i like this as a hobby


i just discovered there’s a whole community of people who collect dead things so i’m here to show off a few ive got on my altar and my horseshoe crab! (i have a smaller one but he’s got some wear and tear from years in a zoology classroom)
when i was little i would take the squirrels that got hit outside my house and burry them for a month or so, then dig them up for whatever was left and keep things like paws and skulls in tiny boxes. i have always had a fascination with death and my mother did too, so she never made me feel weird for it. and now, finding out about vulture culture, i feel even more okay with my unconventional little hobby!

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Whats yalls obsession with sun dick or sun vag like let the sun live

Sun: what can I expect from a species that is obsessed with multiplying … how about asking me, oh I don’t know, what sort of hobbies I enjoy and NOT WHETHER I HAVE PUBES OR NOT?!?!?

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If you were to take one of the meme gang out for a date how would it likely go? Like what would they do on said date. (I may or may not want to try writeing a small fanfic. Save me from the ships)

Depends on which one… (speaking in a general sense) if it’s with Nightmare, expect something to go wrong one way or another, in spite of desperate attempts to make it normal. You’d have some very interesting conversations with him, he would tell lots of stories, and familiarization with each other would be the central point of it as long as you two aren’t hiding from the cops. In the end, you’d probably be all like, “you know what? I had a really good time.”

If it’s with Cross, you guys would probably talk about your hobbies and probably end up in a heated discussion about the plot and theories about one of your favorite TV shows or video games that you both happen to like. You’d go out and eat at some small restaurant that you’ve never heard of that Cross claims is amazing, and he would be excessively chivalrous the entire time and embarrass you on purpose. Then he’d embarrass himself, and you guys would both just be laughing your heads off.

And if it’s with Error, expect it to be more awkward. He doesn’t really know how to talk about himself and he’s not really keen on the physical contact thing, so you’d have to be patient with him. If you manage to bring up a topic that he can talk about, and get him out of his shell, you’ve basically won, and the two of you would be talking the entire time. He’d start making jokes and and really enjoying himself–you just have to be the one who does the reaching out.

I hope this helps with your fanfictioning needs!

Hello, how great you come to read my little post, thanks a lot :) 

So where do I start?

My name is Martha, I’m 17 but age doesn’t mean a lot to me to be honest. In my opinion, age is mostly a mind thing, it depends on how you feel and especially what people you hang out with.

So yeah, I live in Austria which is really small and in the middle of Europe. I’m able to speak English and German fluently and am currently learning Japanese, I love languages.

I like to mention that I appreciate any kind of art a lot, art is basically not only my biggest hobby, but the biggest part of me. The art I myself regularly participate is writing, I’m into poetry a lot, especially spoken word. And I also love making short films, which is my major at art school. My goal is to become a director one day.

Besides the stuff I do by myself, I also really like to have good conversations. I like to talk to people, to watch them and to really get to know them. I’m a listener, so please just tell me about your day and i’ll be happy. Or we could go a little further, we could talk about people’s minds and the standards society wants us to believe in and what’s the best and the worst part about growing up and what we think about when we can’t sleep at night. 

So you see, i just want an honest and open minded friendship. There is nothing I could care less about than age, gender, sexuality and where you come from. I want something special and especially long lasting, I’m absolutely no good if you intend to only write one or two letters and that’s it. And yeah, snail mail is what I’m looking for! I love exchanging long letters and small gifts so much, so if you’re into that, you’ve come to the right person :)  

so yeah, just contact me if you are interested, it would make me very happy to get to know you!

please send me tumblr message:


Have a nice day, see you soon! :)

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Favorite book? What are your hobbies/what hobbies would you want to take up? Places you want to visit?

I am not a boon type of person. I will read some once in a while but that is all.


Things I would want to take up. More summer events..like paddle boarding etc.

I want to go to Norway. 😍


Full name: Raditz
Other names: Radz, Radish, 
Occupation: Agent for the PTO
Age:  35 (main verse) / 46 ( U!13 verse )
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan ( Demiromantic )
Origin:  Planet Vegeta
Current location:  Verse dependent 
Nationality: Saiyajin
Ethnicity: Saiyajin
Spoken languages: Saiyago, Universal Language, English
Religion: N/A
Height: 6′11 ( why because i say so )
Body type: Herculean / Mesomorph
Eyes: Chestnut Brown
Tattoos: N/A
Piercings: N/A
Social Media: N/A
Smoking: Yes.
Drinking: Yes.
Athletics: Yes.
Hobbies: Training, reading, lounging around fields.
Virgin: No. 
Favorite drink: Alcohol. 
Favorite food: Red meats.
Favorite Music: He likes that metal stuff.
Clothing style:  He enjoys wearing form fitting clothing. He unfortunately isn’t good at picking out the greatest outfits as he is so used to wearing his armor.
Underwear type:  He like wearing them speedos my dudes and duduettes. 

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Can you please do some Widowmaker and s/o headcanons?

Ye I’m on it anon! Forgive me if they’re a little brief, my notes were just kinda scatterbrained.

  • She likes to read with you! She wants to be far away from her typical work when she’s spending time with you so this seems to be a suitable hobby. She’s too picky about film, considers television a waste of time, considers music noisy, so books are the only thing she likes
  • Maybe it was because of Gerard
  • She doesn’t like to physically tell you about a new thing, she’s more about silently leaving you new materials to look at and sometimes even bookmarks a section she wants you to read XD aw so cute
  • She’s a little self conscious about touching you, because of her unnaturally cold skin (oh and the blue colour)
  • Kisses are almost exclusively kept for the cheeks
  • Hates biting, but loves clawing. She will claw the ever loving shit out of you
  • If you’re ever hurt she immediately brings the gun out and wants to murder a bitch
  • Brush her hair- that’s her number one way of relaxing. She’ll only ever let you be the one to do it <3
  • Another thing is spoiling her with a long, full-body massage *thumbs up*
  • Do not be rude and be grabby no matter how much you want to touch her butt She considers it inelegant and prefers voyeurism instead. Yay?
  • A private gun lesson will almost always turn sexual
  • Not a fantastic cook but enjoys wine
  • She doesn’t eat a lot as a result, and mostly drinks
  • If you  cook to her tastes she’s very appreciative and always shows you new beverages to pair with your food
  • She is an astute observer and will read your mood like a cat, coming in for cuddles like “What troubles you my darling?”
  • Ah yes, the pet names. So many. My dear, my love, ma petite fille, lapin, chat, etc
  • Loves shopping. But only when there’s no lineups and thinks the people that hit the sale rack and not the latest seasonal fashions are plebeians why do u hate deals amelie


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hi i was wondering if you knew this fic bc i cant find it and i feel like it got deleted, its a/b/o and jungkook goes into a rut and its just like jikook having sex all day basically, a scene that happens is theyre out grocery shopping then when theyre on the train together to go home jk tries seducing jimin on there but jm stops him , idk if this is enough info dhdh but thank you anyways!

Hello there! Oh I know exactly which fic this is, it hasn’t been deleted so no need to worry ;) Here you go:

Title: If I Get in, I Just Might Drown
Author: fatal
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: fucking jimin has always been jeongguk’s favourite hobby. ruts just made it that much more special.

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RusAme please? <3

You can also check those if you want sweetie!

How they got together: In a night where Viktor drank a little more than he should, he ended up waking up in the american’s arms. He begged that was just a nightmare, but in the end, had sex with Allen again. And again. And you know the rest.

Favourite thing to do together: Sex. And fight about basically anything.

Fights: As I said, is a hobbie.

What they love about each other: In secret they really admire each other’s inteligence.

Cute thing: They love to cuddle and holding hands. But they don’t like when someone sees, so normally they hold hands under the desk in the meetings.

Funny thing: Allen likes to pinch Viktor’s belly, because he is a “cute af chubby”.

NSFW thing: Viktor has a thing for garter belts, so, to seduce him, Allen uses only tiny jeans shorts with a red garter belt.

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(cacti anon) hey B!!! Answer these questions if u wanna: do you have any hobbies? What made you fall for haikyuu? How old are you (if u don't wanna give an exact number, that's cool but are u in school or not?)? What's your favorite song? Lov u!!!

Hello! Ok, let’s see:

1) Do you have any hobbies? 

Well, this blog is my favorite hobby! Another favorite one of mine is photography and I also like cosplaying very much :)

2) What made you fall for haikyuu? 

That’s a hell of a question. Haikyuu was the first anime I watched after a long time I stopped (I guess it was at least 5/6 years) and it instantly reminded me why I loved anime so much. What made me fall in love with Haikyuu was the incredible depth of the characters, how real their struggles and emotions felt, how believable and relatable the storyline was. It spoke to me on a spiritual level. 

3) How old are you (if u don’t wanna give an exact number, that’s cool but are u in school or not?)? 

As I already told some time ago, I’m not comfortable with this kind of very personal questions. I can say that I’m somewhere in the second half of my twenties. So no, I’m not in school! 

4) What’s your favorite song?

My favorite song changes from time to time. The one I’m obsessing about the most right now is Dream by Imagine Dragons 

this is the soundtrack of the chapter with Chuuya/Fyodor in my new BSD fic so…there’s that. 

Thank you for your questions! 

Hi!! so I’ve set up this blog about a week ago, and now that all the tweaking around is done, I’d like to introduce myself!

🌱 who am I?

  • Lu, 16 years old, they/them
  • soon to be a first year poli sci student in France!

🌱 hobbies, interests?

  • languages! I’m fluent in french + english and am studying german, spanish and considering learning arabic
  • travels
  • politics, especially gender & feminism
  • journaling
  • embroidery

🌱 what will you find on my blog?

  • motivation posts
  • tips as I figure out how to adult and navigate independant life
  • journaling + embroidery inspiration
  • langblr + literature posts

🌱 what are my goals?

  • to stay on top of my studies and beat procrastination!
  • do the 100 days of productivity challenge starting in september
  • make friends and participate in the studyblr community!

if you’re a new studyblr as well (or an older one ofc), don’t hesitate to hit me up so we can grow and get on this journey together!

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Hey Mizu-chan, Bishonen'sFoxyMiko here. Finally ep2 of Ballroom e Youkoso is posted online o(≧▽≦)o And for it, I'd like to request HCs for a Hyodo Kiyoharu/Kagome, most especially one with the two dancing to Nat King Cole's song "Fascination" (like in the movie "Take the Lead")(´♡‿♡`) Hope this provides a challenge. Lots of love to ya (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Ah! I went back to see a clip of this part in the movie and I was like so Kiyoharu and Kagome! All of you are making me want to push myself for a new fic with Ballroom!


  • Sengoku allowed Kagome to stay alone in the dance studio when she was beginning her dance ‘hobby’.
    • At times she tried to do simple waltz moves to a song Shizuku had recommended.
    • Getting the wrong tempo, she was beginning to get frustrated. 
  • Not hearing him come in, Kiyoharu appeared having forgotten his phone.
    • He caught Kagome slowly going over the steps and watching her get stressed on her tempo. 
  • Coming behind her, he surprised her through the mirror as he fixed her form and held her hands from behind.
    • Kiyoharu: “Maintain this position, and imagine your partner leading you.”
    • Kagome: “Easier said than done.”
  • Kiyoharu placed all his stuff to the side and changed into his dance shoes before coming in front of the girl.
    • He offered his hand and told her he would guide her through the steps, as long as she bought him lunch one day.
    • She hesitated, but agreed anyways.
    • Kagome hated to admit it, but dancing with Kiyoharu felt more smooth and her steps were not as heavy since she was letting him lead.
      • Kiyoharu: “Stop staring at me and focus.”
      • Kagome: “I was staring at your need for moisturizer.”
      • He released her to the floor when he dipped her down.

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“What do you do? To…to stay sane?”

“I explore for the hell of it. I spend a lot of time…just with myself, to get rid of the world. I have a collection of, ah, novels that is fairly impressive. I spend time with my ‘bo. I have a very shy friend that I take the time to talk to.” Emerald Sunrise smiled, a toothy fierce thing. "What do you do?“ she said with more emphasis.

Behind the eyeholes of his mask, Ruran blinked toward her openly. "I…I see. I-I do have a chocobo that I care for,” he quickly brought up in defense of his lack of hobbies. “And—I keep a book. A memoire, more like, that I…preserve mementos of my travels. Make notes on them, a-and such.” His voice turned sheepish, and the fidgeting returned. “You seem to have found peace with…the life you have. Perhaps it is…wrong of me to say, but I almost envy you.”

Emerald pursed her lips. “Well, don’t do that. It has taken years for me to get here. As we discussed earlier—the Twelve often help those who help themselves. Oh!” she said, retreiving her back from her back and rummaging about in it. “I have something for you. In return for a favor.” She presented him with a very small, very thin tube. “It’s even better now that I know how you feel about the Twelve.” She proffered it to him on two outstretched hands.

“For me..?” He peeked down at the little item, gingerly plucking up with one hand, but then holding it with both to examine it. “It is related to the Twelve? H-how so?”

“A map, to a small shrine to Oschon that my brother and I found quite a bit ago. Out in La Noscea. I will trade it to you for a favor.” Nothing comes for free for her, it seems. Not even 'gifts’.

Ruran perked at the news, turning the little tube in his hands. “I have been meaning to go back to La Noscea,” he mumbled half to himself. He peered up at her. “What is the favor?”

“Tell me when you go voidsent hunting and please let me come with you.” She held up her hands. “I get antsy when I am still to long and…I don’t know how to put it best.” She scratched at the mark on her face. “I have been looking for… a constructive outlet. And this would help people would be an outlet.”

There was something that glimmered in Ruran’s eyes. Satisfaction, perhaps? The man’s tone had always been kind if sheepish, but it had never held a smile. This, however, was close. “That is a favor I am…more than willing to provide. Though it almost seems more a favor to myself as well. A mutual benefit.” He nodded.

{ @emerald-sunrise }

I neglected to remember my own advice.

Coworkers, strangers, friends, and family often come to me for gun questions. I like that; it’s fun teaching people about my biggest hobby. Whenever people are interested in getting into the firearms world, or whenever someone says “but I heard at the gun store…” or “i read online….” I always say

The gun community is probably one of the most opinionated groups I’ve ever known. Find what works for you through suggestion or trial and error or however, and make your own opinions.

I guess I forgot this.

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hi, i dont really know what type of stores have crystals, incense, etc. available. so do you have any ideas where to get witchcraft related items? or maybe where you got yours??

Hi! I get my stuff from all over to be honest
• thrift stores - I go here for a lot of like kitchenware like some jars, silver boxes that look ornate, things for altars etc
• Walmart - I buy my grimoires here, as well as some herbs, candles and candle holders, incenses and a few oils. loads of other little things
• craft stores (especially hobby lobby) - beeswax for candles, candles in all sorts of colors and sizes, incense and oils literally everywhere, storage boxes (?),
• oddity shops - I’ve been to a few and I’ve gotten some bones, teeth, coffin nails (!!) a few other weird things probably
• ETSY - holy grail online shopping method even though a lot of it is overpriced
• metaphysical shops or witch stores - I have zero near me but whenever I’m in a city I always make sure to find at least one. These have everything you could ever need for the craft

Basically ,,,,, most stores have *some* thing that could be used for witchcraft I go all over

my only other writing project right now is a collaborative story where the character i’m writing is a racist hare with a thick Scottish brogue who drinks a lot and abandoned his wife and kid to go stab other cute animals to death in a gladiatorial arena. i’m searching for ways to make him more likeable— maybe if i gave him a hobby, like fishing?

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I liked your post about the difference between embroidering and knitting as acceptable activities for women during that time - it's so fascinating how acceptable hobbies for each gender are different depending on time, place and social class - during late Jane Austin era fencing became an acceptable sport for young ladies in Italy (but bo other weapon based sports), riding has now suddenly become a girly thing, acting during Shakespear was only done by men. I wish Grrm elaborated on that in GoT!

Yes! I find that fascinating too. A lot of people believe gender roles have always been the same, and that’s really not the case. For instance, female roles in the West were strikingly redefined as the Industrial Revolution went on, and that’s how we end up with the women’s work is solely domestic and sharply deliminated from men’s work notion that people now mistakenly view as The Traditional Way of Things.

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I REALLY NEED HELP. ok so I saw this official art some time ago with eren and Levi and some others (I think) sitting around a campfire and I can't find it D: Can you link the pic or reblog or sth PLEASE.

Hello anon! I believe this is the art you’re looking for:

The other character in the picture was Erwin!

This is the full version, sorry that I couldn’t find a cleaner one at the moment D: But you’re probably interested on the Eren and Levi part only, so the first one will be good I think ^^.

Since putting them here in the post will probably ruin the quality, I’ve also uploaded them to an imgur gallery for you here.

Regarding your second question, I don’t think anything like that exists at the moment, but it sounds like a project I might be interested in doing in the future, so I will save your second ask for now and keep it in mind ^^.