i like this coloring a lot better

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Would it be weird to do a pizza themed coord? I was thinking I could wear a cream dress maybe to look like cheese and maybe some red accents to be sauce? Or maybe the other way around would look better? And maybe tan shoes or something like that for the crust? Do you have any ideas?

Oh gosh that could be a lot of fun! I like the concept you’re going for with layering the colors and I think you’re on the right track. Maybe you could do an ivory dress and pin some red bows to it but then you could add pizza themed accessories to really bring in the theme and make it clear what you’re going for. Bella Bows has this pizza headdress and I have been dying to see someone make a coord with it! You could also pull inspiration from it for the rest of the coord like using ivory lace layered over red to get the sauce and cheese look. There is also a lot of realistic looking pizza jewelry around etsy that could be fun to use or if you were to use that headdress you could use the jewels that make up the toppings for your jewelry as well.

onthegreatsea replied to your post “hohoho i am wearing my black tights and boots, my grey ribbed knee…”

*me chanting* selfie selfie selfie!!

i like how close the dress and the socks match, and wearing them with tights is rly the way to go, makes them stay up much better. I really like clothes that Match a lot, like have the same color shoes as accessories, same metal if they have a metal detail, complimentary or closely matching colors separated by a contrast or other scheme color. sort of like a well-designed flag or heraldry. yeah. im shit at dressing myself but mostly bc im Picky and things i see in a store make an “i want it”/”this would work with…” connection only like 2% of the time for me

tomorrow: the curse of the revenge of the yellow plaid flannel

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  • MAUVE = You are really talented
  • BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.
  • FUCHSIA = Your blog content is gold
  • BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you
  • TANGERINE = I love your aesthetic
  • RAZZMATAZZ = I would share my favorite food with you
  • TEAL = We have a lot in common.
  • SAFFRON = I love your ideas
  • CHARTREUSE = You’re my homie
  • LAVENDER = You inspire me
  • PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh

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Send me colors…!

Get to know me tag

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Lord above, 20 is a lot!  I’ll just do a couple.

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Name: Olivia

Nickname: mostly based off my last name - Netz, Chocolate Milk, Netzel (the Pretzel), Livvy

Gender: female

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 5′5

Sexual orientation: gay af, played around with bi and pan for a couple years before deciding I was just a homosexual ™


Favorite color: dark green, bc I am a forest gay

Favorite animal: ugh, so many.  I love animals so goddamn much.  Probably otters?  Or sharks?  Or moose?  Even as I typed this I realized: I love porcupines so much.

Average hours of sleep: 6 :( 

Cat or dog person: Definitely dog person, but cats are fantastic too

Favorite fictional characters: Peregrin Took, Melkor, Elizabeth Bennet, Grantaire, Hermione Granger, Rey/Finn/Poe EVERYONE, Padme MF Amidala, Data from Next Gen

Number of blankets I sleep with: currently 3, but that’s because I have to share!

Favorite singer/band: I love The Decemberists, Jim Croce, and Death Cab for Cutie.  I’m always a sucker for Disney songs (especially the Tarzan soundtrack lmao) and musicals.

Dream trip: Fucking everywhere.  But I would really love to visit Germany or Austria so I can actually use my German skills.

Dream job: Zoologist!  I had an internship at a wildlife rehab center and loved it, but I couldn’t stand going to college for it, so I switched my major.  I’ll probably always miss that “maybe” part of my life tbh

When was your blog created: I…have no idea.  Two?  Three years???

Current number of followers: 259

What made you decide to make a tumblr: I think I came for the fanart.  Not sure what fandom, maybe Harry Potter?  But now I’m just a mash of bs

YOI color palette fun ~ help this show is killing me

I uploaded and deleted this twice last night because the quality was so bad lol. Happily fixed and picked my favorite 4 out of 6 to post here! It was supposed to be meditative, but they all ended up taking a lot longer than I wanted them to haha. Model poses and expensive street wear ftw


squidmatsus! im definitely not the first one to do a splatoon and osomatsu crossover thing but i still wanted to get this out here
i just
really like both things lemme live

i started on these like 6 months ago and then ditched it but i got around to finishing it tonight. this isnt the best work i can do, but im glad to finally get this out and posted. i think i stopped working on it for so long because i was frustrated with the drawing method i had to stick with 

i know the gear doesnt really work out with some of their weapons and god knows how oso got to level 50…i kinda just went with whatever Looked Good

i have LOTS of headcanons and ideas but i doubt i can get it all drawn gggggh

also here are my old Concepts™  


7.5.16+3:30pm // journal unfiltered + comments behind each spread! // wanted to show you guys what my bujo spreads look like with no filters/editing involved. i feel like this would give you a better perspective of the colors and washi tapes i’m using. just click for a bigger view and for commentary. :D 

What a tiny dragon!


Mob psycho 100 chibi pen doodles~ I’m really proud of these mobs


For Honor Classes - Nobushi

The Nobushi are the defenders of the villages too far from the Imperial City for the army to reach. They are elegant fighters with a curious weapon. They have the lightest armor that allows them to move like the wind but cannot take a lot of damage. But don’t let their appearance fool you, they are one of the most effective fighters the Samurai have.

it’s so hard to ask for help when you don’t want to get better. it’s so hard to recover when you can’t even remember the times when you were a different color. 

because, you see, i used to be white.

i used to shine like bright, radiant light. i used to be happy, an irreplaceable one, but now my colors are fading and i can’t quite remember 

a time where i wanted to get better.

and when i met you i was grey, and for a moment i might have seemed clean to you, like your white light again. but my colors were fading and they only fade faster with every passing tear that rolled down my cheek. and my colors are fading, but they only fade faster, and i can’t quite remember the last time i wished to get better.

i hear a lot of people say don’t paint me in black when i used to be golden, but i can’t stop the layers of paint from clouding up my thoughts. you watched me bleed and, yes, for a moment, i may have been bright, but now my colors are finding and i only wish they’d fade faster.

i guess i’m gone now, a lonely soul, darker than ever. who knows if i reached that desirable ebony, who knows if i can ever be pearl again,

but my colors will only continue to fade out and i still don’t seem to want to get better.

it’s so hard to ask for help when you don’t want to get better. so my colors are fading and i’ll let them now,

you can watch me bleed.


Hey~ I was your Secret Satan! :D

I don’t draw too much, so this was a learning process (still have a lot to learn tho) but I feel I did give my best! I hope you like it! :3

For better res:


Characters belong to @thisiskindagross

yo you know what gets on my fuckin’ nerves

when you’re talking about how a character of color gets treated differently and talked about less and people butt in like ‘uh what are you talking about, I’ve seen plenty people talk about this character of color. maybe you should follow better people.’

ok susan I know that two hundred meta posts on this character of color’s story and characterization feels like a lot but compared to the two hundred thousand meta, fic, art, and goddamn defense squads the white character with the same storyline gets, it’s just a drop in the goddamn ocean. barely a drop. a puff of mist.

we do follow better people, but this is talking about outside the bubble of your fellow coc fans. like you think that just because you see plenty of people talking about this character of color in your circle it’s just equality and sunshine and rainbows for them all around. but really it’s just….scraps. compared to what white characters get, it’s practically crumbs.


❄️  Merry Christmas @tbhkatic, @imwithyoualways and @unthinkable-you-and-me❄️