i like the way you talk

there exists a video game where a very fast 3 foot tall hedgehog has a magical talking sword and the hedgehog and the sword kill king arthur together and then later its revealed that actually the hedgehog was The True King Arthur all along and for some reason there are people who thought that it was bad

Popular Richie meeting new kid Eddie hc

I love soft Reddie so much hi

-Mike would be on the welcoming committee, and would tell Richie about Eddie when he arrived

-“Dude! He’s totally your type!”

-“What’s my type, Mike?”


-Mike would invite Eddie to sit with them at lunch, and Eddie would be all flustered and shocked that Mike was still being nice, even though he had technically finished his welcoming committee duties that morning

-Mike would introduce him to the group, and Richie would immediately be in awe with Eddie

-He gave him the nickname Eds in the first five minutes

-Eddie would get easily annoyed at Richie over basically everything he does

-But Richie thinks Eddie’s adorable so he spends as much time as possible with him

-Everyone always stares at Richie in the halls, because he’s so popular, and Eddie hates it when girls stare at Richie, but he wont admit it

-Richie starts becoming more clingy towards Eddie, and he starts wrapping his arms around Eddie, and sitting beside him constantly and talking to him all the time

-And all of the other losers begin to notice and tell Eddie that Richie likes Eddie seriously

-And Eddie is shook, cause he just thought that Richie was always joking

-So Eddie invites Richie out one day, to a diner and they get milkshakes and Eddie listens to Richie talk about music for ages

-And finally Eddie decides to tell him about what his friends told him

-“Bev mentioned that you like me..”

-Richie totally choked on his milkshake when Eddie said that

-“No way, ridiculous!”

-“Does that mean I shouldn’t tell you I like you?“

-Richie choked on his milkshake again

-And Eddie was grinning, and Richie reached over the table and held Eddie’s hand

-And they spent the rest of the afternoon laughing and drinking more milkshakes and holding hands

-And Richie walked Eddie home and held his hand the entire time, and whispered to Eddie about how he’d wanted to do that since they met two months ago

-And Eddie was a flustered mess because Richie was so sweet

-But then he made a ‘your mom’ joke and ruined it all

-But Eddie still laughed, and Richie was so happy to see Eddie happy

-Eddie said he had to go into his house, because his mom would flip her shit

-So Richie practically dived on Eddie to give him a goodbye kiss

-And Eddie has never felt so giddy

-They soon become one of the most popular couples in school

-And they 100% both won prom kings

-And Richie made Eddie’s life 1000 times better

-And Eddie is the actual sun which Richie’s world revolves around

-And they’re just happy angels forever

Whatever It Takes: Chapter 2

ACOTAR Figure Skating AU

Summary: Nesta firmly believes that if you want something, you have to work your ass off for it. And she wants a National title attached to her name. But when her coach decides that a change in discipline is what Nesta needs, she’s far from impressed. Now, instead of training as a ladies single skater, she has to switch gears and skate as a pairs skater. And her partner? Someone she can’t stand. Non other then cocky, flirtatious, former Men’s skater Cassian.
Edited by: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

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Azriel stood just a few feet away from boards waiting, watching.

He watched everything. He kept his eyes on the players around him, skating up and down the ice at top speed. He kept his eyes on the puck, watching as it was passed from player to player.

He watched everything, taking it all in. No one paid much attention to him. They were all too concerned about the puck and trying to get it in the net.

But that’s how it always was.

They called him the Shadowsinger - no one ever knew where he was or when he was going to show up. Even if they knew to keep a look out for him, if someone looked away for just a moment, he was there, sneaking up behind them. His blades seemed to not even make a sound, as if he appeared out of the shadows themselves.

Azriel hadn’t been too sure about the nickname at first. But after a while, he’d grown accustomed to it. He played off of it. He took the name and made it a part of him.

So he stood back. He let the other players do what they needed to do. They passed the punk between them, slapping it across the icy surface. They took shots on the net only to have the goalie deflect them. There was yelling - from between the players and the coach - mixed in with the sound of blades plowing up snow.

Throughout the chaos, Azriel simply stood in the shadows. Waiting. Watching.

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Notes | Park Jimin

Originally posted by parkjmzl

❁Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

❁Summary: After waking up after  a lecture ended, you notice someone took notes for you. On the bottom they left a cute message and a phone number. How will this turn out?

❁Words: 1700+ 

❁Category: Fluff

❁A/N: This took way longer than I expected oml. Hope you’ll enjoy ^^

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Words: 2k398

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: ⚤ - s m u t  |  ☁ - f l u f f

Description: He was your best friend, but life wanted you two to be more than that.

Warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, oral sex, fingerling, curse words, dom!jungkook and sub!reader.

A/N: Well… it has been a long time since the last smut I wrote, so I really hope you enjoy it.

M A S T E R L I S T   |   A S K

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Our Promise - Loki x Reader

Originally posted by claracivry

Summary: As teenagers, Loki and (Y/N) agreed that if they were not to be married by 35, they’d marry each other. Loki then sabotage every relationship (Y/N) had until her 35th birthday, only to be force to tell her upon that very special day.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word count: 2.9K

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A/N: wooooooooo !! This one actually hit me hard ((AND I WROTE IT)), but when I read it I picture Loki from the first Thor because he just seems so much more emotion and BOY is this story a RIDE

Request information is in my bio!

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you know, the more i watch the scene with grandmaster fishing for compliments and thor and loki’s respective reactions, the more i think about how loki is probably a very good diplomat when he wants to be. he knows exactly that you’re supposed to tell the grandmaster that oh my god he looks barely three thousand years old, who can talk about billions but he’s just like. no. nah. not like this, not in front of thor. and thor gets it too, like damn he doesn’t wanna see it.

makes me think a lot about their upbringing/lessons/ways they interacted with maybe other realms or just aristocracy and so on when younger. it especially ties in with that deleted scene of thor 1 where frigga and odin mention that loki was supposed to be by thor’s side, helping him. i love this idea that they tried to mold thor to be more warrior like (which wasn’t too hard) and loki more subtle, focused on diplomacy, making them the two sides of the ruler coin… which obviously brings us to the idea of a married couple rather than a pair of siblings lmfao

tldr thor and loki have amazingly balanced and matching skill sets and are unstoppable together

Lucifer trapped in the cage away from you

Word count: 1010

request by: anon - Where the reader got killed before Lucifer was cast out of heaven and the apocalypse will either kill him so they reunite or give him so much power he can resurrect her? Pretty please?

(low-key forgot to look at the request as I wrote this fic and changed like all of it oops, if you dont like it pleasse request a new fic aha, sorry!)

A/N: there will most likely be a part 2 to this fic depending on whether or not I decide to leave it angsty like this or make Lucifer bring the reader back and have a cute/fluffy end. If I decide to make a part 2, it should be out tomorrow, yay!

“See you later Y/N”

A smile snuck its way onto your face after you had just spent almost the whole day talking to Lucifer. Most of the time your conversations would simply be you explaining to him what you had done during the past few days since he didn’t really have much to talk about due to the fact he was trapped in a cage but neither of you minded. You enjoyed telling him about your life and (although he wouldn’t admit it) he loved listening to you talk too no matter what it was about.

As you tugged on your hunter’s jacket, your mind drifted back to the first time Lucifer had contacted you all them years ago:

A hand reached up to your head as it boomed with the worst migraine you had ever felt in your entire life on this planet causing you to let out yet another sigh. The whole day it had felt as though your mind was foggy and there was some sort of static playing over and over again in your head like a broken TV.

You were just about to throw yourself out of the bed and go to the doctors for them to tell you that you were dying or something when the static simply stopped and you suddenly felt your body have a strong pull towards… Something. You just couldn’t quite put your finger on it, and that’s when you heard it.

“Hello,” the soothing voice echoed throughout your head.

That’s it. I’m officially crazy. I have actually lost my mind.

“Anyone there?” you again heard the voice fill your mind, this time making you feel slightly calmer almost as if this voice was comforting you.

Oh, fuck it. If I’m already crazy enough to think I’m hearing voices I might as well go that extra crazy step further and talk to them. You scrunched up your nose completely doubting that this would work before letting out a shaky and questioning “Hey?”.

“Oh thank Dad you replied. You don’t know how long I’ve been trying to contact someone; demons, angels and I even was thinking about trying to start on them human cockroach Winchesters but something pulled me to you little one, something I’m not quite sure of.”

Another small giggle escaped you as you remembered how you almost fainted when the “mysterious man in your head” started talking about angels and demons like it was no big deal, you even had to grasp onto the back of a chair to stop yourself from falling over. You tugged on your boots as you again remembered one of the many life changing conversations you had with Lucifer.

“Hey Luci!” you joked calling him the nickname his younger brother Gabriel used to call him.

“Ugh,” he groaned aloud, “I regret telling ever telling you that name.”

“Welp you did and you just know I’m going to use it to my advantage,” you flopped down onto your bed stretching your arms and legs as far as they could go into the soft duvet.

“Wouldn’t expect anything less of you Y/N. Anyway, how was your day?”

“Well, it was okay I guess, work was boring as always and ARGH..” pain flowed through your entire body as you reached out and grasped your hands tightly onto the bed to alleviate any of the intense agony flowing through you.

“Y/N?! Y/N, what’s going on?” you heard Lucifer faintly say in the background but your focus was on the loud screeching filling your mind followed by some catching words in the fog and static including ‘Lucifer’… ‘Soulmate’ and ‘Y/N’.

“Y/N, listen to me, focus on my words, I’m here okay, your safe. Dad, I wish I could be with you right now to help. The worst torture in the world isn’t me being trapped in this cramped cage, it’s that I can’t be with you right now and I will never forgive myself for not being able to hold you in my arms like I should due to the way I behaved eons ago.”

By the end of Lucifer’s mini speech you had noticed that the pain had completely stopped but that hadn’t caused the shock to leave, in fact, you couldn’t feel any other emotion apart from shock as you stumbled on your words not sure what to say to Lucifer, the archangel you had known for almost a year now, until you eventually gathered together the courage and forced your body to blurt it out.

“Are we soulmates Lucifer?”

From that day forwards your life changed, but not for the worse, for the better. You and Lucifer would talk to each other every day, sometimes even more than once. But as time passed you both developed a physical longing for one another that you couldn’t fill due to him being trapped in the cage. You never told him this but you tried your hardest researching ways in which you could have him physically with you finally but you always came up empty.

You stepped outside the door with a sigh, longing to be with your one and only soulmate as you slipped a gun into the back of your leggings, coving it up with your shirt and walked out into the world.

Not two steps later you felt an arm grasp tightly onto the collar of your shirt, ramming you up against the wall of the motel, an angel blade was pressed into your throat, enough to draw some blood but just barely not enough to kill you. God damn angels.

“Lucifer’s mate,” they spat as they pushed the blade further into you causing your body to shake with worry as you realised that they were truly going to go through with this, “abomination.”

And with that, the blade pushed down onto your throat, blood oozing out slowly as you let out a loud cry, the only sound which you could hear as you slowly bled out was the cowering wings of the angel flying away after killing Lucifer’s one and only source of happiness and the pained cries coming from a far away cage in hell. 

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Alex talking about the kellex goal 😍😍😍 (why do I ship this so much you have ruined me...)


Zootopia fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais-Ch.28 What becomes of the brokenhearted?

(AN/Hey folks it’s garouge/ crewefox here with another chapter. Sorry for the late upload, my laptop has been on fritz, anyway thank you to everyone who liked, reviewed, reblogged, faved and followed the last chapter and a big thanks to alexboehm for writing the Kion/Jasiri part of this chapter. so without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/29/Take-A-Stand-Star-Of-Ceartais

Chapter 28- What becomes of the Broken Hearted?

Judy Wilde had always been a light sleeper, she attributed it to growing up with hundreds of siblings and having to get up early to do chores on the family farm. So as soon the sound of someone rustling in the kitchen reached her ears she was instantly awake, her amethyst eyes were open and her ears shot up, she focused hearing and could hear someone moving in the kitchen down the hall. She climbed out of bed and got her tranq pistol out of the bedside draw while whispering “Nick.” But her husband was still sound asleep, she quietly tread to his side of the bed and shook his shoulder before quietly commanding “Nick, wake up!”

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yourkinghasarrived5  asked:

This is gonna seem really silly, but how do you know what your special interest is? Sorry if it seems too silly to ask

Different people have somewhat different definitions of what makes a special interest a special interest, so you’d probably get varying answers to this question depending on who you asked.

Personally, I have three questions that I can ask myself:

  • Is it something that gives me a certain kind of very deep-rooted joy?
  • Is it something that I can spend hours and hours engaging in and studying without getting bored?
  • Is it something that my brain defaults to thinking about when I’m not thinking about anything in particular?

If the answer to any of them is “yes”, then I usually count it as a SI.

But, like I said, that’s just how I define my own SIs and other people may have different ways of defining theirs. I’ll give you links to two other autistic people talking about SIs, but I’m sure you can find many many more if you do some googling or other searches on your own:

[What’s so Special About a Special Interest?] & [What are Special Interests?]








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Are you able to do 1990 Stenbrough + Reddie headcanons if it's OK with you?

I know you waited ages for this so im sorry to be the let down I am BUT I’m gonna assume you mean 1990 as in the miniseries? and I’m just gonna do Reddie cause i didn’t really get a lot of stenbrough in that so it’s hard for me to imagine the dynamic

so uh did someone say Reddie reconnecting as adults when they all come back to Derry?? because miniseries adult reddie OWNS my ass

  • after they have dinner and they meet and everyone fills everyone else in on what they’re doing in life, Richie finds out Eddie’s hotel room is on the same floor as his and it’s dead ass all he can think about (i don’t remember their sleeping situation so if this is inaccurate then Tommy Lee Wallace can let me know if he has an issue)
  • he lies in his bed that night and asks himself in a million ways how on earth he could have forgotten those baby brown eyes or that sweet smile or the way his stomach knots when he hears him talk or laugh or do fucking anything
  • he asks himself this while the image of Eddie laughing and drunk and eating chinese food dances tortuously around his head and he finally gets up because he has to see him alone, and talk to him
  • but when he starts down the hallway Eddie is already halfway to richie’s room, hovering in the hallway - which he later admits he had been doing for twenty minutes of painful indecision - and they both give a small exhale
  • Richie cracks an easy smile and fills the stretch of tacky carpet between them, “can’t sleep either?”
  • Eddie seems to have less inhibitions for once, steps once more forward so their chests are almost touching and tilts his head back just a little to look at richie, “I changed the channel when you came on my TV the other day - how did I forget you so completely?”
  • Richie gives a loud gasp and looks at Eddie with complete offense, but there’s a hint of a smile on his face, “You don’t think my jokes are funny?!”
  • “The political stuff is getting a little old.”
  • “I was just telling my agent that exact same thing!”
  • They make their way into Richie’s room when someone pops their head out of their room to ask them to quiet down
  • they end up talking for the whole night, its nearly 2am when Eddie notices the time and his eyes go wide
  • “maybe I should go”
  • The reluctance in his voice is so clear, and he and richie are so close on the bed - it took no time for them to return to their old dynamic, all witty banter and underlying meanings to teasing flirts and always being close enough that anyone who looked too long might give them a problem
  • something about the way eddie leaned tired into richie’s side while pretending to muster up the energy to move gave the red head the strange sense of courage
  • “we were always different then the others, did you notice it too?”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • richie has to look away but he keeps talking (doesn’t he always?) “with each other, I didn’t see you how I saw them”
  • It’s so blatant that the air in the room seems to change like a switch was flicked, Eddie looks at Richie and Richie looks at Eddie and something silent passes between them, a confirmation
  • It’s eddie that goes in for the kiss and richie that deepens it, they don’t go any further but eddie sleeps in richie’s room that night
  • the next morning they cant seem to stop touching each other at breakfast, eddies hand on richies arm while he says something funny here, richies hand on eddies lower back while he moves behind him there
  • eddie puts together richie’s coffee - secretly decaf because lord knows richie tozier doesn’t need caffeine - and richie gets eddie a plate of eggs and toast straight from the kitchen (do you know how much disease can be transferred through a buffet?)
  • everyone reads the change but none of them know how to say it
  • finally ben lets out a loud huff that makes everyone at the table jump and says “did something happen last night because you two are acting domestic and -” he pauses and eddie’s red in the face so bev finishes his though for him
  • “we all had an idea that there was something when we were kids”
  • its out there now - just as scary as what they had to face in the sewer, maybe even more so, and no one at the table looks like they’re about to hurl their breakfast at the thought of richie and eddie so uh
  • so richie nods
  • that’s it, he just gives a cocky smile and a nod and eats another forkful of eggs and eddie just splutters horribly
  • “you never stop talking and now you’re quiet?!”
  • “if you want to tell everyone what happened last night you can go ahead eds, but i never took you as one to brag”
  • “don’t call me that!”
  • the tension between everyone eases, and they remember the real fight waiting for them
  • as soon as they’re done eating they go to mikes so that they can plan their approach and if eddie and richie sit tangled together and whisper soft words to each other when they start to get scared no one say anything about it

i love when conventionally attractive men in my class think they can use that to get shit from me

like everyone asked me if the movie project is ready in the group chat but this one pretty guy asks me privately and does so in an unnecessary flirtatious way

my guy i am a lesbian also the project will be ready for you when it will be for everyone else

I fell in love with you in the way leaves fall to the ground in autumn. But with you, everything was just raw emotion or a crisis. I just wanted to talk about how i like my noodles half cooked, and how much i hate the feeling of charcoal pencils against paper and how i totally despise when people shower and leave small lakes of their body water on my bathroom floor. Other days; i wanted to talk about how hard it gets to breath sometimes. Take me out and shoot me, aim for the heart, i’m kidding but not really. I carry too much weight. No, no, i’m fine, i’m great. Does it occur to you; to want to utterly and completely vanish? No, let’s dance. Do you search for pieces of you beneath the paper and in between the lines? I’m just being silly, don’t mind me. I’m lost. But i didn’t combust or fall through the earth’s crust; so, i think we can only go up from here. You’re a playlist, but i’m no player; so i’d leave you there hanging and, if you ask me, i was the coldest place on earth and you turned me into a perpetual fireplace. Let’s drink to that.


youngk | jae | sungjin | wonpil | dowoon


(pic creds to @lqjae)


- president of like every club, debate club? he’s there heading the debate, badminton? boy he’s thrashing everyone at the sport, book club? he’s already read all the books in the library

- but seriously he’d be such an active part of the school, everyone would know him and like him

- even if he’s always the loudest in debate club and sometimes you just kind of wish he’d stop talking to let someone else get a word in

- but you’d never say that because he’s so sweet that you’d hate to hurt his feelings

- I feel like he’d always dress like he’s just rolled out of bed

- but in a stylish way that actually took him three hours to choose the outfit

- always wearing jeans, probably ripped, and some sort of trainers like converse or adidas,,, glasses are of course his signature item and you’re starting to wonder if they’re fake or not because he wears them every. single. day.

- really fucking loud

- like he literally never shuts up, you can’t even remember what you did in maths class because jae was blabbering about how his band is going to be playing at the venue in town and everyone should go

- literally blackmailed the others into joining a band and they only ever play like one gig every five years but when they do play they’re actually kind of good they just hibernate for most of the year

- he probably helped to plan the school prom and he was definitely prom king

- (brian was probably prom queen, not that jae had anything to do with that)

- he’s actually really smart and gets really good grades but he never studies and never listens in class, where did he get all this knowledge? who did he pay to get those grades?

- honestly he’s probably a book worm thought and when he’s not running all the school clubs he’s in the library checking out to see if they have any new books

- always has loads of useless facts that’s no one needs to know but he’ll tell them anyway

- eats lunch alone but is literally friends with everyone???

- always telling people to drink more water

- follows brian everywhere, even walks the boy to his next class which is sweet but also kind of annoying because like doesn’t he have his own class to go to?

- whenever anyone asks for help he will say yes, unless it’s wonpil then he’ll tell him to do it himself

- by immediately he’ll feel bad and go and help him

- he usually does all the assembly’s because he’s basically part of the teaching group now like if he wasn’t a student you would mistake him for a teacher

- reads out all the class notices and does the register if the teacher is late

- lowkey trying to steal his science teachers job

- loads of girls (and boys) fancy him but he’s never interested like all he cares about is school and music he can’t be bothered to date

- (unless the perfect person came along then he’d be so sweet and would snatch them up asap)

- the type of student to give his teacher an apple every morning

- really fucking loud, did I mention that?

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do you think someone who has like 100 followers and is pretty new to tumblr has a chance :(( i have loved taylor for 10 years but just joined this community and idk im feelin a little hopeless lol sorry for this anon

Yes! I absolutely believe that. I really barely talked to anyone on here before meeting her. It was occasional here and there. My suggestion is to just join this community with an open mind and post things that make you happy. Talk to people on here and just have fun and good things will come your way :)

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purely talking about their music, do you prefer harrys or nialls album? :)

niall’s music is closer to my personal taste but i enjoy harry’s too. if i had to choose i’ll choose niall the vibe of the entire album and the way he sings the songs and the topic of the songs is what i usually listen to and prefer. this doesn’t mean i don’t like harry’s album.