i like the things he does with that mouth

In the GMMore for the taste-tripping pill test, Rhett and Link share that vinegar bottle like nobody’s business. They’ve always been so inconsistent about food-sharing… sometimes they act like it’s the most vile thing in the world and at other times they just go for it without a thought….

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RvB Prompt: Wash picks up on subtle clues that Caboose has had strict military training before through some peculiar habits

Tucker was telling a story from his childhood, a time when his mom threatened to beat him into next week for breaking her grandmother’s china plate-

“A plate made from China! That does not sound very nice,” Caboose says, sounding horrified. “You should not make a country into a plate.”

Tucker stares at his teammate for solid moment before sighing out a laugh. “No, china like- like the ceramic glass, um… Wash, help me out.”

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-OKAY kiddos this movie was actually so good so shut the fuck up and go buy a ticket now

-The plot was a little sub par but the cast?? and the acting?? and the ghost designs??? It was freaking COOL okay

-I totally ship Abbie and Holtzmann, the way they were kind of eyeing each other the whole movie was like hmm, they’ve got chemistry for sure

-Holtzmann was fucking hilarious. Every single word out of her mouth was either pure genius or just sarcasm… they gave her the best one-liners and i didn’t even hear all of them?? like, the entire theatre just burst out laughing so much I’d probably have to go see it again to catch all the dialogue. 


-The thing about the villain (whatever his name was) was that his backstory was literally the same as Erin and Abbie’s… they were all bullied for believing in and pursing the paranormal and what does he do?? he goes batshit crazy and decides to take revenge on all of new york and the girls go and make a career out of it!! because they loved what they were doing! and he was just doing it for the power and revenge!! he was a whiny, entitled little white man brat! 

-Holtzmann’s hair

-Chris Hemsworth did a really good job of playing the ditzy, stupid eye candy . his character was actually funny

-Patty… i love her… shes my daughter and i would die for her 

-LOTS of explosions

-LOTS of badass women

-the mayor was completely useless as an authority figure, his assistant was the one who handled all of his affairs like a pro, she was the one talking to the press, she was more important that he EVER was 

-Holtzmann’s goggles

-Like I said before, the ghost designs were really cool… the big necromancer type one with the striped pants is my fave

-good cameos from the original cast 

-abbie’s punching glove


-And the theatre was 98%n  percent girls!! I think the most important part of the entire movie was the two little girls sitting behind me.They were cheering everytime our girls came on screen… they were so excited when they kicked ass.. and afterwards i heard them talking about being the Ghostbusters for halloween and I!!! I’m so glad they’re getting this kind of movie at such a young age!!! 

-In conclusion

-I’m so gay for Holtzmann



-definitely would see again if somebody asked me to 

you know that thing luke does where he lifts his lower lip over his upper row of teeth when he’s smiling and turns the corners of his mouth down like boi i cant decide if that’s cute as fuck or you look like you’re experiencing pain but i love you you’re a cutie pie, always

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omg asdfgjsk it was sO CUTE i’m still so over the moon and in disbelief about it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ oKAY so i was at soundcheck and after waiting since 6am in the disgusting heat, things payed off and we ended up in front row, almost centre. anyway so basically at one point when they were answering questions, ashton made luke laugh and he was leaning forward and like, really laughing y’know?? mouth wide open, squinty eyes, squeaks - SO CUTE. and ofc i was just so !!!!! and started laughing and nudged my friend and pointed to him, just as he happened to look up at us. and what does the lil dweeb do?? STICKS HIS TONGUE OUT AT ME!!! i could not beLIVE but in the moment i just did what felt right lmao and stuck mine back out at him!! IT WAS SUCH A MOMENT and anyway yeah then he smiled at me after before directing his attention back to what was going on but i was dYING OKAY I SQUEAKED AFTER AND CRIED ONCE SOUNDCHECK LET OUT AND YEAH I’M STILL A MESS OVER IT I LOVE HIM 

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How do you think that keith is in bed like apart from amazing

So Keith is (mostly) described as a great lover, even by himself (rat lol).

“Mick Jagger was quite sexy. But Keith Richards was even better. He was my best lover. He knows women and he knows exactly what they want.”
-Uschi Obermaier

“The best night of my life? The one I spent with Keith Richards. Even now it just stands out.”
-Marianne Faithfull

“If you’re gonna be a band, you can’t sit in the studio the whole time… I’d like to do more the only thing I can do really well, apart from screwing.”

So it does look like he knows a thing or two about fucking…
It is said that Keith is extremely good with his fingers and mouth. A groupie in 1966 described Keith as ‘shy and a lovable guy’, who also happened to be one of the greatest bed artists of all time: ‘That tongue!’
Also the lyrics of his song “Coming Down Again” ruin ovaries. “Slipped my tongue into someone else’s pie / tasting better every time”
Yes daddy😪
And Keith is a guitarist and he also plays bass, so I think it’s safe to presume that his he is VERY skilled at fingering as well. Fuck💦💦😩

There is plenty of evidence that the rat actually knows the anatomy of women very well and he knows how to satisfy their every need, like a certain song suggests.

“Mick is the most charming man in the world, but Keith is the better lover. He just knows the anatomy of women…”
-Uschi Obermaier (aka Our Lord and Saviour)

“The same guys (guys who don’t respect women) they never seem to learn anything about women. Y'know, they’d be hard pushed to tell you where the clitoris is. Now if a guy doesn’t know where that is situated, then he’s got a big problem ‘cos he ain’t gonna satisfy any woman. (…) I’m not going to spend my time drawing maps for guys who haven’t learned to find their way around. All I can say is that I haven’t had any complaints. I never left a woman feeling pissed off. I never had any woman chase me and tell me I’d let her down. There’s an art to that and it’s an art that has to be learned.”

Looks like he doesn’t leave women unsatisfied..
So he’s excellent with his fingers and tongue, and he can actually find the clit! Not a bad combination, huh ;)
I’ll leave the rest to your imagination..

“But, y'know, some guys don’t want to go all night. They’re happy with something a little quicker. As for myself, I’ll keep going until I run out of steam.”

Although he probably likes to quickly fuck a groupie backstage like any other rock star, it would appear that Keith could keep fucking you for a good long while. Let’s not forget he literally fucked Uschi so fucking hard she accidentally ripped off his earring. And it is said that they spent several days in bed just fucking and stuff.. Wow😳

When we start talking about BDSM or dominace/submission things or whatever, it’s quite unclear that does Keith prefer to be top or bottom.

“‘She’s in bed with a chick,’ he told Keith.
‘Don’t worry man,’ Keith guffawed. ‘Anita’s been like that for years. You want to get in there with them and teach ‘em a lesson’”

-Up and Down with the Rolling Stones

“Like we got into trouble over the posters for the Black And Blue album - with all these chicks tied up. Well, I know a lot of chicks who like to be tied up.”

So it seems that Keith does have some dominant tendecies. So if you want Keith to discipline you or “teach you a lesson” you might want to fool around with another lady. It would also appear that he’s down for tieing you up😋
We also know that Anita had whips that she used on Brian. Mmmhhh maye she used them on Keith too..😈
Who knows ;)
So after all Keith’s preferences are kind of a mystery. We can assume that he swings both ways. Early 60s Keith is a pure and innocent mouse that is probably very easily dominated, but in 68 something happened and he turned daddy, so he might have started to act that way and start having his way with all these girls that wanted him…😪 and in his True Daddy™ era in the 80s he looks like he could just pin you against a wall and ruin you :/

“I don’t think anybody realized it, because Bill Wyman usually grabbed the honors in this department, but Keith was the member of the Rolling Stones who was particularly well endowed. He was impressive to say the least. Oh my God! He had a hard-on parallel to his knee for a solid twenty minutes. (…)
“Many men are incapable of achieving even the slightest tumescence under the influence of drugs – that’s one of its many curses. Keith clearly had no such problems.”

-Bebe Buell

Clearly Had No Such Problems. And yes, it would appear that Keith’s manhood is quite impressive. In 1972 he wore those fucking jeans all the time that showed the outline on his dick and it looks very nice indeed😍😩 And we have been blessed with many photos where you can see his bulge and there are even some pictures where you can actually see his cock.😛 So he could fuck you hard with his big cock or make you gag on it tbh 💦

“I’ve never been able to go to bed with a woman just for sex. I’ve no interest in that. I want to hug you and kiss you and make you feel good and protect you. And get a nice note the next day, stay in touch.“

Keith is also said to be extremly romantic and he has many times said that sometimes he goes to bed with a woman just to cuddle with her awwwwwwww *needs a moment*
So he can be very gentle and sweet.
Also a girl who slept with him in the sixties that after they spent the night together, in the morning he cooked for her and played her a guitar :3 she didn’t forget to mention that he was a great fuck :3

“Are you kidding, man? I’m a fucking expert when it comes to wanking. Bloody hell. Quick ones. Slow ones. In-between ones.”
-Keith Richards, world champion in wanking 1955-1963

So if I took that correctly, he might actually wank in-between you fucking. Why is that hot. And I’m sure since he’s such a wanker, he’d gladly jerk off to you masturbating :/

There is no direct evidence that Keith is into kn*feplay, but this nerd has such a kinfe fetish not to mention his fucking knife collection. And according to Pamela Des Barres Keith had tied a switchblade with a leatherband to the neck of a groupie named Flo. No offense but I bet my ass that the rat is into knifeplay. I could see him gliding a knife across a girl’s chest and cutting her strings with it… Hot
(Also I should mention that he also loves dem shooters. Maybe into gunplay as well😈)

“Oh, I do like the odd fetish. Lingerie is particularly nice to look at. It’s even nicer to take off. I can’t say the same for my own lingerie. But a chick’s stuff - that’s made to be taken off. It’s part of the courting dance.”

So yeah, if you wanna get Keith really hard you should wear a sexy lingerie and he’ll probably be dying to tear it off you💦 tbh he always said that in the early sixties girls threw their panties at him and that he kept them all. And he was such a wanker.. Mmmmh I wonder what he did with them👀

And also let’s not forget that he probably enjoys biting. Everybody knows the pic Andy Warhol took of him, where he is biting a chick. So he might leave your thighs and neck full of bitemarks ;)

Also if we think about his physical qualities, he is kinda a skinny rat (which I find attractive???fight me?) but you can see that he’s fucking strong. His fucking shoulder and back muscles god… Those are made to pin you down of hold your hands above your head💦😛 and in the (daddy) 80s he started working out and his hands were like muscular af so he could slap your face hard (if you are into that idk). Also his tummy is hot. I just had to mention that. And don’t forget his guitarist fingers!!!!

So we might come to a conclusion that Keith is a blast in bed. And he seems very considerate on what you want to do. He can cuddle and make sweet love to you just as he can treat you like a whore and make you choke on his big cock. I also bet he could keep you on the edge of cumming for hours with his tongue and fingers… Yeah I’ll stop *blushes*


Spader Appreciation Week Day 6 - Favorite “Spaderism”.

His intensity. That stare that brings you to your knees.

There are so many unique things he does. I love the way he tugs his hat in place. The little thing he does with his mouth at times. The head tilt to emphasize a point. The grin that disarms people at completely random moments. But I think what I like is the whole aspect of him that is SO intense. His eyes can bore into a person and make them quiver under that gaze. He can say so much with one look. And I know a lot of actors have that intensity, but he does it consistently. It’s SO him. 

So I found this video (there were so many on him to choose from!). I didn’t create it, so all credit goes to Monique Martin on YouTube. It’s a Spader compilation and just shows how intense he is!

I ran across the studio. “Daddy! Dad, I need your help.”
“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?”
I took a deep breath. “I don’t want to marry Henri. I want to marry Eikko.”
“Erik. His translator. I’m in love with him, and I want to marry him. And even though he hates having his picture taken, I want to take a thousand so I can put him on my wall and wake up to us laughing every day, just like you do with Mom. And I want him to make me doughnuts, just like his mom does for his dad. Even if I have to let out all my dresses. And I want us to find our own thing or maybe find out that our own thing is everything, because I feel like if I have him, even the stupid stuff would matter.”
He stood there, mouth slightly agape.
—  The Crown by Kiera Cass

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I liked redhead and He Tian in the last chapter but there's one thing that I find kind of weird? I don't know if I just misunderstood the meaning of what He Tian said but saying he'll sew redhead's mouth shut with wire sounds more dangerous than sexy to me? I mean I don't think He Tian would do anything to actually permanently hurt redhead, and I like guro and characters with their lips sew shut is the kind of aesthetic I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy but idk it does sound like a serious threat to me?

it was a serious threat, redhead saw he tian talking to his brother/other gang members and he tian was entirely serious about keeping redhead’s mouth shut (i doubt he would go through with it though, scare tactic, even he tian was surprised he submitted so easily) obviously this relationship is abusive and a power play, but provides a contrast to the main gays loving and respectful relationship. also old xian likes to cater to all her fans tastes, whether it be a loving relationship or one full of hate 

Depending on when Misaki actually killed Niki I think this would change a lot of things, like would Fushimi even know that Yata was the one who killed Niki, does Yata tell him or does he run off and disappear or something? Say that like Niki puts the mantis in Yata’s mouth and Fushimi assumes that Yata won’t want to be friends with him now. Yata decides to come back for him though and they like secretly become friends because Fushimi knows that if Niki realizes Fushimi has a friend Niki will definitely chase him away, since we’re talking Possessive!Niki who doesn’t want anyone else near his precious little monkey. Niki starts to notice it though, that Fushimi’s pulling away from him and maybe finally Niki like steals Fushimi’s PDA or hacks into it and discovers that Fushimi has a friend. Niki can’t be having that so he like starts locking Fushimi in his room or the cellar or something, basically making sure that Fushimi will be totally dependent on him and never leave him.

Yata gets worried because Fushimi’s stopped coming to school and finally screws up the courage to check on him at his house. When he gets there it looks like the place is empty but of course Niki’s there and he sneaks up on Yata and threatens him with a kitchen knife, telling Yata that Saruhiko belongs to Niki and always will and Yata should butt out. While he’s talking Niki admits some of the bad shit he’s been doing to Fushimi, all the precious things of Fushimi’s that he’s destroyed and how Yata should just give up because Niki won’t give Saruhiko to anyone. Niki tries to attack Yata and poor Yata freaks out and tries to escape, and then somewhere in the struggle he ends up fatally stabbing Niki (ooh, or extra dark version – he stabs Niki but not fatally, Niki’s there on the ground bleeding and laughing because this doesn’t matter, even if Yata takes Saruhiko away Niki will just come take him back and Yata stabs him a couple more times for good measure because he thinks it’s the only way to protect Saruhiko).

In the aftermath I think Yata would be pretty traumatized, he’s just a kid at this point after all and he murdered someone. I actually have trouble seeing him ending up in jail, I think it would be pretty clear that anything Yata did was in self defense and trying to protect his abused friend. Maybe Fushimi’s been really messed up by Niki’s abuse to the point that with Niki dead he can barely function properly and when Yata tries to get him to tell the police about the abuse Fushimi can’t even say anything. Yata’s all despairing because he did this for Fushimi but he also doesn’t regret it because now Fushimi can at least be free. Poor Yata ends up in jail and maybe tries to send Fushimi letters but they all get sent back return to sender and he has no idea if Fushimi’s doing okay or what.

Maybe in this situation Yata does end up becoming a Strain and even though he doesn’t use his powers to escape or anything Scepter 4 gets called in to get him anyway and he ends up in their dungeon. Yata has no idea why he’s been brought here, Munakata just smiles at him and says that this the safest place for him, for now. Of course what Munakata doesn’t tell Yata is that Fushimi’s in Scepter 4 and maybe he’s been there for some time, like he was living homeless on the streets still all fucked up from Niki’s abuse and Munakata saved him. Munakata’s done what he can to try and help Fushimi heal and Fushimi’s kinda co-dependent due to everything Niki did to him but he also tends to push everyone away because he feels like he doesn’t deserve anyone to care about him, like look what he did to the one precious person he had, he got Yata thrown in jail. Fushimi was like kicked out of his house afterward and he has no idea Yata was mailing him all this time. Munakata of course was intrigued and did some searching, finding out about Yata’s existence and deciding it would be best to keep Fushimi’s precious person close for now. Then when the whole jungle situation happens Munakata sets Yata free and tells him that now is the time that Fushimi needs him, and will he hold his grudge against Fushimi for not speaking out in his favor that time or will he go again to save his friend one more time. Yata saves Fushimi and Fushimi probably totally crumbles upon seeing him, apologizing over and over again because he couldn’t save Misaki that time and he doesn’t understand why Yata still saved him even after all Fushimi did to him and it’s all very touching.

Kinky vs submission

i just read a post where someone asked a submissive if she would let a Man cum in her eyes.  Such a question tells me two things 1. He is not a Dominant and 2. He doesn’t know what a submissive is.

kinky are all the sexual interests/acts that go beyond just Cock-in-cunt or Cock-in-mouth.  They go from mild to extreme and cover anything a person does with a sexual arousal component.  Anyone can be kinky.  Liking and doing kink does not make You are Dominant or submissive.

Being someone who always likes to do shit to someone does not make You a Dominant, that would be called being a Top.

Being someone who always likes to have shit done to them does not make you a submissive, that would be called being a bottom.

Top and bottom are into the sensation, the arousal, the whatever the fuck turns them on, but it’s only about that.

Dominant and submissive are entirely different people again.  It’s a different sexual and relationship wiring of the brain.  It’s having the same needs as every other person, but needing them  met in a different way.  If You are not Dominant by nature, You can never truly learn to be.  You can learn to be controlling, demanding and in charge but there’s a certain ‘something’ that is missing.  Many end up this way because of life experiences and They don’t want to be hurt again, so it becomes a safety precaution against that.  But it’s not being a Dominant.

submissives are the same.  It is in the nature.  No one is born a Dominant or submissive, but are born with the nature and tendencies to naturally be that way and life experience brings it out.

submissives need (not want) to be with someone who can understand their need to give up control, to be with someone they can trust so much, they would do anything He asked knowing they are safe.  Safe physically, emotionally and mentally.  submissives have a need deep inside to know He is in control, which is why submissives want Him to use her as He wants, even in ways they don’t like or are really painful and horrible.  

It’s easy to submit to what you like and enjoy, but if that is all you ever do, then how do you really know you are owned?  The only way you can know for sure is to experience it by being made to do something you don’t like.  Being flogged when it’s not fun anymore and still staying in place.  Being made to be used by Men you don’t know or don’t like.  Being told you can no longer do your favourite hobby or watch your favourite TV show - these are the things a submissive needs, not necessarily wants because they teach her through experience she is really, really owned.  she needs to know it’s not about agreeing with what is happening or allowing it, but that it is demanded.

When You ask a submissive if she lets something happen, You either haven’t grasped what a submissive is or You have read about consent in bdsm and don’t really understand it.

When people agree to meet up for casual kink sessions (called scenes), each person has a list of what they will and won’t do (limits).  Each person consents to having their ‘will do’ list take part in the scene.  The submissive doesn’t consent to each thing that occurs as it occurs, but she has agreed to anything He wants to do during that time, as long as it comes within the OK list.  

When in a relationship, things change a bit.  Consent becomes more about agreeing to be in the relationship and the Dominant doing what He desires with the submissive.  If the couple have limits in place, then she knows He will only do what is within those limits and she consents to any of it happening at any time He chooses.  

This is important to grasp.  He does not say ‘I want to fuck your arse and cum in your mouth’  and she responds ‘OK’ giving permission.  It’s not like that.  And it’s not that He only does it when she stays in place to ‘allow’ it.  The consent is at the beginning, it’s agreeing to be in this relationship and to grow with Him in ways that He nurtures and guides.

When in a relationship, what a submissive wants, needs and craves, is for the Dominant to say ‘Come here bitch’ and then do what the fuck He wants with her.  The ‘consent’ was given once upon entering the relationship and then given daily by her staying in it.  It is not an act-by-act thing.

So, instead of asking a submissive if she ‘lets’ someone do something, how about asking her if she likes it or what she gets out of it?

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Hey, I saw you just did the Peter romance headcanon but I was wondering if you could do one slightly more in depth with a few bullet points of the things he does X

I’ve already made a post (here) about it but here’s more:

  • peter would kiss his partner while they have a mouth full of toothpaste
  • throws you over his shoulder whenever you are angry at him to make you laugh
  • piggyback rides when they’re too drunk to walk back home
  • can’t remember which flowers they love best so just buys everything
  • PDA
  • edmund showing them embarassing pictures of baby peter
  • matching couple costumes for halloween
  • cheesy pick up lines
  • stealing his clothes
  • peter showing them all the secret passages of cair paravel

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"What's that supposed to mean?" - Sam x Reader

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

Sam glances up from his library book, expression one of puzzlement. “What?”

“That comment,” you continue, crossing your arms and raising an eyebrow. 

“I don’t-”

‘“You’re a pretty good hunter, Y/n,’” you quote mockingly. “‘All things considered.’ What does that mean?”

His mouth opens and closes a few times as he tries to come up with a good response. “I - it - well I just mean, you haven’t been hunting very long, and there are others with more experience-”

“Like you?” you cut him off.

“Well, yeah, to name one.” His laugh is a little nervous. “Come on, Y/n, I didn’t mean anything bad by it. I just mean that you’re skilled for not being experienced. You do good research, you’re good in the field. You’re valuable.”

“Mhm.” Getting out of the chair, you slowly circle the table until you’re standing directly in front of him. The muscles in Sam’s throat visibly contract as he swallows nervously. “You know what? You’re not so bad, Sammy. You’re even pretty smart.”

“Um, thank you?”

You smile, patting his cheek affectionately before heading for the door. Your parting remark is tossed casually over your shoulder. “Pretty smart for a Winchester, that is.”

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hc + how does he feel about killing other people if it's needed? death in general? does he scold or condescend heroes/anti-heroes who DO kill?

send me things to meta/headcanon about !! always accepting.

the amount of time’s i have read the line ‘ avengers don’t kill ’ or something along those lines coming out of clint’s mouth is ridiculous. i don’t know if clint is just the luckiest man alive or what but ever time he is given the order to KILL SOMEONE he hates it, he HESITATES, he refuses, he ARGUES WITH HIMSELF over whether or not he should. but then there’s always someone to swoop in and do it for him. even if it’s needed, clint can’t do it. he cannot cross that line. it’s something he’s learned to live by ever since he became an avenger. taking someone’s life just just puts him one step closer to being one of the bad guys. the person may deserve it, they could have killed several people themselves, or just killed someone right before clint’s eyes. however it changes nothing, clint would rather them rot in a jail cell for the rest of their life rather than them dying. ( aka why cwii is a load of bs ) 

death in general … not really something clint fears or anything. he’s died twice already. if a death happens because of him, he practically drowns himself in self-loathing ( or alcohol ) someone dying on his watch means it’s HIS FAULT. thoughts like, i could have done something about it, why did they die and not me? why am i still alive?? i could go on about this but that would get into clint’s depression so i’ll save that for another post.

the reason bobbi and clint divorced was because clint scolded bobbi for letting phantom rider die when she could have instead taken him in. clint totally blew off the fact that he “forced her to love him” u know what that means and stated it didn’t matter, avengers don’t kill. another time, venom/thompson was going to kill a clown who just murdered one of their own right in front of them and clint stopped him, catching the body before if fell off the roof and scolded the other, saying ‘ avengers don’t kill ’ he understands that there are people like deadpool, punisher, and the winter soldier that do kill, but that doesn’t mean he agrees with them. however if he is working with one of them for some reason, he would definitely insist that no one dies, and if they still went through with it after he said that, clint definitely would no be pleased. 

i definitely think there is a difference between ‘ avengers don’t kill ’ and ‘ i don’t kill ’ when he said it to bobby, he meant i like. this is what we are, avengers! we’re the good guys, we don’t kill people! and that’s the same thing with when he said that to venom, they were a group of avengers working together, and clint was trying to make a point if you want to be an avenger, if you want to be on this team, and as long as i’m in charge, you aren’t going to kill anyone. when he says i don’t kill, he’s working with nat, who he knows very well and also aware that she will kill someone, something that isn’t going to change, coulson. and also nick fury jr. if he said ‘avengers don’t kill’ that would just… well look at nat. he is being scolded for disobeying a direct order and replies with a joke about the first thing on thing on his dating profile, ‘ i don’t kill ‘ but he was being completely serious. 

i think considering clint’s past, and the amount of times he’s gone on about about not killing people and telling others not to or getting mad at people who did. if he killed someone now, it would ruin him. it would be betraying himself and the people he’s let down because of it. the fact that clint killed bruce goes against everything he believes in. ‘because bruce banner asked me to’ ???? okay what about the time you were asked to kill an entire species and save the planet? you couldn’t do it then, but you could kill your friend because he asked you too? honestly that is the most out of character bullshit i’ve read??? he would of told bruce to find someone else right off the bat bc honestly clint.. just wouldn’t be able to do it? ‘because you are one of the few people who, eventually, will be able to live with the choice’ ???????????????? ??? ??? what???????? no????????? okay i think we all know this comic is ooc but i just had to. yeah. (: i’m done now.

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so many courier's are total badasses who took over vegas and then there's mine, house's mouth and hand who's hand still shakes when she is trying to throw a rock

alllllsooo what was ripley like coming out of the divide. what does she think of ulysseys

I LOV THE SOFT COURIERS THO I WANNA PROTECT THEM!!!! As for Rip, she hasn’t done lonesome road yet!! so we’ll have to see :’) i’ve got a hunch she won’t take well to ulysses though, loves joshua, hates the legion, loathes conflict. ONLY thing that would curb her anger would be the fact that he saved Christine, who Ripley was very close to back at the Madre

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Bridget/Gat: Incomplete

“It’s like a part of me went away,” she murmurs against his chest as they hold each other close under the sheets, “a part I didn’t know I needed until it disappeared.”

“You getting sappy on me, Summers?” Johnny asks, the teasing grin he wears on his face contrasted by the gentle way he runs his fingers through her hair.

“Possibly,” Bridget teases right back, leaning up to capture his mouth in a kiss, “but you know you fucking love it.”


I wonder if my son is going to write. Hopefully in English so that I can read. I took an opportunity away from my family and the majority of my friends to follow me into the spaces where I’ve never been with my switching to English. Not that my family cared (although they did), or I cared for them reading my endless love letters to the void.

But if my son does write. If he is going one day to exhibit the signs of this incurable malady, to put things in words and put words into others’ mouths (which I sure hope he does not, why not be an engineer content with clandestine, malleable materiality of the world?), if he unfortunately does. Then what? First of all, I think I’ll never edit him. And likely, I won’t even let him know that I read him if he did not ask. I am not going to lie or read what he hides, but I am not certain if I am going to tell if he starts writing openly. I am good in not telling things. I guess constant speech helps.

I think I’ll avoid referring to his writing unless he asks of my opinion or my help. If he asks, then of course I’d help.

Actually… kindest, it all does not matter, just be healthy and happy, honey.