cannon Lance since I’m…really weak for the sniper lance thing. So I decided to design the gun! I’m probably gonna stick with this design unless you guys have feedback ;v; (which i would love to hear omg…..)  
I probably won’t be making this until the end of october tbh. 

England character facts

🇬🇧In contrast to popular belief, he does trim his eyebrows

🇬🇧His eyebrows are cursed to be thick

🇬🇧He is “the king of losing things”

🇬🇧He has a tattoo of an electric guitar

🇬🇧He has very few fears.

🇬🇧He can’t swim

🇬🇧He hates firecrackers

🇬🇧He likes embroidery, criticizing America’s movies, reading, and rock music.

🇬🇧He always dresses practically unless he is having fun. Then he dresses “like a punk”.

🇬🇧He gets sick every 4th of July

🇬🇧Canada took care of him after the American Revolution

🇬🇧His eyebrows are modeled after a Shiba Inu

🇬🇧Early England:

a few people asked, so this is literally the only other shot i took of this cosplay…whoops lol. also cosplay accuracy is hard when you are so very small good god

if anyone knows who this marcus is please let me know so i can tag him! he was awesome and also very tall