i like this alot ddd:

Concept: Todoroki and Izuku go to the movies for their first date. Todoroki notices Izuku is cold and let’s Izuku snuggle up against his shoulder.

Todoroki internally screams for the rest of the movie bc his arm fell asleep 200 years ago but he doesn’t wanna disturb his adorable bf.

Extra: As they exit the mall Todo is bold enough to ask for a kiss. Of course the two awkward dorks have no idea what their doing so their lips just collide.

Izuku mentally curses himself for not being experienced enough to be a good kisser.



And I lost hope when I was still so young
Had an angel on my shoulder
But the devil always won


The song is Chasing Twisters by Delta Rae.. I love them so much and that little part instantly reminded me of Satan and Me. So I drew this.. Hope you like it!!