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happy birthday to a very good grape boy who is inspired by a super amazing american author, HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEINBECK, may your crops flourish and [insert other farm-related well wishes here]

This is something I learned was going on some time ago and it came to my attention today that it has continued. It disheartened me to the point I felt the need to make an attempt to address it.

Myself and those I rp with are fortunate to have a great number of followers who enjoy our roleplay and writing. However, I am aware that there are others being subjected to unjust and unfair comparison.

I cannot and will not condone this behavior. If you do not enjoy a player’s roleplaying, that does not give cause to abuse the privilege of anonymity to put down, attack or harass them. Roleplay is a hobby and is done for the player’s own enjoyment before anyone else’s.

Many of us do strive to improve our writing and characterization and are open to hearing out constructive, thoughtful and fair criticism. If you cannot offer a player this, the unfollow button is just as easy to find as the ask button. Please consider using it instead, leaving the player to enjoy their hobby in peace.


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