i like the way you look

Henrik does this thing and I don’t know if it’s him or a direction thing but he takes these pauses where he’s not saying anything but his face and his eyes are so expressive, you can feel exactly what Even’s feeling. Like in S3 when Even and Isak are sitting on Even’s window sill and Even is looking outside and Isak is watching him you can see/feel the turmoil coming off Even even before we knew what was up with him. It’s the same in today’s clip, Even talking to Sana and you can feel the sadness/melancholy coming off of him and the way he asks about his old friends. It’s quite amazing. I know we talk a lot about how amazing Tarjei’s acting is (and he really is) but Henrik brings it every damn scene. I’m constantly in awe of him.

Keep your head up
Shoot the clouds down
Throw it all in
Break your own ground
And if you’re gonna make a mess make it loud
And if you’re gonna take a stand, stand out
Life is our game
We can go play
Shake up the rules
Don’t be afraid
And if you’re gonna make a mess make it loud
And if you’re gonna take a stand, stand out
Stand out

Stand out- Sabrina Carpenter

Hidden Behind Glasses (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

A/N: I’m just testing(???) this. Something that’s just on my mind.

Summary:  You’re Liberty High’s number one nerd. That can all change if you’d just upgrade; not like you had an option when you’re best friend is Hannah Baker.

WARNING: bullying

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Chapter 1

Y/N P.O.V.

The frame of your big glasses kept sliding down the bridge of your nose, causing you to automatically push them back up in the most ‘nerdiest’ way. Of course, you were unaware of how you looked doing it, but everyone around you snickered and mimicked your move. You walked the halls like a small child, wrapped in a big sweater and hunched over (because of the heavy backpack you carried which was twice as big as you) and your bangs covered the side of your face. You weren’t the prettiest girl in school, so you thought. (Not as pretty as you were back at your old high school). You wanted to be pretty again - like your best friend, Hannah Baker (sadly she wasn’t with you today) - but you had your motives.

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TMI Appreciation Week:  Day Two | Favorite Ship; Sizzy 

“I like spending time with him. He makes me laugh. And I like the way he smiles. You know, one side of mouth goes up before the other one.” 

“Our love is forbidden like the love of a shark and a—and a shark hunter. But that’s what makes it special.”

can’t we have just one day

I want to address the recent freshly picked Discourse in the pharmercy tags because it is something that does involve how i portray her - the depiction of Pharah as “manly” in the way artists have exaggerated her canon figure to be bigger and more muscular. I’m here to give a contrary opinion to “please don’t draw her like that because it perpetuates harmful stereotypes that woc are unfeminine and unattractive” and air out some grievances with fandom as a whole.

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I will never be over that Holy-shit-look-at-Swan-knock-me-over-with-a-feather look on Killian’s face.

Like, if I’m already this way now…can you imagine when the actual wedding happens? I should probably apologize in advance to my family and friends…

Spring Outlook
  • Person: Awww! Look at the green baby leaves!
  • Me: C55H72O5N4Mg
  • Person: Wow! Look at the way the sun hits those trees!
  • Me: 6CO2 + 6H2O --> C6H12O6 + 6O2
  • Person: Mmmm... it smells like freshly fallen rain!
  • Me: C12H22O
  • Person: Could you maybe just-
  • Me: *whispered* I've tried... It can't be stopped!!!

I was watching the new video from Kookmin World and in the middle of the video i just become so frustrated and feel stuffed because jikook act like boyfriends so so so so much and my heart just screamed “THEY ARE IN A FCKG RELATIONSHIP” but there is no definite proof bcs it’s a ship but everything looks so real and i CANT IGNORE the way jjk said to tae when he came along with jimin in his hotel room ((“Ah, what is this, why is everyone coming?”)) also when jin said to jimin “you are being biased!” when jimin hit jk but not him and jk just like “What’s wrong with that?” with a really frustrated tone in his voice and MY HEART JUST COMBUST

Jeongguk now don’t give a damn whether there is a camera or not as long as Jimin can be by his side……. all alone -without other members.

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If you were a star in your own movie, would like it to be Sci-Fi, with some action and maybe even some romance?

I like that idea. I also like the idea of being the star because the star of the film is way less likely to be killed off. In Sci Fi I would have the chance to survive if I was one of the main characters. If I was in a horror, I’d be dead 1/3 of the way in. The smart guys always die early.

If I were in a romance, I would probably be the smart, but zany best friend there to make the main character look even better. I’m not universal main romance guy material. in fact, unless you are the main character you almost don’t ever get to have a love life. Wash in Firefly is an exclusion to this rule. He actually got to be married. That never happens.

So Sci fi would be where I would probably get the most storyline, possibly not die, and have some kind of a love life. In action flicks, romance is also reserved for the main character. I always feel like if my life was a movie, I”m still the supporting character in it. 

Am I shouting to loud? ??????

In honour of a new episode coming out, I am doing this again, I know I know I do this to much way to much but can you blame me? These blogs are so cool and deserve to be on this list and to get a shout out once in a while. So yes I am doing it again,

And I want to say:

These blogs are Nice: Meaning they post nice things and are nice people too.

These blogs are asterous: meaning they are cool, there posts are cool and they are cool.

These blogs are like the stars: damn they shine like a sky full of stardust.

These blogs: YOU MUST GO FOLLOW.

They will make your dash look like goals. So yeah I’m telling you if you don’t already, go follow you won’t regret it. And you will be very glad they are on your dash.

SO Here are the blogs:







































There are so many more, but you guy’s all slay, if you want to add on more blogs please do.

You guy’s all Slay. 🌙🌠🐝🐝🐝

Keep slaying 👑

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When all the ableists come out to play. I'd like to know how many of you think Isak told Even about his past feeling for Jonas and ruining their relationship. Except this is worse because this is something that can completely Color and change the way people look at you, and the implications that social media is heavily involved, do you know how scary and embarrassing that is? So before you wax poetic about all that nonsense try living in our shoe.

T H I S!!! ^^^ lmao im 99.9% sure isak never told even abt jonas mmmhm

@heartmarierose yes, we do. At least, those of us who are active in the #actuallyautistic tag tend to have a good idea who the other active people are and what their special interests are, especially where they overlap because we tend to infodump on each other.

Ever seen a those tumbler posts where someone shares a random fact and says how it’s cool, then someone else proclaims MY TIME HAS COME! And then tells you everything about that subject?

We do that with each other every time something even remotely related to our SI comes up, and we actively look for ways to relate things back to our SI. And like, we often get as much joy listening to other people infodump as we do to actually infodumping.

So like, I can tell you that @kcomplexes loves sleep related things, @paxardens loves chemistry, @stumble-tumble-bumble loves gel pens, @keelan-666 loves Voltron, @defectivegembrain loves buffy - willow and tara especially, @strangerdarkerbetter is a HP fan and Dr. Who, while @butterflyinthewell is Dr. Who and Dragonball. Heck, most of them have more than one SI.

I could send you to people with an SI for maths, trains, music, singing, writing, autism, adhd, psychology, Sociology, art, computers, programming, feminism, feminist history, queer history, black American history, linguistics, and like twenty people for Steven Universe.

Imagine if you had a world of people that, even if the didn’t understand what you were talking about, would listen to you talk about materials engineering for forever and a day, asking questions, dragging more info from you, and encouraging you to spill everything.

That’s what we do because we know own that we will get our chance to infodump too.

It is just such a fundamental makeup of who we are (in most cases - not all of us have special interests) that it is hard to spend a lot of time around other autistics and not notice what their SIs are.

I love it!

12:34 am thoughts

I woke up today wanting to cry because I remember when my pillow smelled like you that morning. I woke up today wanting to cry because I remember our very first date and the way you looked at me. I woke up today wanting to cry because I remember you brought me home before my curfew so my mom wouldn’t get mad. I woke up today wanting to cry because I remember you would look at me and tell me how beautiful I am. I woke up today wanting to cry because I realized everything was a lie. I woke up today wanting to cry because I never was good enough for you. I woke up today wanting to cry because you are in love with someone else. And now, I’m crying because I miss you even though nothing was real. And now, I’m crying because I wish I was enough for you. And now, I’m crying because I wish you felt the same way for me. And now, I’m crying because you lied to me. And now, I’m crying because it’s over and you’re gone.

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What do you think are the most important Stydia moments that shaped their relationship to how they are now?

These are not in order of importance, but in chronological order. Because it was easier for me to identify them that way. Beneath a cut because ya girl is verbose, u kno?

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Do you think iwaizumi is similar just like kasamatsu

I mean


Not all look like but they do share some similar character traits. 

  • Kind of the team mom, gotta look after that one certain member of their team. • Cares for their friends- sometimes in a bit… aggressive way? AGGRESSIVELY CARING ABT U 
  • Kind of natural leaders with people respecting and looking up to them
  • Also close in height 
  • Kasamatsu is like 5′10 and Iwa-chan is 5′10.6 
  • pretty level-headed and have pride in what they do
  • dorks

You know, YOI is one of those rare canons where a lot of the time, maybe seven out of ten times, I look at the meta and I’m like “Yeah, that’s probably, in some way, what the creators intended us to take away from that scene.”

But I have to tell you that sometimes there are still moments where I look at certain peices of meta and go “There is no way that anyone at all ever was thinking about this that hard when they made this anime.”