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Out of all of Danny's unique and interesting ghost-powers, which among them is your most/least favorite?

Ooh, this is really hard. There are a lot of reasons to like different powers he has. Some are more effective, some look cooler, some are powers I wish I had. It’s also hard to say I dislike any of his powers, so picking a least favorite is also tricky.

I’m tempted to say the cryokinesis is my least favorite because one of the main reasons it was introduced was to connect Danny to the Far Frozen and, as a result, retcon ghosts as spirits of the dead. At the same time, though, it is a really cool power that Danny uses in some really creative ways. It’s hard to actually not like it.

I guess when I really think about it, I’d have to say his “increased speed and agility” are my least favorite. Not that those aren’t good abilities, but for Danny, they’re pretty useless. Being faster and more agile doesn’t make him that much better at dodging attacks. He gets hit all the time anyway. Both powers also become kinda pointless when he can turn intangible and fly. He’s faster when flying than he is when running anyway, and he has more success avoiding attacks by turning intangible than by just dodging anyway. I suppose some could say this doesn’t count, but eh.

As for my favorite, I guess the ghostly wail is the best in terms of both uniqueness and effectiveness, but it’s also incredibly destructive, can usually only be used once or twice at a time before draining Danny completely, and it doesn’t have the most pleasant roots, making it less fun to watch.

I think I’m gonna go with the ghost ray/ectoblasts. It’s the ability Danny uses  probably the most and in some of the most creative ways. He does things like combine it with other abilities, change the shape and power of it, send out small bursts or constant streams. The ghost stinger is probably just a variation of this, too.

Plus, I find it kind of surprising how uncommon shooting beams of energy from the hands is among superheroes. It seems really useful because it’s like a weapon you always have and doesn’t get in the way very easily. It’s just like throwing explosive punches from a far distance. Very cool.

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Thistle did you ever thought about applying to the Naturetale school? Or if you too uneasy of going there because of your age, you can have some privates lessons with someone you trust. Maybe Lav. Or Gear. Just please, if you're having these with Gear, stays only in the maths and writting stuff.


“…Gear’s already been sorta teaching me to read better. When he moved in with me, he brought a whole bunch of books with’em. He reads a lot so I like to sit and follow along as best I can. To be honest though I prefer the books with pictures in them better.” 

Prompt: Awwww that last imagine you wrote was sosososo cute >\\< And I’m really happy to see Dabi imagine! If it isn’t too much trouble to you can you write some relationship hc for him with a sarcastic affectionate s/o            

Requester: Ash Anon

Notes: Dabi is great I love Dabi give me all the Daboo (also thank you I’ glad you liked it ^-^)

Originally posted by aizahwa


○ He’s hot for the sarcasm. It was what drew him to s/o at first, actually. He lives for it

○ The two of them have a lot of amazing sarcastic back and forth. A lot of people don’t even realize that they’re a couple because they get pretty harsh sometimes. It’s all in good fun though

○ Dabi loves it just as much when these little battles of wit get s/o a little riled up. He’ll tease them to no end about it but lowkey things it’s pretty cute

○ He’s such a proud boyfriend when s/o roasts their enemies. Like ‘yeah that’s my boo have fun getting ripped open.’ Thinks it’s pretty hilarious when someone else is on the receiving end of s/o’s angry sarcasm

○ Affection is something that needs to be taken slowly. S/o can’t just jump into it. S/o is going to have to be able to deal with very small gestures for a while at first, mostly initiated by s/o themselves. Letting s/o hold his sleeves or linking pinkies is as much compromise as Dabi is up to in the beginning

○ Casual touch becomes a little more common as Dabi get’s comfortable. Most of his affection is teasing though - flicking s/o’s forehead or pinching their nose when they do something silly, ruffling their hair, using their head as an armrest, ect…

○ Once he’s comfortable he’s a little more open to s/o being affectionate. They’re free to lean up against him and he might even just throw an arm around their shoulders. They’re welcome close, as long as he knows they’re there

○ Never takes well to s/o trying to hug him from behind, whether it’s a standard backhug or trying to be the big spoon. That’s something s/o never gets to do

○ Doesn’t mind PDA. He’s not as affectionate himself publicly and wont do anything mushy as he has a reputation to uphold, but otherwise he lets s/o do almost anything else they’d do in private in public too. It makes him feel smug when others know s/o his his

○ Likes the feeling of his s/o’s head rested on his upper chest or, if he really trusts them, snuggled into his neck

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Is it wrong that I'm really bugged by the term "Judeo-Christian values"? Most Jews I know don't agree with a lot of them, myself included. A lot of it takes a literal perspective on the Tanakh too, even though debate and interpretation are huge components of Judaism, or at least the kind that I was raised with. Being lumped in with that makes me really uncomfortable. It feels like I'm being used as a prop so they can push Christian values without the stigma of pushing a single religion's (1/2)

(2/2) beliefs, and that if a Jewish value contradicts a Christian value or vice-versa, the Jewish value will always be tossed aside, rather than a discussion or a compromise. It makes me feel like I’m being used as a way to hide religious fanaticism in broad daylight, but I don’t know if this is just me being knee-jerk or if what I’m saying is valid. What do you guys think about the term?             

Hi there,

I personally absolutely resonate with your disgruntled feelings here.  I apologize for being so blunt to such a thoughtful question, but you absolutely have every right to feel this way. 

As Jews, our values often intersect with those of Christians. But as often as they do, there are far too many areas where they do not intersect.

And yes, this often comes with contemporary antisemitism.  And yes, it can (and should) make you feel uncomfortable.

Let us hope and pray for a world filled with goodness, light, love, and hope where issues of antisemitism, and bigotry aimed at other religious, racial, and social minorities, is nonexistent.

Have a great night, friend.


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How have you proceeded with your languages this year? Are you happy with it or disappointed in some ways?

Hi! That’s a good question and I’m going to answer for each language:

English: I think I have managed to maintain my skills pretty well, but I don’t speak English as much as I used to (due to switching from English to Japanese when talking to Japanese exchange students) which naturally has affected my speaking skills and pronunciation (and made me a bit cautious about my accent). I would also have liked to learn more advanced vocabulary. Overall I’m not worried or disappointed about my skills or progress though.

Japanese: I think I have improved a lot and I can converse and express myself in Japanese with much more ease and confidence than before which I’m really proud of. However, I must admit that I have slacked with learning kanji a lot. I need to stop lazing around with them.

Swedish: I have put Swedish on hiatus to concentrate on German so naturally I have forgotten a lot, but making and posting Swedish vocabulary lists on tumblr every now and then and listening to Swedish music has helped me to not to completely forget the language. I may take a Swedish course at the university next year to brush up on my skills.

German: So, I managed to get into university to study German philology, which is a great achievement and I’m proud and happy of, but also a fucking miracle. My German skills are embarrassingly bad (how dare I even call myself intermediate?) and I have close to zero confidence. I really need to study harder and improve and get more confidence and start to talk with my German friends in German (but please be kind and patient with me).

Autumn has inspired me to work on my Hungarian again. I have done pretty good job at reviewing what I already know and I’m happy and surprised about how much I remember! Making and posting vocabulary lists on tumblr has also taught me some new vocabulary. I would describe my feelings about my progress with the word “hopeful”.

Arabic: Yesterday I met two native speakers of Arabic but I didn’t dare to even mention that I’m learning Arabic because I don’t know anything else but شكرا, حبيب, and إن شاء الله. I can’t even read the script yet. I have been meaning to work harder on it but that just hasn’t happened. I need to change that. I am a disappointment to myself and my Arabic speaking friends. 

I have also been dabbling in Northern Sami and Ainu. The motivation to learn the first one has been especially high recently, I even got myself a Sami picture dictionary. My greatest achievement relating to Ainu was that I was able to meet a native Ainu person and ask her questions relating to the language and culture. I’m still a complete beginner in both of these languages so I can barely say hello and thank you in them, but I hope I will be able to string together simple sentences by this time next year. 

How have you proceeded with your target languages this year? 

Thirteen Days of Fic

Hey, everyone!

I’m sorry, I know it’s been ages, but there’s been a lot going on for me personally in the past year. I might finally be getting a handle on everything, though we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I watched Over the Garden Wall last weekend - because of course I did, I mean, I’ll probably watch it at least five more times before the month is out - and I was so inspired. Like… the memory of Wirt and Greg and everything about them just came flooding back and so I had to go a reread a bunch of stuff that I’d written to hear their voices again because of how much I missed those nerds.

They’ve been very quiet, very good because they understand that I need to focus on my own novels, but I’ve been thinking (and reading) and I feel like it would be fun to bring them back out for the rest of the month.

For the next thirteen days, I want to write a prompt a day! In the spirit of Halloween, they’re all spooky/autumnal prompts, and I’m open to doing anything. Over the Garden Wall, my novels, MBF (as best as I can on my own, lol), or other OtGW crossovers/AUs with Gravity Falls (I don’t have the confidence to really crossover with any other show). The first thirteen prompts I get from you lovely people will be the ones I fill. If I don’t get any, which I wouldn’t be surprised due to being inactive for so long, then I have a list that I’ll go off of on my own and do whatever prompts pop into my head! Either way, it should be fun!

After Halloween though, I’ll be diving into NaNoWriMo, so unfortunately I won’t be filling any other prompts past these thirteen. At least until Christmas, possibly. Anyway, this was just something I wanted to do since I feel like I have the time and the inspiration for the next thirteen days.

I’m going to post the list again on it’s own, so feel free to use it to inspire your own spooky tales for the remainder of October and beyond.

1. Spider web

2. Orange

3. Marshmallow

4. Ghost

5. Chill

6. Frankenstein

7. Harvest

8. Candy

9. Trick-or-Treat

10. Black

11. Old tree

12. Grave

13. Chains

14. Leaves

15. Werewolf

16. Candle

17. Skeleton

18. Pumpkin

19. Spell

20. Haunted House

21. Vampire

22. Hay ride

23. Witch

24. Dark

25. Chocolate

26. Sour

27. Doorbell

28. Apple

29. Scarecrow

30. Corn maze

31. Lantern

If you want to request something specific, please include:

  • The prompt
  • Which series - i.e. OtGW, Two Roads ‘verse, MBF ‘verse, original novel (They don’t have names yet, so let’s call them Magic Married, Ghost Book #1, Ghost Book #2, or Ghost Book #3 - what are they about? Well… it’s all a mystery!), OtGW/GF “insert AU or requirements here”
  • Any pairing that you’d like to see! With original novel that would most likely be Kepp/Flynt (Magic Married - can be anywhere from age 13 - 99, let’s face it, they’re probably going to live forever), Ethan/Specter (Ghost Book #1 - Ethan and Specter are 12), Tabitha/Amara (Ghost Book #2 - Tabitha and Amara are late twenties/early thirties?), or Ethan/Rob (Ghost Book #3 - mid to late twenties). I don’t know if Rob is sticking as his name, but right now the universe is telling me that it’s Rob. Those are just some guidelines though. I have plenty of other characters who aren’t in relationships at the moment that could make an appearance. You can ask for original novel and not specify any pairing just to see what comes up.

They might be spooky, or I might go in a completely different direction with the prompt. Who knows! If you don’t want to be specific, and just want to pick a prompt, that’s fine too! Just send me the prompt and if you’re one of the first thirteen, I’ll take it as an anything goes :)

Happy Halloween!

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okay this is the last one from me: silverflint 16 - when one person’s face is scrunched up, and the other one kisses their lips/nose/forehead. i have a request though, if that's okay? could it be flint that kisses silver's nose. it's A Thing for me

(That’s adorable, Anon. I hope you like this. Thanks for the prompt! <3)

                                                        *  *  *

Silver bites back another hiss of pain as Howell finishes cleaning the wound.

“You need to be gentler on it.” The doctor admonishes him. “We want you to get used to it, but not at the risk of getting infected.”

Flint is listening to all of this, his brow furrowed as he does. Silver couldn’t think of an excuse to keep him out of his own cabin; he is the captain after all. Besides Howell would just tell him what he wanted to know later. He might as well know now.

Silver’s fingers dig tightly into his other thigh as he nods, waiting for the doctor to leave. If the man will just leave, and Flint will go, or at least leave him the fuck alone, maybe he can handle this.

Once the doctor’s finally gone, Silver finally draws a deep breath, releasing it again.

Flint eyes him. “That bad?”

“It’s been better.” Silver says noncommittally. If only Flint would just leave him be.

Flint shrugs. “Now I seem to remember you once telling me that you had an exceptionally low tolerance for pain, and would say anything to make it stop. Is that still so?”

“I don’t know what I was thinking that day.” Silver turns his face away, gazing out the open window. “If I could do it again, I would speak those names in an instant.”

“Would you…” Flint murmurs.

He moves to sit at the other end of the window seat, carefully lifting Silver’s other leg to make room for him. And then he simply lets it rest there in his lap, his hand on Silver’s leg.

Silver shivers slightly. Flint’s fingers brush over his ankle and he thinks of Flint’s hands elsewhere.

“I don’t know.” He says. He doesn’t know. He dreams of that day again and again, and wakes covered in sweat and terror, panting in fear at the thought that it’s happening again that this time, the axe will keep biting into his flesh, and even if he surrenders everything, even if he refuses, no matter, they never stop. There is no rescue in his dreams.

Flint’s knuckles caress his ankle and Silver tries not to shiver again. 

“Let your body get used to the crutch,” is all Flint says though.

And even though he’d been afraid of what Flint could say, or ask of him, Silver can’t help the frustration at that being the end of it.

“I don’t want to get used to it.” He mutters mulishly.

To his surprise and further annoyance Flint just chuckles.

“Look here,” Silver starts and Flint’s hand grasps his ankle and he subsides. 

“You’re going to have to get used to it.” Flint’s words are matter-of-fact but not unkind. He has been decidedly ~not~ unkind through this whole hell and Silver can’t bear it. 

He turns his face further away.

With a faint sigh, Flint removes his leg from his lap. “Very well.”

“What do you expect me to say?” Silvers voice catches and he concentrates fiercely on not being weak, at being able to hold back from shedding tears in front of Flint. He will not let himself fall that much. He cannot.

“Look at me.” Flint tells him.

 Silver does, but he’s still focused on not embarrassing himself, his face screwed up in concentration, holding back the pain and the humiliation. And then Flint simply leans down and kisses him on his nose.

Silver stares at him in surprise. “The fuck was that for?”

Flint merely gazes at him, his eyes compelling Silver to answer. ”Your leg hurts. Admit it.”

“I will not fucking admit it.” Silver starts, and Flint merely leans in again, brushing his lips lightly across the tip of his nose a second time.

Silver’s frozen, he doesn’t know what to do with this sort of attack. “What’re you….”

“Admit it.” Flint says again, and a glint in his eye tells Silver he’s more than capable of keeping this ridiculous game going as long as it takes.

Silver bites down on the bile in his throat and forces the words out. “It hurts.” He keeps his gaze fixed on the wall beyond Flint’s shoulder, mutinously.

“There.” Flint says. “Was that so hard?”

Silver glares up at him and Flint merely reaches out and lets his fingers curl along Silver’s cheek, drawing his face upward. “You will get used to it. You will learn to live with it and in time, it will simply become part of you..”

Silver swallows. “How can you know that for certain?” How can you know I can continue like this? He wants to scream. When all he wants to do is curl up in a ball and forget he exists?

“Because some pain never goes away.” Flint tells him softly. “And you learn to carry it with you.” His fingertips are gentle as a summer breeze on Silver’s skin. “And some days it’s easier than others to do that.”

His eyes linger upon Silver’s mouth, and Silver tilts his face upward, just enough, of an invitation if that’s what Flint’s seeking.

Apparently, it is. His mouth descends upon Silver’s like the slow tilt of a ship coming into its harbor, finding its way home again after a long voyage. The press of his lips, the soft passion contained therein makes Silver’s heart beat faster. He leans upward, closing his eyes, trying not to seem too eager, and failing utterly.

And then Flint draws off again with a sigh. His eyes look bright and hopeful, but there is something wistful there as well. This moment between them has been a long time coming, and now that it’s here, there’s a hesitation in the air, a feeling that everything cannot remain the same forever, and one of them has to take the next step. And yet still, they gaze at each other and wait.

At last Silver licks his lips, and, says lightly. “If that’s your idea of a motivational speech, I’ll probably require it more than once for it to truly make a lasting impression.

Flint chuckles. “I have duties to attend to for now. Get some rest, and I’ll return later, and perhaps I can motivate you in other ways as well.”

His gaze lingers meaningfully upon Silver’s groin and if Flint expects him to be able to think of anything other than his mouth while he’s gone, then he’s severely mistaken.

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You've been posting a lot about Uncharted and recently, you mentioned that you were watching the Last of Us. I am aware about both but know very little about them. I'm trying to watch the Last of Us but the youtuber makes me cringe a lot when he plays. Because even though I don't play with controllers much, the way he's playing is making me want to just not watch. Do you have any youtubers that you would recommend for watching Last of Us?

uhm im not sure about english youtubers tbh. I think jacksepticeye has played it but it’s like, one of his first videos and it’s not as animated as he is now. 

Yogscast Hannah is another youtuber that has been suggested to me but never watched their videos tbh

I watch a spanish youtuber, vegetta777, cause he is very meticulous on what he does and he is very good at playing too. 

if anyone has a suggestion, it will be much appreciated

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Admin Storm! BTS MTL public sex











Hoseok and Yoongi take me as people who genuinely won’t care as long as you’re quiet. Plus, the idea of possibly getting kind of turns them on.

It might take some convincing for Taehyung to agree, but I think he might like the idea.

Jungkook likes the idea of possibly being caught, but it still frightens him.

Namjoon and Jin would take a lot of convincing, but contrary to people’s belief I really think Jin would end up liking it. And Namjoon being the leader, I think he thoroughly thinks things through. Can’t say he won’t end up liking it though if you get him to try it.

Jimin is a shy little boy, just let him live.

- admin storm

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P and R!!!!! Love u spica!!

From [x]


P: Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an “architect” or a “gardener”? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)

A little bit of both, though I’d lean more toward the gardener! I start off with concrete plot points (or pillars, as I like to call them) and then build around these; usually, I scrap ideas and incorporate new ones, so all in all my writing process is pretty flexible :)

R: Are there any writers (fanfic or otherwise) you consider an influence?

YOU. YOUYOUYOUYOU (guys follow sushi, she’s an amazing writer and also does art!! you will not regret)

And also @periapse @history-rover @kvrloz @argetcross @geekygiirl !! I learn a lot from reading others’ writing and also they’re all super inspiring!

For authors, Franz Kafka, Paulo Coelho, and recently I read Emma Donoghue (”The Tale of the Handkerchief”) and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (”Clothes”)! Would recommend those reads

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How someone can choose between Derek & Stiles confuses me lol... I mean I know most ppl like one more but I just can't. I love them in different ways but the same amount. Stiles is like, the less screwed up version of me. I feel him 100%. He's everything to me. But so is Derek. I don't relate to him as much but I would throw myself (literally) to the wolves for him. Someone comes for Stiles and I'm like ha, he could MURDER you, someone comes for Derek and I'm like I'M going to murder you lol

I’m more of a Stiles stan though Derek has grown on me a LOT, I’ve very PROTECT DEREK HALE about him now. That said, I’m not one who can ship and hate one of the characters.  They’ve got to be right and they’ve got to be right together

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mnah ~ I saw that you shipped kyle x eric and Kenny x leo! I love the latter and haven't thought much about the former either way. Do you have any head canons for those two ships that you wanna share? Like, just your favorite thoughts on them?

Hey, sweet pea! Thank you for the ask, it means a lot that you thought of me! But like I said to you, I’ve been super duper busy. I’m so glad I’m finally able to answer and submit this, though!

Eric x Kyle


 Their first date was during the summer before ninth grade. Due to some recent events, including some confusing text messages and an “accidental” kiss, they decided to meet at a local cafe for lunch and to discuss feelings. Eric was hesitant at first, but eventually caved in. The conversation was heartfelt and emotional. It eventually led them back to Eric’s house, where secrets poured out and new experiences were shared. After a long, meaningful night together, they decided to make it official. Nobody, not even Stan, knew about the date or relationship until the beginning of tenth grade.

 During and after their senior year in high school, dates became more common. Kyle likes dragging Eric to museums and aquariums. Eric tries to be romantic by planning candlelit dinners, but they often ditch and go skinny dipping in the neighbor’s pool.


 On any normal night, Eric heads to sleep around 9 PM. He’s usually splayed across the king sized bed, belly up. Kyle is the complete opposite of his boyfriend, staying up for hours on end, reading or studying. When he does go to bed, it’s around 2 - 3 AM. He curls up by Eric’s side and quickly falls asleep.

Eric has a wide array of pajamas, while Kyle usually sleeps completely naked or in his boxers. This was never an issue to Eric. If anything, he admired the habit.

 Kyle decided to take afternoon classes in college so he could sleep in on weekdays. Eric shuffles carefully out of bed around 6 AM to prepare himself for the day. He cooks up a simple breakfast, just enough for the both of them. After eating, he dresses himself and heads to work. Kyle wakes up around 10 AM and eats, appreciating everything already done for him. He finishes his homework, then dresses and heads to school.


 Their first time was somewhat special. They were a bit tipsy, but the whole experience was surprisingly memorable. It was during Craig’s birthday party in tenth grade. Craig’s parents weren’t home, and every other guest was asleep. They tiptoed upstairs into an empty bedroom and started on the bed, but eventually moved to Kyle being pushed against the wall. Eric must have said, “Are you sure you’re alright with this?” at least ten times before they actually began fucking.

 With the first time out of the way, I can now say Eric is completely dominant. Kyle has tried to act tough, but always finds himself under his lover’s vicious command. Never fails.

 Almost every sexual encounter is dangerously rough. They’ve experimented with various kinks, but only enjoy a select few. Kyle enjoys being bound and bitten. Eric is sadistic in general. He loves using knife play, light blood play, and choking. They both very easily lose control of themselves during sex.


 The couple had a serious physical fight in tenth grade. Tension existed for various reasons, but the serious issue was on coming out. Kyle wasn’t prepared or stable enough for negative attention, and Eric misinterpreted that as shamefulness. He soon felt unwanted, and lashed out on his boyfriend during school lunch. Other students cheered while they went at each other. After being suspended and sent home, there was lack of communication between the two for weeks. Eric eventually got over himself and attempted to make amends. He stood at Kyle’s door, prepared to make up for unnecessary behavior. But when that front door swung open, Kyle jumped into the other’s arms, bawling and apologizing repetitively. After crying it out, they decided together that it was time to share their relationship status.

 Despite the affection shown for each other, fights are frequent and malicious. There is no physical violence, but harmful words are thrown around as if they’re meaningless.

Living Situation

 Eric had been working and saving since the end of ninth grade, hoping to move out as soon as he and Kyle graduated. Surprisingly, he kept up and had plenty of money for a good start. They soon found a comfortable two-bedroom house for rent near Kyle’s soon-to-be college, and decided it was a perfect beginning.

 Even though Kyle’s parents paid for college and occasionally sent money for rent and groceries, Eric began working a full-time job at a local steel mill. He had absolutely no interest in attending college.


♡  Typically, household chores are shared equally. Before class, Kyle sweeps and cleans the counters. If there are any leftover dishes, he’ll clean those as well. Eric cooks breakfast and dinner, vacuums, and cleans the litter boxes.


 Eric takes up photography in his free time.

♡  They rescued two cats, Olive and Marie.

♡  Kyle struggles with depression and often finds himself feeling isolated when Eric goes out. He is always invited, but insists on staying home and studying.

 Eric frequently mentions wanting to raise children, but Kyle isn’t so sure!

Kenny x Leo


♡  Kenny and Leo became close friends in seventh grade, and eventually fell for each other years later. While neither admitted their feelings for a long while, a deep connection existed. In eleventh grade, Leo became impatient and finally decided to make a move. Conveniently enough, a Winter Dinner and Dance was held for all high school students. Though the idea seemed cliche at first thought, he bought gifts, dressed up, and stood at Kenny’s doorstep with the cutest smile. Of course, the answer was yes! The darling pair attended the dance together, putting shame to every other couple who dared show their face. Leo claims that night was incredibly special, but never gives an explanation.

 Current dates consist of walking through forest trails and sharing picnics on warm days, as they both enjoy and connect deeply with nature. Occasionally, they’ll plan a nice dinner or movie date.


Around 10 PM - 11 PM, the pair snuggle up chest-to-chest and fall asleep! Sometimes, Kenny will unravel from the tangle and stretch out, but Leo will wake up and wiggle back towards his partner.

♡  After moving in and learning about Leo’s erratic napping habits, Kenny ensured himself he would adjust. It took extreme patience, but eventually, it became a habit of his own. They’re a very sleepy couple!


 Well before their romantic relationship began, Kenny taught Leo of various kinks and fetishes. He felt frightened in the beginning, as he was coaxed into preforming oral sex. But, to his surprise, it was an enjoyable experience. Especially when the act was returned. (This only happened once, in tenth grade, before they got together!)

♡  After being introduced by you know who, Leo took interest in wax play and simple hand ties. Being completely bound gives him extreme feelings of anxiety, so it is completely avoided. Kenny will experiment with anything in the book, but particularly takes interest in being fully dominant and somewhat demanding.


♡  Hardly! Through years of trust and understanding, the pair managed to conjure up a model relationship! Simple mistakes are easily forgiven.

 When fighting does occur, it’s over very serious situations.

Living Situation

♡  Leo’s parents pay for a small, one-bedroom apartment near the college Kenny attends.

 Despite cruel statistics, Kenny became serious about pursuing a successful career, and graduated from high school with a 3.84 GPA and a promising scholarship. He soon began attending college to become a physician’s assistant.

Leo takes online college classes for business management.


♡  Leo is left to do chores, as Kenny absolutely hates housework. With some coaxing, he occasionally helps out with sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting.


♡  During the fall of seventh grade, Leo grew tired of his nickname “Butters.” He asked friends and acquaintances to begin referring to him as “Leo.”

 Kenny deals with immense guilt for taking advantage of Leo in tenth grade. Every once in a while, he’ll sit alone, imagining how it must feel to be pressured in such ways. He often thinks of himself as disgusting or undeserving.

 Leo loves delicate pastels, while Kenny goes for dull colors and blue jeans.

  (I don’t favor the general outlook on Kenny. I imagine he’d pull himself from low class stereotypes and pursue to be a better man! to each their own, though!)


I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

Keep reading


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

You can see all of my Forduary entries here and all of my Stanuary entries here.

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i really like your team-up headcanons :D do you have any for Pidge and Keith?

  • two chaotic goods walk into a bar. they blow up the bar. it was filled with galran soldiers
  • *pidge sees keith* *automatically thinks of that leeroy jenkins video*
  • lance may be the Hot Mess of the squad but these two are just plain messes
    • do they sleep?? ever??? probably not
    • but seriously can they please just go to bed at any time other than 3 am. they’re stressing shiro out
  • are always ready to fight. always
  • the type of friends that can sit in the same room together for hours without talking until one of them is suddenly like “okay but who would win in a fist fight, allura or zarkon”
  • keith can’t fit in the castle vents like pidge can and he’s salty about it
  • shiro: “saying ’screw it’ and charging into battle is no longer an acceptable response when I ask if you guys have a plan”
  • lance learned what true fear was the day keith and pidge turned to him in unison to roast him
  • *either opens their mouth* hunk: “if this is anything vaguely conspiracy related, I literally don’t wanna hear it”

more twitter stuff, i drew a lot today even if theyre just lazy coloring and shit like that hahahhah when will i draw full bodies again adkajdf

first one is obvs a personality swap lmaoo god i felt so uncomf while drawing that ahahhahaha

2nd is my rarepair! TodoKami…idk lmao i like them both

3rd and 4th is yea