i like this better than my last

To 22, to 23

I said last year that this year of living felt like it would be different. I turned 21 just after leaving NYU and on this day last year, said that 21 was the hardest year of my life and that I felt a renewal coming with 22.

I was wrong.

22 hurt far worse than 21 did but one striking difference was that I understood growing pains. I understood messing up, feeling lost, getting Hope then having it snatched away from you. I understood losing a best friend, I understood being in love but trying to move on.

To 22, I asked you to be kind. You weren’t…but I’m better for it.

To 23, I never thought I’d get this far. Here’s to hoping you’re a season of settlement, of clarity, of living my life for myself. Of money and intent and prosperity.

when other people insult my dog i think about it for DAYS because how could you do that? what has he done to deserve this? leave him alone!! like yes, hes ugly, yes, hes fuckin dumb, but only i’m allowed to say that! you dont know him like that!! you aint fuckin homies!! fuck you!

Oxenfree starter sentences

“All the outs in free.”

“Wait, didn’t you say that already?“

“This is a cowardly thing you’re trying to do! Be better than that!”

“This is really insane _____. Like…the craziest thing that’s happening to anyone right now is happening to us.”

“How many times must we say that You. Cannot. Get. Out.”

“I know you guys are really close and I know it can be annoying when somebody starts keeping all their time for they boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever….”

“You know, at some point this is all gonna make sense. I just hope it happens before we leave.”

“I know and I’m sorry, but I’ve been stewing in my own panic here for the last couple of hours.”

“God you’re so spoiled. You don’t even know the cost of things.”

“–and if anything goes wrong please don’t tell me. I won’t wanna know.”

“I’m not gonna say I’m a good person, _____. But I’m trying to be.”

“Look, I know this was supposed to be our day, but I completely forgot I’d promised ______ I’d do something with him/her so…thanks for chaperoning!”

“Do not be scared. You are dolls…we would never hurt you.”

“Let’s leave it at the poor girl/boy didn’t know what s/he was playing with. It doesn’t matter.”

Ghosts? Oooh sounds spooky kids, better leave the night-light on.”

“Let’s just try to get the power back on, alright? Everything about this is making my skin crawl.”

“If I did have any thoughts on what would solve this wouldn’t that be a little weird?”

“I love _____ like a three legged puppy but s/he would shrivel up and die in this sun.”

“I think someone dumped pig’s blood on him/her in a previous life and now s/he wants to get ahead of the curve.”

“Ummm…yeah. Thank god for weirdo basement hobbyists.”

“I guess s/he never consider the danger of…whatever’s happening right now.”

“Is it like,…haunted with memories or elevators on their period haunted?”

“C’mon _____, the last thing I want is to have to chase your frail, screaming body into the ocean because you wanted to pet a fish or something.”

“One last chance: You don’t have to die.”

“S/he will definitely come here and s/he will definitely buy us whatever we want with his/her very believable fake ID.”

“I’m glad we could all do stuff today. I’m glad you were cool with it, I mean.”

“It’s called ‘Truth or Slap’ not ‘Truth or Lightly Caress Someone’s Face’.”

“Attics are always a little….haunted house spooky. Right?”

“Oh my god. Oh my god it happened they—they took him/her.”

“I don’t want to say the word, uh, ‘possession’ here, but….”

“I’m going to say I’m sorry now for what happened back there—but I do not want you to take it as an admission of guilt.”

“______ and _______ tried to…sport with us/me many years ago and, well,…only one survived.”

“We never had our time! It was ripped from us!”

“We’re still friends ______. If _____’s birthday party couldn’t split us up this certainly won’t.”

“You’ll give up the struggle to live…to escape…eventually.”

“Actually, ______ and I had a nice chat while you were away. Kinda sorry to see you back so soon, to be honest.”

“I have to pick up, what’s his/her name…_______ too. Ugh, I hope s/he’s not weird or mean or something.”

“We’re sorry to break it to you sweetheart, but you aren’t unique. Not even in the generic sense.”

“_____–? This is _____ listen don’t come to _______. Whatever you do just–just don’t come here. Stay home. Stay…safe.”

“If it’s the tight spaces, the darkness, the spiders, the creaking and–well, actually that about covers it.”


Do you wanna build a hybrid?


This is my Unoa Lusis on a Kid Delf body, using the Buff Headback. 

But, better yet, I got her the wig and the dress at the meet-up last weekend and its really helped her be a super cutie. All I had for wigs in her size was this boy-cut one and she was wearing pajamas. Now she feels like a lovely young lady. I neglected her because she has been, basically, just hanging around to use as a model or example for the headbacks that I sell; a need rather than a want. Now she seems much happier. :D Thanks guys that I bought stuff from!

weebleroxanne said: Ask family and friends if they have a good salesman they’ve used and research cars before you go. Have a couple picked out before you go and tbh, a year old certified pre-owned is better than a brand new one. I’ve had to buy two new cars in the last six months because of car accidents and the second time was so much easier because I’d already done a bunch of research and found a preowned that I liked at the dealership my uncle always buys from.

Yeah, I’ve actually been doing some research in the past month or so because I knew it was going to be soon just not when. I was really hoping I could make it until after we move back to NH, where there’s no sales tax, but c’est la vie. 

Right now I have narrowed it down to the Honda HR-V, the Subaru Impreza or Crosstrek, and the Toyota Prius, which has become surprisingly affordable. Bonus: all three of those companies have dealers in the same strip, so I can hit them up and do all the test drives at once, without having to take my lame car hobbling around town, LOL

Sadly I don’t have any friends who have bought a car recently - my parents cars are both older than mine, although both have way less mileage, heh. I’m a bit nervous about buying pre-owned, but I’ll definitely ask at the dealer about it.

13nel said: hint, pick out your salesman online, call and talk to them first, then you won’t be swarmed, also you get to pick out the woman/poc to get the commission.

Oh God yes, I’d so much rather buy a car from a woman. Salesmen are fucking intimidating. When I do the test drives, I plan to make it clear that I’m not planning to buy until I’ve test driven all the options. Then once I choose, I can pick someone out and make an appointment to go back.  👍 👍 👍

jellybug37 said: Never buy warranty! I left my brother when he was buying his car and the poor sucker sent an extra 10,000 on unnecessary warranty.

Oh geez! I was surprised when I got my car how much the basic warranty covered, without having to pay extra. Of course, that was after they tried to sell me floor mats and splash guards and shit, LOL

brighteststcr  asked:

i agree with nearly everything you said in your review. despite me liking the movie more than pirates 4, jack didnt feel like jack. i focused more on everyone else rather than him which was unfortunate compared to the trilogy. he lost his wit which really sucked. i only saw it a little bit back when it came to carina scene but it still had the childish-aspect to it. im kinda of just calling dmtnt the fanfiction/pandering movie and letting the series end at the 3rd movie in my heart.

      thank you friend <3 I absolutely agree, like it was definitely a better movie than OST, but Jack was one of the weakest parts – if not the weakest – and considering he’s generally the biggest draw for these movies, it was a major miscalculation on their part tbh. and yaass for sure, these movies ended at AWE and these last two movies have just been unnecessary add-ons in my opinion

So that was bit better than last week.
Well, at least there were some unexpected developments and some tension. But, I don`t know, the monsters are just not scary at all. And the doctor having his special glasses and not sending a video of the lock to Bill? Seriously? Also I thought it was an interesting choice to make him blind and if he really has his eyesight back just like that I think that`s rather weak writing. Also I missed cheeky, smart Bill in this episode.
Guess I just don`t like it when Moffat writes.
I´m looking forward to the next episode though. At least we get Missy. I just hope it`s not a dream in a dream sort of thing.

dorkyvillain  asked:

When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity.

This is a cute idea!

1. Writing, that’s a given. I love being able to tell stories.
2. My dogs. They make my life so much better.
3. Dancing with my husband. He always makes me laugh.
4. A clean house. I feel accomplished afterward and it just lifts my mood. lol
5. My friends here! You guys are always so encouraging and sweet and share my love of wrestling and that means so much. None of my other friends like it, at all. Other than my husband.

jake and amy’s relationship is one of the best heterosexual relationships i’ve come across in a while because: 

  • it’s an interracial relationship between an ashkenazi jewish man and a latina (specifically cuban) woman 
  • it’s genuinely loving, healthy, and dorky 
  • they support each other and they make each other better. their relationship adds to their happiness instead of taking away from it 
  • they always communicate and resolve conflicts maturely 
  • they retain their independence, personalities, goals, and ambitions while still sharing each other’s hobbies and ideas and enjoying each other’s favorite activities 
  • they don’t let their relationship get in the way of their career, goals, or obligations 
  • they have their own lives outside of their relationship and we actually get to see them navigate the lines between a professional and romantic relationship 
  • unlike most het ships, amy’s autonomy and personality aren’t reduced to jake. she isn’t jake’s love interest - she’s a main character of her own and her relationship with jake is just one part of her storyline and character 
  • unlike most het ships, jake doesn’t bemoan being in a committed relationship. he loves amy wholeheartedly and is willing to do anything for her, and his friends actually support him instead of mocking him for that  
  • they were friends before anything else. which means that they actually have fun. there’s nothing toxic or unhealthy about their relationship because it isn’t mired in heteronormative, misogynistic stereotypes. that is, they have a realistic and authentic dynamic because it isn’t all about ~ooh passion and melancholy and angst~. they’re cute and fluffy and it’s always presented as a good thing 

“This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was.” 

Star Wars: Original Trilogy (1977-1983)


Jellybots started as a number of character designs back in 2011- (which started as an attempt to prove to a friend that Beard Holograms are a sweet idea) then some more designs, and eventually a mini comic and a longer comic pitch (very just *almost* a series of GNs) and persistent dreams about wanting to do something bold and colorful and sci-fi/fantasy about growing up and mixing in major personal influences in a very particular sort of way that haven’t left me alone (despite never feeling like I have enough time or followthrough to do it justice). A quick googling should fill in some of the details but suffice it to to say: Jbots is my little personal project about kids and monsters, and a story world I’ve been taking trips to for years. Most characters are based, if loosely, on my irl friends. #DailyJellyJam is a month long attempt to take some of my own advice: one push-up is better than no push-ups! And a little bit of dreaming a day is better than no dreaming at all. So, at the suggestion of @erkshnrt, I’m making time to do some low-stakes worldbuilding at the glacial pace of no money, and I sincerely hope you guys are enjoying it! :)) Above is a sampling of some of the work that’s come together across the last few years- it’s all evolving and much is outdated and likely to be revised, but hopefully it gives you more of a sense of The Thing, or at least how gelatinous sausage gets made ;) new art momentarily!

Daily updates and process videos on Instragram:


I found what I’d been looking for in myself / Found a life worth living for someone else


@platinumbered heck yeah he does, and theyre the fancy light up ones.

i dont have a twitter so if someone tweeted this at ray thatd be sweet :>

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Chapter Twenty-Two: Owl Post Again

“Godfather?” sputtered Uncle Vernon. “You haven’t got a godfather!”

“Yes, I have,” said Harry brightly. “He was my mum and dad’s best friend. He’s a convicted murderer, but he’s broken out of wizard prison and he’s on the run. He likes to keep in touch with me, though … keep up with my news … check if I’m happy… .”

And, grinning broadly at the look of horror on Uncle Vernon’s face, Harry set off toward the station exit, Hedwig rattling along in front of him, for what looked like a much better summer than the last.