i like these two we should continue that rp sometime if you want to friend!

Summing up the shows

Supernatural: Two brothers start hunting the occult end up in a soap opera that never ends

The 100: Showing that teenage girls make for far better rulers then old white men

Orphan Black: A precious little hobbit finds out she has sisters in the most unusual of ways. Also French bisexual puppy

Agent Carter: is perfection. Is everything

Legend of Korra: The Anthropomorphic personification of an uber powerful god like creature is going through her teenager years and doing all the usual things. Stopping communist, starting civil wars, bringing down tyrants and falling for a girl

Arrow: Up to season 3 a fun modern super hero show with a lovely core family. From season 3 aka the post Sara Lance period utter crap that barely keeps it together

Hawaii 5-0: There should be no laws for the police. The only way to get things done is to give them absolute power and let them do whatever they want

Sense8:  What will happen if instead of internet friendships we got telepathic friendships.

Legend of the Seeker: Basically Xena although the lesbians are not just implied but shown

The Flash: Precious cinnamon roll gets superpowers ends up doing well until the end when he screws up enormously

Faking it: Ever tried to help your best friend with something only to end falling in love with her,realizing you are a lesbian and embarking on a complicated and ridiculously weird journey

Dead Like Me: bored sarcastic aimless teenager is killed by a falling space station. Becomes a grim reaper. Is still a bored sarcastic aimless teenager but slightly more angry

Person of Interest: Ok here is the plan. We pretend that this show is your usual procedural with a  slight twist and then we lay down for a while till the network doesn;t suspect anything and bham. Social issues, well developed female characters, anti goverment messages, discussing humanity and so much more

Once Upon a Time: What happens if you combines amazingly rich and iconic characters with incredibly talented and charming actors and with horrible writers

Carmilla: Tiny curious gay hobbit falls for an useless broody lesbian vampire

Community: An accurate representation of college

IZombie: A sarcastic tiny zombie solves crimes by eating the brains of murder victims and absorbing their memories and personalities. Also has shirtless Arthur. if you have loved Veronica Mars you will adore this

Leverage: Hardened criminals look at how fucked up our society is and go “ Holy shit come on’ and start fighting for the people by taking down corporations and other assholes

Lost Girl: It’s like Buffy but the main characters uses her vagina significantly more. Especially on women

Fringe: Say why not break the universe and watch as things get really weird? Also there is a cow as a supporting character

Sherlock: An anti social …sociopath  whom everybody tolerates for no obvious reason gets a grumpy doctor to obsess over him. He solves cases that are so badly written that you cringe when you say them outloud. Is a crappy show but the actors are so charming and talented that you can’t help but watch it

Orange is the New Black: Tumblr chick goes to prison remembers how much she loves girls, realizes that she is engaged to a pie fucker

Teen Wolf: ridiculously buff boys in their mid twenties play teeangers who are constantly shirtless due to being werewolves. Women tend to get screwed over a lot. Guilty pleasure for a lot of people

Rizzoli & Isles: Come for the cool female friends who solve crime together stay for your lesbian headcannon

Penny Dreadful: You know how sometimes you imagine crazy things like Frankenstein and an American Werewolf getting together and hunting down Dracula with the girl who is being stalked by Satan? Yeah…you should watch this show. It has Eva Greeen and Billie Piper

Game of Thrones: Blood and Boobs. Also ice zombie(so far we haven’t seen female ice zombie boobs but it’s just a matter of time)

Merlin: A world in which  emotional readiness of Arthur is more important then continued genocide and the destruction of a poor precious woman who only wanted the good of everybody. Yes I am still bitter

Vampire Diaries/ Originals: Here we have some incredibly toxic people and relationships. Worship them

Haven:X-Files the small town version

Happy Endings: It’s like Friends if black and gay people existed there. And if Friends had much better writers

Outlander: A woman from the 20th century travels back in time to the year 1743. Can’t stop herself from constantly telling people to fuck off

Elementary: An accomplished woman helps a broken detective gets his life together and shuts the shit out of him down when he is rude. She finds detective work fun and becomes a detective herself. Natalie Dormer appears halfway through the show and fucks you up with her perfection

Misfits: What will happen if you get superpowers

Being Human: A werwolf, a vamire and a ghost decide to become roomates. Yes it’s exactly as hilariously awesome as you think  P.S : You will end up crying a lot

Powers: The first realistic representation of what the world will be like if things like Superheroes and Super villains have existed for decades

Doctor Who: Starts out with a sad ancient alien teaching his humans companions that everyone is special and everything matters . Halfway through it suddenly changes to pointless stunts that make no sense but look pretty

rp sentence starters using lines from r.h. sin’s work , whiskey words and a shovel I 
part one / part two / part three

“ you’re always coming back. ”
“ you fear you’ve been replaced. ”
“ it was your love that caused all this. ”
“ it was you that made me this way. ”
“ suddenly, being heartless was better than being heartbroken. ”
“ we have found ourselves. ”
“ i wish changing my heart was as easy as changing my mind. ”
“ and they wonder why the good know so much pain. ”
“ the snow makes the cemetery look alive. ”
“ the heart takes too long to figure out what the mind already knows. ”
“ i learned to live without you. ”
“ just a funeral held in memory of the person i was. ”
“ you deliberately destroyed me. ”
“ what was there to love? ”
“ i now know that i was in this alone. ”
“ i find myself pretending to be fine. ”
“ my smile is usually a mask. ”
“ you’ll think i’m weak. ”
“ it’s easier said than done. ”
“ you’re always alone whenever real shit occurs. ”
“ all of this is all of nothing. ”
“ you’re full of pain, but filled with fight. ”
“ the idea of getting married scares me. ”
“ i have nothing more to offer than myself. ”
“ i don’t really recognize the person i’ve become. ”
“ a year can change a lot. ”
“ you no longer deserve my thoughts. ”
“ i am ashamed for having given in to your pleas. ”
“ i want to dance with you. ”
“ my spine has been weighed down by a life of despair and disappointment. ”
“ how brave it is, to love completely. ”
“ i’ll try for you, because you’re worth it. ”
“ sometimes nightmares are people. ”
“ being alone brings me closer to peace. ”
“ you’ve become like a prison. ”
“ i’m planning ways to escape you. ”
“ i remember everything i don’t want to. ”
“ i struggle to comprehend your inability to love me as much as i loved you. ”
“ you’re relying on a broken mirror. ”
“ i’ll rebuild without you. ”
“ loving you meant that i didn’t love myself. ”
“ tomorrow will be even harder. ”
“ i’ve accepted my fate. ”
“ you took what you wanted. ”
“ i am trying to find myself under the rubble of my own heart. ”
“ i’m tired of pretending it doesn’t hurt. ”
“ i was wrong about you. ”
“ the truth always rises to the surface. ”
“ they’ve gotten what they wanted from you. ”
“ heartache made me so fucking unforgiving. ”
“ in you, lives a love that most people won’t be able to comprehend. ”
“ they’re no longer good for you. ”
“ you can’t find love in places filled with hate. ”
“ who will understand my scars? ”
“ i just want to stop thinking about you. ”
“ i hope those lies burn your lips. ”
“ i barely recognize myself anymore. ”
“ my most dangerous habit is overthinking. ”
“ this was never meant to work. ”
“ i’d like to learn you. ”
“ i’d like to love every part of you. ”
“ you struggle to fit in places where you don’t belong. ”
“ you’re only here because your friends wanted to go. ”
“ love me when things are bad. ”
“ love me through my imperfections. ”
“ never apologize for burning too bright. ”
“ i was willing to drown for them. ”
“ shallow compliments have no meaning. ”
“ i yelled because i actually cared. ”
“ i only argued with you because i gave a fuck. ”
“ i should have been a bit clearer about what i was asking for. ”
“ no one wants to be alone. ”
“ there is loneliness in being with the wrong person. ”
“ and i continue to burn. ”
“ it hurts like hell. ”
“ i accept you as you are. ”
“ you’re still beautiful to me. ”
“ you were only meant to be temporary. ”
“ slowly, death crept up behind me. ”
“ holding onto you was killing me. ”
“ i nearly lost my damn mind. ”
“ i can love you, but only from a distance. ”
“ some people are more lovable when they’re not around. ”
“ you’re a sinner, i’m your accomplice. ”
“ a moment of weakness doesn’t define your strength. ”
“ i won’t miss you. ”
“ one day you’ll understand. ”

Hexes {Sirius Black x Reader} *REQUESTED*

This really gave me a hard time. Hopefully it’s not that bad. I tried my best, lol.



(Y/n) felt her anger boil up inside her quietly as Sirius approaches her in the courtyard. There was nothing else that could silence the raging volcano in her as she watches her boyfriend smile and laugh before waving goodbye at his friends. She had just returned from the Hospital wing after learning about what had happened to Bertram Aubrey, a Ravenclaw student Sirius hated. His head grew twice as large and it had almost given poor Madam Pomfrey a heart attack.

(Y/n) had an idea that could possibly be the reason why Sirius Black and James Potter had decided to give him that treatment and she was not letting him get away with it so easily. She balled her fists furiously as he ran towards her.

“(Y/n)!” He said, “Oh, I’m so glad to see you. Charms was awfully boring today and–”

“Really?” She said, acting as though she was interested.

“Yeah! And Professor Flitwick was–”

“Nothing interesting? No ILLEGAL HEXES THAT COULD INFLATE SOMEONE’S HEAD?!!” She shouted. Students began to look at them including some Slytherins who watched them from under a tree.

“I can’t believe you right now, Sirius.” She said, her voice low. She shook her head in disbelief while Sirius tried to explain.

“Look, (Y/n), you have to see it from my point of view. He was–”

“From your point of view? I can’t quite look at it from your twisted perspective besides mine! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?! WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?!”

“He was beginning to get too close to you.” Sirius said. Everyone had gathered around them and as much as Sirius wanted to shout at them to mind their own business, he couldn’t.

“So you hexed him, huh? Well, next time, maybe you should hex Remus too when he tutors me! Bloody hell, hex James too!”

“It’s not like that, (Y/n). You know it.”

(Y/n) looked away, her tears falling down her cheek silently. She hated crying in front of a lot of people but she hated it more when Sirius was the reason behind it. He tried to brush it away but she turned her back. He did not know why she was even defending Bertram. He saved her from a pervert so what was she mad about? He deserved it and that should make him the hero, right?

Sirius sighed and tried to speak to her gently, “Can we talk about this, please? Somewhere private? I don’t want to lose you, (Y/n).”

“Sorry, Sirius. You just did.” (Y/n) walked away, leaving him to stand alone in the middle of the courtyard with a furious expression on his face. His friends had returned after receiving news from their fellow Gryffindors about what had happened.

“Padfoot, calm down. Let’s go out, hm? Perhaps for some fresh air?” James said.

Sirius followed them without a word and as they were walking outside, all the students whispered around.

“Make them stop, Remus. Before I do something.” Sirius muttered in anger.

Remus did not say anything and took long strides, James leading them to a deserted patch of a nearby forest with a view of the lake.

As soon as they reached far enough, they sat down and Sirius began to rant while punching and kicking a tree.

“Stupid Aubrey. Posh, stupid Ravenclaw and his little smirk and stupid head. Can’t even get a girlfriend of his own so he steals mine. I bet you’re happy now, aye? Stupid, stupid–”

“Sirius, language please.” Remus said.


“Mm, much better.” Remus rolled his eyes.

“Padfoot, you’re hurting the poor tree. Besides, I took part in it too so it’s also my fault.” James said.

“No, no, James. He deserved it.”

“But what about (Y/n)? Did she deserve to get hurt?” Remus asked, the question lingering in the air. “She was obviously hurt about what you did. It’s not just about you hexing his head. It’s about you not trusting her.”

Sirius made no reply. It had just dawned on him the root of his problem which was mainly because he was feeling jealous and he felt like she had been spending more time with Bertram than him. He looked at his bruised knuckles which were now violet.

“So what, I apologize to her?”

“Well, yeah.”

“It’s not gonna fix anything, I’m sure. She hates me now.”

“But you haven’t even tried yet, Padfoot.” James said. After all, he was pretty much set on pursuing Lily Evans and he had never stopped no matter how much it infuriates her but Sirius only remained quiet throughout the day.

Miserable was an understatement to describe Sirius. Two days had already passed since his girlfriend broke up with him and he has been eating less. He did not participate in classes and no pranks were played for the entire week, sending Filch to celebrate at his demise. He had now realized his mistake on not trusting (Y/n) but now, he believed it was too late to take back what he had done. He spent his days depressed during detention with James and sometimes, they were even separated. Bertram Aubrey finally returned from the hospital wing but he was very traumatized and would often shake and shiver at the sight of Sirius.

He poked his food and flicked his mashed potatoes at first years, sighing constantly and pouting.

James watched him and put down his fork, leaning in to whisper at Remus.

“Moony, I think we should do something.”

“What do you suggest? Lock them in a broom closet until one of them comes out alive? I’ve told you many times, Prongs, my bet is on (Y/n).”

“No! Although, I agree on that one. But I think we should do something to help them.”

“I’m staying out of it, Prongs.”

“Look at Padfoot! He looks like a kicked out dog!”

“Because he is!”

“And look at (Y/n)!”

The two watched (Y/n) from the other side of the table, not eating as well. Her eyes were puffy as though she had spent the whole night crying and she was still wearing the necklace Sirius gave her for Valentine’s day. It was tucked out of sight under her shirt but the gold chain stood out.

“She still loves him, Moony, and so does our boy,” James whispered.

“Fine, but if she murders me, I will personally haunt you.”

“Wow, can’t wait to see what a were-ghost-wolf looks like.”

“You’re about to meet him very soon, Prongs.”

As the two constructed a plan, unbeknownst to them, Sirius had already stood up and left the hall. He was not feeling hungry so what was the point in staying at the table? He shifted into his animagus form as soon as he was out of sight and walked to the tree where he and (Y/n) would hung out on Fridays. He lied down and whined before falling a sleep.

(Y/n) gathered her things and walked outside to accompany her friends to pick out flowers. Lily had insisted they gather a bouquet to send to her sister, hoping it would cheer up (Y/n). Of course, this was all part of Remus’ plan. He knew where Sirius went after looking at the Marauder’s map and he decided to involve Lily Evans as well. The girls went out and looked around for flowers while (Y/n) stayed by the lake.

James, Remus and Peter watched her from behind a bush when a black dog approached her.

“Hello there. Where did you come from?” She petted the dog as it sat down by her side, its chin resting on her lap. “You know, you remind me of someone. His name was Sirius and he’s such a jerk sometimes but I love him, you know? I wish I hadn’t broken up with him.”

She continued talking to the dog as though it could understand her. He quite enjoyed having her rub her fingers on his head and stomach, his tail wagging uncontrollably.

“Look! He’s wagging his tail! I think it’s working!” Peter said.

“Great! Now he should know that she still loves him!” James said excitedly.

“Yeah but I feel like something’s wrong.” Remus said, watching the two closely and that’s when the three of them saw the unbelievable. Sirius was now standing behind her but the black dog remained by her side. The three were more than confused.

“I don’t know who you’re talking to but I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” Sirius said, kneeling down and holding her hands. “You’re right. I was a jerk and I shouldn’t have done that. Please forgive me, (Y/n). I still love you but it’s alright if you don’t want anything to do with me.”

“Don’t be an idiot, Sirius. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that in public and I’m sorry too. I just wish you’d trust me.”

“I know, I know. I’m really sorry.”

She pulled Sirius in an embrace and brushed his hair softly. “I forgive you, Sirius. Let’s not fight again, alright?”

He pulled back and placed his hand on her cheek, kissing her forehead before whispering, “So are we still dating?”

“Of course, baby.” She smiled and this time, she kissed his lips lightly which he eagerly returned.

James, Remus, and Peter went out of hiding and clapped their hands at the couple while Lily sent a bouquet of flowers to them. They pulled apart and watched their friends cheer for them before sharing another kiss.


▹ ☆ ☆ ☆  Quiescentgale’s 200+ follower milestone follow forever  ☆ ☆ ☆ ◃

✭ I just wanted to say Wow, thank you everyone who supported me upon this blog. I only made this blog just a little over two months old, (08/07/2017) and I’ve already reached this far, and I feel so loved and welcome. ;v; I could cry in happiness for this moral boost, because I always have a small fear, perhaps I am not doing Ventus any justice.  And I very much insecure if I could get this muse down, as he is traditionally not someone whom I usually RP as. Until my best friend nudged me, (even if he left me hanging high and dry xD). More encouragement from  several good friends, including my best friend who continues to support me to play Ventus how I am comfortable with him. For this Thank you everyone.

  ✭ I also apologize if I have made a lot of people uncomfortable with me, humoring with Anons, or being… such a dork, a chatter box who can’t seemed to have a mute button.. or maybe the way I played Ventus not subtle enough we don’t click, but he’s too bright and vibrant. I’ve come to a resolution that, this is my interpretation of Ventus, a bright, innocent, curious and energetic boy, who often hides behind a smile, put others in front of him. A pacifist who is mischief and playful, give hugs for everyone and wants to be their friends. For this, I wanted to make an appreciation for those who followed and supported me from the beginning, because of you guys, I’ve made it this far. But… but… I STILL QUESTIONED! Why are you following me?!  i’m just your dork extraordinaire.

This post is going to be long ;v;. Please bear with me.

Banter credited to @lunastusx but I probably destroyed it with my hideous edit in text LOL.

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Hey there! My name is Skylar, and I’ve been playing this particular horrible villain, among others, for more than five years. Playing a villain is rough. Let’s talk about it!

(Btw I’d like to make something clear. Me saying “if you do x, people might do y, even if it hurts you”, is not me saying “if you do x, people will do y.” It’s not me saying “if you do x, y just happens, and you probably deserved it anyways.” It’s not me saying “if you do x, people will hurt you”. It’s just a warning, so that you’re not totally blindsided when you do x, and someone does y, even though your rules page says not to.)

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Chatterskull: RECRUITMENT!

WANTED: Mercenaries, Criminals, Outlaws, Rebels. 

<<This poster would be placed in several shady locations around Stormwind City. Attached to each poster were several black bordered business-type cards; each adorned with a white laughing windup skull icon. On the bottom of each card front lay a comm extension, one that was seemingly longer than others, an completely untraceable. On the card backs, in small font lay the following message.>>

  “Think it stupid to flaunt an illegal recruitment, do you? Perhaps, but there is nothing left to disguise. What we are is public knowledge, a reputation spewed through the mouths of the lawful and the envious. We grow tired of waiting idly, our intentions are made clear by our actions. Actions which only serve -us-. People like us, possibly you, are a rarity in these days of light-thumper, law and noble influence. It’s time you cease contract jumping and settle down on making a career of your society-claimed evils. Continue your lifestyle, increase the size of your coin purse, and become a part of a growing empire. Fight for our tomorrow, by ending their today.” .


Interested? Let’s take a trip to OOC Land!

Originally posted by disneyskellington

Welcome to OOC land, where I am your host to all things Chatterskull! First allow me to introduce myself. I am the GM Daaé, (Olivia Daaé)! I’ve been a guild master for around five years now, and a guild master of roleplaying guilds for around two years. I’ve been blessed enough to have the guild I have today and befriend some of the amazing people and awe-inspiring writers! We typically don’t do tumblr recruitment, because we normally like doing it in-game, but due to new situations that prevent that, we’re giving this a try! I take it if you’re still reading, you’re interested! I’ll cut the information up into cute little bloody parts for your curiosities! Enjoy~ 

What is Chatterskull Inc?
Chatterskull Incorporated is a heavy criminal/horror neutral-chaotic evil aligned order of characters ranging from mad doctors, to run-of-the-mill mercenaries. Chatterskull has the sole purpose of gaining power and gaining it in their favor. They are without a doubt bullies, and only in it for their family, usually not caring who they crush along the way. They are savage people, most times willing to kill over the smallest of things should they feel it right. Life as a whole means little to them unless it is one of their kin. Soon they intend to begin building a criminal empire and have no issues hurting whoever along the way.

Yikes! Let me add this. We are 100% IC bullies, and sometimes this can make it difficult to roleplay with us as a group. However, should you find yourself in that sort of situation, feel free to ask for personal roleplay. We ARE bullies IC, however OOC the lot of us are as sweet sugar coated apple pie, please don’t assume the worst of us based off of IC interaction!

What to expect? 
A community. Despite focusing the majority of our time as a community on WoW, we stretch far beyond that. Our discord is extremely active, whether it be for WoW, Overwatch, League or whatever these dorks are in the mood for. Depending on the game you may find yourself in competitive teams daily during hours which aren’t prime for roleplay. Don’t play other games however? Not to worry. We have an array of talented writers who love to roleplay whether it be in-game or on discord. Bored? We have contracts you can ICly complete! Lost? We have documents that are updated on our lore monthly! Shy? Don’t be! We focus hard on making connections OOCly, keeping tight knit and just enjoy our time together as friends. Our character’s always come second to our OOC lives. Overall, expect to be social, to interact, to have fun and make friends. Understand we care more about the players and the community than we do our IC lives.

What do you offer?

  •  A DRAMA FREE ENVIRONMENT. I cannot stress this enough, we do not allow drama. The moment someone is proven as drama they are removed immediately. We rarely do second chances. 

  • A lore environment. This includes realistic characters as well. No, your dragon cannot join, not because we hate dragon roleplay, but just isn’t lore friendly despite how hard you try to stretch it. 

  • An active community. As mentioned before we are an extremely active community. We’re close friends and do a lot of things together! (Some people taking that to an extreme..Please don’t take your discord mobile app into the bathroom. Please don’t leave it on speaker going through the drive-through, you -will- regret it.) 

  • Player V.S. Player Content. Should mention this. The majority of us are from a PvP server, so, we tend to like to kick some booty. We intend to start RBG teams soon! However, our PvP, also means we LOVE RP/PvP events with a passion. 

  • Cross-Faction Roleplay. What? It’s fun. Plus, we’re criminals, and sometimes those Hordie’s know how to party.

  • Events! Events! Events! D20, Arc, OOC-Game Night, Casual, Member Rank-Events. You name it, we try to schedule it. 

  • Strict Officer Staff. They meet monthly requirements, you the members rate their events each time they host one, you give feedback, they listen and grow from it. We’re HUGE on communication and in order to give you all a better experience we need to hear those wonderful thoughts. 

  • Resources. We’re constantly updating our documents and tumblr information to keep you the members as up to date on everything happening as we can. We understand you have real lives and want to make things as easy as possible! 

Nothing special here! Yer, yee ol’ typical ranking system.

  • [Culler]-Officer.
  • [Crux]- Core/Long Term Members.
  • [Cut-Throat]- Member Rank. (IC-Fighters)
  • [Medic]-Member Rank. (IC Healers)
  • [Bloodlet]- New Member.
  • [OOC/Alt]- OOC Character. 

How To Join!
Step:1- Read guild rules located on guild tumblr!
Step:2- Contact an Officer or Guild Master.
Step:3- Let us review your TRP! 


Have questions? Wanna join? Hit us up!

[Daaé]-Guild Master
Battletag: Silhouette#12190
Discord: Silhouette#2997
Tumblr: livdaae.tumblr.com

[Winevale]-Guild Master [OOC]
BattleTag: MrClockWerk#1193
Discord: MrClockWerk#9201
Tumblr: Winevalewitch.tumblr.com

Thank you for your time!

Being a Member of a Long Running Roleplay: Helpful Tips and Gentle Warnings.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’ve recently joined (or worse, created) an incredible roleplay. Everything seems wonderful. Shall we even go so far as to say too good to be true. It has nice graphics, well done bios, friendly roleplayers - a good plot… and yet, suddenly, after sometimes as short as a week or as long as a month or two, activity drops off. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes less so. You feel stagnant, bored with your character and so either you leave or the RP itself dies out.

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve had this happen to me quite a lot over the years. For some people, this is a good system. It means they get to create new characters every month or so, and try out new things. Which is awesome! Unfortunately, if you’re like me, when this ends up happening instead of feeling excited about moving to the next idea you can’t help but grumble ‘all that character development wasted’ or ‘great, time to make another email and tumblr account - like I don’t already have enough trouble remembering the 25 I already have’ or, probably most irritating of all ‘where the hell am I going to find someone now who writes that well for that one character I love, everything is ruined’.

The following guide will cover:

  • How to create and maintain a successful, long running running roleplay.
  • How to contribute as a member to keep an RP healthy, fun and active.

Now I know what you’re saying. ‘Why the heck should I listen to you Mr. Tommy? Where are your credentials? Do you have a doctorate in advanced roleplaying that we don’t know about?’  Well, I can’t really give a good answer to that I’m afraid besides the fact that while I’m sure very similar lists like this have been done in the past, when I went looking I couldn’t find any, so I decided to create my own. I am currently a member of a roleplay which has been active for over two years, which in tumblr terms is almost unheard of. I’ve also experienced the golden ‘two weeks of activity’ bellcurve, and let me tell you - not a fun experience, so I feel like I can offer some insight into what works and what doesn’t.

This guide will be split into three parts, for convenience sake.

PART ONE: what can you, as a roleplayer, do to keep a RP healthy?

PART TWO: what can you, as a mod, do when starting a RP with the goal of longevity in mind?

PART THREE: what can you do, as a mod, to maintain longevity in an RP?

Under the cut I will be making a make a bullet point list and then breaking each point down separately to show you potential things that can help with keeping a roleplay alive both initially and once it’s starting plot has hit the floor running as a member.

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Q&A with the blog owner

Rather than spamming the dashboard with loads of posts I’ve decided to compile this lil Q&A into one post. I wanted to do one of these before I inevitably lie this blog to rest, so here we go:

Q: “So this means for sure that this blog isn’t real, it’s just for fun and Kubo doesn’t actually run it?”

A: Unfortunately Kubo does not run this blog. It is just for fun, but others like to call it a “fake” or “impostor”. It’s never been my intention to actively fool anyone, it’s just that some people believe a bit too much of what they see on the internet.

Q: “who are you really/who runs this account/WHO ARE YOU!?Where do you live? ”

A: My name is Holly, I’ve been the sole owner/runner of this blog for five years. I’m from England (specifically the West Mids) and I look like this:

(Just in case anyone was still convinced I’m Kubo)

Q:  “What inspired you to start up this blog?”

A: I used to do some Bleach roleplay, then I had the idea to roleplay Tite Kubo because I hadn’t seen anyone do it. The original url was kubo-sensei, and I did RP a little, but after a few months I decided to just become a questions and answers blog with the occasional meme. It started out as something small, but now there’s 6584 of you. Fifteen year old me would never have believed that, or that I’d still be running this blog at twenty.

Q:  “What do you do other than this blog?”

A: I have another tumblr which is assketchum, posting sort of every day. I also have a fulltime job and a social life so running this blog has been challenging at times as I grew older.


A: I got spoilers/chapter info from Reddit/Bleach Asylum/YouTube Bleach reviewers like tekking101, but other than that any “info” you may think I have is all speculation or just me joking about (i.e what happened to a certain character, will the anime come back, is there a sequel etc.)

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so, it’s been a while since the last plot bunny. and my spotify is giving me so much inspiration so here we go with the plot ideas!!

MAKE ME LIKE YOU; Gwen Stefani

  • “why’d you have to go and make me like you? this is a feeling i’m not used to..”

muse a is an introvert. they stay inside and don’t go out unless their extroverted friends drag them somewhere. muse b is new to the town, and runs into muse a at a party they’ve been dragged to. they talk and hit it off, but is soon leaving with their friends (ironically it’s the one time they don’t wanna leave the party). muse a can’t stop thinking about muse b - and has no idea how to feel about it, considering the fact they’ve never given anyone the time of day when it came to dating, since they think it’s too messy. muse b, on the other hand, is doing everything they can to run into muse a just so they can see them again. 

NO; Meghan Trainor

  • “my name is no, my sign is no, my number is no…”

muse a is an empowered person who, in the past year, got out of a bad relationship (for whatever reason). muse b, on the other hand, is the heartbreaker, and they find themselves liking a challenge. so when they hear about muse a, they make it their mission to try to seduce them and at least take them on a date. and when they ask muse a, all they think is “but - wait, did they just say no?” and that only makes them more and more curious about the other, since it’s been a long time since the heartbreaker was rejected.

 LOVE YOU GOODBYE; One Direction

  • “the way you look i know you didn’t come to apologize… oh, why you wearing that to walk out of my life? even though it’s over you should stay tonight..”

muse and and muse b have been together for years. they’ve been together since high school. but muse a wants to travel the world, and do amazing things. whereas muse b wants to settle down, get married, and start a family. this makes the two lovers tense, and they find themselves getting in their first serious fight, that ends in an angsty split. and on the night of their split, they run into each other at a party - both dragged there by their friends trying to get them to forget about the split. and upon seeing each other they don’t even know what to do because woah, they look so good. or wait, why are they kissing someone else?. after the party, and continuing with their breakup, muse a isn’t handling it well but is doing their best acting job to make it seem like everything’s okay. whereas muse b is a mess everywhere they go, especially when they run into each other on the street. 


  • “i’d never ask you, ‘cause deep down i’m certain i’d know what you’d say.. you’d say ‘i’m sorry, believe me, i love you… but not in that way.’”

muse a and muse b have known each other since they were in diapers. they’ve always been best friends, and that will never change - or will it? when muse a realizes how they really feel for muse b, who’s in a relationship (good or bad), and finds themselves telling the other, they are let down to hear the love isn’t requited. and muse b finds himself drifting further from muse a to ensure they don’t get hurt - which only hurts them more. plot twist: muse b loves muse a too, but doesn’t want the friendship to get damaged, or their significant other is stopping them from doing so (pregnancy, threats, etc.)


  • “girls like girls like boys do, nothing new.”

f/f plot (could also be m/m!): muse a and muse b are teenagers in love. muse a is head over heels for the closeted muse b. muse b is boy crazy, and finds herself getting hurt too easily. and her conservative family makes her feel unaccepted - so she could never tell them about her questioning her sexuality. she opens up to muse a about it, crying and upset. and muse a holds her close and tells her everything will be alright. eventually they start doing things behind muse b’s parents’ backs, and yeah just sneaking around and angst!!

AMNESIA; 5 Seconds of Summer

  • “i wish that i could wake up with amnesia, and forget about all of the stupid things..”

muse a and muse b have a toxic relationship. there are fights, there’s screaming, but underneath it all is love. or was there? muse a breaks up with muse b, without seeming as upset as muse b thought they would be. muse b, who thought they wouldn’t need muse a anyways, finds themselves hurt more than ever. they wish they’d never even met them, that they could have amnesia and forget about all of it. but muse b better be careful about what they wish for. 

USED TO LOVE YOU; Gwen Stefani

  • “i don’t know why i cry but i think it’s cause i remembered for the first time since i hated you, that i used to love you.”

muse a and muse b are roomated, and they hate each other. they found themselves hating each other so much it drove them to bed sometimes, and other times it would just end in drunken angry arguments. nevertheless, muse a and muse b hated each other so much, but they still found each other irresistible. and when muse a starts dating someone, muse b finds themselves more hurt than they thought they’d be. and finds themselves trying to compete with muse a, causing even more jealousy and angst.

so yeah if you wanna do any of these feel free to hmu any time!!

Olicity 100: Skype at 7

Note: Okay, guys. There’s been requests on and off for this over the past 5 weeks but since this is my 100th Olicity fanfiction; you do get something special. Now, a lot of you know my personal Oliver Queen, whom I write twitter RP with (as Olicity) and a few of you now have asked whether we are anything like Oliver and Felicity. Turns out, we freaking are. So this for you, is the Olicity AU you’ve been waiting for, and this for me, is how I met one of my best friends.

Originally posted by fponthedl

Oliver Queen comes into her life on an April afternoon with a chirp of her phone that tells her she’s got a reply to a tweet she posted a few minutes ago.

She replies, thinks nothing of it, and continues on with her lunch break.

Her phone chirps again.

And again.

And again.

And a week later, he’s a welcome distraction in her chaotic day.

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Fairy Tail Sentence Starters ;; ♛

“The stories written by humans are boring.”

“In a Demon’s story… there’s no such thing as mercy.”

“Fairies should be broken from the inside out, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Freedom is not a thing that exists in this world.”

“There is nothing quite so dull as ‘life’.”

You are even more irrational than the rumors say.”

“I’m sure you’ll continue to hate me, but I can’t help that.”

“It’s your words that gave me courage.”

 "Your freedom is still but a lie. And so it will stay, as long as you remain taken by darkness!

"The chains that once bound us are no more!”

It means I have to win.”

“Whenever I’m around people…misfortune is sure to follow.”

“I haven’t relied on luck since the instant I was born.”

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That’s all thanks to you guys for supporting me for so long and being cool people in general!! I’ve gotta share the love for all those that have stuck by me through my months-long hiatuses and all my complaining and ranting about Sid, so here’s to you guys! I don’t where I would be, and I don’t know how I would’ve coped without this wonderfully safe haven that I have here on Sid’s blog. My dash is full of inspiring writers and the nicest people I’ve met in my life, and I am honestly!!! so glad!!! to be here with everyone!!! 

You inspire me every day to be a better writer, a better friend, and a better person!! I appreciate every one of you and I hope that maybe?? maybe, this will brighten up your day a lil!! I mean look @ those Siddos. They’re so cute they’re so fluffy, imagine them all of ‘em sliding on you and just being warm and fuzzy, like how GREAT IS THAT? I love Sid and I’m glad you guys love him too!!!!!

Anyway, under the cut will be..as usual, me being sentimental and gushy about some people that I really really really love in my life!! And tbh I hope they stay in my life as well, but EVERYONE !! I HOPE EVERYONE INTERACTS W/ ME AND BECOMES MY FRIEND!! I want everyone to feel loved and welcomed, especially if you’re interacting with me!! So!! 

Without further ado,,,,

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I Believe in Rob and in Giving Thanks.

New pictures got me excited. My creative juices started flowing and I need to weave and connect again.  

I am not going to call bluff on Rob, especially if he is working so hard to tell me he is with this woman. I am most inclined to take that Rob the funny man is doing the third option of my theory from the last post. i.e. “He is steel strong in protecting his personal life from media eyes, confuse the public and take the shit on himself to support his wife’s career”, at the same time help an artist.

I am also convinced that he has the blessing and help from his wife and friends who have not yet mumbled a word about this so called artist. It looks like a big set-up from all sides if you know what I mean.

They are happy.

Rob is having fun with the paparazzi, and by doing so everyone is happy (except Robsteners of course). Why do we want to deny his fun? He is doing the pranking, messing with tabloids and fans who have been stalking his every move, his every haircut, fashion mishap, scrutinizing his crotch/pants (totally disrespectful btw I should add) . What is the difference between a ‘loving fan’ and a tabloid when they are both not treating celebrities like human, but an object for entertainment, sexual fantasies  and illusions. The only difference is financial. Tabloids do it for a living, fans don’t get money from this objectification; they get gratification for being right in their theories, for fulfilling their fantasies at the expense of ignoring the integrity of these people. And both co-exist and are co-dependent. I know I am widely categorizing ‘loving fans’ which include admirers only of their work, the people who are rooting for them in their personal lives because of the epic love which we have witnessed in the past, and also some people who seems to be born of hate and jealousy of complete strangers. Tabloids are happy because it is payday! Only when Robert Pattinson is in the pictures then they are worth money because then all the robsessed and RP fans will slurp them up like gold. I shall not elaborate how happy Twigs is, because her work/ music nor her personality appeal to me at all. (I could totally do a separate post dissecting her music and interviews if I want to).

And most importantly, Kristen is happy. She glowed at HFA, and judging from the joyful voice she said she is into her painting and working with her hands, I am content to know that she is in a good place. No one in the eye of the storm of gossips and tabloids have time and peace of mind to pursue other interests. She is not looking haunted and guarded in her pictures during interview like when people kept asking her “are you ok?” post-Rupertgate at TIFF,  her kurt ‘I am fine’ respond to shut up concerned fans/journalists are a world of difference with the confident Kristen today. She is a lady embracing the world and loving it.

I don’t mind being the “not-so-happy part” of the picture when every stake holder in this drama is happy. I am only a fan who admires and cares for these two people. It is show business after all. We are supposed to be entertained not sad, upset and hurt over pictures posted by tabloids or fans and hounding paparazzi.

Rob seemed to have sorted out his wardrobe dilemma. At the beginning of this PR tour, he seemed to say that he is embracing changes with a new wardrobe (might I say I first suspected a jilted person’s first reaction is to have a new haircut and new wardrobe). Then I realised that he switched from his PR costume (strange Danish designers and newly bought French couture) right into normal Rob mode (black bomber jacket, white t shirt, Adidas shoes) on the same day being caught by paparazzi, just with different people. Very strange for a costume change in front of the lenses for someone who is just out normal walking and eating. When he is with T, he had a persona, cocky and smirking, sometimes smiling even to the camera. When he is in normal Rob mode, he has that dangerous glare. Sometimes you get a whiplash on this dual personalities, well that is all Rob, doing his job. ACTING!

In my last post I touched a lot about depression and other mental issues, and one concerned ‘loving fan’ has been harping on my accusation of Rob being bipolar a few times in Robsessed discussion. Thanks for that! My intention was not to classify Rob as a ‘case’, I only want to highlight that beyond the cameras, flashlights and all those glamour, there are real people who are fighting darkness and inner demons just like normal people everyday, and most came out triumphant after overcoming and addressing their illness, some did not because people around them were too late to help them. No one knows how dark these demons are, only people closest to them and most importantly they themselves could pull them out of that ‘permanent funk’. I am/was concerned about how these 'change of personality’ for the sake of pranking us/media is going to affect Rob’s psyche in the long run, or his relationship or his career. Only as a concerned (maybe to some delusional fan). I am hoping his circle of friends and family are on his back for this.

Now back to the wardrobe talk, I found that Rob is upping his game and being more comfortable in his ‘role now’. He held her hands more, and even added occasional ass cupping. Well, that is all in HD from paparazzi photos which we have seen. Sometimes I really need to heed the advice from Angelina Jolie ‘if it is not from the NY times, don’t bother’.  


We are so taken in by the content that we did not realised this showmance is all documented by highly professional photography tools. Not many normal people can afford those, they are all backed by media houses and conglomerates who pay these ‘photographers’ and in return hope to get the best pictures to sell the best money making stories. Sex, violence and scandals sell. Happily married man does not, and not a single pap cares about their careers or I suspect even ever watched one movie either Rob or Kristen made. Rob is also looking happier in fan photos. He is continuing his tour with his ‘reportedly girlfriend’.

I BELIEVE in real account stories, honest experience and encounters with stars unplanned.  I believe her observations and enjoyed her passionate account. I believe in the guy who said Kristen took a photo of him and Rob, asking people to respect his privacy while awaiting the birth of his first child. I believe in back-stories, without a need to say ‘pic or it did not happen’ from any side of the media and fandom, in real people, real encounters, and real lives.   

Thanksgiving is coming up. I am thankful for the good lesson that Angelina Jolie taught me about differentiating media. Thankful for Rob for showing us how to play the paparazzi to his benefit; for once he can sell the story he wants ‘hey go check out my new gf’’s music and concerts!’. Thankful for Kristen for giving us such an insight into her professional world, how she picked her roles, how passionate she feels about her work, and challenge us to ‘judge away’. Thankful for the fans who stood by both these actors (do note that I did not mention celebrity). They don’t want to be celebrities, they want to act and make movies.

I sent a mail to Mama Nails earlier before the pictures come out, still does not change my mind on an ‘imagination gone wild Thanksgiving’.

My happily ever after ending to this drama on Thanksgiving is a picture posted by Scott (Kristen’s PA) on his Instagram, sitting around dinner with Robert ,Kristen, T, BP, OG and the dogs. (I feel the need to exclude the child in this because that would defeat the purpose of PRROB ). 

Like they are all on candid camera

“Gotcha people, Thanks for the hits and ratings!”

Roleplay continued!!!

I felt relieved and bad at the same time as McKensie had left the studio to meet up with her friends at the park. I was relieved, because the teasing should stop now and bad, because I didn’t want to get that embarrassed.

I decided to try my best to show more openly that we were together as I continued to get my stuff together. But the moment I wanted to take the stool back, I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around to find Taka grinning at me.

“Man, I didn’t know you could get that red, Tomoya.” He said in teasing tone and I blinked at him a few times. I didn’t like that look on his face, I didn’t like it all. And the worst thing was that I started to feel myself blush again.

“There it is again.” Mori said and laughed as Toru came to stand behind him, leaning an arm on his shoulder. “You’re lucky that girls like cute things.” The guitarist said while Ryota joined them grinning.

“I’m not cute.” I said and hoped that the blushing would stop soon. Sometimes the guy’s teasing was really bad and I felt the need to run away. And as if Taka had read my mind, he looked over at our band mates and said: “Maybe we should help McKensie to train him.”

The other two nodded and without thinking I took a step back before turning around and starting to run. “Stop him!” Ryota shouted, but I kept running. And I had nearly reached the door as I felt a hand slap the back of my head.

“Ouch!” I declared and rubbed the back of my head as one of the guys pulled me around. “That’s not funny.” I said as they began to drag me into the room before pushing me down on a chair.

And before I know what was happening, they had tied me to the chair and put some tape over my mouth. I tried to tell them to let me go, but my words were muffled by the tap and my friends just laughed.

“Don’t worry we’ll let your girlfriend do the training.” Toru said before going over and grabbing my cell phone from my jacket pocket. My eyes widened a little as I saw my friends gather and starting to type a message on my phone.

After about three minutes they came back over to me and patted my shoulders in a friendly manner. “You can thank us some other time.” Mori said and did his best not to laugh, as he got his things.

“I’m sure McKensie will be here in no time. Have fun and don’t do something we wouldn’t do.” Toru added and my three friends went out of the room, leaving me still tied to the chair.

I gave a small growl before I tried to free myself, but it didn’t work. In the end, I just managed to make the chair I was sitting on fall over, so that I was lying on the floor now.

I gave a sigh of relief as I realized that the rope they had tied me up with had come loose. I quickly shook them of and freed my mouth as well. After that I ran towards the door, but a moment later I stood face to face with McKensie.


Wow– okay I have reached two-hundred followers thanks to you darlings. I have reached this amount before—- but i deleted and remade this blog. But, I there is a bunch of you that I would like to thank for sticking around for so long— and I hope I can get everyone. You can look under the readmore for your url and you might have a small message for you uwu <3 even if I didn’t mention you, every single one of you are my bbys  ——- Chia (Izu-mun) ]

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to start this off, i apologize muchly for the graphic. okay now that that’s out of the way, WOW, thank you so much for following me ?? and interacting with me ?? and being so kind to me, like really, i feel so at HOME on this blog and in indie rp in general and i hope this continues for a long ass time, even just as a part-time hobby. so, i’m just going to name off a few people i really have to thank, and give some love to ‘cause i’m usually i little shit to them but it’s out of love, ALWAYS, out of love.

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I kind of want to briefly touch on something important to me in regards of RP in the Blamung community. I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way. It is more of a PSA to make people maybe more aware (unintentional or not) of a common and general situation and or problem I see so much lately based on personal conversation I have had with newer and older members of this community.

Semi long post below the cut. If you are on Balmung and love to RP and are interested in helping the community, new and old, please take the time to read this

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