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★*゚‘゚・The Mummy (1999)

❝ What are you doing here? ❞
❝ You must go. Save yourself. Only you can resurrect me. ❞
❝ By eating the sacred scarabs, I would be cursed to stay alive forever. And by eating me, they were cursed just the same. ❞
❝ I knew this was gonna be a lousy day. ❞
❝ Personally, I would like to surrender. Why can we not just surrender? ❞
❝ Then let’s run away. Right now. While we can still make it. ❞
❝ Now gimme your revolver, you’ll never use it anyway. ❞
❝ Let’s play dead, huh? Nobody ever does that anymore. ❞
❝ What are ya doing?! Wait up! ❞
❝ I’m gonna get you for this! ❞
❝ I’m sorry, it was an accident. ❞
❝ Have you no respect for the dead? ❞
❝ Where did you get this? ❞
❝ Two questions. Who the hell is Seti the First? And was he rich? ❞
❝ As the Americans would say: it’s all fairy tales and hokum. ❞
❝ I’m sure it was a fake, anyway. ❞
❝ You lied to me! ❞
❝ I lie to everybody, what makes you so special? ❞
❝ And what is he in prison for? ❞
❝ He said… he was just looking for a good time. ❞
❝ What did you find? What did you see? ❞
❝ Get me the hell outta here. ❞
❝ I will give you one hundred pounds to spare his life. ❞
❝ Yeah, I’d like ya to let me go. ❞
❝ Then we will kill her, we will kill her and all those with her. ❞
❝ For all the money we’re paying you, something better god-damned well be under that sand. ❞
❝ Do you really think he’ll show up? ❞
❝ Personally, I think he’s filthy, rude and a complete scoundrel. I don’t like him one bit. ❞
❝ I have come to protect my investment, thank you very much. ❞
❝ I only gamble with my life, never my money. ❞
❝ What makes you so confident, sir? ❞
❝ Sorry, didn’t mean to scare ya. ❞
❝ Still angry that I kissed ya, huh? ❞
❝ The last time I was at that place everybody I was with died.  ❞
❝ By the way,… why did you kiss me? ❞
❝ You always did have more balls than brains. ❞
❝ Can you swim? ❞
❝ Americans. ❞
❝ I can’t believe the price of these fleabags. ❞
❝ All night you snored!  ❞
❝ What in bloody hell is this? ❞
❝ Ah, begging your pardon, but shouldn’t we be going? ❞
❝ You boys owe me five hundred dollars. ❞
❝ Where’d all these camels come from? ❞
❝ That thing gives me the creeps. ❞
❝ What are those mirrors for? ❞
❝ Who cares? I don’t see no treasure. ❞
❝ You’re welcome to my share of the spider webs. ❞
❝ Mummies, my good son, this is where they made the mummies. ❞
❝ Ya scared the bejeezus out of us. ❞
❝ I’ve had worse. ❞
❝ Let’s be nice, children, if we’re going to play together, we must learn to share. ❞
❝And when those dirty Yanks go to sleep – No offence. ❞
❝ We’ll sneak up and steal that book right out from under them. ❞
❝ What do you suppose killed him? ❞
❝ I believe if I can see it and I  can touch it, then it’s real. That’s what I believe. ❞
❝ Why do you like to fight so much? ❞
❝ For them to protect it like this, you just know there’s got to be treasure down there. ❞
❝ …I am a librarian! ❞
❝ I can’t believe I allowed the two of you to get me drunk. ❞
❝ You dream about dead guys? ❞
❝ Stupid superstitious bastard. ❞
❝ Oh my god, he was buried alive. ❞
❝ What are you going to do? Shoot him? ❞
❝ Did you see that!? Grasshoppers! Billions of grasshoppers! ❞
❝ That’s one of the plagues, right? The grasshopper plague! ❞
❝ Oh thank goodness, you’re one of the Americans, aren’t you? ❞
❝ Help me,… please,… help me. ❞
❝ No mortal weapons can kill this creature. He is not of this world. ❞
❝ You left me! You left me in the desert to rot. ❞
❝ Sweet Jesus! That tasted just like,…like… ❞
❝ You saved me from the undead. For this, I shall make you immortal. ❞
❝ There’s only one person I know who can possibly give us some answers. ❞
❝ And you think this justifies killing innocent people!? ❞
❝ Okay, let’s cut to the chase. He’s afraid of cats, what’s that about? ❞
❝ The hell with that! I’m not goin’ nowhere! We’re safe here. ❞
❝ What friend? You’re my only friend. ❞
❝ What are you looking for? Lie, and I’ll slit your throat. ❞
❝ Something about bringing his dead girly-friend back to life. He needs the book… ❞
❝ Ya know, ever since I met you, my luck has been for crap. ❞
❝ The hell with this. I’m goin, downstairs to get me a drink. You want somethin’? ❞
❝ Yeah, get me a glass of bourbon, a shot of bourbon and a bourbon chaser. ❞
❝ Jealous? You kiddin’ me? Did you see that guy’s face? ❞
❝ Is it dangerous? ❞
❝ Save the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy and steal his treasure. ❞
❝ You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself, always get their comeuppance. ❞
❝ From now on, don’t touch anything. Not a damn thing. Keep your hands off the furniture, got it? ❞
❝ He wants your heart and your brain, your liver, your kidneys… ❞
❝ I never killed a priest before. ❞
❝ Kill them! Kill them all! And bring me the Book Of The Living! ❞
❝ This just keeps gettin, better and better. ❞
❝ Death is only the beginning. ❞
❝ Well,… I guess we go home empty handed. ❞

“BATMAN IS NEVER JEALOUS” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

#5. “Who the fuck is this guy!? “My brother….” “Sure! Sure he is!”

Here we go for jealous Bruce Wayne, because that’s what this prompt inspired me to write. Boom, hope you’ll like it I’m a bit unsure about this one, feedbacks are welcome : 

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Damian was a bit confused. Usually, on patrol, they would like…do things. Catch criminals. Stop bank robberies. Save widows and orphans.

Yes, Damian was utterly confused as to why tonight, his father and him were following…his mom. Not Talia. You. He never considered Talia his mother, he came to that realization the first time you made him hot cocoa and cookies after he had a rough day, and just…talked to him. Asked him how he was feeling. Just genuinely cared for him, something Talia Al’Ghul never did. 

She was his mother, but you were his mommy. 

And so, tonight, as he was jumping from a building to another, following you through the dark street of Gotham, he wasn’t really sure what was going on. 

Oh my God…Were you a criminal ? Was he going to loose you because his father was going to put you behind bars ? But he loves you ! How could he ? 

If it came to that, Damian decided that he would fight his dad, giving you enough time to escape. Yes. He would save you. There was no way he was letting his mommy go in prison, no matter what she did…

His father was talking to Dick about something happening in North Gotham. He then proceeded to call Tim to ask him to go to the docks join Jason because some big drug deal was going on…And once again, Damian wondered why they were tracking you instead of taking care of the real issues. 

He looked down in the street, you were at a small cafe, ordering a huge cup of coffee, that he knew was probably the blackest beverage ever. You liked it that way. But that’s it. You were getting coffee. Sure it was 10:30 pm but like, you couldn’t always just stay at the Manor right ? You’d be bored ! 

Besides, you were a writer, you often came to get coffee at night with your notebook, you always said it brought you lots of inspiration (he loved your stories, and was your number one beta reader). 

It wasn’t an unusual thing for you to be out, getting coffee (even if Gotham was dangerous at night, you knew how to defend yourself thanks to your Husband’s training, and besides, one of your sons kinda always had an eye on you anyway…just to be sure), so again, why were they here ? Why weren’t they on the docks, with Tim and Jason, to fight some real criminals ? 

Bruce refused to let Damian patrol alone so far, which is why he was with him, but usually, he’d explain what was going on you know ? Not able to contain himself anymore, Damian asked : 

-Father…why are we spying on mom ? 

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BTS and Cuddling

this is turning into a series or something. and i totally didn’t disappear for three months straight what are you talking about 👀

  • Seokjin

Pure tall bean. He’d love being the big spoon and just holding you, so that’s probably his go-to position when cuddling. However, he enjoys having your head on his wide chest, but only if you two are napping. At first, it was pretty awkward because he was so nervous his hands were literally shaking as he dragged you a little bit closer to his warm body. He found it kind of awkward though, and he still does, so you guys only cuddle when you’re going to sleep or watching a movie. Seokjin gets flustered when you’re this close, though, no matter how long you’ve been together, but he always smiles when he holds you. He gets hot pretty easily, so you never cuddle with a blanket over you two, unless you’re really cold. If he feels playful, he’d start tickling you. Also, would lean real close to your ear and while his lips are brushing the shell of it, he tells you the worst dad joke you’ve ever heard oh my god this nerd.

“Seokjin, come cuddle me.” “W-what? No-I mean, I-I, I don’t think I can right now.” “Stop being so flustered and hold me.” *while being dragged behind you on the couch, he’s happy that your back is pressed to his chest and you can’t see his blush*

  • Yoongi

My love. He’d totally be the small spoon, it doesn’t matter if you are a smurf, you’re going to hold him when you two cuddle, not the other way around. However, he enjoys when you two lay facing each other, because he loves gazing at your face. When you two face each other, he’ll grab your hands and rub your knuckles, whispering sweet stuff, sometimes kissing your fingers and palm. At first, he gets flustered too, but he gets over it soon. He usually whines for cuddles because we all know he needs attention and love. Whenever you hug him he lets out a quiet, happy sigh. Also, he’d totally come home late and if he doesn’t find you in bed he’s going to drag you in the bedroom and not let you go until morning. If you are already in bed though, he’d just flop down, wiggle his way under the covers and hold you tightly. That’s the only time he’s the big spoon.

“Love, come here.” “Yoongi, I’m busy.” “I can help you do that later, please, angel, let me hold you.” “Yoongi- what are you doing!?” “If you don’t come to me, I’ll take you forcefully. Not anyone gets me all affectionate but when I’m soft for you, you ignore me.” *pouts while pushing you gently on the couch*

  • Hoseok

!!! Cuddle king right here !!! He never ever misses the chance to cuddle you. Actual cuddlebug. Whenever you two aren’t in public he clings to you and good luck if you want to get him off of you. And by public I mean outdoors, because it really doesn’t matter if you two are around someone else, if he can cuddle and smooch you, he will. He doesn’t even care how you two cuddle, in what position, who is on top, who holds who, as long as you two are trapped in his bubble of love it doesn’t matter how you two cuddle. Cuddles also help him calm down, when he comes stressed or tired home, then you can bet your ass the first thing he does after taking off his shoes is collapse on you and hold you loosely while he sleepily mumbles a rant or directly falls asleep. Also, expect many tickle attacks and play fights, Hobi is a mischievous one.

“Babe, I’m tired, come to bed~” “Hobi, I’d love to but I’m kind of busy…” *whimper* “I can help you finish that after I feel better, please?” “… alright.”

  • Namjoon

Shy lil dork who really wants to hold you but something always goes wrong. He gets extremely flustered when you are around, and even if cuddling is great for him, he always does something that ruins everything. And someone usually gets an elbow in the face. However, he tends to hold you protectively while you two are sleeping, and if you don’t fall asleep while cuddling, you sure as hell wake up with this bear grasping at your side. He enjoys you hugging him reassuringly when he feels especially down, while he whispers everything that has been annoying him lately. He might fall asleep in the middle of the rant if you caress his hair. Joonie is big on tackle hugs, but only if you do it.

“Hun, can we… talk…?” “Uh, sure Joonie, what’s wrong?” “Nothing, it’s just that… everything became overwhelming in the past few days.” “Ah, Joonie, c’mere. You know I’ll always be here for you.” *sigh* “Thank you.”

  • Jimin

Awh, smol mochi loves his cuddles and blushes every time you two cuddle. He doesn’t even bother to hide it anymore, he just smiles brightly while his cheeks turn pink and he ruffles his hair before clinging to you. Only likes cuddling when you two are facing each other, although he enjoys falling asleep with you on his chest. Sometimes he snuggles into your side, when he feels extra-mushy or especially sad, but most of the time he’s okay with just holding your hand or caressing your face while you guys lay down, face-to-face, talking about nothing in particular. Don’t misinterpret, he loves himself some cuddles, but he enjoys being able to look at you more than feeling your presence. Sometimes he does feel like being the little spoon is going to solve all of his problems, though.

*giggle* “Babe, you look like an angel. Did you come here from the heavens to protect me?” *cue dramatic look* “Hey! Park Jimin! Stop with the greasiness~” “Ah, why? You can’t deny the fact that you looove when I’m like that.” *more giggles*

  • Taehyung

Oml good luck trying to pry him away, he’s going to latch like a koala and never let you go ever. He finds the weirdest positions to cuddle, too. Tae is another mischievous one, and he’s oddly playful most of the time, so don’t expect any of your cuddles to be serious. Most likely builds a pillow fort every night so you guys can cuddle in it while you binge watch anime and munch on junk food he doesn’t have the permission to eat. Also, pillow fights. Many of those. He doesn’t have any specific cuddling position, he always comes up with different ways to hold you, although every time he manages to get absolutely no space between your bodies. Tae likes feeling you close, knowing you are there, so pulling you flush against him is very common. While sleeping he will wrap all of his limbs around you. Good luck sleeping peacefully with a blanket on you too, this kid is pretty warm already.

“Tae… I can’t breathe…” “Oh? I’m sorry. *giggle* Maybe we can cuddle the other way around… wait… yeah. That’s it. Better?” “Certainly better than the last one.” “…” “…” “… babe. I’m hot. Can’t we go back to the other one…”

  • Jungkook

Square tf up Jeon. Fite me. Sigh. This kid loves his cuddles and surprisingly enough he isn’t flustered at all. Okay, maybe just the first few sessions. But after that he’s the literal cuddling god which makes me angry. He’s very warm and broad, and he’s pretty chill most of the time too. When he isn’t hyper, he’d like it if you lay on his chest, because that makes him feel ‘manly’ or some other alpha shit. If he’s feeling playful, though, he’d totally initiate a play fight or a tickle attack or a pillow war. And they’re all hardcore because Jungkook is pretty intense when it comes to games and competitions. If he’s feeling down, however, he’d be a little spoon, because he’s a softie at heart.

“Hey… I… you think you can, like, hold me for a while? I feel really down and I need someone right now.” “Oh? Sure. Want to talk about it?” *snuggles back* “Not really. Your embrace makes me feel better already.”

I really, really, really hate Jeon.

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Here’s a masterlist of everything I’ve written so far for easier navigation! I’ll put it up on the sidebar and try to update it whenever I can. Thanks for reading and supporting, I reaaaally appreciate it ♥ 


  1. “Pull over.  Let me drive for awhile.”
  2. “It reminded me of you.”
  3. “No, no, it’s my treat.”
  4. “Come here.  Let me fix it.” - Simon Dominic
  5. “I’ll walk you home.” - Simon Dominic
  6. “Have a good day at work.”
  7. “I dreamt about you last night.”
  8. “Take my seat.”
  9. “I saved a piece for you.”
  10. “I’m sorry for your loss.”
  11. “You can have half.”
  12. “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”
  13. “Sorry I’m late.”
  14. “Can I have this dance?”
  15. “I made your favourite.”
  16. “It’s okay.  I couldn’t sleep anyway.”
  17. “Watch your step.”
  18. “Here, drink this.  You’ll feel better.”
  19. “Can I hold your hand?”
  20. “You can borrow mine.” - Simon Dominic
  21. “You might like this.”
  22. “It’s not heavy.  I’m stronger than I look.”
  23. “I’ll wait.”
  24. “Just because.”
  25. “Look both ways.”
  26. “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to.”
  27. “Try some.”
  28. “Drive safely.”
  29. “Well, what do you want to do?”
  30. “One more chapter.”
  31. “Don’t worry about me.”
  32. “It looks good on you.”
  33. “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
  34. “That’s okay, I bought two.”
  35. “After you.”
  36. “We’ll figure it out.”
  37. “Can I kiss you?”
  38. “I like your laugh.”
  39. “Don’t cry.” - Jay Park
  40. “I made this for you.”
  41. “Go back to sleep.” - Jay Park
  42. “Is this okay?”
  43. “I picked these for you.”
  44. “I’ll drive you to the hospital.”
  45. “What do you want to watch?”
  46. “You can go first.”
  47. “Did you get my letter?”
  48. “I’ll do it for you.”
  49. “Call me when you get home.”
  50. “I think you’re beautiful.”
  51. “Are you sure?”
  52. “Have fun.”
  53. “Sit down, I’ll get it.”
  54. “I made reservations.”
  55. “I don’t mind.”
  56. “It brings out your eyes.” - Simon Dominic
  57. “There is enough room for both of us.”
  58. “You don’t have to say anything.”
  59. “Wow.”
  60. “Happy birthday.”
  61. “I’ll pick it up after work.”
  62. “It can wait until tomorrow.”
  63. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”
  64. “It’s two sugars, right?”
  65. “I’ll help you study.”
  66. “Stay over.”
  67. “I did the dishes.”
  68. “You didn’t have to ask.”
  69. “I bought you a ticket.”
  70. “You’re warm.”
  71. “No reason.”
  72. “I’ll meet you halfway.”
  73. “Take mine.”
  74. “We can share.”
  75. “I was just thinking about you.”
  76. “I want you to have this.”
  77. “Call me if you need anything.”
  78. “Do you want to come too?” - Simon Dominic
  79. “I’ll still be here when you’re ready.”
  80. “Is your seatbelt on?” - Jay Park
  81. “Sweet dreams.”
  82. “I was in the neighbourhood.” - Simon Dominic
  83. “Stay there.  I’m coming to get you.” - Jay Park
  84. “The key is under the mat.”
  85. “It doesn’t bother me.”
  86. “You’re important too.”
  87. “I saved you a seat.”
  88. “I’ll see you later.”
  89. “I noticed.”
  90. “You can tell me anything.”
  91. “I hope you like it.”
  92. “I want you to be happy.”
  93. “I believe in you.”
  94. “You can do it.”
  95. “Good luck.”
  96. “I brought you an umbrella.”
  97. “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”
  98. “Take a deep breath.”
  99. “Be careful.”
  100. “I love you.”



Kim Hanbin never loses 


Him doing something stupid to cheer you up in a LDR

You looking hot in your jersey and him checking you out

When he wakes you up earlier than usual but you just wanna cuddle

You handling a horror video game better than him

Him being overly affectionate in front of his members

When he thinks you’re pregnant but you’re just down with a stomach flu

When you notice he’s been feeling ‘low’ and you hug and coddle over him

When you’re on your period

Fried chicken delivery

Jay Park

Lazy stay home date

Cancelling on you at last minute

Being protective of you at the gym when you’re making heads turn

Jay being excited about his unborn son

When you’re on your period

Talking about having kids in front of the AOMG guys

AOMG teasing you when you bring Jay’s lunch to the office

When his fans ask you if he’s a good kisser and you tell him about it

When you wake up from a nightmare crying

Accidentally touching his crotch on stage

When he doesn’t want you to leave for class in the morning (M)

Going on a vacation

When you unintentionally leave his side for most part of a family party

When he calls you while at work because he misses you

Him being clingy + you being sad the night before he goes on tour

Having to sleep separately at your parents’ place

When he dirty talks to get you to stop ignoring him (M for language)

When you’re a model and you do a photoshoot with him

Meeting him for the first time cos of a false fire alarm and he’s shirtless (AU)

When you’re a model and he pranks you saying he can’t make it to your show

Grocery shopping + him staring at your butt

Talking about the future

First meeting with AOMG

Taking you to the dentist 

Coming home drunk and calling him sexy

Teasing him while he talks on the phone

When you’re trying to study but he’s horny


Pillow fight (M)

You flipping out over a spider

AOMG teasing you about your hickeys

Fluffy mornings

When you’re pregnant but can’t keep the child



Getting jealous over you dancing with another member

First (M)

Liking each other behind your members’ backs


Reciprocating his interest while filming for a halloween special

Eating you out…for lack of better summary (M)

Meeting his parents

Getting jealous when you stick to another member during a horror movie

Being dance partners (M)

When you’re trying to study but he wants attention (M)

Meeting Bobby for the first time

Jay Park

Reassuring him when he gets jealous of your best friend gd

Panic attack

Your son liking Jay more than you and you getting jealous over that

Finally getting pregnant after trying really hard

Giving him a blow job (M)

Distancing himself from you upon realising he likes you

Make up sex when he sees you flirting with Bobby at his show

When you’re left alone in the studio with him and things get heated

Pregnancy woes

Celebrating your birthday with AOMG (M)

Merry Christmas, baby

When his ex calls him over at 4am and you misunderstand

Cheering you up after the passing of a family member

Leaving the house and getting into an accident after a fight 

Betting on no sex for a week (M)

Bumping into him after breaking up

Hiding your teacher-student relationship (AU, M)

When he neglects you for work and makes you feel insecure

When you almost got physical with an anti fan and he stops you



When you’re wearing their white shirt and they can see through it

Mentioning that you’d want to be on wgm with him in an interview


When you’re wearing their white shirt and they can see through it

Mentioning that you’d want to be on wgm with him in an interview

Baby-sitting Bobby would include

Liking a best friend

Finding out his girlfriend is a great dancer

Dating Bobby would include

Taking care of a sick Bobby

Jay Park

His 16 y/o daughter wanting to go on a date with one of the AOMG crew’s sons

If a guy were to flirt with him/ask him out

You cussing

Mentioning that you’d want to be on wgm with him in an interview

Refusing to wear something less revealing to an AOMG party

Rapping to his songs in the car

Dating Jay would include

When a host teases him about you

i. I absolutely cannot stand the snares of your hands,
or how I catch myself on your barbed wire mouth,
when I choke on your gasoline voice,
or cut myself on your switchblade fingers.
I loathe these weapons of yours more than I loathe the actual tangible knifes you keep hidden under your sleeves.
I hate that somebody did something so awful to you that you were forced to wear hatred as a second skin.
I hate myself more that I wasn’t there to shield you from it.

ii. I wonder how different our lives would be if we had been switched.
Me: Andrew.
You: Aaron.
Me: Given up on.
You: Kept.
Would everything turn out the same? Would we have led completely different lives? Would we be broken again? Made whole?
(Would she have hit you, too?)
(Would he have used me, too?)

iii. I hear the way people talk about you when you’re not there.
Like you’re this awful thing.
Like they’ve taken a bite out of you and realized you’ve gone bad in the middle.
When they speak, they’re trying to get the taste of you out of their mouths,
Spitting and spitting until there’s nothing left to expel.
Sometimes I want to say something.
Sometimes I want to argue.
But we come from the same batch, after all.
How can I argue when I taste just as bad as you do?

iv. I went to the Circle K around the corner one night and bought myself a pack of cigarettes: the same brand you use.
I stood outside and popped one in my mouth,
lit it with unpracticed hands.
I had seen you do this so often,
I thought maybe it would come almost naturally, like I had been the one catching fire to things all these years instead of you.
But the weight of it felt so wrong between my fingers,
the motions unfitting for me,
the taste acidic and raw and awful.
It reminded me too much of him—of that stray dog that follows you around all day—and less like you,
less like home.
I’m trying to understand this. I’m trying to be okay with you-and-him.
But there are some things that people shouldn’t get in the way of. This was one of them.
The box cost $7.89 and screamed your name. I didn’t even hesitate when I threw it away.

v. Every once and a while I’ll dream about that night.
Sometimes it’s me instead of you, or I can’t move at all and I’m forced to watch, or I beat him over and over but he keeps getting back up.
Either way, the entire time you’re just laughing.
Like I told a joke and you think it’s the funniest thing in the world.
I’m beating him to death and sloshing his blood around and you’re laughing like you’re at a comedy show.
Whenever I wake up from those dreams, I never want to sleep ever again.

vi. I never understand our fights.
Normal people throw around words they don’t mean and slam doors they would usually leave ajar.
But us?
We fight like our lives are on the line.
We fight like it’s a race and there’s only one winner.
You leave me aching and I leave you waterlogged.
We become such ferocious animals, all sharp teeth and heavy claws, ripping and tearing without a care to give.
The entire world comes to a stop when we have even the slightest disagreement,
a spotlight shining down to showcase our own personal brand of hate.
I sometimes wonder if that’s us making up for lost time.
All those years we never got to spend fighting like brothers.
Maybe we’re finally making up for that.
Maybe we’re trying to meet our quota before our time is up.
Before we can’t fight anymore.

vii. One time when you weren’t looking, I stole one of your pills.
I saved it for when you wouldn’t be around and swallowed it dry, felt it run down my throat.
I thought that if they made you smile all the time, maybe they’d make me smile, too.
But all I felt was this hallow ache in my chest,
like something bad had grabbed hold of me from the inside.
I was used to flying high, higher than most people would dream to go,
But this was just wrong on so many levels.
It lasted only four hours before I started to wind down, but that was one of the longest four hours of my life.
I wasn’t happy. But I smiled anyway. I couldn’t stop. My cheeks hurt after.
I think I understood you a little better after that day.

viii. I voted to name your cat Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. And I’m not even sorry.

ix. (I’m sorry.)

x. I love you.

—  Ten Things Aaron Wants To Tell Andrew (But Never Will)
Egotistical Drunk Men - Spencer Reid


Spencer’s P.O.V

“Hey! Pretty boy!” Morgan snapped his fingers, pulling me out of my trance, “Are you listening to me?”

“Sorry,” I mumbled, glancing over my shoulder one last time at the girl who had captured my attention earlier, and who I had not-so-subtly been staring at for the past half hour.

Her nose was burried in a hard cover copy of “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King. Three completely full glasses were placed in front of her from the multiple men that had tried to hit on her but failed.

She was more captivated by the book in her hands than the music that filled the room, and even when her stumbling drunk friends tried to coax her to the dance floor, she denied them.

“Reid!” Morgan called, it had seemed my short gazed lasted a bit longer than I expected. “Sorry,” I mumbled again, causing the team to share odd looks between one another.

“Oh I see,” Emily said with an evil smirk, her eyes traveling to the girl. “Pretty boy has a crush,” Morgan sang, catching on.

I knew better than to pretend like I didn’t when I was surrounded by profilers, “I just… Think she’s cute, that’s all.”

Morgan chuckled, “Alright pretty boy, why don’t you go talk to her then.” I shook my head, “I couldn’t, I mean look at her.”

“Oh come on, Spence,” JJ said, rolling her eyes. “She looks like your type.”

“She’s got a point kid,” Rossi coaxed, soon even Garcia and Hotch joined in. Everyone began giving me tips on how to approach the girl, what to say, what to do, and even what pickup line to use.

“Everyone settle down and let the master handle this,” Morgan said, causing a few scoffs to arise.

“All you gotta do, is walk over there, give her a wink, then flash that FBI badge, and boom, you’re golden,” He said, leaning back in his chair with a smile.

“Oh oh, and say ‘You’re under arrest for being too sexy’,” Garcia said, earning a laugh of approval from everyone.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“If you don’t, then I’m gonna go over there and get those digets because damn that girl is fine,” Morgan said with a smirk. I sent a glare in Morgan’s direction before hesitantly standing up, causing my team to start cheering, I quickly hushed them.

As I walked away they all leaned in my direction, they were close enough to hear everything.

I took a deep breath before hesitantly walking over to the girl. “Um, hi,” I said quietly.

The girl turned to me with an annoyed expression on her face, but as soon as she saw me, her expression softened and morphed into a smile that took my breath away. “Hi,” she said back quietly.

I glanced back at Morgan who winked and flashed his badge, hinting for me to do the same.

I nervously turned back to the girl, giving her an awkward wink, and pulling out my badge, “Y-You’re under arrest… For being too sexy,” I stuttered out.

The girl raised her eyebrows, “If you don’t mind, I’d just like to finish my book,” she said, the annoyed look returning to her face. I didn’t have a chance to respond before she turned her attention back to her book.

I let out a sad sigh, mumbling a ‘sorry’ to her before walking away.

“Well that didn’t go so well,” Emily said, stating the obvious. I nodded, “I thought she liked me, she smiled, but as soon as I started talking- it was as if she was disgusted by me.”

Morgan suddenly stood up, “What are you doing?” Garcia asked. “Seeing what this girl’s problem is.”

Morgan walked up to the girl and we all listened closely to what he was saying.

“Excuse me, babygirl?” He greeted. The girl rolled her eyes and look at Derek, she however didn’t smile like she did when she looked at me. Derek held up his badge, “My friend just came to talk to you, and-” the girl cut him off.

“And you decided that since I turned him down that you’d give it a shot to see if you could get laid tonight, sounds like a pretty shitty friend to me, babyboy.” The girl fired, causing JJ to choke on her drink.

“Damn, that was brutal, you think that’s ever happened to ’The Derek Morgan’ before?” She said with a slight laugh.

Morgan however looked deeply offended, but the girl spoke before he could, “I’m sorry to be rude, but I’m kind of over having a bunch of overly confident, egotistical drunk men, hit on me tonight, so if you could please leave me alone, I’d really appreciate it.”

And with that Derek raised his eyebrows, almost saying something, before deciding against it and walking away.

Everyone tried to conceal their laughs as Derek sat back down, his bruised ego very visible.

“Maybe she’s a lesbian,” Emily said with a shrug, causing Derek to roll his eyes, “Or a stuck up-”

JJ didn’t let him finish, “Woah there buddy, maybe she’s just tired of being hit on by jerks like she said. I mean, she smiled at Spence and seemed into him before he started using your 'tips’.”

“She has a point,” Rossi said before turning to me, “Why don’t you give it one more shot kid.”

“But this time, just be your usual m self,” Hotch added in. I shook my head, “She’s already mad.”

“Then go cheer her up,” Rossi said, before getting up and putting his hands under my armpits, pulling me up so I was standing. “Rossi-” I tried, but he stopped me, “Trust me kid, you won’t regret it.”

Before I knew it, my feet had carried me back to the girl, my heart pounding in my chest. She must have heard me come up, because she let out a sigh, however I stopped her before she could say anything.

“I’m sorry,” I said quickly, “I was a jerk earlier, it’s just, I saw you reading earlier and I know this is gonna sound creepy, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I wanted to talk to you, but I was too shy, so my friends-” I pointed to where the team was sitting, they all smile and waved awkwardly.

“They gave me advice on how to talk to you, and I was stupid enough to take it, that guy you met earlier, that wasn’t me, and I would really appreciate it if you gave me a second chance, but I’d understand if you never wanted to see me agan.”

I looked down at my feet, preparing for the worst, but instead of rejecting, I heard a giggle. “Why didn’t you just start with that?” She said, causing my head to snap up in shock.

“I thought you were cute, but then you started acting like a Jerk, and I’d already dealt with too many of those tonight, I’m sorry I was so rude,” she said, her voice filled with guilt at the last statement.

I shook my head, “Don’t be, I shouldn’t have tried to be someone I’m not.”

“Well then who are you?” She asked with a smile.

I returned the smile, “I’m Spencer, Spencer Reid. I have three PhD’s, I can read 20,000 words a minute, have an eidetic memory, and believe it or not, I actually do work at the FBI.” The girl let out a laugh, “I’m sorry, was that too much?”

She laughed again, “No, no, that was good,” she said still laughing. “I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. I’m going to Med school, I can write a six page essay in the two hours before it’s due, nap all day, and believe it or not, I don’t drink.” She said, shooting a look at the three full glasses that still sat in front of her.

“Why don’t I buy you a coffee sometime then?” I asked, not knowing where all this confidence came from.

“I’d like that.”

anonymous asked:

I read a really good FBI Derek fic a few months ago. Now I am on the hunt for any FBI Sterek fics!! A friend recommended this blog. So I am hope you can help me. Thanks 😊


Anonymous said:Good morning lovely people!!! After last nights finale I am in desperate need of all FBI Stiles or FBI Derek fics!! Please any all as long as it ends with HEA STEREK! Pretty please 😘

In case you missed it. It’s now canon that Stiles is going to school to be an FBI agent. So…let your little fic writing hearts explode. - Anastasia

Originally posted by canonspngifs

And In That Moment (I Saw You) by Boom

(1/1 I 1,397 I Not Rated)

Derek Hale has been hunting the assassin known as the Nogitsune for six years. Granted there hasn’t been a murder attributed to him in five years, but Derek it sure he’s close. His husband, Stiles, thinks he should let it go.

This is a scene from a longer work I may or may not actually post. Can be read as a stand alone.

I can’t count to I love you by constellationmoles (Fawxy)

(1/? I 1,433 I Mature)

As much as Stiles loves being in the most corrupted part of the FBI, running with werewolves, and the secrets he has to tell his dad, no other emotion can rival with his hatred for Agent fucking Hale. With his horrible whatever color his eyes are and shitty Adonis face. And why does he look like he was crafted out of marble? Shit uh wait no come back I got this.

Alright fine. As pretty as Agent Hale is, he does not wish to be married to the guy. But his boss says ‘hahahah no pretend to be in love with him because hunters and witches and stuff’ yeah yeah whatever Deaton you just want us to stop fighting in the break room over the last donut hole.

Stiles Stilinski does not want to be fake married Derek Hale but nobody listens.

Not even his new husband.

Lunatic by Horribibble

(2/2 I 2,469 I Mature)

FBI Agent Derek Hale is one of the good guys. He takes his suppressants and plays the part of a decent human being with remarkable accuracy. But when he’s sent in to interrogate Stiles Stilinski, alleged serial killer, it looks like the pack’s come back to haunt him.

“You shouldn’t pout like that, baby. Not when we planned you such a big surprise.”

Better Safe than Sorry by Inell

(1/1 I 3,435 I Teen)

Stiles, Derek, and Isaac check out the area where Paige Krasikeva was likely kidnapped by their perp.

The Secret’s Out by DarkAlpha67

(1/1 I 3,769 I Teen)

Edwin Rocks has been Stilinski’s partner for years and he doesn’t know anything about the kid, until there’s a bombing and he sees another side of Stilinski and finds out some interesting things too…

Underlying Architecture by Blue_Five 

(2/? I 4,042 I Mature)

Remains are discovered in Arlington Cemetary. FBI Special Agent and Alpha Derek Hale has to figure out who the body used to be and what happened. Dr. Stiles Stilinski is an Omega and a brilliant anthropologist capable of doing just that with his equally brilliant team at the Jeffersonian.

Unfortunately, they can’t stand each other.

Anguis in Herba by WednesdaysDaughter

(3/3 I 8,606 I Mature)

“Not to gross anyone out more than they already are, but has anyone found the victims’ skin?” Lydia asks and Stiles gags.

“I don’t even want to consider the answer to that question Lyds,” Stiles complains and Allison grimaces in agreement.

When a serial killer from his home town runs rampant, Stiles Stilinski (Technical Analyst for the B.A.U.) along with his team must find him in time to save one of their own from ending up like the first three victims: Poisoned and skinned alive.

Jones by Lostxcow

(5/? I 15,901 I Mature)

It was only supposed to be a regular case with the BAU team flying out to Beacon Hills to assist Detective Stiles Stilinski solve a copy-cat murderer case who was supposed to be dead 2 years ago. How did Derek end up flying back every weekend on his days off just to see him again?


AU where Derek is an FBI and meets Stiles (detective) to help for a case. they hit it off from there. Derek visits every days off he has, Stiles texts him random shit while he’s bored. Derek always forgets about time difference making Stiles mad, but he loves him too much to care.


Criminal Minds AU but with Derek and Stiles instead of JJ and Will bc i love them both so why not. and there’s not a lot of FBI sterek which there should be

Keep On the Sunny Side by GiggleSnortBangDead

(1/1 I 53,746 I Explicit)

It’s like a Tarantino revenge flick, but worse. It’s all a little cliche but, hey, they gotta kill Kate Argent.

By Blood or Bite (Pack) by bigbootsmanofwar

(15/? I 98,970 I Explicit)

Derek didn’t do field work. He refused. God knew the last time he left the office, it didn’t go so well. He’s perfectly content to just sit in his lab, help out from afar, and keep to himself.

If the kid who kept breaking all the rules would stop confusing him, things might have been OK. You know, with the kid he’s turned who he can’t stop worrying about, the damaged splinters of family he has left, and the Uncle he doesn’t trust looming over Stiles’ shoulder.

If he wasn’t so lonely, he’d pack it all in now.

Blue Moon by AsexualDerek (Cammerel)

(24/24 I 113,050 I Explicit)

After Agent Hale’s partner is killed, he gets landed with a young, nubile agent that doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut and stop asking questions about things that aren’t his business to know.

OtaYuri fic recs #9

Sorry it’s been a while since my last rec post! Plenty of good ones in this batch, though ;)

September by peachys, explicit, 6.5k

Yuri and Otabek get a cat and move in together.

Cures for Burning by stutter, explicit, 8k, WIP

“He said,” Yuri begins, trying to sound cavalier, “Victor goes, ‘Otabek Altin needs to come here and smack the hell out of you,’ and.” He forces a laugh out of his gut and barrels on, like an idiot, “and I was like, good, please, I’d love that, sounds a hell of a lot better than this.”

At that moment, either the Skype call fails or Otabek is stunned into a long silence. Yuri can feel his pulse in his eardrums. He thinks he might throw up. Why the fuck did he have to say that? “Hey, ah, Beka?” he says. “Are you still there?“

Otabek is motionless. Yuri’s terror hardens into rage. “VICTOR!” he bellows. “Your SHITTY INTERNET just went down again!”

Not your usual fairytale by arcsinx, mature, 9.7k, A/B/O AU, mentions of mpreg

Part 2 of the Not Your Usual Fairytale series. Of one thing Yuri Plisetsky is sure: Katya is the most beautiful baby he’s ever seen. None of it have anything to do with the fact that she is his daughter, of course. It’s mostly because she’s the cutest, smallest, perfect mix between Yuri and Otabek. She blinks up at him while he tells her all of that, little hands closing in fists above her. 

Not your usual happy ending by arcsinx, explicit, 6k, A/B/O AU, mpreg


Otabek hums in response. It never takes long for Katya to tire of the games on his cell phone. She’d downloaded all sorts of games into it, from truck races to princess dressing. Otabek had read one chapter and a half of his book though. That was good enough when next to his three-year old daughter.

Course and Flow, Surge and Break by MadameFolie, explicit, 956

Beauty and desire are a parallax, ever-shifting with the years and where one stands.

Otabek would marvel at his hands. They used to be delicate, now they’re elegant. Powerful. And his beauty now relentless. Otabek twists to bury his face in his pillow. But what pushes him over the edge in the end is the thought of those eyes, forged to unreal ferocity by time and all the lovelier still. He would like to be as water in Yuri’s arms, shivering with the touches to his surface.

Pink or Blue? by BoxWineConfessions, explicit, 12.9k, multiverse AU

His Yuri pulls off his cock with a hard suck and a sharp pop. Instantaneously his Yuri is back on other Yuri and kissing him deeply. The kiss is sloppy. Thick milky white liquid spills out of the corners of their joined mouths. His come slides between their pink and blue pained lips. Their tongues are coated with it. They pant and moan against one another, and it’s enough to tug Otabek back to attention almost instantly. The two of them argue over and savor his come like it’s something sacred.

OR: A very happy and very smitten Otabek fucks two Yuris.

Shutter-Release by kaijoskopycat, mature, 7.4k, photographer!Otabek, model!Yuri AU

Otabek Altin has been a fashion photographer for longer than he cares to think about and he’s never been as moved by a model as he is when he meets Yuri Plisetsky, one of the most unconventional personalities for a top model out there.

Ready by missbip0lar, explicit, 4.3k

Yuri Plisetsky is ready.

A continuation of this.

Push Your Luck by imagines, teen, 2.6k, hockey player!Otabek AU

Yuri doesn’t even like hockey. The brute force, the hurled insults, and blood on the ice as a mark of honor instead of a sign of a horrible mistake? No thanks. He’s only come early to the rink so he can get on the ice the moment the team has finished practicing. Honestly, he’s not even looking at their shoulders or thighs or anything. He’s too busy snapchatting Mila pictures of his new skate covers (leopard print), the rink (outdoors on a mountain and very very cool), and okay, maybe a cute butt or two. For her sake. Not his. He has a single-minded focus that does not involve hockey players. This will be his first Olympics, and he’s arrived a couple of weeks before he needed to, so he can get comfortable at the rink and sneak in a little sight-seeing as well.

(In which Otabek quits figure skating after the training camp, and they don’t meet again until 2018.)

In Fesh and Bone by csoru, mature, 32k

After recovering from an injury that cut his previous season short, Yuri makes a comeback with a new coach, a new country of residence, and a relationship upgrade. Still: perfection takes effort.

Hearts and Aces by seekingsquake, mature, 10k

“Yura,” Otabek says, and he’s surprised at the way it comes out. Sharper than he meant it to sound, and a little louder. He turns in the cradle of Yuri’s arms and tilts Yuri’s face up so they can look each other in the eyes. “It’s not just you. It’s because it’s you. Understand? I’ve never wanted to be like this with anyone else, so. I feel like…”

Yuri is very observant, always has been, and very smart. He knows Otabek better than almost anyone. He says, “I’m safe for you, okay?”

“Yes,” Otabek murmurs, and he leans his cheek against the top of Yuri’s head. “That’s how I feel. Safe. With you. So.”

“So.” Yuri sort of laughs, and then he kisses Otabek softly, and then he says, “Finish your breakfast. And eat my toast. I don’t want it anymore.”

Raincheck by CalamityK, teen, 1k

“You’ll be better before I leave.” Otabek hums; tracing the patterns of his upcoming routine on Yuri’s thighs.

Yuri meets his eyes. “And if I’m not?”

“Then I’ll just take a raincheck.”
Or that fic where Yuri is sick and Otabek is simply the best.

Unrequited || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: One where jughead likes the reader and reader likes him back but he’s too scared and when reader admits their feelings jughead denys his. If that makes any sense

A/N: I hope this isn’t too short! I really like writing angst, so I had a good time writing this. 

Y/N/N: Your nickname

Gif: @markwatney


Just tell him.

You repeated the silent mantra over and over to yourself as you made your way to Pop’s. You looked down at your shaky hands and clenched them into tight balls in an attempt to stop the involuntary movement. Today was the day. You were going to tell Jughead Jones III you liked him. And you were terrified. You didn’t know if Jughead liked anyone or not. As far as you knew, he’d never had a crush on anyone. You had been wrestling with these feelings for about a year now, debating whether or not to tell your raven-haired best friend the truth. You eventually decided to go for it. It was now or never.

Jughead, meanwhile, was at Pop’s typing away on his laptop. Unbeknownst to you, Jughead also had feelings for you. But it wasn’t for the past year; it was for the past five. He never told you because he was scared of your reaction. Scared of losing your friendship. You were his everything.

The jingle of the front door of Pop’s being opened signaled your arrival. Jughead looked up from his novel and waved you over. You sat in your usual spot across from him.

“Okay, so I was able to get the Sheriff’s latest report on Jason Blossom,” Jughead began, turning back to his laptop. “I thought we could go over it and use the most important details for the novel.”

You nodded slowly, not really paying attention. Jughead, noticing your lackluster response, looked up at you again.

“You alright there, Y/N/N?”

You nodded again.

“Yeah, I just—I just have to tell you something.” you said.

Jughead rose his eyebrows at your statement and closed his laptop giving you his full attention.

“Okay,” he said. “What’s up?”

You looked down at your hands which were still shaking and intertwined them. You swallowed before you began to speak.

“I, um, I like you, Jughead,” you stuttered. Jughead’s eyes widened. You wrung your hands together harder.

“I’ve, um, liked you for a while now. I just needed to tell you how I really felt, and I guess I just wanted to know if you felt the same way?” you asked, finding the strength to look up at your best friend.

Jughead was speechless. You liked him. You liked him. And he liked you. Excitement flooded in him for just a second. But then he thought about what could happen. You two could break up. Your friendship would be destroyed. You two could end up like his parents. That last one hit him the hardest. He didn’t want to break your heart. He was so involved with his own thoughts that he barely heard your voice.

“Jughead?” you asked again, worried this was a disaster.

Jughead swallowed as he made his decision. Better safe than sorry.

“Y/N… I—uh, I… like you as, um, a friend.” he said tentatively, each word hitting him harder than the previous one.

Your heart sank.

“Oh.” you said, softly. Jughead saw the fallen look on your face and he knew he had made the wrong choice. But it was too late.

“Yeah.” he said softly, mentally hitting himself. Stop! Snap out of it!

You slowly got up from the booth.

“Okay, well, um, thanks for telling me the truth.” you said, voice breaking on the last word. You cleared your throat in an attempt to get some power over your emotions back.

“Y/N.” Jughead said, getting up.

“No, it’s okay,” you said, trying not to start crying right then and there. “I’ll text you later, okay?” you said, the two of you knowing you wouldn’t.

“Y/N, wait.” Jughead said again, reaching out to you.

“I’ll see you, Jughead.” you said avoiding his hand before you speed-walked out of the diner.

Jughead sighed as he sat back down at the booth, rubbing his hand over his face. What had he done?


A/N: Hope you enjoyed it!

“I’ve been hurt before, but not like this. Never like this.” G.D

a/n: hey guys! I know I took a little long to post this but its my first post and i kept thinking it wasn’t good enough haha. people on here are so talented tbh so i wanted it to be really good. i also don’t even know why i had to start off with a sad one-shot but i like how it turned out.  let me know what you think.

word count: 1,694 words

They say real love is when someone hurts you, but because you care about that person so bad you choose not to hurt that person in return. You choose to put your own feelings and your pride aside because you can’t imagine a life without that person. 

You rolled onto your stomach and grabbed your phone off the nightstand to check the time, 3:15 AM. You checked your phone for any missed calls or texts but saw nothing. You sighed, and put your phone back down on the nightstand, wondering what time Grayson would be coming home. 

You kept tossing and turning in bed, frustrated to the point of tears because once again, you found yourself sleeping alone in the bed you and Grayson shared and you hated it. You figured you should be used to it by now, seeing as to how this had become an every day thing for you, but you knew you never would. You would never get used to sleeping without Gray’s body next to yours. The warmth coming from his body was always comforting for you as he wrapped you up in his arms. 

From the very start, Grayson had had your heart. You guys grew up as childhood best friends, never leaving each other’s sides for anything. You were simply inseparable; and as you guys grew older, you had developed feelings for the hazel eyed boy. Not only developed feelings, you were completely in love with him. His captivating looks and adorable personality made it impossible not to. Of course, it was never in your plans to confess your feelings to your best friend, you thought it was best to keep them buried for the sake of your friendship. 

As you grew older, you went through relationship after relationship, never really finding the happiness that you were looking for. Instead, you were left heartbroken time after time, but having Grayson there to comfort you made your heart feel whole once again. He always assured you that there was someone out there that was meant to be with you, that was made to make you happy; but it never occurred to you that he was referring to himself. Never in your wildest dreams did you think that your best friend would actually feel the same way about you as you did for him, but he did. 

Or at least that’s what you had thought…

The day after he confessed his feelings for you, you guys went on your first official date and you knew right then and there that he was the one for you. He had made it his mission to make that night magical and unforgettable for you, and boy had he done just that. Fast-forward to two years later, you believed you guys were stronger and more in love than ever. You couldn’t have been more wrong.  

About two months ago, you had caught Grayson sleeping with some girl in his and Ethan’s apartment. The worst part of it was that he didn’t even know you knew. Heartbroken and completely torn apart, you had made sure to walk out of there as quietly as possible because a part of you did not want to believe what you saw was real. And as the weeks on, Grayson became more and more busy with the warehouse him and Ethan had gotten, leaving little to no time to spend with you. But when he asked you to move in with him and Ethan, it gave you hope that your relationship could only get better from here; but it instead made it harder for you to ignore the fact that, day after day, he went back to the same girl from that night. 

Now, you found yourself falling asleep, wrapped up in a blanket as you lay on the trampoline in the twins’ warehouse. You hadn’t been able to handle sleeping alone in yours and Grayson’s bed. The room alone had felt lonely and empty without him. And as time went by, you had kept glancing at the door, hoping to see Gray walk through it, but he hadn’t. 

You must’ve been in that stage between asleep and awake when you heard the door slam shut.

“Y/n?” Grayson whispered loud enough for you to hear. “babe what are you doing sleeping out here?”

Giving him no answer, you stayed completely quiet and still, pretending you were still asleep. You felt him get on the trampoline a few minutes later, his arms wrapping around you to bring your body closer to his as he lay behind you. “I love you so much y/n” he whispered.

You could smell the scent of women’s perfume that lingered on his clothing and did your best to keep the tears in. Liar. You couldn’t help but wonder if he was intentionally trying to hurt you and make it obvious that he was cheating or if he was simply that clueless to what he was doing

You waited for a couple of minutes until you heard his even breathing, knowing he was asleep, before slipping out from under the small blanket and crawling out of the trampoline. You hurried over to yours and Grayson’s room and dropped to the ground as you felt a warm stream of tears fall down your face. You shoulders shook slightly as you held your hand up to cover your face, cover your mouth, trying to keep as quiet as possible as the tears pooled into your palms. 

You couldn’t help crying, choking on the air and sobbing loudly into your hands, wishing for the pain you were feeling to stop. That your feelings could shut off so you couldn’t feel a thing. But your crying doesn’t stop, until you hear the door from your bedroom open. 

“Y/n? A-are you crying?” Grayson questioned, his voice low and raspy 

You don’t respond, you don’t even move, your mouth opens but nothing but a loud, choking sob comes out. 

“C’mere,” he whispered softly as you heard him walk over to you. Your vision comes blurry again as he picks you up and sets you on his lap after sitting down on the bed, wrapping an arm around your waist as his other hand caressed your cheek, “What’s wrong babe?”

“I-i can’t” you manage to say before another sob escapes your lips. Grayson just watched you with a confused and worried expression as you shook your head vigorously.

“You can’t what?” he asked as he wiped away the tears that fell. When you didn’t give him an answer, he brought your face in his hands and made you look at him, “Tell me”

“I-i”– another hiccuping sob escaped your lips – “I can’t do this a-anymore” you managed to say before standing up.  

You felt him grab you by the wrist and pull you back over to him, looking even more confused than before. “What? What do you mean y/n?” 

“I can’t keep doing this Grayson.” You said looking down, biting down on your lip hard to repress a sob. “You and me, I just don’t want to do this anymore.”

“Wha- no,” Grayson shook his head, his cheeks flushed to a steamy red as his eyes began to water. “Look, i’m sorry if I did som-”

“No Gray” you sighed, your voice cracking a bit, “I-i know… I know about her” 

Grayson’s face fell, his mouth opened and closed as he tried to say something, anything, but his mind was completely blank. 

Not being able to take the silence anymore, you walked over to your closet and pulled out your suitcase. You threw in as much clothing as you could, ignoring his pleads for you to stop, before he stood up and turned you to face him. “Please don’t do this… please don’t leave” 

“No Grayson” You sobbed, trying to pull away from him but his grip was too strong. “Let me go” 

“Please don’t leave like this.” he pleaded, “Just let me exp-”

“Explain what Grayson?” you asked, “Explain how for two months, I’ve cried myself to sleep, just to wake up the next morning to continue crying because the image of you and that girl is the first and last thing I thought about every single day? E-e-explain how I stuck with you these last two months, waiting for you to realize that the one for you was me, the girl that stayed up waiting for you every single night, and not her?” 

“Y/n i’m so sorry” he cried. 

“You know, better than anyone, that I’ve been hurt before. In fact, you were the one to glue me back together every single time a guy broke my heart” he looked away swiftly, the pain evident in his eyes. 

“But not like this. Never like this Gray” you choke out. “You’re the one person that I thought would never ever hurt me.. and now you’ve become the only one who’s ever been able to hurt me like this.” 

“Y/n… I never meant..” His voice trailed off and he took a few cautious steps towards you. “I never meant to hurt you y/n, y-you have to know that” 

“But you did” you muttered. “You lied to me, y-you broke me, and the worst part of it all is that there’s no one to piece me back together this time” 

You both stood there for what seemed like forever, not knowing what else to do or say. You both knew that this wasn’t only the end of your relationship. You knew that nothing would ever be the same after this.  

“I don’t want to lose you” he choked out. “I can’t lose you, you’re my best friend”

You gave him a sad smile and grabbed your suitcase, walking out the room and out the door. He ran after you and stood at the door frame calling out your name, but you held it together and threw your suitcase in the backseat. 

Once you pulled out of the warehouse parking lot, you looked back up to Grayson through the rear-view mirror, breaking even more at the sight of him crying onto Ethan’s shoulder, his body shaking with sobs as he watched you drive away. 

hope you enjoyed it! 

Part two

castlevania sentence starters

taken from the first season of the netflix series

  • “i want to heal people.” 
  • “perhaps i could teach you to like people again.” 
  • “i think i might like you.” 
  • “perhaps i’ll say a prayer for her/him. a small one.” 
  • “be better than them.” 
  • “where is my wife/husband?” 
  • “i won’t let you do it.” 
  • “could i get some ale? sorry, it’s just that i think i’m sobering up.” 
  • “never met them.” 
  • “i think you know exactly who’s fault that is.” 
  • “i’m leaving.” 
  • “would you please leave my testicles alone?” 
  • “i’ve never lost a fight to man or fucking beast.” 
  • “oh shit.” 
  • “are you talking back to me?” 
  • “why don’t you go and get that looked at?” 
  • “last warning or this’ll get nasty.” 
  • “i’m out of practice but i’m stone cold sober. someone will get hurt.” 
  • “it sounds weirdly convenient to me, if you know what i mean.” 
  • “reflexes like a cat.” 
  • “god shit’s in my dinner once again.” 
  • “that was rude.” 
  • “i could pee in a bucket and tell him it’s beer.” 
  • “i don’t think i’m allowed into churches.” 
  • “if i enter the church and catch fire or something, it’s your fault.” 
  • “well tough shit.” 
  • “i brought you here to ask questions, not answer them.” 
  • “i swear it just moved.” 
  • “dying has never frightened me.” 
  • “oh for god’s sake.” 
  • “i didn’t do that.” 
  • “i fell down a hole.” 
  • “i know what you are.” 
  • “tell it to your floating vampire jesus here.” 
  • “you’ve got nothing but insults have you.” 
  • “stone the fuck up.” 
  • “please. this isn’t a bar fight, have some class.” 
  • dear god, please don’t let the vampire’s guts ruin my good tunic.” 
  • “i could still rip your throat out.” 
  • “living through it was just a luxury.” 
  • “no one ever told me that.” 
{Reaction} Got7′s s/o Finding Out Another Member Likes Them.

Hi ! I love your blog ! ❤️i was wondering if you could do a reaction of got7 of their gf break up with them but another member like her (she finds out) and because she don’t want them to argue and “destroye” the group (she thanks its more important to him) she wants to Break up Hahaha sorry it’s long

Note: I changed your request a little so it’s just where the reader finds out another member likes them when they’re already dating someone in Got7. Just because the other is a little too long to put in a reaction. I’d be happy to write you a scenario if you want to request for a specific member. Enjoy! 

I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Jackson Wang

Originally posted by rapnamjoon

Since you’re already dating Jinyoung, Jackson would feel pretty bad for having a crush on you. But it’s not something that you can help or decide, your heart does not care and it can sometimes turn out brutally. Watching you and Jinyoung is torture to him, and no one but himself knows how he really feels. That is until one fateful day when he decided he needed to come clean about the situation as it was causing him so much stress. 

Jackson: “I don’t expect you to return my feelings obviously, but I just wanted to let you know that it’s how I feel. I’m sorry if this makes things awkward. I hope you still want to be friends. I just needed to tell you, it’s been eating me up inside. “

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by tuanmarkers

Mark would be really secretive about how he feels, and only trusts those that are very close to him at the best of times. Upon realising he was beginning to like you more than he should, he confided in Jackson. Bad idea. The two of them sat in their shared room, talking about it. Little did they know that you were stood outside the door for the entire conversation. A little while after, you caught Mark on his own and confronted him about it. He looked more than uncomfortable, you could tell he would rather do anything than have a conversation with you like this.

Mark: “You shouldn’t go around listening to people’s conversations.” 

{y/n}: “That’s not the point. I heard my name and got curious. You should be more careful if you don’t want people to hear you. Any of them could have heard you. Yugyeom could have heard you.” 

Mark: “I don’t care {y/n}. It doesn’t matter anyway.” *Walks away because he doesn’t want you to see him as his eyes well up*

Bambam/ Kunpimook Bhuwakul

Originally posted by kunpimuak

Bambam had no intention on telling you how he feels about you because well, that would be an asshole move while you’re dating one of his best friends and fellow band mates, Jackson. But one night, the two of you were hanging out with a few drinks, like all best friends do. But with him drinking too much of the intoxicating liquid and you not enough he found himself spilling more information and putting himself in the danger zone. 

Bambam: I like you {y/n}”

{y/n}: “I like you too, Bambam.” 

Bambam: “No, {y/n}. I really like you. I mean, I would totally kiss you right now. But you’re with Jackson, what a dick. I’ve liked you longer, probably. Shit, I shouldn’t be telling you this. {y/n} I’m so drunk.” 

{y/n}: *Not sure if you should take him seriously or not.* “I’ll get you some water.”

Im Jaebum/ JB

Originally posted by jehbum

If Jaebum had learned anything from this experience of falling for the person one of his best friends was dating, it was to make sure that he never trusts Bambam with anything significantly secret ever again. It had been Bambam that had let the cat out of the bag, he had admitted it to Jaebum with sorrowful eyes and a guilty expression. Jaebum had expected you to say something, but you didn’t, at least for a while, until you couldn’t go any longer without anything being confirmed. 

{y/n}: “Bambam told me that you like me… I just wanted to know if that was true, or if he was trying to prank me. You know I’m with Youngjae, don’t you?”

Jaebum: “It’s not true. Bambam is an idiot, don’t pay any attention to him, you know what he’s like.” *Laughing it off, somehow managing to convince you even as his heart shatters.*

{y/n}: “Ah, that idiot. I knew he was playing up. I’m sorry if I made you awkward. I should have known better than to believe something so stupid.” *hugs him*

Jaebum: “Yeah, completely stupid. What were you thinking?” *Holds you tightly as though it’s the last time he ever will.*  

Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by jieunyoung

The worst thing about you liking Mark was probably all of the PDA. You didn’t do it intimately, but it didn’t need to be. Even the smallest hugs, or the way he cuddled you on the sofa made his blood boil. But what could be do about it? Nothing. He liked Mark, he’s one of his best friends, of course, and Jinyoung wants him to be happy. But at the same time, watching Mark standing in the place he is desperate to be kills him inside. 

{y/n}: *Kisses Mark, sitting down next to him on the sofa.*

Jackson: “Are you okay Jinyoung? You look like you’re about to commit mass murder.”

Jinyoung: “I’m fine, I just feel a little sick.” *glares at you and Mark*

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by j-miki

Yugyeom had taken his feelings out on a piece of paper, he wrote you a full song and ended up releasing it as a solo single. You complimented him on it, but never really understanding it’s true meaning until one fateful day when you caught him under gas and air at the dentist. 

Yugyeom: “Thank you for driving me here, I love you {y/n}.” 

{y/n}: *Laughs* “I love you too, Yugyeom.” 

Yugyeom: “Liar. You don’t love me, you love JB. I love you though, I even wrote you that song. It’s really funny, because you have no idea it’s for you.” 

{y/n}: “…”

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by gotpmgifs

Youngjae had done a perfectly good job of keeping his crush on you a secret, it had been Jackson that had spilled the secret to you accidentally. But it wasn’t just you that was in the room when the secret was shared, everyone was in the room, including your boyfriend Bambam. 

{y/n}: “… Is this true, Youngjae?”

Youngjae: “No…” 

Ambrosia | 01 (M)

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Summary: You find an injured man outside your apartment one day, and in your haste to get him medical attention, you might have told the paramedics that he’s your fiancé. However, from this lie, grows something very real as he continues to stay with you. Except he isn’t exactly who he appears to be.

Word Count: 6.7k

Genre: Fallen Angel!AU, Angst, Fluff, Smut

A/N: I have a lot of feels™ okay?

​Your mother always told you not to talk to strangers, let alone touch them, or God forbid, bring them into your home. This contrasted with your father, who would roll down the windows of the car so he could pass food to any homeless people he would pass on the street. That’s why he always kept so many snacks in the car.

Your father would be proud of you right now. Your mother? She wouldn’t disown you, she loves you too much. But she wouldn’t hesitate to call the police if she saw the dirty homeless man half asleep in front of your apartment building. You wouldn’t have gone that far, probably only ignoring them, maybe giving them some spare change if you had some on you. But this man is lying on the ground, face down, blood soaked through the back of his shirt, though it seems to have dried up by now. And maybe if there were other people around, you would have passed responsibility on to another bystander.

But as it happens, you’re alone tonight. Shit. You immediately pull out your phone punching in the numbers 911. “Hello? I have an emergency… Yeah, someone’s passed out, it looks like they were bleeding, but it’s stopped.”

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ML Fluff Month Day 14 - Telling the Truth

Telling the Truth

Rated: G
Pairing: Adrinette?? Technically?? 

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 15

Ladybug knows Adrien is Chat Noir. He knows that she knows he’s Chat Noir. She knows that he knows that she—anyway. She found him out by accidently seeing him release his transform behind the school one day, right after she had done the same herself. It wasn’t that Marinette had ever really wanted to know who Chat Noir was, but knowing it was Adrien made her life much easier. She hadn’t meant to clue him in that she knew the truth of his identity, but Nino had Adrien trapped one day, and he couldn’t seem to get away until Ladybug intervened. Granted, if she hadn’t said “go, I’ll wait for you, I need you,” he might have not understood why she had rescued him from Nino’s vice grip. The damage was done though. And not another word of it had been said since.

Until today.

The two of them sat together at the top of the Notre Dame, neither speaking a word. Twiddling her thumbs nervously, Ladybug wanted to use all of her power to speak up, but she couldn’t. He was probably furious with her. He had detransformed right in front of her so that they could hide from the akuma. She knew that was the safest plan… but she couldn’t do it. Marinette couldn’t bring herself to show him who she was. The look of heartbreak he had. The look of betrayal. It was forever embedded in her mind.

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Creepypasta #1251: Making Friends

Length: Short

I try so hard to make friends. Mom and Dad move so often that it’s hard to form any close relationships, but I do my best. At every new school I put on my best face and my best act, really trying to behave like someone I think the other kids would like. I’m on lucky number seven now, and I’ve gotten a lot better at making friends.

At this school the popular kid is Philip. I try to befriend the popular ones, hoping that maybe some of their social skills will rub off on me and I can make friends by proxy. A natural charmer and pleasant to everyone, Philip is even nice to me, the strange new kid. I do my best with what I learned from my last schools, trying to smile right and move a little more coordinated.

But it’s inevitable that the others will start to notice I’m not really being me. You can’t behave like someone else all the time. Cracks and tears start to form in my mask, and slowly but surely the real me starts to leak out.

Philip is the first one to notice. He starts to look troubled when he sees me and asks if everything is okay. I tell him I’m fine, but he apparently doesn’t believe me and tells a nurse. She asks if everything is okay at home, noticing the tears and cuts that are starting to show up. I tell her everything is great and do my best to smile like I learned at the last schools.

It doesn’t take long before even I have to admit the charade is about to be up though, so I decide to tell Philip. I tell him I want to talk to him and ask if we can meet in the woods outside of town. He doesn’t question me when I tell him I have a secret and I can’t have anyone else knowing what it is.

It took me several schools to master the coordination needed to ride a bike, but I’m grateful that it gives me the option to take Philip to a private place. The deeper we go the more nervous Philip gets, but I convince him to stick with me. I tell him I want him to know what’s really going on, and he says he’s here for me.

I thought lucky number seven would understand, but when I take off my mask he screams at the sight of the real me. I hoped he would understand better than the last ones, but I suppose this makes it easier.

It takes the better part of the day to put my new mask into place, but when I get it I’m really pleased with the results. There’s a learning curve to new masks and the bike ride back takes a little more effort, but I think my parents will like this one. I’m just sorry we have to move again.

Credits to: Painshifter (story)

Some Things Aren’t Permanent

Pairing: (Yoongi X Reader); Ft. 95z

Prompt: Tattoos Are Forever Part Two

Genre: More Angst!! (I know chill Lexi)

Words: 3128

Originally posted by kthmyg

Read part ONE and THREE

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are you falling or flying, clarissa?

you know, as always, i’m really irritated when people call clary by the name morgenstern because she doesn’t use it, it’s not the name she grew up with, and most importantly she doesn’t like it, like don’t be fucking rude. so when the angel raziel called her clarissa morgenstern i was really annoyed, and then i got to thinking and this fits really perfectly into this shadowhunter fic i’ve been planning so what if:

the morgensterns are an old, wealthy, and powerful shadowhunter family, right? they have such an odd name for their profession, such a specific one – morning star, the name of lucifer before he fell, the name that jesus uses to describe himself in the bible. are they referring to one, to both?

who knows.

but what a powerful name, what an important name. that’s not a name you take for yourself, not when you’re a servant of heaven like the shadowhunters are. it’s a name you earn.

then there’s the name clarissa. clarissa means bright and shining. so her name translates to the bright shining morning star. and it must have been valentine who gave her that name, because it’s such a heavy name for a baby, for a young woman, for anyone. and valentine calls her clarissa morgenstern because that’s what she is to him, a bright shining star. but that’s not a name you’re given, not really. it’s one you earn.

so i really like the idea that raziel calls clary by the name clarissa morganstern because he thinks she’s earned it. i like the idea that all the reasons clary chafes with the clave and other shadowhunters and the downworlders are the same reasons that the angels love her. she falls into the role of holy soldier in a way that’s so much cleaner and straightforward than most of the people around her.

i talk here and here about why i believe clary is a blossoming little general and about her sharp take on morality (some of these opinions are out of date because WOAH BOY some people have had hella character development, but i stand by the general idea of them). but in summary:

clary is crazy charming when she’s wants to be. she’s not manipulative really, she’s too straight forward for that. but especially in the first season she did impossible things so casually, and i don’t mean in magic or power. i mean in getting mortal enemies to die together for her cause, getting loyal subjects to break oaths to their queen for her, getting the aid of people who once professed to hate her or even tried to kill her. i once wrote that clary is dangerously charismatic and i believe that. she doesn’t have to be right, she just has to convince everyone she’s right, and she’s kind of scarily good at that.

secondly, clary has a very black and white view of morality. there isn’t really any grey area where she’s concerned. i’m just going to copy and paste from my other post here, so:

she’s really big on forgiveness. which seems odd, considering how completely ruthless she can be at times, but it’s true. it’s one of my favorite qualities of hers, the dichotomy of how readily she forgives and moves on from past hurts against how completely and thoroughly she’s capable of hating and cutting down those who stand in her way.

clary basically forgives everyone who’s ever lied to or wronged her – she doesn’t hold a grudge against magnus for taking her memories in the first place, against raphael for any of the actions he’s taken against her, never holds onto any hurt or resentment for any of the cruel things alec has said to her. jace ignores her for weeks and she doesn’t take it personally, only wants him back in any way she can have him. when luke abandons her in her time of greatest need she doesn’t blame him, is only happy to have him back. when luke’s sister returns she insists that they give her a chance, and even after cleophas has proven herself to be a betrayer and a liar, even when clary has every reason not to trust her – she does. when cleophas says she’s changed her mind, she’s ready to betray valentine even tho moments before she would have declared herself one his most faithful servants – clary believes her. clary believes and trusts a murderer because that – that’s part of clary too, i think, even her positive qualities circle back to her ruthlessness.

holding onto grudges and hurts will only hinder her, so she doesn’t. she has a goal and she has enemies and those are immutable and unmoving but everything else is negotiable.

clary is not a woman that deals in grey areas. either something is right or it’s wrong, either you’re with her or against her, and she has little patience for anything or anyone that tries to stay in the in between. this is most perfectly shown with that quick back and forth between her and cleophas in the alley. cleophas says that hurting an angel goes against everything being a shadowhunter stands for, and clary shoots back oh, and killing downworlders doesn’t? cleophas says it’s different, but the thing is for clary it isn’t. she deals with absolutes. killing downworlders and torturing an angel are the same for her because they are both actions that heaven’s warriors shouldn’t be taking, and in her mind if you’re capable of one you’re capable of the other.

so in conclusion: clary has a stunning capacity for both compassion and forgiveness, is ruthless down to her bones for better or worse, and treats morality as far more black and white than is probably healthy.

look at her relationship with jonathan and how that fits into all of this. when she’s on his side, she’s moved by compassion, is willing to forgive all manner of atrocities because she believes in him. when she’s like this, her dangerous charisma comes out in full force, and she nearly turns him to her side without even trying to. then he crosses a line, and all that compassion disappears, at least on the surface. clary has made her judgement – her brother is no longer worth saving, and she’ll kill him with her bare hands when necessary. compassion and forgiveness. black and white morality. utter ruthlessness. clary’s interesting, i think, because she has all these qualities at once.

and … i just feel like all these qualities make the angels really like clary. she is like them, ruthless and caring and with an unmovable certainty for what she believes to be right. on top of this, a charisma and presence that pulls others to her side in spite of how her other qualities grate on them or get them in trouble. she’s a leader, more last season than this one, but she still has those qualities.

they look at her, raziel looks at her, and calls her clarissa morgenstern. she is the bright, shining morning star.

will she fall like lucifer? is she a messiah like the son of god?

who knows.

but both of those people brought change, brought revolutions, for better or worse.

clary has earned her name. when change comes, as it inevitably must, people will have her name on their lips.

for better or worse.

anonymous asked:

man remember project metis

here is literally everything i have written for the third chapter of Project Metis since i probs won’t get to it for a while

****Chapter Three: they told us we could be whatever we wanted, and we chose puppies***


MILITARY RANK: Special Officer

DIVISION: Hybrid Strike Corps, Musutafu Base, PPDC

ACCESS: Omega Level

AGE: 5

HEIGHT: 176cm

ALTER EGO: “Shouto”




POINT OF ORIGIN: Endeavor Project

DESCRIPTION: Category Five; dragon-like; long, serpentine body; six eyes, heterochromia; spines and vents down back, spines trailing down to make a heavily spiked tail, note crown of horns and white shoulder spikes; red sheen over black scales

QUIRK: half-cold, half-hot; can expel magma from mouth and propel ice from shoulder spikes; can change temperature of hide at will


MILITARY RANK: Special Officer

DIVISION: Hybrid Strike Corps, Musutafu Base, PPDC

ACCESS: Omega Level

AGE: 25

HEIGHT: 166cm





POINT OF ORIGIN: Lycaon Project

DESCRIPTION: Category Three; lion-like; smaller but strong feline build; thick, curling mane; green sheen over black scales and mane; beaked face, thick hide, dull spikes, massive claws on heavy paws

QUIRK: “one for all”; incredible physical strength

MARCH 17, 2035  8:32 HOURS

LOCATION: LOCCENT Mission Control, Musutafu Base, Japan

Uraraka hides a yawn behind her clipboard and doesn’t notice the person sneaking up behind her.

“That’s a good look on you,” Aizawa says, coming to a stop beside her.

Uraraka squeaks and blushes, peeking out from behind her clipboard and glaring at Aizawa. “Sensei!” she exclaims. “You shouldn’t sneak up on a lady like that!”

The corner of Aizawa’s mouth twitches. “How are they?”

Uraraka lowers the clipboard and turns to the holographic screens displaying a herd of thousand-ton monsters running, swatting at each other, leaping, and all in all…playing around. On screen, Mina bites Kirishima’s tail and he yelps. Uraraka smiles. Then, straightening her back, she delivers her report.

“Artemis pack seems to be in top-tier condition,” she says. “The test run a couple days ago showed no sign of shifting pack structure—Bakugou is still clearly the point of the pack. Ojiro and Shouji aren’t showing signs of discontent as rear guards, and Tokoyami is as usual, submissive to Bakugou. Any worries we had about Kirishima vying for Bakugou’s position are null. All our results suggest that his insubordinate acts help Bakugou blow off steam. He’s acting as the regulator for the pack.”

“Good,” Aizawa says. “I’m still worried he’s a powder keg on the brink of exploding, but…”

But we need him. Uraraka nods. She gets it. “Apollo pack is due for a test run soon, but I don’t have any worries about shifting pack structure. As a rule, they tend to be steadier than Artemis pack anyway. That kaiju takedown illustrates just how functional they are as a pack. My only concern would be that they rely on Todoroki a little much, but all his psych analyses come back with negligible worries. He’s a machine when it comes to leading; I’ll never understand how you managed to pry him from Todoroki-sensei’s hands.”

“It came at a high cost,” Aizawa says. “Sometimes I wonder if I have yet to realize all I gave up for him.” He frowns.

“I believe Iida briefed you on the results of Alpha Strain’s routine check?” Uraraka says.

Aizawa nods. “Yes, and I did look over the test run results briefly when they came out. What I really need to know from you is how the officers themselves are doing.”

Uraraka rolls her eyes. “Well, Artemis pack is doing as well as their kaiju counterparts. They’re not…close…like Apollo pack is, but they have an understanding. They work together when they’re needed and their ties are strong. I think Ojiro feels inferior,” she says, frowning. “Tokoyami and Shouji balance and rely on each other. Kirishima and Bakugou balance and rely on each other. But Ojiro has no one. I want to look into that.”

“And Apollo pack?”

“Like a family,” Uraraka says proudly. “Midoriya and Tsuyu might as well be siblings. Mina gets along with everyone, and Kouda is protected and looked after by his pack. Todoroki is respected and loved.” Her smile fades a little. “Midoriya told me he’s been having those nightmares again. He had one so bad it woke up his packmates, the morning before the double event.”

“Is it a problem?” Aizawa asks.

“As a researcher, it’s not my place to say,” Uraraka says. “It’s Todoroki’s responsibility to get Midoriya in to a psychiatrist if he thinks the nightmares are affecting Midoriya adversely. I trust his judgment. He’s logical and clear-headed, and if he thought Midoriya was dragging his pack down, he’d do anything to fix it. But Midoriya performed well during the battle, so it can’t be affecting him that much. As a researcher, I think it’s okay to let it go.”

“But as a friend…” Aizawa trails off.

Uraraka sighs. “As a friend, I don’t like to see him suffer. I worry Todoroki is being too cold, but I’m not in their heads. I don’t feel what they feel. I don’t know if Midoriya can handle it, even if he thinks he can.”

“Thank you, Uraraka,” Aizawa says. “For now, I’ll advise the Marshal to withdraw Apollo pack from any encounters with return kaiju until we can get Midoriya analyzed properly. No special treatment aside from that; if he thinks he can handle it, I’ll let him try. But I’m not throwing one of my best officers into a situation where a trauma-induced moment of hesitation could kill him if I can help it.”

“Is it because he’s a good officer, or because he’s Alpha Strain?” Uraraka asks quietly. Not quietly enough, though, because Aizawa gives her a sharp look.

“If you want to talk favoritism and human rights with me—”

“No, no, I’m sorry,” Uraraka says. “It just slipped out. I understand even if I don’t like it.”

“Good,” Aizawa says. “We don’t look it, but we’re skating on thin ice here. The last thing I need is one of my closest to start doubting our cause.”

“I don’t doubt us,” Uraraka says. “But they are my friends, too.”

“Then you know better than any of us why we can’t have anyone too nosy poking their head into what we do,” Aizawa says.

Uraraka nods.

Aizawa jerks his head towards the door. “I’m going to check in at R&D. Make sure our officers don’t kill each other, won’t you.” He turns away sharply.

Uraraka sighs and collapses into a chair, rubbing her temples. Ah, she had ruined her good mood. Why couldn’t she keep her mouth shut?

She looks up at the kaiju moving millions of gallons of water like it was nothing as they pounce on each other and roll and snarl, jaws parted in what might as well be smiles. Aizawa-sensei was right that they were soldiers who lived to fight, but they were also human underneath the mass of scales and claws and teeth and fur. They were human and they needed to be treated as such. Aizawa-sensei couldn’t separate their human and kaiju selves, couldn’t help but see the whole picture; it was only logical, but also terribly heartless.

She wishes Iida were here. Iida always knew how to phrase his concerns logically. He was always on the same wavelength as Aizawa-sensei, but Iida had a heart. He cared for their friends as much as she did. He knew that Aizawa-sensei’s ways weren’t fair and he would find a way to word it so that Aizawa-sensei would agree. Uraraka thinks about calling him, just to hear his steady voice and have him talk her down but no, she had taken this shift to allow him to sleep in for once. She wouldn’t wake him up even if the sound of his voice, heavy with sleep, brought peace to her mind.

Besides, she loved this part of her job. She loved the kaiju. That’s why she was here and why she put up with the ethical dilemmas of their work. And to think Uraraka Ochako, a woman fresh out of graduate school, could befriend the groundbreaking hybrids and work alongside the legendary Aizawa-sensei to keep them all safe—

She frowns, and then swears softly. Speaking of safe…

She pounds the com. “LOCCENT to HYCOM, what the hell are you guys doing? They’re going to kill each other! Get on it, officers!”

MARCH 17, 2035  8:15 HOURS

LOCATION: Musutafu Training Bay, Musutafu Base, Japan

Enrichment days, Midoriya thinks, are awesome.

Uraraka had told him why enrichment was an important part of keeping their kaiju healthy and their mental health stable, but Midoriya couldn’t really fathom all that science-y mumbo jumbo. All he knew is that his hundred-foot long lungs were heaving and he hadn’t felt this alive in days.

Ojiro’s ear frills lift and then lower, a taunt. He’s poised and ready to leap, rear in the air and spayed out in front of him, a reptilian dog ready to play. Midoriya tenses his own haunches and leaps out and to the side, ready to pounce on Ojiro’s unprotected flank. Ojiro tears away from him, long blue tongue hanging out of his mouth as he pants. Midoriya chases him, hind legs bunching as he picks up speed.

They tear around the group of kaiju in an outer circle, so fast Midoriya can feel the wind whistle past his ears. Ojiro makes for the relative safety of Shouji’s tentacles. He’s right—Midoriya won’t run under Shouji’s body because he doesn’t have a death wish. Shouji eyes him with what Midoriya guesses is amusement. Tokoyami, draped across the slope of his back like a black, feathery ridge, ruffles his wings in irritation at the disturbance. Midoriya huffs. He bats at one of Shouji’s tentacles and gets another two slithering out after him.

Yelping, Midoriya jumps away. Shouji makes a sound that is definitely amusement. Tokoyami, decidedly woken from his dozing atop Shouji’s back sits up and glares at Midoriya for a moment before beginning to clean Shouji’s scales with his beak and claws. Shouji makes an appreciative noise and lowers himself into the water. Ojiro, realizing his protection is about to crush him, scurries out and right into Midoriya’s waiting paws.

Midoriya body slams him, knocking them into a wrestling match in the water, jaws parted and snarling, the flats of their paws batting at each other. They’re careful to avoid each other’s spines. Ojiro gets to his feet and starts to run again, but Midoriya grabs onto his hind leg and drags him down, pushing him onto his back and holding him down with a heavy paw. Ojiro huffs.

You win.

The hivemind is alive with emotions and thoughts and impressions from all the hybrids but Midoriya can pick out Ojiro’s voice easily, warm and amused, just a little disappointed. This is why Midoriya was a flank and he was rear guard, though. It was only a natural result.

Midoriya lets Ojiro get to his feet and bumps shoulders with him affectionately, brushing their hides together from shoulder blade to hip. Midoriya feels a spike of pain and hears Ojiro exhale sharply and he pulls back, alarmed.

Shoulderouchpulled, Ojiro projects and Midoriya can feel the faint throbbing as if it were his own pain. He sniffs at the sore spot on Ojiro’s shoulder, projecting his own worryconcernwasitme?

Ojiro shakes his head; he had landed funny on his leg when running from under Shouji. Midoriya laps at the sore spot anyway, as if he could take the pain away just from cleaning it. Ojiro pushes at Midoriya with his nose, appreciating the sentiment. He pads off to see Bakugou probably, who will look at his injury, snort, and say well, what do you want me to do about it?

More likely he’ll point out that it’ll heal when they shift back so Ojiro should just deal with it, but Midoriya doesn’t want to give Bakugou that much credit. Ever. Hey, when one of your own kind nearly shreds you for trying to play fight with him, it sticks with you.

His partner gone, Midoriya turns back to find a new bloodmate to brawl with. Mina has taken to leaping up in the air and swatting at Tokoyami on Shouji’s back, who screeches at her and claws back. Shouji doesn’t seem too perturbed by Tokoyami’s distress. Their section of the hivemind is an almost sibling-like squabble, easily dismissed as not real fighting.

Ojiro and Bakugou are together. Kirishima is dodging Tsuyu’s attempts to smack him with her tongue, and underestimating her speed if that yip is anything to go by. Todoroki, predictably, isn’t engaging in the fun and instead sits off to the side, still managing to look elegant with the long column of his neck extended and the sun glinting off the sharpness of his facial features. Kouda sits beside him, the only kaiju bigger than Todoroki, head on his paws and eyes closed, taking in the sunlight on his rock-like hide.

Midoriya approaches Todoroki, bobbing his head. It’s a causal invitation to play. Kouda looks up, senses Midoriya’s intention, and moves off towards Shouji with a passing good luck offered to Midoriya. Todoroki blinks slowly.

He regards Midoriya with passing interest, showing no intention of getting up from where he’s comfortably splayed in one hundred feet of water.

Midoriya tries again. Runchasejumpcatch? He suggests. Bitepawgrowlplay?

I don’t, Todoroki replies. You go.

Midoriya whines. Not pack without you.

Artemis is here, Todoroki points out. Bother them.

But Midoriya doesn’t want to bother them. He wants to see Todoroki get up and do something, enjoy himself for once. Todoroki’s always so stone-faced and business-minded; he never got a break. This is their break. Their scheduled time off to play like the puppies at heart they all were.

Midoriya not-so-delicately swipes a paw through the water and splashes Todoroki in the face.

Todoroki, to his credit, doesn’t react as angrily as he could have. His shoulders tense, but other than that he doesn’t move, dripping with water. His scales glitter and then he’s covered in steam, burning away the salt water. He exhales loudly once, expelling salt from his nostrils. He’s not amused.

Midoriya, however, is. He runs in a circle around Todoroki, continuing to splash him while Todoroki burns away all the water. He paws at and chews on Todoroki’s tail until Todoroki shifts and growls at him. He actually gets Todoroki to whip his head around and shift towards him. Midoriya leaps back, but Todoroki doesn’t follow. He’s almost got him, though. Midoriya pads back towards him and headbutts his shoulder affectionately, rubbing against him like a cat.

Todoroki growls again and Midoriya does it again. He can feel the tension in Todoroki’s body and his mind, irritated by Midoriya’s pushiness. As always, his mind is impenetrable, but Midoriya can tell it’s a swirling mess right now. He probably shouldn’t taunt Todoroki too much—he was much stronger than Midoriya, and bigger, too.

Midoriya flicks his tail across Todoroki’s nose almost flirtatiously and Todoroki snaps. He gets to his feet faster than Midoriya expected and swipes at him. Midoriya’s fast enough to get away with only a few scales off his hide, but Todoroki can reach far.

The chase doesn’t last long. Midoriya knows to run hard when he’s irritated Todoroki this much, but Todoroki has speed, length, and power and Midoriya’s only purpose in agitating him was to get him up and running anyway. Todoroki swipes Midoriya’s legs out from under him and Midoriya goes down, rolling onto his back.

Todoroki is on him in a second, hovering above Midoriya and prodding at him with one paw while Midoriya flattens his ears and growls, his muzzle crinkled into a snarl. Todoroki prods at his cheek and Midoriya hisses, swatting at his paw. Todoroki jabs at him again and again, Midoriya on defense but still belly-up, vulnerable.

Then Todoroki lets out a low, rumbling growl and parts his jaws, making a clicking noise. His paws are on either side of Midoriya’s shoulders and he dominates the hivemind, pushing against Midoriya’s consciousness and subduing him.

Midoriya’s growl peters out and his muzzle flattens. He makes a small, chuffing noise and lowers his paws, allowing Todoroki to nose along his neck, nipping at the soft skin he finds there. He’s completely limp under Todoroki’s ministrations and when Todoroki nips at his chin, Midoriya dares to lick his chin. Todoroki growls softly, pleased. He parts his jaws and wraps them around Midoriya’s mouth. Midoriya goes still and allows Todoroki to shake him a little and press a paw over his heart, claws kneading Midoriya’s vulnerable underbelly.

This is complete submission.

Todoroki releases him a moment later and steps off him, eyeing Midoriya one last time. The hivemind is grudging fondness from Todoroki and a sense of satisfaction from his kaiju specifically at Midoriya’s submission. The rest of Apollo pack are pings against Midoriya’s mind, vying for Todoroki’s attention next. Todoroki steps away from Midoriya, but not before the tip of his tail brushes against Midoriya’s nose.

Midoriya’s heart sings with so much pleasure, he knows it reaches the rest of his bloodmates through the hivemind. Mina snorts, but she’s Todoroki’s next target, rolling on her back easily and grabbing at his face to lap at his chin, playfully submitting to her point.

Kirishima, inspired by Midoriya’s display, bumps Bakugou. Unlike Todoroki, though, Bakugou doesn’t tolerate any kind of playfulness. Her turns on Kirishima in an instant, snarling. Kirishima barks back, pawing at Bakugou, playing with fire. Bakugou charges him and Kirishima hops back swatting at his face. Bakugou knocks him off balance immediately. Kirishima falls onto his belly and Bakugou climbs over him, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck.

The fight goes from Kirishima’s body immediately and he lets Bakugou give him a few rough shakes, snapping his head back and forth. Midoriya winces in sympathy. It looks like it hurts, but when Bakugou releases Kirishima, there are no teeth marks in his neck. Kirishima sinks bonelessly into the water, turning over curling his paws over his chest, whining.

Bakugou ignores him. Kirishima whines louder. Kidding, kidding! The hivemind says.

Kirishima places a paw against Bakugou’s muzzle and Bakugou’s lips pull away from his gums with the force of his growl. Don’t touch me.

Aw, Bakugou…Kirishima plays cute harder, this time wagging his tail.

Bakugou snorts. I hate you, he says.

Kirishima doesn’t say ‘I adore you’ in so many words, but his love for Bakugou isn’t exactly subtle across the hivemind. Even Midoriya can feel the force of it. This time, when Kirishima presses a paw to Bakugou’s muzzle, Bakugou knocks it aside so he can lean down and nip at Kirishima’s chin. Kirishima’s tail goes wild.

Bakugou steps off him and Midoriya huffs at Kirishima. Gross, he says.

Kirishima might as well grin at him, tongue lolling out of his mouth. He flips onto his stomach and growls gently at Midoriya. Midoriya growls back, tensing to leap on him.

Bakugou throws himself between them, jaws parted as wide as he can spread them, and roars.

Bakugou is not Midoriya’s point. But he is a dominant member of a pack and Midoriya, a lower rank than him, cowers back, tail tucking between his legs and ears folding back. He shrinks into a ball, unable to run as his muscles lock.

Bakugou doesn’t have a chance to make a move. Todoroki is at Midoriya’s side and in front of him with an ear-splitting roar of his own.

The two points square off, roaring at each other and posturing. The rest of their packs slink away save for Midoriya and Kirishima, frozen with fear and confusion that innocent playing had instigated a point-versus-point battle.

Bakugou’s jaw frills extend and shake, brilliant red-orange sunbursts against the pure white of his scales. He’s intimidatingly large and fierce, but Todoroki is not shaken. He flares his own spines and ear frills, and the vents running down his back hiss and spit steam. Their heads starts low but slowly rise in tandem with each other until Todoroki’s height beats Bakugou’s.

Bakugou strikes first. He swipes at Todoroki’s neck, but it isn’t with the flat of his paw as he had swatted at Kirishima—this was with claws extended, hoping to tear Todoroki’s throat open. Todoroki bats him away, but then Bakugou is throwing himself at Todoroki, standing on his hind legs to use both paws to punch at Todoroki’s face. Todoroki mirrors him and they fight like tigers, dueling with their front paws and then dropping to all fours so they can try to ram each other with their bodies before standing back up again.

Todoroki should be faster than Bakugou, but Bakugou is angrier. He manages to sink his claws in the flesh of Todoroki’s hind leg and hold on as Todoroki snarls and tries to throw him off. Bakugou locks his entire body onto that haunch and tears at Todoroki’s leg with his back legs, trying to cripple him, but Todoroki doesn’t let him. The steam that spews from his vents grows hotter, as do his scales, and in one burst, he forces super-boiled steam into Bakugou’s right three eyes and burns the skin off the pads of the paws hooked onto him.

Bakugou howls in pain and lets him go. When they stand face-to-face again, Bakugou is blind in three eyes and his scales are ashen and flaking off where Todoroki burned him. Todoroki is limping, his back left leg shredded. They circle each other and Midoriya feels for the first time, the seriousness of this fight.

SPECIAL OFFICERS BAKUGOU AND TODOROKI STAND DOWN, IMMEDIATELY, Yaoyorozu shouts over the hivemind, using HYCOM’s controls to amplify the volume of her voice so that it drowns out the rest of the thoughts and voices of the hivemind. Bakugou, Todoroki, and the rest of the hybrids wince at the loudness. Kouda tries to cover his ears with his paws.

All of you are to return to base for a debrief at once, Yaoyorozu commands. You are not to engage each other on the way to base or I will personally see you turned off from the Hybrid Strike Corps.

Before he can help himself, Bakugou thinks, Sure you will. There are so many places for a kaiju hybrid to go.

It would be my absolute pleasure to turn you off and watch the Jaeger teams tear you apart, Yaoyorozu says heatedly.

Let them try, Bakugou says, bearing his teeth.

Bakugou, Mina speaks up before anyone else can. That’s enough.

Like I wanna hear that from you, Bakugou says, but the fight is gone from his mind and his limbs. He and Todoroki limp back to their exit bays, tension still humming across the hivemind. Their packs follow, subdued. The mood of contentment and relaxation fizzles out like steam in open air.

MARCH 17, 2035  9:07 HOURS

LOCATION: Shatterdome, Musutafu Base, Japan

What Do Good Girls Say?

OKAY! So this is one of many from my prompt list from last month. I apologize for these taking so long and really hope everyone likes what they get. 

WARNING! This is super long and smutty. I’m so sorry but I really enjoyed writing this.

Prompt: (3) I didn’t know you were a dom and when I called you “Sir” you almost jumped me.
Featuring: Finn Balor

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anonymous asked:

Could I request the reactions of Shoto, Bakugo, and Izuku finding out that their S/O is the child of a Villain?

Hi dear! I liked a lot this ask, but it wasn’t simple. In the end, I believe they’d be very understanding, especially Todoroki and Midoriya (You’re not your parents), so I hope you like them!

Have a nice day!

Bakugou, Midoriya, Todoroki x Villain’s Daughter Reader (Slight Angst, Comfort, Swearing for Kacchan)

Bakugou Katsuki

“What the fuck?” Bakugou shouted and you jostled, taking a step back as his hands sparkled and the smell of nitroglycerin invaded the small bedroom. “Shit!” he growled again, angrily.

You shut your mouth with wide eyes, thinking about something to say to calm him down. To make everything alright again. You should have said it before, you should have found another way instead of blurting it after your boyfriend had to fight him. You should have done better. But you couldn’t turn back time.

“Why the hell haven’t you told me before?” he asked glaring daggers. Bakugou clenched his fists trying to avoid blowing up something again, but he felt like combusting inside.

You shook your head, stepping back.

“…I was afraid…” you whispered, staring at the floor. You didn’t want to see that the usual, hidden softness in Bakugou’s eyes had vanished, nor that he was disgusted. Or betrayed. You two had fought and struggled so hard to get together, to become better people together.

What if it had all been in vain?

Bakugou frowned deeper as he understood your words: he wasn’t stupid and he knew you. He knew what you were afraid of and that annoyed him even more.

“Oi, look at me!” He marched towards you, who ended up trapped with the back to the wall, “I said, look at me.” He repeated slamming his hands at the sides of your head.

You slowly lifted the chin and met his ruby eyes.

Bakugou was angry. Mad angry. His jaw was tense and his eyes were narrowed as always when he was trying to kill someone with his glare; you could hear the crackling from his palms.

But he hadn’t given up, nor he was sickened.

“…I’m sorry,” you instinctively murmured, trembling. You were fighting hard to bite back your tears, but you were losing that battle.

“Shut up,” he scowled, “This is so fucking stupid.”


“I don’t give a shit!” he roared and you shrunk against the wall, “Do you approve what your dad does?”

You shook your head, lips sealed.

“Do you care if I throw him in jail for the rest of his life?” Bakugou asked again, analyzing every single movement and expression of yours. To read the truth.

Your eyes saddened, but you shook your head again.

Bakugou took a big breath and relaxed his shoulders, nodding slightly.

“Then, I don’t give a shit that he’s your father,” he repeated in a lower voice, visibly calming down, “You’re with me, that’s the important thing. The rest is bullshit.” He leaned ‘till he rested his forehead against yours, his breath caressing your lips.

You finally felt the fear and the anxiety being washed away by a wave of relief and showed him a small smile.

“…thank you.”

He rolled his eyes and scoffed, but for a second you could swear you had seen a grin on his lips.

“I’m still mad because you haven’t told it to me before,” he reminded you in a low growl, but you giggled.

“Yeah, sorry,” you hummed, too happy that the tragedy had been avoided. “Could you let me go now?”

Bakugou smirked and tilted his head. “Not yet,” he replied before leaning closer and kissing you fiercely.

Midoriya Izuko

You finished your confession with a sob, looking down at your cup of tea, now cold.

“…I’m sorry if I haven’t told you before, I was really scared you were going to hate me,” you explained, wiping away the tears. The tension was tearing you apart as you waited for an answer.

“Uhm SO,” Midoriya was smiling awkwardly, scratching nervously the back of his head, “If I have to be honest…well, I already knew it?”

You perked up immediately, staring at him shocked.

“What?” It was impossible.

“Y-you know that I like to study and analyze other heroes, noting down everything about them…I did it with you too?” Midoriya explained tentatively. A faint blush colored his cheeks and he seemed scared of your reaction.

“I discovered who she was before we…started dating? Or even before we became friends. I don’t really remember …”

That was absurd. He was to one who should have been mad at you for lying, deceiving him and not trusting him enough to tell him the truth about your mother. One of the evilest villain around.

“Then why did you stay with me?” you asked incredulous, shaking your head in disbelief, “Do you trust me? Aren’t you mad?”

The questions flowed one after another and Midoriya blinked at you, finally relaxing a bit.

“At first I was a bit cautious, I admit it, but I observed and befriended you: there’s no way in the world you could be evil. You’re a hero,” He answered smiling softly at you.

That smile hit hard, making you tearing up again.

“You’re crazy…” you mumbled covering your eyes and Midoriya chuckled.

“I-I just fell for you…” he explained as if it was the simplest thing in the universe.

You beamed at him and let the pain and the fear of rejection fade away.

“Thank you,” you said fondly making him blush even more.

“So you aren’t mad that I stalked you?” he playfully asked, playing with the green hair.

“It depends on what you had found…” you faked to threat, standing up to reach him and plop down to his side.

“Well, then maybe we should talk about it another time,” he replied sheepishly and that made you both giggling.

Todoroki Shouto

Todoroki was laying on the infirmary’s bed, some bandages covering minor wounds and blood smearing his face, but actually nothing too serious had happened. Except for him discovering your dad was a damn villain.

“…I’m sorry,” you whispered looking down, “It’s my fault,” you added clenching your hands around the white bedsheets. And it was for real. If you had said about your father to Todoroki before, he wouldn’t have discovered it by the enemy himself, wouldn’t have been so shocked about it and consequently hit by that last attack. Luckily, other pro-heroes were there and managed to solve everything peacefully.

Still. It was your fault. What was worst is that he’d also discovered that you’d lied to him for all that time and that your father was a bad guy.

Todoroki sighed heavily, but his eyes were more confused than angry, even if the twitch of his lips betrayed his annoyance.

“Why haven’t you told me before?” he asked, grabbing your hand and pulling it gently to force you to meet his eyes.

Again, his voice was the usual cold and didn’t let anything shine through.

“Because I didn’t want to disappoint you. I’m the child of a villain, Shouto. You’re an incredible hero,” you whispered in reply, tired and broken.

He scoffed, giving you a dirty look.

“Did you really think I would judge you about who your father is?” He seemed more troubled by this than everything else, “Do you remember who’s mine?”

You frowned.

“An asshole,” you replied instinctively and that made him smirk, “But a hero. Not a villain,” you added trying to free your hand, but he tightened his grip. He grimaced doing that and you stopped moving immediately with a worried look.

“He hurt you!” you grieved, guiltiness eating you from the inside.

“Weren’t you the one who’ve helped me freeing myself from my father’s influence? Who’ve taught me how to love my fire? Who’ve said I wasn’t my father?” He calmly reminded you. You grimaced but shook your head stubbornly, even if you recognized the truth in your own words.

“It’s different-”

“It’s the same,” he argued, “Now, or you have lied to me about this or you aren’t your father too.”

You pursed your lips in a tight line.

“What if I am?”

“I wouldn’t love you,” He replied without batting an eyelash. Your face flushed.

You stayed silent again.

“What if…I’m going to become like him?” you murmured scared, searching in his eyes a certainty. The last one. The only one you needed.

“Then I’ll fight to bring you back with me,” he replied with a small, soft smile, “Because I know you’re better than that.”

That finally broke your walls and you let the tears stream freely down your cheeks. You threw yourself at him and buried the face in his chest.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” you repeated in a blur. Todoroki sighed again between fondness and exasperation as he stroked your hair gently.

“There’s no need,” he huffed, “ But, please, tell me everything from now on,”


“And I’m not hurt,”

“You’re bleeding and it’s my fa- I’m sorry, I’m hurting you? Let me mov-“ you tried to move away from his hold, but he kept you there.

“Stay here,” he frowned, looking away to hide the light blush of his cheeks. That sight finally made you smile and you nodded amused, resting again.

“As you want,”