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Pacific Rim ! AU

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Shownu: One Does Not Simply

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As an instrumental Jazz/Funk/Pop combo

Playing in the band at a college sports event

In the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps (This came before the moodboards)

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Clarinet Hero

Supposed to be the opening riff to Interstellar

Beautiful Musical Analysis

Beautiful Opening Rap (also included in I Stan Monsta X Part One)

I Stan Monsta X
    Pt. 1


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The Jazz Standard

Sick Beats feat. Harmonies

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Cross Gene: These boys are so ethereal (Black or White)

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Clarinet Cover: If You Do, GOT7

The Keys of Kpop songs

Singing Silvia Happy Birthday ❤︎

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26 Unusual Kpop asks: What’s/Who’s…

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Aesthetic Mundane, the photo autobiography of a music major pt. 1

Kpop Stan in the Music Department
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    Pt. 2
    Pt. 3

[trans] K-BOY Paradise vol.20 (161125) part 4: crosstalks (junhoe x bobby, 7/7)

[intro & survey | group interview 1 2 | solo interviews bobby b.i donghyuk yunhyeong chanwoo jinhwan junhoe | cross talks b.i x bobby donghyuk x b.i yunhyeong x donghyuk chanwoo x yunhyeong chanwoo x jinhwan junhoe x jinhwan junhoe x bobby | bts]

“Like you’d expect Junhoe’s voice is amazing” (Bobby) “I like Bobby’s rapping” (Junhoe)


Somehow or another this pair is good!

The two who are always pretending(?) to be awkward with each other. But the two of them think about music more than anyone else.

B.I tells all!
When do you think Bobby and Junhoe look close?

I’ve never really seen them together (laughs). Junhoe is usually with Jinhwan. Since the two of them get along. Bobby likes being by himself. I hang out with various members!

Please tell us your first impressions of each other and each other’s charms.

Junhoe: I thought Bobby was really cool.
Bobby: Ohh! I also thought Junhoe was really cool when I first saw him. Also, his clothes were quite impactful.
Junhoe: Hahaha (laughs).
Bobby: Cuz he liked gaudy clothes when he was a kid (laughs). His purple t-shirt and bright red pants and green sneakers left quite an impression.
Junhoe: Hahaha (laughs). I was definitely a fashion terrorist!
Bobby: I’ll never forget it (laughs).

And each other’s charms?

Bobby: I think Junhoe’s charm is, as you might expect, his voice. If you listen to his voice, you know immediately that it’s him.
Junhoe: Mine is a bit similar but I think Bobby’s rap style is charming. I think he has a rap style unique to him.

If the two of you were to work together as a unit, what kind of concept and name would you have?

Bobby: We’re both interested in black music and culture, so I think a bit of a sad–or like, a dark song would be good. And since both of us have deep voices, I think it’d work well.
Junhoe: I agree. I want us to do something cool. Also, when we actually have unit activities, we will tell you our unit name at that time!

Please tell us a secret you know about each other.

Bobby: But if we tell you then it won’t be a secret anymore……
Junhoe: Please go with something light.
Bobby: In that case–it’s not really a secret, but Junhoe passionately sings everywhere all the time. In the shower, in the toilet, in the dressing room…… He really doesn’t care where he is and just sings enthusiastically.
Junhoe: It’s true (laughs). I’m always singing. Bobby is usually just like how he is on TV…… Is there some secret that no one knows?
Bobby: Probably not (laughs).
Junhoe: He’s always natural, so even if he has secrets, I probably just don’t know about them (laughs).
Bobby: True. I sleep talk!
Junhoe: Thanks for exposing yourself on your own (laughs).

Bobby said that he wants to try working together with Junhoe, and the two of you recognize each other’s talents, but have you always been that way? What do you respect about each other?

Bobby: First of all, I said this earlier too, but I believe that Junhoe’s unique voice is a powerful weapon, and I feel that the way he listens to music more than anything and finds new to music to be amazing.
Junhoe: Thank you! The thing I respect about Bobby is that he’s always quick to get on what’s currently in style. Style, music–he’s always on trend so I really learn a lot.

It seems like the two of you are always listening to music, but do you listen to Japanese music as well?

Bobby: Of course. Lately I’ve been listening to Sekai no Owari a lot. I think the pianist is really good. The melodies are also really nice, so you just get lost in the music.
Junhoe: For me–well, rather than me liking it, my older sister liked NEWS so I’ve listened to them for a long time! Also, I’ve liked Hamasaki Ayumi and other big names in J-pop for a long time. So nostalgic!

Trans by Shino @ iKON GLOBAL | take out with full credits.
© K-BOY Paradise


Description: you’re Grayson and Ethan’s younger sister (16) and they fly you out to L.A. To hang out with them and Cameron like old times

Side note: This turned into like a Cameron and sibling imagine at the beginning but this is pretty good if I do say so myself.

Requested: yes, @heartattackfandom

Pairing: Ethan x sibling!reader , Grayson x sibling!reader , Cameron x sibling!reader

Warnings: I’m sure some swearing, and being reunited fluff


You’d spent your last year of highschool in Europe. You’d wanted to go for as long as you could remember so when your mom finally agreed you were off.

You’d finished school a year early and gotten scholarships from all the schools you applied to, even Harvard, but they didn’t offer the degree you wanted and their classes didn’t sit right with you. You boarded the plane to Jersey your long time friend Frenchy (shes obsessed with Grease) waved you off. It was surreal, you were going home back to jersey, after a year of not being there,where it all began. Where Gray and E started their vines and YouTube. Where you helped edit and “guest starred” in some videos. Where you and Cameron made the boys sleep outside for a whole week.

The nostalgia flooded you like water. But of course you knew Ethan and Grayson weren’t in Jersey. They were in L.A. where they had lived for a while now. They had just missed you as they had visited your family a few weeks ago.

Once in the plane you plugged your headphones in and fell asleep.


You walked off the plane excited to see your mom after a year. You looked like a meerkat, your neck stretched as far as you could to see her. Once you spotted her your legs carried you over to her quickly. You embraced tightly before she pulled back a full-fledged grin on her face.

“Come on you have another flight to catch.”

“What do you mean I have another flight to catch?”

“Just come on.” She rushed you to the security check where your luggage, well the luggage your mom hadn’t given to her friend to put in the car went through the scanner, again.

“Mom Where the heck am I going.” She turned around seeming more jumpy and excited than usual. She handed you a ticket and a piece of paper before kissing your cheek and rushing back out of the airport.

You turned left and right your jaw dropped at her spontaneous actions.

“What the heck.” You mumbled to yourself. You found your gate which you didn’t seem to notice was flying you out to L.A. You opened the note and began reading it.

“So because you haven’t seen us in a year we’ve decided to fly you out to us. We just missed you when we came to Jersey and we wouldn’t want you to miss us. So a one way ticket to L.A. We how you have a safe flight and don’t die before we can see you.


G, E, and C

P.S. our brothers suck at writing notes. We’ve gotten mom to agree for you to move in to Grayson and Ethan’s apartment. You’re living with them now.”

Your eyes widened at the end of the note and your lips split into the biggest grin you’d ever had.

“Holy shit. No fucking way.” You spoke to yourself. The flight attendant announced that your flight was leaving and you once again boarded another plane.


You walked out of the terminal a pep in your step as you rushed to the exit of the airport. Hundreds of people stood around waiting for friends and loved ones. You once again looked like a meerkat as your head poked above the crowd. You spotted Cameron’s newly dyed black hair and your smile seemed to get wider.

You rushed over to her and hugged her from behind. She jumped a little before laughing and turning around and wrapping her arms around your shoulders. You pulled away and stepped back as you spoke.

“I missed you so much. Oh my god your hair looks so good.”

“Thanks Y/n. You look so much older. God you’ve grown up.”

“Don’t get all sappy on me. Now where are Ethan and Grayson?”

“Okay, so I ordered your ticket and told them your flight was for tomorrow. So they don’t know you’re here yet.”

“You little minx.” I laughed slapping her shoulder. “So how’s this gonna work.”

“They’re not home right now so we’re gonna get some McDonalds, take some aesthetic pictures and then go to their Warehouse and fuck with their stuff.”

“That’s why you’re my favorite sibling.”

“Yeah, okay, sure. We both know your favorite is Ethan.”

“And Grayson’s your favorite your point is.” Cameron laughed and shook her head as she led you to her car.

You drove around L.A. for a while, Cameron took you to her favorite look out spots. You both took picture and selfies forgetting about the surprise part of this and posted on your accounts.

“What about E and Gray seeing them?” You asked.

“I took their phones. That’s why they’re not home. They’re looking for them which is gonna lead them to the warehouse. Speaking of which they’ll be there in like an hour let’s go.” She rushed you into her car and took the many roads to the warehouse you’d seen in your brothers videos.


“It’s bigger in person.” Cameron spoke. You snorted and covered your mouth.

“That’s what she said.” You spoke, laughing at Cameron’s apauled face.

“You’re disgusting. No wonder you and Ethan get along so well.” You cackled as she led you into the warehouse. You looked around in awe.

“They did this themselves.” You asked.

“With help.” Cameron smiled as she watched four excited face. It wa alike the old days where you two would be behind the camera as Gray and Ethan recorded and you watched them amazed.

She watched you squeal before running around the warehouse. You’d taken gymnastics for years now and flipped on their blowup runway things. She joined you on the trampoline and the zip line. It was when you started on the skate ramp that she hesitated.

“You’re still terrible at this, huh?” You asked her laughing at her scrunched up face. “You can’t be that bad.”

“No no way the twins are gonna be here any second they’ll see me wipe out.”

“Aw come on Cameron.” You widened your eyes and began pouting.

“Don’t you pull that face with me.” She spoke pointing her finger at you.

“Please Cameron.”

“Fine fine but only once you brat.” You smiled and handed her the skateboard. She stood on the landing and looked at you wearily before breathing out and shaking her head. She kicked off and made it to the other side before she fell backwards.

Your loud cackles met her ears as she groaned and sputtered.

“Why do I let you do these things.” She cried out.

“Cameron?” Ethan’s voice sounded around the warehouse and the girls eyes widened.

“Cameron? Is that you?” Grayson’s voice sounded as you rushed behind the wall separating the foam lit from the skate ramp.

“Yeah it’s me.” she called leaving the skateboard on the ramp and poking her head out from behind the wall.

“What are you doing here I thought you were with your friends.”

“Yeah about that.” The walked past the wall and Cameron pointed to you.

“Oh so now I’m a friend. Wow Cameron I’m offended.” The boys gawked at you.

“What are you just gonna stand there or hug me?” They snapped out of their daze and rushed toward you screaming your name.

“I thought you were supposed to be here tommorow.” Grayson spoke as he stepped back. Ethan had slid down to the floor and now sat clutching you leg like a little kid.

“And I thought I was staying in Jersey. How’d you get mom to agree with this?”

“A little persuasive puppy dog eyes and some food to butter her up.” Grayson spoke smirking.

You went to take a step forward but we’re stopped by Ethan who you had forgotten was attached to your leg. You huffed and stood still.

“Ethan I love you I really do but I need to move.”






“Okay okay.” He scrambled up into a standing position glaring at you. “You win.”

“So what’s next.” You smiled as the boys looked at eachother smirking.



“Hey guys WE’RE BACK.” Ethan and Gray stick their tongues out and shook their heads around before speaking again.

“And we’re so hyped right now.” Ethan spoke his smile widening.

“As you guys know from our last video our little sister Y/n was supposed to fly out here from Jersey tommorow. BUT because Cameron is such a good sister she booked the flight a day early and now SHE’S HERE.” Grayson pulled you into frame from behind the camera and the boys smurhered you in hugs and “cheek kisses” as you fake gagged.

Cameron laughed from behind the camera as you pushed them away from you.

“I love you both, but I don’t think I love you that much.” You spoke loudly as they laughed.

“So as you know Cameron is usually in our videos once a year and last year we couldn’t film any videos with Y/n because she was in Europe being an exchange student for highschool.” Ethan put on a fake British accent and faked drinking tea as you rolled your eyes.

“Actually I wasn’t even in Britain thank you very much . I was in Paris asshat. So more like baggets and croisants.” Grayson snickered as Ethan mocked you.

“Anyway today were doing another sibling tag. We did this a while back with Cameron but we’ve never done it with our more artistically inclined sister.” Grayson spoke.

“Hey!” Cameron exclaimed.

“Kidding.” Grayson squealed as he shook his head “no”.

“Okay so Y/n has Ten questions for us. Whoever answers correctly first doesn’t get smacked in the face with any of these ingredients.” Ethan pointed to the Mayo, mustard, ketchup, and vegemite.

“How’d you even- why do you have vegemite of Ethan despises it so much?” You asked laughing.

Grayson shrugged as Ethan gagged. Question by question one of the twins got covered in condiments. Ethan was least covered and Grayson had mayo and ketchup in his hair. A blob of vegemite stuck to his face and mustard covered the rest of it.

“You’re such a bad brother.” Ethan exclaimed. He had mustard in his hair and ketchup covered his shirt but he had less than Grayson did. You laughed as Grayson spluttered and you smashed another handful of Mayo on his face.

He freaked out and gaged as he tried to get the mayo out of his mouth. You and Ethan laughed at his demise and he wiped his tongue with his mouth.

“Ew, ew, ewwwwwwww.”

“You shouldn’t have opened your mouth.” You spoke as you clutched you stomach and leaned on Ethan for support. You ended up with ketchup on your shirt and mustard on your hair as you all started a condiments fight.

“Okay next question.”

Eventually it came down to the second to last question which had to be the best one cause you knew Ethan didn’t know the answer. You didn’t think Cameron knew the answer either.

“Okay. Ethan, Grayson. How many boyfriends have I had?”

“Wait what.” All three of your siblings screeched.

“How many boyfriends have I had?” You spoke laughing.

“You’ve had boyfriends?” Grayson spoke his protective side coming out. You may have been closer to Ethan but Grayson was definitely slightly more protective than Ethan. Hell, he was more protective than Cameron. He was the main reason you didn’t have any boyfriends plus the fact that the boys at your schools were all douchebags.

“No Grayson I’ve dated raccoons in my spare time. Yes, I’ve had boyfriends.”

“Uh, 3.” Ethan guessed once Grayson had calmed down.

“2.” Grayson said.

“You’re both wrong. I have had zero boyfriend in my time on this Earth.” I spoke. They spluttered and began speaking loudly.

“But you just said-” Grayson spoke.

“Please tell me didn’t actually date a raccoon?” Ethan said.

“No I have not dated raccoons and I have never had a boyfriend.” The boys groaned as I scooped out two handfuls of vegemite and slathered their faces in the salty substance.

“Last question.” The boys exclaimed as I laughed at Ethan’s disgusted face.

“Okay. I got scholarships from every college I applied to. Now out of these three which one am I planning on going too?” The boys looked at me wide eyed before I said the three options.

“Harvard. L.A. School for the arts. Or San Diego state.” I smirked as they thought about their options.

“I mean Harvards amazing why would you ever say no to that so I’m gonna say Harvard.” Grayson spoke.

“Harvard doesn’t have the classes you want and you’ve always spoke about going to San Diego so I’m gonna say San Diego.”

“Nope you’re both wrong. I’m going to L.A.” I slapped the with mayo as they screamed in excitement.

“That means you aren’t moving.” Ethan said laughing.

“Yep, you’re stuck with me for ever.”

They groaned as Cameron laughed off camera. I guess a suprised flight wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

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but imagine how terrifying it'd be to get pursued by Jesse or Gabe/Reaper. Like it doesn't even register to someone that these men are trying to force themselves on them right away because they're known killers and they must just want them dead right? What if in your struggles you kicked them in the face super hard to get away, fighting for your life, thinking only of how you are about to be murdered? (because lol you might) I love this stuff.

Obligatory, sorry for the long wait! But I loved this one! Honestly, I would just lay there and pray that death washes over me like a wave, because how are you honestly going to get out of that? RIP.


You found out through the grapevine that the bounty hunter Jesse McCree was after you. Why? You have no idea. You’d never hurt anyone, But you’ve heard enough about him to know that those who encountered him rarely made it out alive.

After receiving the news, and laying low for some time, you finally came across him on your way home from work. You were trying to find your keys, which had managed to fall all the way to the bottom of your purse when you heard a click and felt something pressing against the back of your head.

“Don’t make any sudden moves there, doll,” drawled a thick southern accent. You still, head looking down at the ground now, and your keys tightly gripped in your hand.

“Now how about you be a good hostess and let me in,” he said while pressing the gun harder against your head and pushing you towards the door. You knew you wouldn’t be able to fight him if you began to panic, so you obliged him and shakily unlocked your door, trying your best not to cry and calm your breathing.

However, as soon as the two of you were in your home you heard him lock the door behind you. Keeping the gun against your head, he slowly moved around to your front to face you. Finally getting to see your captor you noted how his grin looked a little more sinister in person.

“Please, I didn’t…” you began before he moved the gun from your temple down to your lips, quickly shutting you up.

“Now then, darlin. How about you head on over to the couch over there so we can have a proper conversation.”

You quickly nodded as Jesse removed the gun from your face and made your way over to the couch and sat down on the middle seat.

He shakes his head, “Nuh-uh, lay down.”

You, again, do as you’re told, opting to close your eyes so he couldn’t see the tears brimming behind them. You heard him place the gun on the coffee table and felt the couch dip as he loomed over you.

“That’s it darlin’. Listen to Ol’ Jesse McCree. I want to make this as nice and easy as possible. Don’t want to cause you too much pain now,” He says as his hand slowly descends on your throat.

No. It can’t end like this,” you think to yourself, and your eyes immediately snapped open. You begin to fight against Jesse, scratching and clawing at whatever you can. He growls and slightly shifts off your legs to grab at your hands, and you take that opportunity to knee him in the stomach. It doesn’t hurt him but it’s caught off guard enough to where you’re able to wiggle out underneath him and land with a light thump on the floor.

You remembered the gun on the coffee table and reached up to grab it when you felt his hand come to yours and pin it to the ground. He shifted off the couch and moved you onto your stomach, laying his weight against your body so you couldn’t move. You beg and scream at him not to kill you, and how you didn’t do anything wrong, which only earned you a small chuckle from him, making you pause slightly in your pleadings as you felt the vibrations from his chest onto your back and straight to your core.

“Oh, babydoll. I ain’t here to kill you,” Jesse says right next to your ear. Your brows furrow in confusion as you try and turn your head to look at him. He lifted some of his weight off of you, allowing you to breathe a bit easier.

“I’m just here for a little bit of fun.”


You had, for lack of better words, fucked up. You knew what you were getting into working for Talon, but after receiving your next assignment of killing the child of a very prominent politician, that’s when you had to call it quits. Unfortunately, the only way people typically left Talon was in a body bag; which, truth be told, also wasn’t part of your plan. So on your way to the next mission, you went AWOL.

It didn’t take long for Talon to track your whereabouts and send someone after you. You weren’t surprised though, figuring that they weren’t going to let you go so easily, but didn’t think you were so important that they would send Reaper after you. So here you were, staying in a dingy motel for the night while you were able to decide on your next move.

After having lead Reaper on a wild goose chase for most of the day to throw him off your trail, you were finally able to shake him; however, that plan had required you to hide in a dumpster for the better part of an hour. So you were grateful that you at least had a working shower to wash the scent of today’s hunt off of you. After many scrubs and countless washes of your hair, you deemed yourself clean enough to get ready for bed and get some much-needed rest.

You turned off the water and opened the shower curtain to reach for your towel, only to realize that it wasn’t there. Swearing that you grabbed it before coming in, but shrugged it off, maybe you were more tired than you thought. You tried to dry as best as you could before stepping out into the room naked, figuring it didn’t matter since it was just you.

However, as soon as soon as you reached your bed to grab the towel you sensed that something was off and before you could even turn around that Something pushed you onto the bed. You cursed up a storm as it held your head down, not allowing you much room to breathe.

“Looks like I finally caught you, conejita,” rang out a deep, grave voice. A voice that you would recognize anywhere. It was Reaper, and it looks like he finally caught up with you.

“I must admit,” he said as he moved his hand from the back of your head to between your shoulder blades, you shivered at the feeling of cold metal on your back, “You did lose me there for a bit…but there’s nowhere you can go that I wouldn’t be able to find you.”

With that he quickly flipped you over on your back and forcibly grabbed your jaw, making you wince as his claws dug into you. His other hand roamed down your side and stopped at your hip, pinning you down with one hand. Being naked was the least of your worries at this point as you moved your hands to his wrist as his hold on your face tightened.

“Please…Reaper,” you started, “Don’t do this. Just tell them that you killed me. I’ll disappear forever, and you and Talon will never have to see me again.” Tears began pooling at the corner of your eyes as he leaned in close to you, white mask barely grazing against your neck as he inhaled deeply.

“Fuck it,” you said, not waiting for a response, and swung your fist at the side of his face. If you were going to die, then you were going to go down fighting. You heard a loud crack as you when you struck him, and Reaper moved his hand off of your face to pull his mask off. You paused when you finally saw him. It’s not that he was hideous, in fact, his red eyes only enhanced his ashen features, it’s that you knew that the only ones who saw his face were those he was about to kill. He smirked down at you and that caused you to begin thrashing below him, kicking and hitting at whatever you could.

He let out a low growl as he grabbed your hands and pinned them next to your face. Feeling something cool move along the rest of your body, you looked down to see a black mist begin to settle over your naked form, and looked back up at him.

He leaned down, so his lips were now hovering over yours, “Mi conejita, you’re too much fun to kill. I have something better in store for you.”


Below the cut there are #51 gifs of BooBoo Stewart as requested.

All gifs were made by me, so please don’t claim as your own. I don’t mind if you use them in a gif hunt, but please like or reblog this first. Gifs are  250 x 140 px or 160 x 160 px

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Note: quality depends on video quality

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Hate You (Wonho)

Originally posted by wonhontology

Chapter 1

Pairing: Wonho x Reader
Genre: Romance, Fluff?, Angst

“Did they really have to invite all of Monsta X?” I sighed as I scanned the crowd. I had watched them all walk in, looking too cool as always. 

“Why don’t you like Wonho? Please remind me.” Soo Jung, leader of the group, asked curiously as if she didn’t know.

“You know exactly why.” I huffed back at her. I really hate that jerk.

I watched her eyes follow his every move. “No, I  don’t. He is a gorgeous man. It’s a mystery why you don’t like him. Everyone likes him.” she swooned. I seem to have forgotten that everyone is blinded by him other than me.

“He's rude Soo Jung. I can’t stand him. He purposely tries to ruin my life. Every time he smirks I want to punch him right in the-” but sadly my rant was cut short, courtesy of the devil himself.

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My favorite thing is when an idol’s face shows up on the screen and the fans begin screeching, but the idol doesn’t know why they’re screaming all of a sudden, but then they go to look at the big screen and see their face and find out they’re the reason for the cheers and then they get all shy and don’t know what to do and-

omg just idols being loved and them being surprised/baffled at the amout of love shown towards them


all the times he surprised her and the one time he didn’t…


history meme (french edition)  →  4 families/dynasties/houses (¾) the ruling House of Bourbon.

“The Bourbons ruled their homeland for over two centuries, making it the greatest power in Europe, and taming and uniting a people who are arguably the most individualist and ungovernable in the world. They were the personification of both this grandeur and this seduction; let it be known that Louis XVI became a figure of compelling interest, with his refusal to save himself by shedding his people’s blood, creating a martyrdom in which he was soon joined by his beautiful Queen.Desmond Seward, The Bourbon Kings of France

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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job


OK! Let’s dive in

Originally posted by beatriceindre

Ask anyone and they will tell you “Jimin always loved Jungkook”

Originally posted by yoonmin

Some said “Jungkook hated it”

Originally posted by jiminiediary

Wiser ones replied  “He adored Jimin even back then. He was just too young to know …

Originally posted by gotjhope

how to respond 

Originally posted by jun-kookie

Or how to grab a hand

Originally posted by caughtinjimin

before the tables turn and he becomes the one begging for it”

Originally posted by mimibtsghost

Jungkook’s body kept pushing Jimin away, yet his expressions said otherwise

Originally posted by iamlatinaandilovekpop

Jk thought no one saw his hidden smirks

Originally posted by pkjjm

Or  stolen glances

Originally posted by dishwasherjimin

I mean you don’t need much to see that his indifferent attitude

Originally posted by yahjiminie

Took a 180° turn 

Originally posted by caughtinjimin

Little by little … 

Originally posted by apgujeon

Things really did change

Originally posted by missbaptan

Who teases who now

Originally posted by mochimchimadness

Who can’t get enough of the other now?

Originally posted by jeonasskook

It “used to be” a very innocent relationship between these two

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

They used to just play together

Originally posted by bigbyong

Until Jungkook realized that looking wasn’t enough

Originally posted by jikookruinslives

And that Jimin is VERY sexy

Originally posted by apgujeon

So he will touch his chest

Originally posted by satellite-jeon

Again and again

Originally posted by minblush

Lift him

Originally posted by fujoushirulestheworld

Tie him up

Originally posted by jungkookflirting

Lift him up again and slap his butt

Originally posted by bangbangbangtanx

Seriously Jungkook do you like him that much?

Originally posted by bythsea

BTW This will look to many just as a physical attraction

Originally posted by montrealae90

It is! 

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

It really is  …

Originally posted by jungkookiestimbs

BUT It goes beyond that

Originally posted by jkisart

No matter the place, be it an interview

Originally posted by tanktoptiger

A fan meeting

Originally posted by pjkook

A music video

Originally posted by jikookized

The back of a truck

Originally posted by jikookized

While shooting for a show

Originally posted by jikookized

They will always find one another

Originally posted by gong-yoo

So how did Jimin manage to change the rules besides him being the cutest most sexy perfect human being… Stop it Mimi. Focus!

Originally posted by jikookdetails

Jimin is an expert at making you adore him. He will be gentle at times

Originally posted by yoongishappiness

Surprise you at others

Originally posted by eatkookiie

With only one word he can make your heart skip a beat

Originally posted by sugutie

And that really gets JK off guards (poor bunny)

Originally posted by lostinjimin

From the very first day Chimchim just wanted to make beautiful memories with Jungkook-ah

Originally posted by irapjustlikejay-z

That’s why most of his selfies have Jk in them

Originally posted by bwipsul

And swoon Jeon do not mind

Originally posted by justmejen

He just wanna hug him too

Originally posted by jikookized

feed him from his spoon

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Sing and …

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dance with him

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while having fun all the way

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We love their height difference

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Their not so secrets moments

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Their push & pull

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The way they make one another laugh

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The way they share a moment

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The way they still play like the old days

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The way their roles changed

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The way they make a simple heading to the airport a love series

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The way Jeonlous happens whenever someone gets closer to Chimchim

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The way they make you question if they are actually real

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But then you tell yourself maybe you saw it wrong after you turn quite obsessed

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But then you just end up finding more proof they might actually be

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Netherless by then jikook will already have slided into your life

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And it doesn’t change if they are close friends/brothers or even lovers because no matter what …

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All in ALL everything about it is goals !!

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So how do you like them now?

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With hearts and kisses I finish this post again, wishing it made you smile for a moment <3

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I love these two sooooo much, wishing I shared some of my adoration for them with you and hoping you liked it^^
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Me: All I ever wanted in a boy group was that they all sang beautifully, could all dance, write their own songs, were all uniquely handsome, each have individualized personalities and styles that make them stand out in their own special way, and have the best teamwork and synergy.

Monsta X: Hi



Shownu throughout Music Videos and Special Clips