i like these new fonts i got

LIKE  FOR  A  STARTER  !   i  know  ,,,  i’m  awful  at  doing  them  but  i  really  wish  to  get  this  blog  going  again.  i  will  try  to  do  a  lot  !!  they  might  take  a  while  but  i’ll  get  to  them.

I got a new deck in the mail today, and I have to say, I have never been so disappointed with a deck.

I’ve only looked at the first like 15 cards, and I am already so unhappy. You can see the edges where she photoshopped, some of the images are blurry, some of the images aren’t even the same size. The lettering (which has a nice font and that is the only nice thing I can say about it) is different sizes and a different distance from the image for every card! Ever heard of a template?!

Super upset with myself for buying this.

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Could you give some details of what you like so much about Scrivener?

I would be more than happy to! I’ll also give you the one major downside I’ve found with it so far.

First, the upsides: Scrivener is FANTASTIC for organization. For those who aren’t familiar, your Scrivener file is actually a whole group of sub files, called scrivenings. These can include “binders” (folders), and these can nest; I’m not sure how deep (I only just started using it!).

A typical Scrivener file for a work-in-progress might look something like this:

You see that list on the left? Those are all sub-files and binders. You can organize your file into chapters, or articles, or whatever you want. There are also pre-made templates for character creation, setting sketches, etc. You can clip photos, art, websites, references, basically anything into the Reference section for later use.

That means that each individual scene can be its own document, its own independent world. And you can click between them with ONE CLICK. And you can go back and forth with keyboard shortcuts, or pull them up side-by-side. So you can have your plot, and your notes, and everything, visible. On the right of that screen you can see a synopsis and notes for the scene (I think I C+Pd between the 2).

This is so majorly powerful for creating stories and really breaking things up and isolating the individual scene you’re working on. Even just having your outline a single click away is really helpful.

I think the biggest benefit of this is psychological. WRITE A NOVEL is a big scary thing. But “write this one scene of dialogue” is really really easy, and then you can click into the next scene, work a bit, click back, and it’s all organized and all right where you need it. WRITE A NOVEL feels impossible. “Write that one scene in the coffee shop” is totally doable, especially if you have an idea where it’s coming from and where it’s going.

This is the power of Scrivener.

But with great power comes…. kind of a majorly flawed text editor.

That is: Scrivener is crap for formatting. It’s not built for it. It’s light, it’s fast, it’s designed for writing, not formatting. I get it.

But I should still be able to work with styles, or at least click on a block of text, apply a style, and have it all look the freaking same. I should not copy+paste text in from Word and have it show up in a different font than my typical font, then be worried that I’m applying custom formatting by changing the font back to Courier New (which is what it defaults to, and what I’ve been writing in).

Oh, and one other thing… copying and pasting OUT of Scrivener and into Word loses any text formatting you’ve applied. So my italics, bolds, etc. just go right down the drain. (I haven’t checked with different text styles, like Paragraph vs Heading, actually, I’ll let you know.) To get that to move over, you have to “export” the document into Word, which is scary and I haven’t tried yet.

But I’ve already got two book projects underway in Scrivener, one personal, one for the ScriptMedic series. So that’s stupendously exciting!! I’m very very happy about that fact.

In short, it’s more than worth the $20 I paid for it, even if just for the fact that it breaks up humongous (I can never spell that word!) tasks into easy little bite-sized pieces. I wrote 6,000 words of novel the other night and didn’t even realize it, because it was just a few scenes. But those scenes add up!!

So that’s what I think of Scrivener! What about you guys? Who likes it? Who hates it? What are its benefits? What are its limitations? Am I a complete fool for missing out on a critical feature?

Drop a comment or a reblog and let me know!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

I got tired of not being able to easily read long stuff with my theme (as nice of a theme as it was


and I like it, the links are hidden under the sidebar image until you hover over it and the font is nice sized and spaced properly so it should be a lot easier to read the fics and stuff.

Hopefully nothing’s all screwy. Let me know if it is. Yay themes!


cora week - day one - favorite moment(s): 3.04 unleashed

all those rumors I heard. a powerful new alpha, one of the hales, building a pack—do you know how long I waited to hear something like that?

Ok so I’m loving the font choices they made for everybody in the Hit the Diamond episode.

We got Steven’s big fun kiddie letters cus hes a kid who has big fun

Pearl’s fancy twirly and neat calligraphy because of course it is

Amethysts big and brash just like her

Sapphires fuckin swooshy ass fancy loops and frills like calm down there


FUCKING BORING ASS TIMES NEW ROMAN, LIKE WHEN THEY WERE PICKING FONTS SHE JUST WENT LIKE “I don’t give a fuck just give me the first thing that comes up on the list.” SHE JUST DID NOT CARE AND I LOVE IT.

  • Requested by: i-am-absolute-nanodayo
  • Prompt: “You need to look where you’re going.”
  • Pairing: Midorima/Akashi

The first time it happens it is Monday and they are playing a retro video game about superheroes that has been that day’s lucky item. Midorima has a hard time grasping the controls but Akashi clears levels as if he owned the place. Midorima is not the type to play multiplayer cooperative video games. His character lags behind and has a hard time landing a hit on their opponents.

Shintarou,” Akashi reprimands with but a simple utterance of Midorima’s name, which always sounds like a whip on Akashi’s tongue.

“I know. I got it.”

Midorima has just fallen off the map.

“I know,” Midorima repeats through gritted teeth just as his character stumbles into Akashi’s.

“You need to look where you’re going, Shintarou.” Akashi’s voice is lighter this time, as if Midorima’s ineptitude amuses him. A few seconds later, Midorima bumps into Akashi again and his character says ‘We’re here to save the day, not the butt, buddy.”

Midorima’s lips curl into a small smile.

The second time it happens they are on a book fair and Akashi is wearing dark blue-wash denim jeans that do wonders for his ass. Midorima is supposed to be viewing and browsing the assortment of books but he catches himself walking behind Akashi and trying to figure out from which angle his butt looks the best; the correct answer is that it looks fantastic at every angle and Midorima is certain that every scientist would vouch for the results of his research.

They get lost among the shelves and halfway down the aisle, Akashi stops to make a disgusted comment about how tacky the cover of Wagahai Wa Neko de Aru is, and Midorima bumps right into him. The backs of his hands lightly brush over the curve of Akashi’s ass and he pulls them back as if they have just been burned.

Akashi turns around, his eyes searching Midorima’s face for hints of mischief . He says: “Shintarou, you need to watch where you’re going.”

“I know.”

The third time it happens they are walking down the school’s hallway and one hair on Akashi’s head is misplaced; it’s sticking out like an antenna and Midorima has to fight the urge to fix it for him. Akashi, oblivious to Midorima’s inner struggles, casts a perfunctory glance out the window and halts his steps.

Midorima bumps into him, the force of the impact causing him to grasp Akashi’s shoulders and brush his hands down his arms while he is catching his balance.

Shintarou,” Akashi warns.

“I know.”

Akashi gives him an indecipherable look and continues walking. “I was thinking we should hold practice outside today. The weather is agreeable.”

Midorima adjusts his glasses. “That might be a nice change of pace.”

The fourth time doesn’t happen. It’s Friday and Akashi is walking at an unusual slow pace which brings ruin to their routine. Midorima, albeit puzzled, takes the cue and begins walking in front of Akashi. He doesn’t notice the subtle change in the air between them at first but when he catches on, he stops without a warning.

Akashi bumps into him. Midorima feels a light brush of fingers on his hips before they are gone in one fell swoop.

“Akashi?” Midorima turns his head, mortified.

Akashi walks past him, unscathed, a ghost of a smile brushing past his lips. “I finally see the charm in not watching where you’re going,” Akashi’s says, his voice light and teasing, and Midorima blushes to his ears. 


I get asked multiple times a day about the meanings behind my tattoos, so I figured I would make a little update since I got 7 new tattoos this past weekend and now have 13 total (I’d like to start off by saying that my tattoos are my own ideas and creations and I have created each one by hand, minus two of them, which I’ll point out later).

okay lets start!!!!!

The clique symbol: this is a tattoo on my sternum. I got this tattoo the day that the new skeleton clique logo was revealed-like, immediately within a half hour!!! I fell in love with it right away and I was one of the first ones to get the tattoo of the logo (if not the first). the lines going through with the two circles on the end of it also has to deal with the new font of the Twenty One Pilots logo when it’s spelled out, how it has the line crossing through the O in One and Pilots. there’s no complicated meaning.

Underboob words: this one is extremely special to me because of the amount of creativity and thought I put into it. I like to leave this one for people to figure out on their own because everyone usually just thinks it’s a bunch of weird little scribbles. out of all my tattoos, this is my kitchen sink due to the confusing design (which took fucking forever to make, by the way) and I just don’t like to explain it. it’s super duper extremely important to me. try to figure it out.

Paper plane: I’ll start off by saying that the roman numerals are 9.18-the day of the hometown concert in Columbus, Ohio. me and one of my best internet friends from Florida finally met after he flew all the way to Indiana and traveled with me for this concert. it’s just a cute little best friends tattoo of a memory for a pretty significant day. hometown was the literally the best night of my life in my 20 years of living so far aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The Ø: no special meaning. it’s a super cliché characteristic of Tyler Joseph and the fanbase, surprise, surprise.

The tree: this is for Trees. I don’t explain this tattoo beyond saying that it’s for my favorite song because I cannot describe what this song is to me. I’m not going to explain it now either; you’ll see the explanation if you ever see this band live with me. when they start playing Trees, be ready to pick me up off the fucking floor.

The three lines: ah, yes. my very first tattoo. the meaning behind it is pretty simple; it’s my version of the original logo (which also kind of fits the new one). this tattoo was the moment that I wanted to create all of the ink on my body personally. I used the idea that Ty has said to create something only you understand (also relating back to the underboob tat).

The top symbols: those two go hand in hand. I count them as individual tattoos, but they’re built together. those are my versions of a sunset and sunrise because this band has emphasized 700 times that night will turn to day. though I often struggle in the dark, they have yet to prove it wrong. that’s what keeps me going.

Hand holding flowers: I totally found this on tumblr. no meaning. I just thought that was beautiful and I wanted it on my body for the rest of my life.

Shovel: this one is for Work Song by Hozier. it’s a song that I fell in love with someone to; someone extremely significant that helped change who I was as a person for the better. I just have a really deep and personal connection and so many memories with this song. once I saw this live, seeing Hozier create it before my very own eyes, I broke the fuck down. I waited months for that moment. it’s such a meaningful song.

Art and music: also found on tumblr, the two most important things in my life. I could not survive without being able to create. that’s what my purpose is in this shitty, beautiful world. here’s a better pic:

It’s all okay: just a small reminder that eventually, it’s going to be. I have to keep going in order to find that out. “stay alive” and all that jazz.

that’s all the ink I have for now, folks. in a few weeks once I go back home to Chicago, you bet your ass I’m getting more (just you wait until after I graduate and am allowed to get tattoos. I’m gonna be covered by the time I’m 24).

thanks for being interested in the designs on my skin.


~I know this post may look super long and it’s taking up a lot of your dashboard but please please please take the time to read it, it would mean the world to me not only to have taylorswift see it but for other swifties to see it as well. Thank You:) ~

Heyyyy taylorswift!!!!! My name is Mackenzie and I am your biggest swiftie in the whole universe, and this is my mom who also happens to be a big swiftie!  We have seen you a total of three times, at the Fearless, Speak Now, and RED Tours and will be seeing you for the fourth time Friday OCTOBER 9TH IN OMAHA  to see your 1989 Tour!!! You have no idea how excited I am! I think about the show every single day for most of the day! I even started planning back in MAY when I finally found tickets! I began immediately on my poster which then turned into two posters and once those were complete I took on our tour outfits and finished with so much pride and joy!! I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into everything I have done!! And it’s all for you taylorswift!!

My first poster is in a cloud like shape that has a skyline of New York City along with the numbers 1989 and your name!! I then kept adding and adding details to the poster. (My mom told me to stop but I couldn’t) I added two paper airplanes that I painted, a fox, and a cheer megaphone that I also painted! I cut out little squares for windows in the city scape along with a cat shaped window which is for representing your apartment in NYC! Above the city I have musical notes show music coming out of the city. Around the edges of the poster I have all the songs on 1989 album including some bonus tracks.  Each song has some sort of icon to go along with it to represent the songs. For example I have blood dripping from the word in the Bad Blood title that I also painted. As well of course IT HAS LIGHTS!!!!! Hopefully bright enough for you to see from the stage! I also created a second poster that is in the shape of a polaroid.  In the middle is an abundance of photos from all of the concerts I have been to of yours! These starting from all the way back to 2009! As well as other little things here and there. And of course I left some room for 1989, including a nice spot where I have put “Insert Picture with Taylor Here!”.  It’s my life dream to be able to meet you Taylor!! Around the edges of the poster I have all of the names and dates of the tours all in their fonts!! And on the bottom I have your initials just like the cd cover but I added a twist and put my initials along with a heart to show “M.N. <3’s T.S.”.  And of course again IT HAS LIGHTS!!! I really hope you will be able to see both of my posters from the stage and be able to smile at me!

And of course you have to have outfits to match your posters right!?!?!? I based my outfit off of your latest style of crop tops and skirts.  I got my top and skirt and then added a cityscape around the bottom with puff paint along with 1989 in the neon font! I then added a varsity jacket to match your Welcome to New York outfit as well I have matching sunglasses just like you wear! Also I will be wearing all my bracelets from all your tours along with other ones I have collected! I will be wearing the 1989 tour Keds for shoes and I don’t think my outfit could get any better!! For this show I also decided to make my mom and outfit since she is the one that I have chosen to go with me! For her I took a shirt and did the same cityscape design that I did around my skirt and did it around the bottom of her shirt! She will also be wearing a RED scarf that has all of the songs from the RED album on it that I got at the last concert, along with that she will be wearing the RED Keds I had gotten for the RED concert so we will be matching with our Taylor Tour Keds! We will truly be partying like its 1989 in true style!! I hope you love our outfits taylorswift!!

I count down the days till I get to see you every day taylorswift! And everyday I am one step closer to being able to see you!  I’m so excited words can’t describe how I am feeling. I am the biggest swiftie ever and being able to come see you is such a blessing.  I am so grateful to have you in my life, you mean so much to me! You have helped me through so much and you have always been there for me even though you have no idea who I even am. It’s my biggest dream to meet you taylorswift, it’s my dream to be able to hug you and tell you in person how much you mean to me!!! I would also love to give you a gift and letter I have been waiting to give you forever!!

For any swiftie who may have come across this long post and took the time to read it please reblog and tag Taylor it would mean the world to me if she was able to see this.  As well I would love every swiftie to see what I have done and share my experience, I love looking at everybody’s post from the 1989 Tour so far and now it’s my turn to share my outfit and posters and concert experience and I hope that one day I will be able to share my experience of meeting Taylor!!! So please please please reblog<3 Thank You<3:)

Swifties don’t be afraid to stop me and say hi!! I would love to meet you and talk to you!!!<3

See you October 9th Taylor!!!!
With Lots and Lots of Love,
Mackenzie aka swiftiekenziekay13

P.S. Please check out my other posts on my blog!

store update

added a bunch of new things to the store, so including the shinji mug, we now have:

  1. shinji crying 

  2. “nosy fucker, aren’t you?” in really small manga font 

  3. kaneki did nothing wrong 

  4. trashiyama 

  5. and a few more

so yeah you can find the store here:


and a friendly reminder that, even if you’re not going to buy anything, you might still want to reblog this because one of your followers might really like one of these things and it would be great if they got something they really liked.

thanks for reading pretty ppl, i hope you all have a truly fantastic day ahead of you

stay classy san diego

- cfl

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I just wanted to point out that I think Louis' shirt is specialmade?? Because the font is kind of like those where you can make your own tshirt you know? Not a font you'd use on a massproduced tshirt. So, he got it made aspecially for this occasion????????

I literally can’t find it anywhere, so I think you may be right that it’s customized (or it just isn’t out yet).

Prologue: Acorn Lane (Part 3/10) (Previous) 

[Excerpt from Inked: Artists-to-Watch Exclusive. PG 36]
[Images: examplesof Ori Ri’s work, from his personal portfolio] 

Bilbo’s ink is at odds with the style of his business partner, Ori Ri. He seems a little young and nervous to be as adept and skillful as his work suggests: as he sips from his mug of tea, in Service Cafe, a family run business opposite his shop, his eyes dart nervously from side to side, though he answers all questions put to him with a sharp sort of resolve, as if he’s well used to people doubting him.

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