i like this but i also dont like it at the same time

Ok so I’ve had these ideas in my head for a while now, I’m not very good at writing (specially in english) but I wanted to share it anyway.

Red riding hood AU, sort of. Hanzo as the Red Riding Hood and McCree as the Big Bad Wolf (also known as werewolf!McCree and hunter!Hanzo lmao). 

A few things about the AU under the cut.

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You know what bother me as a gay person... I really love Skam and I love that they had a gay person for main in season 3, but if you compare the sex scenes to the other 2 seasons, for some reason they are shorter in season 3 and less reveling, less then a minute. Even the break up sex scene of Eva&Jonas was longer then Evak first time, and with Noora&William you have minutes with them just making out, under the sheets. Why the heterosexual characters gets more screen time when its come to sex?

i think theyre the same amount of “revealing”? it was just more close up.. they also all had like the same moves, kissing+one of them going down+more kissing… personally im happy that it wasnt dragged out bc i dont like that and i think it was just the perfect amount

Okay so I have this Chrome extension called Momentum and basically what it does is that it shows nice and fancy pictures from places all over the world, and sometimes space and places that aren’t real (as far as I’m concerned) and stuff like that, plus the time, weather and a “Good morning/evening/etc”-message. Basically it looks good and I like it a lot because the picture changes, but there’s also the option of having quotes down on the page, and this is what it looks like: 

So, as usual, I read the quote (because they’re pretty good tbh) and I read that one and thought “huh that sounds familiar I wonder whose it is” and proceeded to check whose it was (which you can do by just hovering your mouse over the quote) and guess what

…I may have spit out the water I was drinking. I find it funny because usually it’s quotes by Gandhi or MLK or someone like that, and now Dan Howell, like, that’s a first… I just love it, and I feel kinda proud. 


@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah

Arthit: Kong likes to drink iced coffee and hes the type that likes to wake up very early. When he wakes up he likes to eat soy milk and patongkoh, he likes to eat the same things all the time. he likes to eat really bland food. he cant eat spicy food, when he orders food he likes to order egg omelet with ground pork. Noodles with meatball in soup, he eats very bland food without any flavours. even though he can make this stuff himself, but hes always burning it … even fried eggs. he’s such a prince♡… and about getting dressed, hes so slow at getting ready. hes spot on from head to toe. And when he goes out he never goes anywhere alone he always brings his friends along with him. he probably loves his friends a lot. he likes to act like a hero, he is always protecting his friends in the cheer room. he loves to get on my nerves♡. 

Also Arthit: I don’t have feelings for kong.


i was playing animal crossing with @horrifichymns and this happened

,,except it was an axe

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Are there any headcanons for the Fakes that you really like or some you can just think of off the top of your head?

hoo boy now u put me on the spot ahaha well, lets see.

  • geoff and ryan are the best cooks
  • dont leave jeremy, ryan, and gavin alone together if there’s nothing for them to do because they will get bored and try to find ways to entertain themselves… which almost always ends up with someone on fire or injured or dead
  • jack is 100% trans and beautiful and everyone loves her
  • i also rlly like the trans michael and trans ray headcanons that i’ve seen
  • everyone has done ryan’s facepaint at least once with varying degrees of success. ray’s the best cuz he’s been doing it for years but jack and jeremy are also pretty good at it.
  • don’t let gavin or geoff near ryan’s facepaint, they only ever end up drawing dicks
  • ryan and ray met for the first time when they both tried to rob the same gas station in the middle of nowhere. for some fucken reason they decided to team up, and they’ve been partners ever since
  • they change the reason every time someone asks them why they decided to partner up
  • meg is technically not a genuine Fake, but she’s been out on enough missions with them that she’s an honorary crew member
  • jeremy is the best dancer lmao
  • jeremy and michael can lift everyone up in the crew
  • ray and gavin both have similar tastes in music, but they’re all bands that no one’s ever heard of
  • ryan is the Plant Dad and takes care of all the plants that are scattered around the penthouse. jack and geoff are in charge of them if ryan’s ever away on vagabond business
  • when the fakes first started up, it was only geoff, jack, ryan, and ray for a while. it took ryan at least a month to get comfortable enough with jack and geoff to talk with them, but he still never took off his mask.
  • when michael and gavin joined up later the process started all over again and he hardly spoke a word to anyone. the first time anyone but ray saw his face was the first time he spoke to michael and gavin … and that was when this incident happened.
  • jeremy was lucky because ryan had let go of his speaking issues by the time he arrived to be in the main circle lmao

im gonna stop right here tho i could go on for a while longer ahahaha;;;

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every time u draw a character that is fat i as a fat girl shed a Tear....Feels Good

id like 2017 to be the year where artists have more  varied body types in their characters and allow them to be as complex as any other, for example

  • yeona is a big 6′5′’ lesbian with a big hammer who has a troubled relationship with her past, who may have not made the best decisions but fiercely wants to protect her friends to the point where she needs help letting people protect themselves. shes gets angsty but still wants to be optimistic. shes fat but also has a lot of muscle
  • junip hawke is a mage who laughs everything off, indulges when she can, and has trouble making decisions, putting them off and avoiding them until they blow up in her face (often). shes in a loving relationship w isabela and merrill and they all cuddle. shes all chub no muscle bc who needs it when you can literally shoot fire
  • robin ryders still in the works but u know shes gonna bang an alien. shes thick n beefy but has an hourglass figure goin on n she Loves hersmelf
I saw people saying that Cisco should have been the one who brought back Cait, not Barry. That pissed me off.

Not because I’m a SB shippers and not because I dont like Cisco and Cait friendship, I LOVE IT. 

But because it goes against what they’ve been telling us about Cisco in that episode. 

Caitlin wasn’t the only one who was broken. Cisco was to. There’s literally a scene where he say to Barry that sometimes what’s broken cant be fix. Along those lines. That means that there’s something inside of him that’s broken as well. He also tell Barry that he doesn’t know what to think, when he find out about Dante and flashpoint. His mind isn’t clear. So he can’t find a solution to bring her back because it’s to much for him. It’s like he’s losing his brother and his BF at the same time.

In that state of mind, there’s no way Cisco could have bring her back. He was lost as much as she was. 

That pissed me off to see that people didn’t understand or see how he was broken only because the scene ‘’benefit’’ a ship. 

Why can’t people watch the show as more then ship?

Please dont come around and say that it would give Cisco a  good character arc. I would refer you to everything I just said. Cisco is broken, that’s his character arc right now. And it’s something actually entertaining because we never saw that side of him. He’s always that cute little happy dork. But not anymore. And Carlos is playing that side of him really well. 


long ago, back when i thought i had self restraint and impulse control, i stumbled upon an old ask from gav-bot innocently asking id i’d consider a gem-stuck au… 

jk, this was just a very fun way to exercise drawing different body-shapes and silhouettes. ask about fusions if you’d like, i’ve already got a bunch sketched out! (& info for everyone down below since i had so much time to world build while working on everyone and i’d like to get it out somewhere :3c)

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Writing Prompts

// send me a number + a member

01 “I need you.”

02 “Just tell me that you love me.”

03 “Please wake up.”

04 “Why are you at my house at 3:00 AM?”

05 “I think I’m in love with you.”

06 “Are you going to kiss me?”

07 “Wait, you like me, too?”

08 “I know it’s late, but I just needed to tell you that you’re great.”

09 “If I could, I would get you a million puppies just to make you happy again.”

10 “I know you don’t want to, but you’re going to have to wake up soon.”

11 “We’re going to be in so much trouble if somebody catches us.”

12 “Every time I see you, you have the same exact book as me, and I just need to ask, are you a spy?”

13 “What’s the difference between love and infatuation?”

14 “Can I kiss you?”

15 “Just breathe.”

16 “This is the sixth time you’ve spelled my name wrong. Are you doing this on purpose?”

17 “I love you, but please never break into my house again.”

18 “How many times do I have to tell you before you believe me?”

19 “Let’s just stay here all day. Yeah, that sounds good.”

20 “How would you feel if I told you… that this is for you?”

21 “I just want to hold your hand, and tell everyone that we’re together. Is that too much to ask for?”

22 “You know, you really suck at this.”

23 “Are you scared of me?”

24 “How many times do I have to ask you before you finally say yes?”

25 “Let’s adopt twenty cats together and treat them like our children.”

26 “I swear I didn’t see anything!”

27 “I won’t tell anyone. I swear.”

28 “Hey, can I ask you for a favor?”

29 “What if I kissed you right now?”

30 “Let’s just stop to think about the fact that you’re actually holding my hand right now.”

31 “Shut up. Just, shut up.”

32 “I don’t think I love you anymore. In fact, I’m very much sure that I hate you.”

33 “You’re a terrible person. Why do you have to be such a terrible person?”

34 “I’d love you if you weren’t so nice to me all the time.”

35 “It was part of the deal.”

36 “I can’t explain right now. I just need you to pretend that we’re dating.”

37 “Wait, your name isn’t Eight Ball?”

38 “Let’s play a game: How many more times do I have to give you these until you realize I’m flirting with you?”

39 “I’m sorry, okay? You’re just really cute, and I get nervous around cute people.”

40 “Was that supposed to hurt?”

41 “Out of all the lies I’ve told, loving you was probably the biggest one.”

42 “Don’t say anything. Just… just dance with me. Right here. Right now.”

43 “Of course you can forgive me. That’s all you have to do. Just forgive me.”

44 “I… I thought you were dead.”

45 “Let’s go on a road trip together, and never come back.”

46 “Run away with me.”

47 “You couldn’t have possibly stolen my heart.”

48 “Please don’t tell me it’s you I saw on the World’s Most Wanted list.”

49 “You’re leaving? Again? Why do you always have to leave me?”

50 “If there’s two things I know, it’s that I love coffee… and I love you, too.”

bathtub 2-D is truly ,my essence. i dont think a day has passed by where i haven’t though about him. why was this picture created and what will it do…it’s very powerful….i’m afraid of it…. ut i love it at the same time…it’s damgerous. i have a deep respect for bathtub 2-D. i hope he calls me back. i lov him like i lovr god even though i don’t actually have a religion at the moment also i just realized i accidn tally quoted pucci kind of am i like pucci now? but wit like 2-D instead of dio…do i have to go to church now cause i don’t want to go to church. anyways i love 2-D a lot

i have a headache

So I’ve read the new Chapter of CoL (written by xsonofhadesx b l e s s) and I wanted to make a fanart since a long time and,, , I still can’t believe there’s a scene where Nico’s on the roof and Percy cames and they start to dance and kiss bUT Nico’s so tired that he yawns instead of kissing back I just- 

Maybe one day my drawings of Percy won’t make him looks like he’s 15, but anyway ((and sorry for his clothes ??? ?))

Just some character thoughts on Aqours

i was thinking of how i imagine their personalities and i wanted to write it down except im sick so my thought process is a bit weirder and these came out more like impressions? concepts? something?? idk just take it

  • You is smooth confidence. Energy. Bright summer days. Eagerness and creativity. A beacon, whether you know her or not. But shy awkwardness and doubt when faced with those she genuinely likes.
  • Chika’s genuine compliments. Determination. Warmth and friendship but also sharp playful quips. It’s a strange radiance: that certain space between ordinary and extraordinary, yet being both at the same time. But there’s also weight. Duty. Self imposed responsibility and the struggle to balance independence and reliance.
  • Riko’s a soothing gentleness. Calm support. It isn’t motherly but something near it. Rationality and steadiness but there’s rashness brought by panic. Overthinking too. She’s a lot harder on herself.
  • Yoshiko’s impulsiveness but also a startling amount of awareness. Cynicism warring with idealistic wishes. Rough shifting edges tempered with kindness.
  • Hanamaru’s simple pleasures. The kind of silence of early mornings, when the world is only waking. Learned patience. Learning confidence. A slow meandering kind of thoughtfulness. But there’s also mischief hidden behind serene smiles. Self doubt in isolation. Stagnation without the courage from a helping hand.
  • Ruby is uncertainty and bravery. Wavering a step back but breathing in deep and pushing forward. Blooming with encouragement. It’s a cycle of slowly moving forward. Joy at the small things. She’ll get there in the end, just give it time.
  • Dia’s intensity. Passion and extremes. All or nothing. A fire: Dangerous but. Fire means for warmth and growth too.
  • Kanan has a need for silence and movement for clarity. Flowing but staying, moving but always returning. Helpful encouragement. Standing tall but also held back. There’s lingering guilt. Selfishness warring with selflessness. Striving to not make the same mistakes which causes her to give too much.
  • Mari’s bright cheer yet calculating gazes. Joking grins for protection; armor against the expectations of the world. Grandiose movements. Her caring is softer. Reliable. Has a certain kind of madness (genius) that lets her see the world in a different light. Unorthodox logic. But it also causes her to completely miss others.

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do yall watch kdramas/movies? if you do dont you feel bored with it especially the girl likes rich asswipe guy who is somewhat abusive? well i shouldnt say its in all of kdramas mostly in asian dramas or movies and i know NOT ALL DRAMAS AND MOVIES ARE LIKE THAT its just that anytime i want to watch a romance drama/movies its all ways like that.. i just wish they main girl would like the guy who is sweet respects her and doesnt give the girl trouble but i guess that is boring....

Yes, but I’ve seriously fell off my game. Like I used to watch stuff as it aired or I binged it not long after it finished. Also, I used to be able to watch like 4-5 at the same time…I don’t have the time or the attention span these days. 

That’s kind of why I avoid Big Network dramas (KBS, SBS and MBC) though I finally broke down and I’m watching Hwarang (partly bc of the cast and partly bc I love historical dramas). May I recommend looking at dramas that run on JTBC or tVn? They tend to stray away from the ‘asshole rich guy/sweet but clueless lead female’ roles/plots. 

I said of all that to say that it takes some serious researching or looking, but there are plenty of dramas that don’t go like that and don’t be afraid to look at older dramas because they have some serious gems pre-2009. 

-Admin Kim 

I call myself bisexual but I do not know if I am really attracted to girls or if I am just desperate to fall in love with every person I lay my eyes on.
—  FRAGMENT #3 (The poet is more loneliness than person), A.B

So I watched BBC’s Italy’s Invisible Cities a few days ago and there was a particular part of the documentary that explored ancient underwater villas from the Roman times. And just,

Look at that, so beautiful. And I had this idea. Deep sea Roman merpeople.

So here is Livia, Empress of her people and ruler of the deep seas. Ofc should the need arise, she has armour

Granted it may seem more decorative than protective, but her and her people’s scales are tough; it’s her arms and chest that need protecting.

Idk exactly where I’ll go with this, but I like glowy creepy ocean stuff so who knows. Ofc I’d have to do a lot of research in order to correctly portray Roman culture tho it wouldn’t be exactly the same since we’re talking about these merpeople existing in modern times so y’know, cultural development and all that.