i like the way it looks now more than i did before

  • thorin: he looks more like a grocer than a burglar
  • bilbo: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in conkers, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on the Sackville-Baggins. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across Middle-Earth and your sorry ass is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Shire Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Don’t know why I just noticed this but something about the way they’re holding/hugging each other is kinda cute even if it is out of pure fear lol 

His eyes are beautiful, captivating.
It’s incredible how much eyes can tell you.
They can show the pain that they’ve been through and the joy that they feel.
They can be glazed over like glass or shine like stars.
His now shine, even more beautiful than they did before.
And they always captivate me, every single time.
They always surprise me with how beautifully they glow.
They make me feel comfortable, I can look into them for hours on end and try to watch the stories of his mind unravel.

I like to listen to him talk, I like the way that he says things differently than I.
I love how with every word he says he has me begging for the next one.
Every time he speaks it’s as if all the gloomyness of the room around us has faded, and we have entered a land of paradise.
His words are so gentle, planned out quickly in his mind.
Oh how I wish that I could talk as calmly as he.

I love his body, I love how his hips fit between mine.
I love holding him in my arms because I know he’s safe from the world’s harms.
It’s nice to stroke his sides, I like to glide my hands along the soft surface.
His body is homely and when I am connected with it I feel calm.
His hands fit perfectly with mine as if he were a missing bolt in my creation.
And the way his nose will wrinkle when he frowns.

His laugh is gorgeous, not the little chuckle he makes when I pull a silly face but his real laugh.
His heart felt laugh, it’s truly something spectacular, it’s as if it is a melody and it has surly become my favourite song.
To see him cry with laughter is a moment I am content, knowing that he his happy.

He makes me feel safe, when with him I feel at home. It doesn’t matter where I am, as long as he stays by my side through the morning and the night everything will be alright. I want to travel with this man. I want him to see my favourite places, the little nooks and crannies all around the world that I have fallen in love with, I want him to fall in love with too. I want to share my secret places and I want them to become his secret place too. I want take him to the palace of my mind, I want him to be able to see the beauty that I do when I see him, I want him to understand the feeling of wholeness I get when he is near. I want to share everything I love with the one I love.

—  Home 03.08.16
Part 3 - Psycho

“baby please, baby please no promises…”

His ass was lucky I waited until the next morning before storming over to his house and confronting him about how he had left me hanging the night before. Niall had never done that. Not once in the three years that we had been hooking up did he ever turn me down. I didn’t even think I would have wanted him to stay when I had first let him into my apartment, but with the way the night had gone, I more than expected it. I knew how he looked at me when he wanted me, how he touched me and talked to me, and he had been giving me all the signs. What was so different now? Why didn’t he want me?

My car screeched to a halt outside his drive and I let out a huff as my wedge sandals slapped to the warm pavement. Brushing my slightly wind blown hair off my face as I made my way up his driveway, I stepped up to his door and rang the doorbell. Dave answered and I barely gave him time to move out of the way before I hastily pushed my body past him. “Where is he?” I asked, Dave knitting his brow as he closed the door behind me.

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Please don’t leave me

I got a request to write something fluffy for our lovely Yukkin, and it’s fluff, a bit angsty fluff but it’s fluff! Maybe it’s more angsty than fluffy but anyway.

Also, I am sorry I am so late with this, but real life got in the way, like massive in the way… So I will upload two Fics today and tomorrow continues the regular schedule. But now, please enjoy :D

Sanada Yukimura x MC (Ino)

angst, fluff

Why did it come to this? I was sitting in the middle of the night in some random restaurant I’ve never been before. While watching the other costumers, I have been sipping on the cup of sweet sake I had ordered for some time now.  The last couples and families had already left for hours, and remaining were only some shady looking men, most of them getting more and more drunk with every passing minute.
Well, I was there, too, of course, sitting in my badly lit corner and shading myself in self-pity. I sighed. Not for the first time this evening.

The reason for me being in some shabby place like this, was some a single woman. No, actually she wasn’t. I was just projecting my frustration onto her, to make it her fault and not mine. The woman, some daughter of a powerful Lord who had interested in a political marriage with the Sanada Family, was visiting to get to know her potential future husband, Lord Yukimura. A situation like this wasn’t something that unordinary. Yukimura was a young, good looking Lord who had a strong connection with Lord Takeda Shingen, one of the most important daimyos of our time. Many young Ladies had an interest in him, political and personal alike. But still, every time it happened, Yukimura’s and I were more edgy than usual, what caused us to argue more often. Just like today. But this time it escalated.

After the fight with Yukimura, I went into town to distract myself, but I didn’t know how to encounter him, so I kept strolling around. And now, here I was, still sitting at a place no woman should probably be alone, at this time of the night. I sighed again. But was pulled out of my dark thoughts by the voice of the restaurant owner, who announced that they were closing soon. I paid my bill and hastily left to be away when all the drunk men would leave, too.

Someone was following me. I successfully evaded the drunk through my hurried departure, but I still could sense someone behind me. I had quickened my pace a couple of times but every time glanced behind me the shady figure was still there. At first, I tried to convince myself that, the person just walked the same way home as me by coincidence to calm my nerves. But by then I was sure they were following me. I fasten my steps once more, and now were literally running through the dark and empty streets. I looked behind me, and still, the shadow was following me. And was coming closer. I just ran as fast as I could, not paying attention in which particular direction, just away.

Too afraid to look again, I kept my eyes straight forward and continued running, until I suddenly was pull back backwards, from a strong hand at my arm. I screamed in pure terror until another hand laid itself tightly over my mouth to muffle my shout. I fought against the grip with all my might, but it had no use, the arms of my attacker didn’t loosen a bit. One hand still over my mouth, he started to pull me towards a smaller side street. I reached behind me to scratch his face, but he evaded my hands and just kept dragging be away from the open road.

“Ino!?” I froze at the familiar voice. Just like my attacker behind me. But I easily came back to my sense and used his moment of shock to rip myself free and started running towards the shouting voice. The men didn’t chase me, but also set off running into the other direction.
“Yukimura!” I threw myself into his spread arms and against his chest while wrapping my arms tightly around his broad body as if it were the only thing keeping me alive. He gently rubbed my back, until I calmed down enough to talk.
“Yukimura?” I asked after a short moment.
“Yes?” He answered immediately in a soft voice.
“Why are you in town so late.” My voice sounded a bit muffled against his chest.
“When you didn’t come home after sunset, I got worried and went looking for you.” I was stunned into silence for a couple of seconds before I looked up to him.
“You were looking for me since sunset? ….that was hours ago.” My heart hurt with guilt but also warmed with love, at my imagination of worried Yukimura rushing through the streets looking for me. He nodded slightly and brushed the tears from my cheeks with his thumbs.
“I was so worried.” His brows knit with the troubled expression on his face, but then he seemed to remember something. “Ino, what happened…” He vaguely pointed to my crumpled clothing. I looked down and told him about the restaurant, my follower and how he attacked me. When I was finished, he just pulled me against his chest again, holding me tightly. I knew he was deep in thoughts, so I simply enjoyed his warmth against my skin and waited for to speak again.

“Did you see his face?” His voice seemed nearly emotionless, but I knew him well enough to hear how tensed he was.
“No, I hardly saw anything.” His embrace tightened a little more, and my rips started to hurt. But he let go of before it got too much. His hands on my shoulders he looked into my eyes with a pleading look.
“Promise me, you will never run away, tell me if you don’t want to see me, and I will give you time alone. But please, please don’t leave me. If something would happen to you… I don’t know-, …what I would-” He pulled me against his chest again. His face at my neck, I could feel his breathing tickling my skin. “Please stay with me.”
I smiled and whispered with a soft voice into the dark of the night, surrounded my his warmth and love: “I promise.”

So, here we are again. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the Fic! If so or not let me know! Next turn is Saizo’s turn, and our Dango-Ninja comes with pure angst… I will upload him in a couple of hours. Until then have a great time!  Do Svidaniya!


Pairing: Vernon x Reader

Genre: Fluffy 

Word Count: 371

Lately you’ve been feeling as if Vernon was avoiding you. Every time you’d try to hang out or be near him, he’d find a way to be distant from you. Even when you two did get to be together, he wasn’t very happy or excited about it.

You weren’t sure why he was asking like this but it bothered you a lot. One day you finally go up Vernon and try to find out why he’s made such a distant between you two.

You were more worried for him than angry at him. He must’ve had a reason to why he’s been acting like this. “Vernon..can I talk with you?” You as very softly.

“Uh sorry Y/N but I have some work to do right now-” He starts but you cut him off. He’s done this before and you weren’t about to let him do it again.

“It’ll be quick.” You say with pleasing look in your eyes, asking him to stay.

He sighs and has his attention on what you want to talk to him about. “I don’t know why but I feel like you’ve been avoiding me Vernon..I don’t understand. Did I something wrong? Are you upset with me?” You ask already starting to feel down.

“No babe..it’s just..I don’t think you’d like me if you spent a lot of time with me. I just don’t think I’m someone that you want to be with. I know..I’m kind of shy and I’m not that kind of an affectionate boyfriend.. I just feel like I’m not what you want. I’m just not good enough for you because you just so perfect..”

If that really why he avoided me? He’s so cute. I don’t know why he’d feel so bad.
“Vernon, you’re the one I want and if anyone’s perfect it’s you. Please stop avoiding me because I love you.” I assure him that I’d be by his side always and that there’s no one better than him in my eyes.

I hug him so that he knows I love him. He hugs me back with a smile on his face. He places a kiss on my nose and I smile. “I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

Going back to 1x23. WA were discussing Barry FP'd before FP even existed. Iris was like "You'd have both parents, a great career, maybe even get married" while looking him in the eye, saying "Iris West-Allen, huh?" Fast forward to 3x01, Barry had almost everything he wanted. But FP was more of a dream rather than a reality. Whatever tragedies that come your way, you deal with it. Now that Iris' life is threatened by the future, it's just another obstacle Barry will learn to overcome.

I definitely believe Barry learned all this as a result of Flashpoint. The West family being so fragmented along with Wally’s injury also prompted him to give up his dream life, because he eventually realized how selfish it was. I ultimately think he did that for Iris’s sake too.

anonymous asked:

Could you write headcanons for Kuroo after his s/o is trying to slim down binges bad and feels gross and fat? Thank you, I just really need this right now.

Um … never done anything like this before, so sorry if it’s bad but uh …. here we go.

Kuro holding his significant other’s hair back as they vomit out their food with a sad smile on his face

“Have you looked in the mirror recently? You’re skinny. And not in the good way. Please see someone about this. For me?”

Kuroo makes them change their diet so they eat healthy and lets them join him on his morning runs so if they really want to lose weight, they do it in a healthy way.

“You know the reason I’m with you has nothing to do with how you look, right? You have so many more assets to yourself than just your appearance.”

“If you’re going to do this, then I’ll do it too. I don’t think it’s healthy, but we’re in it together, remember?”

“Thank you,” said Granny. “I did my best.”
“She’s a good witch, to be sure,” said the shade of Granny Weatherwax. “I have no doubts whatsoever.”
“It’s an inconvenience, true enough, and I don’t like it at all, but I know you do it for everyone, Mr. Death. Is there any other way?”
—  Terry Pratchett, The Shepherd’s Crown. One of the many parts that made me cry.
Did I actually write a meta?


I just, see, for me, I can’t exactly blame Kylo for his own actions, I can’t look at him and see this monster that turned to the dark side in a hungry conquest for power, I agree with what you say, Kylo is who we see in those moments of weakness, of wanting Rey, of begging for a release from his father, for his very clear dialogue in which he talks to himself more so than those around him with lines like “don’t be afraid I feel it to” and “Han solo can’t save you now”, (which only prove to me his mental state is unhealthy and he probably spend way to much time in front of vader’s mask if he’s speaking to himself out loud)

and when he kills he’s does so out of duty, not out of pleasure, it’s not like he gets off on it, he’s been manipulated since before he was born or pretty close to it if Leia’s “Snoke’s always been there, manipulating our son” (that’s probably butchered btw but the meaning still stands) means anything, and I just, as a survivor myself, there was a time in my life in which I acted like Kylo, it’s why (I think) I can understand his character so well, it makes sense to me because I’ve been there before, and if he’s doing everything not because he wants to, but out of fear of what will come if he won’t

Can you sit there and say “well if Snoke was never there in the first place he probably actually would have lead a pretty happy life” and some how feel like his actions were his own fault? Like, let’s take a look at anakin here, anakin was a product of very simple they don’t trust you manipulation, which is even more prevalent in the clone wars, you see old plapy mention how the Jedi don’t trust him, they never let him go on certain missions, and it’s rather easy to watch it play out, but I think the big difference here is that Kylo is afraid of Snoke, which I think is a big distinction here between the two characters,

because while Vader was a puppet, he seemed to be a willing one, while Kylo is terrified of Snoke, it’s said he trembles after getting yelled at, which is something, might I add, that hux doesn’t do, so there’s obviously a disconnect there, and it seems he starves himself according the the junior novel, so you have this culmination of this boy, who knows at this point he’s being manipulated and knows he’s going to be thrown away at some point, he tells his dad strait up that he knows he’s being used, and he just wants to be free of his pain, and it’s so clear that he just regrets, and I think this raises questions of what he’s so afraid of? he doesn’t want to be where he is, he doesn’t kill of his own wishes, and so he’s kind of just like a prized attack dog, Snoke’s good boy Kylo ren, and when Kylo doesn’t do what he’s supposed to he gets put in the dog house,

and I do honestly believe that Snoke would have slaughtered Rey in front of Kylo to get him to behave, the girl he feel in love with in a matter of seconds practically, which is so outrageous and probably how he keeps Kylo in line “do want I want, get a treat, do not do what I do and watch all you love burn” it’s kind of sick actually and for me it’s just incredibly insulting to think that Kylo wants any of this, you could say sure, Kylo’s acting of his own accord, he makes the decisions to do what he does but at what point do potential punishments come into this? Like he can just get away with everything he wants with Snoke in his head all the time? Kylo can sense the tiny changes in Snoke’s behavior just like Snoke can sense his, and it’s never good when it’s addressed

If we take away the parts that make him human, the parts where you really see the personality of “Ben solo” come out, you still find him lacking any real and true reason to be called a villain, say what you want but Kylo killed all of two people in the movie, Han and Lor San, the rest were either stormtrooper or resistance kills, heck even Poe killed more people in the movie then Kylo did! And the only reason he attacked the village was because they hid Tekka and the village needed to be made an example of by first order rules, then in the other scene he just finds Rey and carries her off and that’s it, to say he is a horrible monster for reasons that your just guessing on are ridiculous, hux blew up like 7 planets and Kylo’s the one getting called evil and hux is being surrounded by flower crowns and cats, you could say “but River he killed the Jedi!” And let me tell you friend, it is never said once that the one who killed anybody was ren, and secondly that anyone died at all as far as I’m concerned, it was said that the order was destroyed not that anyone was or is dead, (my own personal beliefs tip towards the Knights of ren being those Jedi) (but it’s also kind of ridiculous)

So to sum up my main points,
• you can’t blame Kylo for everything
• Kylo is a human who made mistakes and while he might have chosen the path to the dark side in the beginning, I think he just wants to go home now but doesn’t think he can anymore
• Kylo was and is still being manipulated
• it’s always easier said than done to leave an abusive situation
• Kylo has significant mental illness that leads to his anger and immediate attachment to Rey and self harm behavior
• Snoke thinks upon him as more of a prize than a human being
• there is probably nothing Kylo can do to get out of his situation safely
• nor is there anyway he thinks he can get out even if he wanted to

Also I think this fic sums up my thoughts quite nicely on the whole thing http://archiveofourown.org/works/6139390 (not the best fic in the world just a warning)


Sierra: The least we can do now is be friends. It maybe be hard but we can try. I’m so happy you’re doing better.

August stared at Sierra as she spoke. Her expression was soft but guarded and while she did look him at him, her eyes often flitted away just like the way she did when she wanted him to kiss her before. Taking Iris’ advise, August moved closer to her which silenced her almost immediately. 

August: There is no way I can be your friend. 

Sierra: August…

August: Friends don’t do what we do when we see each other. The things I want to do to you is much more than what friends do. They way I feel for you.


    A continuation of | x |

      “So…that’s the plan?”

     The words were asked with such a feigned disappointment that it almost sounded like the speaker, Lightfoot, was expecting something more ( much more ) and as he and the usually shy pig next to him exchanged amused looks Sonic rolled his eyes, significantly less amused than his two friends but grinning nonetheless.

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Beauty and the Beast AU

The Beauty and the Beast trailer just came out and of course the first thing I thought about was an OCP AU which is now so long it’s under a cut

This is 100% Zimbits jsyk (sadly I did not use the phrase ‘southern BELLE’ even though I wanted to)

- Jack is cursed after the draft by what he assumes is some stalker fan who just so happens to be a witch. He goes all hairy and beastlike (maybe he looks a bit like a moose idk). Unable to go to his parents from shame and having cut ways with Parse just before being cursed, he flees to Cambridge

- He lives in the wild for a while before coming across what looks like a really old frat house

- It looks in good shape for such a creepy old building, but the ground around it hasn’t been disturbed so he assumes no one lives there but-

- Surprise! When he goes in he is accosted by animate objects who start pelting hockey pucks at him (of course it would be his luck he’d end up in an old hockey frat instead of any other sport)

- Eventually after he starts crying and looking all miserable and defeated they calm down enough to realise he’s not a threat. The upside down hockey stick with a moustache introduces himself as Shitty.  The only animate puck is called Lardo, the glasses are called Holster.  

- Later, when Jack is settled on a really ugly green couch, a snapback introduces himself as Ransom. He proceeds to introduce Jack to Chowder, a plushie shark, and two bickering hockey skates called Dex and Nursey.

- (Jack doesn’t meet Tango and Whiskey until he decides he has to eat, and finds them sleeping in the cutlery draw.)

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GOT7 REACTION To after coming from a long tour their chubby gf lost lots of weight in a healthy way, like for doing exercise and going to the gym, also it made her more confident

Yoooo I’m here again for more updates!



“Oh wow! Is it really you? Oh my god!”


“How did you.. I mean.. You were already perfect but now you’re even more!”


“Jackson approve it! If you’re happy, I’m happy!”


“What do you think? Way better now, huh?” you ask.

“I don’t even know what to say…”


“Omg jagi! Coco-ya won’t even recognize you! But you’re so much more beautiful than before!”


“Daaang! My girl looks so fine! Just like me! C’mom baby, let’s buy some new clothes for you”.


“Jagi… wow! You’re so beautiful!”


Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

Hunting Season

prompt by Anonymous: “The other day I saw an old post where Dean was like “Hi! I’m a hunter and it’s ’‘you” season’’ and Cas, all confused, was like “not sure if flirtation or a threat”. I laughed much more than I should have. Could you write something with that?”
word count: 1764
author’s note: Somehow that little story did not take the direction I intended but I really hope you don’t mind :)

“C'mon, brother!”

“You’re annoying, you know that?”

“I’ve been told.” Benny grins wide and unashamed before he slaps Dean’s shoulder with way more force than would be necessary. “Look at that girl, man. She’s practically undressing you with her eyes.”

He points at the bar again where a brunette Goddess tried to get Dean’s attention for the last ten minutes. At first she threw him meaningful looks and smiles and now she’s basically naked. At least the small top she wears barely covers her boobs.

And a few years ago Dean would have been all over that. Hell, he’d probably have bought her her third drink by this point or even have taken her to his apartment to have a good time.

But now?

He really doesn’t feel it.

It’s been all fun and games in his twenties but he turned fucking thirty-seven about a month ago and he just can’t keep on going like that. All his friends are settling down, marrying and getting children and he’s sick and tired of being the unattached guy who doesn’t keep a woman or man in his bed for too long.

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Remus took a deep breath before entering their house. He was trying to look not as shit as he felt. Judging from the look Sirius gave him, he wasn’t really successful.

Sirius was on the couch, watching some documentary on Netflix and petting Padfoot(their dog) at the same time.

Just as Sirius opened his mouth to say something, Remus interrupted him quickly. “Erm I’m going to shower now.” And he walked rapidly towards their bathroom.

Quickly removing his clothes, he adjusted the temperature-close to scalding. He knew he’d have to face Sirius at some point but right now I needed this.

As the hot water cascaded on his body, he felt some knots in his stomach dissapearing. It wasn’t perfect.

He knew he would feel like that. He always did when he went back to his school. But he needed those documents so he grinded his teeth and went. And it was way more awful than what he expected.

He had been misgendered the whole day. True he hadn’t tell anyone about his gender at that point: he himself learnt that he was genderfluid after school. But that didn’t mean it hurt less being viewed as a boy.

Reliving those moments, he felt his eyes prickle. Blinking and willing those tears to go away, he grabbed his favourite body shower (lily scented-ironically given by Lily herself) and washed himself.

Leaning against the wall, he let the water flow on him. Fuck what skin experts say. He needed this scalding water right now.

Finally getting out, he toweled himself and grabbed his favourite and largest tshirt and some boxers. Once he wore them, he made his way to his bed.

Just as he was sliding under the duvet, Sirius came into the room with some tea. He placed it on the table next to Remus side and wordlessly joined his boyfriend.

He was wearing just pyjama bottoms though. He wrapped his arms around Remus, and let Remus tuck his face into his neck.

They weren’t in the most comfortable position with Remus being way taller than Sirius, but that was the best Remus felt all day.

When he felt Sirius massaging his scalp and occasionally kissing him on his shoulders, he felt himself tearing up again.

If Sirius noticed, Remus was grateful he didn’t say anything. He simply continued massaging him and murmuring soft words to him.

“I hated everything today.” Remus told Sirius after some time. He simply muttered the words against Sirius chest. He didn’t want to ever let go of the of Sirius’ skin. He absolutely loved his scent and had always associated it to home.

“I know love. And I’m really sorry about that.” Sirius held him even tighter and kissed him deeply.

Both of them fell asleep at some point. When Remus woke up, he could not distinguish his limbs from Sirius’. They were just entangled arou d each other.

True he had spent an awful day but atleast he knew he would have Sirius at the end of the day.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I’m sure that the Shadow you fight in Generations and the Shadow that cheers you on in the final battle against the Time Eater are two completely different Shadows.

When you fight Metal Sonic in the Classic era, he sports his classic design instead of his modern one. And as I’ve discussed before, the Silver you fight in Crisis City is most definitely the one from ‘06, rather than other games. So… it would make Shadow the odd one out if him, the boss version of Shadow, wasn’t the Shadow from SA2.

He’s found near City Escape, which is set in Central City, the location he steals the emerald from near the beginning of the game. And when you fight him, you’re transported all the way up to the ARK, on a similar track to the one you fight him on in SA2 itself in the final fight against him.

And just look at the dialogue differences between both of Shadow’s appearances in that game:

Boss!Shadow: “You’re finally here, Sonic. I don’t know where we are, nor do I care. This is where I finally finish you, Sonic.” / “Hah. Back for more, Sonic? Guess you never learn your lesson.”

Cutscene!Shadow: “You’ve got this, Sonic!” plus various other lines of encouragement during the Time Eater fight itself (wish I could find a proper script for the battle)

That’s… a huge difference in his opinion of Sonic between his two appearances. “You’re finally here”? “Nor do I care”? That is 100% SA2 Shadow. He was trying to find Sonic at the end of his story in that game, on that track underneath the ARK. And he doesn’t give a shit what happens to anyone in the world, as long as he avenges Maria’s death. Compare that to “You’ve got this, Sonic”, which better echoes his ‘06 self alongside lines like “Are you okay?” when Sonic runs low on rings, not to mention his obvious grief when Sonic dies in that game.

Plus, when you first fight him in Generations, he’s holding the yellow Chaos Emerald - which was the last emerald to be collected by the Dark characters in SA2.

It’s just - I don’t know how I didn’t realize this before, that boss!Shadow and cutscene!Shadow are two different people. Boss!Shadow is the one who was erased by the Time Eater, whereas cutscene!Shadow was sent to the white world the same as every other friendly NPC (he just couldn’t appear as a friendly NPC like the others could, for obvious reasons). This makes me feel so much better about Shadow’s characterization in that game, tbh - all this time I thought they were just making him into a jerk character for no reason, but seen in this light, everything makes perfect sense.

We talk about hard things or we sit quietly
side by side and pass the blunt back and forth.
Our big heavy beautiful bodies are nothing
like what the magazines promised,
but we still run this shit. Catch us waking up early
only if brunch is involved, the week’s hottest gossip
getting us more drunk than $5 mimosa specials.
At bars we take shot after shot, ask strangers
to take a look right down into our open throats
and see our smoking bellies. This summer
was a lot of sadness, a lot of madness,
yeah, but things fell together the way they were 
supposed to. And I should have chosen a more boring life.
And I can wash my hair in the sink if I really want to.
And I count the pores around my nose carefully
every night before bed. And I miss home but home
is different now because I have bills and responsibilities
and a floor that needs vacuuming. My phone is brimming
with voicemails from someone who just wants to talk
but nothing is ever that simple. My true love 
is probably a long time away from me or lost 
on the subway or enjoying someone else’s bed. 
I’ll see you soon, motherfucker.
—  Kristina Haynes, “My Horoscope Did Not Prepare Me for This Day”

As I was saying before, it seems pretty clear that the people of Tokyo are fully aware that weird stuff just happens to them. The sailor senshi aren’t exactly a secret anymore, so there’s no sense in anyone pretending that people aren’t going to see them sometimes.

The manga senshi have always been way less uptight about their secret identities than in other adaptations. Asanuma full-on guessed who everybody was in the previous arc. So of course that’s going to be reflected in Crystal. There’s going to be a lot more blurring of everybody’s identities this arc.

But it’s great to see it addressed so directly with Naru and Umino. Did Naru know before? Judging by her expression, I think she did. She looks concerned here, not shocked or frightened. She knows that bad stuff like this happens sometimes. She knows that it’s her friend’s job to take care of it. 

Umino? Well, Umino will probably have to update his fan blog now.