i like this a lot but the bg could use more work

windowpains7213  asked:

I've noticed that you mentioned Wiccans a lot. My MC is a witch, and I wasn't really aware of other kinds of witches, even though I did thorough research. What other kinds of witches are there? Just fyi, she is a mostly-closet witch, and uses stones as connections to places. She mostly uses runecasting and entomomancy (especially beetles and spiders). What might she choose to align with, if anything?

There are, honestly, so many more choices than just Wicca. I’ll try to list several, but do not take this as an exhaustive list. I have added resources where I could, and please forgive the length…


An Asatru witch follows a specific branch of Heathenry that worships the major Nordic pantheon.


Athiest/Laveyan Satanic (Secular Satanic)

This witch feels more that Satan is a concept or idea, not an actual entity.



This witch uses the Celtic culture, including its’ mythology, deities, old ways, and language / symbols as a means of learning, internalizing, and performing magic.



A witch that honors and worships the Christian God through the practice of magic, usually alongside more traditional Christian worship.



This witch utilizes magic through the bodies and spirits of the dead. This can include bones, blood, skin, and other pieces of the corporeal form left when the spirit leaves, as well as contact with the spirit that has left its physical form behind.



Is a very old, and very complex set of religious and nature beliefs changing from region to region, and time to time.



A witch who respectfully uses parts of multiple practices, traditions, and paths.



This witch pays homage to the Gaulish Gods through the study, reconstruction, and practice of Gaulish tradition.



A witch who follows the ways of, works with, and/or worships the Norse deities.



A path by which the witch follows Greek traditions and honors the Greek pantheon.



This witch was born into a family of witches and so is likely to have practices, traditions, and/or paths that are not usually shared outside of their family practice.


A complex interweaving of Western African traditions as well as a long history of utilizing Christianity. This is a fairly regional practice of the Southern United States, but can be found elsewhere.



This type of witch works with the Egyptian deities.



A witch who works with and worships Loki and/or any of his relations (Hel, Jormugandr, Sigyn, Angrboda, etc). This witch may pay homage to other Nordic deities as well.



A witch who works majorily, or exclusively, with Odin, Thor, Freyjr, Freyja, Frigga, and Heimdall.


Pop Culture

A pop culture witch uses lyrics or movie lines in spells, worships and/or honors pop culture icons and/or idols. Likely to utilize fandom in some way, it is a very new and wide practice. They could draw inspiration from Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Practical Magic, The Craft, Supernatural, or other, similar shows.


Regla de Ocha

A religion that was synthesized by West Africans who were taken and enslaved by the Spanish Empire who were then sent to work on the Caribbean Islands. It mixes West African tradition with worship of saints.



This kind of witch synthesizes their craft from a mixture of empirical evidence/data and metaphysical leanings. It is highly individualized.



This type of witch doesn’t connect with any religious practices, traditions, or paths.



A witch who practices alone, but follows a particular practice, tradition, path.

(Theistic) Satanic

A witch whose practice revolves around worshiping, honoring, or otherwise appealing to Satan.



A witch who hunts for the “traditional” ways of magic. Likely to be found scouring through histories and stories looking for references to spellcraft, rituals, and traditions that have since been lost to time.



An Afro-Caribbean form of worship that focuses on the loa, and spirits.


I hope this put some things in perspective as to just how large witchcraft is, and why I seem to harp about being frustrated that the majority of what I see is Wicca. It is prevalent and popular, not the only way to be a witch, and definitely not the only tradition.

To answer your question about your character, Some of these paths lend themselves more towards nature than others, but I’d suggest rather looking into a tradition/path, look at types of witchcraft instead. Your character most sounds like a variety of Green Witch, and/or Animal Witch.

-Bruxa Guerreira

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hi- I was wondering if u had any process gifs of your background art? like how do you go about adding the textures? is it at the final stage that you do it? I'm also interested in working as a bg artist after I graduate and you're a really big source of inspiration!

hello! i dont have any process gifs but i put together a little tut for you, i feel like im overdue for a proper one :8) i want to make a more in depth tutorial on background painting (maybe a video?!!?!) but for right now i’ll just address your questions on texture if that’s okay!

here is an ultra basic bg we’re gonna spruce up. keep in mind i’m not going to talk about lighting and composition really so, try to put that out of your mind for now. anyway, there is no texture or edge difference in this yet. everything is smooth and samey (but there is a little bit of atmospheric perspective in the color). the most important thing at this stage is that every unique shape or plane is on its own layer. this is because all texture and lighting will be clipped to the corresponding layer.

sorry this is kind of ugly but this is how i arrange my layers LOL. everything is arranged on planes. i think of it like cut paper stacked on top of each other.

make a clipping mask for the texture you’ll put on each shape. i talk a bit about clipping masks and how to use them here. normally i’d have a clipping mask for texture, shadow, and light, so it can get a little crazy when you have a lot of layers but it’s invaluable for experimenting and getting things just right.

ALRIGHT SO LETS TALK ABOUT ACTUAL TEXTURE. i think about texture as having two functions: 1. to draw the viewer’s eye to where you want it to be, and 2. to describe the material/feel of objects. for our very first texture, we’re going to put some snow on the front tree. im using a variety of brushes, please check my FAQ for a full list. since i want the viewer to focus mostly on the front tree, i’m going to put the most texture on it. to answer your question about when i add texture, i usually just kind of follow my intuition and use it when i feel it’s needed. i will almost definitely go back and add/take away throughout the process of the image. a lot of things change and it’s cool to change your mind throughout. i don’t really follow solid “steps” for every piece, they’re always different for me!

now i am just continuing to add texture here and there. the middle ground trees get a bit of snow, but it’s subdued enough to not be the focal point. as well, i added some texture to the snow because i wanted the front plane to be the one you look at the most. everything behind the middle ground trees is wholly untouched. now we have a nice contrast between smooth/textured going on! and contrast/opposites is the key to guiding a viewer’s eye.

after all that i decided at last minute that the front plane could use some texture to differentiate it. but looking at it now, i’d probably go back and rethink it. that’s life.

finally! i added some color corrections and some gradients to push back the mountains and trees. i also added some falling snow and an overall paper texture to simulate a snowy feel without having to paint it all. the paper texture is behind the front plane, again to push everything behind it back. i would be very careful about putting a texture over everything, it can really flatten everything or make it look fake/gimmicky. clip it to shapes or erase where necessary.

lastly, a short word about more contrast. here, i am trying to push the contrast between soft and sharp. the only difference between this image and the last step is that i blurred and sharpened some planes. there are multiple ways to think about this, but for me, the photographic approach is easiest to understand and it’s just how i like my art to look. basically, i try to always make my focal point sharp and in focus, and blur other elements.

this felt a bit all over the place….sorry!! but, i hope it helped. i would like to do more in-depth tutorials in the future so please hang with me til then. thanks for the ask!!

15 French Slang Words Every French Learner Should Know 🌻

1. Bordel

Bordel literally means brothel. However, these days bordel is more commonly used to describe a large mess. An example would be: Range ta chambre. C’est le bordel. Clean your room. It’s a mess.

2. Balle

Balle as a singular, literally means bullet. Yet back in the day, balles was used as a slang word for francs, the French currency pre-2002. And when France moved on to the euro, balles moved with it and it is still sometimes used in reference to money. An example would be: J’aime ton pantalon. Merci. Je l’ai acheté au marché pour quinze balles. I like your pants. Thanks. I bought them at the market for 15 euros.

3. Baraque

The word baraque literally means shanty, or small house made of planks. However, recently the term has been adapted to refer to a house, or, as an adjective, baraqué,  someone who is really muscular.  For example: On habite dans une grosse baraque avec 10 colocs. We live in a large house with 10 other people. En règle générale, les joueurs de rugby sont plus baraqués que les joueurs de foot. Generally speaking, rugby players are more muscular than football players.

4. BG

These days BG is a popular acronym. It stands for beau gosse, which means hot guy. Gosse on it’s own though is slang for a child though so watch out! If you’re in Quebec, gosse is feminine and carries an entirely different connotation as a slang word for a part of the male anatomy that is generally used in the plural… So if you’re planning to use your slang in Canada, be aware of that difference, since there could be a few misunderstandings!

5 . BCBG

Another popular acronym, which is the French slang for preppy, is BCBG (bien chic bon genre).

6. Blé

Blé literally translates as wheat in English. However, figuratively it has become a popular way of referring to money. (Another common way of referring to money in slang terms is fric or pognon). Here is an example: Il gagne beaucoup de blé. He earns a lot of money.

7. Bobo

Bobo is actually baby talk for une blessure (an injury). However, you will find that young people commonly use this term when referring to minor injuries such as cuts and bruises. An example might be: Qu’est-ce qu’il y a? J’ai un bobo sur le pied. What’s the matter? I have a scratch on my foot.

8. Bouffer

Bouffer literally means to puff up or balloon in size. However, it has become common practice to replace the word manger (to eat) with bouffer in everyday speech. And in turn, la bouffe is then used as another word for food. Here is an example: J’ai trop mangé. J’ai bouffé un steak tartare avec des frites suivi d’une grosse tarte aux pommes. I ate too much. I ate a steak tartare with fries followed by a big slice of apple tart. Je suis allé en ville pour acheter de la bouffe. I went into town to buy some food.

9. Une clope

A commonly used slang word, especially in Paris, is the argot for cigarette; une clope. For example: T’aurais pas une clope? You don’t happen to have a cig, do you?

10. Kiffer

Another term used by today’s generation, which you may not already know is the word  kiffer, which is slang for to like something (it works best with a hobby!). However, pay attention, if you kiffe quelqu’un, it implies that you desire that person. Here’s an example: Je kiffe faire de la voile. I really enjoy sailing. Je kiffe ton frère. I like your brother. (I’m romantically interested in him).

11. Mec

The word mec is yet another commonly used slang term, and refers to boyfriends as well as guys in general. For example: Il est beau, ce mec.That guy is good-looking. Tu viens avec ton mec? Are you bringing your boyfriend? 

Another type of slang that you might come across is verlan, which are French words spelled backwards, and often incorrectly, in slang. And while this concept might seem a bit intimidating at first, you will find that you pick it up in no time at all and probably without even realizing.

12. Meuf

Our first example is meuf, which was originally femme. And, as with the word femme, this term can be used to refer to a female, or your girlfriend, although it can have pejorative connotations.

13. Relou

Our second example is relou, the verlan for lourd (heavy or taxing) and equivalent of chiant, which means annoying/exasperating. Here’s an example: C’est trop relou! That sucks!

14. Ouf

Ouf is literally the French translation of the interjection phew as well as meaning crazy/awesome in verlan, being the backwards of fou (crazy/awesome). On a fait un truc (de) ouf hier. *Here ’ouf’ can work as either an adjective, without the ’de’, or as a noun, with the ’d’. It’s up to you! We did something crazy awesome yesterday.

15. être vénère

And finally, our last slang word for today is another way of expressing that you are annoyed or angry; être vénère, which is the verlan of être énervé. An example would be quite simple: Mathieu est vénère. Matthew is annoyed. (It is important here to pay attention to your accents because vénéré means to be revered).

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If you're still taking tutorial suggestions -- could you do one on how to use different layer modes, or which ones are good for different kinds of effects?

Thanks for the ask, Anon! 

Ok, so, to be honest I’m still learning a lot of this myself but I’ll try my best to give you most of what I’ve figured out! 

Here’s my list of important layers that I use the most and why: 

Normal Modes: Basically just use normal here. Dissolve is ok if you want to play around a bit but otherwise I don’t use it. 

Darken Modes:

Darken: use for shading when you want to desaturate. It’s basically the same as multiply but it keeps your grey colors better.

Multiply: Helpful for shading, automatically makes the layer you’re using into a darkening layer. Con- it excludes your light colours, so it can change the values in your piece.

Color burn: I use this sparingly for skin etc. It adds a red “burn” tinge to some areas with can be helpful but is waay too easy to overdo.

Lighten Modes:

Color Dodge: a good layer for easily adding sunlight effects etc, but be careful as it’s easy to overdo and wash out or overpower your light areas

Linear Dodge (add): I use this for textures I want to import because it’s not as destructive as other layers. Mainly use this if you want to add in some sparks, stars, or rainbow effects from photos. Anything you like with a black bg will be ok. 

Composite Modes: I don’t use any of these to be honest. Play around with them at the late stages of your painting if you want to test them out, but otherwise I usually find they’re too inneffective or destructive to my pieces

Color Modes:

Color: I use this if I want to add undertones to skin last minute or saturate an area more without adding an adjustment layer. It’s really good for adding color to your paintings without changing your black and white values too much etc. It sometimes works better when you paint directly on the layer you want to change with “color” as a brush mode instead of a new layer, so try it that way if it’s not working the way you’d like at first.

Hope this was helpful! Don’t hesitate to send me more asks about art stuff!

oh also here’s a drawing study I did to give you an idea of it in practice:

  • I started with a black and white sketch which I changed to “multiply”, 
  • added a “normal” layer underneath with a neutral skin tone
  • used a “color” layer to tweak the saturation of the skin,
  •  and finished it off with “color dodge” for the highlights!

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Hey!! Can you recommend me some good Klance fics? Thank you

You got it!!!! I’m really picky with my Klance fics so I don’t have a lot, but these are some of my bookmarked ones!

call me, beep me by orphan_account 

one of the best klance fics imo and one of the most popular/well known! the wrong number au we deserve!!!*

you had me at merlot by ryamokun

keith and lance become youtube costars and their channel is about cooking while drunk and it is SUPER CUTE. very funny and lots of pop culture refs with pidge and hunk helping out with their channel. 10/10 would recommend

in stasis by ilgaksu

ONE OF MY FAVORITE WRITERS AND FICS. pretty angsty. lance gets hurt during a mission and has to wait and live his life as an AI while he waits for his prosthetics to come online. it’s not a typical langst, because while he does go through a traumatic experience, he ends up being super capable, just needs the help of his teammates. 

ceasefire (series) by ilgaksu

the keith and lance as exes au we all deserve. also one of the first fics i’ve read in this fandom!!!

Let the Water Lead Us Home by LynnLarsh

so i really got a thing for sci-fi fics and that slight angst oomph to it, along with the fluffy stuff. BUT this fic is about lance getting stuck in a dream simulation and has trouble differentiating it from reality, and keith is determined to get him out

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Sometimes I get the feeling that ym is bit one-sided, like yoongi seems so much more invested in jimin than the opposite.... idk we don't see smitten jimin as often :/

really?? jimin shows his affection for yoongi all the time though, i mean

  • tweeting about him “if i say he looks cute i’m going to get teased”
  • put a heart between them in one of his selfies and said it’s his heart
  • that time he posted pictures of himself kissing yoongi’s bear 
  • loved that photoshoot he did with him in sweden so much that he made it his phone bg
  • and tweeted it
  • and then got all excited and took a picture when he found that place 2 years later
  • when yoongi wore his glasses and he tweeted about how cool he looked
  • yoongi in that one ippi vcr making him laugh so much he posted it to twitter
  • he’s ‘always wanted to work with yoongi-hyung’ and was so worried about trying to impress him with his tony montana lyrics that he went to namjoon for help (and actually kept it a secret until namjoon exposed him)
  • he thought yoongi was so cute with holly that he just had to mention it when it came up during ask in a box
  • mama 2016
  • he was the one who made sure to show off the yoongi stand/fan when yoongi was absent even though he told yoongi he wouldn’t carry the stand (and it wasn’t even his)
  • he was so clingy and very obviously happy to have yoongi back when ot7 went to the first schedule after yoongi’s break
  • he could not get over yoongi as yoonji and spent the whole episode blushing + flustered + complimenting him and barely got any screentime because of it
  • he saw yoongi in the ch+ chat and just had to come and flirt with him
  • 민윤지😍
  • they’ve been on 57487534 dates which they rarely ever talk about
  • yoongi’s drinking buddy
  • cupped his face once during a pre-recording and cooed over his baby face
  • he’s always teasing him/singling him out on twitter
  • spends almost every award show with him
  • and has stayed by his side during most of their us promos
  • he’s always recording him ??
  • he tries to grab his ass/hips a lot LMAO
  • calls yoongi pretty a lot off-camera and (especially lately) 
  • has not been able to stop talking about how cute/good-looking he is
  • and literally cannot contain how cute he finds him sometimes because he gets all touchy and/or giggly
  • and genuinely loves seeing yoongi in a good mood
  • and we know this because: “it makes me happy to see you laugh often. always stay this way. don’t faint when you get older and do extraneous activities. you are very attractive when you perform these days.”
  • he adores him

these too

prologue/bg. part one.  part two


Under Reaper’s mask is the ruined remains of what used to be Gabriel Reyes. Sombra hasn’t told anyone since she found out, and that’s probably why he tolerates her teasing and watches out for her on missions. It doesn’t take long for them to realize they’re in accord when it comes to Talon (burn it to the ground), and some kind of trust follows that.

Sombra hasn’t had friends in a while. It’s nice. As for Gabriel– he talks to her, because he has no one else.

At first, it’s just mutters about her lack of proper nutrition, and the current gossip (they both love the chisme). Slowly, she pries him open, though–there’s not much there, exactly. Anger and vengeance and a deep, deep sadness isn’t good conversation material. 

And then 76 shows up.

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Hey :) love love love your blog! I was wondering about the graphics you mentioned.. I would love it if you did a whole post on how to make them, I'm so lost in that area haha.. thanks a million

oh man oh man oh man okay. first, thank you so much for the compliment, it means so much to me that you like my blog, thank you bby <3 and okayyy let’s do this. oh boy. alright anon, i’m not a professional or all that good by any means and there are other amazing graphists that make amazing graphics but i got you, so welcome to-

let’s begin:

okay i use photoshop to edit my graphics but you don’t need to ok??


  • so when you make a graphic, you need to specify your image size.
  • tumblr photos (like the one i have above) has a horizontal length of 500 pixels 
  • so your image should be 500 x a number. the one i have above is 500 x 200 pixels. you can make it 500 x 300, 500 x 700, whatever your heart desires.
  • facebook timeline covers are 815 x 315 pixels, instagram photos are 500 x 500 (but they’ve changed so you can have any size)


  • so anon! i’m assuming you want to make graphics like the ones i’ve made before, right? (bc i dabble in lots of different graphic editing there’s a lot more different types of graphics but i think the one we want rn is like the one above)
  • so you should just start with a solid colored background
    • usually, light, pastel colors look the best. 
    • when you go dark, unless you go navy blue dark or some variant of gray or black, the background usually looks hard to look at and is less pleasing to the eye.
  • so yeah! solid, light colored backgrounds work just fine.
  • but you can hit that up with some Patterns
    • yah so you can add patterns to your background if you wanna spice things up a bit ey (waggles eyebrows)
    • either go black, white, lgiht gray or go home when you do patterns. don’t try and mix up colors for patterns for backgrounds 
      • unless you’re super super sure that your pattern will look ok
    • you can make horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, crossed, etc. for your patterns and add them to your background!
    • do not make the patterns too bold or complicated or put too much, because the patterns on your background should be subtle. 
    • so yup, you can do things like i did in the header for this post! gray diagonal dotted lines. 

Text / Fonts

  • so next step is fonts or your text or whatever it is that you want to say in your graphic
  • typography and text is a whole thing in itself and you could write like, two hundred posts about it and not be done, but i’ll try my best to pass on a quick tuto for this
  • so first choose a text color that compliments your background. here this usually involves color coordination, but you can go by a few rules
    • and you can make cool text effects. for example make a few copies of your text and change the color just a shade lighter or change the color just a tad and kinda move the texts behind each other so they diagonally overlap to get a hella cool bg.
    • if you have a light / pastel bg
      • you can either do colors that are right next to what your bg color is (pink and white and orange, red and purple, remember the rainbow: ROY G BIV)
      • go with white. white is always an option. always looks hella good.
      • you can go opposite the color of your bg, so pink and blue, purple and yellow, etc.)
    • if you have a white bg:
      • you can work with any color, really, and it’ll look really nice!
      • go gray or black to get a more clean and crisp look.
        • special tip: to make your text pop but not look tacky, don’t go complete black. go very dark gray or just gray and the color makes a world of difference!
      • if you’re going to work with multiple colors, just remember to follow the color rules and u know what if u don’t know the color rules or just are too lazy just eyeball it
      • (no that’s not what i do with every. single. graphic i make hahaahaa h  aa (laughs nervously))
    • if you have a darker bg:
      • once again use white as ur text color
      • or just super light colors like sakura-color pink or something
  • then you’re going to choose a font
    • fonts are so darned complicated ugh ugh ug H
    • but okay. you can go on google and look up font tutorials to really get into the whole font thing but here’s a super basic rundown on fonts
    • use the basic, common fonts (but not comic sans please or i will poke you in the eyeball om g). here are the basics I use
      • vijaya, times new roman, arial (u can go all caps and get a super aesthetic thing)
    • use uniform, clean fonts (idk what to call these, i should know but wtv)
      • slim joe, big john, basic title font, brain flower, bebas, znikomit
      • whaTEVER idk these are the ones i can think of off the top of my head ok
    • use cool handwritten fonts
      • selima, levibrush, peach sundress, satisfaction
      • you can look on creativemarket in fonts to find more free pretty handwritten fonts
    • use weird but amazing fonts
      • fyi: never go overboard with the more complicated fonts never ever bc it only makes your graphic look yucky 
      • wolf in the city, men in black, franks, easy going stroke, a series of unfortunate events, romangridcaps
    • once again, there are rules to making different fonts and different styles go together, but once again, i say just eyeball it if it gets too complicated. 
    • i usually just slap a handwritten or cool font and add a preinstalled normal font to go w/ it in a smaller sized font

Shapes and Other Things 

  • you can then add different things and shapes to add extra dazzle to your edit
  • just add stuff
  • i don’t really know what to say for these shapes bc um honestly i don’t have a guide for doing this. i usually just randomly do whatever looks good to me.
  • squares, circles, and triangles are super cool though. you can experiment and play around and see what looks good to you.
  • also look on google for images that end with .png because those will have transparent bgs and are easy to use as shapes and stuff

Color Schemes / Palettes

  • i am way too lazy to explain all the color things but in general
    • go either similar or go opposite
    • light shades or colors go with light shades (pastel yellow with pstel orange) or color or light shades go with dark shades (dark dark gray with pastel pink)
    • colors go with colors right next to them on the spectrum (orange and yellow, purple and red, blue and green) or else opposite (red or orange with blue, purple and yellow)
    • and of course, white, gray, or black go with anything!
    • to look for nice color palettes to choose colors that go well together

umm so i don’t know what else to put on here. i’ll add stuff if i remember though. this was a super basic rundown on making a graphic, so sorry about not being able to answer your question more thoroughly, anon!!! 

but please, message me again if you have a more specific question like how i made my header for this post or how i made my minimalist edit, my ‘drink water’ edit, or my iphone wallpapers because i can answer your question if i know what type of graphic you want!!!

happy editing!! xoxo


more of my stuff: 


*There are many spoilers in here for Pitch Perfect 3 ok*

Here’s some thoughts from me fresh out the cinema that I’ll probably feel were too emotional and incorrect after a while as I always do, but here we go…

***Warning, this got really long! ALSO A THOUSAND SPOILERS***

Let’s start this off by saying that it wasn’t a bad film. Not at all. Was it amazing, maybe not, but I had fun watching it and i’ll see it again, and i’ll buy the dvd and i’ll continue to listen to the soundtrack and love everyone who was in it, because they’re beautiful, wonderful people who were amazing in it and fought really hard to get the movie how it is.

First of all it didn’t really feel like a finale, especially one that was supposed to be about them being a family, (YES I KNOW THEY SAID THEY WERE A FAMILY AND OTHER PEOPLE SAID THEY WERE A FAMILY LIKE 20 TIMES, but they didn’t show it like they really did in the past two films in my opinion) like they had like 2 and a half scenes where they actually all spoke to each other and about life. There were really sweet interactions by people we don’t usually get the see interact, and i’m glad they carried on the beca/amy friendship, because that was lovely to see in the second one, but like, and i know i’m a bechloe shipper so i’m biased here, but beca and chloe didn’t really interact at all, neither did chloe and aubrey (DID CHLOE AND AUBREY ACTUALLY SPEAK TO EACH OTHER???i can’t even remember) and so much of the other films had a lot in about their friendship, the second one especially, and now i’m thinking back to this one and wondering if they even had a one to one conversation other than the boob grab (which was shorter than the trailer one ugh) and Beca calling her ‘sweetie’ in their apartment, which came off 98% less sarcastic than when she calls theo ‘honey’ later on which i loved.

The editing felt kinda heavy handed to me, like they had to put in all these silly effects around chloe and chicago stuff to make it overly obvious to us that she liked him. And cut to him and theo so so often i actually started rolling my eyes at it, because it made it look like chloe and chicago had been dating for years when at that point they didn’t even know anything about each other. Like, i’m not one to say no to watching chloe be all bashful and bite her lip and play with her hair, but it seems like exactly what Kendrick said she didn’t let them put in for Beca, the tripping over her feet kinda crushing, was put on chloe instead. And chloe is the confident, sexual, ‘i get what i want’ kinda girl who literally barged into someone’s shower because she liked the way they sang. This chloe didn’t make sense to me. She doesn’t even know anything about the guy other than his name and she’s talking about commitment. (Like okay, that scene was funny and Brittany was amazing in it and, like i said i love a flustered chloe because she’s adorable and it was like all the fics where she acts like that around beca, but it felt really strange in this position) Chicago just showed up, said a few things that didn’t really matter and we were supposed to be all the way in for their relationship. Like, a relationship storyline wasn’t necessary at all. It was actually more distracting than anything else, i’d rather have no relationships at all. The bellas and their friendship is all we need.

I felt like you could tell more than one person wrote the script and you can tell it was changed a lot. The lack of chemistry i felt was between chloe and chicago was actually funny and maybe that’s why they made chloe be extra lusty, ditsy, flirty and add those slow motion and sound effects……… And interestingly to me or hilariously so, in a sad way, chloe and Chicago and beca and theo are filmed/edited so similarly, other than the weird slow mo chloe stuff, yet one is absolutely not gonna happen and one does and it’s so heavy handed and they’re so similar that neither of them really work. (That credits scene felt stupid to me, the only reason it was okay was that we didn’t get to really gauge beca’s reaction to it, but it wasn’t overly positive i don’t think)

I also hated that beca and theo still came across all flirty, because it was similar to how she was with jesse, but at least they didnt happen. I am so glad Kendrick fought so hard for it, because I actually don’t think I would sit through the film again if they had. I’d just download my favourite scenes and make a whole other movie out of it for myself to enjoy. HEY THAT’S WHAT FANFIC IS FOR.

On to bechloe for a bit i guess,

The thing with bechloe was that it was always just fun for me, they’re fun movies and an amazing cast that I loved for shipping the characters as well as us, understanding the importance and never making fun of us (and they still don’t, see brittany’s build interview for recent stuff and kendrick all the damn time). We had (and still have OF COURSE) our own little community and we didn’t really have to think about what it would mean to us for it to be canon because we never ever thought it would be! I never ever imagined it could be canon until they started really leaning into it. And when the ads started well that was just too much.

It just became a marketing ploy for a movie where the couple barely speak to each other. The film wasn’t even really about the bellas, not really.

I don’t know. Maybe I would have enjoyed it so much more and not picked up on all the stuff i’m saying if I didn’t feel like I’d been played the whole time leading up to it. Even yesterday with the ads saying ‘will bechloe ever happen’…. No wonder the ads are full of clips from the old movies, because they don’t really interact in this one at all. It was the type a example of queerbaiting and i really hate them for that.

I’m sure I’ll watch it again and have different thoughts and again, it wasn’t not enjoyable, I just felt like the baiting without any intention for them to at least be sweet to each other throughout the film and talk to each other was extra extra wrong, and actually having a canon love interest for chloe all the while doing this….. it’s really not okay. And there must have been a hell of a lot cut for the way the cast was talking and why did they have to stay in the giant water tank for two days when there was literally ten seconds of them in the water I don’t understand.

Anyway, I was there for the bellas and I don’t feel like I got them. It was funny yes, it really was and i smiled throughout most of it. The baiting just dampened it a lot for me.

NOW LET ME BE MORE POSITIVE - here’s some things i liked:

- AMY WAS BADASS, really, i’ll watch a bellas action movie anytime
- there was more aubrey and she was funny and cute
- background jessica and ashley was adorable and some of the actual best hilarious one liners/moments comes from jessica which is amazing
- little drunk chloe in the bg of aubrey talking about the USO tour was adorable
- the fact that chloe gives speeches like those all the time and the bellas roll their eyes at her everytime but you know they all secretly love it
- the off hand comment about there having been a sexual encounter between some bellas (by chloe, probably including chloe) ‘one time’ is the stuff dreams (fics) are made of
- kendrick looked so good, like extra good
- chrissie got to sing more which makes me happy
- emily still felt like emily and she GOT A HAMSTER (aca-child is overwhelmed by hamster)
- beca telling theo he looks like a turtle
- the other performers in the tour were awesome, really awesome
- kendrick is super gay in the riff off
- cynthia rose got to say the word gay which was cool
- there were def some bechloe glances that will make wonderful gifs (not enough tho)
- lilly (/ester) got an okay amount of screentime and we got to hear her speak properly finally even if only for a few seconds
- the scenes with all the bellas in were actually beautiful and funny and made me feel good 
- also the stacey baby thing was the most cliche, but adorable and i’ll admit i got a couple of goosebumps at that cliche, sweet, loving naming moment

In conclusion, the film was fun. The bellas were great in it. They kinda forgot about all the other characters other than the men after the riff off which was stupid because they were so much more interesting and charismatic and musicians, which the films are supposed to be focused on… Couldn’t the film have focussed more on the tour and them working and fighting for their place, i get that that’s the plot of the others, but that’s what they do and it wasn’t broke so why try and fix it

I do not want to take away from anyone’s performance because they were wonderful. Kendrick was amazing and so sweet and gay and it felt right for beca for the most part, you could see the character development. The rest were not given enough time really. I know most of us were there because we care about these characters and not getting a chance to hear them speak and get to know them a little better because thats what the films have been about so far was sad. It still feels open ended to me. It doesn’t feel like it was wrapped up. I don’t know anything more about any of them really. I don’t know. Again, I didn’t hate it, I didn’t even dislike it. What I dislike, what I feel really emotional about, is how they exploited us, how hard Kendrick had to fight for bechloe and for beca to be who she should be in this film, something that should be so obvious. And how little time we got to see our bellas be bellas. it had a really different feel to the other films, and i hope that i watch it again and feel differently because i wanted so much to love it and i was so nervous going in. 

 It all just feels a little strange, maybe that’s just because it’s supposedly the end and it doesn’t feel like it should be at all.

I can’t wait to be all over those dvd extras and am hopeful for another Kendrick book where she can tell it all.

THANK YOU to the cast and crew and everyone. This isn’t the end, i’m writing like 3 bechloe fics as we speak and the community of amazing people and artists and writers who make me laugh and cry and grow to love these characters more and more each day will still be here and i am so happy about that.

Thank you to rebel and brittany and kendrick for how they’ve spoken about bechloe especially, it really means more than i think they know. AND TO EVERYONE ELSE IN THE CAST I LOVE YOU SM.

I have to stop now, but i may update after i see it again. This is a little in the heat of the moment.

If you’ve made it through my 2000+ words of mess then i thank you and also apologise to you.


Mixtapes and Mistakes

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Pairing: Cesar Diaz x Reader

Requested: Anonymous

Summary: Cesar has a crush on you and when he finds out you are related to his enemy he becomes conflicted. Should he call it off or risk his life to be with you?

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“Mr Diaz, it’s nice of you to join us.” Mr Finch said sarcastically as Cesar tried to sneak into his lesson. He was late, yet again, and let’s just say the teacher isn’t too happy about this reoccurrence for his lesson. Cesar couldn’t help it though. It wasn’t like he could say no to his brother. “You’ll be working with Y/N today.”

When the teacher said that Cesar had to suppress a groan and not because he didn’t like you. Quite the opposite actually. He had developed a small crush on you even though the two of you have never really spoken before. He just didn’t want to work with you as he was certain he’d make a fool out of himself and ruin any chance he may have with you. Cesar gave you a tight smile when you looked up at him, upon hearing Mr Finch say your name, and slid into the desk next to you. Words weren’t spoken between the two of you for a couple of minutes as Cesar got out the things he would need for this class. You were tapping your pen on the side of your desk as you read the question on the worksheet in front of you. Not looking up, you spoke up after Cesar got settled. “Mr Finch must really hate you.” You pointed out, trying to suppress a laugh. “Always coming late to his lesson. Look, I understand you’d rather be working with your friend than with me so piece of advice, don’t come late to his lesson next time.”

“It’s not- that’s not-” Cesar stumbled out causing you to giggle. “Yes I would prefer to work with my friend but it’s not the end of the world that it’s you instead.” He managed to string out a coherent sentence but cringed at the last bit. He just hoped you wouldn’t be offended by it because it could be taken two ways.

“Glad to hear that.” You replied, your lips twisted into a smile letting Cesar know you didn’t hate him just yet. He went back into his bag looking for a pen when he realised he didn’t have one. His options were either ask the teacher, who already hates him, or ask you. He chose the latter.

“Do you have a pen I can borrow?” He asked. You playfully rolled your eyes but reached into your bag for a spare pen anyway. When you did, Cesar noticed a cassette tape in the side pocket. “What’s that?” He nodded towards it.

“Oh, that’s just a mixtape I made.” You told him as you passed him a pen. “Here.” You handed him the tape and as he went to take it off you your fingers brushed ever so slightly but enough to bring heat to Cesar’s cheeks.

“Huh.” Cesar said as he studied the song list. “I haven’t even heard of most of these.”

“Then you’re missing out, my friend.” You took the tape back off him and slid it back into your bag. “Give me your number so I can send you recommendations. Broaden your music library.” The hand gestures you used caused Cesar to laugh. He wrote down his number and you saved it in your phone. The bell rang signalling end of lesson. Neither of you got much work done, not that you minded at all. Cesar has made more progress with you in one lesson than he has since he met you years ago. Maybe he should be late more often, he thought.

The rest of the night you were texting each other. You were sending him song recommendations, like you told him you would, and he sent you film recommendations. Apparently not watching Die Hard is crime. Cesar never thought he would be having a conversation with his crush let alone one that has kept going. He was sure you didn’t know he existed. You may have been in a lot of the same classes but you’ve never spoken to each other before today. To him you were the most stunning person in the room. Your laugh was like music to his ears, and the way your head tilted back when you did was something he would never get tired of. You were also smart and kind. To him you were perfect but of course something had to come and ruin his happiness. It always did.

This time though, it was in the form of finding out your brother is a prophet. How he didn’t know this before was beyond him. Maybe he did know and he was just trying to forget the fact that his crushes brother was his rival. You were walking down the corridor when your brother hollered at you gaining everyone’s attention, including Cesar’s who was at his locker with Jamal. “Yo, Y/N, we gotta bounce.” He shouted. You rolled your eyes but ultimately followed him out of the double doors. However, not before seeing a look of mixed emotions on Cesar’s face.

For the whole night you have been trying to text Cesar but received no reply. He’s probably busy, you kept telling yourself. You knew you were just being naive though. He didn’t want to talk to you because in his eyes you were the enemy, even though technically it was your brother.

Cesar: Meet me in the store cupboard in 5

Cesar knew the moment he saw you in person he would regret messaging you to meet up. He couldn’t help it though. He wanted to see you. He needed to. The whole night was him spent him listening to a band you introduced him to while trying to argue with himself about how it was a bad idea to keep seeing you and talking to you. Cesar raised his hand and asked to be excused to which the teacher grumpily agreed to. When he got there you were already here, picking at your nails. You looked up when you heard the door open and your lips tugged into a smile. Cesar couldn’t help but smile as well. “So, are you going to tell me why you’ve been ignoring me?” You asked getting straight to the point.

“Because, if I carry on talking to you I’ll be a dead man walking.” Cesar told you. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion not understanding what he meant. “Your brother is a Prophet.”

“And you’re a Santos. What? Are we not stating the facts here?” You deadpanned. “My brother doesn’t get to control who I can and cannot associate with.”

“I think he would care if you associated with a Prophet though.” Cesar pointed out. “Look, this, us, can’t happen.”

“Maybe you’re right. I would hate to see that pretty face of yours get hurt.”

You were on the same page. This is what Cesar wanted. Yet he felt conflicted. On one hand he wanted you to agree with him but on the other he wanted you to fight for this. Hell, he wanted to fight for this. Every fibre in his body was telling him not to but he couldn’t help lean forward, his eyes flitting from your lips to your eyes and back again. You didn’t step away. Instead you leant forward, your hand gently cupping his cheek as you brought him closer to you so your lips captured his. The kiss started off as soft but soon got progressively passionate. Cesar knew this was mistake. However, in this moment he doesn’t seem to care. He was willing to risk his life just so he could be with you.

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anonymous asked:

I love your comic Yellow Hearts, and how every page looks like it could be its own poster! How do you choose your colors to make sure everything harmonizes? Do you pick a color palette or make things up as you go?

First of all, thank you!! I love color, so this is one of my favorite things to talk about :D

I do have a color palette, but for this comic it’s a bit looser than I usually go! I’ve actually refined the palette a lot in the last couple of months, so this will be specifically about how I’m choosing color nowadays rather than for earlier pages, but the general idea still holds:

Basically I put together an image board of photos, drawings, and color schemes that feel ‘right’ for the story, and then refer back to it whenever I’m not sure what direction to go with the color.

Sometimes it’s nice to use the color picker, just to check myself, but often it’s more the idea that I’m going for than the specific hex code–for Yellow Hearts, I like bright yellows and oranges and golds, + teal blues, + grayish blues, and then a fair amount of light pink and magenta thrown in for lighting and characters. I’ve recently thrown out the use of bright greens, dark purples, and yellowish-browns. They just don’t fit!

For me, picking a palette also means choosing how much I use any given color, too. So for the yellows and oranges and golds, I try to keep it to a splash of color, like an accent, rather than trying to paint the whole scene in an orange hue. (This is something I did do with earlier pages, and have decided to step away from because it too easily swerved into muddy lighting.)

I’ve recently been experimenting with painting characters/figures in complimentary colors to their surroundings, and I’m pretty happy with how that’s working out. Contrast is always good, especially with detailed bgs like I use–I want the figures to stand out, but I still want to put all kinds of world-building and interest in their surroundings.

The last thing I’ll note is that actual color (the specific hex code I’m using) doesn’t necessarily match the perceived color–for example, I can make a number of objects look golden in comparison with their surroundings, when the actual hex code is more of a grayish, pinkish color. It’s the same principle as blue dress vs gold dress–it’s about how our brains decide what color something is based on the colors around it: 

Originally posted by lunaticyuno

Anyway, all this is just to say that choosing a color palette has a lot more to do with atmosphere than limiting the kinds of things you’re ‘allowed’ to draw. I threw out bright green (the hex code) but that doesn’t mean that I can’t draw green trees, it just means that I’m using tricks of the eye to imply that they’re green rather than choosing a truly lime green color, so that the overall impression may be a grayish blue scene, even while individual objects still have a perceived color (green). This is sort of complicated stuff to explain, and I’m not sure I even fully understand the science behind it, but you can also see it in action whenever the sun goes down or we turn a light on and off.

(I hope that doesn’t sound too patronizing–it’s so fun to figure this stuff out, and even when I know this is how it works, the reality is that I still sometimes go straight for that green hex code when I want to draw a green tree. It takes practice to train your brain to see color in a different way!)

Hope that helps! If you like this kind of stuff, definitely check out my Patreon! I talk about these kinds of things all the time, with better examples and such, and I’m happy to answer specific questions from patrons, even if I don’t usually have time to do involved responses on Tumblr. 

TAZ Live in San Francisco!

During my commute to work I listened to the entirety of this live show and documented my thoughts and anything I just died over in my notes and well here it is.

  • will you help? “No, no no No”
  • the callout to Taako specifically
  • griffin still wants a boat y’all
  • (whisper into mic) spoilers for taz balance
  • they meet once a month?? Nice and sweet
  • the Wave Smasher Humper
  • Davenport, the (objectively) most responsible of the 7 birds, is the best disaster I could have ever wished for
  • ahoy
  • bahoy
  • Taako/Justin not remembering names, always a classic
  • Travis yelling what Magnus does right before Griffin finishes his sentence
  • scurvy=bored and salt taste and mild nausea
  • Taako doesn’t like grapefruit
  • how’d they spend 100 years on the star blaster, a ship, and then lose it on another boat?
  • Travis: I’m gonna punt it. Griffin: …. sigh.. ok
  • Orla??? Good
  • Taako fainting because there’s no money involved
  • I like to imagine Davenport use his illusion magic as he describes being attacked, so it’s a fun movie they all watch
  • Merle is still the worst cleric and I appreciate it and relate
  • Captain Calloway kills with kindness
  • that’s so crazy, as if they’ve never met a skeleton who spoke before
  • the bone zone
  • scurvy vapors
  • you swing and it’s cool
  • Travis?? That’s a lot of turns
  • I’m on a bus full of people trying to smother laughter and i am not successful
  • dongolongolong- griffin’s bell impression
  • more ghost ships??
  • ravens?? We were right the reapers are extra as fuck
  • fucking accent kravitz
  • “Taako??” With a distinct :D tone shift
  • “what are you doing here babe?” c:
  • agjhgfxkkhv you can hear the love
  • “no, no, seriously Taako?”
  • “I was having a boys weekend”
  • Krav thinking they were gonna gamble and not do any adventuring
  • Magnus is so bored awww :(
  • “you’ll just get in the waaayyyyy”
  • Krav and Taako are so fucking domestic skdhdhd
  • an elder god, the kraken
  • “no, it’ll be a fun surprise”
  • a four legged octopus is… a horse
  • Clint went through a whole journey reading what Waterwalk does
  • “Like a child. Like a child swinging a wiffle ball bat. At a flagpole! Like a weak fucking child!”
  • cloak of the manta ray! Is this it? Will it finally get a use, old friend?
  • it’s covered in cobwebs sndhdhd
  • I was being a jackass it’s the kraken!
  • dancing kraken…. this spell is beautifully broken
  • the electric slide, a violent dance
  • it makes spaghetti
  • the very quiet cackle
  • Taako in the bg: well it’s kinda my sword, it’s more up to me
  • small gnome! Big sword!! GOOD
  • orla’s too cool
  • “my name is Taako and I invented surfing”
  • a strength contest of tentacle vs wizard
  • after saving his bf “have you tried using diplomacy?”
  • “how charming are these tentacles” “depends on who you ask” GRIFFIN NO
  • jdhshhs making an observation and then the person who YELLED ENTHUSIASTICALLY
  • use that sword!!!
  • “wow this thing’s WAY too powerful”
  • It feels like god shouldn’t allow something like this to exist
  • uhh griffin? You’re god. You let this happen
  • Davenport and sword is very cool
  • “there’s nothing wrong with crying” thanks Travis
  • dominate monster !
  • “so now it works… for me”
  • “Hooray my wonderful cl— BONK” cloak
  • lets pour one out for Cloak of the Manta Ray, it’ll never be used
  • “cmon we’re gonna go save my boyfriend” I love
  • 2 mummies! Oh no!
  • that’s the best damn pirate I’ve ever seen. Kravitz you sap!!

What,, a good episode. I think this is my new favorite live show it was amazing.

Montréal Canadiens 2016-2017 Yearbook Players Q&A




#45 Mark Barberio

Q: What was the inspiration for your “Stache”?

MB:(laughs) I’ve always been a big fan of Mario and Luigi in the Super Mario games. They always had great moustaches. I thought I would pay tribute to them with my “stache”.


#28 Nathan Beaulieu 

Q: Growing up, how many people actually pronounced your last name properly? 

NB:(laughs) Not many! It’s not that easy. It’s a little bit my fault, though, because since I grew up in Ontario, I always Anglicized it.


#41 Paul Byron

Q: How’d you get so fast? 

PB: I don’t know. I started skating when I was three and I was always fast. When I moved from Junior B to Major Junior, I also started training on artificial ice where I had to pull my coach, who weighed 230 pounds, while I weighted 130. That probably helped me get faster, and I always work really hard in the summer to build up my power. 


#43 Daniel Carr

Q: Do you have a favorite Disney movie?

DC: I don’t know if this is a Disney movie, but I’d have to say the first shrek. That one was really good.


#24 Phillip Danault

Q: If you had a chance to bring back any former Canadiens player, who would it be? 

PD: Saku Koivu, because he was a great leader and I had a chance to see him often growing up I was more of a kid who played hockey instead of watching it, but i’d pick him.


#51 David Desharnais

Q: What’s your best memory with the team?

DD: Probably when we went to the Eastern Conference finals[in 2014], after we beat Boston in Game 7 in their building. Personally, my first game and my first goal are both things I’ll never forget, but with the team on the whole, what we accomplished that year was special


#74 Alexei Emelin 

Q: Who is the hardest player to knock off their feet?

AE: On our team, I’d say Chucky[Alex Galchenyuk] or Radu[Alex Radulov]. In the League, it’s either Connor McDavid or Alex Ovechkin.


#32 Brian Flynn

Q: Who was your favorite NHL player growing up?

BF: When I was a kid, it was Peter Forsberg. I loved the Avalance. They were an exciting team, and then they made the deal to bring in Ray Bourque from Boston and won the Cup. Forsberg scored a lot of big goals. I even started wearing 21 because of him. 


#27 Alex Galchenyuk

Q: Who on the team would be the class down and who would be the A+ student? 

AG: No question. Andrew Shaw would for sure be the class down. For the best student, I’d probably say Jeff Petry because he went to university and is a smart guy.


#11 Brendan Gallagher 

Q: Who is your favorite player to go up against?

BG: I’m always excited to go up against Zdeno Chara, just because throughout my entire life, people always said I was too small. For me, there’s no bigger challenge than going up against the biggest guy in the League


#62 Artturi Lehkonen

Q: Since you joined the team, which guy had made the biggest impact on you both personally and as a player?

AL: It’s tough to pick just one guy because we have such a good group here. Everything really is about teamwork.


#79 Andrei Markov

Q: What motivated you to become a hockey player?

AM: My parents. They didn’t want me to waste my time after school


#17 Torrey Mitchell 

Q: Before a faceoff, you look so focused. What are you thinking about?

TM: I’m just thinking about being aggressive for a good five to 10 seconds. Just being as aggressive as possible. 


#35 Al Montoya 

Q: How is your relationship with Brendan Gallagher since you punched him two years ago? 

AM: Oh, that’s a great question! On my first day here, Patch[Max Pacioretty] actually brought it up. He walked into the room and said, “ Have you and Gally talked about the time you hit him in Winnipeg?” We all just started cracking up. It was nothing. I was excited to be playing against a team like this and he was just doing his job. He’s kind of player you hate playing against, but you love to have on your team. I have so much respect for him.


#26 Jeff Petry 

Q: What do you like to do in your free time? 

JP: During the season, I pretty much just spend my free time at home with my son, Boyd. In the summer, I like to be outside, or I’ll go shooting or fishing. 


#14 Tomas Plekanec 

Q: How was playing professional hockey changed your life for the better?

TP: It was a dream come true. I’ve always dreamed about becoming a professional athlete, especially as a hockey player, and I worked really hard to get here. You have a chance to wake up, go to practice, and then have the day to spend with your family. We know we’re very privileged to have this opportunity. 


#31 Carey Price 

Q: Which NHL player gives you the most trouble or is the most difficult to stop? 

CP: I would probably say Ovi[Alex Ovichkin] because he always seems to find an opening and he as a great shot. 


#47 Alexander Radulov 

Q: Who has the weirdest ritual or superstition on the team?

AR: Definitely Mitchy[Torrey Mitchell]. He makes all of us tap our helmets together in the hall before we go on the ice


#Zach Redmond 

Q: What’s your favorite road city?

ZR: During the year, you run into a lot of cold weather. That’s why a lot of the guys and I enjoy the California and Florida trips. It’s good to have a little break and enjoy the sun a little bit, not that we’re out in the sun a whole lot when we’re there. It’s always nice to break it ip mid-season. 


#65 Andrew Shaw 

Q: When you were traded to Montreal, what were you most excited about?

AS: I was really pumped about making new friends and meeting new people and forming relationships on and off the ice. And just the idea of pulling on this jersey with all the history that comes with it. I was just excited to take part in everything here. 


#6 Shea Weber 

Q: Do Carey Price and Al Montoya let you take full clappers in practice? 

SW: I’m sure they would, but I never feel the need to take huge slapshots, just in case I get someone in a bad place. There’s no reason to hurt your own goalie. The best time to fire off some of those is when there’s no goalie in the net. 


#8 Greg Pateryn 

Q: What motivates you to improve yourself every day?

GP: What you need to do not just every year, but every single day, is getting better. I think you have to take pride in knowing you’re helping your teammates and that they can count on you. But they also expect you to get better. If you don’t, you’re not just letting yourself down, you’re letting the team down. That’s what motivates me. That and also knowing that there’s always someone fighting to take your place and that you could end up out of a job


#67 Max Pacioretty 

Q: What is your goal for this season?

MP: To win the Stanley Cup.

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Hi, I just found your blog and I already adore your art! Keep it up! Also, could you describe the process of a piece, from start to finish? I would like to improve my own technique, so some tips would also be nice. You don't have to, ofc!^^

hi! thank you so much ♥ 

Honestly probably the best way to do this is just to start a new piece so, here we go: it’s not finished but I’ll just update as I go since its been like 3 weeks since this ask! 

1. Theme/What is it?

I mean this isn’t always number one. Sometimes we all make a nice head and make a picture around it but. I usually try to divide everything by whether the piece is just prettygiving information, or asking for it

This is probably a better worded concept somewhere but it helps me plan a little better. 

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I’m planning to make a game!

(long post warning)

Hello.. so that’s a thing that’s been going on in my mind for awhile/////v////// I feel extremely shy about this, but I’m planning to make a dr fangame using the Visual Novel Maker tool that will be available soon. (if I’m correct, it will be out in Nov 16th!) If you’ve been following my posts for awhile I have been talking about my dr ocs. It’s going to be about them.

I have no idea on how the thing’ll look like because I have no experience on using the tool (moreover, making games in general); but I believe it’ll be more or less in a visual novel format. Perhaps it’s really early to talk because I haven’t really sat down and gotten a thing done. I’m not sure how long it will take to complete either, and I have so many things I have to look into like putting decent bgs, incorporating music, sprites and just bringing the whole thing together. I think I’ll just have to tackle everything one at a time.

The reason I’m still talking about this despite the fact NOTHING is practically done regarding the game making process is because- because I got the whole flow of the story established and finalized just earlier this week!!/// I have been thinking about making my own version of dr for some time, and I started to get down a bit and form more concrete ideas (and drew little comics along the way to conceptualize things more) around August-September last year before the release of drv3.  I had other things going on with my life like always, of course, so it was a thing that’s been going on and off for awhile

and this week was the week where a lot of things got established and finalized!// I felt really excited about it, but since everything about this story came from only  my head I needed some feedback before I could confirm things altogether. In which happened a lot earlier than I anticipated.. my friend did that for me. Just two or three days ago. I let her out everything I’ve made of the story from the beginning to the very end, and she gave me a very very positive reaction about how it goes which gave me a lot of confidence. While that was going on I also found a nice song that I feel would be GREAT to use for the end credits too and I remembered having been recommended to use the new visual novel game maker tool-

So uh, I really want to do this..// it’d be embarrassing if I end up failing the project or give up in the process but I don’t want to worry about that now. I feel it’d be a nice challenge for me and most of all, I very look forward to showing you all of what I’ve come up with. It will make me so happy if you could have fun or feel something from what I could offer, because I’ve been enjoying my time here with everyone I’ve met and I’m always grateful for all your support.

Plus hehe// I do really like the dr franchise. This is about something I’ve felt about it and what comes from it.. I’m curious what my friends and followers and viewers would feel about this crude and kinda half-baked as it is, and I also feel I could learn a lot from giving something like this a try. If you feel like it, please wish me luck!// Ahh also, I might upload bits and pieces of the game if I do end up making it (like a chapter or the prologue) so perhaps play it and give me feedback when I do?// It will help me a lot and develop it in a better direction plus you’ll also be contributing lot to the story!

..honestly it’s too early to talk about something when I’ve got nothing to offer; I’ll bring back something next time when I talk about the project again but this is how I’m feeling// ;v;

This got soooo long but in short,

  • I am planning to make a dr fangame in a visual game format (probably)
  • The main storyline is confirmed solid as well as some of the details (like the song for the end credits, character relationships and development etc)
  • I may ask for some feedback here as it’s being made time to time.

Also additionally, 

  • I need help on creating good, convincing murder tricks for the culprits. This is the part that’s been giving me a lot of trouble. If you could think up any cool tricks that you feel ppl could do and attempt to get away with please send me via ask/submit/messaging system or maybe DM me on twitter too, I’m willing to listen anytime!! (PLEASE I NEED HELP sending SOS)
  • gOD I’d be so happy if people play the game and have fun
  • Going to share stuff about the story/ocs on my blog and maybe draw a comic version & post

※SOBS I talked about this project to friends and they said wouldn’t having voiceovers’d be nice- YEAH??????? The idea of that makes me cry but I’d first have to get the things I can do regarding this done but it’s great to dream high I think that’s good for creators hhn thanks for giving me ideas

That is all! :D I could keep all these in my head but I think I wouldn’t have even begun to think about doing this without all the time and support I got here. You all make me want to do a lot of things. So I want to put this out// Sorry for being chatty, I’ll be working on this!

+attaching drawings of the characters I’ve got from my friend

thank you for reading! I can’t wait to show what stories they form together!

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Hello I love your art and love the new kiribaku kids. I did research on mako sharks and it said "The shortfin mako is on record as the fastest-swimming shark, capable of bursts of speed up to 18.8 metres per second (42 mph)." Its jaw is powerful enough to eat swordfish and sea turtles. And "Like other lamnid sharks, the shortfin mako shark has a heat-exchange circulatory system that allows the shark to be 7-10 °F warmer than the surrounding water. ". So I think mako would be an excellent hero

Never said she won’t be! As I’ve already explained tho the concept is that she’s young and most of he quirk-related abilities just haven’t developed yet - if she’d been living with her biological parents (which means, other people with a shark quirk) they would have already known what to expect from the quirk/she would have knows watching them, but as things stand she’s being raised by two people who’ve never known anyone else with that quirk, so they’re going at it completely blind. As far as Bakugou and Kirishima know her quirk’s abilities could stop at what she has now, but that doesn’t change that they’ll do their best to help her become the best hero of her generation, if that’s what she wants

Anon said: I can’t believe the KiriBaku kids are literally Sharkgirl and Lavaboy, it’s very cute. I also wanna say that Mako looks very much like one of the student from Ketsubutsu Academy, Nakagame Tatami, who has a “turtle quirk”. Could it be that Mako is Tatami’s biological kid and that when Tatami died (presumably from battle) Mako got adopted? Their quirks are a little similar (water-animal based), and hero’s kids usually have very strong quirks even from a young age. Just a theory, love the kids tho!

I know you didn’t mean anything bad by this and I love how into them you are (thank you for liking them!) but please never, ever tell an artist that their OCs are literally some other characters, that’s the worst thing any creator can ever be told. Like, while I don’t exactly mind it since I knew this would happen even before posting them (as I said, I do know they remind of them - even though Tai’s quirk isn’t only about heating things up - and I’m still of the opinion that Kiri and Baku are pretty damn similar to Sharkboy and Lavagirl themselves so kids inspired by them were bound to remind of them, when coming from me) you might in the future find someone who’ll take it bad enough that they’ll just trash the characters and never work with them ever again, which I’m sure you don’t want

Just, mind your words next time you send this sort of asks, okay?

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anonymous asked:

C you talked about the symbolic gesture, right? But which symbolic gesture could it be? I mean I agree with you that he covered his tattoos very often, the triangle tattoo every time.. But I always thought that his management forced him to cover it, because we know what the triangle mean.

Hey, friend! 

There’s not a lot that I can really do for you aside from speculate, since no one has any way of 100% knowing what Louis intends to convey by covering his tats. That being said, I’ll try to answer your question as best as I can.

I have to say that I absolutely do not think that management is forcing him to cover his triangle tattoo. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Yes, the triangle is an iconic symbol of the gay community, but I can think of a hundred other things (that are arguably more visible to the GP) that they might make him cover up before they’d make him cover the triangle. 

Examples: him always being noticeably MIA the same time as Harry, him following artists/photogs/people Harry has worked with recently, him wearing white shirts for an entire summer after Harry wrote TG (the song with “white shirt” lyrics that’s frequently tied to Larry), him talking about how proud he is of Harry in Dunkirk with the sappiest fondest smile on his face…….. I could go on. 

As for what I think the symbolic gesture actually is - I think it could be a way for him to protect that part of him, to symbolically hide it from view while he’s going through the shitstorm of het image reinforcement and stunting that’s been happening since the day he started covering it. The fact that he started covering it up almost immediately after Elk 2.0 began is also very telling, IMO.

I can’t really begin to imagine myself in his place, but I’ll share an anecdote in the hopes that it might help you understand. As you may know, I’m gay. I have a tiny rainbow flag pin on my purse - the flag, like the triangle, is an iconic gay symbol. When I have to go back home and effectively put myself back in the closet while I’m with my homophobic relatives, I take that pin off. I don’t want to open that part of myself up to them - I would rather protect it by hiding it. I use “hide” for lack of a better term, because “hide” can imply that there’s shame associated with what I hide. I’m incredibly proud of who I am. But when I have to reinforce my perceived heterosexuality for an extended period of time, I want to protect the things that connect me to the LGBTQ+ community. Sometimes I have to do that by hiding those things.

I digress - I wasn’t in “the room where it happens” on February 22nd, so I don’t know what happened in that Sony meeting before he started covering his tattoo. He obviously wanted a focus on it before it was hidden away for so long. Perhaps he knew that they were going to iron out contract end dates, or something of that nature. Maybe he just had a feeling that the meeting would precede a long run of heavy stunting and BG-ing. No one can know for sure.

Whatever it was, though - the covering is intentional. Nobody covers a tattoo (that they used to show off all the time) for a year without having a reason. 

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hey! So I was reading your (very helpful) ask here: /post/145663051203/dude-i-just-want-to-say-thank-you-for-the and at some point you say that to brighten the gif at some point you need masks; I'm not new to photoshop but i always had trouble using masks and idk what you meant there? how do you use masks to brighten gifs? (if you don't mind me asking)

hey there!

Masks can be a bit confusing at first, you just need a bit of practice to get the hang of it! Once you do, they’re going to become your favourite tool, I promise!

Tutorial on how to use masks under the cut!

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