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@roadswewalk I wish I had any photoshop skills whatsoever! This is a lovely idea…I hope you won’t mind that I ran with it:

Home again. Sherlock is alone, or he’s supposed to be. John has placed him on twenty-four hour watch, and taken the first shift himself. He’s sat Sherlock down in his chair, and placed a mug of tea at his left elbow, but he won’t sit, won’t talk. He shuffles around in the kitchen, fussing about with a bag he picked up at Boots. 

Sherlock’s whole body is a mass of aching withdrawal and bruises. He is a walking, breathing pang. He doesn’t want to take paracetamol, or whatever else John has arranged for him to have. He wants to crawl every inch of his recovery on his own. He can’t allow whatever help John is preparing to offer.  

John clears his throat. He hovers in the kitchen doorway, his left hand clenching and releasing. 

His right hand is coiled into a fist. No: his fingers are curled around something. A small bottle, a vial. Sherlock’s stomach flips, as his mind whispers sweet possibilities. What will he say, if John offers him a top-up, a little something to ease the pain?

No. The answer has to be no. Besides, John would never. John is here to watch him, to make sure he doesn’t use. What, then? 

Sherlock shifts in his chair. The small movement sets his nerves to screaming, but he won’t complain. For John, he’ll breathe through each moment. 

For John, he will speak, will try to break whatever stalemate this is. “Won’t you sit down?”

“Mm.” A non-answer. 

Sherlock wills himself to continue through this moment, and the next. He picks up the mug, deliberately, lifts it to his mouth, and sips tea. He waits. He has no choice.

“I wonder–” John starts. He stares at the empty air behind Sherlock. Shakes his head. Rubs his eyes. 


Sherlock wonders, not for the first time, how things became so strained between them. He knows. Of course he does: too much damage, too much heartache, too many words unspoken. 

John shakes his head, walks stiffly to the desk, and pulls out the hardbacked chair. He places it inches away from Sherlock’s chair, and sits. So close, so quickly. Sherlock blinks at his tea, risks a glance at John’s face. John is looking down at his right hand. His fingers uncoil. Sherlock frowns at what he sees there. 

Nail polish. Sea Blue. 

When John speaks, his voice is gruff. “Hold out your hand.”

“John, I assure you, I am in need of many things, but a manicure is not one of them.”

John shakes his head. “No. We’re doing this.” He shakes the bottle, much more vigorously than necessary. He unscrews the cap, rests the bottle on the arm of the chair, and removes the brush, careful not to let it drip. He holds out his hand for Sherlock’s. 

Sherlock places the mug carefully on the side table. His hands are inclined to shake. He tries to keep still as he offers his left hand, his palm resting on John’s. John paints a swath of nail polish over Sherlock’s thumbnail. Sherlock sighs. The sensation is pleasant. Cool, in contrast to the heat of John’s hand. 

“Not that I mind, John, but are you going to tell me why?” He can’t help asking. The silence is too intense, too monumental. He shudders as John works on his index finger. 

“Withdrawal. You’re going to start to itch soon,” John says. His voice is whisper soft. He follows the ritual he’s established for himself: dipping the brush, shifting his hand under Sherlock’s to hold him still, running the brush over the nail of Sherlock’s middle finger, then his ring finger. 


“The nail polish is bright, and your nails will feel a bit different to you. I’m hoping it will serve as a reminder not to scratch. No good going through withdrawal if you come out on the other end with all your skin hanging off.”

Sherlock chuckles, his voice low. His skin already feels like it’s hanging off. It would make no difference to him, if he stripped it all raw, but he will try not to, for John.

John finishes with Sherlock’s left hand. He leans over it, his thumb running over Sherlock’s skin, and blows a light stream of air over the nails. 

Sherlock closes his eyes, feeling John’s breath on him, and the warmth that builds in his belly, and the relief from the pain he holds inside him. 

It’s temporary, but so very welcome. 

“The other hand, then,” John says.

Sherlock shifts in the chair, his whole body turning toward John, so he can offer his right hand. John leans over this hand as well, and he is so close, inches away from Sherlock. Sherlock breathes John in: the scent of the pomade he’s taken to wearing, ever since he allowed his hair to grow longer. The faint scent of toothpaste. It’s all bathed in the much stronger scent of the nail polish: butyl acetate; ethyl acetate. Overripe banana and pear, mixing with the stench of toluene. Not nearly enough to get high on. 

“Do you really think this will work?” Sherlock asks. He casts his eyes down to watch John work. John is hardly himself, hasn’t been himself for years, Sherlock knows, but at least he still has good, steady hands. It’s something. It’s a lot. Maybe, even, enough to start something new. 

John finishes painting the nails of Sherlock’s right hand. He purses his lips and blows air across them as well. Sherlock shivers. 

John frowns as he screws the lid back on the bottle. He puts it on the desk behind him. Sherlock holds up his hands to admire them. 

“I hope you like the colour,” John says. “Matches your dressing gown.” Not answering Sherlock’s question. Evasive. John is still sitting in the chair, inches away. To Sherlock’s surprise, he shifts forward, and his knee presses into Sherlock’s thigh. 

Sherlock sighs. “It’s…nice. It looks nice.” He wiggles his fingers. It does. 

John sighs raggedly. He takes Sherlock’s hand in his again. This time, he turns it over. He leans in. He presses his cheek to Sherlock’s palm. 

Sherlock is unable to move, unable to speak. John’s eyes are screwed shut. He rubs his cheek against Sherlock’s hand, the first hint of afternoon stubble scratching Sherlock’s skin, his fingertips. John presses his lips to Sherlock’s wrist, kisses his pulse point. 

“Please remember,” John says. “Don’t hurt yourself. Please don’t hurt yourself any more.” 

They hold there for a long moment. A tear escapes from the inside corner of John’s left eye, makes a track down his face. Sherlock is turning inside out, his whole world coalescing down into his hand, into John, into the shade of blue that adorns his nails. 

“I won’t, John. I won’t.”

Marauders Headcanon

(I don’t know if I should title it Remus Lupin headcanon, Wolfstar headcanon or Lily Evans headcanon… so Marauders will have to do. This sort of entered my mind and refused to leave until I wrote it down. - P.S)

We all know Remus Lupin was very insecure of himself and his worth growing up, so I always imagined that he would have resisted being with Sirius, at first, because he thought he wasn’t worth someone as incandescent as Sirius Black. And even though Sirius had his own insecurities, I always felt like he would’ve had James’ support in pursuing what he wanted and who he wanted.

I always imagined their relationship would have progressed organically. No panic, no big revelation moment… they just always loved each other, first as friends and later as lovers.

So imagine a young Sirius Black holding Remus a few seconds longer than the usual friendly hug. Imagine him always trying to find a way to be close to Remus and becoming increasingly more tactile every time his advances weren’t rejected. Imagine Sirius glowing with pride whenever Remus gave his approval on anything he did, from becoming a Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team to his elegant cursive handwriting. Imagine him constantly finding a way to hold Remus’ hand, because it centred him, it made him feel safe and loved. Imagine Sirius Black with hope shining in his eyes every time Remus smiled at him or gave him a compliment. Imagine him feeling like he could conquer the world because Remus Lupin believed in him.

Now imagine a young Remus Lupin, who lived in fear of the monster inside of him, beginning to understand what all these changes in behaviour meant. Imagine him becoming increasingly more comfortable with the way their relationship was progressing. Imagine him happy and growing in confidence, because every day, more and more, he’s certain Sirius Black loves him. Imagine Remus Lupin gazing at Sirius Black with wonder in his eyes, because this gorgeous being wants to hold his hand in their Common Room, in front of everyone. Imagine him being accepting of Sirius’ habit of sneaking into his bed, because sleeping next to him is the most peaceful he has ever been. Imagine him daydreaming about kissing Sirius Black and what that would feel like.

And then the full moon comes.

Imagine Remus Lupin lying in an Infirmary bed thinking to himself, how could he be so selfish? How could he inflict this evil on someone like Sirius? Imagine him becoming increasingly unhappier, because Sirius deserves better. Imagine Remus Lupin beginning to pull away from Sirius Black. Imagine him rejecting Sirius’ hand, when he wants to hold it. Imagine him cancelling plans when it’s just the two of them. Imagine him avoiding being alone with Sirius. Imagine Remus Lupin feeling like he isn’t good enough for Sirius Black.

This, of course, would not be something that went unnoticed. As soon as Remus started to pull away Sirius began to wilt, like a flower plucked from the earth and placed in a glass vase.

Peter Pettigrew had no idea what was happening, at first. He began to frequently question James about it, because if someone was in the know about what was going on with those two it was him, right? Peter soon realised his assumption was wrong, because James was getting progressively frustrated over his own lack of knowledge. As time wore on, Peter in his own quiet way, tried to breach the subject with both parties. Sirius simply shrugged him off, while Remus denied anything was wrong, at all.

James Potter noticed the changes as soon as they happened. He had always been aware of Sirius’ feelings for Remus, even before his best friend brought up the subject with him, so to say he was watching them very closely and cataloguing their every reaction was a bit of an understatement. James Potter considered himself an expert in the Remus and Sirius love affair, he knew every landmark of their relationship. So as things took a turn for the worse, he was there for Sirius. He promised him he would find out what had happened while reassuring him that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Imagine a James Potter pestering Remus all day long about what was going on with him. Imagine him not getting a truthful answer or any answer and having to watch Sirius get gradually moodier and quieter. Imagine him becoming so involved in his friends’ situation that he stops hitting on Lily every ten minutes, because he has so many things on his mind. Imagine James Potter feeling increasingly more powerless for not being able to help his friends and fix everything. Imagine him having a breakdown in the Gryffindor Common Room late one night, because both his friends are so miserable and he doesn’t know what to do.

Now imagine a Lily Evans who sees this breakdown. Imagine her watching as James runs himself ragged to fix whatever it is that is keeping his friends from being happy, together. Imagine her seeing this caring side of James Potter in light of Remus and Sirius falling apart. Imagine Lily Evans, who had only a few weeks ago realised Sirius and Remus loved each other in a romantic way, seeing how much their happiness affected James. Imagine Lily Evans deciding she’s going to do something about it.

Remus was sitting in the library by himself. It was Saturday afternoon, he had no homework whatsoever do to, but here he was, in the library, by himself, because he couldn’t bear to be around Sirius knowing how selfish it was to let the other boy waste his love on a monster like him. As his thoughts got continuously darker, as was their wont these past few days, he was unaware of the presence of Lily Evans in the chair next to his.

“Remus!” With a startled jolt, he turned towards the sharp voice calling his name.

“Lily, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.”

“I’m sure you didn’t. There’s been a lot you haven’t been seeing these last few days.” She sighed, irritated.

“What?” Remus was truly lost. He didn’t remember doing anything to warrant Lily Evans’ wrath, that was more James’ thing. Then again…

“Look Remus… this might be a bit presumptuous of me.” She started, voice softening considerably. “But I feel like our friendship is strong enough that I can have this conversation with you.”

“Are you alright? Did something happen?” He asked, worry colouring every word.

“I am fine. But something did happen.” She touched his clasped hands, that were resting on the table in front of them. “Something happened with you and Sirius. No! Don’t bother denying it, Remus. It’s apparent to everyone, not just me, and your friends are worrying themselves sick about it and here you are sitting dejectedly in the library on a Saturday afternoon. I am not Peter nor James. My affiliation to Sirius Black starts and ends with you, so why don’t you tell me about it?”

Remus held her gaze, silently, for a minute, before exhaling and giving in. He needed to talk to someone and Lily Evans was the most clear-headed person in his acquaintance.

“I… We… I’m in love with Sirius. And I think… I’m afraid… he might be in love with me too.” He breathed.

“Okay?” Brows furrowing. “Isn’t that a good thing?”

“It is but… I don’t deserve him Lily. No! Wait. Let me finish.” He took a deep breath, then held Lily’s gaze with a sombre look. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me Lils. And trust me when I say that Sirius deserves better. Being with me would be much more trouble than I’m worth. I’m not good for him… or anyone. I’m a mons… I’m nothing, Lily. Nothing at all. And Sirius is a star. I know how that sounds, I do. But he is. He’s mercury, in a constant state of change. He’s silver, a far rarer and more precious metal than gold, yet so unappreciated by those who hold him. He’s an incredible phenomenon of pure blinding light and I’m but the dust he leaves in his wake.”

Lily held one of Remus’ hands and leaned forward in her chair. “You are Remus Lupin.”


“No, it’s your turn to listen to me. You are Remus Lupin. Are you even aware of what that means?” At the shake of his head, she continued. “To me you are Remus Lupin, friend, counsellor, the wisest, kindest soul I know. You are my sounding board, my study partner, my shoulder to cry on. You are Remus Lupin a person I admire.” Lily clutched his hand tighter. “To Peter you are a friend, a pillar of support, a teacher. You are the person he goes to when he can’t understand something on his own. You are the one who shields him from Sirius’ sharp comments and James’ careless retorts. To Peter you are Remus Lupin, the protector.”

Lily took a deep breath and tried to convey through her gaze, how much he meant to all of them, before continuing to make her point.

“To James Potter you are a friend, first and foremost. You are an anchor. You are the voice of reason. You are the person he looks up to.” Remus’ hands started to shake, his eyes, however, never left Lily’s, as his emotions overtook him. “You have no idea how much James looks up to you, Remus. You are the person he strives to emulate. He admires your compassion, your strength, your altruism. To James Potter you are Remus Lupin, the bravest person he knows.”

Lily felt compelled to stop her speech here and open her arms to Remus. Offering him a hug and the comfort of being cared for, by her and every other person his life had touched. After a few seconds, where they both got themselves under control, Lily began the final part of her speech. And perhaps the most impactful one.

“But to Sirius, Rem… To Sirius you are Remus Lupin.”

Even in her voice the difference was perceptible. The way Sirius said Remus’ name had always had a poignancy that it lacked when saying anyone else’s. The same way James’ voice changed when he said Lily’s name, it gave an emphasis to the care, the love, the respect he had for her, all in a shift of tone over two little words. An occurrence mirrored by Lily herself when saying James’ name, Remus wondered if she had ever noticed.

“There are entire melodies trapped in the emphasis he gives your name. To Sirius Black you are Remus Lupin, the same way that to human beings oxygen is air. Nothing else in this world matters to him Remus, if he doesn’t have you. You are not everything he has, but you are the most important part of it. Not because he needs you, even though he does, but because he wants you. You make Sirius a better person simply by being present in his life. He loves you Remus, so much! Much more than I ever thought possible from him. And you love him just as much. Don’t push him away. I won’t pretend to know all of the reasons why you feel like you aren’t good enough to be with him. I won’t agree with the way you put him on a pedestal. I will, however, remind you that Sirius Black does not see himself as you do, or as James’ does. He doesn’t even see himself as I do, and I see him as a troublesome idiot who annoys me to no end. We will never be able to change the way other people see themselves, it is a sad truth, but a truth nevertheless. I only urge you to remember. Remember that one of the many reasons Sirius even believes in himself is because you do. Remember how happy you were when you were together. Remember how much you hate that feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you do something that hurts him.”

In Lily’s green eyes Remus saw the awareness of his own feelings and his own longings. Remus saw Lily Evans, the girl who was trying very hard to not be in love with James Potter, because he wasn’t yet the man she knew he could be.

“Remember that to Sirius Black you are Remus Lupin.”

promptis; a quiet corner, a little escape.

Prompto’s the one that finds him, sitting on the roof of some apartment complex, several blocks away from his own building. Noctis doesn’t bother looking up as his friend settles on the edge next to him.

“Hey, buddy,” Prompto says. His tone is no different from usual, only a little quieter. His boots swing back and forth off the side of the building. “Enjoying the view?”

Noctis shrugs. He keeps his gaze ahead of him on the sun slowly sinking behind the Wall. It’s a beautiful sight, the colours shifting from orange to pink like a dream. He’s half-surprised Prompto doesn’t have his camera out, blabbing about the wonderful opportunity this sunset is for his photographer’s eye. Mostly Noctis just wants the day to end so maybe this tightness in his chest will go away.

“Noct,” Prompto says. His boots have stopped swinging, and his fingers are playing with the bracelets around his wrist. “Are you… okay? I mean, you don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to, but you kind of just… upped and left class today, and Iggy and the rest of the ‘guard are still looking for you, and like, I get you need your space but I don’t know, I just… You know I’m always here for you, right? If you want to talk? Ah, I’m talking too much right now, aren’t I, uh, I’ll—I’ll shut up now.”

Noctis finally glances over. His friend has his hands in his lap, head bowed slightly, embarrassment colouring his cheeks. In the fading sunlight, Prompto looks even softer than he does usually. Noctis sighs. “It’s okay, Prompt,” he says, “I just… needed to get away, is all.”

“Oh. From school? Yeah, I get that a lot. Especially with exam season coming up and all.”

“Yeah. And also, I guess, the whole Prince thing. Even Gladio’s been on my back about it, but it’s not like. There’s nothing I can do about it. My dad’s no help either. I’m just.” Noctis blows his bangs from his face. “Tired.”

Prompto offers a smile. “Being royalty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, huh.”

“No,” Noctis agrees, allowing his own lips to pull up, too. “Zero out of ten recommended.”

His friend laughs, and the familiar sound eases some of the tension from Noctis’ chest. They fall into silence again, comfortable this time, only the distant sound of traffic below between them. The sun’s almost gone now, and Noctis can’t help but feel like it’s much too soon. Everything’s too soon, and yet not fast enough.

“Hey, Noct,” Prompto says eventually. “You mind if I text Iggy back that you’re not dead in a ditch somewhere? I’m afraid my phone might explode from his voicemails.”


“Cool. You want to go home? Or we can go to that fast food restaurant you like.”

Noctis hesitates. “Can you… Can we—stay? For a bit longer.”

“Okay,” Prompto says without missing a beat. “All the time you need, Noct.”

As the sun fades from behind Insomnia’s Wall, Noct leans his head against his best friend’s shoulder, and breathes.

Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Juré Pour La Vie - Part One


Marinette didn’t think inviting Chat Noir in for milk would lead to this.

The heroes were 20 years old, in university, and it was now time to trust each other better than they ever did.

Part [Here] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

Rating: Teen/ Mature.

Angst and fluff, and all that good stuff. 

Author’s Note: This was originally supposed to be a one shot, but it turned out to be longer than I thought, so I have to split it up. Hope you all like it! First Miraculous Ladybug fanfic. Let me know what you guys think! I know the summary sounds kinda… explicit… :P but it’s not… for now. 

Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Juré Pour La Vie - Part One

Warm Touch

Her hips swayed as she hummed around the dark kitchen, light only coming from above the stovetop. The white floor length curtains were opened and the windows displayed the twinkling lights of the city of Paris at night; the Eiffel Tower peaking over the other apartments. She bobbed the peppermint tea bag in the hot water, watching it go from clear to a dark yellow-green. She started to sing La Vie en Rose to herself. Her vibrato ringing through the room softly, as she almost whispered the high notes. Marinette was alone. Alya was staying over at her family’s place for the weekend. She had her dark hair in a messy bun, strands falling in front of her face whenever she looked down. She continued to sing to herself, and watched the steam from her mug dance in front of her eyes.

Meanwhile, Chat Noir landed skillfully on the curved iron railings to Marinette’s little balcony. He watched her dark silhouette, faintly hearing her sing. He gently laid a hand on the glass door, and hopped off the railing. Marinette stopped singing, and turned her head slightly to Chat’s direction. Busted, he thought, but he crouched down into the shadows, hoping she wouldn’t notice.  

Marinette pulled the tea bag out of the mug, placing it on the little white and pink plate, before picking up her polka dotted mug and looking over the island, to the balcony. Chat Noir’s glowing green eyes stared at her in the darkness. She smirked. If this was the first time she’d seen those illuminated eyes in the darkness, she would have been completely terrified.

Chat Noir stood back up as Marinette approached the door. She slid it opened, “Kinda cold out here, don’t you think? Wanna come in? I have milk for stray kittens.”

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so this is a selfie from the time i got tabinof, close to a year ago.

i’ve been subscribed to phil for something like four years, and he’s never failed to make me smile. he brings colour in to my otherwise gray life and motivates me to be a better person and never give up on my dreams. there have been lots of moments when i’ve thought “why not just give up?” and i’ve come close to doing so, but then i see something that phil did. it could be something small, like a tweet or a reblog on tumblr, but he makes me stop and realise, “no, theres things that are worth it.” and i just want to take this moment to thank him, and congratulate him on 11 years and so many more to come. 

(I’ve never written anything that wasn’t nurseydex, so here’s “why didn’t you tell me” + whiskey/tango for @a-wooden-ring I hope you like how I wrote them!)

Antonio Jimenez loves the Haus. Initially, he feels a little uncomfortable being there because he doesn’t technically live there, but Bitty’s constant flood of assurances that it’s fine for him to hang around the Haus ultimately helps him view it as more of a home than his own dorm. He gets a new nickname–one that he likes a hell of a lot more than “Nezzy”–and more pie than he’s ever seen in his life and, above all, he gets a new family.

That’s what he really loves about the Haus.

It’s loud and frenzied and smells like home: some intricate combination of fruit and sugar, of sweat and mold, of the fresh scented candles Ransom always lights. What reminds him of home, though, mostly, is how it’s always teeming with people: even if it’s just someone coming in for a slice of pie, the constant ebb and flow of people helps him stay calm, keeps him from getting too homesick.

The only person who doesn’t really come around the Haus is Whiskey. Tango doesn’t mind, really, because they still hang out all the time, usually one on one, but sometimes–and Tango would take this to the grave–at the LAX house. The LAX house, by contrast, is seven guys who are, more often than not, absent during the day: at any given moment, there are probably one or two guys there. The lacrosse team doesn’t come in and out like the hockey team does with the Haus and it’s not nearly as homey.

“Why do you prefer being at the LAX house than the Haus?” Tango asks one day. Whiskey looks up from where he’s sitting across from Tango at the picnic table, hair disheveled and eyes heavy. His notes are strewn across the table, books open and a variety of highlighter colours Tango didn’t even knew existed until today. Whiskey sighs and Tango is immediately hit with the thought that maybe right now wasn’t the right time to ask that question.

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A Series of Unfathomable Feelings (8/10)

AU Rommate!Steve x Reader

Summary: After Bucky decides to move in with his long-time girlfriend, Steve has to look for another roommate. But destiny, or rather Bucky, will set him with someone less boring than Steve intended.

Word Count: 1,944

Warnings: Language, Angst

A/N: Hyggelig (Danish) is a feeling of friendship, warmth, peace and contentment in a comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

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You scrapped your knees when you feel on the pavement still screaming Steve’s name, but he was long gone. Wanda found you and wrapped her arms around your shoulders, shushing you the best she could before you passed out on the sofa.

You were too exhausted to think, but it was the middle of the week and you had to go to work. Wanda stayed with you. The next day, she made sure you ate something before you went to work.

When you came home you tried to call Bucky or Dot, but they didn’t even know that you and Steve had a fight.

“Thanks for letting me stay, man.” Steve said as Sam, his work buddy, showed him the spare room.

“No worries. I know the feeling.” He patted Steve’s back and gave him a sympathetic smile. “You can stay as long as you like.”

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Liam Dunbar Imagine- Parrish’s Sister


“Jordie? Is that you” you called out as you heard the front door of your house open from upstairs in your room. You listened for a response, but heard none, just a slight murmuring and a crash as you sat up in your bed. Leaning over to look at the clock on your table you noticed the time, 11:24. Letting out a yawn you swung your legs over the side of the bed, standing on shaky legs as you walked out of your room and down the stairs to the main room. “Jordan?” You called out as you walked into the lit room, obviously whoever had walked in had turned on the lights before moving out.

“In here Y/N,” your brother called out, making you let out a sigh of relief as you realized there was no danger. You followed his voice into the living room to see him sitting on the couch, his arm casually draped around Lydia Martin, a new friend you had made since you moved to Beacon Hills, following your mother’s wishes for your brother and yourself to stay close. You smiled at the redhead as she looked up at you, smiling as well as your eyes moved to scan the room. The rest of them were here, the wolf pack. Scott, Stiles, Kira, Liam, and Malia all sitting in my living room.

“Hey Y/N, what are you up to tonight?” Scott asked, being polite as always as he noticed the discontent look on your face.

“Well I was sleeping before you guys showed up,” you admitted as Scott smiled sheepishly, “It’s fine, who needs sleep right?” you joked. Stiles laughed awkwardly at your exchange, the room falling silently afterwards as everyone continued to stare at you. You noticed Scott and Malia scrunch their noses slightly as you felt a cramp on your side. No no no no, please do not tell me they can smell the blood, you pleaded in your head as you remembered what they were probably smelling. You swallowed thickly, thinking of a way to make a quick escape. “I’m in a real need for some tea so I’m gonna go do that, now,” you stuttered quickly before almost running out of the room and into the kitchen.


“We just made her super uncomfortable didn’t we?” Malia asked from from her place beside Stiles, Scott nodding as well as his cheeks flushed red. Parrish, Lydia, Stiles and Kira shot them confused looks while Liam just wanted you leave the room, hearing you shuffle around in the kitchen.

“What do you mean?” Parrish asked, wondering what the alpha and werecoyote had done to make his sister uncomfortable without saying a word.

“Nothing,” Scott said quickly, cutting off Malia as she opened her mouth. She realized after a moment that Scott knew you wouldn’t want your brother to know what had happened and looked a bit guilty as she thought about how she had almost told. Parrish raised his eyebrows at Scott, looking at him curiously before Lydia brought his attention back to her. Meanwhile Liam listened as he heard you growl in frustration at something. He spared another glance at his pack only to see they had all started their own conversations among themselves, and he opted to follow you into the kitchen, escaping any of the packs watchful eyes.


You almost whimpered as you reached up of the too high shelf that held your tea bags. First you had woken up, then the pack had smelled your period and now you couldn’t reach your tea bags. You fell off of your tip toes, moving to rest against the counter and pout at the bags above you.

“Need any help?” you heard behind you, making you jump slightly as you turned to see Liam in the doorway. You gulped slightly before settling down and smiling at the beta.

“Please, I can’t reach the tea bags,” you admitted, gesturing up to the top shelf. Liam smiled at you before walking over and easily extending his arms to grab the box of bags. You smiled at him, happy to finally get some relief from the cramps as you took the box.

“Thank you,” you said as you grabbed the hot mug of water you had  already heated and dropped one of the bags into the almost boiling water.

“You alright?” Liam asked as you flinched, one of your now warm hands moved to your hip, attempting to stifle the cramp that had started again. You bit down on your lip as you waited for the pain to pass, nodding to the concerned beta in the process. “Come on, what hurts Y/N?” he asked as he reached out to gently grasp your arm. You shook your head as you whimpered slightly, the pain only getting worse. Liam’s face scrunched in concern as he tightened his grip on your arm and watched his veins go black. Scott had just taught him the skill, and using it to help you definetly was something he wanted to do. You released your lip from between your teeth as the pain start to fade, looking to Liam only to see his eyes scrunched closed and his veins gone black. You quickly ripped your arm from his grasp and glared at the beta as he opened his eyes back.

“Why did you do that Liam?” You asked, watching the boy flinch as he continued processing your pain.

“I didn’t want you to be in pain,” he admitted, dropping his eyes to the floor as he saw the frustration in your eyes. You couldn’t control the light blush that coloured your cheeks at his words. But after a short moment you sighed and poked Liam’s stomach, making him look back up at you.

“I’m used to that pain Liam. I don’t want to see you enduring my pain, ever. I hate seeing you like that Liam,” you admitted, smiled as a goofy grin covered Liam’s face.

“Am I right to think that you like me? Because I can hear your heartbeat and everyone seems to think you do and I care about you a lot as well so I hope that you do but it’s okay if you don’t-” you smiled at him, almost going deaf to his words as you watched him ramble before you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled his head down to be even with yours.

“I really like you,” you smiled as you oushed yourself up to press your lips against Liam’s. You couldn’t help but still smile as Liam froze for a second before wrapping his arms around you and kissing you back. His lips were so soft and gentle against my own as his palms pressed against my back, my own hands moving to wrap around his neck as he stayed hunched down against me. As you both pulled away from the kiss and rested your foreheads against each other Liam panted softly, smiling wide as his eyes connected with yours.

“Thank God for your shortness Y/N.”

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Summary: You and Castiel bake and decorate christmas cookies together

Warnings: none - Words: 1k+

12 Days Of Christmas Masterpost

This is part three of my Cas x Reader ‘12 Days of Christmas’ series for @waywardlullabies‘s challenge! Day 3: Scarves + Christmas cookies

The next day, thankfully, wasn’t so cold.

It wasn’t warm, by any means, but one degree above freezing sure felt like a win in comparison to the weather you’d been having.

You figured you could probably go out without your nose dropping off with frostbite, so once you’d changed out of your ridiculously comfortable gingerbread pyjamas, you pulled on your fluffy socks and slipped your feet into a pair of boots.

“Where are you going?” Castiel asked as you were lacing them up.

“Just to the store,” you told him, standing up and retrieving your leather jacket from the closet, putting it on over your sweater, “Get some supplies, don’t know how the weather’s gonna hold up.”

You smiled as he got out of bed, still wearing his pyjamas.

“Plus,” you added, your hands finding his hips, “These pyjamas are making me wanna make cookies.”

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Smoulder Chapter 5

@miraculousdays, @artsyfartsyana @xayti enjoyyyyy! ;)

Read on AO3 or FF.NET

The words rang his ears, reverberating through his mind like the sound of a bell, until all Adrien could do was stare.

Pink. Her favourite colour was pink. That’s what she had said. That’s what Ladybug had said too.

It couldn’t be possible. No way would his Lady give him such a big clue, would she? But then, Ladybug didn’t know he was Chat Noir. He sighed inwardly. It was probably just a coincidence. Plagg was right, he really needed to get his head out of the clouds.

“Adrien?” Marinette was staring at him. Evidently, gaping at someone like a brain-dead koi fish was something to cause concern. He shook his head for the second time in mere minutes. ‘concentrate, Agreste’

“Ah- yeah, sorry. Pink, right,” He stammered, but smiled in the hopes of reassuring her, “it’s a good colour. I should have figured actually; you wear it a lot.”

Only when she crossed her arms over herself, did he realise what he said could be seen as an insult. Marinette turned away and, in his haste to correct himself again, Adrien all but leapt forward to place a hand on her shoulder.

“No-not that that’s a bad thing! Actually I think you look great in pink. It’s really suits you,” Adrien grinned, aware that he sounded like the biggest idiot on the planet but too worried about Marinette’s feelings to care. He was starting to think that he didn’t think when he was around her. Maybe he was like that when it came to sweet, smart, pretty girls. Maybe he was like that with just one sweet, smart, pretty girl. Maybe- in his wildest dreams.

All the systems in Marinette’s brain seemed to close up shop for the day, even though it was only nine in the morning. She was pretty sure she was going to start drooling if she didn’t snap herself out it soon. Silence loomed on the horizon, ready to descend upon them and make the situation a million times awkward. If only she could open her mouth and say something. If anything the longer it took, the angrier she became at herself. She was no longer a pathetic middle schooler with a silly crush. She was a pathetic high schooler with a silly crush thank you very much! ‘I should be able to deal with things better by now.’

As luck would have it, their conversation (or lack thereof) was thwarted by a high pitched squeal and the pair simultaneously leapt into fighting stances at the sound. Neither of them noticed the others reaction. Hurrying towards the pair were a gaggle of girls, the ones from earlier, all holding Adrien’s underwear photos up and screaming about wanting his autograph.

Adrien blanched, stepping back slowly, his face growing pale at the sight.

“Shouldn’t those girls be getting to class by now?”

Suddenly feeling a warm grip on his hand, Adrien barely had time to register Marinette’s fingers locking instinctively in his own, before she turned heel and yanked him away from the girls. The pair raced down the hallway, echoes of their thundering footsteps bounding off of the walls. Other students whipped their heads around at the bizarre sight of the two being chased by Adrien’s rabid fangirls. A few took out their phones but didn’t quite manage to hit record on time, or only managed to snap a few blurry pictures.

When they’d gained a good distance from the screaming girls, Marinette wheeled around a corner, opened an unassuming wooden door and leapt inside. Without a second thought, Adrien hurried in after her. The door slammed shut behind them and Marinette collapsed against it with a sigh.

Dried paint and chalk were the smells that filled the air and, as Adrien’s eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness of the room, he noticed Marinette had hidden them in the art cupboard. Cupboard being a loose term, as it was more of a small room than anything. Metal shelves contained an array of art supplies from acrylics to clay. A broken kiln, door half-off its hinges, resided in the corner. He sucked in a breath, trying to regain air, but found himself near choking on the layers of dust they’d disturbed by entering the room in such a dramatic way.

“Are you ok?” Marinette asked gently and Adrien could hear the light breathlessness of her voice, his heart flipped at the sound. He cringed, remembering why they were hiding in the first place.

“I’m fine. Sorry about that. That hasn’t happened in a while.”

They stared at each other again, wordlessly, before a giggle burst from Marinette’s lips. In an attempt to cover her laughter at the absurdity of the situation, she held her hands over her mouth. But Adrien could see the amusement sparkling in her eyes. His lips stretched into the kind of thin smile that only occurs when you know you probably shouldn’t laugh, but are about to regardless.

“Shh! Shh! They’ll hear us!” Marinette waved her hands even though she continued to laugh.

“I’m sure we can run off again, we make a pretty good team I think. We should consider joining the running club,” Adrien chuckled pressing his palm to his forehead. In any other situation he would have been pretty annoyed by this turn of events. She’d somehow made it fun and exciting, like an adventure. The two intrepid explorers running from the jaws of the frantic jungle cats.

Marinette glowed, too high on adrenaline to feel a sense of shock and awe, too amused to stammer at his praise.

“Adrien!” She gasped, chortling still as she sank further against the door, and Adrien forced back a very impulsive, highly ungentlemanly impulse to press against her in a similar fashion. He blushed and averted his gaze, the smile almost gone from his face. Heat seeped through his blood, darting in-and-out of his arms, his face, his ears. The way she said his name…

‘Get a grip, get a grip, get a grip, get a grip!’ Ignoring the dust in the air, Adrien inhaled through his nose. His thoughts raced, yelled, screamed at him to keep it together and remain calm. But he had a feeling the second he looked into her eyes he’d be lost again. He remembered what she looked like when he was about to kiss her as Chat, the way her favourite colour dashed across her cheek bones and her eyes fluttered lazily, how her lips had parted in anticipation. Against his better judgement, he knew he wanted to see that look again. God what was happening to him?!

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Marker Mischief// Josh Dun

Requested: Yo a Josh dun imagine where you guys have a daughter and while Josh is asleep and you’re making dinner or something she colors all over him and he get rlly rlly upset and stuff then at the ends its super cute + family cuddles


              You smiled to yourself as you heard your daughter and husband giggling with one another in the living room. From what you had gathered, they were having a relentless pillow/tickle fight. You were putting clean dishes away while getting ready to make supper when you heard your daughter groan.

              “Daddy just a little more, please?” She begged, following Josh into the kitchen. You turned to see a very tired looking Josh smiling at her.

              “Not any more now, I’m too tired to keep being the tickle monster.” He stretched his arms back, walking over to press a loving kiss to your forehead. “I’m going to take a nap, wake me up when supper is ready?” He asked, as you nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. “Does tickle monster jr. want to come have a nap too?” Josh offered, only to get a dramatic head shake from your daughter.

              “I will be colouring.” She said, sass dripping from her words as she walked out to the living room once again, while Josh made his way to the bedroom. You simply smiled to yourself as you continued your task at hand, listening to your daughter softly sing as she coloured.

              You were in the middle of cutting up some carrots when your daughter ran into the kitchen, smiling wide. Before you could ask her what she was so happy about, she showed you her arm. Which had colourful scribbles running from the shoulder down to her wrist. You raised an eyebrow as you kneeled down to her level.

              “What did you draw on yourself hun?” You asked, wanting an explanation before you began talking to her about not drawing on herself with marker.

              “It’s daddy’s tattoo!!” She smiled, you knew she adored all the colours that decorated Josh’s arm. You didn’t realize she loved it this much though. “I want to get one just like it when I grow up.” She smiled a toothy smile as you grabbed your phone. Taking a picture of her showing off her work and texting it to Josh.

              We have daddies biggest fan right here! She gave herself a temporary copy of your tattoo <3

              “I’m going to go colour again, I love you mommy!” She yelled over her shoulder, running back to her colours before you could even get a word in. You lovingly rolled your eyes, she was the biggest daddy’s girl on the planet. You continued cutting carrots, and preparing the rest of the meal. Not realizing how quiet it was while you did so. Usually when your daughter was in the living room you could hear her singing, or at least humming to herself as she amused herself. You shrugged it off as nothing, thinking she just went to join Josh for that nap after all. You made your way to the bedroom an hour later, when supper was done and ready to be served. Your previous prediction was right, as you saw your daughter snuggled against Josh’s side as the both of them slept peacefully on top of the blanket. You quickly, and silently grabbed your phone to take a picture of this, using the picture as your lock screen.

              “Hey snuggle bugs, it’s time to wake up. Supper is ready.” You spoke, causing them both to wake up slowly. As Josh sat up you noticed his beard looked a bit fuller? You knew he couldn’t seem to grow hair on certain parts of his jaw that were now filled in with brown? Your confused expression must have set Josh off.

              “What’s wrong, do I have something on my face?” He laughed, making his way to the bathroom to investigate when you nodded. You crawled onto the bed, pulling your daughter into your lap as you waited for Josh to finish investigating the mysterious full beard he had.

              “Y/D/N.” You heard him groan, a slight irritation in his voice. You looked down at your daughter who was burying her face into your neck, whimpering slightly. “What do you call this?” He asked, stepping out and gesturing to the colourful scribbles adoring his non-tattooed arm.

              “I’m sorry! I thought you liked your pretty arm a lot so I wanted the other one to match!” Your daughter cried, hopping down from your lap and running out of the room. Obviously distressed with the irritation she had caused Josh. You merely let out a sigh, deciding to let Josh handle this as you went to fix the bed. Noticing a bright orange stain on one of the lighter parts of the blanket.

              “Oh no.” You groaned to yourself, picking up an uncapped marker off the bed. “I’ll go put this in the wash.” You mumbled to nobody in particular. You couldn’t help but feel your heart break as you walked down the hall, hearing heartbroken sobs coming from your daughter’s room. Rather than letting your motherly side take over, and going in to cuddle your distressed child. You busied yourself with putting stain remover on the comforter, and putting it into the washing machine. Staying out of the situation, and letting her and Josh resolve it on their own terms. Heading back to the kitchen, you put the lids back on the pots; knowing supper would be a little delayed tonight.  You could only be grateful that your daughter didn’t have any permanent markers in her possession. Making your way down the hallway, you paused outside your daughters room; hearing a conversation go on inside.

              “I’m really, really sorry daddy. I thought I would get Uncle Ty and Uncle Mark to stop making fun of your silly beard.” Your daughter whimpered, “And you always talk about how much you like your pretty arm, so I tried making the other one pretty too. I messed up and made you angry though.” Your head rested on the wall as you listened.

              “Uncle Ty and Mark aren’t actually being mean about my beard. I laugh about how it looks silly too. I’ll let you in on a secret, mommy used to all the time when we first started dating.” Josh’s words provoked a small giggle from your daughter as you rolled your eyes. Yes you once teased Josh about his beard, though you absolutely loved how he looked with it. “I’m not mad that you tried making more pretty things on my arms, I just didn’t like not knowing. Next time you want to, ask me first, okay?” You smiled, it warmed your heart to hear how gentle and loving Josh was with your daughter. “Now let’s go eat mommy’s delicious supper before its cold.” As if it were on cue, you made your way back to the kitchen, Josh and your daughter walking in only moments after.

              “Mommy, daddy. Can we have movie cuddles tonight?” Your daughter whispered, after fighting to stab a pea with her fork. You smiled at Josh who smiled right back at you.            

              “Of course we can. I’m personally feeling Finding Nemo.” You shrugged, knowing it was your daughter’s favorite movie. You watched as she ate a little quicker, obviously wanting to start the movie right there and then.


              After everyone was finished eating, and the kitchen was cleaned. You and your daughter laid in the living room together, waiting for Josh to join you guys with the popcorn you both asked for.

              “I’m so excited!” Your daughter bounced up and down in your lap, smiling widely as she did so. No matter how many times she saw this movie, she would always get beyond excited when you all watched it together. You pulled the blanket you were under up to your daughter’s shoulders, holding the one side open as Josh walked in, sitting down with a bowl of popcorn.

              “You hold this.” He handed the bowl to your daughter, who pulled her arms over the blanket to hold it as he sat down beside you. Wrapping an arm around you as he pulled your daughters feet into his lap. “So what movie are we watching again?” He joked, getting a faux angry look from your daughter.

              “Daddy, how could you forget? It’s Finding Nemo. With the cute fishies!” You giggled at her answer as you clicked play, leaning in closer to Josh as your daughter rested her head on your shoulder. You loved your little family, no matter what strange situations you all managed to get into.

Vampire Academy - College AU - Part 23/?

Dimitri POV

I tapped my foot against the floor and paced in front of Christian as he stared at me blankly.

“Dude, what the hell has you so stressed?” he asked. I glared at him and gestured across the hallway.

“Asking her out. I just don’t know how to do it. I don’t even have a plan yet. How can I not have a plan yet?” I asked, running a hand through my hair in frustration. Christian laughed and shook his head.

“Give it up, Belikov. We all know that whatever you do is going to be the best date either of you have ever had,” Christian said pointedly. I shrugged.

“I want everything to be perfect,” I admitted. Christian scoffed and looked at me.

“You know that there is no such thing, right?” he asked. “You know that life is hard and love is this giant sloppy mess. You and Rose are never going to be perfect and you shouldn’t want to be. The bumps along the road are half the fun,” he added. I felt the corners of my lips twitch and I glanced at Christian. He grinned and spread his hands over the counter.

“We can try to make everything perfect though,” he said smirking at me. I glanced at him and nodded. I’d take any help I could get.

Rose POV

I rolled my shoulders and sighed, kicking off my shoes and staring at Christian and Lissa who were curled up on the couch, murmuring to each other as Lissa played with his hair. I pulled my feet up onto the couch and sighed, staring across the dark room at Dimitri who arched his eyebrows and gestured to the kitchen. I stood up and followed him out of the room, trying to ignore the way my heart was thudding against my chest. I had butterflies in my stomach and I hated butterflies.

Resting against the counter, I looked up at Dimitri. His eyes met mine, and he smiled. The look he was giving me made me feel like I was on fire. I cleared my throat and brushed my hair out of my face.

“What’s up?” I asked, pushing off the counter. Dimitri smiled and looked at me.

“Roza, I just wanted to ask if you’d do me the pleasure of joining me tomorrow night,” he said softly, locking his eyes on mine. I exhaled heavily and looked up at him, my eyebrows furrowed. Dimitri arched an eyebrow and glanced down at me.

“Roza?” he repeated. I cleared my throat and nodded.

“Yes, of course,” I blurted, unable to hide the giddy look on my face. Dimitri smiled and looked at me.

“Can’t wait,” he whispered, stepping away from me and heading back into the living room. I turned to face the sink and braced myself on the counter.

He had done it. He had actually asked me on a date, and we were going out tomorrow. The thought made my heart race. I grabbed a coke from the fridge and made my way back into the living room. I caught Dimitri’s eyes and couldn’t help but smile at the look he was giving me. I lowered my eyes and focused on the coke in my hand, trying to ignore Lissa’s intent gaze.

Lissa grabbed my arm and squeezed it, grinning at me.

“He asked you, didn’t he?” she said excitedly, her face lighting up. I flushed and locked our door.

Running a hand through my hair, I nodded. “Yeah, we’re supposed to be going tomorrow,” I said softly, looking down at my hands and trying to hide my grin. Lissa laughed and nudged me.

“This is so exciting,” she said, shaking my shoulders and pulling me towards my room.

“What are you going to wear? What are you doing with your hair?” she asked. I turned to face her and arched my eyebrow.

“Please, I’m not going to agonize over what to wear, Liss. This is Dimitri. I don’t have anything to prove to him,” Lissa laughed and nodded.

“Oh yeah, we’ll see. I am so excited for you Rose. At least let me paint your nails for it,” she said excitedly. I laughed and nodded.

“Can it wait till the morning? Please? I’m so tired,” I said, flopping down onto my bed and turning to face her. Lissa nodded and lay down in the bed beside me.

“It’s so romantic, you know? I could see the looks he was giving you. I could tell that they were meant just for you,” Lissa said softly, her cheeks taking on a rosy glow. I laughed and looked at her.

“You’re such a sap for this stuff aren’t you?” I asked. Lissa nodded and met my eyes.

“I just can’t wait for you to be happy Rose. You deserve to be happy,” she whispered, laying back down on the bed and staring at the ceiling. I smiled, resting my head on her shoulder.

“I’m excited,” I whispered. Lissa laughed and nodded her head.

“I know, Rose. I know,” she replied.

I felt sick. Physically sick. I glanced at Lissa and held up my two tank tops.

“Which one?” I asked trying to ignore the way Lissa was smirking at me. She arched her eyebrow and rested her chin on the palm of her hand.

“What happened to not agonizing over what to wear? It’s only Dimitri,” she mocked. I narrowed my eyes and held up brush, pointing it at her threateningly. Lissa chuckled and pointed at the purple tank top. I sighed and held them both up, scowling at the selections. Why the hell was this so hard? I pursed my lips and pulled on the purple top, glancing at myself in the mirror.

“Rose, you look fine,” Lissa said, exasperatedly. I chewed on the inside of my lip and pulled on my necklace. It was an old one. One that Andrew had gotten for me years ago. I sighed and pulled my hair down from the pony tail. I glanced at Lissa and she groaned.

“Rose, YOU LOOK FINE,” She said loudly. I sighed and picked at my nails. I heard a knock at the door and froze in place, staring at Lissa who stared at me.

“Are you going to answer the door or are you just going to leave him waiting out there?” she asked. I glared at her and made my way towards the door. I exhaled heavily and threw open the door. I glanced up at Dimitri and felt my throat dry up.

“Hey,” I said softly, pushing my hair from my face.

Dimitri smiled and leaned against the door frame. “Hello, Roza. You look beautiful,” he said, grinning at me as he gestured down the stairs. I glanced at him and smiled.

“Not looking too bad yourself, Comrade,” I said, grinning at him. He held open the door and smiled as I walked passed him.

“So, what have you got planned for me?” I asked, grinning up at him. Dimitri pursed his lips and glanced at me.

“All in time, Hathaway. All in time,” he said, smiling at me. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

“You know I hate surprises,” I reminded him. Dimitri laughed glancing at me.

“I have a feeling you’ll like this one,” he said, turning to face me. I pursed my lips and sighed as I got into the car. He smiled and got into the driver’s side. Starting the engine, he peeked at me out the corner of his eye.

“That colour suits you, you know,” Dimitri said softly, as he pulled out of the parking lot.

I flushed and glanced down at my hands. I was so not used to this. I could handle him checking me out when he thought I wasn’t looking. But, outright compliments? I didn’t know if I would ever get used to those coming from Dimitri.

Dimitri pursed his lips and looked at me. “Should I stick to small talk?” he teased. I rolled my eyes and flipped him off, playing with my pendant absentmindedly. Dimitri caught the movement and smiled, looking at it.

“You’d laugh if I told you what I did the other day,” he said, gesturing at the pendant. I furrowed my eyebrows and glanced at him.

Alright, I’d play along. “What did you do?” I indulged.

Dimitri laughed and pulled into another lot. He chewed on his lip and cleared his throat. “I went to Andrew’s grave,” he said.

I rolled my eyes and glanced at him. “You do that every week!” I said, laughing at him. Dimitri shook his head and ran a hand through his hair.

“I went to ask for his blessing,” he said, glancing at me and waiting for me to laugh. But, I wouldn’t. How could I laugh at something so sweet? I felt my nose tingle and I blinked to stop the tears that were threatening to fall. I cleared my throat and looked at him.

“I can’t believe we’re on a date,” I said softly. Dimitri grinned and opened his door, getting out of the car.

“Well Roza, get used to it. Today we are going to go on the most normal, boring date,” he said, gesturing at the cinemas in front of us. I turned to face him and blinked rapidly.

“The cinema? You hate watching movies in the cinema!” I said sharply. Dimitri shrugged and looked at me.

“I think I’ll survive,” he said, grinning at me. I sighed and looked at him.

“There isn’t some new shitty western out, is there?” I said, looking at him. Dimitri laughed and shook his head.

“I think you’ll like this one,” he said, holding up his tickets. I grinned when my eyes zoned in on the movie. I had been bugging him about this movie for months. I wrapped my arm around his and smiled, pressing a kiss to his bicep.

“That was such a good film,” I said brightly. Dimitri rolled his eyes and glanced at me. I narrowed my eyes and held up a finger. “Don’t even pretend that you didn’t love it. I saw your eyes soften when Nick revealed he was bullied,” I said.

Dimitri held up his hands and shrugged. “It was sad okay?” he said defensively. I smirked and ran a hand through my hair and glanced at him out of the corner of my eyes and nodded.

“It was. So admit that it was a great film,” I said, brandishing my spoon at him. Dimitri laughed and sighed.

“It was a great film. I loved it,” he admitted, taking a spoonful of his ice cream and smiling at me. I pushed my hair behind my ears and glanced down at my ice cream. Dimitri smiled and glanced at me.

“We used to come here all the time, but I don’t know if you remember,” he said softly, gesturing around us. I laughed and ran a hand through my hair.

“Yeah, I remember. I used to make you and Andrew take me,” I muttered, flushing and glancing at Dimitri who laughed and shrugged.

“You never had to force us. Andrew would have taken you anywhere,” he said. I smiled and nodded.

“I had him wrapped around my finger,” I said proudly. Dimitri laughed and looked at me.

“You had us both wrapped around your finger,” he said. He closed his eyes and began rhyming off stories about all the things I used to be able to get him and Andrew to do, including the time I had forced them both to dress up in ridiculous Halloween costumes. I rolled my eyes and stared at him.

“That wasn’t even that long ago,” I said. Dimitri laughed and gave me a pointed look.

“Exactly. You’ve always had me wrapped around your finger, Roza…and I think you always will,” he said. I raised my eyebrow and shook my head.

“I’m serious, I don’t think I have the power to deny you anything,” he said, resting his chin on his hand. I grinned and arched an eyebrow.

“So…another scoop of ice cream isn’t off the cards?” I said cheekily. Dimitri sighed and stood up, making his way towards the counter. I smirked and pushed my hair out of my face, watching as he brought the ice cream back. I glanced at him, smiling as we ate the ice cream in happy silence. I swallowed the lump in my throat and raised my eyes to meet his. Dimitri opened his mouth to speak, locking his eyes on mine. I couldn’t quite read the look on his face. He paused and said

“You’re my best friend.”

“Should I break the news to Christian?” I teased. Dimitri looked at me and smiled.

“He’s one of them. But not like you Rose,” he said, resting his head back against the couch and smiling at me. I grinned down at my ice cream and tried to ignore the flush on my cheeks. It was true of course. Dimitri and I had always had this sort of…connection. I glanced at him and gestured outside.

“What’s next on the agenda?” I asked. Dimitri glanced at his watch and arched an eyebrow.

“You’re not tired?” he asked. I shook my head and glanced at him expectantly. Dimitri nodded and held out his hand, waiting for me to hold onto it. I laughed and slipped my hand into his. He gestured at his watch and looked at me.

“Where can we go at this time?” he asked. I shrugged and gestured across the road at our usual café. One of the few places that was opened all night. Dimitri locked his eyes on me and raised an eyebrow.

“Coffee, at midnight?” he asked, his eyes filled with amusement. I sighed and looked at him.

“We don’t have to have coffee. We could have hot chocolate. Tea. Cake,” I said pointedly. Dimitri glanced at me and sighed.

“How can you still be hungry?” he asked trying not to chuckle. I shrugged and grinned at him. Dimitri sighed and gestured forward. “Lead the way then,” he said.

I grinned and began to step out, then we heard the first crack of thunder. I glanced back at Dimitri and cursed as the heavens opened. Dimitri looked at me impassively before pushing my back. I let out a scream and turned to face him, the rain was cold, ice cold. In a matter of seconds I was drenched.

“Oh, you are an asshole,” I said, yanking him out of the shelter to join me in the rain. Dimitri cursed when I kicked water at him. He laughed and grabbed my arm, keeping us both in the path of the rainfall.

I placed my hands on either side of his face and laughed when I noticed all the raindrops splashing down his face. Dimitri brought his hands around my back, to rest on my waist. I bit my lip and looked up at him from under my eyelashes. 

Staring at him, I tried to ignore the way my heart was pounding in my ears. It was all I could hear. My heart surrounded by silence. Everything else melted away. I gnawed on my bottom lip and pulled Dimitri towards me. He smiled and brought his hand up, tangling it in my hair. The pounding in my ears got louder. I licked my lower lip and sighed when Dimitri’s mouth crushed against my own. I gasped and pulled him against me, trying to ignore the water streaming down my face. You can hear it in the silence. I pulled away from Dimitri, letting out a laugh as we glanced around us. Dimitri smiled and gestured at the car.

“Let’s get home before you catch a cold,” he said softly. I closed my eyes and smiled, touching my lips as I followed behind him. I sat in the car and stared out of the window, a ghost of a smile on my lips. You can feel it on the way home. I glanced at Dimitri out of the corner of my eyes and smiled as I watched the street lighting flicker across his face. You can see it with the lights out. I glanced at Dimitri and smiled at him.

“I had a great night tonight,” I said softly. Dimitri grinned and glanced at me.

“Me too, Roza.”

You’re in love, true love.

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Bellarke celebrity aus are always fun :) bonus points if you added the "secret dating" troupe

this got long and Bellamy previously playing James Potter isn’t that significant plot wise, but i just need the world to know that ‘Morley for Potter’ is a thing and i love it


When Bellamy was nineteen, he was juggling three jobs, hadn’t gone to college, and was dealing with raising Octavia, who was going through her teenage angst phase. He fought the world with bruised knuckles and anger gnawing him from the inside out just to give them a place in it.

Now, almost six years later, he’s one of the most successful actors in the young adult genre, having recently wrapped the final season on Marauders, making more in a month than he did in a year, and is singlehandedly funding his sister’s college tuition without the fear of crippling debt to come.

It’s a bit of whiplash to say the least.

He wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue acting after playing James Potter for the last five years. He’s made more than enough money to see him through the rest of his years pretty comfortably; he could go back to school and get a history degree, or he could even sit around doing nothing besides twiddling his thumbs. Not to mention that he played James Potter. He got to work with JK Rowling. That’s a life achievement right there, and Bellamy is sure that nothing could ever top it.

(He was a Potter kid growing up, reading the books to Octavia, going to midnight releases; he still has his original first copies, creased and weathered, on the top of his bookcase back at the apartment.)

But then Kane passed on the script to this high fantasy series set to start filming in July, and, well, Bellamy is interested to say the least. It’s said to be a less problematic version Game of Thrones crossed with Star Wars and a little bit of Lord of the Rings thrown in there as well.

So he goes to the auditions, lands the role of Aegis, the Leader of the Rebellion, and is contractually obligated to appear in at least three seasons if the show is picked up for that much. It’s a nice change of pace from robes and incredibly fragile wands, and he finds himself oddly endeared by his grouchy, hard headed onscreen persona.

And then he meets his cast members.

Bellamy has worked with a lot of people in his stint as an actor, worked with people he didn’t particularly like off screen but managed to pull off being best of friends with them on film, and even before that he worked in the service industry. He has a tolerance for dealing with assholes and putting up with bullshit, but for some reason Clarke Griffin gets the better of him.

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I’d never do that to you - Luke Hemmings [SMUT]

Requested by Anonymous

Summary~ You knew he was protective but that was all it was, you never thought that jealousy played any part in it

A/N: Now I’m making a start on the many requests I have to complete before I can open requests again.

Word Count - 1184

“What was wrong with Kyle again?” you ask Luke, sipping a smoothie as the two of you walk away from starbucks.

“I’m almost certain that if you checked his phone his top contacts would be his mum, the local gym and some other girl he’s probably fucking on the side?” he bluntly responds.

“Nice way to put it,” you nod. “So it’s not like with James and his suspected tree fetish?”

“Hey! What normal person carries around 3 different books about trees?” Luke defends.

“Someone who majors in forestry!” you remind.

“The exact major that someone with a tree fetish would pick,” Luke points out.

You sigh, “I’m starting to think that you just want me to be single forever”

Luke shakes his head, “Why would I want that?”

Luke’s opinion means a lot to you, it always has, be it the colour scheme for your birthday party, what you should get for lunch when you’re with him or more recently your love life. He always has to confirm your choice of guy unless you want the relationship to be doomed from the start.

“Fine, since I seem to not have a date for tonight how do you feel about clubbing? Hitting up the town? Living the night life?” you suggest moving to stand in front of him, walking backwards, “I can be a pretty impressive wing-woman”

“No, I want to go out with you tonight but I don’t want to find someone, besides, as much as I like that you watch the show as much as me, your only technique is the ‘Have You Met Ted?’ thing from How I Met Your Mother,” he sighs.

“It works doesn’t it!” you exclaim taking his free hand in yours to fiddle with his fingers, something that he can’t resist you doing, “Plus, you’re not getting out of this, you’ve not got laid in weeks, nay months, Hemmings”

He exhales but nods.

That night you wear a black dress, classic and you show up at his place to see him in a shirt and skinny jeans, classic Luke.

“We ready?” he asks.

“Nuh-uh,” you tut heading to his closet, when you return you hand him his leather jacket.

He rolls his eyes and shrugs it on, “Better?”

“Much! Now let’s go”

3 clubs later and neither of you have had any luck, you’re not exactly trying for yourself but Luke somehow manages to scare off every girl you get him with.

“You’ve had 4 chances to get some tonight and you’ve ruined every single one of them, you’re off your game tonight,” you nudge him playfully.

“I told you I just don’t want to get laid,” he chuckles.

“Wow, your 16 year old self would be slapping you so hard,” you exhale.

“Whatever, I’m going to the bathroom, you going to be alright while gone?” he asks.

“Yes,” you giggle.

In truth while he’s in the bathroom you get chatting with a guy at the bar before you’re approached by Luke again.

“I’m going to catch a cab home,” he says, his voice slurred.

“Oh wait I’ll come with you,” you turn back to the guy who is already writing out his number.

Luke sighs and turns away.

“Wait up,” you shout after him holding the number on napkin. “What’s wrong?“


“Well then wait up,” you giggle.

Suddenly Luke snatches the napkin and tears it up.

“Woah, what was wrong with him?” you gesture to the guy at the bar.

“He’s not good enough for you okay?” he exclaims.

“Then who is to you?”

He turns and heads out the door to hail a cab. You get in with him but he ignores you as he says his address.

“Luke you can’t not look at me I’ll just follow you to your place”

“I can’t stand seeing you with guys okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“I like you okay, like a lot,” he mumbles.

Whether it’s the alcohol or the fact that this is the most sincere form of verbal affection you’ve had for a while you somehow end up with your seatbelt off and your lips pressed against Luke’s. He’s shocked at first but he melts into it, hands at your waist and yours around his neck.

When you arrive at his place he rushed to pay the driver and soon you are both out of the car and pulling each other up the hallways of his building, pushing one another up against walls on the way.

“This is like a dream,” Luke mutters fumbling with his keys trying to get into his apartment.

“To me this is more like an alternate universe,” you chuckle, tugging him in by the collar as he opens the door.

“What does that mean?” he giggles slightly.

“I didn’t expect my night to end like this,” you tell him.

You almost rip open his shirt trying to unbutton it, but eventually you push it off his arms and let it drop onto the floor. He pulls you closer pressing his hands to the small of your back a low moan passing his lips when you grind against him a little. His hands crawl up your back and find the zipper for your dress nd once he has that it falls to the ground in a heap

“Jesus christ,” he almost gasps breaking the kiss now and looking you up and down.

You smirk and move in, kissing his neck, undoing his belt and tugging his jeans so they join everything else on the floor. He walks you backwards until your knees hit the back of the bed and you both fall down gigging a little. His lips trail down your neck and the valley of your breasts, the cold of his lip ring making you gasp.

Things get even more heated from there, hands trailing every inch of your skin, you tasting his skin.

“Hold on,” he pulls away.

You don’t know what’s wrong now, he’s clearly just as into it as you judging from the hard on straining in his boxers.


“You’re not doing this just because you couldn’t get with that guy right?” Luke seems genuinely worried.

“I wouldn’t do that to you”

He smiles and kisses you softly, lowering you back down onto the bed. Fingers trail across your skin removing the last garments between you. You pump his length a few times but stop when he’s choking back moans, so he takes control and lines up with you, pushing in with one forceful thrust.

“You feel so good, babe,” he pants, his breath already ragged.

“Faster Luke,” you mumble, your face in his neck to stop from screaming out

You moan against him and feel the vibrations ring through him.

“Nuh-uh,” he says. “I wanna hear you baby girl”

With that he thrusts into you hard and you let out an almost pornographic groan.

“I’m so close Luke”

From there the two of you ride out your highs and collapse in a euphoric haze.

“You know how I said I liked you,” he asks and you nod. “I don’t, I fucking love you”


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just finished Zen's route (this game is ruining my life)... so I wanna see Zen and MC going on a clothes shopping date! >.<

same, buddy, same. zens was the first route i went through!

You honestly thought that going shopping with Zen would be a lot of watching him trying clothes on and modeling them for you. Oh no, it was the opposite. Your boyfriend was playing stylist and sending you into the fitting rooms with armfuls of clothing. He was ever so patient, waiting outside and never forcing you to show him any one piece if you didn’t like how it looked.

“Sweetie~! I found another dress for you!”

You could only sigh as you were removing the current one from your body. You noticed that Zen seemed to favour pastels and whites on you. They weren’t bad colours but it was starting to look like he was dressing you up for an old timey tea party. You opened the dressing room door just enough for him to slip the dress through, closing it after so he couldn’t see anything he wasn’t supposed to.

“If you’re okay with it, I want to see how this one looks! I thought of you as soon as I saw it.”

“Okay, but you really should try and find something for yourself.”

You slipped the material over your head, looking at yourself in the mirror. It was…cute. Really cute, actually. You stepped out to show Zen, watching as he openly stared at you. It took a few moments of a bit of an awkward silence before he cleared his throat, cheeks tinted pink.

“You’re stunning! As expected of my beautiful girlfriend! I want to show you off to the world!”

Always so eccentric. Still, it made your chest warm at his words. He smiled down at you with that lopsided smile that was only for you, bending down to steal a kiss that left your face as red as Luciel’s hair.

“I’m buying that for you, so go change back and we’ll go out to dinner tonight!”

wildwood #3

Flame/Forest Spirit AU

Part 3/…4?
rated: T
(T for tame. so tame i’m not even gonna rate it M. no coarse language. no nsfw. this is a friggin fairy tale.)
“I think you’d enjoy it too. Reading, I mean,” she continued, snapping out of her trance. “Stories are a little like your flames, in a way. Temporary, but beautiful – and they make you feel all warm.”

I knoooow I said this would be 3 parts originally, but of course I could not contain myself. This probably is the opposite of a problem, though. :p At this point I’m not sure if it will end up being 4 or 5 parts, tbh, it depends.

I love you all for your reblogs and tags and messages and contributions ;3;

Also there has been more amazing art for this fic!! Ahhh!! I continue to be amazed and humbled  ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
THIS ONE by @semi-ordinary and
THIS ONE by @joliemariella (see part of it above!) and
THIS ONE by @ajdrakes

read: Part 1 | Part 2 | more

Rays of sunshine fell through one of the little windows of Lucy’s home. They cast a bright square onto the wooden floor, right at the feet of Lucy and her guest, as if they were standing on a soft fluffy carpet.

The sun seemed to rise slowly these days, reluctantly even, as if it was upset that it could not reach past the thick shadow in the forest. The light it shone down flowed like molten caramel, struggling to fight off some of the darkness, as if the latter had spun spiderwebs between the trees: black threads that trapped the light itself and prevented it from proceeding any further.  

“And you’re really sure about this?”

Lucy eyed Natsu with a mixture of worry and hopefulness, and he gave her a bright smile, little flames tumbling out of his mouth. “More fired up than ever!” he called with his hands on his hips, spewing a little fiery fountain, “Which is good, because I’ll be busy lighting up that whole forest for you!”

Somehow, his energy spread to her much like his warmth, and she found herself more brave than she had ever been. Determination gripped her and she flashed a grin back at him, any doubt she’d held onto gone, at least for the moment.

The coat rack beside the door held two cloaks: a brown one of similar size and colour to the one she’d been wearing yesterday, and a dark green one that seemed to be the largest, with a hood. It was this one that she picked out for Natsu, holding it out to him.

“But Lucy,” Natsu objected, taking the cloak from her anyways, “I’m never cold. Did you forget I’m a flame?”

“Maybe you’ll be thankful for it later,” Lucy replied vaguely, “You know… sometimes it’s not about the cold. It’s like… a blanket. Even in summer, when it’s hot and sticky and you sweat so much you think you’ll melt, you will still use a blanket to sleep. Because you’re scared of the dark, and what might get to you if you’re not hidden under a cover.”

Natsu pondered this, and then nodded slowly. “For protection.”

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thedawnsky said:

Hello. Can I req one Yoongi cute romantic angst fluff? :)


Yoongi’s eyes shot open as soon as he remembered the girl that he brought home last night. It was your first date with him and it was going to end perfectly, until his lips lingered on yours a little too long and before you knew it you were in his bed, moans filling the room…

He searched his bed for you and found nothing but cold, empty bed sheets. His heart pounded as he thought you’d already left, his date now becoming a one night stand. Defeated, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh. He genuinely did like her, and as much as he enjoyed last night, he wished he could take it back and take her on a few more dates before he called out her name more times than he could care to count. His phone buzzed and he opened an eye to look at it. His eyes wandered around the room until his eyes locked themselves on your shoes. He suddenly felt nervous again, as if it were the first time meeting you, or maybe the first time holding your hand. He leapt out of bed, quickly pulling on some grey sweat pants and a white puma tshirt; he yanked the bedroom door open and hurried out into the kitchen.

His eyes landed on you sat drinking coffee with Taehyung. You were wearing the same clothes as the night before, but your hair didn’t look as pristine. Yoongi loved it anyway. Surprisingly Taehyung was using his inside voice to communicate with you, seeing as all the others seemed to be still sleeping. He walked into the kitchen and Taehyung pursed his lips together, sensing the ‘morning after’ awkwardness and quickly scurried off into his bedroom once again. You smirked and took a sip of your coffee.

‘Hey’ You said shyly, feeling the blood rush into your cheeks. Yoongi scratched the back of his head, the memories of the night before making a wide gummy smile spread on his face. You both let out an awkward chuckle and he sat himself down on the stool next to you. He picked up Tae’s half full mug and took a sip of the coffee to avoid having to look you in the eyes. Awkwardness settled around you both as the house was eerily quiet.

‘So..I didn’t mean to stay I guess..I was going to sneak out but I left my shoes in your room and I didn’t want to wake you, so I was going to leave with out them but then um..Tae? Yeah, Tae asked me who I was and then made me coffee and I didn’t want to be rude..-‘ You blurted out, trying to think of an excuse as to why you were still there. Yoongi smiled guiltily and took another sip of the coffee.

‘I’m not mad you’re here, I’m actually kinda happy’ He admitted, finally looking up to you under his blonde hair. You smiled at him and looked away, hoping he didn’t notice the colour creeping back into your cheeks.

‘Can we both move on from this?…Like.. I don’t want this to be a one night stand and I actually really like you..’ He asked, letting out a yawn as his body wasn’t used to being awake at such hours. You let out a sigh of relief and nodded.

‘Please? I like you quite a lot too and I think I’d like to get to know you a little better before I climb into bed with you again’ You stated, giggling slightly. You looked up over your shoulder and noticed all the boys had gathered in the hallway, listening to your conversation. As soon as they noticed you watching they scurried away and your cheecks flushed once again.

‘Oh god I’m going to kill them I’m so sorry’ Yoongi muttered, burying his face in his hands with embarrassment. You giggled and got up, putting your mug in the sink.

You headed back over to Yoongi and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

‘Anyway, I’ve got to head off home and get ready for work now… I’m not fleeing I swear. I’ll call you later’ You said, making your way back to the bedroom to collect your shoes.

Yoongi’s cheeks grew red as the spot where you kissed him burned. A gummy smile spread on his face as his hyungs pranced back into the kitchen, poking him and pushing him in all directions, finally realising that he’s quite a softy after all.


Insecure (Calum Imagine)


“Hey Cal,” you answered the phone cheerily, balancing it on your shoulder as you cut up a banana and put the slices in a blender.

“Hi dear,” he replied, his voice sounding sad.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to talk to my best friend.”

You smiled despite yourself and threw and handful of blueberries into the blender. “Yeah, right.”


Shifting the phone to your other ear, you responded, “You only ever call when you need to get something off your chest. Last week you were mad at Luke for stealing your beer, and the week before that you were upset that you couldn’t poop on the tour bus.”

He laughed softly, and you smiled at the thought of him smiling in that way that made his eyes crinkle and your heart flutter. He sighed on the other end. “Alright, you got me.” He paused for a moment, seeming to gather his thoughts. “I feel like I’m boring.”

Your spoon full of yogurt paused halfway through the blender. “Are you joking?”


You plopped the yogurt in. “Calum, you’re like the least boring person I know,” you said, licking the spoon clean.

“Okay, but lately… I don’t know, I feel like I’m kind of fading into the background.”

Thinking for a moment, you grabbed the strawberries from the fridge. “You mean in comparison to the other guys?”

He was silent for a minute, and then, “Yeah, I guess.”

You rolled your eyes, though you knew he couldn’t see you. “That’s ridiculous.”

“Is it? Luke’s got his whole stubble thing going on right now, Michael’s just dyed his hair again, and Ashton’s got all the Bryana stuff. I’ve got nothing going on right now.”

“Maybe you should dye your hair or get a girlfriend?” you offered.

“Are you volunteering?”

“To dye your hair? Sure.”

You heard him laugh again. “Seriously, Y/N, I feel like shit. I hate feeling so insecure.”

“Okay, hang on,” you told him, then pressed blend. The colours in the blender turned into a light pink as they were mixed together. You pressed the off button and held the phone back to your ear. “Alright, here’s the deal,” you began, opening up the cupboard and pulling out a glass. “You don’t even know how much power you have.”

“What do you mean?”

You sighed. “Just like… post a selfie or something if you need a confidence boost. Girls will be drooling at your feet.”

“But I’m not Luke or Michael or Ash.”

“Calum, I’m going to be very blunt here, okay?”


You took a sip from your smoothie. “You’re easily the most attractive guy in your band.”

“You’re biased, you’re my best friend.”

“No, I’m an objective girl who knows these things.”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” he said, but you could hear the smile in his voice.

“Is it working?”

He sighed. “Yes. Nothing like my best friend calling me hot to cheer me up.”

You felt a blush rise to colour your cheeks and suddenly felt grateful that Calum couldn’t see you. “Don’t make me want to take it back,” you told him, and he laughed again. “I’m just saying,” you continued, “You have no reason to feel boring or in the background. There are probably… a lot of people who consider you to be their whole world,” you said, twirling the straw around in your drink.

“Y/N, I love you. Seriously. But I’ve gotta go do soundcheck. I’ll talk to you later?”

Closing your eyes, you held onto the sound of his voice saying those three little words. “Yeah, okay. I love you too, Cal.”

The line went dead and you set your phone next to you on the counter, staring glumly at the smoothie that suddenly didn’t taste as sweet. But he couldn’t know. He could never know how you really felt.


HaruFes feat. Kuroko & Mayuzumi ~KageFes~ at J-WORLD

[Translation] Kuroko & Mayuzumi Audio Drama & Find the 3rd Person! Mini Game 

I went to KageFes on Mayuzumi’s birthday/opening day. The full report with pictures and how-to-play will come later but first is the “story” part of KageFes! :) Please imagine Mayuzumi talking with the most pissy tone ever.

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