i like their bromance tho

prompts for my lazyass (Lookism)

Prompts for myself (that I will never get around with)

- Hyung suk notices random gifts keep appearing around him but he doesn’t know what is happening. Is it a reverse intimidation act? He asks Vasco for help.

- Jae Yeol can’t help but stare at hyung suk wearing his clothes. Every time people gush over how fashionable hyung suk looks, he feels this guilty pleasure.

- Everyone protects hyung suk at all costs – both hyung suks – because he is precious. #protectivelookismsquad

- Puppies run away (no they just ran to meet their mom), Jae yeol panicks and thinks he’s the worst friend ever what is hyung suk going to think of him now oh no, runs away whenever he sees both hyung suks when really the dogs are all with him.

- that’s not how you make friends jaeyeol, but it works.


Alya’s Matchmaker Senses™ were tingling. 

Dark Cupid / Dislocœur


Way to ruin the moment, Alya -_-

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Star-lord for the character thing?

YEEE!!! peter!!!! i love him so much <3333

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sexuality headcanon: tho i don’t ship peter with anyone else besides a certain lovely assassin, i could totally see him as bi!


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brotp: can it be the same as my otp……bc even tho they’re In Love gamora and peter are also best friends……THO ALSO, i feel like peter has cool bromance potential with rocket and drax. and groot. and nebula. and mantis. and kraglin. (can peter be bros with everyone)

notp: literally anything that’s not starmora including peter by himself LMAOOOOO i’m in too deep

first headcanon that pops into my head: peter keeps a journal! this is a headcanon i actually wrote down earlier to eventually turn into a fic (it was partially inspired by rapunzel’s journal in tangled: the series) but basically i thought it’d be interesting if peter just started like? keeping a lil journal about his travels with the gotg? and have like little sections on each of the characters and his friendships (or romantic relationship ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) with each of them individually and stuff,,, so yeah anyway!!! peter being sentimental and reflective yay!!!!

one way in which i relate to this character: i feel like we all can relate to peter a LOT so i’ll try to go for a more unique way, uh,,,,, maybe the way he’s just so like,,,, Obvious with his emotions? i mentioned this earlier but i kinda sorta wear my heart on my sleeve a lot and can be a pretty Emo Kid and i really like that with peter we get to see an openly emotional protagonist who’s Trying His Best and has that “deep, unselfish love for just about everyone” :)

thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: WHOOPS THIS IS EDITED IN BC I FORGOT THIS ONE LMAO uhhh i hate watching him argue with gamora in vol 2, like he says some pretty Mean Things and he like,,, yells,,,, A lot,,, pls chill small space child

cinnamon roll or problematic fave? def a cinnamon roll, JUST LOOK AT HIM!!!! treat with tender love and care (lmao @ gamora)

send me a character!!!