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(part 1/2) For the recent anon requesting feral Bucky. I hope these fit the bill and are to their liking > Bound by yellow_crayon; all they see is scars by yellow_crayon; The Madman by fannishliss; To You I Belong by Anath_Tsurugi; So you're telling me bros usually don't fuck together? by Masamiya; Steve Care for Beginners/Dummies by yvngp; Situation: Normal by redcigar; Original Programming by zetsubonna;You Just Had To Make It Weird by IamShadow21; I've Always Been Yours by Taste_is_Sweet

(part 2/2) For the recent anon requesting feral Bucky. I hope these fit the bill and are to their liking > Ask Me Again by XxAngelicMurderxX; wilted by macabre; Safe From Harm by Odsbodkins; Hot as Blood, Cold as Steel by marlowe_tops; Blood by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

Thank you for writing in!

Bound by yellow_crayon

You become responsible for what you’ve tamed.

(Bucky comes back to him slowly. Steve is with him every step of the way. The Avengers help out as best as they can.)

all they see is scars by yellow_crayon

A mysterious weapon makes Pre-serum Steve appear in the present day.

The rogue Winter Soldier mistakes him for his one true handler.

The Madman (sex work and related slurs) by fannishliss

Steve is hired by Zola to document his lab experiments. When the experiments extend to a human “volunteer” Steve decides enough is enough.

To You I Belong by Anath_Tsurugi

The first time the Winter Soldier sees Captain America, he can’t help but think ‘mine’, even though he has no idea why.

So you’re telling me bros usually don’t fuck together? by Masamiya

Bucky doesn’t remember exactly what is acceptable or not in society, and just does whatever he wants, like the asshole cat he seemed to become. It appears quickly that what he wants is to end all forms of personal space, and make all of the Avengers coming near Steve’s appartment very, very uncomfortable.

Steve Care for Beginners/Dummies by yvngp

Bucky learns how to take care of Steve.

Situation: Normal by redcigar

AU wherein Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers never met, Steve somehow manages to rescue the Winter Soldier anyway, and Avengers Tower ends up with the world’s angriest duckling and a whole new brand of entertainment.


(“He was dragging him out of the river,” Natasha argues later.

“Nat, be honest, he was going for the Full Monty.” Says Clint.

“I’m pretty sure we interrupted him in the middle of giving ‘emergency CPR’,” Tony agrees, “Or the stage after emergency CPR. Emergency Dick? Is that a thing?”

“That’s not a thing,” Natasha and Clint reply.)

Original Programming by zetsubonna

The Winter Soldier has gone off the grid. Sometimes he’s in his own head, sometimes he isn’t. He can’t remember the mission. He can’t remember what he was thinking at the museum. Everything comes in and out.

The Man on the Bridge wasn’t right. Something about him was wrong.

He took a break to wreak havoc on his former masters, and when he returned, The Man on the Bridge was the way he was supposed to be:


You Just Had To Make It Weird by IamShadow21

Steve and Sam are in the middle of nowhere, the absolute opposite of civilisation, just following a lead on Hydra and checking in to a cheap hotel and finding an awesome diner with great food and even better looking pie.

Then Bucky Barnes turns up and ruins everything.

I’ve Always Been Yours by Taste_is_Sweet

Bucky’s in Steve’s apartment when he comes home.

(It warms him, though, to think of Bucky using his apartment, that he might feel comfortable there regardless of how he got in. It makes Steve happy to know that Bucky’s been able to eat decent food and get clean, hopefully feel safe enough to sleep. And the fact that Bucky went to Steve’s apartment, out of all the thousands he could have chosen anywhere in New York City…

Well, Steve doesn’t want to think too hard about that part, because he doesn’t want to hope.)

Ask Me Again by XxAngelicMurderxX

“I took back what they stole from me, Steve. Now it’s your turn to take back what they stole from you. So I’ll say it one more time. Ask me again.”

wilted by macabre

The Winter Soldier’s new mission is to guard and protect. It’s a command that is not understood well; the asset has always been unleashed to kill, torture, kidnap. Not to guard anything. They don’t directly tell him what it is he’s guarding until they take him to it the next morning.

It is a man. A very small man. Delicate in a way that makes him uncomfortable because he knows how easily he could kill him, without trying, without looking.

AU: Steve is taken by HYDRA to be a guinea pig, and the Winter Soldier is assigned to guard him.

Safe From Harm (rape/noncon) by Odsbodkins

After the supervillains have won, they auction off the Avengers. Even though the Winter Soldier does not have the money to bid, he knows that Captain America belongs to him.

Please heed the warnings: this fic features graphic depictions of violence and sexual assault, a physically and sexually abusive relationship, and mentions of suicide.

Hot as Blood, Cold as Steel by marlowe_tops

Conversations in an abandoned bunker. The asset isn’t sure of many things, but he knows that the man from the helicarrier is valuable and needs to be protected. And until he gets some answers, he’s not letting the man from the helicarrier out of his sight.


The subject lies back down, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. “My head’s pounding.” He lifts his hands, presses them to the bridge of his nose and sighs before placing them back over his belly. “So, what now?”

“Now I keep you,” the asset responds, the words escaping him involuntarily.

There’s a line between the subject’s brows as he looks over. “What’s that mean to you, Buck?”

“It means you belong to me.”

Blood by leveragehunters

In a world where magic is as commonplace as electricity, HYDRA worships a god who craves order through death. They used His blood to create fierce Soldiers then enslaved them by chaining their souls.

The man who was James Barnes is the last Soldier, the rest having been put down after succumbing to the call of the Blood. One night, out of control after a mission, the increasingly unstable Soldier runs into Steve Rogers. Instead of being turned into a red smear on the ground, Steve successfully talks him down. HYDRA decides to keep him. The Soldier’s the last one they’ve got; if Steve can keep him calm he’s going to do it whether he likes it or not.

Like fractious racehorses have companion goats, they hand Steve off to the Soldier as a kind of pet. But studies have shown pets can ease depression, despair and loneliness, lead to an increased sense of safety and well-being, and provide a source of protection and unconditional love. HYDRA really should have reviewed the literature before they decided to give Steve to the Soldier. Especially since, once Steve Rogers is involved, protectiveness can get slightly out of hand.

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if you're still doing these, i wish you'd write something extra angsty and depressing, because i'm in that mood and you always know how to break me 😙

His world was too quiet now, Robert decided, looking around the empty flat he now called home. He’d moved into the tiny one bedroom flat in Leeds nearly two years ago now, and it still didn’t feel like home. He hadn’t exactly put up any homely touches, no photographs, nothing.

He didn’t have much of a life, not anymore. 

Robert sat down at his kitchen table, cracking open a fresh bottle of whiskey, satisfied by the burning sensation he felt in his throat as he knocked some back, relishing in how it made him feel awake, made him feel something close to alive again. 

Aaron was getting married today. 

They’d tried to hide it from him, Victoria and Diane, but Robert had found out. He’d seen it on Facebook, on Liv’s Facebook page - a cheesy post about getting ready for her brother’s wedding.

He was getting married today. The love of Robert’s life was getting married to someone else today, and it made Robert want to curl up and die

How had he managed to make such a mess of it all? He’d ruined their marriage before they’d managed to even make it a legal one, he’d ruined the life he built with Aaron in a matter of weeks, a life he’d spent months and months working to have a second chance at.

All ruined because of her.

Because of one mistake, because of a baby that had never existed in the first place, because he’d been too weak to hold himself together, too stupid not to jump into bed with the one person who’d been out to ruin him and Aaron from the day she’d arrived in Emmerdale.

Robert could remember the fight as if it had happened last week, instead of close to two and a half years ago. The way Aaron had just crumbled when Rebecca had played that voicemail in a pub full of people, the way Aaron had just cried, and cried, and cried when Robert had admitted it all.

The way Aaron had set his wedding ring down on the kitchen counter and told Robert that was it, that it was over, that there was no coming back from this for them.

Robert didn’t remember much of the last two years, if he was honest. He’d spent most of the first one in a drunken haze, draining bottle after bottle of whiskey for the first few months, until Victoria had demanded he get help.

That’s when Robert had decided to move out, live somewhere no one could judge him for his drinking habits. 

He was better off alone, anyway. This way at least, the only person he could ever hurt was himself. 

Glancing at his phone, Robert knew he shouldn’t look, that he shouldn’t check, but he couldn’t help himself, bringing up Liv’s Facebook page, his stomach churning as he looked at the newest post.

Happy wedding day bro.

Aaron looked happy, one arm around Liv, another around his husband, a dark haired man with a bright smile and nowhere near the baggage Robert had come with. He’d overhead Victoria telling Diane Aaron had met him at Bar West, a chef who lived in Hotten who worshipped the ground Aaron walked on.

A man who loved him the way Aaron deserved, a man who didn’t hurt him the way Robert had.

Robert couldn’t stop the tears as he threw his phone across the room, the smash as it connected with the kitchen counter too satisfying, another broken piece of Robert’s broken, useless life.

Everything felt too loud now, his thoughts screaming at him, telling him he was never going to be good enough, asking how he’d ever even thought that he could be good enough for Aaron, for anyone.

Reaching for the whiskey, Robert put the bottle to his head, knowing the alcohol would put an end to the screaming thoughts he had in his head. Maybe drinking himself into oblivion wasn’t the healthiest way to cope with his problems, but well -

the love of his life married someone else today.

send me a fic you wish i’d write 

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If you're taking requests, do you think you could do more Akafuri in the Company of Wolves au? Maybe their interactions at Kuroko's birthday party?

“You must be Furihata-kun,” Akashi says, smiling slightly at the sight of who opened the door. The boy on the other side of the door looks ready to pass out, and eventually he does fall on the ground in terror.

Akashi stifles a sigh. “Murasakibara, could you pick him up?”


Akashi did not want to see him again. The scent is still there, just as desirable as it was before. But he is still very much just a beta wolf; not fit to lead, not fit for anything but following orders. And that is not someone Akashi wants to lead a pack with. (That is certainly not someone he wants to spend his life with. He does not care how appealing the scent is).

Kuroko had said that his team was throwing him a party when he extended the invitation to go back to Kagami’s apartment. And the first thing Akashi had thought about was this wolf, and how very likely he would be there, and he’d meant to say, “I am sorry, I really must return to my team now,” he somehow ended up saying, “That would be lovely, thank you, Kuroko.”

He tells himself that it’s Kuroko’s birthday, and really the only polite thing to do is celebrate Kuroko’s birthday. He tells himself that he doesn’t actually have to talk to the boy.


“Wo-would you like some more tea?” Furihata asks, and it’s clear that he’s nervous, maybe even frightened. Which is the normal response when faced with a wolf so very much stronger than himself, but it irritates Akashi anyway.

“Yes, thank you.” He’s not sure how they ended up next to each other. He’s doesn’t want to talk to him and he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to say. Conversing should not be this difficult.

“Did you have fun playing with your old pack?” Furihata asks as he pours the tea.

“I did,” Akashi says shortly. And the answer somewhat stops the conversation entirely and Akashi knows that it’s entirely his fault because at least Furihata was trying to make small talk. He clears his throat and starts again, “It was fun to play in a series of low-stakes games. We have not played that way in a very long time.” Ever, perhaps. The games they played in Teiko were never about fun.

“It’s important for a pack to have fun,” Furihata says agreeably. “I think that’s why I like Seirin so much. It’s fun even when it’s a lot of work.”

It is on the tip of his tongue to say, Seirin in not a pack, because they aren’t wolves and some of them aren’t even shifters and Akashi was raised with very traditional values about what makes a pack. But he reminds himself in time that Seirin did beat his team in the Winter Cup, so it is not his place to quibble. “I have never thought that to be a particularly important aspect of pack dynamics.”

Furihata frowns at this response. “But how else would you make sure your pack got along?”

Akashi pauses, not sure of the answer.

“Even real wolves play together,” Furihata points out.

“Yes,” Akashi says, making sure his uncertainty was not in his voice, “I suppose that is true.”

It’s been a problem ever since their loss to Seirin… wondering just how much he had been wrong about things. Maybe there were other ways of running a pack that could still be victorious. He now studies the other wolf in a new light, and wonders if maybe he’d been wrong about this as well.

“Furihata, would you like to play basketball with me at some point?”
He is slightly appalled that he made the offer, and feels a brief flash of relief when Furihata replies, “Oh! Thank you, but no, that’s probably not a good idea. I mean, I’m nowhere near your level, so I can’t imagine it would be worth it for either of us.” Furihata laughs in a self-deprecating way and Akashi doesn’t press the issue.

Only later, does it occur to him that if he finds Furihata’s scent appealing, then surely it must go both ways, and surely Furihata also knows there’s a weird…thing…between them.

And then he finds that implications of Furihata’s rejection of his request very… distressing.

A/N: Thanks friend, anon-friends! I apologize for how very late it took me to continue this. Company of Wolves is sorta my “things don’t go smoothly” AU so it’ll be awhile before they actually get together. Just as a gentle reminder, I am currently no longer accepting new prompts, (so this will be the last AkaFuri “Company of Wolves” for a few months) but I do think after I finish up my other longer stories I would like to try and turn this AU into a longer story I can finally put on Ao3. Thanks again, friends! AkaFuri Parts One and Two.

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omggg thank you ;_; here's another if you want? You both are silent for a moment, staring out at the stars above. You shift your gaze to his profile, taking in his nose, his mouth, his jaw. McCree's gaze catches yours once he feels you're looking at him, and he half-smiles, huffing out a small laugh. (1/2)

“What, got a booger comin’ out or something?” he jokes, resting his forearms on the balcony railing. “Nah,” you say, still eyeing him. It should be considered a crime to be so handsome, even in Blackwatch uniform. “You just…. you’ve got pretty eyes,” you say, turning forward again to look at the city before you, suddenly embarrassed.

Pride and Prejudice (Drabble)

The peace is comfortable. The wind, still just the slightest bit warm, the promise of summer so close you could swear you can taste it in the air. You lean heavily against the railing overlooking the city, tired from a long week and an even crazier day.

Saved by a Blackwatch agent.

Who had no business being on the mission.

Swooping out of nowhere, and damn near knocking you out (and out of harm’s way).

You, a grunt.

Not even worth saving.

In an organization like Overwatch, not everyone can be amazing. It’s just a fact of life. You were okay with this, happy to even be allowed to enter the organization; it’s the dream of every child—to be a hero, join the ranks of those that would go down in history as the ones who went above and beyond.

You would’ve been fine if it had been another teammate that saved you from getting cornered and crushed by a particularly oversized artillery omnic. At least you would’ve been saved by a hero.

You never expected to be saved by one of them–

“Dregs of society.”

“Dangerous criminals.”

The undertakers, the unethical, the dirty; all under the command of the charismatic Gabriel Reyes. It’s Overwatch’s worst kept secret. Of all people to be saved by. Why him?

You slam a fist down on the railing, the metal echoes through your arm, rattling the injuries that have just finished healing, but the wave of frustration easily nullifies that. It only intensifies the turmoil in your mind.

Why the troublemaker, Jesse McCree? Why you?

“So this is where you’ve been hidin’.”

Thorns and vines constrict you, the smooth timbre almost too loud in your paranoid mind, forcing your spine straight and the rest of your muscles tense. Speak of the devil.

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ben being a little jealous when mal gets more attention?

AN: My second Bal fic! Hope you all enjoy!

Public Display of Possession

He shouldn’t be jealous. He knows that. She’s made it abundantly clear that she only has eyes for him, but that doesn’t make it any easier when he sees other guys ogling his girlfriend.

And he knows she can take care of herself. If any guy did or said something that upset her, they’d be on the ground before they knew what had happened. He doesn’t have to protect her from a few boys with wandering eyes…

But still!

Seeing them stare makes him unbearably uncomfortable.

Mal rarely, if ever, wears skirts to school. She generally reserves those for her dates with him. She prefers her skinny jeans and leather jackets for daily use. And those - although gorgeous in their own right - don’t attract much attention from anyone but him. She looks good and everyone knows it, but no one feels the need to stare.

But today it’s 90 degrees and it’s far too hot for heavy jackets and jeans.

So, logically, Mal wore a dress. A short, sleeveless dress that would keep her comfortable in the heat. A short, sleeveless dress that has been drawing quite a bit of attention from the male population of Auradon Prep. And, while Mal doesn’t seem to mind, their appraising looks haven’t gone unnoticed by her.

When Ben meets her at her locker that morning, she must be able to tell that they haven’t gone unnoticed by him, either.

“What’s the matter, Benny Boo?” she teases, “Jealous that a few other guys have finally realized I’m pretty?”

“Maybe a little,” he admits, smiling at the pet name she only uses as a joke.

“Well, don’t be,” he replies, touching his arm, “I’m your girlfriend. They can look all they want, but you’re the only one who gets to touch.”

The gleam in her eyes spells mischief, and he knows it.

“Oh, is that so?” he smirks, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her closer to him. Maybe it’s the bit of beast still in his DNA, but he wants to push her up against her locker and kiss her hard, in front of everyone. He wants to show all these guys who are more fascinated by her hemline than by her glittering eyes, that he’s the only one who gets to kiss her.

But he was raised to be a gentleman. And gentleman don’t forcibly kiss their girlfriends to prove a point to a couple of gawking princes. So, he does the polite thing, and asks permission.

“Can I kiss you?” he asks, much softer and sweeter than his possessive grip would generally imply.

“Are you only asking because you want to prove that you’re the alpha male and get those idiots to stop staring at me?” she counters, with a raised eyebrow and a smirk to match his.

“I also just really like kissing you,” he adds. The ‘also’ does not slip past her notice, but, thankfully, she seems amused rather than annoyed.

“Good answer,” she laughs.

And before he can even lean in, she’s wrapped her hand around the back of his neck and pulled him down into a hard kiss. It’s quick, but nowhere near gentle. It’s meant to show ownership, but Ben can't quite tell if he’s claiming Mal or if it’s the other way around. He somehow pulls her even closer and holds her even tighter, while she tangles one hand into his messy hair and the other into the fabric of his shirt. Ben doesn’t actually end up pushing Mal up against her locker, despite his earlier urge to do just that, but if a teacher had walked by at that exact moment the couple would have most definitely been given detention for excessive PDA on school grounds.

Instead, their only audience is several boys who have gone from staring at Mal’s legs to gawking at the fact that she’s now making out with her boyfriend in the middle of the hallway. A few seconds later, they pull apart, and Ben’s almost surprised that Mal didn't end up biting him during that little exchange.

“Still jealous?” she asks, all innocence.

“Nope,” he answers, pressing a quick kiss to her forehead.

“Good. I’ll see you later, okay?” she replies, smiling. He nods in answer before she turns on her heel - her violet hair fanning out behind her - and walks off to her first class.

A quick glance at the group of boys shows that they’re all still too stunned by what they just witnessed to watch Mal leave, and Ben is content in knowing he has absolutely no reason to be jealous. They can stare all they want, but he’s still the only one who gets to kiss her.

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Ok prompt: Mike is looking in the mirror, bouncing on the balls of his feet, fucking up trying to tie his bow tie so he can walk down the isle and marry Rachel. Harvey turns him around and smirks at him and flicks his hands away so he can tie Mikes bow tie for him. Nike looks into his eyes and suddenly he can't stand it anymore. "Goddamn you're perfect. Did I ever tell you I had a crush on you?" And Harvey....... what?



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Okay but real talk here... you're an absolute sweetheart. Like you're so upbeat and full of positivity and enthusiasm and someone will send in an ask and you'll be all HECK YEAH and add on and spark discussions and it's spectacular and honestly all of your blogs are so wonderful every time you post it makes me happy like dude. Keep it up. Keep being you, bud.

I don’t even know what to say, this is just …… aghh, my heart ……

But real talk? It’s because of you gems that I’m still around, answerin’ asks, makin’ posts. Even the silly posts.

All the support is just incredible. Even when I’m going through a rough patch, you’ve all been so understanding, and kind.

I’ve officially been in this fandom 1 year now this week, and I really can’t imagine what life would’ve been like if I weren’t spending it here.

For all it’s ups and downs, I really do love it. I miss the fans who have gone, and I love seeing new fans come in. Everyday, there’s new fanart, new theories, new everything. The love for this show is nowhere near close to dying out.

I love SU. I really do. And seeing so many other people feel the same way … it just ….. it makes me really happy.

Thank you, gems, for giving me a year of happy memories. I hope we can make it another year more. 💖

for pipalypso week!

famous actress Piper meets Calypso, one of the first people not to recognise her

I finally figured out that I seem to write much quicker and get more done when I do it by hand, so I’m giving that a try instead of typing everything! Fingers crossed this works out. It’s working so far hey I actually finished this in time for pipalypso week! amazing

for now it’s just a lil one-shot but I’m thinking I might actually continue it at some point or write more bc I really like the famous piper au

fandom: Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
pairing: Calypso/Piper McLean
word count: 1,626

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Hey! I have a question. You mention in your intro post that you're disabled and neurodivergent. If you feel comfortable, can you talk a little about your experiences in the Army wrt those aspects? Were you disabled before your svc? Because of? Thx!!

Hi there! The military is not a great place to be physically or mentally disabled I’m afraid.

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miraculous-stardust  asked:

Hey! If you're interested, could you write royai for... 4, 6, or 12? Thanks ^^

This was so much fun. Thanks for the ask. I made it a modern day college au, which I’ve never done before. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Prompt: We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair.

Rebecca Catalina knew how to throw a party even if right now she was too busy shoving her tongue down her boyfriend’s throat to be a good hostess. As her housemate and best friend, it left Riza Hawkeye in the unfortunate position of taking over the duties.

At least it beat having to watch her two friends make out on the sofa.

I could probably do with another drink to soothe my nerves, she thought.

She squeezed through the melee into the hallway.


She pretended not to hear her name being called and kept walking forward and almost jostled by one of their guests as he stumbled forward. He righted himself but the empty glass in his hands flew forward.

Riza sighed and caught the glass before it crashed to the floor. “Be careful Breda!”

“Sorry, Riz-uh,” the red-head slurred before he stumbled towards the sitting room.

“Nice save.” Roy Mustang was leaning against the wall wearing his familiar smirk. His smirk fled at her expression. “What’s wrong? You look pissed off. Are you not enjoying the party?”

She threw up her arms. “Rebecca decides to throw a birthday party and I end up playing Mom as usual.”

“Quit pouting.” He draped an arm around her. “Come on, let’s get you a drink.”

She smiled up at him. She could remember when they were both the same height as children, but now she had to crane her neck a little. She could help but notice that he smelt nice too.

No, don’t go there Riza, she reminded herself. You’re just friends.

“You seem suspiciously sober too,” she said.

Wearing his most innocent expression, he shrugged his shoulders. “Why so suspicious?”

She raised an eyebrow. “I’ve known you for half your life, remember?”

“Okay, you got me,” he said as they entered the kitchen. “I’m taking painkillers for a swollen ankle.”

She didn’t notice he was limping until he said it.

“How did you do that?”

“Hughes decided to defend Gracia’s honour for no particular reason,” he said with a grimace. “I ended up having to step in to stop him get his ass handed to him. He tried to push me out of the way and I fell awkwardly on my ankle.”

Riza rolled her eyes. “Why are men so stupid?”


“I’m including you too,” she told him.

She pushed him playfully, and slipped past him towards the fridge.

Peering inside the fridge, she reached for a half open bottle of white wine. “Do you want a drink?”

“I’m okay with a soda if you have one.”

“Hmmm.” She looked around the fridge and she spotted a can of cola behind the yoghurt. “Found it!” She tossed him the cola which he caught deftly.

“If this fizzes out when I open it, it’s your fault, Miss Hawkeye.”

She stuck out her tongue. “Pass me a wine glass, please?”

“Sure,” he said with a wink, “as long as you promise to keep me company for the rest of the night.”

“Do you really need to ask? It’s not like there are any other sober people here. We’ve got to stick together.”

Roy’s heart skipped a beat at Riza’s smile. She looked stunning tonight in her knee length blue dress with her hair flowing down her back. He was nowhere near her league, so he would settle for just being her friend.

He always thought that being in love with Riza Hawkeye was a punishment for something he did wrong in a previous life. Perhaps he was an arsonist or committed genocide or something?

Riza leaned back in the chair, an adorable pout on her face. “Why do I always end up cleaning up everyone else’s messes?”

He really wanted kiss that pout. Damn it!

“Because you’re good at it,” he teased. “You’ve gotten me out of trouble many times.”

Even just being with Riza was enough to lighten his heart and make him smile. She clearly didn’t feel the same way. He had given her enough hints. Either she was clueless or else she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“Sorry, I’ve been whining at you all night,” she said.

“Next time, you might want to try giving me something to eat as well.”

She frowned for a moment before shaking her head.

“Wine and dine you, I get it.” She rolled her eyes. “Your jokes get worse and worse. I’d hate to hear your chat up lines.”

“I can’t give away my secrets,” he said, licking his lips nervously. “Unless-”

A loud crash from the living area stopped him saying something he might regret.

Riza jumped up immediately. She looked over her shoulder and beckoned to him.

“Come on, let’s see what’s broken this time.”

Roy smirked at Riza. “You’re bluffing.”

She sighed deeply and threw down her cards. “I fold. You win.”

He threw up his arms. “Yes! I’m still gutted that you didn’t agree to strip poker.”

“Dream on, Mister Mustang.”

“Oh - I shall!”

Riza’s mouth opened and she could feel the heat rush to her face.

Roy’s hand was at his mouth and looked just as embarrassed as she felt.

“Sorry - I didn’t mean to say it aloud,” he said quietly.

She raised an eyebrow. “And that’s supposed to make it better?”

“Um - it was a joke.”

Riza buried her face in her hands. He was making things worse. Idiot!

“Not that you’re not attractive,” he hastily added.

She looked up lip twitching. “Roy, I was kidding. Just shut up before you dig an even bigger hole.”

“Okay.” His face was still red as he looked around the sitting room. “It’s looks like nearly everyone’s gone.”

She jerked her head towards the other side of the room, “Some probably aren’t going to leave at this stage.”

Breda had passed out on an armchair. Fuery and Falman were snoozing on the sofa.

Rebecca and Jean had finally come up for air. She was sitting on his lap and they were holding hands.

“Looks like the party is finally over,” Roy whispered in Riza’s ear.

She shivered despite herself. How could he not notice how her body reacted to him?

“Yeah,” she said softly.

He stood up. “I think I’ll get some snacks from the kitchen.”

She barely noticed Rebecca and Jean stand up too until they rushed past her.

“Night, Riza,” Rebecca said pulling Jean by the hand.

“But…Roy’s taking my room tonight,” Riza pointed out. “You said I could share with you. We’ve only two bedrooms!”

“Oh - I forgot.” Rebecca’s eyes lit up and she snickered. “Well, you’ll have bunk up with Roy tonight then!”

“Rebecca,” Riza hissed. “We’re just friends.”

“Oh come on, Riza. You both need to fuck before you kill everyone with your sexual tension.”


“Come on, Riza,” Jean said, “everybody knows you two fancy each other.”

“It’s not funny,” Riza said.

“Riza,” Rebecca wheedled, “I promise I’ll make it up to you. Please.”

Riza glared at her. “I’ll figure something out.”

Giggling again, Jean and Rebecca disappeared into the hall just as Roy returned with a pack of peanuts.

“Slim pickings?” Riza asked.

He shrugged his shoulders. “It’s all I could find.”

“The joy of young love.” Roy elbowed her lightly in the ribs. “So, Rebecca and Havoc … are they..”

“Yes,” she replied shortly and moved forward a little.

She wished he wouldn’t stand so close to her. It was excruciating not being able to touch him the way she wanted to.

“Where are you going to sleep tonight?” he asked. “I mean you should take the bedroom. I’ve slept in worse places.”

“You’re a guest!” She shook her head. “Besides, I’m sure I can find an armchair.”

She glanced around but anywhere remotely comfortable was filled with drunken sleeping party goers.

“I don’t think that’s going to work.” Roy raised an eyebrow. “Do you want me to kick them out?”

“No,” she said with a smile. “It’s okay.”

“That’s that - you’re taking the bed then. I can sleep on the floor.”


“I’m not taking no for an answer.”

The ground was littered with crisps and alcohol. She decided that Rebecca was going to pay her back tomorrow and clean the place up, hangover or no hangover.

“Fine - but you can sleep on the floor in my bedroom.” Riza could feel her cheeks flame as she spoke. “I wouldn’t let my dog sleep on this floor.”

“It will be like our childhood slumber parties,” Roy joked.

“Yeah,” she said weakly. “Just like that.”

Roy tossed on the blankets Riza had laid out for him in the floor. The ground was hard and cold, the blankets not providing much of a reprieve. There was also the beacon that was Riza lying only meters away. He leaned back on the cushion and stared up at the ceiling.


He looked over at the bed. “Yeah?”

She sat up in the bed. “This bed is big enough. Why don’t you sleep up here? You don’t sound very comfortable down there.”

“Uh - up there … with you … in the bed? Are you sure?”

“Well that depends. Can you keep your hands to yourself?”

Roy’s throat was dry and his heart pounded hard against his rib cage. “Of course, I’m sure I can restrain myself.”

“Good!” She yawned into her hand. “I think I’ll sleep better if you’re comfortable.”

He gathered up the blankets and threw them on the bed.

“I’ll just lay on the bed with the blankets from the floor over me.”

He lay on the bedspread and pulled up the blankets.

“If you’re sure,” she said and closed her eyes. “Good night, Roy.”

“Good night,” he whispered.

He lay on his hands lest he was tempted to touch her in his sleep. If he would even be able to sleep.

No, it’s nowhere near like our childhood sleepovers.

A sliver of sunlight shone through the curtains. Riza could feel her hand collide with something hard.

What’s that?

She opened her eyes slowly and the events of the night came back to her. Roy was lying in her bed, his lips apart and his hair mussed. She rolled over and leaned on her elbow to get a closer look. His eyelids fluttered and she sat up not wanting to look like she was creeping on him in his sleep.

“Good morning,” she said, her lips twitched upward.

Eyes still shut, he groaned and stretched his arms. “Is it?”

She leaned back a little to avoid his arms.

“You’re not exactly a morning person are you?”

He opened his eyes suddenly as he finally remembered where he was. His mouth dropped open. He muttered under his breath. Riza thought she heard the words “sun” and “beautiful”

“Sorry - what did you say?”

“You look beautiful in the sunlight,” he said sheepishly. He rubbed at his temple. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. Please don’t be weird about it.”

Riza’s breath caught in her throat. “You like me?”

He threw his head back and laughed. “Riza, I’m crazy about you.” He locked his bleary eyes on hers. “It’s been that way ever since I met you. I know you don’t feel the same way and it’s okay, but I needed to let you know just once.”

“You idiot! No - we’re both idiots.”

He furrowed his brow. “What are you saying?”

She leaned forward and put her hands on his shoulders.


She pressed her lips to his. She was surprised when he froze momentarily in her embrace before pulling her to him and deepening the kiss. It was slow and sweet.

She wondered why they had not done this before. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to be kissing him.

When they pulled apart, they exchanged sheepish smiles.

He scratched the back of his neck. “This wasn’t the romantic declaration I imagined.”

She smiled at him. “But that was some kiss, though?”

The end

darkanoir  asked:

Good evening darling! It's been a while since I last gave you a prompt but I saw your post and couldn't resist! Unfortunately, I don't have any specific idea, but would you mind if I requested something anyway? It is a bit banal, but I'd love to read a knotting fic, with jonghyun as the alpha and Kibum as the omega. Feel free to ignore this if you don't feel up to it! Thank you for replenishing us with lovely drabbles to read <3 Hope you're having a nice new year so far! <3

Wow! My first ever omega fic. So… yeah. It wasn’t so much a story as it was vignettes of their lives? I hope it makes some sense! I know it’s long, but I didn’t want to put it under a read more because they’re still not working properly for me. Sorry!

Kibum can’t think of anything worse than being the pack’s omega.

When the pack’s leader, Jonghyun, took a fancy to Kibum one day when they passed the lone omega on a trek, Jonghyun insisted that Kibum come along with them. An omega doesn’t simply ignore the wishes of an alpha.

Jonghyun isn’t the nuisance though. It’s the three other betas in the pack: Jinki, Minho and Taemin. Jinki is the most aloof out of the three and generally wanders by himself, but Minho and Taemin take their sweet time beating up on poor Kibum. The pack knows how powerful they are with three betas and a dominant alpha, and Kibum has become the chew toy for the youngest two pack members to relieve their boredom.

When Kibum nears his heat, Jonghyun disappears from the pack. Jonghyun gets violent around omegas in heat and wanders off on his own for everyone’s protection. No one, as far as they let on, know where he goes to be alone. In his absence, Jinki steps up to the role of alpha. He pays even less attention to Minho and Taemin wrestling and brawling with Kibum every chance they get. The pair of troublemakers could quite literally get away with murder under Jinki’s watch.

It’s a snowing morning when Minho and Taemin start their ministrations. Kibum is barely awake when the nips begin. He rises slowly, peering at Minho and Taemin as they circle him.

Minho is a wolf larger and more powerful than Jonghyun with dark, course fur. Taemin is smaller with ash-colored fur and relies on brute strength to taunt Kibum. When they come together, they’re a merciless pair. When Kibum is nearing his heat, they’re particularly ruthless. The two despise that Kibum drives their alpha leader away.

Taemin nips at Kibum’s heels as Minho hovers menacingly behind him. If Kibum gets out of line, Minho bites him and pins him down into the fresh coat of snow. Rather than take the beating, Kibum gallops away through the snowy landscape.

Minho and Taemin follow him for a while. They’re trying to steer him a certain way. Kibum can tell. Once they’re a considerable distance from encampment and wherever the two wolves wanted Kibum to end up, they turn back suddenly. Kibum watches as they wrestle each other and try to outrun the other. Within minutes, they disappear from view.

Kibum rises to his feet, shaking the snow off his fur. He doesn’t know why they ran like bats out of hell, but he’s glad that they’re gone. For a little while at least, he won’t be harassed by the overly playful beta counterparts.

There’s a cave nearby. It’s a small crevice in the mountain edge, but it’s enough to squeeze through to shelter himself from the snow. It’s just as cold as it was outside, but Kibum’s body temperature is enough to keep him comfortable, even in human form. Once he transforms and is up on two legs again, naked as the day he was born, he steps further into the cavern.

A snarling growl echoes from the end of the cave. Kibum freezes. He encroached on someone else’s territory. With Kibum teetering of the edge of being in heat, stumbling into someone else’s territory spelled disaster.

Kibum lets out a small whine of submission. It’s quieter than it would have been if he were still a wolf. It gets the job done. The growling stops.


It’s Jonghyun, the alpha.

Kibum doesn’t leave time to think about the possibilities. He bolts. Or, at least, he tries to.

Jonghyun blocks the exit before Kibum can even shift. He slams into Jonghyun’s furry ribcage, getting knocked backward. Jonghyun wastes no time in crawling on top of Kibum, sinking his teeth into Kibum’s shoulder.

Kibum arches into Jonghyun, holding onto Jonghyun’s shoulders.

Kibum knew this would be his reality eventually. Jonghyun wouldn’t have picked up an omega for the hell of it. No, Jonghyun knew that the pack would soon need to grow in numbers. The easiest way to train members of the pack was from the time they were just pups. Mature wolves were much too independent to teach properly.

Kibum was Jonghyun’s surefire way to get pups.

Kibum feels Jonghyun’s knot swell deep inside of him. He doesn’t know whether he wants to kiss Jonghyun or scratch his nails further into his arms.

Jonghyun hasn’t said anything since he murmured Kibum’s name. Even his whines and groans were few and far between.

Kibum assumes that Jonghyun is using him as a business transaction more than anything. Kibum decides not to touch his lips to Jonghyun’s skin.

When the swelling goes down, Jonghyun pulls out with a sickening noise and pulls away from Kibum. The warmth on top of Kibum disappears. He shivers when he’s hit with a blast of freezing air from outside.

Jonghyun shifts in front of his eyes and bolts out of the crevice.

Kibum shifts as well but instead curls up in the dark little cavern, closing his eyes. He should follow Jonghyun while his scent is still strong, but he doesn’t want to lift himself off the floor just yet. He decides to wait out the snowstorm and then find his way back to the pack.

When Kibum returns to the pack, Taemin and Minho are circling the encampment. Kibum assumes that they’ll pounce when they spot Kibum, but they don’t. They draw their ears back against their skulls and keep their distance. Kibum’s tail drops between his legs as he passes them. He doesn’t know why they’re acting like that.

Jonghyun is nowhere to be seen. Neither is Jinki.

Kibum decides to curl up on the edge of the encampment. Minho and Taemin continue to circle, but they stay a considerable distance away. Feeling particularly safe, Kibum rests his chin on his legs and settles down for sleep.

Weeks pass.

Kibum becomes considerably more lethargic. He refuses to go on hunts. In the beginning, Minho and Taemin prepare to pounce, but one glare from Jonghyun has the two backing off the omega. Jinki doesn’t spare a glance at Kibum.

When they return with fresh meat, the first slab is offered to Kibum by Jonghyun himself. Kibum turns his nose to the food. Minho snarls at Kibum’s rude gesture toward the alpha, but Jonghyun attacks. The beta backs off.

Kibum stares at the food before rising to his feet and walking off, away from the pack. He doesn’t want to eat.

Jonghyun moves the pack to an apartment building on the outside of town. The buildings are reserved for packs, deemed to be a halfway house of sorts. The humans in the town made peace with the werewolves as much as possible. Each tenant building can house up to thirty wolves, but Jonghyun moves the pack into one of the smallest buildings. Minho and Taemin are given a small apartment two floors down. Jinki is on the first floor and given the duty of patrolman. Jonghyun takes the apartment on the top floor, forcing Kibum up with him.

Kibum drops himself onto the bed in the apartment as soon as he shifts into his human form. He’s so exhausted from the hike to the tenant building that he’s not sure if he would have the energy to shift back if need be.

Jonghyun enters the room long after, hovering in the doorway before entering the bedroom. Kibum holds his breath.

“I don’t know why you’re trying to hide it,” Jonghyun says finally. “They all know.”

Kibum hides his face in the pillow that he drags closer. “When Minho and Taemin stopped bothering me so suddenly, I figured.”

“Well, they certainly don’t want to hurt the pup now.”

Kibum curls in on himself when Jonghyun goes to touch his stomach. “Please don’t.”

“I’m not going to hurt you either,” Jonghyun murmurs, leaning down to nose against Kibum’s jaw.

“You just care about getting more members for the pack.”

“Maybe a little,” Jonghyun admits. “But that’s not the only reason. You’re a pretty face,” he draws back with a wolfish grin. “But right now, your job is relaxing. Jinki is on watch. Minho and Taemin won’t bother you anymore, not when you’re mine. They know better.”

Kibum can’t look Jonghyun in the eyes.

Minho and Taemin come up to visit. Jonghyun went out with Jinki and demanded the pair to keep an eye on Kibum.

It’s rare that Kibum saw them on two legs since he’s joined the pack. They look much less menacing as humans.

Even so, their gaze is still judgmental. Kibum is still the outsider as far as they’re concerned, whether he’s imprinted on Jonghyun or not.

The betas welcome themselves to a seat on the couch. Kibum sinks into the recliner that’s usually reserved for Jonghyun. He didn’t want to be near to either of them. When their gazes become overwhelming, he settles his hands on his belly.

It’s a small thing still, his baby bump, but it’s prominent on his usually thin figure. The baby isn’t kicking yet, but Kibum knows it won’t be long before it is. The betas stare.

“I can’t believe we have to babysit an omega,” Taemin grumbles unhappily, standing up to help himself to food in the kitchen. “That’s just so wrong,” he makes a point to glare at Kibum. “You know, if Jonghyun wasn’t an alpha, I would—”

“Taemin,” Minho scolds gently. “He’ll squeal to Jonghyun. Don’t bother.”

“Why are you both acting like we haven’t been in the same pack for months now? I’m an outsider, yes, but–”

“An outsider I can handle,” Taemin spits, a new fierceness in his eyes. “A pampered omega, I can’t. It’s not right.”

“Taemin, just—”

Kibum can barely comprehend it happening. Taemin is on top of him so quickly that he’s stunned until he feels bristling fur rub against his cheek. He screams, trying to shove the wolf off. He’s too shocked to shift to protect himself.

Jinki bursts into the room, Jonghyun on his heels. Jonghyun hauls Taemin off of Kibum. There’s white hot anger in his face. Kibum has never seen him so livid.

Kibum tries to sit up before Jonghyun leaves. “Jonghyun, don’t hurt him—!”

Jonghyun doesn’t listen to Kibum though. He doesn’t hear the struggle downstairs once Jinki nudges him into the bedroom, but he hears Taemin whimpering in the silence of the night.

Even pressing the pillow over his ears doesn’t block out the beta’s whines.

Kibum’s back begins aching relatively early on in the pregnancy.

The pain eases when Kibum shifts into wolf form, but Jonghyun scolds him every time. Kibum doesn’t understand why but listens. He spends most of his time in bed.

Jonghyun comes in the room late one night. Kibum isn’t asleep, but he isn’t really awake either. He shuts his eyes when he feels the bed dip with Jonghyun’s weight.

“Where does it hurt?” Jonghyun asks softly, running his fingertips down Kibum’s spine.


“Your back.”

“O-oh…” Kibum shifts slightly to set his hand on the small of his back. “Down here… kind of. I think it’s just the extra weight…”

Jonghyun doesn’t ask any more questions. He uses a gentle touch to slowly massage Kibum’s back. He purrs in response, nuzzling the pillow. Kibum isn’t sure if it’s the massage or the attention that makes him feel so warm inside.

“Jonghyun,” Kibum murmurs. “Is… the baby going to be an omega too?”

“Absolutely not,” Jonghyun hisses. “No pup of mine will be an omega.”

“Stop calling it a pup. It’s a baby,” Kibum snaps.

“Don’t talk to me like that. Learn your place, omega.”

“I’ll speak however I damn well please when I’m the one carrying a baby that I didn’t even—that I didn’t want!”

Jonghyun bares his teeth, slamming Kibum back against the pillows. Kibum sinks back further, clawing at Jonghyun’s wrists when he pins Kibum to the bed by his shoulders. He doesn’t want to be held down by Jonghyun.

Jonghyun doesn’t look happy. “I gave you a spot in our pack, omega. How dare y—”

“You made me into a chew toy!”

“I’ll take this pup from you when it’s born.”

Kibum seethes. “I won’t let you.”

“You’ll do what I say.”

Kibum bites. He isn’t thinking. He knows he’ll get reprimanded for it later, but right now, he doesn’t think about it. He’s more worried about protecting his baby now. When Jonghyun pulls away, leaving a window of opportunity for Kibum, he bolts.

Once outside, he spots Minho and Taemin barreling after him. He doesn’t stop running.

Kibum locates the cave he first encountered Jonghyun in. The mouth is nearly covered by the last snowfall, but he digs a hole so he can crawl inside. He trots to the very end and curls up against the wall, resting his chin on his legs before forcing himself to sleep.

Kibum isn’t alone when he wakes up. He isn’t as cold either.

Jonghyun is curled up against him, neck against the back of Kibum’s neck. He’s using his body to block the frigid air from hitting Kibum, as well as becoming a wall of protection.

Kibum lifts his head. Jonghyun moves back, watching Kibum for a moment before cleaning his head. He licks Kibum’s fur until he feels comfortable enough to lay down on his side.

“You shouldn’t have ran off,” Jonghyun murmurs after he shifts, resting his cheek against the scruff on Kibum’s neck.

Kibum whines, turning his head away. Jonghyun continues stroking his fur.

“I was out of line, even as an alph,” Jonghyun continues. “I would never take your pu– your baby away from you.”

When Kibum hears that, he tilts his head to lick Jonghyun’s cheek. He leaves a stripe of saliva behind.

“Come back with me. It’s too cold for you to be out here like this.”

After that, Jonghyun spends more time with Kibum. He becomes more protective of Kibum as his due date approaches. Jonghyun will snarl at even Taemin or Minho if they approach Kibum too quickly.

Kibum finally feels a sense of security in Jonghyun’s presence.

The closer Kibum’s due date gets, the more Jonghyun guards the bedroom. He’ll sit in wolf form at the side of the bed, on alert. Sometimes he’ll sit close enough to the bed for Kibum to scratch his ears. Other times, he’s sitting stiff in the doorway.

It’s when Jonghyun is trotting around the living room that Kibum feels the first contraction tighten his belly. Jonghyun is in the room before Kibum can call out to him.

Jonghyun howls, shaking Kibum to the core. He walks up to the bed, nosing Kibum’s arm. Kibum knows what he wants.

“I don’t want to shift,” Kibum shakes his head, hiding his face in his pillow.

Jonghyun growls.

“Stop. It hurts. Don’t growl at me…”

Jonghyun stops the snarling but doesn’t stop badgering Kibum. Once the pain passes, Kibum shifts and follows Jonghyun.

The surgery is performed by a doctor with the Werewolf Preservation Society. Jonghyun paces by Kibum’s side throughout the surgery, his three loyal betas standing guard by the door.

They’re prepared to welcome their new pack member.

Kibum has a higher pain tolerance in wolf form. That’s how he stays with his tiny baby girl.

Anyone who approaches too close is growled at, even Jonghyun. For the first few hours, Jonghyun allows Kibum his space to bond with the pup. She can’t shift yet, but Jonghyun will teach her well when she comes of age.

When Kibum seems calmer, Jonghyun trots over and gives Kibum a tentative lick on the side of his head. Kibum doesn’t snarl, so Jonghyun takes that as an invitation into Kibum’s world.

Jonghyun sniffs the baby, nosing gently against her head. She cooes in her sleep but doesn’t wake up. Kibum peeks an eye open to survey the situation but allows Jonghyun to do as he pleases.

Once Jonghyun is well acquainted with the baby, Kibum lifts his head to bump his nose against his. Another invitation. He wants Jonghyun to be close. Jonghyun inches closer, curling around his omega and his pup protectively.

Kibum relaxes, checking on his baby. She’s happy, healthy and warm.

Kibum knows exactly what to name her.

Haneul. He’s found his heaven on earth.

anonymous asked:

i get what you're doing here and that you're trying to do good, but you can't just switch the gender to women to show how if it was about women and not men it'd be wrong because women and men face different struggles and women are still oppressed by men (and don't say it is up for interpretation because regardless of what you say it is clear what you're trying to do)

To trick more people into appreciating pigeons?

Aside from that this blog isn’t trying to do good (or the opposite). It’s not run with a grand ambition of changing things or anything like that. It’s just something I find interesting, to see what posts make me feel uncomfortable or provoke a stronger reaction in me than the original might.
If other people find it interesting too then I’m flattered that it’s not just me. If they don’t, that’s understandable and I certainly don’t think they’re terrible people for not liking it.

Obviously I do have my own opinions! I don’t think there are many that I’ve thought “this post is only acceptable before/after inversion”. Usually I think that both versions of the post are either fair or nasty or just reaching. But sometimes changing them makes me think that it sounds worse, or more reasonable, even when the sentiment is the same.

Some people might take that as proof that only one version makes sense (whether because of social structures or what have you). Some might think differently. It all depends on the person, and although I certainly do have my own opinions, it’s why I don’t make my own comments on the posts, not even in the tags. I don’t want people to influence people; I’d rather see what they think. Sometimes I agree with the comments, sometimes I don’t (and sometimes I’m admittedly amused by them!).

I’m not a cold, logical robot, but I try to at least keep the posts themselves uninfluenced the best I can. That might give the impression that I fully approve of everything this blog posts (or so I’m guessing, judging by some of the messages I receive), but oh well.
I’ll give my opinions on any particular post if asked specifically, though. In fact, I can’t be stopped.

I certainly agree that women and men face different struggles, and have done throughout history: unlike race and sexuality, women and men have been roughly half each of the population all over the world, since humans first existed. There’s been a lot of time for gender roles, expectations and stereotypes to form, and a lot of time for people to both thrive and be hurt by them.

But “oppression” is a strong word that is overused. In places like the USA, I don’t think women are oppressed (nor men). Not when women have the right to an education, to healthcare, to work, vote, own businesses, choose who they marry, who they divorce, whether they want children, receive support for raising children, be protected by the law, be protected from genital mutilation, own weapons, own land, earn money, spend money, drive, run for positions in government… etc.

That’s not to say that sexism and misogyny don’t exist, but “oppressed” (and “patriarchy”) seems to me insulting, not only towards the women in the world who don’t have such rights, but to the changes that have been made to allow those rights to be commonplace and maybe taken for granted. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, and there will always be criminals and bigots, but it’s nowhere near a system of oppression.

For this reason, some of the posts made on here have the details changed, e.g. “women who work instead of looking after the kids are selfish” might be changed to “men who stay at home with the kids instead of working are lazy”. The expectations are different: women have historically been homemakers, men have historically been breadwinners.
Which doesn’t mean that it’s how it should be, just that it’s how a lot of people see things, even now, and even if they’re not conscious of it. Women who would rather focus on their career and men who would rather focus on their children may be seen as being “right”.

These things take time to change, the more people feel comfortable to do what they want rather than what they feel they should. Talking about how things should be gender-neutral is nowhere near as effective as people going out and doing it and proving that the world doesn’t collapse into flames.

Which is a little off-topic, I know <:

A lot of the posts on there, though, are more simply along the lines of “[gender] are bad and I hate them” or “this [wo/man] was really mean to me, this proves that they all are shit”. These are just changed as they are, because the sentiment is the same.

Regardless of arguments about social structures, people are shaped by their experiences. Someone abused and hurt by a particular gender may well be cautious or even hostile towards other people of the same gender. But aside from anything else, it’s silly to say that it’s reasonable to feel that way towards men, but bigoted to feel that way towards women.

Encouraging people to feel animosity towards a certain gender (on this site, it’s usually towards men, but it applies to women as well) is harmful, and I don’t mean just because it’s bad for those who are hated. One thing I really don’t like about this current wave of feminism is encouraging women and girls (particularly those with limited experience of the world) to hate and fear men. They’re told that if they reject a man they will probably be killed. They’re told that they’re likely to be raped. They’re told that if they enter a certain fields of work they will be harassed or patronized or hated.

There are shitty people in the world, yes, in all demographics. But there are wonderful people, and ultimately normal, unremarkable, good people. Normal people rarely make the news. They are busy thinking about their own families, friends, careers and loved ones, too busy to think about making a stranger’s life miserable. Most people in the world laugh at jokes and read magazines and wear sweaters and have headaches and eat oranges and accidentally break mugs like you or me.

We don’t hear about the thousands of planes that take off and land without incident, or the millions of car journeys that end safely. And we don’t think about the people we walk by every day who don’t attack, harass or annoy us, which is most of them, and which is the expected way to behave. It’s only the very very few people who do, and get people going home and writing angry blog posts about the guy who catcalled them, or the woman who made inappropriate comments to them, and it gets condensed down to So Many People Of This Gender Are Terrible.

And people read about those bad experiences, and only those experiences, and it seems like it must be the majority. So they tell other people, and believe overestimated statistics, and everyone gets more afraid.
That’s what I don’t like about this wave of feminism. It’s not empowering. It’s like it wants women and girls to be frightened, and live in fear of men and not live out full lives or do the jobs they want to do. It gets people into a state where one bad comment can destroy them and validate everything bad they’ve ever heard.

All of which is a way of emphasizing that… it shouldn’t be brushed off as “well, historically [wo/men] have done x y and z” or “but all these crimes are committed by [wo/men] so we should assume they’re all bad”. It’s ridiculous to defend it as being fine when directed towards one gender and not the other, particularly when based on someone else’s experiences.

Either it’s fine both ways or it’s fine neither way. I’d much rather it be the latter. Life’s too short. That’s my take on the whole thing, anyway.

HI THIS FIC IS REALLY REALLY LONG I DID NOT MEAN FOR THIS TO END UP REALLY LONG. this is for you, dwightdangershrute , you told me to write whatever for your christmas present so I went with long-distance Kawoshins. MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLING!!!!


When Shinji first posted a question on his math homework on the college forums, he didn’t expect an answer within a half hour, and certainly not an incredibly detailed one.

Keep reading

Ginkagu shippers are sick of your Crap

Shut up. That’s the first two words I have for ship bashers, Ginkagu or not. It’s not and will NEVER be your place to “validate” or “invalidate” a ship. Shipping is pure fantasy. Its almost never going to be canon. And it’s not gonna hurt anyone if someone likes Ginkagu (or whatever ship “worthy of hate”). When we click the Ginkagu tag, we don’t want to see your crap. None of it. And worst of all? It’s not new crap, it’s the same crap that you people spew all the time. We literally HEARD IT ALL. We can probably count it all too but it’ll take hours if we sit and try.

Hypocrisy is my next biggest pet peeve. I have nothing against the Okikagu fandom, I see its appeal even if it doesn’t appeal specifically to me (or us, Ginkagu fans). And I also understand that we as humans are hypocritical and we all do it to some degree… But seriously, Okita is 18. He’s legal. He’s sometimes treated younger or even like a kid because his superiors are simply older, but that DOES NOT and will NEVER erase the fact that he’s legal and she is not. It’s pedophilia no matter how you look at it whether if it’s Ginkagu or Okikagu. Just saying if it matters but in the place I live in, it’s illegal for a 14 year old engage in sexual activities between an 18 year old.

Now with that out the side… Okita is around 4 years older than Kagura, and Gintoki is definitely far older (potentially 10+ years). But if you want to bring real life into the argument there are PLENTY of people who marry older. My aunt is 14 years younger than my uncle, and raised two kids, and are STILL together and happy. I knew of my advisor whose mother was 22 years younger (it didn’t work out though), but you see, it can work out depending on the couple or not. It’s NOT a set deal because you say so. There may be other deciding factors that go along with age differences, but that’ll take too long to get to.

Please understand that most of us Ginkagu shippers didn’t start off liking Ginkagu (surprise!). I, at first, didn’t know what to ship, or if I should ship anything. But as I saw interactions between Gin and Kagura later (I did see them as father/daughter or brother/sister at first), my mind started to change and towards Ginkagu indefinitely. And yes, I had beaten myself over for the same thoughts of “oh crap I’m gonna like a couple that’s looked down upon”, or “she’s just a kid”. I don’t need you to beat me up for it if I’ve already done it myself.

At some point, I was even desperate enough and tried to get into the Okikagu fandom to convince myself that it’ll distract and sweep me off my feet from Ginkagu. Long story short: I tried my best but I still don’t like them as much as I like Ginkagu (nowhere near as close). There are somethings I just can’t put to words exactly but one explanation I could come up with why I couldn’t get into it was Okikagu interactions don’t nearly give me the same butterfly fluttering feelings when I see minor Ginkagu interactions. I suppose seeing arcs (and the movie) of an older (yes, legal) Kagura was what really pushed me into the fandom. Here’s the second surprise: not all Ginkagu shippers enjoy pedophilia. A lot of us are waiting for her to grow up. (I can’t speak for the ones who aren’t though.) And I guess the final reason is the sheer amount of bashing from mainly Okikagu shippers is such a turn off, I don’t think I would even want to be a part of the community if I suddenly wake up one day and loved this ship.

But another thing that really gets me is the double standard hypocrisy a lot of bashers (not all) tend to have. Apparently Ginkagu is not okay but shotacon is??? Holy moly, I love all things yaoi, yuri, and whatnot but that’s one genre I will never (could never) go to. But it goes to show how plenty of people don’t give two craps about age if it’s two guys (or girls) together. My best friend of over 15 years is extremely into shotacon, but she understands where I was coming from in not supporting it (I wouldn’t care if the under aged partner grows up though). I respect her devotion towards the fandom and I do not pull the “holier than thou” attitude and give her BS on her fandom even if I disagree with it. So give some consideration for devote supporters of Ginkagu/etc… fandom. We’re small enough as it is we don’t need your negativity clogging up our tags. And if you still can’t stop disliking the fandom or fans, then I suggest you to just steer clear from all Ginkagu tags. Sure as hell we are not going to stop shipping just because it makes you uncomfortable.

And TL;DR, or if you want a recap of the final points:

1. Ginkagu is just a ship, calm down. Shipping is for fun let’s keep it that way.

2. No not everyone is shipping younger Kagura (I for one do not like younger Kagura and Gintoki together). A lot of us rather wait until she’s legal.

3. Age is NOT always a deciding factor for happiness or coupling. Contrary to popular belief. Take a page from my uncle and aunt who has a 14 year gap.

4. We understand what you’re trying to say, but most likely 99% of your arguments we as a fandom have already heard of or addressed already. Come up with something new or just stop it, like seriously. We’re going in a circle if you haven’t noticed.

5. Leave people alone if they want to ship something, even if you can’t agree with it. You don’t see me go go Sebaciel fandom (for example) and scream SHOTACON IS PEDOPHILLOIC SO DON’T SHIP IT. No I leave them alone because it wouldn’t bother me and I have enough respect for them as a person to not do something as immature as bash on their preferences.

6. No we are not shoving this pairing down your throats so don’t gag us with yours either.

a hella long list of random lyric sentence starters (pt. 7)
  • "I would never wish bad things, but I don't wish you well."
  • "Bet it sucks, to see my face everywhere."
  • "If she really knows the truth, she deserves you."
  • "Never again will I kiss you, never again will I want to."
  • "After today then there's nothing you owe me."
  • "I'm so glad that you came, I needed someone who loves me."
  • "Don't try to talk yourself into this love."
  • "You can't try to stay, you either will or you won't."
  • "You think you're smarter than me with all your bad poetry."
  • "I'm not a little kid now, watch me get big now."
  • "I feel like I'm just missing something whenever you leave."
  • "I'm taking back what's mine."
  • "You'll miss the slice of heaven that I gave to you last night."
  • "You're just a piece of meat to me."
  • "They say love grows, but I've only seen it die."
  • "I'm too young to feel like I'm runnin' out of time."
  • "I get so scared thinkin' I'll never get over you."
  • "Maybe I'll never get over you."
  • "I met someone new and now I'm scared to go all the way."
  • "I can't get through to you."
  • "I can calm you."
  • "I'm out of my mind; think you can wait?"
  • "I won't make trouble."
  • "I'll try, but I couldn't be better."
  • "Stay with me among the strangers."
  • "Hold on, what's the rush? We're not done, are we?"
  • "You can stay one more hour... can you stay one more hour?"
  • "You know I'm gonna find a way to let you have your way with me."
  • "You know I'm gonna find a time to catch your hand and make you stay."
  • "I'll be here when it's all done you know."
  • "What's the point in chasing if I can't enjoy your face?"
  • "I don't care what clothes you wear, it's time to love and I don't care."
  • "And if I was running, you'd be the one who I would be running to."
  • "I am not lying, I am just trying to find my way in to you."
  • "Love everything you do when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do."
  • "I wanna ride my bike with you."
  • "It's not like I'm asking to be your wife."
  • "I wanna make you mine, but that's hard to say."
  • "Is this coming off in a cheesy way?"
  • "There's a little bit of heaven in everyone."
  • "Love will lead us all to smithereens."
  • "Everybody knows the world's about to end."
  • "I know those pretty actresses are calling your name."
  • "I'll be here waiting, I'll always be the same."
  • "You were supposed to be there by my side."
  • "When you say that you want me, I just don't believe it."
  • "You're always ready to give up."
  • "What if I need you, baby? Would you even try to save me?"
  • "I'm so sick of worrying that you're gonna quit over anything."
  • "Should I be scared?"
  • "You were comforting and quiet, how did love become so violent?"
  • "Everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me."
  • "I'm so unprepared, I'm fucking scared."
  • "Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?"
  • "Have you given up?"
  • "I used to be a little bit shy."
  • "Speaking up to you about my emotions has always been hard."
  • "Don't let me stop you from doing what you want to do."
  • "Just don't pretend that you're into me."
  • "You tell me that I'm beautiful, but that could be a lie."
  • "What if I'm fallin' for a heartbreaker?"
  • "I'm always watchin' for someone to show their darker side."
  • "I was young, but I wasn't naive."
  • "My love for you was blind, but I couldn't make you see it."
  • "I loved you more than you'll ever know."
  • "A part of me died when I let you go."
  • "Chasing after you is like a fairytale."
  • "It’s all fun and games 'til somebody falls in love."
  • "I learned a lot about being a friend when I was alone."
  • "I've made more mistakes than you can count."
  • "Are you too nervous to be lovers?"
  • "Friendship's ruined with just one kiss."
  • "I can't keep starin' at your mouth without wonderin' how it tastes."
  • "I'm with another boy and he tried to win my heart, but it's taken."
  • "I'm giving you the lead."
  • "I won't make the move, you must make the move."
  • "Don't second-guess your feelings, you were right from the start."
  • "I notice she's your lover, but she's nowhere near your heart."
  • "I think it's very dangerous if we do not take what's ours."
  • "I'm winning you with words because I have no other way."
  • "I'd love to look into your face without your eyes turning away."
  • "I’d call you up but I know you’re not alone."
  • "Maybe all that we were meant to be is beautifully unfinished."
  • "I hate you and I love you and I wish you’d go away."
  • "I hate you and I love you and I wish that you would stay."
  • "Kids are still depressed when you dress them up."
  • "He doesn't think I'm that fucking dumb, does he?"
  • "Remember all the things we wanted?"
  • "All our memories, they're haunted."
  • "We were always meant to say goodbye."
  • "I didn't come here to hurt you, now I can't stop."
  • "You couldn't have loved me better, but I want you to move on."
  • "I know that you'll find another that doesn't always make you wanna cry."
  • "I love you enough to let you go."
  • "I grow fonder every day."
  • "God only knows why it's taken me so long to let my doubts go."
  • "I don't know why I'm scared, I've been here before."
  • "You never know if you never try to forgive your past and simply be mine."
  • "Will I ever know how it feels to hold you close?"
  • "I dare you to let me be your one and only."
  • "Give me the chance to prove that I'm the one."
  • "I know it ain't easy, giving up your heart."
  • "That basic bitch leaves finally."
  • "Was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?"
  • "She’s getting on my nerves."
  • "You don’t love her."
  • "Loving her seems tiring."
  • "I know you don't think that I am trying."
  • "A girl like you is impossible to find."
  • "I always swore to you I'd never fall apart."
  • "I may have failed, but I have loved you from the start."
  • "I can tell how much you hate this and deep down inside you know it's killin' me."
  • "Nothing I can say would change anything."
  • "Such young love, but something in me knew that it was real."
  • "I live through pictures as if I was right there by your side."
  • "You’ll be good without me and if I could just give it some time, I’ll be alright."
  • "I didn't think it'd happen, but I guess it had to happen."
  • "I want you back here, can't you see?"
  • "Gonna take more than just time."
  • "I know I did you wrong, but now it's said and done and I'm sorry."
  • "Yeah I took and broke your heart and your world was torn apart, but I'm sorry."
  • "Touch me when the lights go off... but don't fall in love."
  • "Babe, there's something tragic about you, something so magic about you."
  • "There's something lonesome about you."
  • "You call me on the telephone, you feel so far away."
  • "I don't want to play no games."
  • "I'm tired of always chasing."
  • "I don't give a fuck about you anyways, whoever said I gave a shit about you?"
  • "I wish I didn't care all the time."
  • "All I ever wanted was a simple way to get over you."
  • "I don't believe you when you say you don't need me anymore."
  • "Don't pretend to not love me at all."
  • "The passion's there so it's gotta be right, right?"
  • "Don't you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you."
  • "All you ever did was wreck me."
  • "I just wanted you to let me in."
  • "I thought you were my best friend."
  • "You're not the girl I once knew."
  • "It's such an evil thing to watch someone have jealousy."
  • "Nobody wins when you're full of envy."
  • "I was always happy when I was watchin' you become a star, but you were only happy when the world was openin' up my scars."
  • "You sold yourself for your fame."
  • "Did you really mean the words that you said?"
  • "Show me the truth."
  • "I should have told you, but I never had the courage and I thought you really wouldn’t understand."
  • "Tell me, are you who I thought you were or who I wanted you to be?"
  • "Why do I feel so deceived? Guess I believed what I wanted to believe."
  • "You're the only one who knows exactly what I mean." "You're not what I expected."
  • "You're the only one who knows how to handle me."
  • "You're such a great kisser and I know that you agree."
  • "I hope you can forgive me for that time when I put my hand between your legs and said it was small 'cause its really not at all."
  • "I guess there's just a part of me that likes to bring you down just to keep you around, 'cause the day that you realize how amazing you are you're gonna leave me."
  • "I will not make the same mistakes that you did."
  • "I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery."
  • "Because of you I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me."
  • "You should have known better than to lean on me."
it’s gonna be forever

pairing: bokuto/akaashi
summary: saw you there and i thought, ‘oh, my god, look at that face. you look like my next mistake’
note: ao3; for camila; i wanted to write you something happy to cheer you up, and, well, who’s happier than bokuto? :)

Three years, and he was still the tallest player from the team. At least, he could pretend it was so as long as he made sure to always stay on the opposite end of the room from both Onaga and Washio. But that was just as good, he decided, because life was too short to get hung up on the technicalities.

Bokuto looked out at his former teammates and grinned broadly. This reunion was already off to a very good start.

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The Front Bottoms Lyric Starters
  • 1: "I'm probably going to leave real soon, just wanted to let you know before I say Au Revoir"
  • 2: "I got so stoned, I fell asleep in the front seat."
  • 3: "It's a shame the bad habits are the hardest ones to break"
  • 4: "I want to contribute to the chaos, I don't want to watch and then complain"
  • 5: "You are the reason I'm smiling when there's nothing to smile about"
  • 6: "I wanna be stronger than your dad was for your mom"
  • 7: "You were too good, I should have known you were a prize my hands could never hold"
  • 8: "Honey, y'gotta learn that love is simple just like mud. If you play the dirt, then I'll play the water. All we gotta do is touch"
  • 9: "You are still the only thing and everything I need in my life"
  • 10: "I try to write you poems, but the words they don't make sense"
  • 11: "There is very little left of me and it's never coming back"
  • 12: "Would you kick me in the face please? It'll make whatever I say sound like poetry."
  • 13: "We keep saying we're unhappy and they keep saying that we're fine"
  • 14: "I know what he's saying couldn't have been that funny but you seem to be laughing quite loud"
  • 15: "Dear policeman, you can call me god"
  • 16: "I shouldn't feel like I have to protect you"
  • 17: "I don't think that anybody else could feel this way"
  • 18: "There is a map in my room on the wall of my room and I’ve got big big plans."
  • 19: "What about your friends don’t you love them enough to stay?"
  • 20: "If you need a little sunshine, you can borrow some of mine"
  • 21: "there are not so many options, there's not so many ways that this could possibly end."
  • 22: "And all of a sudden I am scared, all of a sudden I can't breathe."
  • 23: "I shaved my head last night to start anew, in a chapter I call without you"
  • 24: " I refuse to take another breath 'till you change who you have become"
  • 25: "Does anyone else think these girls are a little too young to be here?"
  • 26: "It makes me sad in my head to think how happy we could have been."
  • 27: "Maybe college won't work out, I can come live at your house"
  • 28: "You are water twelve feet deep and I am boots made of concrete"
  • 29: "I have this dream that I am hitting my dad with a baseball bat and he is screaming and crying for help and maybe halfway through it has more to do with me killing him than it ever did protecting myself "
  • 30: "My friends are happy, I am happy, I have learned to adapt "
  • 31: "I am a creature of a culture that I create"
  • 32: "I've been around long enough now to know that the good things never last"
  • 33: "you gotta promise not to break no matter how far you are bent"
  • 34: "If you're uncomfortable, I could take my clothes off too."
  • 35: "I would sleep better on your floor than I would ever in my bed"
  • 36: "At my funeral, don't lie, tell them I did not want to die."
  • 37: "The end of the world makes me nervous"
  • 38: "It's just hard to explain, I like to be by myself"
  • 39: "You're not even sleeping, you're probably even listening to me"
  • 40: "If you still believe in the Lord above, get on your hands and knees and pray for us"
  • 41: "thank you for understanding my side of the story the best that you could"
  • 42: "It’s reached the point in the night where I need to decide whether I’m gonna fall asleep or watch the sunrise"
  • 43: "I don't regret it, how could it? You were the best I ever had"
  • 44: "We will steal whatever we want for fun"
  • 45: "I wish I could pretend to be all of the things you think you see in me"
  • 46: "I want we had, just want to feel it with someone else"
  • 47: "I personally think it's too cold to have the window open"
  • 48: "what we have is nowhere near as good as what we should have by now"
  • 49: "the only thing keeping me from walking away is every muscle in each one of my goddamn legs"
  • 50: "It's okay to give up, 'cause nobody here could care less"
  • 51: "There's nothing in California that you could not learn to hate here"
  • 52: "the sun was made for people who were never gonna touch it "
  • 53: "Will you come over tonight? I need some inspiration for my story."
  • 54: "I would say anything if it would make you happy."
  • 55: "I love your eyes the way they look when your uncomfortable."
  • 56: "I bought fireworks a big bag in Pennsylvania"
  • 57: "They'll probably arrest me, it'll probably ruin my whole summer"

anonymous asked:

"A part of me wishes I liked Rick more" OMG you're the only one I know who actually feels that way, too! And I can't actually explain *why* I feel that way; his situation is horrible and *very* realistic, his story was superbly well done and I can perfectly understand his motivations but I'm still kind of uncomfortable with him?

Well, I know you and I aren’t alone, because I’ve had this conversation several times in private. I wasn’t entirely honest when I said I had no idea why I felt that way about him, because I do know, and it’s because he’s violent, and he treated Kieren badly.

When he finds out Kieren is dead, his first gut reaction is to shoot the hell out of that target. When he talks to Kieren about why Kieren is undead, he flies into this short, violent rage where he beats on the dashboard of the car- and judging by the way Kieren assumes the slightly-hunched “just wait until it’s over” posture when that occurs, this isn’t the first time Rick’s reacted like that to something. I hate that. I just hate it, right down to the very core of my being, I hate that reaction and I’m 100% glad Kieren is nowhere near it anymore, especially as it was coming from someone he loved and should have been able to trust to be peaceful around him. I hate thinking about how things might have gone if Rick had lived; I hate thinking that this sort of unreasonable rage might have ever, ever been turned on Kieren someday, but I do think that, and I am incredibly over protective of Kieren Walker.

At the pub, when Gary makes jokes directed at Kieren that are meant to be degrading, Rick just fucking laughs along with them. He doesn’t stand up for Kieren even though he could have. One “cut it out, Gary.” would have been enough to shoot Gary, who is still uncertain about where he is supposed to stand with Bill and Rick right now, down and keep him from teasing Kieren. But no. Rick laughs, and there’s no surprise on Kieren’s face when he does so, which tells me that’s typical.

And I’m sorry, I don’t care how bad of a situation he was in with his father, leaving without telling Kieren he was going, when he had to have known for weeks, is unacceptable to me. He flat-out made a decision about what Kieren could and could not handle, what Kieren did or did not feel, without ever asking. That was both selfish and wrong of him to do. Yeah, that conversation sucks, having to tell someone bad news sucks, I get it, but you fucking do it if you care about them. You don’t abandon them without a word and you definitely don’t do it “for their own good,” which is basically what Rick’s shitty excuse amounted to.

And I get it, I do- I get that he came from a bad situation (a terrible situation, one I would never wish upon anyone), was raised in a bad situation. I get that his father was shitty (unimaginably shitty, and I hate Bill the most out of everyone on the show), and he was scared of his father and conflicted about what to do, and raised to believe things that were shitty, and I feel bad for that, I do.

But there’s a difference between having an understandable past and trying to excuse your current shitty behavior. Yes, I understand his past and feel bad that those things happened to him. No, I do not think it excuses some of his behavior.