i like this ad alot

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On a scale of 1 to Alya, how much do you love Nino?

Alya + 1

like i love them both so much but Nino wins by like a point cuz the lack of him in canon fuels my love for him 

coloring (more like editing) process

gonna use this mob to finally explain my COLORING PROCESS.. and how i go from these base colors to the final product .. 

i always start with my base colors, which are almost always the same, so i keep a color palette to choose from. I usually pick the skin tone first and then change the hue for diff colors (I sometimes change the saturation and brightness too) The example below is the skin tone i use almost Always.. and of course it can be changed later on

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Just vent art.

Fairy tail Christmas !!!


Let’s begin this disaster ..

as you can clearly see from the cover a lot of respect went while writing this 

ohhh this again ! because it was sooooo funny the first time right ?? right ???? more importantly why is Wendy drinking she’s 13 ??

you know what’s funny ? not this …

ok to be honest this was sorta fuuny xD

HA HA HA Juvia is crying over snow!!!! and Lucy is asking if Natsu’s outfit can puurrr !!!!! HAAHAHAHHAHAHHA this is funny because it’s not -___-

Couples ?? yeah i see what Mashima is trying to do 

when did she make this ?? 

you can tell where this is going PREPARE FOR FAN SERVES !!!!!


look guys just don’t play with her 

WHY THE F*CK ARE YOU LISTENING TO ERZA !!! why isn’t lucy even doing anything -___- ?

you know who will take this waaaay too seriously as if someone murdered their father ? 

if you said salty Nalu or Gruvia fans then you get 10 points !

if you said both above then you get 1000000 points !!

still unfunny 

i think i laugh more while watching toddlers cartoons..  oh also 

Juvia’s tears gives me happiness :) 

oh my god Erza is insane and this is really gross , they’re getting harassed and this is not funny , and for whoever thinks that this is a NALU moment you should get a life stop making every single thing shippy!! she was acutally in pain !!!  ;l 

 they still playing this because ….. ( fill in the blank )

lol those clothes barley did anything 

Worst party ever this is why you don’t want them as your friends … except for Wendy she’s precious  :3

how convenient ;I erza’s ass added alot to that scene too like it feels deep now soooo much deepness  

at least Jellal looks cute ;I , i’m trying to be positive !

wow i learned NOTHING 

good to know !!


Natsu spanking Gajeel /10000000

- Mod Turtle 


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