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Today was as normal as any other Saturday at the Holmes residence. Molly was out with Elizabeth running a few errands while Sherlock stayed home with the boys solving a couple of cases Lestrade need help with.

Today was a normal Sunday but…

‘But it’s too quiet.’ Sherlock thought as he put on a kettle,‘what are those boys-’

“NO!,” Will screamed,“ I don’t want to!”

“Ahhh,“Sherlock smiled,” there it is.“

“No Will! We ALWAYS do that,” Hamish complained,“why can’t we do something else!”

“Because why would we!” Will countered, obviously not wanting to comply.

“BUT WE-” Hamish started to scream.

“Boys?” Sherlocks baritone voice broke through the argument,“what seems to be the problem today?”

From out of the kitchen the boys slowly walked over, silent and embarrassed from being heard by their father.

“Come on then,” he said as he kneeled before them with his arms open.

Hamish ran to him first. Quickly followed by Will. They knew that this meant their dad wasn’t mad, just curious.

After bear hugging the both of them into laughter, Sherlock repeated himself.

“So what seems to be the problem?”

“It’s no fair dad!,” Hamish groans,“ Will wants to play pirates again! And we already did that yesterday!”

“Well that’s because pirates are the best!” Will argued.

(Though Will may look more than Molly, he undoubtedly takes after Sherlock, and that includes the pirate obsession.)

“But we always play pirates!,” Hamish whined again,“why can’t we play space explorers!”

“Because pirates are-” Will yelled again before being cut off by Sherlock.

“Now now. Let’s say I tell you a fact” Sherlock interrupted.

He didn’t believe in telling his children silly fairy tales. He instead like to give them facts, bits of knowledge here and there. However they interpret said knowledge was completely up to them. Molly doesn’t really approve but judging by the wide eyes the Holmes boys were giving, that didn’t seem to matter.

“Did you know that the ocean is very much like outer space. There is very little we know about what’s beyond and what’s on the sea floor. Both are very much unknown and unexplored. So a pirate is very much like a space explorer. Both are pioneers don’t you think?”

The boys stood staring at him in silence before Hamish spoke up.

“So…so the ocean is like space?” Hamish asked.

“And space is like the ocean?” Will questioned.

“So that means we want to be the same things?” Hamish added.

“Yes, to an extent. Both are seeking adventures of the unknown” Sherlock smiled.

“Well then that means…” Will slowly said as he looked to his brother.

“we can be SPACE PIRATES!” They both yelled in unison.

Sherlock let out a hardy laugh,“yes I believe so.”

“That means we can have literal Rocket ships!” Will exclaimed.

“And space whales!” Hamish laughed.

“I think it’s settled then?” Sherlock asked the now excited boys squirming in his arms.

“Yeah dad.” Will laughed.

“Come on let’s go” Hamish called after his brother as he ran to his room.

“Hey wait for me!” He said running after him.

Sherlock was left with a smile as he shook his head as his boys ran off.

Today really was a regular old Sunday.

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Somehow Part 3 (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Warnings/Triggers: Sadness, a bit of angst

AUs: None

Time Period: Modern

Notes: Here’s part 3! This should be it guys! New series coming though…

Requested: I had a lot of people ask for part 3, so here we go!

Tags: @because-katiedid @justfangirlingaround @monumentalhero@hamilbroke@laichisenpai@supergalaxykittens

If there’s a warning I need to add, please let me know! I want you to feel safe and comfortable reading my stories! Thanks!

Part 1 Part 2

It had been too long. To long since Herc had heard you laugh, or seen you smile. Everyone was worried. John and Laf were all cuddling with him, watching a movie.

That’s when they got Alex’s call.

“Herc?! Are you there? It’s Y/N.” Herc heard Alex’s voice from the other end. 

Hercules sat up. Laf and John complained before pausing the movie.

“Yeah, Alex? What’s wrong?” He said, he could barely piece together a sentence. What could be so important that Alex called at 1:57 am? Sure he obviously wasn’t sleeping, but still.

“Y/N. She woke up.” Herc just stared at the phone. he felt someone tugging on his sleeve. He smiled. For the first time in 2 weeks, he smiled.

When he finally was able to process everything, they were already in the car. Lafayette was driving, a wide grin across his face. John was tearing up. It was the first time that any of them have seen, but he had a smile across his face as well.

When they got there, they rushed to your room number, they had it memorized. The ran down the hall, much to the dismay of the receptionist and the nurses.

When they got to your room, Alex was talking you.You were holding a frappacino, your favorite kind. Sure the doctors disagreed with Alex’s methods, but who cares.

Well… the doctors care.

“ Y/N!” John shouted. He immediately ran and hugged you. Hercules heard a breath hitch in Laf’s throat before he too ran over. Pretty soon everyone was in a giant group hug. John was in tears, so was Lafayette, well, everyone was in tears.

Except you.

“Hey, hey. It’s alright.” You said. You smiled back at them.

Alex grabbed your hand and pulled it to his chest.

“I’m so sorry. This is all my fault, I-I…” He trailed off, the tears running down his face were choking him up.

“What? Alex. This is my fault. I just didn’t think it through. I’m, sorry.” Tears were working their way down your face as well. Laf walked to your other side, John followed him. Hercules stepped next to Alex, gripping his shoulder. You smiled through your tears.

Everyone fell silent as they looked at each other. You realized exactly how tired you were and started closing your eyes. You saw the four faces leaning over you as you fell asleep to the sound of your heart monitor beating.

New series. Not sure if its today or tomorrow, but there are some cast fics on the way… *wink wink* Hope you like it!!


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Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again

Remus Lupin & Sirius Black, Gryffindor common room, 1977


RFA in Autumn

It’s getting colder – I hope everyone stays warm ♥ I’ve always wanted to draw autumn themed art it’s so fun *THROWS LEAVES EVERYWHERE*

I also posted wips && previews in my instagram earlier♥


Daenerys Targaryen’s Fashion 

“I always put trousers underneath because in her psyche anything might go wrong and [she’s always thinking], ‘I might need to run away,’ Even with the longest, most beautiful gowns, she always wears a pair of boots and trousers. I like that sense of, 'I can play this [queen] but underneath, I can run.’“ - Michele Clapton on Dany’s Costumes (insp.)