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🌁Hello everyone!🌁

This is a spread(?) from last week as always lol
I kinda wanted a clean look to my spread so this is what it looks like.
And I also wanted to journal everyday instead of cramming everything on weekends.
It will take ages to read all of them when I’m old haha but I like how this looks so maybe I’ll try this again…?

+) why my days are written in Swedish ; I watched Frozen at the start of the week lol
I don’t know, it’s a story of two Scandinavian girls and Swedish is what I’m learning so… ❄ Let it go ❄

I reached 4K 🌼🌼🌼 I’m like…😱

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I'm just completely in love with the fact that you're so awkward like the rest of us, then got super famous and now you're just, so awkward, but happen to be famous. It's adorable, but it also makes me feel less awkward about my awkward.

You literally just described my predicament soooooo accurately!!! Ahhhhh like why do I have this much responsibility???? Continuously embarrassing myself, that is my brand 😂


“How to wake your Father: Konoha version”

A big “THANK YOU” to Himawari and Boruto Uzumaki for inspiring me :)

Isn’t it funny how Snowbats can make as many pointless pathetic lists tallying shit that Cisco, Joe even fake!Wells have done for Barry a billion times.

But it will never change the fact:

BARTHOLOMEW HENRY ALLEN ladies and gentlemen!

Don’t you just love how Iris is Barry’s everything? How he loved her before he even knew what the word love meant? How the sound of her voice will always bring him home, how she’s the last thing he wants to see before he goes to bed and the first thing when he wakes up? How their love escapes definition, how MAN that cannot be science?

Don’t you just love endgame?


You’re like the silver moonlight guiding my path, warm and bright … and I can’t help but falling in love all over again every time I see your smile.

Victor asks to go watch the fireworks during New Year’s eve before their travel to Russia. Yuri only wants to make his fiancé happy <3


infinite meme: ☆  one/four otps  

→ sunggyu x dongwoo

“There are actually many differences between Sunggyu hyung and I; Sunggyu hyung is usually really efficient but I often delay things. There are also huge differences in our interests. Usually under such circumstances, one would want the other person to change for him.. But I’m thankful to him for accepting me, understanding me, and guiding me well.” - Dongwoo


└ Work and play, all in the day for MJ~

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 03.09.2016


Hello!! It’s been a really long time since I’ve made one of these and I honestly can’t believe this blog has come this far……are you guys ok??? Are you really sure you want to be following this mess (aka me)??? I feel super honoured guys, thank you so so so much!! I know I don’t update as much anymore and don’t make many graphics either since life has been hectic, but now I will work hard to be more active!! I really appreciate everyone following me and putting up with….ya know….all my complaints and excited ramblings and what not and you have no idea how much it means to me to have such supporting and positive followers, it really makes everything so much more enjoyable!! 

And here’s a list of some lovely people that I follow and highly recommend!! Please check them out!! I wanna say thank you to you guys for making my dash look beautiful and for being awesome!! Thanks again everyone!! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

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… Did she just admit she might be a little bit bi? OMG, COULD WASP BE A FELLOW PANSEXUAL?!

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