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Give No Quarter I

I’ve been sitting on this story for a while but without further ado, this is the first part of my Hobbit/Pirate AU. Please tell me what you think :) It would help me finish what I have so far if I knew it was worthwhile. 

Your bones were so cold they felt as if they would shatter. The frigid water soaked through your clothes and flesh as you clung to the splintered slab of wood. Slivers had embedded in your hands as you clawed desperately at the makeshift raft, making your plight even more painful, and your froze fingers could barely cling to the board.

Your teeth chattered in the damp fog as you floated among the wreckage of your former ship. The sky was a full gray and growing darker by the moment as your body grew closer to hypothermia. You knew you were going to freeze to death among the depths and yet what else could you do as you drifted along?

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Dates and Deal Breakers- Coffee Shop AU

So, I promised @takemeawaytocamelot that this would be finished by the end of the week, and I always keep my promises!

This is a continuation of “Two Sugars, Extra Cream” which you can find here under Coffee Shop AU . Enjoy!

Chapter 2: Dates and Deal Breakers

           It was 6:30, and I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror contemplating what in God’s name I should do with my hair. Steaming milk for 6 hours did wonders for curls, and not in the good way. The only way to fix this was to shower, and I simply did not have time for that.

           “What do you think Adso?” I turned to the small pile of gray fur in the doorway. “Is it acceptable? Oh, gross!” He was licking his nether-parts. I wasn’t sure if he did that for business or pleasure, but it was disgusting either way.

           Adso turned at my exclamation, green eyes bright in his charcoal face. He stared unwaveringly, making me super uncomfortable after his previous activity.

           “I’m going to take that awkward stare as a yes, and assume I look all right,” I told him. He meowed happily, and rubbed himself in a figure-eight around my legs. “Okay, don’t trip me Addy. It’s one thing to have messy hair on a first date. It’s another to have a broken arm.”

           He continued his rubbing, anyway. Obviously, he didn’t care about my feelings whatsoever. But, what cat ever did?

           I pivoted to face the full length mirror on the door, and surveyed “The Outfit,” bottom to top. Black boots, black tights, black dress. Black on black on black.

           Classy, Beauchamp.

           My eyes made their way to my hair. Wild as ever, dark curls springing in every direction. There was no hope for it.

           Maybe I should put a headband or something in it…

           A headband? What are you, Beauchamp? Eight?

           I ran my hands through it, zooshing it up a bit.

           Shit, that made it worse.

           Before I could destroy my hair further, Adso startled me by yowling at the door.  

Shit. Is that him?

And then the doorbell rang.

Shit. Shit. Shit.


           Jamie drove an obnoxiously large, obnoxiously red truck.

“Compensating for something, my lad?” Jamie had my hand in his, carefully assisting me into his monstrosity vehicle. He gave me a pointed look and slammed the door, but otherwise did not acknowledge my hilarious joke. I watched the top of his red mane float across the windshield before he appeared fully on the other side.

“Nay, ‘twas my godfather’s. He sold it to me fer a guid price.” Jamie heaved into the truck using his grab handles. He wiggled a bit in his seat, before buckling up.

“And what did your godfather need a truck this large for?”

“I dinna ken. Tae hold his big balls, most like.”

“That’s foul.”


Jamie whipped his truck into the parking lot of a place called Iggy’s Steakhouse.

“Well, I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not a vegetarian…” I said, wrestling with the seatbelt. Jamie had already unbuckled and magically appeared at my side, opening the door for me. He held out his hand, and I used that as leverage to hop out of the truck.

“Aye… Perhaps I shoulda asked…”

“Perhaps. But you’re lucky. I eat meat like nobody’s business.”

“Good.” He placed a hand gently on the small of my back (!!!) and started leading me to the entrance. His hand was large, and probably took up half the space on my back. But it was warm, and his thumb was make tiny, almost imperceptible motions against my dress. I could melt, and would happily be the small English puddle in his life.

Despite the name (Seriously, what kind of name is Iggy? Is it short for something?), the inside was lovely and proper. Small tabled were arranged in rows, each with a candle and a white tablecloth. Small chandeliers littered the ceiling, creating a charming, dim ambiance. I heard, amongst the chattering of patrons, quiet orchestral music. This had to be the fanciest first date I’ve ever been on, and I told Jamie just as much.

“Wow. This place is wonderful! I’ve never heard of it before.”

“Well, it’s not a huge place, ken. My mate Angus owns the place. That’s how I knew about it,” Jamie responded, as we stepped to the hostess. “Two under Fraser, please.”

The woman guided us to our table. A table with a card on it that read “Reservation” in calligraphy. I suppose it pays to know the owner. Speaking of the owner…

“So,” I began, as I shimmied out of my coat. “Your friend’s name is Angus. And he owns a steak restaurant… I can taste the irony, and it tastes like cow.” Jamie chuckled, teeth sparkling in the candlelight.

“Aye. I dinna ken if he did that purposely.” He took a small sip of water. “But, he’s the type that would, so…”  He took another sip, this time including an ice cube. He bit down on the ice with a crunch, and munched on it happily, very much like a cow we were preparing to eat.

“Wow, Fraser. Hungry?”

“Bad habit. I’ve done it since I was a lad. Anytime I would get hot or nervous, I’d eat ice. Deal breaker?”

“No, my bad habits are much worse, just you wait,” I grinned. Jamie mirrored my grin.

“Nay, I doubt that. Ice crunching is probably the worst habit anyone could have. It’s irritatin’ and it’s bad for yer teeth.”

“You know what else is bad for your teeth? Smoking.”

“I dinna know you smoked.” I could hear the trepidation in his voice. Obviously, that was a deal breaker for him.

“I don’t. I’m just giving you a fun fact.” With that, he let out a breath.

“Yer always messin’ wi’ me, Sassenach.”

“I know. I think that’s just how I flirt.”

“Yer flirting wi’ me?”

“I’ve been flirting with you since we first met. Thanks for noticing.”


Our dinners came out perfectly arranged on silvery plates. A medium rare steak took up one half, a small salad took up the other. It looked simply mouth-watering. And I, feeling more than a bit peckish, started cutting into it immediately. Jamie, I noticed, did not.

“Everything okay?”

“Oh, aye. Everything’s fine.” He waved over the server; a blond boy no more than 17. “Excuse me, sir? Could I maybe have a bottle of ketchup?”

“Umm, aye?” The boy answered, perplexed, before scampering off. I was confused as well.

“What in God’s name do you need ketchup for?”

“My steak, o’ course.” I stared at him blankly. Surely he was joking…

“I’m sorry?”

“What? Have ye no seen a man put ketchup on his steak before?” He seemed slightly miffed by my attitude.

“No! Never!” It was the truth. I had heard of such blasphemies, but never experienced them first-hand. “You mean to tell me that you took me this nice place, all to drown your delicious steak in ketchup. And your friend owns the place, no less!”

“Are ye mocking my food choice?” Was he truly hurt by this?

“No!” I assured. “I’m just…concerned. Donald Trump eats his steak with ketchup, and I just don’t want you to end up like that…” He rolled his eyes at me. At this time, the young server popped in to drop off Jamie’s desecration, before leaving again. Jamie squeezed the ketchup in his plate, cut into his meal, dipped it in said ketchup, and took an enormous bite. Even more disturbing was him staring at me with wide blue eyes the entire time.

“You’re killing me; you know that?”

“Aye. It’s why I’m doing it. Hope this isn’t a deal breaker either.” I thought for a second, eyes to the ceiling.

“No, but you’re pushing it.”


Dinner tasted as good as it looked, and I, thankfully, didn’t vomit while watching Jamie eat ketchup drenched steak.

“We’re ready fer the check, please,” Jamie told the boy-server.

“Aye, sir,” he responded.

“It was delicious Jamie,” I said once the boy was gone. “You’ll have to tell your friend that he has a wonderful restaurant.”

“Aye, I will, Sassenach,” Jamie replied as he took the check-holder from the server, and deftly slid his card into the designated pocket before handing it back to him. “He’ll be pleased.”


           Jamie wrapped his arm around me as we left the restaurant, which left me feeling all safe and warm. He carefully maneuvered me back into his firetruck, before floating over to his side.

           “Claire,” he said seriously. This caught my attention. Usually we were playful, and banter-y. This was different. He reached over, and tucked a stray curl behind my ear. “I forgot tae tell ye how lovely ye looked tonight. I should have when I picked ye up, but I was too busy staring, ken? Truly, ye are the loveliest woman, inside and out.”

           I blushed. No one had ever spoken to me like that, with such sweetness and sincerity. I wasn’t used to it, and I didn’t know how to respond.

           “Thank you, Jamie. You look very handsome yourself this evening.” It was the truth. He wore a green and blue plaid shirt that simultaneously brought out the red in his hair and the blue in his eyes. His jeans were dark, and hugged his hips lovingly. But it was more than that. It was the twinkle in his eyes. The deep laugh. The small bump in his nose. The ears that stuck out just a bit. The kindness and humour that came so effortlessly to him. I was infatuated. He smiled brightly, pulling at the dimple in his chin.

           “Thank ye, Claire. Not just for the compliment, but fer spending the evening wi’ me.”

           “It was my pleasure.”

           “Mine, as well.”


           “Shit.” I wasn’t sure if I had ever heard Jamie curse, but I suppose there was a first time for everything.

           “What? What’s wrong?” But I could already feel it. The truck was slowing down, with no assistance from Jamie. He veered over to the shoulder of the road. “Did your truck just die?”

           “Nay. Ran out of gas.” I also don’t think I’ve ever seen Jamie angry, but tonight was a night of firsts, I suppose. His eyes narrowed, and I saw him clenching and unclenching his jaw. He jumped out of the truck, and slammed the door, hard. I know he was trying to keep his voice down for me, but I still heard the muffled profanities. Some I wasn’t even sure were real words. He circled the truck a couple times, before opening the door again.

           “There’s a station, up over the hill. I’ll have to push it. You scoot over and make sure I dinna push it into traffic.”

           “Jamie…” But he had already closed the door again, and positioned himself at the back. I felt the truck start to move forward, so I moved over to the driver’s side, and steered.


           And that was how we spent the next hour: trying to get the truck up the hill. I offered to push while he steered for a bit, but he was having none of it. So, I sat there steering when I needed to, pushing the brakes when I needed to, but altogether feeling quite useless.

           When we made it to the station, Jamie was red-faced with hair sticking to his forehead and neck. I wouldn’t tell him this, but it was kind of sexy.

           “Thank the Lord!” He exclaimed after filling his truck up. I could tell he was worn. He was breathing harder than usual. Gone was the alive twinkle in his eyes. It was replaced by glassy exhaustion.

           “Do you need me to drive? You’re about to pass out.”

           “Nay, I’ll be fine.”

           “Just let me help, Jamie.”

           “That’s verra kind, but I’m completely awake. My muscles just ache.”



           I could be as stubborn as any Scot, and he could see it too. I had my jaw set and my eyes narrowed, ready to be a mule.

           We ended up performing an odd sort of dance across the bench seat, so that we switched places. If this vehicle seemed big as a passenger, it was completely enormous as the driver. I carefully backed out of the space, and sped to a racing crawl all the way back to my flat.


           To Jamie’s credit, he did not fall asleep as a drove. He was, however, staring unseeingly at the street lamps passing by. When I parked at my flat, his reverie broke.

           “Can you make it back okay?” I asked as he walked me to my door.

           “Aye, I dinna live too far. Besides, I told ye, my body’s jus’ tired, no my brain.”

           “Well, if you’re sure…”

           “I am. Dinna worry. I’ll text ye when I get home, okay?”

           “Okay, that’ll make me feel better.” Now here came the awkward part. The part I was never good at: the goodbye after the first date. Do we kiss? Do we hug? Do we shake hands? High five? Fist bump? Jamie placed a hand on my shoulder.

“I had a wonderful time, Sassenach. Shall we do it again sometime?”

“You have my number.” I winked at him. He blinked owlishly back. And then wrapped me in his arms in a crushing hug.

No, that won’t do.

I pulled away from him, and pecked him lightly on the corner of his mouth.

“Be safe, Jamie.”

Iggy’s Restaurant is a fake restaurant. Any resemblance to other restaurants past or present is complete coincidental. 

Also, I did have the steakhouse written before today, but I just had to put the ketchup part in after ECCC panel. :) 

Congratulations | Part 1 (M)

Originally posted by tamtambts

Pairing: Hansung x Reader

Genre: Hwarang!AU, Hansung!AU, fluff, smut

Word Count: 1,831 words

Warnings: dirty talk, bondage (in this part)

Part Two / Part Three (coming soon)

The idea around The Queen gathering the most good looking young masters and training them to become the future of Silla, wasn’t one that you were very fond of. Maybe it was because you weren’t so fond of the so called Queen herself. Maybe it was because everyone was constantly obsessing over how good looking they all were. Maybe it was because you didn’t want your partner to be gone from by your side.

Seok Hansung.

Bubbly, bright and innocent (but not so much in the bedroom). He was a ray of sunshine. Having him gone would feel like a part of you is gone. The two of you were inseparable, despite the fact you were from a lower class than him.

You were born as what they call, a half-blood. Your mother was poor, barely having enough money to look after herself. Your father was part of The Queens officials, having more than enough silver and gold to get him through his entire life. He wasn’t all heartless, he would give your mother and yourself a pouch or two of either gold or silver each month so you two could survive.

The ordeal of a Young Master having relations with a mere half-blood, was sure to be looked down upon. You didn’t have the money for the quality fabric to even sew some of the clothes the Mistress’s of the upper classes wore but standing beside Hansung who’s clothes were always one of the most finest and most expensive in Silla, was more than just embarrassing. Somehow he always managed to sense your tenseness, making sure to give you his adorable boxy smile that would make the sides of his eyes crinkle up and give you a quick kiss on your forehead. He always offered to buy you and your mother new clothes, sometimes even food when he knew you were struggling that week, but you always refused. Hansung always got his way however, he’d always manage to find a way to help you out no matter the consequence.

You had met Hansung when you were around sixteen years of age. You had lost your way in the woods, wondering around trying to find the way back to the city walls and be safe at home with your mother. The daylight was slowly fading away and the night time animals were beginning to cry out, birds, crickets, owls, all kinds of sounds were heard – but no sound of civilisation.

You had soon drifted into a deep slumber until you were lightly being shaken by your shoulders only to open your eyes to a stranger staring down at you, sunrise just happening behind him. A thousand thoughts ran through your head but the main ones you couldn’t forget were: he was very handsome and he could potentially take advantage of you. Doing what anyone would do in self defence (at least that’s what you convinced yourself it was), you hit him.

“Ow!” His voice was much deeper than you had expected. He had the face of a baby, cute yet incredibly handsome, god he was good looking. Was he going to be able to help you get back home? Wait. Did he live in Silla? If he did, how had you not noticed someone like him before?

“D-don’t touch me…” you stuttered, stumbling to get up, your foot accidentally stepping on the bottom of your dress making you lose your balance and you fell forward, right on top of the strange man whom you were trying to avoid.

“O-oh my-” he pushed you off his body and making your side hit the ground with a small ‘oof’ before the young man realised what he did and got up, muttering out apologies and helping you up.

“I’m- I’m truly sorry Miss, I- I didn’t mean to-”

“I-it’s fine…” you straightened yourself up and dusted your dress off but the stains of wet mud and dirt remained on many parts all over it. “I’ll clean it for you!” you looked up at him.

“N-no, not like that but- I just meant, if you take your dress off- oh god, I swear, I-I’m not trying to be creepy-” a small giggle passed your lips making him stop talking and he cleared his throat, a blush appearing on his cheeks.

“I’m sorry…” he cleared his throat again, “what were you doing out here? All alone?”

“Oh, well- I kind of, got lost and I did not know the way back to Silla,” you admitted.

“Oh! I can take you back! We can get back quicker if we use my horse, come on!” He grinned, becoming overly happy at the fact he was going to be able to get someone as beautiful as you back home safely.

Ever since then, Hansung and you were not able to be pulled apart. What started as a simple friendship bloomed into something more (even if his father wasn’t happy with the fact his son was dating a half-breed).


“Will you coming to see me at the ceremony today?” He grinned down at you as your hands were attempting to do up the fabric belt that wrapped around his waist.

“Of course! I have to see you walk with the rest of your potential Hwarang friends while multiple ladies swoon over you and your oh so good looks,” you said dramatically as you take a step back and look at the beautiful, silky light blue robes that the Hwarang members had been given to wear. It fit perfectly a round his slender body, the colours contrasting with his tanned skin perfectly, his hair tied up exposing his forehead (#exposetaehyungsforehead2k17).

“However,” he poked your nose with a small grin, “those ladies, do know you are most definitely mine.”

“They are still able to flaunt their money and jewels in hopes of seducing Young Master Hansung, as a matter of fact.”

“They would never be able to do that because you are the only jewel in my eyes. See, you can see your reflection in my eyes! The circle in my eye is the jewel and your reflection is inside it~ aren’t I the smartest?” Hansung giggled and you weren’t able to hold back the small laugh that left your lips at his attempts to help you feel better.

“Why yes, you are. Now go, you’re going to be late if you don’t leave now.” You ushered him out of your room and all the way outside as he whined and pouted back at why you were making him leave.

“Promise you’ll be there!” he yelled as you closed the door in his face.

“Yes, yes! I promise!”


“Did I look cool? I tried doing that cool facial expression, you know? The one where it looks like you have no emotions so it’s just a static face and then you don’t look at anyone!” Hansung was more than excited after the ceremony of the Hwarang’s.

“Hansung, you were smiling though?”

“It was only because I saw you waving for my attention and I couldn’t help but smile back at you!”

“Very cute Hansung, very cute,” you giggled but wrapped your arms around his neck and placing a small kiss on hips lips, “congratulations on joining the Hwarang’s.”

“Mm, thank you my princess,” he pressed his lips onto yours again, sweet, innocent kisses were not on Hansung’s mind, all day he’d been trying to push aside the thought of pushing his lips against yours as your whimpered and clenched around his cock. This was a big day, all of the Hwarang’s were revealed to the city of Silla and you were stressing over how everything should be perfect, hence why he didn’t make a move – but now, he wasn’t going to hold back.

Small kisses against your lips turned into deeper ones with his hands coming to rest on your side as Hansung pulled you into him more, lightly biting down on your lower lip and letting go afterwards. “H-Hansung, not here,” you whispered, not wanting to get caught by his family.

“Father won’t know if you keep quiet,” he whispered back, a smirk tugging on the side of his face before his large hands came to cup your breasts over your dress. Your breath hitched. This was insane, there was no way you were going to be able to keep that quiet while Hansung was touching you, but there was no denying this was incredibly hot and more of a turn on than you’d like to admit.

Soft kisses and small nips were guided down your neck. “Let’s get this off, shall we?” Hansung spoke as his fingers trailed down over the area where he was able to untie the restrictive clothing and slide it down your body. He was excited, that’s for sure because in no time at all, you were both pretty much naked apart from your undergarments. “Aw, look how soaked you are already! I haven’t done anything!” yep, very excited.

“Hansung! Keep it down, please…”

“Sorry, sorry. My fault,” he giggled at you before lust overtook him again and his eyes darkened, lips being pressed to your neck again as his slender fingers gently pinched your sensitive nub over your underwear making you release a yelp. “Need me to keep going?”

Please,” you wanted to slap him, of course you needed him to keep going.

“I think you’re liking this more than you’d like to admit,” Hansung chuckled, his hand slipping inside your underwear and rubbing at your folds as you tossed your head back at the pleasure, biting down on your lip to try and hold back any sounds, “look at how wet you are, hey? Anyone could walk in on us right now and see you like this, god, you look so pretty right now.”

His thumb pressed against your clit while his finger slipped inside you. “Hansung- oh my god,” you couldn’t help but let the moan flow from your mouth, your hands coming to hold his shoulders, fingernails digging into his soft skin.

“Oh come on princess, it wouldn’t be nice if my father came in and stopped this little fun fest. Maybe I should help you keep your mouth shut, hm?” Hansung pulled away from your body, leaving you panting against the wall as you stared at him.

“Ah ha! This will do,” he smirked as he walked back. In his hand he held his belt that he was wearing around his waist as part of the Hwarang costume.

“Hands behind your back, Y/N,” you obeyed, placing them behind your body only to have him tie them together, tightly. There wasn’t a chance you were going to escape, “Good girl, now let me help you keep quiet too,” he spoke as he walked around his room only to grab a piece of cloth and came back to you. It was long enough to be tied around your mouth and wide enough so it covered it all.

Now, let’s continue on, Y/N.”

a/n: @taenity i’m never going to let you live to be honest, am i? lmao hope you enjoy part one ;)

feedback is always appreciated :)

‘don’t wait up’ (au niklaus mikaelson one-shot)

Prompt: One day, Niklaus had the brilliant idea of sleeping over at your place after getting kicked out of his apartment. Coincidentally, that was the night you were having a boy over. After standing him up and making excuses, you and Nik got into a heated argument. The argument led to some heated sex and the arrangement has gotten more… comfortable now. He rests his hand on your ass or bites your shoulder or kisses your neck and you two just barely avoid getting caught by your friends.

Pairing: Niklaus Mikaelson x Reader

Warnings: daddy!Klaus, slight smut, bit of an achy breaky ending

A/N: this is a little long, and i left it with a cliff-hanger ending. i also changed it a little from the original prompt i had. i’m sorry i haven’t written in so long! thank you guys for being patient and supportive. please please please read this and tell me what you think. much love XOXOX

“Niklaus Mikaelson. What the hell is going on?!” Klaus just walked into my apartment, groaning about how he got kicked out of his apartment and how he’ll be living with me from now on.

“Oh come on, love. I explained it quite clearly to you. I got kicked out of my apartment due to a noise complaint, which is complete rubbish let me tell you,” he shrugs as I cross my arms over my chest. “I can’t control how loud the girls scream.”

“Ew!” I groan and he smirks, chuckling softly as his eyes roam over my half-dressed body.

“Were you going somewhere?” He leans against the wall, eyes not leaving mine.

“No, Klaus. I just like to dress up and dance on my own sometimes,” I roll my eyes and make my way to my room.

“Seriously, what are your plans? I’d like to join,” he shrugs, following me like a lost puppy.

“Yeah, I don’t think he’s into that,” I shrug and he crinkles his nose.

“You’re dressing up for a boy?” he leans against my dresser, eyes narrowing at my clothing choice.

“Well, I’m dressing for myself. He sees me, wants me, pleases me. End of story,” I shrug and he gags. “Oh please. I’m not the one who got kicked out of my apartment for noise complaints.”

“Not my fault I’m so good at what I do,” he shrugs and I glare at him.

“I’m gonna need you to disappear for tonight. Come back tomorrow afternoon; I’ll even make brunch for you!”

“Yeah, no, I don’t think so. I’m staying right here,” he smirks and sits down at the edge of my bed.

“Niklaus Mikaelson, leave right this minute!” I walk over to him, stopping a foot away from him. “I’m getting laid tonight and I won’t let you stand in the way of that.”

“I can probably please you better than he can,” he raises a brow, a small smirk tugging at his lips. “I saw you, now I want you. All that’s left is for me to please you.”

“No,” I ignore the skip in my heartbeat and cross my arms over my chest, determined not to let Klaus get to me. “Leave.”

“Do you really want that?” His voices comes out in a husky whisper, his hands tentatively moving towards my thighs.

“Klaus,” I close my eyes, telling myself I needed him to leave. His hands rest against my upper thighs, slowly moving down to the back of my knees. He pulls me closer and I open my eyes, determined to tell him no.

“Say the word and I’ll be gone,” he whispers, his breath hitting my bare stomach as his deep blue eyes never leave my dark chocolate ones. I can’t say I’ve never wanted this, haven’t thought about it. Hell, I need this. I need him.

“P-please don’t go,” I whimper, a growl emitting from Klaus’s throat as I ask him to stay.

“I won’t,” he places a desperate kiss on my stomach, his hands moving up to grab my ass. “Fuck, princess.”

“Yes, daddy?” Klaus’s breath hitches in his throat and my eyes widen. Fuckfuckfuck why did I just–?

“Say that again,” his voice drops a few octaves as his eyes move up to meet mine, sea blues now a stormy navy.

“W-what?” I gulp, unable to maintain eye contact with him.

“I said, say that again, princess,” his hand moves under my chin, tilting my head to face him. Our eyes meet, a newfound hunger in his beautiful orbs.

“Y-yes da-daddy?” I whisper, my cheeks turning a deep red.

“Here I was thinking I had an innocent little angel on my hands,” Klaus smirks, his dimples emerging. “I’ve got a bad little girl here.”

I tremble as Klaus leaves a trail of kisses from one hip to the other. I tangle my fingers into his dirty blond locks, tugging gently.

“Hmph,” he looks up at me, trailing his tongue from my navel to the bottom of my bralette. “You look so beautiful, princess. I’ve got half a mind to fuck you with this on.”

“O-oh,” I let out a light moan, closing my eyes as his hands move under the waistband of my panties.

“But I can’t quite eat you out with this pretty little thing still on… unless my little pet is even more kinky than I thought?” He swiftly slips a finger between my soaking fold and I nearly fall over on top of him. “Mmmm, someone’s very wet.”

“P-please,” I moan as Klaus runs his fingers over my slit.

“Please what, princess?” He smirks, his teeth nipping my bare abdomen.

“Please eat me out, daddy,” I whisper, my heart nearly leaping out of my chest when he lets out a low chuckle.

“How can I refuse when princess asks so nicely?” He moves his head lower and his lips hover over my panty-covered opening. “We’ll leave your panties on this time.”

And before I can argue that this would be the ONLY time, he had me trembling over him, one leg resting over his shoulder as his skilled tongue worked against my throbbing clit.

Two Years Later

As it turns out, that wasn’t the only time. There were plenty of other times, during many of which I returned the favor. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to keep this little… agreement of ours hidden from our friends; although, lately it’s been harder to do so. Klaus has gotten more and more handsy over the last two years. I’m not one to complain, but when his sister almost caught us, I became a little paranoid.

Rebecca and I have grown closer ever since Klaus moved in with me. She was the only girl who understood exactly how annoying Klaus was to live with; she’s only spent her entire life with him, so I trust her instinct.

“Klaus! Brunch is ready!” I made some pancakes and eggs for him, seeing as he kept me pretty occupied well into the day and I called in sick to work.

“Thanks, love,” he kisses my neck from behind and sits down at the dining table.

“Yeah, well I called off work because of you,” I stick my tongue out at him and bring him the breakfast. He chuckles and pulls me into his lap.

“I’m more in the mood for you than the breakfast,” he nuzzles his nose against my neck, biting down on my shoudler as his grip on my waist tightens.

“No no no,” I groan and nudge him. “I worked hard on this breakfast and it looks very cute. You are going to eat it.”

“Fine, fine,” he smiles and brushes the hair out of my face. “Thank you for this.”

“As I recall, you’re the one who barged into my place two years ago and collided into my life,” I laugh and kiss him, tugging on his bottom lip as I pull away. “Maybe you’ll get lucky after you finish eating.”

“Oh,” he groans as I laugh and move away. “You little minx.”

“Your minx,” I wink, Klaus chuckling as he begins to eat. “Klaus, love. Rebecca and Damon are stopping by today to help me study for my finals. Please be good.”

“I’m always good,” he winks and I roll my eyes. “Fine, fine. I’ll see what I can do.”

The doorbell rings and I groan, realizing all I’ve got on is Klaus’s dress shirt and some panties. He smirks and raises his brows at me.

“Please open the door. I’m gonna go change,” I walk over to Klaus and kiss his cheek. “Thanks, babe.”

“Fine, fine,” he walks towards the door as I run into my bedroom.

I quickly change into a light grey t shirt and some skinny jeans, nearly tripping over my second left foot on my way out the door.

“Hi,” I smile, greeting a smiling Bex and a deflated Damon. “What happened to you?”

“Your roommate is being an ass,” he pouts and looks over to me.

“Damon, darling, do you expect anything else?” I smile and wrap my arms around my best friend.

I meet Klaus’s eyes over Damon’s shoulder and his gaze hardens when he sees how tightly I’m hugging Damon. I frown and the look disappears almost as quickly as it appears.

“Alright, ready to get some studying done?” Damon and Bex smile at me and I groan.

“We’ll take that as a yes,” Bex winks at me as her and Damon cover the living room in Biology notes and flashcards.

“Ugh,” I groan and walk over to Klaus. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah,” he gives me a tight-lipped smile. “I’m just being good.”

He drops his empty plate in the sink and rolls his shoulders. I furrow my brows and watch as an emotionless smirk makes its way onto his face.

Originally posted by seriouslyniklaus

“While you lot are here studying, I’ll be picking up some lovely ladies,” he winks at me and I fight to keep the disappointment off my face. “Don’t wait up for me, love.”

“I wasn’t planning on it, Niklaus,” I turn on my heel and make my way to the living room. How dare he?

“Goodbye,” he walks out the door, not earning any sort of acknowledgement from me.

“Alright, drown me in Bio facts,” I groan and sit down in the middle of the living room, determined not to let Klaus get in my head… because it was THAT easy.


P U T   Y O U R   M O N E Y   W H E R E   Y O U R   M O U T H   I S

15 Days of Valentines ♡ | a Jon/Sansa meme
↳ 6/15: Pretend relationship | Casino Heist

In desperate need of some quick cash, Sansa engages the help of her brother’s card-counting friend Jon to help her rip off a Las Vegas casino.

Below or AO3

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imagine: Can you make an imagine where Hayes and the reader gets into a fight about girls flirting with him, but he dose nothing about it but flirt back and the reader feels left out like she’s not enough for him and the next day at school she found him having a make out session with a girl in the girls bathroom and she got upset and ran away crying and went to her secret hide out and the rest is up to you. If you need more details let me know. Thank you
Request from: Anon
Warings: Not that i know of… ? except maybe a few curse words.. like two
A/N: So the way i ended it was you kinda got with Nash but not really… Hope you enjoy! :)

You were causally leaning up against the locker besides Hayes while he chatted with some more girls. Or should you say while he flirted with them.
“OH WOW you do have some pretty big muscels” One stated, but his reply didn’t help the situation as you watched him lift his shirt up.
“I got some pretty decent abs too” He gave them a wink before the slantered off giggling, content they got to feel Hayes up. You on the other hand were not content. You wanted to get home and you have to wait on Hayes everyday after school with some new girls or girl.
“Do you not like me or something?” You asked while opening  your car door as Hayes got in on the passenger side.
“Of course! Why wouldn’t i???” He seemed a bit annoyed, but you did ask quite a bit recently.
“So you would consider us together, right?” the car roared to light and you swiftly pulled out of your high schools parking lot.
“Yes ?!”
“Well doesn’t seem like it since you’re always flirting with every other breathing being except your own girlfriend”
“Are you kidding me right now?? They flirt with ME” His lips formed a thin line the signal that you probably should drop it but enough is enough and you couldn’t stand his treatment towards you. He always got so defensive when you mention it.
“UH im hayes look at my muscles arnt they big, here let me lift my shirt so you can feel them while my girlfriend is right beside me” You snapped in a terrible imitation of his voice.He was quiet for a moment.
“So you’re jealouis, typical, drop me off at home.” He growled.
“Gladly” a bitterly response came from your mouth, you probably looked pissed and in complete control but on the inside you were slowly breaking down. You always felt like you weren’t good enough and every smile that sends to another girls just seems to make it worse.
When you started pulling up the driveway to his house he got out before the car even stopped and slammed the front door behind him. You let out a sigh and turned your car off, maybe you should just go home, cry, call your best friend an eat some ice cream. Instead you get out and walk inside. You were greeted with the warm smell of cookies and Nash and Skye standing over the oven.
“(Y/N)!” Skye screamed happily as she saw you walk in the kitchen, Nash sent you a small smile probably already knowing you got in a fight with Hayes. Skye ran up to you and hugged your legs tightlg.
“Hi princess” you smiled sweetly while giving her a hug in return.
“Want a cookie ? we`re about to watch a movie for kids if you want to join to” Nash said holding the magical gooiness of a chocolate chip cookie.
“NASH it IS not for little kids!” Skye sassily replied to hi and put her hands on her hips.
“My bad a super duper adult movie” He replied cheekily to her and she giggled while running off to start it.
“Yeah i’ll join, thanks” You aceppted the cookie, he gave you a look but didn’t press anymore and you both wondered to the living room. Once all settled in on the couch with the biggest blankets you could find skye pressed play.
Half way through the movie Hayes decided to grace you all with his presence.
“Wow so since i can’t give you the right treatment you run to my brother, smart” He glowered at you.
“Hayes shush you’re just mad because Nash treats her better than you” Skye was quick to respond, a shock look spread over his face and he mumbled a whatever before returning back to his room. Skye turned her attention back to the movie.
“Thanks Skye” You sent a small smile her way before finnishing the movie with them, when it finally finished you gave them both a quick goodbye and went on your way to your car. you didn’t even say goodbye o hayes, he didn’t deserve it.
The next morning you went to get Hayes only to be greeted by Nash saying he already left, he thought he went with you but you assured him it defiantly wasn’t. So you headed to school alone, for the first time in a pretty long time. You probably looked like a mess so you went to girls bathroom to freshen up but the scene that unraveled before was something you never have been prepared for. Hayes was lipqocked with some girl right there. They wouldn’t even regard your presence as you let out a gasp and you hands flew to your mouth tears already threatening to spill like waterfalls.
“Hayes” You voice broke only then did he even turn. Shock, confusion, anger all flashed in his face like a slideshow. He started to say something, probably an excuse but you wouldn’t hear it because you were already gone the tears that were threatening to spill falling freely. You were just through the motions it was time had stopped as you fled to your hide out. You couldn’t believe it, i meam sure yo guys had your moment but he would never CHEAT on you. But then again he just did.
“omygosh how manyi times HAS he cheated on me?” you gasp to yourself, you barley could see where you were going now the raindrops in your eyes making you become blind.
You stood in front of the huge tree, the leaves spilling out of the branches like mimi canopies. You crawl up to the little treehouse you built when you were probably about five. It was two story but just about one room and then anther staked on top. The droplets fell hard and you felt like you couldn’t breathe.
Why did you ever fall for that smile of his?
Why did it hurt so much when you knew this probably was going to happen?
“(Y/N) ?” A small voice broke you out of your thoughts. You did realize how much time passsed by but the sun was starting to set over the horizon.
Pease don’t be hayes you begged silently.
Nash appeared before your blurry vision and you gave a small smile. Then a small laugh. Then before you knew it you were laughing, hard. You probably looked like a mess, you could feel the mascara streaks on you cheek ad your hair was everywhere from you constantly pushing your hands through it.
“Um Hayes has been searching for you… Why, why are you laughing?”
“I have no cue to be honest” he said in between gasps of air and giggles. A few moments passed and your laughter soon died down.You reached for your phone and to your surprise Nash was right you had 20 missed calls and even more messages.
(Y/N) I’m sorry
please reply
i messed up
well i messed up a lot
I’m sorry you saw that
it was her
please reply
it won’t happen again
You loaned and pushed your free hand through your (Y/H/C) hair. You felt Nash breathing beside you.
“Im sorry” he finally broke the still air.
“You shouldn’t be the one apologizing”
“How many times have you caught him” you heart stopped for a second, times. As in plural.
“What do you mean times” you emphasized the s.
“Shit” Nash cursed under his breath and now it was his turn to push his hands through his raven black hair. you glowered at him urging him to continue. “Well i might have caught him once..” You rose your eyebrows “…twice..” you just continued to stare ”..a lot, okay? Ive caught him a lot, and I’m sorry i should’ve told you but..” That was all you needed to here for the so though dried up well filled up again.
Nash pulled you into him as you bawled your eye out drenching his shirt. He whispered comforting words as he realization that all those scenarios you thought off became real. Hayes cheated on you. Multiple times. After a good half hour you calmed down enough to talk again.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you held up a finger for a one-moment thing. You had to dump his sorry ass first. You dialed the all too familiar number into your cell phone as it began to ring. Half of you felt strong and believed you could do it, the other half felt like you were crumbling apart.
“omg (Y/n) ? Im so so sorry, just please…” you were quick to cut him off.
“Cut the crap Hayes, how many times ?”
“wh-what do you mean ?” he blubbered.
“How many times did you heat on me” you emphasized each word as i you were talking to a child. The other line went silent. “How many ?” you repeated.
“I’ve lost track..” he trailed off, you let out a scoff.
“Alright cool, so heres whats going to happen, were over. Since you can’t seem to commit i won’t make you, have fun with people who won’t care about you. Also ill still be coming over because i love hanging out with Skye and Nash and when i am over you aren’t to speak at me. Have fun” you clicked the end call button before you could even protest. Nash had become quiet either with shock or because he was impressed. “Ready?” you asked already climbing down the stairs to the bottom of the tree.
“For what?”
“I wanna make cookies with Skye”
“You know Skye was right” He let out a chuckle before following after you to your car.
“About what?” you questioned, trying to fix yourself up as much as you could in the car mirror. The end result was about as close to as putting a bow on a trashcan.
“I do and would treat you better than Hayes.” Nash replied as he climbed into the passenger seat, his blue eyes piercing your own.
“I guess i should find out if thats true then huh?” you causally replied with a million dollar smile as you turned the ignition on and drove to his house for a date with Nash, Skye and chocolate chip goodness.

Noona, Unnie (4)

Member: Jimin (Jimin x Reader x OC)

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut  : Poly! BTS

Word Count: 2426

A/N: iight yall, Imma level with ya. My dumb ass thought I queued part 3 ½  to post after the most recent part of Jimin, CEO. OBVIOUSLY that wasn’t the case but by the time I realized it, it was late and I was lazy :P So here is part 3 ½ and 4 combined for a longer Chapter 4.

I know I don’t much feedback but I’d really appreciate feedback on this.

                ~~  Meet Unnie  ~  One  ~  Two  ~  Three  ~~


You screamed into Jimin’s left ear as Unnie did the same to the right ear.

A wide smile spread across his face but his eyes stayed closed. He rolled over with a laugh, an arm tucked seemingly uncomfortably under him and his other arm flung lazily around Unnie’s waist to pull her down next to him. Your smile faltered a bit but you laid on his back. He chuckled happily.

Despite the unbalanced dynamic IT’S JIMIN’S BIRTHDAY! And oh how how you loved birthdays! Your lovers’ especially.

Jealousy couldn’t ruin this. Birthdays brought out a happiness in you that you couldn’t explain.

“Ok come on.” You said after a moment. With swift tug, the covers were completely off of him. He chuckled and stood up, attempting to walk with Unnie but you grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room with excitement.

Nearly pushing him onto the couch, you posed in front of a huge, nicely decorated piece of paper.

He read the big words on the top aloud. “Birthday Schedule?”
You nodded excitedly as Unnie came to sit on the arm of the couch, with a smile almost as bright as yours.

“She has been planning for months.” she whispered to him.

He nodded and smiled too.

“OK so first a set up breakfast at your favorite place. Then…”

They let you ramble excitedly until your were rushing them off to get changed. Scurrying to your room, you hoped this would be as exciting as you planned.

“I don’t think I can move.” Jimin complained.

He and Noona came into the dark apartment and he immediately fell back onto the couch. You were parking the car but you still had way more energy than you should. Mostly fueled by what you had to end the night.

She chuckled. “But you are content I assume?”

A smile spread across his face. “Definitely.”

The day had been packed with good food, friends, his parents meeting you for breakfast, and more gifts than he could count.

“Oh! Before you get too sleepy we have to post a thank you and a picture with all your gifts from fans.”

He let his arm slip off the couch in laziness. “We can do it tomorrow. Plus alot of stuff is still in the car. There’s no way Y/N can bring it all up herself.”

Before she could make a comment on how she doubts that, he had already reached out to bring her closer. She landed next to the couch with a huff. “I thought you were tired.”

“I have enough energy for a final present.” He said with closed lids and a grin.

She smacked her teeth and he opened his eyes enough to catch the small smile she was trying to repress.

Without another word he captured her lips in a languid kiss. She was hesitant but even tired, he was hard to pull away from.

Just as she melted in the kiss, you were struggling at the front door. You were able to the door open before his book fanart could slip through your arms. You sat everything down near the front door before locking it behind you.

It had been a long day but you still had one more thing to do. A call of his name died in your throat before you even opened your mouth. Seeing the two of them already so heated drained the rest of your energy. You weren’t sure why but all the birthday excitement was finally weighing on you. You just wanted to sleep.

With careful steps you made your way to your room, at this point getting more and more used to being in there.



The calm dream of sitting near a lake turned into your back laid in the grass with an undeniable heat growing in your stomach. One hand held onto the imaginary green as the other gripped someone’s hair between your legs.

Slowly, you were pulling from your dream, feeling the person more vividly.


Both hands now gripping the person’s hair as your eyes tried to open. You felt it clearly now. A smooth pair of lips placing kisses over your heat. Hands ran up and down your inner thighs telling you exactly who it was. Only one person caressed your thighs like that.

“Unnie.” you called hoarsely. You felt her smile against your inner thigh before laying a kiss there.

You shuddered at her gentle touches. A soft moan slipped past your lips. “Unnie.”

She glanced up at you, removing a hand from your thigh to run a finger up your folds. Her touch wasn’t foreign but it had been a minute since you last felt her touching you so intimately. Momentarily lost in thought, she slipped a finger past your entrance.

Your mouth opened in a breathless ‘O’.

“Has it been a minute, sweetie?” her voice low and seductive. “You’re tighter than I remember.”

She commented with a smile, slipping another finger in before curling them.


“Sweetie, how long has it been since Jimin or I touched you?”

You tried your best to keep your legs open. “T-Too long, Unnie.”

‘Hmm.” was all she replied before leaning down to place a kiss on your clit. “You know…” Another kiss. “I’m just…” Another kiss. “Next door.” she lightly bit this time. You gasped and your back arched, close to your climax.

“Or do you like it when Unnie comes to you?” emphasizing with another curl of her fingers as she pumped harder.

Your legs threatened to close as her head dipped back down to suck your clit as her hands continued.

A string of curses tied with her name erupted as you reached the edge.

She continued through your high, before she slowed and final pulled her hand away with one final kiss your folds. She sat up and moved to lay next to you. You thoughts were still fuzzy and her thighs were closed.

With a tired yet content sigh, you stretched. She propped herself up on her forearm to smile down at you. “Good morning.”

You grin. “Very good morning.”

Her beautiful smile grew wider. “Was this a good way to ask to spend my day off together?” You nod, bending over to pick up a pair of panties and nightgown from the floor. “Good because I haven’t seen you much lately. Especially since Jimin has been extra needy and sleeping in my room at lot more lately.” she hesitated before continuing. “You know…you are welcome as well.”

You gave a weak smile. Of course you knew you were welcome. Until recently, you mostly only came in your room for clothes. Or when they were being extra frisky and you needed sleep. The questioning look she bore into you made you bite the inside of your cheek. You focused your attention in the spot where your white paint met the very off white of your ceiling.

“Jagiya, I know something is wrong.” She gently placed her hand on your cheek to make you refocus on your gaze on her now worried one.

With a sigh, you moved her hand away as you sat up.

“I’m going to go make some coffee.”

A sigh is all you hear as you leave the room.

The coffee doesn’t take long, though you were distracted while it was brewing. Someone shuffles into the kitchen as you fill your cup.

Without warning, a large shirted figure jumps onto the counter next to your cup, almost making you drop your creamer. “You shouldn’t drink so much coffee, agi.” Jimin laughed. A too-big black shirt covered his top half while only boxers covered the bottom.

It was your favorite look on him. It let you know he was relaxed. Plus the fabric was as easy to slip off as it was to slip on.

Disregarding his comment, you put away your still in tact bottle of creamer and make your way to the living room. You weren’t sure if she was still in your bedroom but you wanted to avoid anymore of the conversation she was trying to start.

Unfazed by your silence, he jumps onto the couch next to you.

What is up with his jumping today?

Out of habit he tries to grab your legs to place them on his lap but you jerk them away as soon as he grabs them. For a second, he eyes you looking for a reason. You expect him to question you but instead he quietly turns his attention to the TV.

It wasn’t long before you felt his hand on yours. You tense up as he begins to play with your fingers. Glancing over, you notice he is absentmindedly doing so.

Part of you wanted to pull your hand away but instead you relaxed in the back of the couch, lazily watching his hands play with yours.

“Y/N.” You meet his eyes and realize he is watching you. He flashes a sweet smile but you can’t find the sense to return it. Your body is frozen the same way it was the first time he ever smiled at you.

He leans his forehead to rest on yours. “You’re so beautiful.”

Something in hearing those words come from him for the first time in so long sets a fire in you. One opposite of the jealous anger you had become acquainted with.

Your lips are against his in a second. You feel his smile against your lips.

All movements almost on autopilot as you slide to straddle him. His hands grab at your waist pulled you toward him as you grind down on his lap. His needy moan makes you smile as you open your mouth to allow him in. Your hands move quickly to his boxers. You didn’t bother palming him through the fabric, too deprived to wait to feel him in your hands again. Removing his cock from the thin boxers you begin stroking him as he moans deliciously into your mouth. You pull away, looking into his eyes as you lift to move the crotch of your panties out of the way. His half lidded eyes stared into yours as you lined his tip with your entrance. You sigh as you slid down on his cock.

His lips find the curve of your neck after removing your nightgown, every now and then moaning profanities as you steadily move your hips. You start slowly, relishing in the feeling and the attention. It didn’t last long until you needed more. Your hips moved faster, grinding down against him. His impatience was clear as he began thrusting upward to meet your movements. Occasionally, your clit brushing against his hips.

“Fuck.” you cursed. The feeling was indescribable but you were waiting for him to hit the spot he always found.

The sweat on your forehead mixes with his as you lean against his. You bite your lip as you watch his pleasured face. The only thing that could fuel you more would be your name falling from his lips.

You drop a hint as you release a rather dramatic moan of his name. When his mouth opens you smile wickedly but halt your movements as soon as he speaks.


The neediness in his voice throws you for a half a second but it doesn’t mask the name he called. You scramble off of him, trying not to let the loss of contact openly affect you.

His confused eyes shoot open and turn to your heavy breathing figure. “What-” he begins to protest but stops at the tears already rimming your eyes.

“What’s my name Jimin?”

He pauses still looking confused and unsatisfied when his eyes go wide. “I didn’t mean-”

He attempts to reach for you but you push his hand away.

“Stop, you know I didn’t mean to call y-”

“Why do you do this?” You ask suddenly. “Why do you cast me aside? Do you not like citrus? Is that it? Am I not mature enough to acknowledge in any other way?”

“Citrus? What are y-?”

“You don’t even realize that this is the first time you have actually acknowledged me in so long.”

“Just because we don’t have sex everyday?”

“This isn’t about sex Jimin! Tell me, when was the last time you told me you loved me before a few minutes ago. Or slept in my bed?” You paused, not sure if you should even mention this. “Or even looked at me.”

“What’s going on?” Unnie comes frowning down the hallway in an oversized night shirt and shorts. Immediately he is drawn to her. His eyes glance over her form almost hungrily. His glory is covered with a pillow but you can tell he is trying not to stay hard.

In a whisper, you let it slip. “I shouldn’t have done this.”

“‘This’ what?” she questions. “We’ve all had sex on the couch.”

“No!” You shout. “THIS!” You point crazily between the three of us.

Her face falls. “You don’t mean that.”

You nod. “This was a stupid idea. How could I even think two perfect people like you could incorporate me into your lives?”

“Don’t say that.” She says, her heart breaking more with every frantic word from your mouth.

You don’t respond as you pick up your nightgown

“Y/N, I love you!” she says desperately.

“I know. I love you too.” You fix your panties, ignoring the sensitivity of being unsatisfied. “But not as much as you love each other and definitely not as much as he loves you.”

“Y/N this is insane. You know how I feel.” You frown at his words.

“I’m saying I love you and trying to find some reason to stay in this weird triangle and you still can’t say you love me.” You look right at him.

“Please don’t do this.” she pleads, grabbing your hand. You can’t bare to see her cry but your mind is fried and can’t think straight past what you’ve have already decided.

You remove her hand from yours before grabbing your backpack by the door after sliding on your coat and shoes. You silently hope your wallet and phone are still in it so you can stay away for a while.

Ten minutes of odd stares at the crying freak and walking uncomfortably, you knock on someone’s door.  

When it opens you stare at Hoseok through tear blurred eyes. “Don’t say I told you so.”

Without hesitation he welcomes you into his apartment and into his arms.

“I wouldn’t dare.”

Doctor, Doctor, Can’t You See I’m Burning? (Part 5)

A/N This is wrapping up guys.  Next part will be the end, I think.

Part 1      Part 2       Part 3        Part 4 

You are a country doctor, and an Omega.  After your rural office was attacked by vampires, you have been staying with Sam and Dean, nursing Sam back to health.  Sam has claimed you as his Omega, and now the two of you have to deal with the consequences.

This is an A/B/O fic. Standard A/B/O warnings for knotting, claiming, heats, and aggression apply.

Characters: Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Beta!Cas, Omega!Reader

You walked down the hall towards the library with Sam right behind you. Dean whirled around angrily when the two of you entered the room.  Sam’s hand slipped to your waist in a possessive gesture. Dean’s eyes slipped past your tank top to the bite mark on your shoulder where Sam had claimed you.

“What the hell did you do Sammy?” Dean asked harshly. “I saw the sigil. I know you sent Cas away.“

Sam locked eyes with his brother, his entire body tense.  He was ready for a fight.

“I claimed her.”  He said shortly.  “She’s mine Dean.  Don’t try to fight me on this.”

Dean sighed deeply, looking suddenly exhausted. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?  And Y/N….”  He said, looking at you closely for the first time.  “Did he force you?” He said quietly.

“No Dean.” You said firmly. “He didn’t force me.  I wanted this too.”

“God Sammy. What were you thinking? She’s a doctor, not a hunter! She’s not cut out for this!  She has a life.  A life we tore her from.  How are you going to make this work?  Did you even think about that?”

Sam ran a hand through his long hair in annoyance, “I want her Dean.  I have to have her.  That’s all I know.  We will figure the rest out.”

You placed a hand on Dean’s arm.  He looked so worried.  “I just couldn’t fight it anymore, Dean.”

Dean handed you a small white bag.  “Here’s your suppressants.  But I guess you don’t need them anymore, do you?” You could tell he was still very angry.

 “I hope you know what your doing, Sammy.  Go fix your door. I am going to clean off the sigil so Cas can come back.”

The enormity of what you had done was suddenly echoed in Dean’s words.  How would you be able to return to your life now?  Tears suddenly blurred your eyes. “Excuse me.” You said, pushing past a startled Sam and headed back to your room.

Laying on your bed with your eyes closed, you heard the door open and close.  You smelled Sam’s scent, so you knew it was him. You felt the bed dip as he got in next to you.  You turned your head to look at him, eyes bright with unshed tears.

“Regrets already?” He whispered, leaning in to kiss you and trying not to look as worried as he felt.

“No, not really. Just concerns.  Dean’s right, Sam.  We really didn’t think this through. I have a job that I love.  I busted my ass putting myself through medical school. I’ve just never seen myself as the submissive Omega.  That’s just not who I…..”

Your words were cut off as Sam’s mouth descended to yours.  Desire that was smoldering beneath the surface burst into flame immediately.  Then you let your bodies do the talking.

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Summary: Louise drags Dan out for a night of forced fun, just to get him out of his books and maybe into a cute stranger’s pants for the night…

or, the one where phil’s much older than university-age dan, there’s a height difference, and then they fuck

a/n: it has been forever and a fucking day and i’m s o r r y that all i have is porn i have a plot piece in the works i promise

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Sharp, Gurgling Cries

@inkedferns planted this request of a blurb in my head last night. I banged it out now (you’re welcome for death @ her). It’s not really proofread. Contains: Harry as a dad (Dad Harold to us), a baby who won’t sleep through the night, and really tired parents. x. 

It’s the the sharp, gurgly cry that pierces through the monitor and into yours and Harry’s sleep that makes the both of your stir. You look over Harry to the clock on his side and the neon green numbers mock you, because you’ve definitely only been asleep for an hour and a half after finally getting the baby to settle down in the crib after the first time fussing had alerted the both of you that there were not, in fact, three sleeping people under this roof.

Your face drops down onto your pillow and you feel like you want to cry – subsequently, you feel guilty that the idea of your child needing the attention of its mum or dad makes you want to cry, and then you want to cry because you’re feeling guilty.

Hormones are a messy thing.

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little things to love about each member of performance unit :-)


  • Like he looks and acts really cool like a damn model, but once he actually starts talking he’s just so OVERLY EXCITED AND SMILEY AND JUMPY AND IT’S THE CUTEST THING,
  • it’s a complete contrast from his stage!self.(and when he dances oh diddly darn he looks like he could kill someone, his stage presence is no joke)
  • He even calls himself the “quiet pretty boy” and that describes him 50000% like he always has his head up in the clouds as if he’s looking for something greater than what’s here on earth (srry for getting poetic but it’s true and he’s a gift from the heavens)
  • (except when it comes to his good looks of course)(if i looked like that id never let anyone forget it either tbh)
  • (but he said he’s envious of seungcheol’s confidence when they probably have the same amount of confidence like wtf)
  • and this cutie also hides snacks with him but he said that sometimes the members eat them all (awwww)
  • but I bet he never even minds, he’s such a humble boy.
  • (or aggressively showing minghao his affection lmao)
  • And on OFD when he kept being everybody’s motivational speaker and had a “DON’T GIVE UP” attitude, like they could have been stuck in a Lord of the Flies situation with half of them dead and he’s be like
  • “This is fine, guys,we’ll find a way :-)”
  • “This is fine :-)”
  • “…”
  • “We can do it if we believe! :-)”


  • ok so i’m gonna try and not be biased so god help me,
  • but he’s such a good leader honestly, like he comes up with the choreography of every song,
  • and he also let’s chan come up with some parts,
  • and he gets inspiration from the littlest of things (like a damn tissue, rlly? omg)
  • like he’s so talented and ambitious, like i forgot who said this, but someone described soonyoung as a boy who just wanted to improve his singing, and he was part of the vocal team originally, but he wanted to dance instead,
  • and he’s so caring towards the rest of them team, like he never fails to let them know that he’s also their friend.
  • AND THE WAY HE TUCKED IN CHANNIE IN OFD, like he was up after he tucked him in, so chan was literally just waiting to be tucked in and i cried so much,
  • he’s such a nice older brother to him and he’s soo cute and soo fluffy and soft and the king of squish,
  • AND THE WAY HE HOLDS THINGS WITH HIS TINY HANDS IS SO CUTE, like he grabs things with both hands kinds like a baby or a bear, OR A BABY BEAR, and he holds a microphone so preciously like he puts one hand on the bottom and one near his mouth and IT’S ADORABLE, THE SAME WHEN HE DRINKS WATER,
  • like the way he just holds himself is sooo cute.
  • Like when he smiles, his face scrunches up and his eyes almost completely close and his bunny cheeks get even more high, and then he also laughs with his entire body and he brings his hands up to face to clap in his cute way that he does, like he claps from the palm to the fingers adnjnjfevfvv and he makes himself into kinda a ball (do i make sense ajahah?)
  • He just cares so much for everyone and it just trying to make people smile, that’s all he wants. He’s such a pure soul :’-)


  • ok like with this boy you take one look at him and you go “awww he’s sooo cute :-)”
  • and you’d be right like 500000%,
  • like the way he talks so softly and his laugh is so dorky and his hair seems really soft despise it being probably dead
  • (like in 17project when he had a different hair color everyday and he looked so darn cute in all of them and when they performed everyone loved ‘the kid with the silver/blue hair’)
  • but he still somehow looks really cute ykno, lik even when he was screaming at mingyu in OFD (i swear, that show brought out their true selves) i was stilll heart eyes emoji on him.
  • but he did say thta he hated the fact that he’s so skinny and can’t put on weight :-( but he’s still really toned despise that !!!!!! like w o w
  • and the fact that he was probably was a puppy in his past life
  • likr really showing soonyoung how much he respects him but choosing woozi over him one time
  • (which resulted in a pouty soonyoung awww)
  • and the way he’s just always fanning over chan and squeezing his face like he’s the cutest little thing ever (he is)
  • and let’s not forget about his bromeo mingyu who are the kind of best friends that keep reminding everyone they’re best friends no matter how annoying it gets,
  • and idk minghao just gives me such bubbly feels ykno, like he’s so cute and sweet but also has such an independent aura around him


  • AwwwW my boyfriend channie, who everyone plus their mom love to fawn over,
  • but hey he can’t help it that he’s the cutest person in the world.
  • And like he’s honestly such a good answer which must come from his genes because his parents are also dancers wow boi.
  • And he’s so neutral evil like this fker acts like such a sweet endearing maknae but will probably break a plate and blame the hyungs so tht he can watch hell unfold bc he’s sick of them, what a babe.
  • And like he tries to be a bright person to cheer up the others which must be hard on him yknow, everyone deserves to feel down once in a while but he tries to not let it show
  • i also like the way he has just gotten used to the idea that he will probably always get fawned over for being young so HE TAKES WELL ADVANTAGE OF THAT
  • and like his voice is so deep too,
  • like in still lonely when he had tht part with hosh and HE DID UNDERTONES
  • and he’s also growing so handsome :-))!!!!
  • like we already knew he was an attractive kid
  • but he’s growing (not taller rip)
  • like his features
  • or how he kept telling the members in OFD that he’s gonna have to date one day
  • and they were all like “NOOOOOOOOOO”


Jealousy, a Kurtbastian fic 3,500+ words

This is my first time posting a fic and or writing something like this so beware. Also, this prompt was for my girl Cece. Jealous!seb is a weakness. 


“Rachel, I really don’t think this is a good idea,” Kurt said quietly as he watched Rachel set their makeshift bar in their apartment.

Rachel giggled as she arranged shot glasses, and watched as the red solo cups formed higher mountains on the table. The bottles of rum and vodka were all arranged delicately surrounding a huge punch bowl, and Kurt’s eyes widened as she began to pour random combinations of the two foul smelling liquids inside.

“Rachel!,” Kurt exclaimed, snatching one of the bottles out of her hand. “Are you trying to have a house warming party or send everyone to the hospital?”.

“Just trying to throw the party of the year, babe!” Rachel said she grabbed the gallon of fruit punch on the table. “Maybe you’ll actually loosen up tonight and finally muster up the courage to tell Sebastian how much you LOOOVE him,” she said mockingly as she danced around her best friend.

Kurt rolled his eyes and groaned. “Like that’s going to happen. He just sees me as our friend, we’ve been over this how many times, Rachel?” Kurt said brokenly, taking a seat on the couch. The brunette followed him, somehow already having a glass of her demon-punch concoction in her hand.

“I mean, come on. He’s like, insanely gorgeous, plays lacrosse.. what do I do? Sing showtunes and change up my afternoon smoothie occasionally? I’m so in over my head,” Kurt said, putting his face in his hands.

Kurt felt like he had the same thoughts swirling in his head for weeks now. Sebastian had recently just became close with him and Rachel when they somehow ended up sitting next to him in one of the worst classes ever. With a few late night homework sessions and lunch dates, Sebastian had immersed himself into Rachel and Kurt’s quiet lives.

Kurt really only had Rachel to lean on before Sebastian came along, and well, that came with its price, and now it felt like he was trapped inside some twisted love story. Sebastian was gorgeous. And gay. And available. And perhaps the greatest, most sarcastic, asshole slut he had ever met.

But that smirk…

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If I Was Faster - Part 2

Request/Prompt: I would like to request a part 2 of “if I was faster” a peter maximoff x reader please? thank you so much if you do 💖💖 - @cyclopsgrey 

Note: On it, I was kind of unsure how to write this but I got an idea

Originally posted by cinematicrandomness

“You actually need to get up now,” Ms Maximoff said to Peter. Since the day (Y/N) died all he did was sleep, eat and watch TV - even before he was found by Charles, Erik and Logan, he would do more than this. (Y/N) died over a week ago; Peter ran all the way to the Institute holding her lifeless body in his hands: asking for them to give her a proper burial, though, he hadn’t turn up to it.

(Y/N) wasn’t a mutant but, alike Moira MacTaggart, she was familiar with the mansion and its residents - in fact she was one of the most likeable person around, her cheeky manor and glowing smile never failed to turn a bad day into a good one.

“No I don’t, Mom,” he growled, splaying across the couch. Now that she was gone, his room just felt bigger. It felt too big for just one person: some of your clothes were still laying around everywhere but he didn’t have the heart to throw them out.

“You need to, the Institute phoned,” his mom pushed. 

“If they needed me Charles would already be poking around up here,” Peter retorted, jutting a thumb to his head.

“Well, maybe that was a bit unethical seeing as (Y/N) just died,” his mom exclaimed, losing her patience - she threw the phone at him before stomping out of his lonely basement.

“What?!” He growled into the phone.

“If you’d cut the tone - we need your ass down here,” Alex shouted back, not taking Peter’s tone one bit.


“Just get over here!” Someone else shouted, far from the phone. 

“Fine,” Peter said, ignoring the demand and continuing to just lounge around on his sofa. Only minutes later, did Peter began to ponder over what could have been so possibly important and ended up leaving his basement to tell his mom what they said then racing off to the mansion.


He stopped outside the mansion - a bit away from the front doors - he walked straight through and walked around a bit, looking for Alex or the Professor; instead of asking for help.“Peter!” Someone shouted out from above, the voice was oddly familiar. He looked around for the voice before finally looking up to see the person who he thought he’d never see again…. alive.

“No,” he whispered to himself, removing his wind shielding goggles. She stood at the top of a set of stairs - face lit up like a star, looking exactly as she did before. “How?” Peter questioned. The elevator dinged - but his attention was not drawn away from the girl on the stairs.

“It seemed as if,” Charles began, rolling out of the lift. “Her mutation only began as she died - the healing factor saved her life. She lay on Hank’s table when she just…. sat up,” Charles said, stopping next to Peter while (Y/N) bound down the stairs. “Scaring us all half to death.”

“I don’t care, at least she’s back,” Peter waved off, walking over to her - meeting (Y/N) at the bottom of the staircase.

“Can you tell me what happened?” (Y/N) looking down to him as they stood a few steps a part. Peter reached his hand out to her but stopped when hearing her question. 

“I strongly suggest-” Charles began but Peter cut him off.

“What are you talking about, babe,” Peter asked as she cautiously took his hand and continued to the bottom of the staircase. Charles then spoke into Peter’s mind.

“I erased everything about her death from her mind,” Charles began, Peter was about to object but Charles continued. “We both know she doesn’t deserve to live through that again.” Peter turned around to see Charles giving him a stern look. He hadn’t mentioned not to tell her what had happened but it was the ethical thing to do.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened,” Peter said to (Y/N). Her face fell but returned to its original smile when he suggested that they run back to his house. He held on to the back of her neck before setting off in a run.


By the time they got to his house, Peter’s mom had already gone to work so they headed straight down to his room. “Remember this place?” Peter asked, pushing the door to his room open. 

“Peter, of course I remember your room - I’m always here,” (Y/N) jibed, elbowing him in the stomach before running over to his bed and belly-flopping onto it. “Ah, good to be back on this bed,” she sighed, making Peter smile.

They decided that they would just sit on the sofa and watch TV for a while. Half way through the movie (Y/N) turned her head up to Peter. She stretched up a bit a pecked him on the cheek. “It feels like I haven’t seen you in ages,” she sighed.

“It feels like forever for me,” he muttered, looking down at her. 

“Why the fuck did you pick this movie?” She groaned, ruining the romantic mood. “It’s so sappy and boring!”

“I thought you loved this film?!”

“Well I don’t now!”



“I hate you - making me get up for nothing.”

“Do you think you can get up from underneath me, grab the remote AND get back here before I hit the sofa?” (Y/N) pondered, leaning up.

“Piece. Of. Cake,” Peter said, disappearing and returning in the blink of an eye - remote in hand.


The Secretary Pt.7

Warnings: Smut, Language

Previously On: The Secretary……

You sat the cup down on counter and padded on bare feet to answer the door. A disheveled looking Jiyong stood on the other side, panting. “Jiyong…why..?.”
“I love you..” He blurted, interrupting you.

“Jiyong…I don’t…what?” You shifted uncomfortably, pulling Youngbae’s t-shirt down over your thighs. “I love you.” He repeated. You squinted at him, “Are you okay? Have you been drinking?” 
“___________, this is not a fucking joke.” You scrunched up your face, “Did I say it was?” He exhaled, scratching the space between his eyebrows. “I didn’t come here to argue with you.” You felt your chest tightened, “Jiyong….you don’t love me.” 
“Don’t tell me what the fuck I feel.” He said it with such fierceness that you took a step back, blinking at him. “O-kay…” You said, a little uneasily. He looked like shit, like he hadn’t been sleeping. “Ji-…” 
“Stop talking.” Your mouth snapped shut, and you stood there with your hand on the door, ready to close it in his face. “You know what?” He started, finally looking up at you, “You’re right..” He scoffed a short laugh. Confusion. That’s what you felt as you watched Jiyong pass through several different emotions at once. “Goodnight, __________.” 
“Good…night..?” He walked away from you, leaving you to stare stupidly after his retreating figure. What? You closed the door, feeling more at a loss than anything. How do you tell someone you love them, and then in the next minute do a complete one-eighty and all but take it back? “It makes no gotdamn sense.” You shook your head and made your way back to the kitchen to finish you water. 

A pair of arms wrapped around your middle, "You look good in my shirt.” Youngbae rested his chin on your shoulder, hands pushing under the thin, white material. He danced his fingers against the skin of your stomach, causing you to squirm. “You know, __________. I haven’t had the chance to taste you yet…” Oh. “Y-Youngbae..I don’t thiiii-…oh..” His finger swirled around your still-sensitive clit in light, feather-like touches. Your thighs clamped shut and he chuckled behind you, kissing your shoulder before removing his finger from you. You heard the faint sound of his finger sliding from his mouth with a wet popping sound. He kissed your shoulder again, “Come back to bed.” You let him pull you out of the kitchen, reaching back to shut the light off as he led you back to your bedroom. 

“I had a good time last night.” Youngbae smiled as he stood at your front door. You were slightly disappointed that he had to go, but that’s how one night stands worked. You leaned your head against the door and smiled back at him, “Me too.” He looked you over and groaned, biting his bottom lip. “I do hate to go, but if I don’t, I’d never leave.” You rolled your eyes at his corniness, “Please…” 
“I’ll call you.” Doubt it. “Sure thing.” You smiled anyway, waving him off as he walked down the hallway to the elevator. He had such a nice ass. You would know, you’d spent most of last night with it in your hands. Even the simple action of recalling the events of last night made you giddy. You’d had some damn good sex before, Jiyong was an expert lover. But Youngbae? Jeebus take the wheel. That man’s stamina was otherworldly. Your cellphone rang and you rushed to it, hoping to catch it before it stopped ringing. “Hello?” You answered without looking at the caller ID. “Well I’ll be damned. You took him home didn’t you?” Stef, your friend from last night said as soon as you answered. A smile pulled at the corners of your lips, “I did.” 
BITCH! TELL ME EVERYTHING!” You had to pull your phone away from your ear. “Nah.” 
“Why not?” 
“I don’t kiss and tell, heathen.” 
“’I don’t kiss and tell’ my ass. I saw you come out of the bathroom with him. Who’s the heathen now?” You cackled at this, knowing full well that anyone with eyes saw you leave the restroom with Youngbae at the club. It was no secret that the two of you had sex in there. “Tell me the dirty details. Does he fuck like a gawd or what?” You broke into an ear-to-ear smile, “Girl.” You pulled your phone away from your ear again as she screamed into the receiver. “I’m coming over. I need you to tell me in person. I’m obviously living vicariously through you now.” 
“Girl, hold on a sec. Someone’s knocking.” She went silent on the other end as you opened your front door. Youngbae was standing there with a smile on his face, “Do you drink coffee?” 

“It’s a shame we didn’t get that coffee.” Youngbae joked, tracing patterns into your bare thigh. You laughed, propping your head up on your hand, “I was really wanting some too.” Yes. A shame. A beautifully tanned shame. “I think I woke up just fine.” You breathed, moving your face closer to him, lips brushing his. You felt his mouth turn up into a smile before he kissed you. “I don’t think I’m fully awake yet..” You laughed as he rolled on top of you, settling between your legs. “I think I need another taste before I wake up completely.” As much as you wanted this, you had to do the one thing you didn’t want to, kick him out. “Youngbae…I have to get ready for an interview.” He chuckled, dropping his head. The tips of his hair shook against your bare skin, tickling you. “I have to get going anyway..” He looked up at you, making you regret bringing up your interview. If you could stay in bed with him all day, you definitely, one hundred percent, would. He pressed a final kiss to your lower abdomen before maneuvering his way out of your bed. You watched him get dressed, a little disappointed. You really wished you could have stayed rolling around in your sheets with the beautiful man you’d brought home last night, but alas, life needed to be lived. 

You glanced at your cellphone screen as you half-walked, half-ran your way to the open elevator doors. You were going to be late for your interview, which was never a good sign. First impressions were everything. And although Jiyong was allowing you to keep the apartment, you still needed to get a job. You weren’t sure how long he’d be willing to shell out money for you to keep staying there now that you’d inadvertently shot down his possible love confession. “Hold the elevator!” You hollered as you neared the large, steel doors. A hand shot out, stopping them from closing. “Thank you!” You rushed to say as you hopped inside, excusing yourself. “What floor, ma’am?” 

“President Dong will be with you shortly.” The secretary said to you with a false cheeriness that you’d come to be very familiar with. You smiled at her anyway, hoping she’d hate you less for being the one potentially replacing her. Sure, you were beautiful, but was that really your fault? You were blessed with phenomenal genes. In other words, you were blessed. Good looks, well educated, and you dressed as if you’d stepped out of a fashion magazine? Who wouldn’t be threatened by that? Especially if they looked like they hadn’t seen a decent night of sleep in weeks. That poor woman. She smiled back at you before sitting down at her desk, directly across from where you were going to have your interview. The layout of this office was similar to that of a certain former boss. You shook your head, dismissing thoughts of him. Now was not the time. Five minutes of silence, and the woman returned to where you sat, “President Dong will see you now.” She said with the same overly sweet tone. You smiled politely, picking up your handbag and the slick, black folder with your resume tucked inside. “Right this way.” She ushered you to the door and then left you standing there, wondering if you should just walk inside. You knocked on the glass, waiting for a response. “Come in.” You pushed the door open, stopping in your tracks when you’d seen who was on the other side of it. 

He looked up at you and smiled, gesturing for you to close the door. “Have a seat.” This cannot be happening to you. Not again. “What a pleasant surprise.” He said with the brightest smile you could have thought possible on a human being. “Shame on you, seducing your potential employer in order to have a good interview.” You gaped at him, “I-I…I didn’t know…” You tried, waving your hands in front of you frantically. He laughed, a beautiful sound. “I’m fucking with you.” You closed your mouth, clearing your throat and looking away from him. “Do you have your resume?” Your head shot up, “I’m sorry?” 
“Your resume..” Oh! You snapped into attention and rushed to hand him the folder. “I, umm…have about a year in secretarial experience. I also have clerical experience as well.” He nodded as he flipped open the folder, pursing his lips as he read over your information. Shutting the folder, he smiled at you, “I will give it some thought, and then have my secretary give you a call if you’ve gotten the job. Is that fair enough?” You nodded enthusiastically, standing to shake his hand. “I’m sorry to rush you out of here. I have a lunch meeting with my brother. He’s not one for tardiness.” You laughed nervously, feeling like your stomach was going to drop out of your body. “Not a problem, sir.” You bowed slightly, avoiding eye contact. You grabbed your bag from the floor as there was a knock on the door. 

“Come in.” The door opened and there was the last person you thought you’d see. “Jiyong! Right on time.” 

Fucking hell. 

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Chapter 21


Stirring in my sleep , my head was pounding . Almost as if someone was taking their foot and stumping on my head . Holding it with my left hand , I used my right to help me sit up in the bed so I could search for any pain medication . Rolling my eyes once I thought about who I was in a relationship with , this nigga loves pain so there’s no doubt about it that there is none in here .

Trying my luck , I started to search all over the room . Coming up with nothing , I prayed that he packed my pink polo Ralph Lauren traveling bag that contained more than just my girly products . Lifting my suitcase on the bed , I unzipped it . Rummaging through the case , I smiled brightly when I came in contact with my bag . Taking it out , I quickly unzipped it and pulled out my big aleve bottle . Having a water bottle on the bed side , I downed my pills with it before burping .

Placing my pills back in the bag , I threw it back in my suitcase . Tossing that to the side of the room , I climbed back in bed and retrieved my daily prayer book to get my reading in for the day . I’ve noticed my nerves and anxiety has been getting worse by the day and the best thing to do for myself was spend some alone time with god , praying that he take it away so I can better myself .

Reading for a maximum of an hour and thirty minutes , the flight attendant came on the intercom to inform us on our arrival to Virginia. Looking out the window , I noticed all the beautiful land and trees . Smiling at how beautiful and green everything was , there was no doubt we were in the country . Chuckling lowly at one of the cows chewing crazily on his or her grass , I couldn’t help but wonder where we were going from here .

“ Paris ? No that’s too fancy ” I said to myself in my head . I let my mind wonder to all the possible places we could be going but I hadn’t had a gut feeling for neither of the places that came to mind . Shrugging my semi tense shoulders , I cracked my neck and arms before sitting back against the headboard .

My birthday was coming up soon and I had no idea on what I wanted to do for it . I thought about possibly taking a trip some where but I had no place in mind to go . I also thought about having a small dinner , but realizing I don’t converse with people on that level, the dinner would be empty . Sighing , I haven’t done anything for my birthday in the last year because I felt that it was no longer special but I have a gut feeling that Chris is going to change that . I didn’t want for much , a simple happy birthday card and kiss would make me happy or even breakfast in bed . It’s the little things that brightens me up, I’m not here for the flashy and extravagant gifts , brunches or places to go .

Checking the time , Alexis and august should have made it to Louisiana by now but I was going to call and check on them to be sure . As the phone rung , the bitch had sent me to voicemail . Scrunching up my face , I decided to leave her ass a nice voice message . ” bitch you is rude .dont you ever send me to voicemail hoe . What is wrong with you ? Something could have been wrong with me and this is what you do ? Fuck you . Hope you had a great flight , made it to mommy and daddy’s safely . Tell aug and the kids I love them . Love you too , maybe a little more than every one else ” I giggled before hanging up .

Laughing at the thought of her taking me serious in the beginning of that message , I can only imagine her facial expression going 0 to 100 and back to 0 once she heard my sweet ending and soft giggles . Yawning , I fluffed out my smashed hair and placed it into a neat bun . Scratching my scalp , my hair needed to be washed but I said I would do it once I made it to where ever we were staying for the weekend . Looking out the window , the plane started to lower and loud noises from outside the plane could be heard.

“ HOLD ON CALI ” Chris screamed purposely to scare me . Whining lowly , I was gripping on to the sheets for dear life as the plane landed . Going up and coming down was always the scariest part for me , it always made my stomach turn . With my eyes squeezed shut tight , the plane was rocking , scaring me more and more by the minute . “ YOU GOOD?” He continued to scream . Rolling my eyes at his stupid question , I wiped my tears with the back of my hand . Getting out of the bed , I was about to walk out the room until I noticed my attire . Mumbling a ’ shit’ under my breath , I dashed for my duffle bag that was on the other side of the room .

Rubbing my belly to calm it down , A nice shower would do me some good justice . Pulling out my necessary items I pranced into the bathroom , admiring my body in the process . I wasn’t conceited but I damn sure love my body as well as myself period . Poking my bouncy boobs , I laughed at how my finger bounced back . Letting my eyes roam my body , I see why Chris was so in love with my body . I mean look at it , it’s heavenly .

Having enough of admiring myself in the mirror , I stepped into the shower and turned the water on hot . Letting my hair get wet , I closed my eyes as the water dropped down my body , relaxing my body . Wiping the water from under my eyes , I grabbed my towel and body wash . Washing my upper body parts , I scrubbed until I felt I was clean . Pushing my hair out the way , I caught my back as good as I could .

Wincing , my back hurt from Caden and I’s rough encounter not too many hours ago . I was sure enough my back and ass was red , maybe even bruised . Mushing my eyebrows together , I was trying to remember if he busted his nut inside of me or not . Remembering I gave him head for the second time , my cheeks turned a crimson red .

Bending over to rub my thighs and legs I felt a presence behind me . My anxiety didn’t shoot up for the first time due to me being use to the scent of Chris or Caden . What ever you prefer . Shivering from the cool air that came in from the glass door being open , I stopped once he closed it . ” how you let your man sleep in that seat while you slept in the bed ?” He questioned with a chuckle .

“ sorry baby , I broke the rule ” I giggled thinking about the rule Caden had hanging up in his room . ’ if your name is Jaylin , you do not suck my dick and swallow my cum ’ . I thought he was the stupidest jerk for a while when I woke up to see that sign . He on the other hand , thought it was hilarious .

Although I vowed to never ’ suck dick ’ , I wanted to please him just as much as he please me . If I would let him , he would probably eat my pussy all day and only stop to eat and take a nap . Just the thought of his tongue swiveling around my clit had it pulsing and ready for some more attention but the excruciating pain in my back took me out of my horny thoughts and sexual wants .

“ you did but you swallowed that shit like it was water to say it was just your second time ” he stated clearly amused . Rubbing some of my velvet sugar body wash on the loafer I gestured for him to turn around . Shaking my head , I wasn’t going to feed into his small game he was trying to play with me .

Groaning ,” come on Jaylin . I don’t wanna smell like a girl ”

“ shut up , you’ll smell good ” I smiled rubbing up and down his back . I was scared to wash his ass and in between but oh well .

“ it’s funny how you have absolutely no problem with wiping your mans ass ” he mumbled .

Shrugging ,” I don’t really care “

“ shits gay ”

“ no it’s not , turn around ” I said . Turning around , the water from the shower head trickled down his face on to his chest . Taking a step back , I admired his tight fitted abs . “ lord what did I do to deserve this man ” I mumbled lowly only for myself to hear . Bringing my loofah up to his neck I rubbed gently as he watched me . Sliding down , my hands came in contact with his nipple . Squeezing it , he squeezed mine .“ Heey ” I whined . He always squeezing too hard .

“ what ? I had to get my lick back ” he shrugged . Scooting closer to his body , I lowered my top half to his bottom half .

Hearing his breathing kick up a notch , I decided to play with his mind . I used my loofah to clean his legs , slowly making my way up to his dick . Dropping the loofah , I gripped him firmly with my bare hand . Standing back up I jerked him off nice and slowly . As his mouth formed into the shape of an O , I was enjoying the sight in front of me .

Rubbing my thumb on the tip of his head , he moaned , knees going weak . Leaning him up against the wall so that could help him keep his balance , I kissed his chest softly before reaching up to suck on his neck . With him being taller than me , he had to bend down for me so I could suck comfortably . Leaving over 3 red marks on his neck , I made sure that any bitch would know he belonged to somebody once they saw his neck .

Caden was so vulnerable when he was being pleased , I picked that up . ” when we leave can we go shopping ? ” I asked in a sexy tone . Licking his lips ,” yea ” he grunted . Kissing his chest he gripped my ass tightly in his hands .

“ ima bust baby ” he moaned biting my neck to prevent another one from escaping his mouth . Moving my hands a tad bit faster , he placed his hand on top of mine to help me out .
” fuck ” he grunted cumming into my tiny hand .
” I love you ” he mumbled kissing my lips .

Sticking my hands under the water ,” I love you too ” . Stepping out of the shower , Caden handed me a drying towel to dry my body off .

“ where are we ?” I asked wiping in between my legs , playing dumb . Only reason why I knew it was Virginia was because I remember doing a project on it and the land looked very familiar . “ Virginia ” he muttered .

“ my moma gonna think I’m a lil bitch ” he mumbled . Stopping dead in my tracks , the word “ moma ” caught my attention .
” where are we going ? ” I asked as we headed to the room to get dressed . The word moma kept playing over and over in my head and I was hoping I was just hearing things . I wasn’t ready to meet Caden’s parents yet, I felt as if she’ wouldn’t like me .

” you’ll see ” he smiled faintly before kissing my cheek . Slipping into my camo cargos , I pulled my baseball jersey over my head , bred 11’s following . As much as I hate surprises , I have to Learn to trust people . Caden will be the first person I put my trust in . Picking up my luggage , I sat it at the top of the stairs that lead to the ground . Pushing my bags , I watched as they all zoomed down the steps .

“ look at this shit here ” I heard Caden mumble , amusement lacing his voice . Shivering at the cool breeze , my hands found their way to my pants pockets . Standing by the trunk , I watched as he threw our bags into the trunk . Throwing the bags in roughly , A bottle of pills fell on to the ground causing me to bend over and pick them up .

“ Flupenthxiol ” I read out loud more to myself than anything .

“ I didn’t take them yet ” he mumbled bitterly . Watching a mug grace his face , he flicked his ear annoyingly , something out of habit when annoyed or highly irritated . It seems like he hates taking these pills & I wouldn’t be the one to force him to take it although I would like for him to be better .

“ do you wanna take them ?” I asked hesitantly .

Shaking his head ,” no . I hate taking them . Feels like they be Trynna get rid of me . Makes me feel like I’m a crazy psycho path ” he spat bitterly . Taking another look at the bottle , I rolled down the window and threw them out .

“ why would you do that ? ” he yelled .

“ because you aren’t crazy and you don’t need them ” I shrugged . I wasn’t going to allow them stupid doctors to make him feel that way . He was created for a reason , because Chris wanted him . If Chris didn’t want him , he wouldn’t have allowed his mind or whatever is wrong to create Caden .

“ what About Chris ? How you think he’s gonna feel ? ” he asked .

“ he’s going to have to live with it . I love both of you dearly . One more than the other at times but I can’t picture myself with out both of you ” I stated honestly . Chris without Caden would sadden me and vice versa . I’ve became so accustomed to them both to where I’m kinda clingy . There are things Caden do that Chris can’t and I don’t want to change .

“ I love you ” he said grabbing my hand . Kissing both of our hands , I intertwined our fingers and placed them in my lap . Using my thumb to rub across his , “ I love you too ” I mumbled genuinely . Watching as a bright smile graced his handsome face , I swear my heart smiled as well . Warming my heart as he showed all thirty two teeth just at me saying I love him , I leaned over and pecked his cheek .

As we drove down the unknown road for a while, we drove in silence . A comfortable silence . Only sound that was heard was from my headphones that was blasting Beyoncé 1+1 , putting me in my feelings . Still holding hands , I stared out the window and tried to think of all the things I loved about him . As if my music was reading my mind , ’ you are my roc ’ started to play & I felt my eyes water .

Out of no where , I was hit with heart warming emotions and my eyes averted to his side .smiling brightly at gods gift that was given to me , I tried not to sniffle and let it be known that I was crying . Turning my head back towards the window , I compared how I use to be a few months ago to how I am now and to be truthful about everything , I’m proud of my self .

Before I use to find myself thinking about someone who probably should have never been on my mind in the first place , making myself sad . But that’s when I met my lover and said I wouldn’t let the sadness of my past ruin the happiness of my present nor my future . Through it all I kept love in my heart and the consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else could bring.

Letting out a small moan , not a sexual one but more of an emotional moan , I closed my eyes as the tears cascaded down freely . Shaking my head left to right , the clutch I had on his hand tightened and I could feel his eyes on me . Figuring out that nothing was really wrong with me , I could hear his breathing go back to normal and his grip on my hand loosen a bit . Letting me have my moment , he directed his attention back to the road and continued to mind his own .

You know the love is real when no matter what you’re doing , you’re always thinking of your other half . It’s like , you can’t keep your mind off of them & honestly it has to be one of the best feelings in the world . Through our crazy love story so far , I’ve noticed I’ve been really humble and light headed . I finally feel like the old jay that mark had ran away . I hated being bitter , jealous & upset for those multiple months , I was out of my body . I was robbed of my own feelings & had no control of them . I lost myself .

Finding myself again through someone else was like a breath of fresh air . It was as if , maybe I didn’t know my worth and it took me to find Caden to figure it out . Wiping my cheeks softly with his thumb , he brought my face closer to his and planted a warm peck on my lips before kissing both of my eyes . Smiling softly , it was like he was reading my mind because the next few words that fled out of his mouth had me with butterflies and my heart skipping beats .” I love you so much Cali , words can’t describe . I can’t be without you . I won’t be without you “

Being loved deeply by Caden gave me strength in ways he would never know or could never imagine . Not only did he give me strength but he gave me my trust back & that helped me love him back the same way he love me , only with a lot more courage in our relationship . Suddenly , I wanted to get in touch with mark . Not to rekindle any relationship we had , but to thank him for fucking up because if it wouldn’t have been for him chasing me away I would have never met Caden . And Caden is someone I’m thankful for , so although I can’t relate the message to him I still thank him because now I’m important to someone . Someone loves me for me and only me & that’s all I’ve been waiting for


“ Caden & barry cut it out , right now ” I huffed at both of the idiots that cackled in front of me . Beating their chest in , they were weak at some grown man who called himself trying to be hard and he fell . Although I wanted to let a small chuckle seep through the crack of my lips , the man was old and he looked like he truly hurt hisself . The two jerks I claimed for the afternoon watched me help the man up as they continued to laugh and point like two kids teasing another .

As he thanked me for being so kind and sweet for helping him up , a bad built female who looked around 20 or 21 passed by causing me to lose my grip on the unknown man and cover my mouth with both of my hands to hold in a loud obnoxious cackle that was begging to be released . Not fully realizing I let the man go before he could gain his balance , he hit the floor all over again .” Oh my god , I am so sorry sir ” I apologized stooping down to him .

“ you shut up , you’re not sorry girl ” he chuckled at his own self . Holding my heart , I let out a relief chuckle . I thought he was going to be mean and rude to me , causing Caden to act up but I was happy when he didn’t . Trying it once again , I helped him to his feet and walked him to a vacant table . Thanking me for helping him for the second time , I smiled politely and walked back to our table . Plucking both Caden and Barry’s ear , both of their jaws clenched instantly & their laughs came to a halt .

“ that shit not cool Cali , shit hurts ” Caden growled holding his ear . Waving him off , Barry nodded his head . “ what he said lil mama , believe it or not your coffin shaped nails hurt ” he chuckled . Pouting , I leaned across the table and kissed both of their ears . Sitting back down in my seat , they both wore goofy smiles . Mirroring their actions , I rubbed my belly in anticipation on munching down on my hot wings that I had ordered . All three of us were currently at Dave and busters , having some fun and just being an actual kid again .

Out first stop since being here was Chris’s friend house , mijo . Introducing us to each other , I was very shy in the beginning because I’m not use to meeting people but after greeting me with a warm hug and making me feel like I was apart of his family , I came out of my shy shell and let my true personality show . When he introduced himself to me as mijo , I made it clear that I would not call him that but Barry instead . Being okay with that , I’ve been calling him every chance I got because I knew low key he didn’t like his name .

Why ? I wasn’t sure but while I was being nosey and listening to one of their brotherly let’s catch up conversations , I heard them discussing an in particular girl named Melissa . Apparently the unknown female meant everything to Barry but along the line of their relationship , things went wrong and he started to hate her . Standing by the threshold of the door , I learned that Melissa was Caden’s ex girl friend BFF . Refusing to mention the ex girlfriend name , who ever she was angered Caden in ways I’ve never seen before . As much as I wanted to eavesdrop and get all the Tea , my jealousy wouldn’t allow it and I had to walk away .

For the mean time I had to hold myself together and not let anything slip out of my mouth that would let either of them know I was listening and actually felt some type of way . I don’t know what it was but just hearing about him having dealings with another girl had me feeling some type of way . Rolling my eyes hard at how he had these affects on me , it put me in the mind setting I was in with mark. Although I highly believe He wouldn’t cheat on me , I still can’t help but keep my guard up . Blaming mark for my trust issues , I tried my hardest to not make Caden nor Chris suffer for marks doings .

Thinking bout mark , I smiled faintly at not having a nightmare in a few days in a row . Grateful for that , I felt that if I kept having them at some point I was going to have to tell Chris . I’m going to tell him regardless about my past relationship but on my timing , it’ll be soon tho because I feel like I have skeletons in my closet that he needs to know about . I didn’t like keeping things away from Caden and my past relationship being one of the things I was keeping from him didn’t sit well with me .

I had this crazy dream in my mind that I would be the perfect girl for Caden , someone untouchable . So perfect that he couldn’t want anything from another female , perfect that he wouldn’t even want to explore another girl and see what things would be like without me . I wanted to be his perfect imperfection & so far I felt as if that’s what I was .

“ Lil bit , hello earth to Jaylin ” Barry waved his hand in my face trying to get my attention , pulling me out of my thoughts . “ sorry ” I muttered , cheeks turning crimson red . Pushing my plate of food towards me , I was so into my thoughts I didn’t notice the waiter drop off our mouth watering food . Eyeing my crispy fries and hot wings , I squeezed a few drops of hand sanitizer in my hand .

Taking a bite out of my wing , my eyes closed as the spicy piece of chicken roamed around my mouth . This had to be the best wings I’ve had yet and I refused to share with anyone . Munching down on a few fries , the boys were in their own world . Eyeing both of their plates , I wanted half and half . Half of his food and half Barry’s . Caden had shrimp with buffalo bites that was accompanied by a pile of fries while Barry had baby back ribs , a loaded baked potato and small bowl of soup . ” I have to piss ” Caden grumbled with a mouth full of food , taking a sip out of his sprite . ” me too , let’s go piss ” Barry nodded his head towards the bathroom . ” we’ll be back baby ” Caden assured before sliding out the booth , Barry behind him . Nodding my head , I watched as they both rounded the corner where I could no longer see them .

Without hesitation , I pulled both of their plates over to my side and began piling my plate . Taking half of Caden’s shrimps and fries , I took 4 pieces of Barry’s ribs and the top part of his potato . Looking up , I watched them approach the table with mad faces , quickly pushing their plates back over to their side of the table , I shoved as many shrimps that could fit inside my mouth .” Really Cali , my shrimp ” he chuckled , letting Barry inside the booth . Smiling a shrimpy grin , mijo looked at my plate and back at his trying to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him or if I really did take his ribs . ” did Jay really eat my ribs ? ” he asked in a disappointed tone instantly making me feel bad .

Frowning , I used my fork to pick up the rack of ribs and place them back on his plate . Mirroring my actions ,” jay , I was just kidding you can keep them ” he said with his eyebrows furrowed together . Shaking my head no , ” no thanks “even when people are playing sad , it makes me sad and make me feel like I’m a bad person and it kind of shuts down my mood . No longer having an appetite , I sipped on my strawberry lemonade .

“ The rest of the crew is here ” Caden grinned , staring at someone or shall I say some people behind me . Turning around , I eyed the group of people that was speed walking towards our table . Scooting all the way over to the wall , I wasn’t well with meeting new people but I knew I had to be cardinal with them considering they were Caden’s friends & he obviously have love for them.

“ Caden , my nigga ” one of the 5 unknown people called out , giving him dap in the process . He was tall and a little on the hefty side but I wasn’t judging him . The nigga looked like he be eating good every night . Taking in his features , he had a goatee with a little bit of scruff around his face . His body was dressed in all black with a white and black OHB beanie covering the top half of his shoulder length dreads .

“ Oh wait , I want all of y’all to meet my shorty . ” Caden sipped his sprite before standing to his feet . Looking at him , he pulled me out the booth by my arm and help me stand to my own two feet . “ Jaylin , these are my bestfriends from way back when . This is Keeis , hood , my cousin Austin , lex , juice , seiko and my sister karrueche. Guys this my girlfriend Jaylin ” he grinned pointing to everyone . Waving shyly , “ hi , nice to meet you guys ” I spoke softly .

“ aww Caden got a shy one ” hood , the one I described shortly before nudged Caden’s arm .“ Shy ? Nigga she just don’t know you . Wait on it ” he chuckled . Punching his arm softly , he rubbed his arm before pushing my tiny body into hood big ass .“ Okay okay before y’all start passing me around , I’m going To I guess get to know your females friends over there ” I shrugged , going back into my shy mode .

“ you have absolutely nothing to worry about , them bitches ain’t nobody to be afraid of nor shy in front of ” hood assured , giving me a warm back rub . Nodding , I smiled up at him before trying to pat the top of his head although I failed miserably . All I was able to reach was his broad shoulders . Lifting me up , I happily patted his head .“ Thanks for the lift hoodie ” I chirped , giving him my own personal nick name .“ Hoodie ? What kind of shit ” he murmured to Caden but I still heard him . “ just let her live with her nick names son or she’ll whine ” he informed .

Wiggling so he could put me down , I fixed my jersey and turned up my plump lips at Caden .” I do not whine thank you . Nice meeting you hoodie . ” I smiled skipping off. Calming myself down from the small urge I had to meet the girls and possibly get to know them , they were all huddled up around their own table discussing shit in their personal lives . Not wanting to intrude , I stood their awkwardly waiting on someone to acknowledge me .

Minutes had passed by and no one still had seemed to see me standing here playing with my freshly done acrylics and it was pissing me off .” Um hello , I knew you guys see me standing here but y’all gonna pretend like I’m not . It’s cool tho , I’ll pretend like I care ” I laughed whole heartily before attempting to walk off . Three hands were pressed against my skin , one hand on my left arm , another on my right & one pressed against my back , soon clutching my shirt .

Turning around quickly , my sudden self defense caught them off guard when my fist went flying to each one of their faces . Watching all three or their heads fly back , the one female who has been mugging me since I’ve been in her presence ran to their rescue .” Oh my gosh you dumb bitch they were playing with you ” she spat , hatred laced in each word . Cracking my knuckles , I sent a great right hook to the side of her jaw .” They may have been playing hoe but you wasn’t when you called me out of my name ” I fired back in the same tone she used .

I don’t know what these bitches are use to or how they play up here in Virginia but we don’t play like that where I’m from . You can’t just grab someone and expect them not to have reflexes nor can you just call someone a bitch and not expect a pop in the mouth . At the moment I wasn’t even worried about the three bitches who grabbed me , my main focus was on the skinny bitch who thought it was okay to call me out my name .” Are you crazy ?” She yelled , drawing attention to our table .

Breaking out into a small sweat , I didn’t do well when people were staring at me trying to get all up in my business . Looking all over the Dave and busters , my fingers found their way to each other and wrestled out of nervousness . ” crazy ass bitch ” the girl cried before walking off to the bathroom . The people who were standing , staring around was shaking their head at me as if I was the one in the wrong . Being completely over this day , I was grateful for when everyone went back to doing what they were doing.

“ hey , don’t worry about KAE , she shouldn’t have called you a bitch . Btw I’m seiko ” she extended her non-bloody hand for me to shake . Shaking it hesitantly , she smiled warmly at me before two other girls stepped up .“ I’m lex , Keeis girlfriend . You know the one who looked super high ? Yes him ” she giggled before hugging me . Frowning , I can’t believe I punched someone so sweet , sweet as I am actually . Masking my frown with a small smile , I hugged back before pulling away .“ I’m so sorry for punching you guys ” I apologized genuinely .

“ it’s okay , we expected that. We did it to the last bitch that he dated . I hope you don’t turn out to be like her cause then we gon jump your ass and make sure you can’t function for a week at the most . ” seiko said seriously . Their words didn’t phase nor intimidate me in no way possible . One , I’m not like his ex girl who ever tf she is & two , if they think they’re going to jump me , they got some high hopes . Not only would I beat each of their ass one on one once the fight was over , but I will come back with my sister & we’ll tag team their ass .

Smirking , I nodded like a little wussy I wanted them to think I was . I wasn’t trying to be friends with the people Caden were friends with , I just didn’t care for all of those friends . Maybe one or two but nothing more . It seems as if the smaller you keep your circle , the drama free your life would be . Shit , after the incident with Brianna , that only left me with one true friend and that was Emily .

“ get off her dick , she’s cool people so I’ve heard KAE just tripping anyways , I’m juice , nice to meet you ” the quiet one spoke up before twirling her index finger in my curly Maine . Chuckling , I nodded in agreement .“ I am cool but I take no shit from nobody . I’m literally the sweetest girl on earth . That’s why I don’t know why your friend that stormed off has a problem with me ” I found myself frowning again . The pain that seeped through my knuckles caused me to frown harder and instant guilt from hitting her weighed heavy on me .

I never wanted to bring violence into this and I knew I was going to hear Caden’s mouth once we leave. If I could have handled things better , I would have instead of punching her in the jaw . My top lip was imbedded in between my teeth and my foot tapped against the wooded floor out of bad nerves .

“ where did your friend go , do you know ? ” I looked at each one of them . All three of them shrugged and a low sigh left from my lips . Looking back down at my hand , I noticed a little blood on them and was instantly disgusted . “ I’ll be back , I have to use the restroom ” I excused myself . Not giving them a chance to say anything else , I was already headed down the small hall that lead to the little ladies room .
Walking in , KAE was standing at the sink trying to get her mouth to stop bleeding . A small pout formed on my lips and I just wanted to pull her into one of my loving hugs and apologize until my tongue fell off , but I knew she was going to be a tough cookie with me from knocking her shit back . ” I’m so sorry from punching you , it’s just that you caught me off guard and I don’t do well with the b word and and and , I’m sorry ” I blabbered .

Staring at me through the mirror , she slammed her fist down on the sink causing me to slightly jump from her sudden movement .” You cracked my jaw , you’re not sorry ” she spat . Flat lining my lips , I didn’t know what more to say but I’m sorry and she was acting like she didn’t believe me & I wasn’t the one to try and make you believe me .

Watching as she grabbed more paper towels from the dispenser , she mumbled mean words under her breath along with different words of obscenity . Feeling like a bad person , my bottom lip quivered as tears sprung to the brim of my eyes . Curse Caden for making me emotional again .

“ look , I’m not kissing your ass . I said in sorry and it’s up to you if you accept my apology or not . Either way I , I don’t care ”. Licking my lips , she turned to me and slowly walked over to where I was standing . Not being more than 2 feet taller than me , she used her index finger to push at my chest .

“ I don’t like you , so wth you keep talking to me for ? ” she questioned . Looking her in her eye then down to her finger , my jaw clenched and my hand found its way around her finger , bending it back .“ You would think by now you know how to talk to me , but it seems like you don’t . Now you listen to me bitch , I don’t know who the fuck you think I am but I ain’t no pussy . I would break your face right here in this bathroom . Now you tell me why don’t you like me ” I pushed her back some .

Slinging her hand all over , she was trying to get rid of the pain . Fixing my jersey , I buttoned it up before sliding my hands inside my pockets . Taking her silence as pettiness , I shrugged my shoulders and opened the door to walk out only to be pulled back in by my shirt . ” don’t touch me ” I muttered .

” I don’t like you because you got something I use to have , something I still want ” she cried lowly . Taken back by the words that just spewed out of her mouth , I wanted to smack the living shit out of her . How dare she just tell me she use to have my man and still want him . That’s a new level of disrespect .

“ before you say anything I just want you to know bitch that Caden and I are forever . Why you think I’m still around ? Huh ? Because he can’t get enough of karrueche . He loves me and always will . Sorry you had to find out this way but Caden and I never stopped fucking each other . Nor have we lost contact . Also we have a son , so I’m in his life regardless bitch . ” she informed with a wicked smile on her face .

My lips turned up slightly , turning my whole facial expression into a mug though I had a big lump in my throat that I was trying to swallow instead on letting my tears fall . I look stupid and pathetic standing here when he’s doing all this shit with this bitch . An ear piercing scream left my lips and my feet stomped heavily against the tile floor .

Taking it upon myself , I walked directly in front of Caden and stared down at him as he conversed with the guys over a few rounds of beer . Scrunching up my face at the disgusting drink , I began to wonder how In the hell did he even get that bullshit .

With that being the last thing I wanted to talk about , through my blurry vision I managed to smack the living shit out of him . As his face flew to the right , it bounced right back . ” Ooh’s” left from each other’s mouth as Caden sat there glaring at me . Holding his hand up , it silenced all of the boys and they knew shit was serious .

” Cali , I’m trying to hold myself together but I can’t help the urge to wanna beat tf out you in front all of these people . What the fuck did you put your hands on me for ” he growled , slowly standing up . Not backing down from him , I angrily wiped the tears from my eyes .

“ you made me look stupid . You had me in your ex bitch face as if it was okay ” I cried . Furrowing his eyebrows , I could see the girls including karrueche standing on side of us from the side of my eye . With a smirk on her face , I hiccuped and turned towards her .

” tell him what you told me you jealous bitch ” I demanded . Shrugging her shoulders lightly , she let it be known she wasn’t going to tell him what she had said . Nodding ,” I’ll tell him . She said y’all were in a relationship & she also said that she still wanted you. & to top that off , it was said y’all still fuck around . Oh and how could I forget , y’all have a son ” I whimpered at the hurting words that I repeated .

Caden’s face turned beat red and Barry pushed me out of the restaurant . I could hear commotion coming from the inside of the Dave and busters but my own sobbing was blocking everything out , making it non-audible for me to hear .

“ lil bit , calm down for me please baby girl . Please ” Barry rubbed my back . Crying hysterically , my body began to shake as I was starting to feel a bit over whelmed . My lip was formed in a pout & I could feel my eyes getting puffy .

Hiccuping ,” why you let him let me look stupid mijo ? Huh ? You knew they use to fuck around and you let him bring me round that hoe ”

“ Lil bit , Chris is grown enough to know what the hell to do and what not to do . But let me tell you this much , you can’t believe everything you hear from her alright ? I Been wanted that butch gone but that’s seiko cousin ” he mumbled bitterly .

Taking in his words on not being able to believe everything that I heard from her , my body relaxed some at some of the things she said could possibly be a lie .

Twiddling with my fingers , mijo gave me words of comfort and told me not to be upset with Caden but at the moment it was impossible . He still brought me around some one he had sexual relations with and thought it was okay .
I don’t care if he didn’t think she would say anything , when in a relationship with some one as fine as him , no matter how long you’ve been separated jealousy will always be evident , no matter what and that’s some shit he obviously couldn’t see .

“ Barry , I wanna be his first . I wanna be the girl he can say is first actual true love & the first girl who carried his baby . Not just the first but the only . If someone else was to have his baby , I don’t know what I would do . I would feel abandoned , why ? Because everything would be about that baby and he or she’s mother ” it was true , I would feel abandoned and out of place .

I know the kid didn’t ask to be brought into this world , but I would hate it and I know that’s some petty stuff but I’m being honest . Every time I would look at that child , I would see it’s mother and constantly be reminded that it isn’t me . At some point , our relationship would come to an end because of that child and my jealousy so before I put myself through that , I would leave .

I’m not competing with a grown woman so what makes you think I will compete with a baby ? I wouldn’t .

Rocking from side to side , the police pulled up in front of the building as well as the swat team . Sitting up quickly , I turned to mijo with confusion and scare evident on my face . Jumping to my feet , literally , I ran inside just to be pinned up against the wall .” It’s dangerous in their mam , stay right here ” one of the police officers yelled over all the ruckus .

The ambulance had made their way inside and through the crowd of people that wouldn’t move out the way for them to get through . Biting my lip, I was praying nothing had happened to my baby and he was okay even though I was pissed off at him for the time being .

My heart dropped at the sight of karrueche being carried out of the booth slumped over . My hands had found their way to my mouth that was hanging open out of shock . I couldn’t tell if she was dead or not but something was telling me that she wasn’t .

As they laid her body on the gurney , Caden made his way towards me with a security guard got on his heel . The police officer that was holding me up against the wall sat me down gently on my feet . Dusting my back as good as I could, I fixed my clothes properly .

With attitude laced in his voice , Caden told me to come on without looking back at me . Clenching my jaw , I had no idea on what he was upset with me for . I should be the one upset , he’s the one who made me look stupid . Not vice versa .

For the umpteenth time tonight , wonder took over me as I watched seiko be arrested and put into the cop car . Licking my lips , either Caden best karrueche ass and seiko took the blame for him or seiko actually did the ass whooping and she’s taking her lick . I wasn’t sure and at this point I didn’t care . I just wanted to go where ever we were going , shower and go to sleep .

And for the first time , I didn’t want to be touched or held by Caden .


As I enjoyed being with my brothers and sisters , I was ready to wined Down and go home to see my parents . Not only was I ready to see them , I was ready for them both to meet my baby girl . Though I haven’t spoken a word to jay about who’s she’s going to be meeting and the exact reason why , I knew my mom would like her and she would like mom.

Shall things go wrong between the two , I can’t get rid of my mother and I refuse to leave jay . So if they can’t get along , they just won’t be able to be around each other because I need them both , jay more than my mom in most ways .

Dripping mijo off home , it made no sense for him to take his car if we deciding on going it the same place to talk , have fun and get to know each other . Glad that both him and jay got along , that gave me the official reassurance on being with her .

Though the night was fun , it was all too good to be true . Karrueche just had to open her mouth about us being together because she knew it would piss jay off . I did that bitch a favor and staid her friend because she promised she wouldn’t let her feelings for me pry I go any other relationship I have but it looks like she lied .

Not only did she lie but she created a small problem for me and my baby girl . Ever since we’ve gotten in the car , Jay’s gaze has been focused outside the window . Trying to rest my hand on her thigh , she forcefully pushed it away as if I disgusted her . Clenching my jaw , I nodded my head and made a mental note to txt karrueche , letting her know about herself .

If I’m up to it , I might even question the bitch on how she’s feeling but then again , from the shit she pulled tonight , she deserved to be felt like a piece of shit . Shaking my head , I wasn’t going to txt her anything . I wasn’t going to have any dealings with her period from this point on . She didn’t deserve my friendship .

My hands flexed on their own as the pain in them were beginning to become unbearable due to the glass I had some how managed to get inside them from breaking the glass table that rested on the floor as extravagant decoration .

Commending Seiko on handing KAE the ass whooping that she deserved , I remembered she would be getting out of the parish prison around 12 tonight , thanks to us all paying her bond of 5 grand . Though I didn’t mind , I still felt as if it was my fault she went in the first place because she didn’t want me to hit KAE but I’m Caden, I had to do something .

Using my own teeth , I pulled each piece of glass out of my knuckles one by one . Feeling some what relieved , I snarled at how I allowed the bitch to take me to a place I didn’t want to go. I wanted tonight to be peaceful and fun so jay can walk into my parents house with happy thoughts , not being pissed off at me .

“ you made me look stupid , you had me in a bitch you use to fuck face as if it was okay ”
Jay’s words replayed over and over in my head . I didn’t mean for her to look stupid , shit I didn’t expect for KAE to open her big ass mouth .

It’s not like we lasted for long anyhow , we were broken up in our fourth month . Only reason we got together was because I wanted to make an enemy jealous by fucking with their ex . Once that mission was accomplished , I was reAdy to drop her ass but she made that hard for me when she gave me some bomb head one morning .

Our relationship went from me trying to make her ex jealous to keeping her around just to please me in an sexual way , yet she called it ” love ” but I didn’t look at it in that way until I found out she was pregnant . My hands gripped the steering wheel tightly as the memories came back from not to long ago about her being pregnant with my child .

She knew how much I wanted a kid and that bitch played me . One day she had told me she was pregnant and I was skeptical about it but I also thought about the Condom breaking . Considering I was the only nigga she was fucking with at the time , I took her word for being pregnant with my child . Come to find out she wasn’t pregnant at all .

For a whole two months , she had me excited about having a baby only to find out when I took her on her doctors appointment that she wasn’t pregnant at all . Right then and there , I wanted to strangle her to death for playing me . She knew I was done with the relationship so she thought saying she was pregnant would keep me around and it did but not for long .

Within the next day I had managed to take what ever was for me away from her and give her anything she had gotten me back . Her number was deleted out my phone & all connects we had with each other were dropped and lost .

After a few months had done passed by , I came to the conclusion that the crew wanted her around and if I was going to be happy , I had to let go of what she did to me . Putting the bullshit behind me , I made an agreement to be her friend under one condition and she couldn’t even hold on to that shit .

Chuckling bitterly , Jay turned her attention towards me for the first time since we’ve been in the car . Cracking a faint smile at her , she hiccuped . My smile turned into a permanent frown as I studied her red puffy eyes . ” why you crying ? ” I asked , quickly trying to find a fresh napkin in my console so I could wipe her tears away .

“ nothing’s wrong Caden ” she mumbled smacking my hand down from trying to help her . “ don’t fucking play with me Cali . Let me help you ” I gritted . Huffing , she allowed me to wipe her tears away and even give her a soft kiss on the lips. Taking a while to cave into my touch , she gripped the side of my face with both of her hands and let her tongue wrestle with my own .

I had her wrapped around my finger . She couldn’t stay away from me even if she needed to . That mad shit she be trying to stick to don’t work , not once I touch her .

Spending two whole minutes devouring each other’s mouth , she pulled away . Wiping her nude lip gloss off of my lips , I snuck another kiss without caring about my lips being glossy . My body relaxed completely once it got a taste of her and I was grateful for that , it would be better if I was fucking her brains out but that could wait .

Seeming as earlier today wasn’t enough for me to hold off for a few days , I had to have her wrapped around my dick once more before the night was over with . Eyeing her attire , I hadn’t noticed how good she looked with her jersey open , exposing her belly area because of the tube top she had on . Biting my lip , I smacked her thigh hard af .

Whimpering , she rubbed the spot I smacked before glaring at me .” What was that for asshole ?” She tried her hardest to be serious but was failing miserably as her lips turned up into a small smile .

“ there’s my happy baby ” I chuckled tickling her sides . Cackling like an hyena , she smacked my hands away before dramatically catching her breath .“ Your fingers hurt sometimes baby ” she laughed lowly , rubbing her side . Pouting , I kissed her lips before pulling off from the street light that I had aloud to turn red five different times just from being deep in my thoughts .

Grabbing a hold of her hand , I brought it up to my mouth and gave it a gentle kiss all while letting my lips linger . A bright smile graced my face causing me to mirror her actions at having her back in her happy state of mind . Hopefully once we arrived at my parents house , she would still be happy and not freak out .

As my eyes roamed the familiar parts of my home town , It’s been a while since I’ve even been back in the neighborhood . Va was once upon a time my life and I always would say that I would never move away , but I can no longer recite those words . Look at where I am now , Los Angeles California , home of the La lakers , a team that I despise . Wishing I was still here , I probably wouldn’t be as sane as I am now and would be in a shit load of trouble . I was so bad and reckless moma would ship me off anywhere , to anybody . I still love her tho . Moma always wanted what was best for me , even if leaving me in the mental institution for 4 months was part of it . I was highly grateful .

Other than Jaylin , my moma and pops were the only ones who didn’t judge me because of my disorder . They chose to live with it , they had to. I always feared that my parents would stop loving me because of my bipolar and schizophrenic disorder , but I was wrong . Wrong in so many ways , good thing I’ve never ran it by them cause I’ll probably get cursed out or popped upside the head .

“ you see that play ground over there ? I use to smash all my bitches there ” I laughed at jaylins facial expression once I said that . Smacking me hard against my chest , she rolled her eyes . “ shut up ” she mumbled . Ain’t shit changed about this place . Kids forever in the street playing , basketball courts still full of niggas taking other niggas and the same hoes from middle and high school still hoes .

” it looks like this neighborhood is never dull ” Jaylin chirped rolling down her window to get a better look at our view. It was going on 9:30 and the street lights were obviously on but that didn’t stop everybody and their moma from being outside as if it was broad daylight .

“ it ain’t ” I chuckled a little . I couldn’t help but notice the stares I was getting as I cruised down the street that seemed like it would never end . Old faces who I haven’t seen in the longest looked stunned to see me back on these old streets that still felt like home .

“ Yo breezy ” I heard some one yell . Stopping the car I rolled down my window while jay continued to look out of her own at the bitches who was sending her death glares. Mugging them , none of them goes phased my baby and that’s what I liked . That’s what I wanted to see , be a gangsta with your nigga baby .

Turning my head back out of my window , I was searching for who called my name .” Nigga I know you see me ” my old nigga trell yelled , walking his oscar proud looking ass to my truck . He still looked the same , last kings hoodie and hat on with some dark washed jeans and a fresh pair of jays to top it off .

“ my nigga trell ” I chuckled sticking my hand out for some dap .

Dapping me up ,” I see your ass finally came back “

“ yea it’s been a while , how you been man ? ” trell was one of my best friends since elementary school and when I moved we just lost connect .that was my fault tho . I felt as if people was judging me and would talk about me behind my back so I fell off with everybody .

” I’m straight nigga how about yourself ?” Knowing what he was talking about , I didn’t wanna tell him I recently had an outburst and killed some one .

Trell never judged me but his ass always had a lecture for me . I use to never want to hear what he had to say , like I didn’t create me Chris did . Blame him . But at the same time , some of his words stuck with me but when I blackout them words are no longer relevant . Once again , blame my creator .

“ I’m good , her right here been keeping me in line and sane ” I said scooting back so he could see Cali . Cali cheeks had flushed red from being put on the spot suddenly with out warning .

“ hey lil mama I’m trell ” he waved .

Waving shyly ,” hi , I’m Jaylin but you can call me Jay “

Chuckling , ” she’s cute “

“ yea that’s the wife right there , where’s heather punk ass ” I asked referring to his blue haired beauty . Heather was beautiful and a loyal one & to be honest if it wasn’t for trell meeting her before me , I would have made her wife and planted a baby inside of her to assure my place in her life if we were to ever go separate ways . But I got my own beauty now and I’m perfectly fine with her .

“ she’s home cooking for a nigga , she gone be calling me in a few . Yo how long you in town tho  ?” He asked .

“ only for the weekend ” I mumbled rubbing my fingers through my hair . I see Chris changed it to this pussy ass turquoise , had me out here looking like heather . This shit was not cute on a nigga like me and I would be changing it ASAP .

” gimme your number , we gotta do something before you go ” he grinned pulling his phone out .

“ I’m down ” I assured setting my number in his phone once he had managed to unlock and hand it to me .

“ ima holla at cha ” he said tapping the SUV rental car I rented for Cali and I to ride around in . Nodding my head , I gave him one last dap before Pulling off down the street .

“ y’all seemed really close baby ” Jay smiled .

“ we were ” I responded , pulling into my mothers driveway I noticed they changed the paint on the outside of the house . It wasn’t bad though , the black trimming complemented the nude looking khaki they had going on on the main parts . I also noticed mom had started her small garden in front of the house , it was nice .

“ wow ” Jay said in complete awe . Getting out the car , I walked over to her side and helped her out . Running my hands up her back , I pulled her closer to me before shoving my tongue down her throat . Moaning in my mouth , I hiked her up so she could wrap her arms and legs around my body comfortably .

Moving my lips down to her neck , I found my favorite spot and began sucking my life away . Her lights moaned filled my ear , turning me on even more , making me want to fuck her shit up right here in the front yard . Leaving three marks behind on her beautiful neck , I let her down on her feet so she could gather herself .

“ who’s house is this  ? ” she asked fixing her shirt .

Staring down at her ,” my moms ” soon as I said that , She started freaking out . Sighing this is what I was afraid of . I didn’t want her to think meeting my mom was a bad thing , cause it wasn’t .

“ no no Caden please don’t make me go in there ” she struggled to get out of my grasp .

“ stop being fucking childish . You’re acting like a fucking kid trying to get out of my hold . You are about to meet my parents and that’s the end of that discussion ” I growled tightening my hand around her waist .

“ ugh stop it you bitch ” she gritted punching at my hand .

“ watch your fucking mouth . Get your dumb ass up the fucking porch ” I spat slapping her back .

Flinching , ” stop stupid , them cuts are still there ” she mugged walking up the steps .

“ keep playing and ima really fuck you up and I’m not talking about in a pleasurable way . Play with me ” I growled .

She lowered her eyes at me but didn’t mutter another word . Yea she know I was done playing with her spoiled ass . She hid behind my back , to I guess shield her self from them . Knocking on the door I tried runways patiently for some one to open the door .

With my patience running low I was about to kick on the door but my pops had answered ,” what’s good pops ” I smiled .

“ Ayeeee my lil nigga ” he grinned pulling me into a bear hug .

“ lil ? I’m bigger than you ” I shot back . Elbowing my side , he turned his attention to Jaylin .

“ what’s your name ? ” he asked bluntly .

“ Jaylin ” she spoke quietly.

“ oh well ok then ” my dad said closing the door in her face . Slouching over I was hollering with laughter .

Opening it back up ,” I’m just joking , hi I’m Cameron nice to meet you ” he smiled sticking his hand out for a handshake .

Being kind like I know she is , she shook his hand firmly .” Nice to meet you too sir “

Grabbing a hold of her hand ” where’s moms ? ” I asked entering the foyer .

“ do you really have to ask ? ” he looked at me with his lip turned up.

“ true true , oh ma ” I yelled .

“ Stop with all that yelling in my house , I’m in the kitchen ” her joyful voice rang out . Feeling Cali’s tiny hands clench on to the back of my shirt I knew her anxiety was kicking in . “ it’s gonna be okay baby ” I whisperes reaching back for her to grab a hold of my hand .

Her face was slightly pressed against my back & I could hear he breathing from a mile away .as I held her hand , with each step her breathing kicked up and she tried to keep her feet glued to one spot . Walking inside the kitchen , my mom stood there in her black pyramid shirt and sweats with her hair tied up in a ponytail .

“ oh my baby boy ” she cried rushing over to hug me . Rocking our bodies back and forth she planted kisses all over my face .

“ Ewww ” I groaned as I felt her lipstick smudge on my face .

Looking in my eyes , ” Caden you no good fool . Show your moma some proper loving ” she chuckled pulling me back down . Kissing her cheek , I picked myself up . Pulling away from me her eyes fell on Jaylin who was looking around the house , clearly amazed by the things she see .

“ is this the famous Jaylin ?” My mom asked with a smile . Turning her attention to my mom she was flabbergasted .

“ uh uh , yes mam ” she laughed at her own nervousness .

“ oh gosh , please don’t call me mam . People call me Joyce but you can call me moma j ” she winked before giving her a hug .

“ you’re so warm” Jaylin mumbled .

Chuckling ,” and you smell good . Kinda smell like Caden ” she laughed .

“ i told you ” I whined sucking my teeth . Mugging her behind my mothers back , pops ratted me out .

“ he mugging you Jaylin ” he laughed .

“ I will put them paws on you ” she said . Trying to hold back my laughter , I started coughing . I knew exactly what she meant , ole nasty ass .

Laughing lowly , she held up her claws before putting them down so anyone could catch on to what she was saying without having to say it . Tucking her hair behind her ear , she walked up to me and held her arms up . As a signal of a wanting to be picked up , I picked her up and let her wrap herself around me .

My mom stared at me like she couldn’t believe it because she’s never seen me show this much affection since the last hoe I’ve been with , the devil . Cracking a small smile at her , she smiled big before walking back to her previous spot in front the stove .

“ where are you guys luggage ? ” my mom asked emptying the good from the pot into the pans to make it easier for us to dish out our food .

Making my way to the dinning room , I played with Jaylin’s ass as she sung anaconda by my celebrity babe nicki . God that woman was so fine but no one was finer than my Cali and I was good with Her.

“ it’s in the trunk , I’ll get it out later ” i mumbled pulling a seat out for Jaylin . Sitting her down , the smell of her hair whiffed passed my face causing me to groan out in pure pleasure . Loving the way her head smelled , I sniffed it once

“ Mmmm your hair ” I groaned as I continuously sniffed it .

“ let me guess your favorite ” she said trying to imitate my voice .

Cackling with laughter ,” I do not sound like that “

“ yes you do ” she laughed . Mushing Her face , she smacked my arm away before trying to put me in a choke hold . Chuckling at how she was horribly failing , she waved me off before scooting closer to the table .

Moms and pops walked in the dining room with the two pans full of food and I was secretly hoping that my favorites were inside . My mom was known for having the best crawfish Alfredo and fried chicken , and to say the least , it was truly the best I ever had .

“ Jaylin come sit by me girly ” my mom smiled patting the seat next to her. Standing ,she walked over to my mom and sat down .

Looking at me , I sent a wink her way before opening up one of the beers my dad sat on the table for me . Knocking half of the bottle back , jay low key mugged me for drinking this cause she hated the way it smelled . It made her stomach turn .

Sucking my teeth , she stuck her tongue out at me before smiling and turning her direction to my mom who was preparing her self to say grace before we ate . Saying a short prayer to bless the food , she rubbed up and down jaylins arm .

Shaking my head at my touchy mother , she leaned in for another hug and Jaylin happily embraced her into her little arms . A smile tugged at my lips as I thought about how successful this night was going . The incident from Dave and busters was long gone out of my head and I no longer cared .

“ what is the name of the perfume you use , it smells awesome ” my mom gushed .

“ it’s called velvet sugar and it’s a body wash ”

“ let me find out my son is using feminine products ” Jaylin was covering her mouth trying not to laugh as my mom tried to throw a slang but she was too loud .

averting my eyes over to my dad , his face was almost beat red and I couldn’t help but clench my jaw out of embarrassment . Quickly unclenching it before Cali thought I was mad , I sucked my teeth . ” Pops please don’t laugh ” I groaned watching him crack .

It seemed as both females were waiting for my dad to laugh to give them the okay to laugh because they were dying . Tears cascaded down Jaylin face and my mom was red as hell , tears threatening to fall from the brim of her eyes .

“ Blame Jaylin man , wanna give a nigga a bath with her tropical shit ” I mugged her ass . Rolling her eyes playfully , she blew me a kiss . Pretending to catch it , I placed it on my heart .

Giving me my big smile I always looked forward to from her , she moved back by me and kissed my cheek . All while wrapping her arms around my neck . Loving the affection , I pulled her into my lap and gave her a wet sloppy kiss on her cheek .

Biting her cheek , she giggled before pushing my face away so she could wipe my slob away . Helping her out a bit , from the corner of my eye I could see my dad smirking at me . Mentally rolling my eyes, I already knew what was going through his head .

They’ve never seen me act so in love before so this all was a shocker to them , as well as a sight to see . Either I bring a bitch home and she do some fuck shit and I beat her ass or I end up with a heartbreak .

Silently thanking god for jay being in my life , indeed my baby girl was a blessing and I loved her more than life It self . I know it’s probably too early into out relationship but , I can see myself with her for the rest of my life , I just hope the feelings are mutual with her .

While I said my quick prayer mentally , I also prayed that she didn’t end up like my ex , Rihanna . Her first name is Tracy but I call her by her middle name . Now that I think about it , she has two middle names cause her name is Tracy Robyn Rihanna Fenty .

Scrunching up my face just at the thought of her name , I became utterly disgusted . Not only disgusted with her but disgusted with myself . How could I date someone so evil , oh wait look at me . But she was a different kind of evil . She was toxic for me but she crossed the line when sh-

“ I want somet grand babies ” my mom said randomly taking a bite out of Her chicken , interrupting my thoughts that would have probably made me black out . Thanking her for that , I smiled at her being ready to nurture a baby .

looking at Jaylin she nodded her head for me to tell them what’s the plan” she’s gonna have them , maybe a few months from now ” I smiled even bigger .

Jaylin smile matched mine as my dad high fived me and have jay a warm bear hug . Clapping could be heard from my mother who was overly excited . Chuckling at her happy ass , she got up from her side of the table and ran over to me . ” be careful moma ” I stated , catching her as she almost tripped over her own foot .

“ woah . Thank you baby ” she giggled before bending down to jay . Placing her hand on jay belly , I watched as she began to rub gently and coo as if the baby was currently inside her . “ ma you acting crazy , stop it . You gon get your grand kids . I promise ” I laughed smacking her warm hand away from jay belly though she didn’t seem to mind considering she was smiling ear to ear .

“ I cannot wait , I don’t want y’all raising them in Cali tho ” she mumbled standing up straight up .

“ I was thinking the same thing ” Jaylin smiled at my mom . Standing , she grabbed my mothers hand before they disappeared somewhere inside our cosy home . They were like best friends and it’s only the first night , I couldn’t be more happier with the results of tonight .

“ love at it’s finest ” my dad smirked taking a swig out of his beer . Listening to both jay and my mom as they shared a laugh close by , sounding like they were in the kitchen , I nodded . Maybe pops is right , love at it’s finest. I had a loving and caring girl & a loving and caring mother . What more could I possibly ask for .


It was currently 3 am prior and both Jay and I were outside enjoying the fresh air . She had her hair pulled up into a tight ponytail and her face was pure . She had washed off her makeup not too long ago in the shower before deciding she had wanted to come outside and explore the big backyard .

Along our journey , she came in contact with our built in swimming pool and instantly wanted to go for a short swim . That short swim turned into an hour swim and after watching her for a little over thirty minutes , I came to the conclusion that she wasn’t getting out no time soon and I needed something to occupy myself .

Not bored with watching her swim almost naked , I took this as a great opportunity to grab some of my spray paint and paint the all white wall that sat not to far away from the pool , easy for me to still watch my babe and make sure she’s okay .

Raising up my white spray can , I shook it viciously before I started to spray my life away . Jay had managed to make her way out the pool and on to the lawn chair that rested next to the wall . ” I didn’t know you paint ” she murmured in amusement .

Nodding my head ,” yea . I use to paint a lot when I first became known . It was my way to calm myself down when I would get upset but over time it stopped working and I would only paint when I felt up to it . Like now ” I assured .

“ I would rather you paint instead of hurt people baby ” she licked over her semi dry lips , crossing her legs and arms . Sighing , I shook my head . If only it was that simple , I would definitely pick painting over violence but I always tend to have the want to feel power.

I don’t choose to be violent and hurt people , but that’s how I am . That’s the only way I can feel at piece with myself , if I bring harm on to others . Like I’ve stated numerous of times , Chris is the blame . Not me .

Explaining to jay what I wish I could do but my body just wouldn’t allow to happen , she pouted before walking up to me and wrapping her arms around my torso . Bending down , I kissed her forehead & rubbing her wet booty .

“ you look good in this bathing suit baby ” I muttered before sending a hard smack to her ass . Wincing , she punched my arm before taking off . Chuckling , I dropped my can of paint and chased her around the backyard .

I’m not gon lie , this girl was running fast af , almost as if she was running for her life . Though she was running fast , I still caught up with her and lifted her body from the air . Soft giggles fled from her mouth as I continuously tossed her In the air and caught her .

Eyeing the pool then eyeing her body , her face changed from laughing to terror in seconds .” Baby please don’t do this ” she begged as I made my way to the deeper end of the pool that was dark as ever . It was so deep that it actually looked black instead of a clean clear blue .

“ Caden , fucking stop it ” she gritted but it was already too late . I had managed to throw her ass in the pool and watch as her body disappeared under the water . Cackling , she came up looking pissed as ever .

“ Caden , you play too fucking much ” she hollered swimming to the more shallow part of the pool . Sucking my teeth , it was ridiculous how furious she was about me tossing her ass in some harmful . Although it slightly pissed her off about me throwing her in , her face held amusement as she got out of the water .

“ no baby get back in , I’m getting in with you but I’ll be right back ” I smirked before quickly running inside to my room to retrieve my brand new Nikon camera that my mother purchased for me last Christmas .

She knew my love for photography and I appreciated the gift , it just wasn’t used until now . I was waiting for the perfect time to use and no other moment would be perfect except for right now . Retrieving my camera from underneath my nightstand bar , I turned it on and made sure it had enough of battery for what I was about to do with it.

Smiling at the battery being fully charged , I stripped from my jeans , leaving me in my boxers and socks . Grabbing a pair of sweats from my duffle , I made my way back out the house to the backyard . Jay was laying on the lawn chair with her eyes closed, oblivious to me being back in her presence .

Laying my sweats down on the chair next to her , I took off the protective lens that blocked my zoom in and zoom out bubble . Turning on my camera , jay peeked at me with one eye to see what I was doing . Realizing I had a camera in my hand , she sat up with quickness .

“ what you doing with that ?” She questioned as I started snapping random pictures of her . “ I’m taking pictures of you , so I can make a scrapbook ” I informed . Smiling faintly , she started posing as I kept snapping .

Placing me in my director mood , I set up a prompt and made her model in front my freshly painted painting as if she was at a photoshoot . Holding up her hair as she did her famous duck lips , I licked my lips as water still dripped down her body .

Grunting lowly , I motioned for her to take off her top . Hesitantly taking it off , she shyly covered them with both of her hands .walking up to her , I gently pushed her hands away .” Don’t be shy , no one will ever see these pictures I promise and if they do , I’ll kill them ” I assured causing her to nod her head and drop her hands .

After 20 minutes of the camera constantly flashing , I had over 1,000 pictures of her . Most of them were of her smiling because that’s what I loved the most while the others were of her butt ass naked clapping her ass in my camera .

Once she was out of her shy state , I was even able to get personal pictures such as ass shots and pussy shots for my own personal enjoyment . I even did a lil teasing to get her pussy wet because I new my camera would make that shit look even better and like I contradicted , it did . Her pussy was glistening .

“ you can’t just leave me wet baby ” she moaned slipping her fingers inside herself . “ stay just like that ” I muttered. Letting my camera focus , I snapped three shots before setting my camera up on the stand with it’s focus on the pool .

Taking off my boxers , I picked jay up and
Walked down the steps that led inside the pool . Walking to the more non-shallow area of the pool , I made sure the camera was directly on us . ” baby what you doing ? ” she questioned as I pulled the string on her bottom.

“ using my camera to its fullest ” I spoke before devouring her mouth . Gripping the back of my neck , she shoved her tongue in my mouth , letting me know she didn’t want that soft shit . She wanted it rough but pleasurable & I was gonna give it to her .

Her fingers found their way to my soft baby girls as my mouth found it’s way to her neck , leaving my mark behind . ” I don’t wanna do it in the pool . Let’s get out and do it ” she moaned out . Nodding my head , I carried her out the pool , still sucking on her neck .

“ condom or no ?” I questioned . Shaking her head no , I simply nodded . Turning the camera from the pool back to my painting , I went in front of it and laid jay down on top of the 5 sheets I had laid out on the ground in case I wasted paint , though I barely do .

Admiring her beautifully sculpted body , I licked my lips in anticipation of being inside of her but I had plans to make our first out of a million movies and I had to take it slow .

My lips found their way around her left nipple and my tongue swirled uncontrollably around it . Her back involuntary arched and a slight gasp came from her lips . I knew she was lowkey paranoid about us getting caught by either one of my parents , shit maybe both but once they were sleep , they were sleep for the night .

Switching to her right breast , her right have found it’s way to the back of my head while her left found it’s way to my already hard dick . Slowly stroking me , I bit down on her nipple instead of allowing a moan to leave my lips . Moaning a little louder , she ran her thumb over my tip sending me into a grunting frenzy .

Growling cause she had some what control over me for the time being , I smacked both of her nipples causing her to wince and whimper . Removing her hand , I flipped and placed her on my face so she could ride until she squirt . I don’t know what’s wrong with me but whatever it is , I’m enjoying it .

Not having to tell her what to do , she slowly began to ride my face . Holding on to both off of her thighs , I shoved my tongue deep inside her opening . Crying out in pleasure , she used my curls as something to grip . ” Caden , baby ” she whispered . Smacking her ass , she rode faster .

Tasting the sweet taste of pineapples , I laid her down so I could take control completely . Shoving my self chin deep inside of her , her legs buckled around my neck . Slurping up her sweet juices , my long fingers plunged in and out of her pussy with no remorse or mercy .

Her breathing picked up and her panting got louder indicating her orgasm was close .” Look in the camera Cali ” I demanded as her eyes closed . Popping them back open , she stared directly into the camera before she let loose .

“ ooh god ” she screamed as she squirted all over my face . Still plunging my fingers in and out of her , as she squirted u caught her juices in my mouth and drunk as if she was a water fountain . Kissing her clit softly , she laid their trying to catch her breath all while whimpering from her pearl being sensitive .

With no words having to be spoken , I knew I had pleased her just a few minutes ago and she was well prepared for the dick . Stroking myself slightly , she watched me intensively as I pleased my own self for a second . Her pussy lips were still very wet and her pussy was already warmer than luke .

Not being able to hold myself together any longer , I rammed inside of her and used my arms to hold me up . Staying buried deep inside her for a cool minute , I looked down at her love faces that was on a hundred and smirked . Breath , something that was stuck in between both of out throats , I pulled out before ramming back in instantly .

Soon , my dick started disappearing inside of her shit and I hade to make sure she was okay because she never use to be able to take daddy dick , no matter what . Her legs had found their way around my waist and her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck .

“ you so deep baby . Ooh , so fucking deep” she cried literally . A tear slipped from her eye and I wiped it . It wasn’t tears of pain but more of pleasure and me reaching her paradise . I was astounded to know I had that affect and could bring tears out of her . Pipe game must be serious .

Thrusting in and out of her , I let my moans and grunts fly from my mouth , music to her ears . Clenching her already tight walks around my Dick , I smacked her thigh for her to quit. Flipping over on my back , she positioned her legs on each side of me before she started bouncing up and down like she was on a pogo stick .

Groaning , she was soaking my shit . She had no idea that this current sex session was just making me more over protective , possessive and territorial. Her thighs slapped aggressively against my skin as I thrusted upwards , trying to make her cum first cause in the direction I was in , I was almost to my climax .

Holding on to her hips , I slammed her body down repeatedly . Each time I lifted her up , more and more juices dripped down my dick forming a puddle underneath us and most of it sliding down my thigh . I couldn’t lie , she was wet as fuck and I enjoyed every minute of it .

Sitting up , she wrapped her self around me as she bounced uncontrollably cause I was now in control . Moans continued to fly from her mouth as grunts and pleads for her to not stop meeting my thrust flew from my own.

By now my camera was beginning to die and I knew this because of the annoying beeping sound that I could hear outside of my own thoughts . My main focus was now on me trying to hurry up and get us to out climax before the camera did and our movie not save .

“ I . I . I-I’m cumming ” she hollered before cumming all over my dick . Watching her love faces as she blessed my dick , I bit my bottom lip . My dick began to swell and as much as u wanted to pull out , I couldn’t . She felt so good wrapped around me letting her warmness drip down on me , I just had to stay buried inside her.

“ bust for me baby . I feel you ” she encouraged . Still bouncing , she threw her head back giving me an opportunity to cover her whole neck . Though she had over 5 hickies , it seemed as if she wanted more . Latching my lips on to her hot spot , she moaned one sexy ass moaned that pushed me over the edge .

Busting my heavy load deep inside of her love box , she moaned lowly as I filled her up . I released so much to where when I pulled out , some of it dripped out . Growling , she looked upset . ” don’t chu ever pull out of me ” she shoved me back inside her . Smirking , a low chuckle left from my lips .

Picking both of our bodies up , I hit the stop recording button on my camera and saved out video . Having enough life to do that , it died right after it saved . Grateful , I grabbed jay and I’s belongings and rushed us in the house and up the stairs to the shower .

Stepping underneath the hot water , she rested her head on my stomach and hummed . The tune she was humming settled in my head and I came to a realization that she was humming stay with me . Nodding my head , I mumbled ” forever ” before my lips crashed into hers and my body got a tingling sensation .

Melting , I caved into her body . As her body was pinned against the wall , everything that happened earlier was erased from my mind and replaced with happy thoughts . I was on cloud nine .

as we took our time washing and rinsing each other’s bodies , silence filled the air but it’ was comfortable to say the least . I was dressed in a simple white v-neck and a black pair of sweats while jay slept in one of my shirts and some fuzzy socks .

A tired yawn escaped her lips & I knew it was time for us both to go to sleep . Her tiny body curled up under my own and she rested her face in my side . Pulling the covers up , I turned towards her and cradled her in my arms as my mind racing came to an halt and my tense muscles relaxed.

Next morning


I was peacefully listening to my jhene aiko Album as both august and the babies slept quietly , not making one sudden movement . august hand was wrapped tightly around my waist but I didn’t mind at all neither did Anaya considering she was all up against where he had his hand positioned .

Chuckling lowly as her baby feet slightly poked out , I closed my eyes and enjoyed the time I had left to myself before anyone could wake up and disturb me and take me from my calm state of mind .

On cue , a knock came from The opposite side of the door and a low grown escaped from my semi dry lips . Rolling my eyes , I had forgot to place a fair amount of Vaseline lip moisturizer on my lips on my lips last night so no one was to blame for my dryness but me .

Another knock came from the door taking me out of my careless thoughts , instantly making who ever was on the other side of the door wait on me to get up . Before I could attempt to get up , my mom had barged in the room with an okay to come in and hovered over me .

Taking in her appearance , she was dressed casual today in her skin tight jeans , loose v-neck and her Jordan retro 1’s . She looked nice to say the least . ” morning mommy ” I smiled up at her .

Smiling back ,” morning baby girl . I need your help in the kitchen . You think you can meet me down there in a few minutes ?” She questioned with a Hopeful look on her face . Nodding my head , she thanked me before looking over at august who was still knocked out .

Walking out of my room , she gently closed the door so she wouldn’t make a mistake and slam the door . Huffing lowly , a piece of my hair flew up and plopped back down on my eye as I wanted to be dramatic about having to get out of the bed .

Removing Augusts arms from around me , I threw my legs over the bed and sluggishly made my way to the bathroom . Scratching my head , I hit the light for it to turn on so I could see my way through .

Slightly bending down due to my belly stopping me from going down any lower , I looked under the cabinet for my tooth brush , toothpaste and mouth wash only to remember that I no longer live here and my things were inside of my luggage that august brought in when we made it here .

Rummaging through my suitcase , I sat down on the floor so I could look through It carefully without having to take everything out and place it back in . After two minutes of searching , I came in contact with my purple traveling case and retrieved my needed necessities .

Struggling to stand to my feet , I had to hold on to the handles on the dresser to help me get up because I was too obese to get up on my own . Whining as I finally got up , I stood there a minute trying to gather myself and catch my breath .

Pouting at how fat I felt , I walked back inside the bathroom and brushed my teeth . Once completed with my daily routine , I planted a soft kiss on august head and slipped my feet inside my house slippers and walked downstairs to the kitchen .

Stepping into the kitchen , the sweet aroma of cinnamon rolls filled my nose and brought a cheesy smile to my face . My daddy was sitting at the the island and memories from last night suddenly came to mind . Finding myself smiling at the great outcome , I couldn’t be more than happy at the fact my dad loved him some august .

Before we both said goodnight to each other and made our way to bed , he made me cough up all the beans about august and I . That included how we met , what exact day did we meet and how did things go from there . Pleased with all my answers , he officially approved of august and was assured he would take good care of his baby girl . Glad that they both liked each other , I found my body relaxing after hearing those words .

“ good morning daddy ” I smiled letting my presence be known . Pushing his reading glasses off of his face , he turned in his seat and kissed my cheek . “ good morning princess , how was your sleep ” he asked as his British accent seeped through heavily .

“ it was great daddy , what about yours ?” I asked in return , being polite . Making my way over to my mom , she pushed me the batter of pancake mix and pointed towards the frying pan and butter that was currently on the stove waiting for something to be added to it . Nodding my head , I awaited on an answer from my dad .

“ it was great also . Your moma gave me some pussy . Shit finally . I was afraid there would be cotton webs down there ” he laughed whole heartily . On the other hand my mom didn’t think his joke was funny and she smacked him upside the head .

Choking on my orange juice that I had manged to fix myself while monitoring the cooking pancakes , I held my chest and cleared my throat . Shaking my head at my crazy parents , I continued to bust myself with the things my mother told me to do until I was finished and my baby daddy had woke up .

Him and my mother both seemed to have a great connection as well and it made me feel as if he really was the right one for me . Not only did my parents love him but so did the kids we both contributed making . My family felt perfect , nonetheless .

” baby do your mother a favor and go get me this list of things that’s on this paper ” she mumbled after playing with my daddy , handing me her pink sticky note . Nodding my head , I dried my hands on the apron and took it off .

Looking up at the time , it was going on 8 o’clock and there was still no sign of august being up. Not wanting to bother him , I quietly slipped on something comfortable and shoved the sticky note inside my pink and white zipper wallet that I secretly stole from jay .

Speaking of jay , I got her crazy as voicemail and I had meant to call her back but it slipped my mind once august had put me to bed after that amazing head he gave me once we had got out the shower . Blushing at how good he made me feel , I slipped out of my house slippers just to slip my feet inside my all black toms that went well with my plain jacket and plain denim jeans with a few holes in them .

Making my way downstairs , I told my mother I was leaving and I kissed my daddy on the cheek and told him bye considering her had to work and I would be gone by the time he get back .

Suddenly my nerves sky rocketed through the ceiling as I remembered we were leaving Baton Rouge tonight to visits august mother and I had no idea if she would like me or not . Swallowing the lump in my throat , I prayed to god that she did because a mans judgement always comes from his mothers .

Trying to shake the nervous feeling out of my system , I sent jay a good morning txt although I knew she wasn’t up & told her that I had made it safely to Baton Rouge and her little nice and nephew missed her . When I played her voicemail , neither of their feet could stop moving and I could have sworn they kicked me out anger from not answering when she had called . Shit , I was sleeping .

Walmart wasn’t too far from my house so I had got here in no time . Could have gotten here faster but the stupid red guys decided they wanted to hold me up . I had wanted to be back at the house before august could wake up because I wanted him to have some freshly made breakfast but something was telling me my plans were not going to go the way I wanted them to go .

Grabbing the closet basket , I wheeled it inside the store as quick as I could in attempt of getting out the hot heat . Pulling the piece of paper out of my wallet , I looked at it before looking up at where I was located . Seeing that I was located by the candy section , she needed elbow noddles and that’ was the closet aisle to me .

Pushing the basket further down the candy aisle , I threw in a bunch of august and I favorite things to snack on while we were on our mini vacation . Eyeing the different kinds of Hawaiian punch , I grabbed the blue and green kind and placed them in my basket .

Rushing to the noodle aisle , if I would have stood in the junk good section I would be big like a whale & august would have to hear my crying and boohooing about being fat , over weight , obese , Ect.

Spending no time with retrieving all of the things my mother had asked for me to get , I made my way to the front of the store so I could go to self checkout , pay and leave. Being in stores made me nervous because it seemed to get crowded and people get rude & I personally have no patience or nerves for rude people .

” I never thought I’ll get the chance to see you again ” an all too familiar voice spoke out to me . ‘Keep going Alexis , don’t turn around ’ I coached myself but my body had it’s own plans . Turning around , I was faced to face with somebody I swore I never wanted to see again .

My ex , phat stood before me dressed as if he was an assassin and he was going shoot someone’s house up . I’ve never seen somebody where all black just because . He was eyeing me down, obviously waiting on me to say something but I didn’t know what to say honestly .

“ uh . Hey ” I mumbled not sure if that was the right thing or not but you can’t go wrong with a greeting . Chuckling at my first response to him , he took what I offered before speaking his next set of words .

Before he could say anything , his eyes fell down to my belly and his jaw clenched tightly .” Wassup Lexi ” he said through gritted teeth .

“ how you been ?” I questioned , scratching my head out of habit when I’m nervous or annoyed. As he was staring at my stomach I was coming a bit uncomfortable because I didn’t know what was running through his mind at the moment .

Trying to make this encounter quick , I began scanning my items once an empty checkout was available . “I been aight you know everything’s the same except my love life” he said looking me in my eye.

“Don’t start that shit phat ” I mumbled. It’s not my fault that his love life isn’t tee same . I’m not the one who fucked up , he is so now he has to suffer the consequences . Being with out me , forever.

“Aight aight I’m not” he put his hands up in defense. Grateful of him not pushing the issue , I bagged up some of the items that needed to be removed in order for me to scan and bag the rest .

“We’ll how have you been besides pregnant?” He asked clenching his jaw once again . Rolling my eyes mentally , I can’t believe he was acting the way he was acting right now .

“I’ve been good.” I found myself smiling widely thinking about my life over the past few months . Looking back on my past relationship and looking at it now , I couldn’t do nothing more than praise god for sending me a man and not a little boy .

“I thought you was gone only have my kids?” He said taking me out of my thoughts . Drawing my head back , was he serious ?

“I thought that too till you fucked up.” I answered with attitude.

“I’m sorry Lexi” . Sighing “ I know, I ain’t holding no grudges we were 18 now I’m 21 about too be 22 in a few months. I forgive you . Cause life goes on and I have no time to worry about you ” He nodded in understanding although I knew he wanted to say something , he was just boring his tongue .

“Plus I ain’t finna stress my Babies I said rubbing my stomach , putting extra emphasis on the word ’ babies ’ so I could let him know I wasn’t carrying 1 but 2.

"Who’s the farther” he growled .

“Somebody you don’t know.” I said simply . I had bagged the last item and placed it in my cart .

“I just gotta make sho this nigga treating you right.” He said causing me too chuckle

“Like you—” I was cut off by this little girl screaming daddy running towards phat. Tears were at the brim of my eyes but I refused to let him see me cry or cry period . This is not my cup of tea . Get it together Lexi get it together .

“This her?” I asked lowly . “Yea” he said not looking at me. Nodding my head , I took a look at her and indeed she was beautiful but I couldn’t help but feel some type of way about her boy being my child .

Without saying bye , I walked out of the store on my speed walk shit and stopped once I reached my vehicle . Popping the trunk , I quickly filled it with the minimal bags and slammed it down . Pushing the basket away from me , it ran into someone’s car and I covered my mouth trying boy to cackle .

Hopping in my Porsche SUV , no one was parked in front of me so I had the okay to drive through the next parking spot and make my way out the parking lot . Not looking back , I could feel someone’s eyes on me and it wasn’t hard for me to determine who’s eye they were .

I hadn’t seen phat since before I left and I damn sure didn’t plan to see him any time I had decided to make a visit to see my parents . When I left from here and went to Cali , I was leaving him behind and trying to never look back another day in my life .

For done strange reason , I caught my self trying to release tears from so long ago . Maybe they were tears of anger cause I knew for sure it wasn’t broken hearted tears . I been there and done that bit I never had a chance to take my anger out .

Hitting the steering wheel constantly with my tiny fist , I felt as if I was letting my anger out she well , it felt damn good . Smiling , I felt as if an old weight had been lifted off of my back and it was ready for a new load.

Hearing my stomach growl , my belly started to move crazily and I knew my kids were up and waiting for their first meal of the day. Rubbing my belly gently , my baby boy started kicking like crazy , almost dancing if you asked me . ” y’all Finna eat . Give mommy a few more minutes ” I mumbled as I parked my car .

Unlocking the door , I went back to the car and grabbed all the bags . Walking inside , I headed straight for the kitchen low key praying august was still asleep so I could talk to my mom about my small run in with phat ass at Walmart .

My mom sat at the island , covering her face with the new paper that she was engaged in . ” mommy I’m back ” I spoke letting my presence be known . Looking up from the news paper she smiled at me and the groceries .

“ thank you baby , how much ? ” she asked digging in her purse . Sucking my teeth , she knew I was not about to take any money from her . “ keep your money ma . Is august awake ?” I asked looking towards the stair case . Shaking her head no , I let out a breath of relief .

“ good I-I need to talk to you ” I stuttered . Her face instantly read concern and I knew she would start bombarding me with questions but before she could, I came out and told her what my problem was .

“ mom , I ran into phat at the store and I saw his little girl mommy she was beautiful and it hurt me ” I finally cried . Trying to be the big bad wolf , my feelings were truly hurt .

Gripping the back of my mothers shirt , she told me to let it out and that’s exactly what I did . Months , months of holding back , my tears finally sprung out and I was glad I was getting it out of my system .

Getting angry with myself , more tears seemed to cascade down my face because I was pissed off about crying over him in the first place . Sighing , I hiccuped . Wiping my eyes , my mom kissed my forehead lightly .

“ did y’all at least past some good words to each other ?” She questioned hesitantly . Biting my bottom lip , I tried to remember . In that quick time , I had forgot about the words that was passed . I was too busy stuck on seeing him again .

“ yes . I told him it happened when I was 18 and I’m 21 almost 22. I have no time to hold grudges , so I forgave him” I smiled weakly . Smiling at me , I could tell it was a proud mother smile.

She adored the fact I took heed to all of the things she taught me as I grew into the perfect young lady she imagined me to be . My mother believed in the bible , so ” train up a child in a way it should go and when it’s older it will not depart “was her moto all my life and I thank her for that cause god knows what I’ll be doing right now if she hadn’t .

” you really make mommy proud with your matureness level baby girl ” she beamed . Smiling , she patted my back and I pulled away from her embrace . Kissing my cheek , she helped me take everything out the bags and place them where they go .

Thuds could be heard from the staircase and that meant that my baby had finally woke up . My eyes widen as I knew for a fact my eyes were puffy and red and he would question me , wanting to harm anyone who caused me to cry .

Trying to busy myself on the stove , I wiped down something that was already cleaned so I wouldn’t make myself obvious. My breathing was sort of uneven and my hands were shaking like crazy . I was gonna burst and get my ass caught. I could feel it .

A pair of arms wrapped around my neck softly and a thick scent of polo cologne filled my nose . Relaxing against august back , I was still scared to face him yet I was comfortable in his embrace . Sniffing my neck , I giggled at his weird ass before turning off the stove .

“ good morning baby ” he grunted in my ear , pushing his morning wood into my back . Moaning lowly , some morning sex would help take my mind off things but we were in my parents house and I had to respect them . As well as I didn’t want my mom to hear my sounds of pleasure , that’s just nasty and it made me uncomfortable .

“ good morning ” I mumbled . Kissing my temple , he tried to turn me around but I wouldn’t allow him to . “ Lexi what’s wrong ? ” he questioned . Shaking my head ,“ nothing , I’m trying to prepare you some fresh breakfast ” I lied right on the spot .

I bit my bottom lip hard as my lie was no longer believable . The stove wAs off and a cleaned , clear pan was the only thing visible . Mentally smacking myself in the head for not paying attention , he forcefully turned my body towards him ..

Looking into my eyes , he clenched his jaw . Hanging my head low , he used his index finger to lift my head up . ” talk to me baby please . ” he begged , concern laced in his voice and present on his face .

“ I don’t want to talk about it right now ” I sniffled . Shaking my arms slightly , I could tell he was getting upset with me because I was holding back . “ Alexis , I’m not gonna tell you again . Tell me ” he growled .

Tensing under his touch , I soon relaxed . Biting my bottom lip once again, was I really about to tell him about my ex ? Shit was I even ready to tell him about my ex ? Hell no but I knew he wasn’t going to stop pressing the issue .

“I ran into my last boyfriend before you.” I said lowly . His grip on my arm tightened and his finger nails were beginning to hurt me but I didn’t say anything . I just whimpered lowly in pain .

“And what happened” he asked with his jaw clenched.. Taking a deep breath , I started to tell him what happened not too long ago and memories from the

*flash back 3 years ago*

“Babyy” phat said causing me to giggle . The way he said it was in a goofy tone and my stomach was already hurting . He had just lightened my down and out mood and made it a little better .

“Boy whet you want?” I asked matching his same tone . Hearing his hard laugh come from the foyer of the house, his foot steps could be heard coming closer towards me .

Coming into the living room where I was currently laying on the sofa in a fatal position in attempt to get my stomach to stop hurting . Plopping down at the end of the couch , he pulled my legs starlight and began to massage my feet .

“ I love you ” he smiled as I groaned from the tension being released from my feet . Mumbling the words back to him , a faint smile graced his face followed by a tight squeeze to my foot.

Peeking at him , I closed my eye back and relaxed myself . I didn’t know what was wrong with him but I figured he just had a rough day today and was not trying to stress behind it. I understood him tho . I try not to bring what happened outside of home , home .

After spending his next 20 minutes massaging my feet , he got up to take himself a nice shower while I prepared a great yet simple dinner for him to eat . My tongue found it’s way to my lips as my taste buds anticipated on eating .

Within twenty minutes I had prepared some Mac and cheese , corn and chicken . It was his favorite and I knew it was lighten him up about whatever was going on . Looking around as if someone was watching me , I snuck a piece of chicken and stood over the garbage can and ate it .

Moaning at how great it tasted , I snuck one more piece and promised I wouldn’t eat anymore until we both ate together . Throwing away the skinless bones , I suddenly got a taste for a loaded baked potato and some ribs .

Excusing my greedy thoughts , phat marched into the kitchen with a smug look on his face and he held up his hand signaling for me not to ask him no questions . Sighing lowly , I sucked my teeth and sat his plate in front of him as well as a cup of his favorite flavored kool-aid.

Handing him his utensils , I grabbed my own plate and sat down in front of him . Saying grace , we both dug into our food without muttering a word to each other . Eating with my head down , I could see him stealing glances at me but would look away every time I looked up .

“I love you Lexi” he whispered for the umpteenth time today . Just then I had remembered he said he wanted to talk about something yet he hasn’t spoken about since stepping foot in that door .

“ I love you too ” I chewed slowly . Nodding his head , he went back to eating his food quietly . “Phat talk to me.”

“What you mean?”

“You said you wanted to talk but since you been here we ain’t talk about nothing.” I informed .

Sighing , he threw his plastic plate away and walked to the lining room . Rolling my eyes , he was slowly starting to piss me off . Finishing my cold food , I threw my ate away also and glowed close behind.

“I gotta tell you something Lexi ” he spoke lowly as I plopped down on the couch next to him . Crossing my legs , he kissed my lips passionately before pulling away . Moving his head down to my neck , he planted soft kisses on it , letting his lips linger on my spot.

“What?” I breathed lowly , trying not to moan. Pulling back from me , he ran his hand up and down his face .

“I uhh I Jasmins pregnant."He finally got out

"She’s what?” I asked with tear filled eyes.
I couldn’t believe this shit jasmin was my fucking enemy and now the love of my life has gotten her pregnant. I didn’t know what to do at the moment .

“ Lexi I’m so sorry ” he said shaking his head .

“ how could you ? I loved you . I still love you and would do anything for you and this is how you do me ” I yelled through my tears throwing punches his way .

“ I’m sorry Lexi ” he kept mumbling over and over while I took out all of my anger on his body . I did anything that came to mind . Punching , pinching , slapping , kicking , and anything else that could cause pain. I even went as far as throwing a vodka bottle at his head but I missed . Sadly .

Being fed up with throwing punches at his body , I plopped down on the couch and put my face in my hands . Crying my eyes out , I had nothing more to do but that . My heart was hurting because the man I gave it to walked all over it .

“ I love you so much , I would never hurt you intentionally ” he spoke lowly .

“ how far along is she ? ” I asked ignoring what he had just said .

“ 2 months ” he whispered but I heard him loud and clear .

“ 2 mo- get out ” I said pointing to the door .

“ what you mean get out ? ”

“ I mean what the fuck I just said get out . Get out of my house , get out of my life , just go ” I cried opening up the front door .

*flash back over *

“And I ran into him today.
But the real reason I cried was because while I was in the store and we were talking this little girl who looked about three came running towards him calling him daddy. And—”

"And it still hurts?” He asked licking his lips slowly . You could tell he felt some type of way cause he half nodded and looked away from me .

“I’m over it it’s just I met the cause of the end of that relationship.” I explained quickly .
Nodding his head he ain’t say anything.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked quietly , playing with my fingers .

“A little” he mumbled .

“This why I didn’t wanna tell you. I ain’t want you to feel no type of way.”

“I mean Lexi you crying and shit behind this.” He said. I knew he was probably hurt. I mean I was just crying behind a nigga , my ex at that .

“You miss him?” he asked walking up to me.

“No” I said looking up looking him up in his eyes.

“Aight” he nodded his head about to walk off. But I pulled him back. I gave him a long passionate kiss to let him know I was sorry and that I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Can we go upstairs?” he asked breaking the kiss. Causing me too smile.

“Yea. To pack up the minimal things we managed to unpack . You know we leave to visit your mom today ” I scratched the back of my neck. It was getting closer to that time by the minute and I wasn’t ready at all .

“ aye she meeting the moms ” he joked around , doing a dance around me . Laughing at his goofy self , I was glad I could pull him out of that nasty funk he was slowly sinking in .

Nodding my head with a smile , I said I would face him up the stairs and beat him . Giving me a 10 second head start , I was already gone before he could began counting . Making it up the stairs I looked down at him out of breath as he stared at me with a hanging jaw .

Cackling , I walked into my room and packed up all our belongings and threw the bags over the balcony so that they landed right by the front door . Cleaning up my room , I made the bed and cleaned up the bathroom . Spraying some great smelling air freshener, I closed the bedroom door and walked back downstairs .

As I was doing my cleaning , august was eating his breakfast that my mother had actually cooked for him while talking with her . Washing my hands at the sink , I sat down in my own seat and watched as my mom fixed me a plate of her delicious cooking .

Eyeing the plate hungrily , I had forgot for a second my babies were starving for a minute . As she sat my plate down in front of me , before she could even remove her hand I had lifted my fork and started tearing up my pancakes .

Both her and august looked at me like I was crazy but I ignored their crazy stares and shoved a slice of bacon inside my mouth . Taking a sip out of my apple juice , I let out a low burp . Tucking my hair behind my ear , I continued to pig out like I haven’t ate in a while .

Finishing my food , I noticed august was already done . Just was playing on his phone waiting on me to be done so we could hit the road . Grabbing both of our dishes I placed them in the dish water and washed them .

Drying them , I put them away and dried my hands .” You ready baby ?” I asked august . Looking up from his phone he nodded his head .

“ you guys leaving so soon ? ” my mom questioned with a pout . Pouting with her , I nodded my head . Embracing her in a hug , the kids kicked their feet out of sadness but I wouldn’t dare tell my mother that because she would force me to stay just so she can be cuddled up underneath the babies .

“ yes . I’m meeting his relatives today so we have to go ” I grumbled kissing her cheek . Sighing , she stroked my hair and gave me a tight squeeze .

Pulling away , she smiled at the both of us ” thank you for coming my darlings , I sure enjoyed you guys company ” she informed .

“ it was a pleasure to be here moma . I’ll be visiting you soon ” august smiled hugging her small frame . That made her happy .

Kissing my belly , she told the babies bye before walking us out to august car . Helping me in , I buckled up and pushed my seat back so it could help my Back out a bit .

Saying bye one last time I told my mom to tell daddy that I would call and I love him . Grabbing a hold of my hand , august held it tight in an comforting manner . Hopping on the interstate , we made our way down to New Orleans and I took my self a nap so I wouldn’t have to deal with my nervousness .

** Authors note **

I am so sorry for taking so long to update but school is a real ass kicker young junior year . Homework everyday and duties outside of school could stress you out . Also , they’re probably a lot of typos in this chapter but I had absolutely no time to go edit and fix things . In advanced , I apologize . Hope you enjoyed this chapter though loves 😘😘

Author’s Note: Going Courtin was written for Yuletide 2014. It wasn’t easy to write and I wrote myself in and out of corners constantly. The biggest change was the final scene of the fic. I liked the scene, but it kept swerving and I needed to get the fic in before the collection closed, so I ended up scrapping this version. But…it still cracks me up, so I went ahead and finished it so I could put it on Tumblr like a DVD extra. It picks up the morning after Bellamy gets drunk on thistle wine.

1465 words, rated PG-13 (for language and some sexual content), warnings for the above. Clarke returns from the Grounder village with some surprising news.

Because he was on tower duty for the first half of his shift, Bellamy watched Clarke and Lincoln—and Octavia, who hadn’t warned him she was leaving camp, again—trek off to the Grounder village. Things had improved since that first month, when the Dropship kids and the Camp Jaha folk were still growing accustomed to each other, so his shift actually passed relatively quickly. He even spent the last hour running errands for the shift leader, which broke up the monotony.

He was just crossing the main courtyard after delivering a message to Engineering when he heard Clarke shouting his name. Confused, he turned. She was barreling across the wet ground and the look on her face alone was enough to have him reaching for his rifle, ready for an attack on all sides from Grounders or mummified Mountain Men or something.

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