i like the way she bends fire

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If Katara had married Zuko she would've had a loving caring husband who would've treated her like a queen and would've treated their kids equally plus Katara would've been an ambassador in the Fire Nation and then Fire Lady, she would've had a huge political role and she would've used blood bending in so many good ways, she would've gotten a statue that she deserved so much, all this would've happened if she had married Zuko, but she didn't and I feel so so bad for her, it makes me so sad.

I don’t disagree with a single thing here, but I do want to address a misunderstanding that is likely to occur when non-shippers see this argument: the idea that Katara marrying Zuko would be a panacea for all the things that went wrong with her character in the post-A:TLA material.

Out of context, “Katara marrying Zuko would have made everything better” is only another way of Katara’s destiny hinging on who she is paired with romantically. So let’s talk for a moment about what we actually mean when we use that as a catch-all phrase for A:TLA’s improvement:

A return to the themes and symbolism that A:TLA espoused. As I explain here, a lot of the themes of A:TLA were subverted in order to make the canon pairings happen. If the creators didn’t force a romantic pairing between Aαng and Katara, her character would have been better served because motifs such as “choosing one’s own destiny” would have played out naturally through her development arc.

More creative control by A:TLA’s best writers. Bryke had no writing credits to their name prior to A:TLA, and a lot of the best writing work on the series was done by Aaron and Elizabeth Ehasz. These two had a special focus on Zuko, but they refused to succumb to the temptation of making Zuko the guy who just “gets” everything in the end because he’s the hero. Unlike Bryke’s favorite character, which leads nicely into …

The series would not have played favorites with Aαng. This is a major part of what annoys people with the A:TLA finale, and leads to further problems in Legend of Korra. Aαng is not allowed to go through the same soul-wrenching struggles as the rest of the characters. It’s not that he doesn’t suffer, or he doesn’t lose people, or that he isn’t conflicted. It’s that his core beliefs are never challenged in a way that makes them develop. In the show, it is reality that always bends to Aαng’s beliefs, instead of Aαng having to adapt his beliefs to reality. If you go back through A:TLA and compile a montage of all the times other people learn that Aαng was right and they were wrong, you would a) understand what I mean, and b) understand how damaging that is for a protagonist, the person you want in your show to change the most

Katara’s agency as a character. It’s safe to say that Aαng, in the context of romance, is detrimental to Katara’s agency as a character. We see this when side characters repeatedly encourage Aαng to pursue Katara “because you’re the Avatar”, even though they have never met Katara and have no idea what her opinion is on this romance thing, if she even has one. We see this again when Aαng kisses Katara without her consent and never apologizes for it or brings it up again. And we see it in the comics, where Katara’s ideals are Aαng’s ideals, they never have any conflicts, her feeling abandoned by him is portrayed as wrong, but her approval of Aαng’s potential murder of Zuko is right, her leaving it up to Aαng to decide whether the Four Nations should be forcibly separated is portrayed as right, and her old Water Tribe friends accuse her of having forgotten her homeland because she spends all her time with her boyfriend.        

Avoidance of black and white morality. One of A:TLA’s strengths as a show is that it portrays a complex world. There are lessons to be learned and characters with strong moral convictions, but there is rarely a sense of one set of principles being lauded over all the others. In fact, a sense of moral superiority without listening to other points of view, such as the Fire Nation has, proves to be highly destructive to the world at large. 

But when it comes to Kαtααng, this complexity falls by the wayside. Zuko the morally ambiguous deuteragonist is suddenly the “bad boy” who “doesn’t really care about [Katara]”, despite the fact that he risked his life for her in the finale. Arguably the most complex episode of the series, “The Southern Raiders”, is seen by Bryke (who did not write it) in purely good-vs-evil terms, with Aαng being the “angel” and Zuko being the “devil” on Katara’s shoulders, respectively. Oversimplification of morality is something that plagues Legend of Korra to a major extent, with the embodiment of that being “goodness” and “badness” personified in Vaatu and Raava during Book 2. (Notice, too, that Katara in LOK had bloodbending outlawed, instead of her embarking on a similar journey to Zuko in “The Firebending Masters”, where even seemingly destructive bending could be used to create life.) Black and white morality in LOK has its beginnings in the tail end of A:TLA, with the boy who could not be allowed to kill under any circumstances, and who is, quite literally, a Nice Guy.

Sokka: The number one mistake nice guys like you make: being too nice.

So, to translate: “all this would’ve happened if she had married Zuko” = “there is a natural narrative thread that would have culminated in Katara having a relationship with Zuko if it weren’t for the executive producers derailing it, and her character, for the sake of their own pet character who was in many ways a self-insert for them both.”


Having A Field Day + A CS One Shot

A/N: Here’s a smutty little continuation of ‘Physically Fit’ and ‘Extracurricular Activities’ because as a teacher, I hate Field Day and PE Teacher!Killian seemed like a good way to cheer myself up after managing the mayhem! Happy summer, everyone!

Rated: M - this is seriously straight filth
Word Count: 3K

The texture of the wood door at her back wasn’t completely unlike the several other smooth surfaces Emma had found herself pressed up against over the course of the past few very heated months. Sure, it was a bit colder and the drag of the sanded oak against her bare shoulders was sending shivers down her spine, but it was honestly a shock that it had taken her this long to make such a sensory discovery.

How they’d avoided the dim lighting and slightly dusty space inside the school storage shed was truly something she couldn’t provide an answer for, especially because there were very few locations they’d skipped since the first time she let his firm hips push her into oblivious ecstasy.

Killian’s hands felt rugged on her sides as they slid downward, his thumbs pressing firmly on her hipbones until she moaned that sound of warning he seemed to enjoy so much. It crossed her mind briefly as he sent a trail of kisses down her neck that maybe he loved her and not just the noises she made when they found themselves in close circumstances like their current ones. It was a thought she had tested a few times before - once when he spent two hours grading essays for her after she’d fallen victim to some plague obtained from her students and then again when he’d asked her to dance with him during their repeat chaperoning duo at the winter formal. Of course, that sweet and almost tender request came right before he pulled her back into a nearby well known locker room where he really made her shiver.

Yeah, January temperatures had nothing on Killian Jones and his ability to chill every inch of her body. The scorching numbers as they currently neared the end of May, on the other hand, seemed to have them both in quite the unprofessional bind.

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Blazing Hearts

Blazing Hearts

OTP idea #335; Person A is a firefighter and Person B’s cat happens to always be getting stuck somewhere, and Person A always has to get their cat out.


Astrid heard the sound of sirens coming up the driveway and winced. This was the fourth time this week she had had to call the fire brigade, and each time it was the same fire crew, and the same guy climbing the tree to get her cat down.

Astrid loved Stormfly, but climbing 60-foot tall evergreen trees was not part of the deal.

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Five times Alix and Kim couldn’t back down from a dare

Summary:  Where that one particular dare somehow aggravated their nerves every year, and they were suckers to accept the challenge so quickly, especially when it came to the both of them.

A/N:  Inspired by @caprette‘s art idk man just take it 

14 years old, dare no.1: Kim had to wear the dunce cone for another month if he didn’t wear a different colour of his shirt on the month before that. 

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Recently I started pondering the question of why we see Korra bending so much Fire. To put my thoughts on this succintly, however, we’ll have to start by talking about Avatar Yangchen, the Air Avatar before Aang.

Yangchen is the Avatar whom I envision leaning the most heavily on all the elements, and that mainly because she was an extremely atypical Air Avatar: she never hesitated to kill her opponents and espoused a belief that following the detached principles of the Air Nomads could only be detrimental to an Avatar, who must by definition place the needs of the world before their own. I believe that Yangchen inherited a very difficult world from her preceding Fire Avatar. There are hints in AtLA that the Fire Nation is having an unprecedented boom in prosperity - perhaps it had taken since before Yangchen to recover from some calamity. Yangchen stepped up to the plate, even abandoning the Air Nation principles as needed because the world needed her to be there for all of the nations. Yangchen was possibly the greatest of all the Avatars mentioned in the series. She is notable and unique in her open-mindedness and willingness to recognize where in her life she needed to make adjustments, change, and grow.

Avatar Kuruk was always shown in the water: chillin; surfin’, and hangin’. It is stated that he loved to travel and participate (re: PWN) in bending competitions, but he was generally shown IN the water, and that seems fairly significant to me. As Yangchen seemed to have heavily cleaned up the world before his cycle, serving everywhere and everyone, Kuruk didn’t seem to have been left with much to do - hence his lack of responsibility, and the ease with which Koh tricked him and his wife. Kuruk didn’t particularly do anything of note, and it’s hinted that he never really did his job at all, and went from being an utter slacker and show off, to single-mindedly pursuing Koh until his premature death.
After Kuruk, it is possible that the Elemental Sages of the world saw how impotent and irresponsible the Avatar could be, and began to try to guide the new Avatars away from the mistakes of their past lives.

I can’t recall seeing Kyoshi bend other than Earth (although technically breaking Kyoshi Island off WAS a combination of all the elements, that was done with the aid of the Avatar State). She was also highly militaristic (much like the Earth Kingdom is in general as shown in AtLA), and seemed very apathetic to most things unless it directly concerned innocents being harmed. She also seemed to cling to her own people: living on Kyoshi Island and serving her own people to the point that statues of her are erected all over the Earth Kingdom for centuries after her death. Kuruk was forgotten long before Korra. Kyoshi will likely be remembered for cycles by the Earth people. After Kuruk lost his wife in such a disastrous way, it seems plausible that Kyoshi was raised to only care about preventing calamities, and that a great deal of that highly focused passion became directed specifically at her own people. As Kuruk was careless with his family, and consequently lost it, so Kyoshi flung herself into her own family, and by extension, nation.

Roku seemed to favor Fire while, oddly, simultaneously abandoning and somewhat vilifying the Fire Nation: he doesn’t return for his best friend’s coronation, never seems to bother to check up on it, and automatically assumes the worst of Sozin when he mentions sharing the Fire Nation’s prosperity with the world. Sozin COULD have been talking about simply opening academies and factories in other countries and Roku shut him down VIOLENTLY. 
Roku seems to interpret his job as Avatar is to throw himself into the rest of the world so thoroughly that he can no longer sympathize with his own people in any capacity. He even moves to his own island with what appears to be his extended family, probably unconsciously mirroring Kyoshi and her island. Perhaps he did so out of a combination of guilt that he has left his own nation alone for so long, and a long, deep seated loneliness for his people. He was stuck in the ocean: half way to everywhere, and not really anywhere at all.
Roku was perhaps impacted the most by all of the preceding Avatars him: 
As Kyoshi focused too strongly on her own people, Roku was determined to focus outwards and not neglect the world, but he sacrificed his own nation as the consequence. 
Where Kuruk was careless and let people guide themselves, Roku micromanaged world affairs and the nations’ leaders.
Yangchen was decisive and fearless: those positive traits morphed into arrogance and hubris in Roku’s personality.

And now Aang. He sticks with primarily bending Air throughout AtLA and in tLoK as well. However, he never shies away from learning the other elements and using them when appropriate, except for in instances such as when he injured Katara with Fire and was then reticent to use it. His main flaw as an Avatar in early AtLA especially was that he was never trained in how to think like anything but an Air Nomad. Thus, his blatant overstepping of cultural boundaries and traditions nearly everywhere he went for the entire show.
Aang was raised entirely as an Air Nomad, and ended up raising himself from age 12 on, in an entirely new world. Much of the series is about his personal growth from a trickster with no sense of boundaries, nor appropriate cross cultural communcation, to a young adult who understood world culture and human nature deeply enough to found a functional city that spanned many cultures and subcultures.
As a consequence of growing up more than 100 years after Roku’s death, Aang was the first Avatar with a mostly blank slate in a very long time, and appeared to do the best job of any Avatar since Yangchen.
Many of the world issues which Korra inherited appear to stem from the unrest which comes from a rapidly changing world rather than an incompetent Avatar, or bumbling, but well meaning Sages who meddle in a child’s personality in hopes of getting a PERFECT Avatar that time.

Now Korra. Korra on the surface is a bit of a mystery. She bends Fire incredibly fluidly (especially early in the series), when her primary element is Water. In fact, many of the times she’s bending Water, it seems to be as a later resort, and almost a bit uncomfortably. Why would a Southern Water tribe born and raised Avatar be uncomfortable with Water?
I personally think that Korra bends Fire because she can, because it’s way different than anyone else in her tribe (and she LOVES standing out as a child: “I’m the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!”), and because Earth was harder to get to on the tundra. The child Avatar who loved being different would have embraced playing with an element so different and unfamiliar from the cultural norm.
This habit was likely enforced even more by the White Lotus restricting her movements and freedom so heavily. Water would have been what they expected her to be the most natural with, so she leaned towards Fire as a subtle -and likely unconscious - rebellion. 
Korra was extremely heavily influenced by Aang’s generation. She was taught by Katara and Sokka, the White Lotus, knew Zuko, knew Aang’s son, and Toph’s older daughter. She shows elements of that influence in her mental insistence that she is not as good an Avatar as she could be - this is because she is not the same Avatar that Aang was, and as a nonspiritual, Water Tribe, practical thinker, she was simply not similar to the free thinking, intensely spiritual and introspective Air Nomad from almost two centuries before. Her vision of the perfect Avatar is not her, has never been her, and will never be her, but regardless, she has the capability to be the perfect Avatar for her world, as shown with her blossoming in Books 3 and 4.

Sorry. Lots of headcanon mixed with random facts. [/facts/avatar nerd] Your thoughts?

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I'm so sorry, couldn't stop myself x) But how would Assassins and Templars (choose whoever you like from them) react to their Arab S/O belly dancing for them for the first time, like she was shy about It before and never talked about it, but suddenly braves up :3 Thank you 💕

{Aah belly dancing—lovely. And I can imagine her being shy if she’s not big on her body type either since belly dancing is a celebration of the body for all sizes. ;)}

Originally posted by thisgirlisunderconstruction


He tried to reach for her as she did her best to keep up with the rhythm of the music. Her shyness only exciting him all the more at the look of her, but he also wanted to comfort her and let her know it was alright—everything that she did was flawless, and she had no reason to worry.


He had his own way of dancing, but to see her version was just as rhythmic and exciting, causing the native man to take to his drum and play the melody for her to dance to. She wanted to keep part of her life hidden, and he could respect that, but her version of dancing was different from his, and he couldn’t deny his curiosity in watching the way her hips swayed along with her back and forth belly movements.



When she said she wanted to dance, he assumed just regular dancing about the fire there at the hideout, but she had something else in mind. Questioning her, he saw her begin to get her own beat within her heart and soul in attempts to fight off the embarrassment of the actions she wanted to portray.

He had never seen anything like it—the way she was able to bend and move her hips separate from her upper half and also, in reverse. The placement and movement of her legs was also of which he had never seen, and it was there the fire in his heart rekindled, and he desired more. “Keeping secrets from me, have you, lass?”


“You dance a sort of dance I must admit, I’ve never seen before,” said Arno, making her halt in her actions upon his voice carrying in his lover’s direction as she was practicing this belly dancing in private. Instantly, he raised his hands to calm her. “Forgive me, my love. I didn’t mean to frighten.” Here, he gestured to her once more. “Please, continue? I quite enjoyed the way you were moving your hips like that.”


When she mentioned this ‘belly dancing’, Shay had to admit that he was curious to see it. She refused out in public, so he sat down at the fireplace in Fort Arsenal to watch her closely. She was scared at first, but after a bit of verbal coaxing, he was able to see the majestic display. Her body was even more magnificent given the motions and flawless movements of her figure there in the firelight. He found the dance to be more erotic than anything.


The dance was one thing, but the outfit was another. The way the chimes added more rhythm to the otherwise near music-less area was hypnotic and the exposure of her figure was tantalizing as he, personally, wasn’t supposed to see so much skin of a woman before. “There was once a time I would pay for this sort of service,” he murmured as she continued her acts. “Now I get it for free.” Jacob cleared his throat, wishing he could reach out and just touch her hips to bring her closer to him as she did such movements, but he would settle for merely watching—for now.

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Magic!Anon I grant each an everyone of your muses of this blog to have the ablity to bend an Element Like from Avatar the last air bender. One element for one muse! What that Element is for that muse is your choice, however try to match their personality with that element well. For 48 hours. Write down what each of them would do with these ablities an why!

Fire: Ayaka and Yukari- both are feisty in their own way.

Water: Umeko and Areum- both are very go with the flow kind of people.

Earth: Takara- She’s a jeweler. Need I say more?

Air: Ioko- She’s a calm spirit who dislikes violence.

M!A: Elements: Muses have certain elements for 48 hours. M!A ends on Saturday, 8PM!

i. You’ll burn breakfast in the morning when we’re already running late. Before we leave, I’ll wrap my arms around your waist and we’ll laugh about burnt toast and all of the mistakes we made last night and last week and last year. You’ll intertwine your fingers in mine and ask me where this is going and where we’ll end up, but I won’t respond. Your touch will dizzy me in ways that intoxication never could. I’ll never have felt so drunk on a Monday morning.

ii. You’ll come home from school on a Tuesday after a day that seemed to drag on for eternity and because of a comment that one mindless person made you’ll stand in front of the mirror and pick apart all of your flaws one by one. I’ll confess that I’ve seen the scars of your growth but I’ll lie beside you and trace out every year and create a story for each one and how they got there. I think of them as stripes you earn for living on. I know that you feel fallible and flawed but you’ve never seen yourself through my eyes.

iii. It’s a Wednesday night and I’ll let you take shelter in the curves of my arms around your waist when the walls of the house you grew up in stop feeling like home. Your sharp nails might dig into the wooden tiles of my body and knock down the pillars of my bones when you grip too tight and shake like an earthquake, but I’ll hold you up until you can walk again.

iv. When you tell me about your crippling fear of never truly being loved at 3am on Thursday I won’t interrupt you or try to compare my past love life to yours. I know that this isn’t a competition. I won’t be able to comprehend how your ex could bend and break you or let you go but god, will I be glad that she did. I know that these past seventeen years haven’t been easy and you’re afraid to love again, but if you’ll have it, my heart can be your home.

V. We’ll be exhausted on Friday night but we’ll sit by the fire with our friends and laugh about something that we won’t remember in three weeks. I’ll admit that I’ve never liked brown eyes before but I won’t forget the way that yours light up when you laugh. Your laughter will be air to my lungs when the dark clouds of smoke shroud us and constrict the flow of oxygen in my body. I don’t think you realize how lucky I am.

VI. It’s a Saturday and we’ll spend the day at a family function. I’ll spend most of the day socializing with your family and you’ll spend it quietly sitting under the willow tree in the backyard. I’ll understand that you don’t cultivate energy from being around large groups and that socialization leads to mental exhaustion. When six o'clock rolls around I’ll sit beside you under the willow and you’ll apologize, telling me for the thousandth time “I don’t talk.” But you’ll be talking to me and that’s all that will matter.

VII. The rain outside will tap on the window while the thunder rumbles in the distance like your stomach when you wake up. I’ll cook you breakfast and listen to you singing in the shower, all the while your voice getting twisted and woven between my ribs. It’ll be Sunday morning and I still won’t know where this is going or where we’ll end up, but I will know that I see your name in constellations and that you are the volcanoes in my chest that erupt when you speak. I’ll know that I can go on for hours about how your smile make my cheeks explode with a forest fire and I’ll know that when I look at you, my bones rattle and my knees shake. I’ll know that it doesn’t matter where this is going or where we’ll end up because even if tomorrow never comes, I loved you today and yesterday and every day this week.

—  “Seven Days”

junkomaeda because there is an extreme lack of it in the world

ao3 link

minor sdr2/dr0 spoilers present 


“You’re absolute scum, you know that? You’re garbage, worse than garbage. You’re sick.”

They’re pressed up against each other, her hand fisted in the front of his shirt to pull him down to her level. The hate-filled glare he gives her is enough to slice diamonds with its intensity and it sends shivers of amusement down her spine.

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she laughs like
“god she can turn my world upside down
and i will still find a way back to her”

she laughs and the wind blows
the sound away, it’s a song,
it’s a treasure that cannot be kept for long.

she laughs like it’s a secret, like
“this is me at my best, i am open wound, i am bleeding out for you but i am completely fine with it.
do you love me still?”

she laughs with her soul lit on fire,
like she can bend hell around her body,
like she has her demons wrapped around her finger.

she laughs and it is thunder, she is the churning of the sky, she is the rain that puts us to sleep,

“i have loved so openly, i am breaking apart again but tell me, would you still hold me close? can i trust you to see me and choose to stay?”

—  oh the sound of happiness || g.l.

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How do you think Dany would react if either Rhaenys or Aegon lived (married off to a Baratheon and the Wall)? Want to meet them, see them as a threat to her Throne?

Well, we’re almost certainly going to see how she would react to Aegon. He may or may not be who he believes himself to be, and she may or may not have reason to doubt that by the time she arrives in Westeros, but we’ll hear her thoughts on the idea of Aegon. With respect to the Wall hypothetical specifically, her brother’s son is on the Wall, right, so we’ll see how that goes. (I’m guessing pretty well.)

I think the general idea would appeal to her very much. She is looking for that kind of mythic connection.

The dragon has three heads. There are two men in the world who I can trust, if I can find them. I will not be alone then. We will be three against the world, like Aegon and his sisters.    

But the survival of Rhaenys or Aegon is one of those character-bending paradoxes for Dany. Daenerys is Daenerys because she is singular, which is just another way of saying she is alone. Nobody walks into a fire because they have so much to live for in this world. She became this person who was willing and able to reach out and catch destiny because she had nowhere else to look. That is the core fact of her reality, in all its pathos and magnificence; if it wasn’t, she’d be someone else. 

Winter Break: Weekend Get away

Winter Break: Ice Skating

This is part two of Winter Break: Ice Skating. This update is so-so…it’s just a set up to the next part. I didn’t want to post a super long update.

“Mom said we could have the lake house for the weekend,” Lydia says getting out of the car. “But that doesn’t mean that we can destroy it, I’d thought we could all go shopping for Christmas presents in town once we all get settled in.”

“And tell me why he got invited to come around?” Liam asks glaring at the tall boy crammed into the back seat once again. “The last time I checked he wasn’t in this pack or attending Beacon hills or-”

“I invited him,” Scott turns his head and glares at his beta. “Get used to it Liam, Satomi ask me to keep an eye on him.”

“What an excuse!” Liam barks back.

“It will be fine, Liam,” You say smiling at Liam. “Trust me we will all be too busy to witness the two of you fighting, so don’t ruin the spirt of the holidays, my friend.”

“But you don’t even like Brett!” Liam crosses his arms and huffs loudly.

“But I like Christmas and don’t want that ruined.” You smile widely at both of the boys.

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Title: Letters

Rating: T

Word Count - 2,400 words

Notes: Before she leaves, Korra left behind some letters. Mako deals with her absence. (I wanted to write something a bit deeper, what do you think?)

Without a word, Korra leaves everything behind. Everything. All of her clothes and worldly belongings, Naga, her hair. Katara finds the long, tangled strands in a messy heap on the floor, the knife responsible lying on the counter.

Apparently, she also left behind letters. They come in a neat parcel, one day, bundled with a light blue ribbon (too similar to the color of her eyes, he thinks) and Tenzin solemnly sorts them, handing them over one by one. Mako feels uncomfortable, like the Airbending Master is reading the Avatar’s last Will and Testament. She’s not dead, she’s just…not here.

Bolin instantly tears his open, sobbing quietly as Pabu nuzzles his cheek. Asami’s letter is thickest of the three and she slits her envelope open with cold precision, reading the words quickly before neatly folding the parchment in quarters. She sighs, her eyes sad but understanding, as she gently tucks the paper into her jacket.

Mako doesn’t open his, yet. He has no idea what Korra would want him to know, and he’s not sure if he could handle knowing…especially in front of the others.

No one questions—and no one asks. They all nod and go their separate ways. Everyone has a different way to cope.

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Do you think LoK suffers from the Strong as They Need to Be trope? Ex: In book 1, pretty much everyone had trouble with chi-blockers but the airbending kids seemed to take them down pretty easily ( you could explain it by saying airbending has advantages that other forms of bending don't, but still?). And mainly, Korra doesn't seem to have as big of an advantage fighting as you would think, considering her avatar powers and how she was basically honed for combat growing up. She is a very skilled

fighter (escaping Amon, being close to locking up Vaatu), and I know a lot of the time she falls short because she lacks exposure (to chiblockers, in probending, to spirits) but do you think Korra seems to have more skill in theory than what is shown in the show? It looks like it’s /convenient/ that she can bend all 4 elements, but it doesn’t look like she ever has the upper hand. A lot of her fighting feels ineffective. (i know Iruka’s meta posts comment on the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of Korra’s bending, but I’m still bugged by it. (Asami and the airbending kids lacked exposure to chi-blockers too, but they could take them down)

I don’t think it suffers from Strong As They Need To Be so much as it grants extraordinarily heavy bonuses to parties whose abilities are unfamiliar.

A single chi-blocker brought down Korra in The Revelation because she didn’t know what to expect from them (I imagine she expected to tank whatever hits a non-bender could throw at her and realized too late that chi-blocking didn’t work that way), but once she knew what to look for, she could consistently bring down many of them at the same time.

In contrast, the air kids were trained in a martial art with which the Equalists had no familiarity, so they were able to clean their clocks the first time a confrontation arose (while Lin, whose powers were more familiar, struggled with the same foes).

Korra’s issue, I think, is that she hasn’t had much practice at all in dealing with the unexpected — she’s probably had classically-trained benders as sparring partners for her whole life, and so opponents with very different patterns of attack and defense are almost always initially troublesome.  And, due to the nature of the show, most of the enemies that she fights tend to act in unexpected ways.

I certainly wouldn’t say she never has the upper hand, though!  She has quite a few moments of utter dominance:

  • She completely overwhelms multiple sparring partners in her firebending test
  • She takes the Triple Threat Triad guys out like they’re nothing
  • She successfully neutralizes the Equalist doorman without her bending
  • She knocks the Lieutenant for a loop the first time they meet
  • She single-handedly wins the semi-finals for the Fire Ferrets
  • She makes a fool of Tahno in their tie-breaker
  • She takes out a ton of chi-blockers and earns a flashy victory over the Lieutenant on the top of the pro-bending stadium
  • She completely owns Tarrlok in their fight before he reveals himself to be a bloodbender… and he only does that because he’s convinced that she’s gonna burn him alive!
  • She comes up with the most creative way to take down a mechatank of anyone (by effectively drowning its engine)
  • She breaks through Amon’s bloodbending and kicks him twenty feet out a stinkin’ window into Yue Bay, where he wakes to find his choices limited to “waterbend” or “drown”
  • She neutralizes multiple rebels while severely restricting herself to actions that won’t cause permanent harm
  • She takes Unalaq out like a chump when he confronts her at the prison
  • She wipes out the crew of a battleship like it’s nothing
  • She appears to have a clear advantage over Eska and Desna in their fight and uses one of the most impressive-looking waterbending moves in either series against them
  • She nopes Unalaq right out of the Spirit World the moment Vaatu is released in the most hilarious way possible
  • She manhandles the ascended Spirit of Darkness using nothing but the power of her own inner spirit, throwing him into a mountain, slamming his head into a bunch of rocks, and putting her hand through his chest to rip out Raava

Korra’s power is not just an informed ability — she’s one seriously powerful individual, even if she’s often put into situations in which that power doesn’t work the way she wants it to work.

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What superpowers would the different clones have in Orphan Black?

Sarah: Sarah is, at her core, a con artist, so I think I would go with some kind of illusion-based ability. The ability to turn invisible at will, for example, or—even better—a transfiguration ability that would allow her to slip into disguise just by looking like someone else. She has a natural affinity for deception, and how better than to alter her face, her hair, her body type at a mere thought? She would be the most excellent thief, one no one could possibly see coming. And, if this power extended to animal transformation, it would just please me all the more. Sarah Manning turning into an alley cat, slicing up someone’s face, and racing over a fence before they can do a thing. Sarah Manning sprouting wings and taking to the air as a ratty falcon to escape a nasty turn with a mark. Sarah Manning bursting into full grizzly mode on anyone who dares come after Kira. Shapeshifter Sarah is very important to me—particularly a Sarah who learns over time to use her power for righteous reasons, to protect her family, rather than for her own personal gain. Sarah’s growth from antihero to honest woman would be such a gorgeous thing, as she learns to put her natural inclinations toward lying and conning toward taking down anyone who attacks her siblings, instead.    Alison: Alison would make an excellent empath, designed for tapping into other people’s emotional roller coasters. It would drive her totally crazy for a while (young Alison, constantly wheeling back and forth between her own feelings, and her mother’s; teenage Alison, unable to shut out her hormonally-charged peers), but she eventually learns to take charge of it, so long as she can keep her distance. It actually helps sometimes, particularly when she’s onstage and having trouble really grounding herself in a character, and by the time she’s old enough to go away to college, Alison is excellent at roping herself off from other people. It’s the only way she’s able to thrive in a suburban community: she’s learned to turn her neighbors off, to understand where they’re coming from, and ignore it. She even convinces herself it’s easy, since most of them do their best to play out their lives from behind masks anyway. It’s only when Alison lets someone in—as she does with Donnie, with her children, with Beth and the others—that she really allows herself to tap into her power. And, after Beth, after watching Beth spiral, and finding herself as emotionally out of control as she’s been since her high school years, letting people in is the last thing Alison wants. (Pills help. Booze, more so. Sometimes, it’s the only way to shut out the raging anxiety of Sarah, the painful hope of Cosima, the residual crippling misery that still cries Beth, Beth, Beth in her head at night.)   Cosima: I love the idea of Cosima having some kind of hippy-dippy communal power with the universe around her. A nature-based power which allows her to manipulate and comprehend plant life, for example, or communicate with animals, or even manipulate life at a molecular level. She has such a powerful love for science, for learning, for the world at large, that it would only make sense for her to understand life at its base level, and be respected by life in turn. Cosima, who grows up feeling at home in biology courses, because she has a preternatural affinity for the roots digging into the soil, for the mice running their tests, for the cells she is studying. Imagine Cosima cherishing every iota of life, and being able to explain in such simple terms how things work, because she just knows, and consistently craves more. Imagine Cosima, furious at having lost her own agency, at having lost control of her own biology, calling on the earth to shield her from what she can’t influence. Cosima Niehaus, calling thorny vines up to protect her lab and keep out intruders. Cosima Niehaus, twisting the fabric of the universe in a last-ditch effort to take charge. Cosima, understanding all the little twists and dips of the earth, and giving herself over to the science of it like only Cosima can.   Helena: It’s tempting to go with something like Hulk strength for Helena (particularly seeing as she can rip herself away from poles in Mrs. S’ basement), but I actually think she would better suit having some sort of extra sight—the ability to see the path an object would take if thrown or fired at a certain angle, for example. What an assassin she would be, unstoppable, if she could see all paths the bullet might take before even firing the gun. Helena can see these things without being told how, without being taught the geometry and focus of a world-class killer. At a young age, she is found, and taught, and honed like the weapon she is so aptly designed to be: Helena, who doesn’t even need a gun in her hand to do the job. Helena, who can kill with nothing more than a penny lobbed at the precisely perfect angle. Helena, who never fails to execute, who can decimate with knife, with bullet, with no radar or laser to aid her sight. Helena, who understands action and consequence so exquisitely, who never, ever misses—and who still, somehow, can’t quite understand the basic human interaction it takes to win her sister’s love.    Rachel: Rachel’s cunning is arguably her strongest suit, which lends neatly to a mentalist ability, allowing her to manipulate the minds and wills of others. Imagine the possibilities for business, if Rachel is the puppetmaster pulling strings behind the scenes of every transaction. Rachel, telling you what you want, making you believe it before you think to disagree. Rachel, in your head, nudging you where she sees fit, fitting you onto the most beneficial squares. Imagine Rachel Duncan slipping into an enemy’s dreams at night, twisting thoughts in hideous ways to torment anyone who goes against her. Rachel Duncan finding those tiny anxieties, insecurities, dark secrets, horrifying terrors, and playing them like perfect little instruments in her expansive game. Rachel Duncan would be the most terrifying chess piece on the board; she would revel in it. And imagine, then, how furious Rachel would be, to come across a player like Sarah Manning—who refuses, against all odds, to bend to Rachel’s will.    Tony: I have a very powerful need for Tony to be able to play with fire. I don’t know why Tony and dragons are synonymous in my brain, but I love a Tony who has been able to manipulate flames from a very young age. A Tony who maybe didn’t fit right in his own skin, but found solace in a lighter swiped from his father. A Tony who was made fun of at school when he started testing out clothes that really suited him, a walk that fit right around his hips, a hairstyle that didn’t match his peers, and who would skive off class to fool around with matches in the chemistry lab. A Tony who would show his gift only to a few special people at first, molding flames between his hands, making them dance in shapes and swirls, and who steadily built confidence in his look, his walk, his grin, learning to show off his power as he taught people who truly lived behind a face he never quite recognized in the mirror. A Tony who teaches himself to spit fire, who quickly learns to hone his party tricks for self defense, whose heart burns as bright as a lit candle, is essential.    Beth: At first, Beth’s premonition ability is extremely helpful in her field. A level-headed, sass-throwing recruit at the academy, she quickly develops a reputation for being lucky. Lucky to come across the scene of a crime seconds before it takes place. Lucky, always finding the missing children before the K9 unit is called. Lucky to be the officer on duty when shots are fired, and somehow stepping into the fray just after the bad guy’s magazine has emptied. Beth Childs is lucky as can be, climbing the ranks to detective at a madcap rate, because Beth Childs can see the chain of events before they take place. They come to her in fits and starts, and she is nearly always right—so long as she remains calm. By the time she fires on Maggie Chen, however, her stress levels are at an excruciatingly high level. The visions have begun to unravel in her head; she sees places, but not times, or people, but not quite what they need from her. She begins to miss pieces, widening the gap between what’s in her head and reality. She is often too late. Anxiety only makes it worse, and by the time she starts popping pills, Beth Childs can’t see anything straight anymore. She’s missing the clones in her head, watching women with her face slip between her fingers before she can reach them. Soon, there is only one vision in her head, one thing she can be utterly certain of: the train, and her ability to meet it on time.

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One difference I noticed between aang and Korra is that aang used his air bending a lot more then Korra used her water bending, even though it's her "first" element do you have any thoughts on this??

As Iroh said in Atla s02e29 “Fire is the element of power. The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will and the energy and drive to achieve what they want”
This sounds a lot like Korra at the beginning.
In fact the first time we saw her (when she was little) she was firebending.

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And then BAM! Right after her arrival she was firebending for her ”test”

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I think that fire is the element that best sum up her way of handling things.
She is powerful, she wants to be effective when she’s fighting against someone.
Aang instead is peaceful , he doesn’t want to harm or use violence. He’d rather talk to his enemies.

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In Book 4 we can see a big difference between old and new Korra.
She’s still using firebend but also used a lot of airbend against Kuvira’s colossus.

One of the greatest thing that i loved about this show is Korra’s development

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P.S. Sorry for my crappy english. I’m really tired and i hope that you can understand me xD
This is my humble opinion and everyone can share his\her thoughts.

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Taking Chances

Happy Valentine’s Day, herheadandhisheart!

It happens in a blur and when she realizes it, they are already in the middle of the room.

“Would you give me the pleasure of this dance, Princess?”, Bellamy asks with a smirk that Clarke can’t help but match with one of her own.

“Of course, brave knight”, she says and he chuckles.

Taking one step back, he holds her hand and bend down by his waist line. Still with his eyes locked on hers, his lips place a kiss above her knuckles. The sensation makes her mind go blank for a moment while her body seems to catch fire.

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so darkness i became

An itty baby bit about Dark!Emma. Because I couldn’t resist writing me some dark!Killian too.

“Swan, this isn’t you,” he insists. They both have their hands in the air– his in surrender, hers filled with fire. “You have to listen to me.”

“I don’t have to listen to a single word you say,” she spits. “Give me one good reason not to end you right here.”

The fire in her palms is rising, swirling in tall, burning pillars and curling towards him. She purses her lips to blow the softest breath at the flames, and they leap at him in a wave. And he bursts.

“Emma, I love you.”

She doesn’t even flinch, and it’s the first time he’s said it, and the first time he’s ever been afraid of her, as her cold eyes meet his and her lips form a wicked grin.

“Oh, you never loved me,” she snarls. She takes a step closer, and he instinctively backs away. She raises an eyebrow, and his feet are frozen to the ground. She steps closer until the fire is blazing in a glowing tornado around both of them, and her face is inches from his.

“Emma, stop. I need you to–”

“Of course you do,” she croons, her voice sickeningly, condescendingly sweet. “You’ve always needed me. Needed me to save you from that giant, to save your life in Neverland, to be your sun and moon and stars and Savior. You needed someone to obsess over and wrap your life around, because otherwise you don’t feel like your life has any purpose. And I’m sick of it.” Her words are piercing, and he closes his eyes. She tips his chin up with the sharp point of her fingernail, and grabs his chin until he looks at her. “But you must know that I have never needed you.”

The last time he felt this broken, he gave up everything he was, everything he valued. He made his heart go cold and his eyes harden. He has a few options now. He could cry. He could beg her to remember him, to love him. Or he could go just as dark as her. God knows he’s been darker before.

So he lets out a slow breath. He thinks of the searing pain as the Dark One cut off his hand. The worse pain of seeing Milah fall to the deck, her heart turned to dust. He thinks of Liam, lifeless and limp in his arms, of his father’s ship sailing away without him, of the bruises on his mother’s arms. 

He closes his eyes, and thinks of Emma. 

Emma, leaving him chained to the beanstalk. Emma, asking him to help her when she’d done nothing but turn him away. Emma, telling him to save his breath, Emma kissing him and saying it’s a one-time thing, Emma leaving him broken and alone for a year when she was everything, Emma– for whom he gave up his ship, his home, to have the chance of seeing again, who pushed him away and pulled him closer and broke him in so he could snap, now. 

When he opens his eyes, he feels nothing in her sinister gaze. Nothing at the fire circling him. Nothing in the way she asks if he really thought that she could ever love a man like him.

“Are we done, Captain?” She asks, her eyes cold even as she smiles with all of her teeth. He grits his, bends down into a low sweeping bow, and looks up at her with a raised eyebrow and menacing smirk.

“Oh, no. Bring it on, love.”